i know we ignore that part

Spreading positivity

So i want to adress all the negativity and hate that’s been going on in the Shadowhunters fandom lately. Because it has reached a point where it is not simply stating an opinion or criticising because someone doesn’t like scenes/character etc., it has become pure hate and ignorance towards everything that happens in the show. Of course, there are also people out there who are still very positive ane support the show and I want to say thank you to those.

And I know that most of this negativity has been going on since we didn’t get a malec sex scene. And yes, I have been disappointed too. Not because I think you need to see this scene but because they used it as promotion and got everyone’s hopes up (people also blamed people liked Todd who can’t control that). And also part of me was sad because they showed Jace with that girl but couldn’t show Malec. But I did not call that homophobia because it’s clearly not. So I started thinking that maybe in the end it will make sense that they didn’t show that scene. Maybe Matt and Harry weren’t comfortable enough. Maybe we will get our Malec sex scene later. And maybe they thought that it is something so special to Alec and Magnus that it would be better not to show it. Who knows what’s the real reason. And I’m still not saying that this situation was handled very well but at least have patience and don’t be rude to those actors who work so hard on this and the crew who make it possible that this show exists.

But also when the latest episode aired, I saw so much hate going on. And I’m not talking about those who just said that they didn’t like the episode and named why. That’s not hate, but reasonable criticism. I personally really enjoyed this episode because it was something new and I just liked where they were going with all the storyline. Not forgetting to mention that the acting was very good. And I know that a lot of people don’t like climon and that’s okay. But there are people out there who find mistakes and negative things in everything. Not enough malec scenes, Clary acting childish, the whole Izzy storyline being racist and and and. This needs to stop!

It is still a tv show which should be nothing more that entertainment and inspiration. Not an order to hate everyone in this fandom who has a different opinion, to fight over ships and hate on every single detail that should not be offensive, racist or homophobic. I believe this show is in good hands and altough not everything is perfect, we as Shadowhunters fans can be proud and happy with this show. We have round characters who struggle with very common things and who have so many layers. We have a whole universe which is amazing and wonderful and gives so many opportunities for different storylines. We have an amazing cast who is so passionate with this project and where you can see that they really really love their characters and this show and that they are working so hard to make us love everything. We have couples/ships which are full of love and represent a healthy relationship. We have a big crew who makes all of this possible and creates new sets, arcs and more. We can be pretty lucky. And even if they make mistakes, blaming them for everything and being rude won’t change anything to the best.

So what I’m asking for is to start seeing the good in things and not always searching for the mistakes and scenes that weren’t that great. Try to focus on the wonderful sites of this show and also BE NICE TO EACH OTHER!

  • Oscar: According to this voice in my head, I’m supposed to go down this yellow brick road with you three. Um, are you okay Mr. Qrow?
  • Qrow: Yeah yeah, kid. I’m doing great. Here we goooooo.
  • *Qrow begins drunkenly stumbling down the road*
  • Ironwood: Ignore Mr. Branwen there. It is an honor for me to escort you, young man.
  • Oscar: Thanks, General!
  • Ironwood: And just so you know, I am willing to lay down my life in order for you to complete your mission. Let the criminals come and slice my limbs off! Let the Grimm come and eat the parts of my body that aren’t metal! As long as you accomplish your mission, that’s all that matters! No pressure or anything.
  • Oscar: Uh....
  • Taiyang: I really shouldn’t be here. I need to be at home training Yang! And then I need to go find Ruby and bring her home, do the dishes, clean the bathroom, grade some papers...
  • *Glynda observes the three men and then hands Oscar a card*
  • Glynda: Here is my number, young man. Borrow one of their scrolls and call me if you ever end up in trouble.
  • Oscar: With Grimm or criminals?
  • Glynda: No, with those three.

So now I know why people see heteroromantic asexuals as straight while all other asexuals are respected and seen as LGBT

It’s because they don’t see us as asexual. They see us as bi/pan/gay/nothing depending on our romantic orientations. Once again, our Asexuality is erased and seen as a blank space that is replaced by our romantic orientations.

By this logic, only aromantic asexuals (which I am) are the only ~true~ asexuals…WHICH IS DEAD WRONG.

Once again, we are ignored and treated as literally less than nothing, to the point where people want to pretend a huge part of our identities–our /sexual orientation/–doesn’t exist or count for anything.

Good job at being accepting and safe, LGBT community. Good job.

