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Why The Types Are Problematic
  • ISTP: When you're under emotional distress or just plain upset you literally just shut down and don't talk to people??? I said hi to one of you, whose one of my best friends, after he had a fight with his fiancé and he just ignored me and walked past like wtf I am a person you emotionally constipated butthole.
  • ESTP: No regard for human life, especially your own. Plus you won't stop talking about how we should all go out when you know damn well I'm broke af.
  • INFP: Your fake-mean jokes aren't jokes at all and are real-mean because you're bitter about something they did, like, 5 months ago, god becky just move on already.
  • ENFP: You're putting your family through bankruptcy because you won't stop buying things online because your self-control is as feeble as your ability to keep secrets you haphazard deadbeat.
  • ISTJ: You tried to be the fun one for once and ruined the party because you're awkward.
  • ESTJ: You won't stop asking clarifying questions; like the question you're asking was gonna be answered in maybe 6 seconds but you didn't have the patience to wait and find out and I crave death because of it.
  • ISFJ: You're a basic bitch and we all know it.
  • ESFJ: You're the most clueless people I've ever met and yet you have the audacity to call everybody else weird.
  • INFJ: "I'm fine!" sayin' asses expecting everybody to know you're not...And stop pretending y'all ain't anything but weeaboo nerds who've seen every anime there ever was.
  • ENFJ: Every person whose ever said "I can never get typed right, I'm too balanced." or "I switch letters so much I don't really know" always ends up being ENFJ when typed correctly and I will fight anybody who says otherwise.
  • INTP: You won't stop explaining your logic behind something even though we've already told four times that we understand.
  • ENTP: You say insane crap you don't actually believe just to see people's reactions.
  • ISFP: You unironically like and talk about SuperWhoLock you nasty bitch.
  • ESFP: You're super weird but everybody still loves you and it pisses me off. That's probably makes me the problematic one, but there's also a strong chance that your alcoholic...so...
  • INTJ: Get off reddit and stop playing so many video games you freak.
  • ENTJ: Okay but I shouldn't have to say anything for the ENTJ's because you are all the single most problematic type in almost every single conceivable way, and if you don't know that yet, that's part of the reason why you are.

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Do you think Louis/Louis' team is intentionally trying to gaslight us? Because we (Larries) know he has seen the bares, we literally have pictures of him looking at them, and people who haven't been fans for as long as most of us won't get what he's talking about so what is the point of making him deny knowing what RBB is? None of this makes sense!

Look at this video:


Tell me Louis isn’t taking the piss out of the interviewers. If he said simply, No, I think it’s one of the crew members. That would be a denial.

But saying, “I haven’t ever seen it,” and “honestly, God’s honest truth,” and then the “no, no, I don’t know where it is, no” at the end made me LAUGH SO HARD. Look at his damn smug face. He knows. He knows the fandom loves the bears, obsessed over each riddle.

If RBB/ SBB is one of the reasons that Louis broke the image clause of his contract and is stuck with this shitty team, then it makes sense for his management to make him deny it. But what a way to deny it! I love him so much.

PDP Introductions: Kasumi Nakasu [EN Translation]

Here’s my attempt at translating Kasumi’s introduction in Dengeki Online! As always, please let me know if you find errors.

This is mainly an SIF-style dialogue. Kasumi says everything in the dialogue, addressing the reader, an older student at the school. The rest of the article is her introduction from the PDP website (see here for my translation of that).

(…if the images are weirdly sized, blame tumblr.)

