i know we won't get video

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We have to stop giving them attention. That's what they won't isn't it? Dark or Anti or whomever? They want it, they live off it. They manipulate us into thinking we want them. When time comes, they'll use us. Don't... don't get fooled. Please

how i think is that anti thrives off the attention. he knows that we eagerly await each and every appearance of him. he’s always watching.

meanwhile, dark knows that we’ll watch him. the second mark (or dark) posted that video with dark in the thumbnail? dark knew that we’d all immediately click on it. 

fyjjong Appreciation Project!

I’m sure everyone knows our lord and savior over at fyjjong, and I thought it would be super rad if all of her worshipers came together and made something to thank her for all her hard work!! Let’s do it!! You know you want to~

The plan is to make a video of us little people here on tumblr.com, saying why we love her and appreciate her for everything she does. If you’re not comfortable making a video, that’s fine! You can write a message to her instead~ Please note that all messages over 50 words will be included in a separate post, as too many words would clog the video too much. If you don’t want to do either of those, you can draw her something! Honestly, just be creative with it! I’m not picky~


- Don’t tell fyjjong about the project! If possible, I’d like it to be a surprise, but if she does find out, that’s okay! It can still be a nice gift to give her, even if she knows about it beforehand.

- Please keep video clips under 30 seconds, or as close as you can. Anything over 70 seconds will not be included.

- All video clips, messages, and pictures must be CLEAN, as there may be minors participating in the project. No swearing, nudity, innuendos, etc. If you wouldn’t say/show it to your grandma, then leave it out of the video.

- Only messages under 50 words will be included in the video. If you want to write something longer, I will include it in a separate text post.

- Please send all videos, fanart, messages, etc. to  fyjjongappreciationproject@gmail.com

- Feel free to ask me any questions either by stopping by my ask box or using the email above!

- Be creative! If you have an idea for the video other than the ones I provided, just shoot me a message!


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Hi Hank, I'm a fan of the historical and thought-provoking YouTube channel AlternateHistoryHub. They only have around 500,000 subscribers, but seem to rely on YT for income. They posted a video today about how YT won't let them monetize their videos, and I was wondering if you had any tips to help them out. I'm sorry if this is a bother, I just hate to see "smaller" YouTube channels struggle due to problems that they can't fix because YT won't recognize them. Thank you.

Thanks for letting me know. It sounds like YouTube is working on whatever glitch he’s dealing with, and it seems like it is a glitch. Sometimes things just go wrong. This year, for example, we had EVERY SINGLE UNLISTED VLOGBROTHERS VIDEO suddenly appear in people’s subscription boxes (so people basically had nothing but Vlogbrothers videos in their subscription boxes.)

YouTube was responsive and helped us figure it out, but things to do go wrong, and sometimes it can take a while to get to the bottom of why. 

I have seen what seems like an escalation in the number of difficulties. First DevinSuperTramp’s weird trademark takedown, then IHE’s whole channel getting taken down because of what appears to be a clerical error, and now AlternateHistoryHub having monetization problems. 

These people’s livelihoods depend on YouTube, and the old systems of just figuring it out as we go along and letting automated processes take down videos that creators spend hundreds or even thousands of hours creating probably needs to be replaced. 

Also, thanks for bringing Alternate History Hub to my attention! Really cool channel.

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It's actually frustrating seeing this single be a flop, especially since it's HISTORY. Their love song to the fans. The last one before the hiatus. They're doing everything in their power to make sure it won't do well and they're succeeding, people aren't hyped for it because of the bs of this last month and a half. If even the boys aren't going to engage us there's not much we can do and it makes me really sad.

i know, it really breaks my heart. AND AND AND can i say AGAIN how PISSED i am that it was released yesterday? like, they didn’t even give us a proper chance to give the single a good debut with the music video debut. we should have had an entire week to get streams. preferably, they would have announced they were going to release it so we could have started streaming on spotify and requesting it since friday, and then turned our focus to streaming the music video once we got our hands on it. as it is, we only had like 3 days to do what we could have done with 7. i’m just so pissed because their team is making what is supposed to be their last single, their love letter to their fans, a complete flop and now the whole thing is going to be ‘well, good thing they’re on their way out, eh???’ and they can’t even be arsed to tweet the video from their accounts. what kind of artist doesn’t even bother linking their own music video??? i’m?????

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dear bonkamily! Can you all promise me something? Can we all make sure that this fandom won’t die out? I know everyone is upset right now and done with the show..I feel the same, but we cannot be ever done with this ship! Please continue to write fics,make these incredible videos,fanwork ect? Fanon is better than the Julie’s crappy writing anyway. I refuse to let jp win she want's to get rid of us just like she got rid of Kai but we won't let that happen,right? like Kai said: We always win!!! <3

Anon, do you know us?

People already ships BonJake! LOL 

This fandom will never die, I can assure that to you. We’re a family of talented people that managed to grow in such a small time and with so few scenes and interaction that the ship was pretty much already fanon.

Not watching TVD anymore won’t stop me from shipping what I want or enjoying my favorites characters.

You can tell that our journey has just begun, we will have our BonKai - canon or fanon doesn’t matter.

Stay BonKai, anon.