The Princess and the Demon - Damian Wayne x Reader

Requested by Anon -  an imagine about young Damian Wayne falling for a girl in a pink princess costume at the Wayne’s Halloween Gala

Damian stood in the far corner of the ballroom, seething at the costumed people around him. They fluttered around like deranged birds, ignoring him in favor of their own selfish socializing. 

He fidgeted in the ugly prince costume Alfred insisted he wear. It itched like poison ivy against his skin, but he refused to scratch, believing it to be a sign of weakness. Damian’s scowl grew even deeper.

“You don’t have to look like you’re going to kill someone, Damian,” Bruce reprimanded gently, having escaped the hoard of single women trying to entrap him to find Damian’s sulking in the corner. “This is part of the job.”

“Yes, I know, Father,” Damian grumbled. “We must play the part in order to ensure our secret.” He rolled his eyes as Bruce’s hand rested on his shoulder. “That doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it.”

Bruce sighed before adjusting the collar of his own prince costume. The entire family decided to attend the ball in prince costumes if only to add to the family’s flamboyant image. “Well, it will only be for a few more hours.”

“If I last that long,” Damian mumbled as Bruce slipped back into the crowd. Damian crossed his arms, slumping against the wall. The band started to play as some of the costumed people in the center of the room began to dance. He frowned when he saw his father dancing with a lovely woman dressed as a cat. 

Suddenly, it happened. A group of people separated, heading towards the buffet table, and you stepped into view. Damian’s heart stopped in his chest as he found he could no longer draw breath. 

You were dressed in a puffy pink dress with a sparkling mini tiara on your head. While Damian would normally think the dress was ridiculous, on you it was magnificent. He noticed you appeared to be as uncomfortable as he was. 

For a time, Damian watched you from afar. He moved only when his view of you got blocked by groups of guests. Eventually, Damian felt the need to approach you, though he didn’t understand why. However, you beat him to it.

“Hi,” you began, appearing at his side. Damian jumped, surprised at your sudden presence. He only lost sight of you for a second. “I noticed you were staring at me.”

“I was not staring at you,” Damian replied hurriedly, doing his best to sound uninterested. “You just happened to be in the direction I was looking.” You laughed, knowing he was lying.

“Right…so do you want to go do something?” you asked, gesturing towards the door. 

“What?” Damian was startled by the bluntness of your words. He couldn’t believe you were talking to him, it almost felt surreal.

“Well, I figured since I am bored, and you look bored, we can go do something else.” You looked at him curiously as his mouth opened and closed like a fish. “You do live here, right? So, there is something fun we can do, isn’t there?”

Damian’s brain took a long moment to comprehend what you said. “Yeah,” he stammered, speechless for the first time in his life. “There are lots of things we can do.”

“Great.” You smiled cheerful, taking his hand. “Let’s go.” Damian’s hand burned at your touch. A shiver ran up in his spine as if your touch was magic. He lost his breath again.

You pulled him out of the ballroom and down the hallway before he recovered enough to take charge. “We can go to the game room,” Damian suggested, guiding you through the halls. An uncomfortable silence fell between the two of you as you walked. Damian cleared his throat before meeting your eye. “Your costume is nice.” He winced at his weak word choice.

“Yeah, my dad picked it out,” you explained, smiling at the awkward complement. “I wanted to dress up as Freddy Fazbear, but he said I had to be a ‘proper lady’.

TT,” Damian huffed, not wanting to admit he had no idea who Freddy Fazbear was. “Nevertheless, you look lovely.”

“Well, thank you. You look handsome as well,” you commented back, smiling at the blush growing on his cheeks.  You both reached the game room with Damian opening the door for you.

“Wow, this is so cool,” you gasped, running in to check the assortment of video game consoles and other things in the room. “Now, I see what you meant by lots of thing we could do.”

TT.” Damian entered the room after closing the door behind him. He watched you in fascination as you struggled to kneel down to look at the collection of games. Damian knelt down beside you, loving how bright your eyes were as you took in the titles. “Which one do you want to play?”

“You have a Super Nintendo,” you exclaimed, noticing the Super Nintendo games lined up on the shelf. You started to look through them while Damian wondered what a Super Nintendo was. He vowed to learn more about this room if only so he could understand what you were talking about. Actually, this was the second time he had been in this room. The first time was when Dick tried to force him into some brotherly bonding. It didn’t end well.