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BBS Squad incorrect quotes CAH Edition
  • <p> <b>Anthony:</b> Okay, so. "Why am I banned from the daycare center?"<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Watching unedited Daithi De Nogla videos."<p/><b>Mini, Kryoz, Smitty, and Marcel:</b> *cackles and laughs*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "ball cancer-" Okay. *laughs*<p/><b>Other four:</b> *snicker at Panda*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Why am I banned from the daycare center?" "Bush did 9/11" *chuckles*<p/><b>Other four:</b> *laugh like retards on drugs*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Why am I banned from the daycare center?"<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Because I squeezed a child's wiener-" *wheezes*<p/><b>Mini, Kryoz, Smitty, and Marcel:</b> *loose their shits laughing*<p/><b>Marcel:</b> *through laughter* Who was the last one!?<p/><b>Smitty:</b> *recovers from laughing* I bet it was John.<p/><b>Mini, John, and Anthony:</b> *still laughing*<p/><b></b> -eventually they regain their composures-<p/><b>Anthony:</b> Okay so if Mini wins this round he wins the game which means I can't pick his card. Mini which one is yours?<p/><b>Mini:</b> ... I'm not saying bitch.<p/><b>Marcel:</b> Quick we need someone who always knows which card is Mini's!<p/><b>Kryoz:</b> I don't know anyone who-<p/><b>Smitty:</b> QUICK GET TYLER!!!!<p/><b>Anthony:</b> On it!<p/><b>Anthony:</b> *dials Wildcat's phone number*<p/><b>Mini:</b> What the fuck guys?! *laughs*<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> *answers call* What is it bitch?<p/><b>Anthony:</b> Okay so Mini is one point away from winning in Cards Against Humanity and we need to know which card his is so we won't pick it.<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> ... I hate you all but continue I'm bored as fuck right now.<p/><b>Anthony:</b> *over everyone else's snickers* The black card is the banned from daycare one... The white cards are: "Watching unedited Daithi De Nogla videos"...<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> mm-hm<p/><b>Anthony:</b> There is also "ball cancer", "bush did 9/11", and- *trails off laughing*<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> Carry on Panda.<p/><b>The other four:</b> *snicker and listen intently*<p/><b>Anthony:</b> "Because I squeezed a child's wiener"<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> *silent for 15 seconds* Mini's has got to be...<p/><b>Everyone:</b> *waits in suspense*<p/><b>Wildcat:</b> "ball cancer"<p/><b>Mini:</b> GOD DAMNIT TYLER-<p/><b>Kryoz:</b> WAIT IS HE RIGHT!?<p/><b>Smitty:</b> SEE I TOLD YOU!!!<p/><b>Marcel:</b> Fucking shit Tyler-<p/><b>Anthony:</b> *laughing so hard he can't breath*<p/><b>Tyler:</b> Anthony I expect $5 through PayPal delivered to me by tomorrow good doing business with you. *hangs up*<p/><b>Mini:</b> THAT PHYSIC BITCH ALWAYS KNOWS!<p/><b>Smitty:</b> Wildcat the God!<p/><b></b> Marcel: Oh my God how did he guess it!?<p/><b>Anthony:</b> Shit I have to pay him!?<p/></p>

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OMG!! I just watched that whole video Rian posted of West Side Story balcony scene. I freaked the hell out. lol He says keeping with a theme and it's nothing but two lovers just kissing, holding, touching each other, confessing their love. 2 lovers from opposites sides. Please tell me that I'm reading too much into this because I'm so happy right now. I know there won't be a central romance but why would he post that video?!?!? :D <3

Originally posted by perpetuallrh

I’m trying not to read too much into it…. but Rian is really making it hard!!!!! 

And I think it’s safe to say that platonic reylo is canon. We know they will have a mysterious bond and they are two halves of the dark and light, and two halves of the protagonist. 

I do believe we will be getting romantic reylo too. Whether its subtly hinted to in TLJ or if it blooms in 9. I am so here for this. 

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We have to stop giving them attention. That's what they won't isn't it? Dark or Anti or whomever? They want it, they live off it. They manipulate us into thinking we want them. When time comes, they'll use us. Don't... don't get fooled. Please

how i think is that anti thrives off the attention. he knows that we eagerly await each and every appearance of him. he’s always watching.

meanwhile, dark knows that we’ll watch him. the second mark (or dark) posted that video with dark in the thumbnail? dark knew that we’d all immediately click on it. 

ok all jokes aside though, i just want to thank dan and phil for doing gamingmas for 2 years in a row. lots of people don’t associate the season with good things and festivity for various reasons, and it gets worse when everyone around you is anticipating the winter holidays. so it’s nice to have a video to look forward to every day, get away from your troubles watching DanAndPhilGames and know that these two dorks want to help us get through december one video at a time

If you’ve seen the video on the NY banner, you might have noticed NY!Corrin isnt there. Dont worry, he MIGHT (KEY WORD IS MIGHT) be free! Take this with a grain of salt tho, we have no official confirmation.

I just watched the video and I’m so confused?? Because while he’s not part of the focus like the others, you can see him fighting alongside them in their stage:

Like, yeah, I’m gonna pull for Aqua and Camilla, BUT M!KAMUI BETTER BE AVAILABLE SOMEHOW OR ELSE 

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What is Nikolai saying in the video titled "Николай Цискаридзе на пленарном заседании ПМОФ март 2017"? The comments say that he's arguing to save ballet, I would attach the link but this ask won't let me.

This is Nikolai’s address at last year’s St Petersburg International Education Forum. Sorry it took me so long to get around to doing this. Here are his main points (and my side notes):

“We can’t ignore the existence of technology and Internet or the fact that the students are engrossed in it, but here’s the problem: they all know the fairytale “Beauty and the Beast” but no one knows “The Scarlet Flower”. That’s tragic.”

“The Scarlet Flower” is the Russian folk tale version of “Beauty and the Beast”. Everyone who grew up in the Soviet and post-Soviet times knows it. If what Nikolai is saying is true then it truly is a tragedy. 

There is a beautiful 1952 animated film based on the story. Do yourself a favor and watch it. The animation is beyond stunning and Nastenka’s (Belle) song of longing for her homeland is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Still brings a tear to my eye.

“If you remember our childhood in the Soviet school system, the pioneer heroes like Pavlik Morozov were our role models. We had to learn their names by heart but we were never told exactly what their heroic deeds were. I could only fully understand Morozov’s story when I got older.”

Pavlik Morozov was a Soviet martyr. At least, that’s the way he was promoted by the Soviet government. Though he really was killed at 13, his story was fabricated to serve the Soviet agenda. It’s one of the most powerful and successful cases of Soviet propaganda.

“Unfortunately, any story can be spun however one pleases. Even Anna Karenina can be presented as a story about a divorce, rather than that of a great love and social tragedy. When it comes to education, specifically literature, we must rectify this. While it’s true that those of us who live and work in St Petersburg and Moscow are surrounded by a plethora of unique cultural institutions like the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the theatres and so on, we are also very influenced by television and the overwhelming amount of information we’re bombarded with.”

“Our students start performing at a very young age. They take part in serious productions and it’s crucial for me to make them understand the stories, which they are performing, the time period, the history. What saddens me greatly is that our academic program dedicate very little time and effort to teaching literature. This leads to a tremendous lack of knowledge and understanding.”

“I am forced to re-read Greek myths and folktales with my senior students, because without knowing these myths they cannon fully appreciate art, architecture, music or ballet. Even now, sitting in this beautiful building, we are surrounded by the symbols, which we should be familiar with since childhood thanks to Greek mythology. Greek mythology has had a tremendous impact on Russian culture. For example, without it we wouldn’t have Pushkin’s fairytales.”

“I now have an opportunity to work with foreign trainees and I can gauge their quality of education as well. Back in the day, when I danced abroad I saw that my colleagues and I were much better educated than our foreign counterparts, thanks to the comprehensive education we received in Soviet Union. Unfortunately, right now we are headed down the path of adopting the American education system and that is slowly breaking down our culture. Recently, while speaking to my British student, I realised that he didn’t know who Lord Byron was. On the one hand, I found it amusing, but on the other it got me really upset. I immediately made him read Byron.”

“We must seriously reconsider the way we teach literature. When I was a boy, we studied three branches of literature: Russian, foreign and Soviet.”

Other points Tsiskaridze asked Olga Vasilieva, Minister of Education and Science to consider:

“Arts and cultural education institutions in Russia do not necessarily fit into the conventional framework of the country’s education system but they are treated like a standard school. This needs to change. While it’s vitally important for a country to have a unified education system, one must recognise that music, ballet and art students have singular needs and requirements.”

This leads me to my favourite part of Nikolai’s speech. In 2016, VBA had to go through the standard accreditation process. Frustrated by the lengthy and tedious questioning, Tsiskaridze basically turned around to the government officials and went: “Listen guys, this academy’s been around since before education was invented in this country.” So salty. Bless his cotton socks.