“Do you want to play one?” Damian asked, trying to hide his ignorance.  You gave him a excited look, making Damian’s heart skip a beat. 

“Yes!” You pulled out a game, holding it up for him to see. “Ooo, you have Super Mario World. This has good co-op, so we both can play.” You looked at Damian, waiting for a response. Damian nodded quickly in response as you struggled to your feet in your puffy dress. You moved over to the console, putting in the game. 

Damian grabbed the remote to turn on the television as you booted up the system. “I must admit…I am not completely familiar with this…console.” 

You gave him a bright smile, stuffing a controller in his hands as the main title popped up on screen. “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” 

TT,” Damian huffed, his face remaining blank as you struggled to sit down on the couch in your puffy pink dress. He glanced back at the cartoon man running on the screen before looking back to you with a smirk appearing on his face. Maybe this party wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Have you seen Damian?” Bruce asked Alfred after searching the emptying ballroom for ten minutes. He had planned to grab Damian and sneak away to go on patrol, but he couldn’t find him anywhere.

“I did see him sneak out of the room with a pretty young girl about two hours ago,” Alfred informed as he gathered scattered glasses from various places in the ballroom. 

“What?!” Bruce’s mouth dropped open. The possibilities forming in his head.

“Oh, don’t worry, Master Bruce. Master Damian has not reached the age where that would be a concern,” Alfred reassured, frowning at a chip in one of the glasses. “I believe they are in the game room.”

Bruce’s frown deepened as he headed towards the game room. The closer he got, the louder the laughter grew. Gently opening the door, Bruce was shocked by what he saw.

Damian and you were laughing while they both played the Mario game Bruce remembered playing with Dick once or twice. A smile broke onto his face as he saw Damian just as bad at it as he was.

They were having so much fun, Bruce almost felt bad about interrupting. “Damian, we have to say goodbye to our guests.” Damian jumped to his feet, a embarrassed blush burned onto his face.

“Of course, Father,” Damian answered, raising his nose into the air. He held out his hand to you as you got up from your seat.

“Oh, I better go find my dad,” you said, straightening your dress while taking his hand to stand up. “Thanks for making this party fun, Damian. I hope we can do this again.”

“You’re welcome,” Damian mumbled, blushing even brighter when he heard Bruce chuckle at him.  Suddenly, a different voice distracted the three of you.

“Excuse me, Bruce, but have you seen (Y/N)?” a deep voice called out from down the hallway. Bruce smiled at the man before gesturing into the room. 

“She’s in here,” Bruce answered as the origin of the voice appeared at the door. You smiled while Damian’s jaw dropped open.

“There you are, (Y/N). I was worried,” Oliver Queen, your father, replied. He narrowed his eyes when he noticed you were in the same room as Damian. 

Damian turned to look at you with a stunned expression. “Oliver Queen is your father?” he gasped. He couldn’t believe someone as wonderful as you could come from someone as incompetent as that.  

“Yeah,” you admitted, raising an eyebrow. Lowering your voice, you leaned over to him. “He only found out two months ago.” Damian nodded slowly, understanding the situation. 

“(Y/N), we need to get going,” Oliver reminded, not liking how close you were to Damian. He turned to shake Bruce’s hand, thanking him. 

“So,” you began, shifting around uncomfortably. “It was nice to meet you, Damian.”

“Yes, it was nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Damian replied. His face was redder than his Robin suit. You looked at him for a moment before getting a playful smile on your face. Suddenly, you leaned over to kiss him on the cheek. 

Time stopped for Damian, his skin tingling from the pressure of your lips. You seemed to know the effect you had on him. Grabbing his phone from the table where he had left it after taking it out of his pocket earlier, you typed fast as the gaze of your fathers burned into you.

“Call me,” you whispered before running towards Oliver, who frowned at you. You both said goodbye to Bruce, walking down the hallway. Damian could hear Oliver’s scolding echoing down the hallway as you went. 

“Damian, let’s go,” Bruce said, grinning like a mad man. “We need to get on patrol.”

“Yes, Father,” Damian coughed, trying to recover from your kiss. He walked out of the room stiffly. Bruce rested a hand on his shoulder, guiding him down the hallway. “Father?”

“Yes, Damian.”

“You don’t need to tell Grayson about this,” Damian demanded, his cheeks burning. 

Bruce smiled, swallowing his laughter. “Don’t worry, Damian. Your secret is safe with me.” 