“The many wonderful programs aimed at children that museums, theatres and other cultural institutions run must all be systematised. A great number of foreigners wish to train in Russia but face ridiculous obstacles when it comes to getting a visa.”

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hi! this may seem like a weird question, but my friend and i absolutely loved gravitation abridged and were super disappointed that they were taken off of youtube. we know that they are available up on their boxofdanger website but the videos won't load for us. i was wondering if you could link us to another download link or possibly upload the missing episodes in their entirety on tumblr? i know this probably sounds odd but they are very near and dear to us haha. if not, thanks anyway!

Not at all! It was a long process to get my hand on these videos so I have no problem sharing them! I just downloaded episode three, which is still on youtube fyi, and I uploaded them to dropbox! If the links don’t work, let me know and I’ll upload them somewhere else.

Episode 1  ///  Episode 2  ///  Episode 3

{sorry for publishing this was just in case anyone else wanted to download them as well}

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Hi Hank, I'm a fan of the historical and thought-provoking YouTube channel AlternateHistoryHub. They only have around 500,000 subscribers, but seem to rely on YT for income. They posted a video today about how YT won't let them monetize their videos, and I was wondering if you had any tips to help them out. I'm sorry if this is a bother, I just hate to see "smaller" YouTube channels struggle due to problems that they can't fix because YT won't recognize them. Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know. It sounds like YouTube is working on whatever glitch he’s dealing with, and it seems like it is a glitch. Sometimes things just go wrong. This year, for example, we had EVERY SINGLE UNLISTED VLOGBROTHERS VIDEO suddenly appear in people’s subscription boxes (so people basically had nothing but Vlogbrothers videos in their subscription boxes.)

YouTube was responsive and helped us figure it out, but things to do go wrong, and sometimes it can take a while to get to the bottom of why. 

I have seen what seems like an escalation in the number of difficulties. First DevinSuperTramp’s weird trademark takedown, then IHE’s whole channel getting taken down because of what appears to be a clerical error, and now AlternateHistoryHub having monetization problems. 

These people’s livelihoods depend on YouTube, and the old systems of just figuring it out as we go along and letting automated processes take down videos that creators spend hundreds or even thousands of hours creating probably needs to be replaced. 

Also, thanks for bringing Alternate History Hub to my attention! Really cool channel.

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It's actually frustrating seeing this single be a flop, especially since it's HISTORY. Their love song to the fans. The last one before the hiatus. They're doing everything in their power to make sure it won't do well and they're succeeding, people aren't hyped for it because of the bs of this last month and a half. If even the boys aren't going to engage us there's not much we can do and it makes me really sad.

i know, it really breaks my heart. AND AND AND can i say AGAIN how PISSED i am that it was released yesterday? like, they didn’t even give us a proper chance to give the single a good debut with the music video debut. we should have had an entire week to get streams. preferably, they would have announced they were going to release it so we could have started streaming on spotify and requesting it since friday, and then turned our focus to streaming the music video once we got our hands on it. as it is, we only had like 3 days to do what we could have done with 7. i’m just so pissed because their team is making what is supposed to be their last single, their love letter to their fans, a complete flop and now the whole thing is going to be ‘well, good thing they’re on their way out, eh???’ and they can’t even be arsed to tweet the video from their accounts. what kind of artist doesn’t even bother linking their own music video??? i’m?????

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dear bonkamily! Can you all promise me something? Can we all make sure that this fandom won’t die out? I know everyone is upset right now and done with the show..I feel the same, but we cannot be ever done with this ship! Please continue to write fics,make these incredible videos,fanwork ect? Fanon is better than the Julie’s crappy writing anyway. I refuse to let jp win she want's to get rid of us just like she got rid of Kai but we won't let that happen,right? like Kai said: We always win!!! <3

Anon, do you know us?

People already ships BonJake! LOL 

This fandom will never die, I can assure that to you. We’re a family of talented people that managed to grow in such a small time and with so few scenes and interaction that the ship was pretty much already fanon.

Not watching TVD anymore won’t stop me from shipping what I want or enjoying my favorites characters.

You can tell that our journey has just begun, we will have our BonKai - canon or fanon doesn’t matter.

Stay BonKai, anon.