Get To Know Me - pairings [3/10]

Kumiko Oumae and Asuka Tanaka [Sound! Euphonium]

“There is something I wanted to tell you. I… I used to not like you. You were senior to me, and we played the same part, so I tried to ignore it. But you seemed so difficult. In fact, I might have hated you. But now, I love you! You wouldn’t ever show your true feelings. You always seemed to look down on people. You said crap like you didn’t care about your friends… But… But now, I’m lonely. I want to hear you play the euphonium again… I want to play like you!”


This Just In: both komaeda and hinata are actually five years old

once again, some parts (a lot of parts. probably) are missing. as always, thank @qualia-solveig​ for translating 🙏 anyway, here we go

komaeda: “i know i was the one who called you, but don’t worry. feel free to ignore me” (t/n: he uses the word that could mean “leave me alone”)

hinata: “you… if you don’t like me THAT much, why don’t you leave me alone?”

komaeda: “it’s not like i don’t like you… i just feel that… connection with you.” (t/n: a callback to “i just feel like we’re similar somehow”)

Goku and Chichi’s Relationship

”Chichi does nothing but yell and nag.”
“Goku married Chichi without fully knowing what he was getting into.”
“Goku is henpecked.”
“Goku does not have romantic feelings for Chichi.”
“Goku sees Chichi as just another companion.” 

And so on and so forth. These are things I usually hear people say about GoChi. And you know what, I don’t understand.

The reason I fell in love with the GoChi ship was because Dragon Ball ends with Goku knowing nothing about marriage, but when Dragon Ball Z comes along we see that despite his initial ignorance he manages to maintain a happy marriage. He had no idea what love was in DB, but in DBZ we see that he has grown to love Chichi. 

When people bash GoChi, I always think about the part in the Cell Saga where Goku has just recovered from the heart virus. I’m not even talking about just the kiss; it’s everything. That’s the longest the series allows us to see Goku and Chichi together, so it’s the best window we have into their relationship. Plus, Goku has just escaped death at this point, and usually it is during moments like this that people are most honest about their feelings. 

And what feelings do they show us? Let’s take a look at the following screenshots:

Goku smiles as Chichi hugs him. He apologizes for worrying her, then proceeds to swing her around. My favorite part is when Chichi tells him to cut it out but ends up enjoying it anyway. They laugh together like teenagers in love, then he accidentally throws her too high into the sky, but when he catches her, they just laugh it off. 

I think this is basically a summary of how Goku and Chichi are as a couple. Goku does something silly or stupid, Chichi tries to tell him off, but then she gives in and ends up loving him all the more for his antics. 

I think this is how they show affection to each other too. They’re not passionate or intense. They don’t go on candlelit dinners or profess undying love for each other through poetry. Instead, they play in the snow, run around in the rain, and laugh together doing simple sweet things in their simple sweet home in the mountain. 

I think this scene also shows how Goku loves and treats Chichi differently from Krillin or Bulma or even his own sons. Have you ever seen Goku act this way around any other character? Case in point, when Goku ITs into the aircraft carrying his friends shortly after this scene, Krillin cries with joy and throws himself into Goku’s arms so fervently that they smash through the side of the aircraft. His reaction is just as powerful as Chichi’s, and yet Goku does not feel the urge to swing him around or do with him the same things he did with Chichi. 

Next, is Goku actually a henpecked husband? Is Chichi actually an irrational nagger who cannot accept the kind of person her husband is? Let’s look at these screenshots:


I have this belief that Goku isn’t as henpecked as he seems to be. I believe that he lets Chichi yell and nag because he’s a patient and generally peace-loving person. But here, when people’s lives are at stake and time is of the essence, Goku looks disapproving of Chichi’s stubbornness and looks about ready to argue. 

I love this because it shows that Goku loves his strong-willed wife and so he lets her assume dominance in the relationship for the most part, but he also won’t just quietly submit to her when she’s being irrational. 

But here’s what makes this even more wonderful:

Chichi reveals that she’s not irrational at all. And Chichi knows her husband well enough to know that she won’t win an argument about this anyway. Which makes me think that she and Goku do argue from time to time; they just don’t do it so publicly like Bulma and Vegeta.

Chichi also shows here that she, despite everything she usually yells about, believes in her husband and in the potential of their son. Goku appreciates this, and thanks her. He understands just how much courage it takes to accept this kind of fate for her family. Master Roshi realizes this too and thinks to himself that Chichi has “nerves of steel”, as befitting the wife of the strongest man on Earth.

Then they just gaze at each other lovingly for a while:

And when it’s time to go, they share a kiss. They kiss for like seven seconds in front of Master Roshi.

If you think about it, contrary to popular portrayal in fanfiction, Goku and Chichi are usually not embarrassed to show their love in front of others.

We see more examples in the Buu Saga, when in front of their friends, Goku tells Chichi that he missed her, when Chichi throws herself into his arms as he is about to go back to the afterlife and he hugs her and holds her hand, and finally when Chichi cries against his chest as they are finally reunited at Kami’s Lookout and he tells her he loves her.

All this done in public, and neither of them act like it’s embarrassing. They treat it as if it were something natural.

Anyway, going back to this scene, the kiss they share here isn’t just a ‘routine’ kiss but something they both genuinely feel like sharing at that moment. How do I know? 

Look at Goku’s face right after they kiss. His gaze lingers on her longer and he has this satisfied smile on his face.

And this next part just kills me. Goku goes all serious as he is about to IT away, but just before he disappears, he takes one last look at Chichi. And I’m like, WHOA GUYS, TOO MUCH LOVE, GIVE IT A REST.

But seriously, how can anyone say that he doesn’t love her the way a husband loves a wife?

Thoughts about Episode 12 and the GPF

So I’ve been thinking. I think I would like to see Yurio win the gold medal, and not Yuuri.

Hear me out.When we watch Yurio skate, I think it’s not just Yurio we’re seeing  it’s Victor. And I think Victor sees that parallel, too, it’s why he was watching with a smile on his face. (It’s why he was watching all of them, especially Chrise, because he’s remembering everything he did that brought him to Yuuri.)

And when Victor was 15, all that was important to him was skating. (We know this, he says as much in Episode 10, that he ignored the other parts of his life during that time.) 

Yurio is desperate to win the gold. It’s all he wants. It’s everything he wants. And yes, he’s learned a lot about agape and the love others have for him (and perhaps the love he has in return), but that’s only spurred him on in skating.

That’s not a bad thing. It’s just a thing. Any super talented 15-year-old will probably be the same.

Now let’s look at Yuuri, because I think we can agree, Yuuri’s in a much better place. He’s got his skating career revival, plus he’s got the support structure he’s always had and appreciated. And now, he has Victor, and I’m totally with the headcanon that when Yuuri says “let’s end this”, he’s not talking about their personal relationship, but their professional one. No matter what happens in the FS, Yuuri and Victor will end up together. This is just the way of rom com, it’s kind of a given, even if we’re all on the edge of our seats at the moment. 

We also know that Yuuri and Victor have been nothing but supportive of Yurio, from Day One. (Yuri has two dads, after all.) They root for him, they cheer for him, they’re happy when he does well.

So let’s envision this: Yuuri wins the gold, Yurio does not, Yurio harbors resentment and anger and Yuuri retires and lives happily ever after with Victor and everything ends with a nice, neat little bow.

But envision this, too: Yuuri skates a beautiful, perfect program, and there’s no doubt he shows his love for Victor to the world. Yuuri proves that he can fight his demons, come back from behind, and still succeed. 

Yuri gets a higher score. Yurio wins gold. Yuuri wins silver.

What would Yuuri and Victor do?

They would cheer Yurio on. They would rejoice, they would burst with pride, they would be so happy for him. 

And Yurio, seeing that from his place on the top of the podium - knowing that he’s standing where Yuuri has tried so hard to be - and seeing that Yuuri is still happy for him, still supportive, still proud - that’s… that’s something.

That’s the agape that Yurio has been missing all along. It’s not until he has won that he sees it.

Isn’t that a much more satisfying conclusion? After all - who says the “Yuri” of the title is Yuuri? The story was never only about Yuuri. It was just as much Yurio’s journey, too.

Extracting Bismuth from Pepto Bismol!

So today I extracted bismuth from pepto bismol with the chemistry teacher and my partner for a project.  I have pictures explaining each step.  Enjoy!

So I went out and bought 180 pepto bismol pills (obviously not all of them are shown here).

Then we put them in a mortar…

…and ground them with a pestle:

When we were done grinding them we had a beautiful beaker of powdered Pepto Bismol.

Then we got to the fun part.

We dissolved the powder in a solution of six parts water and one part muriatic acid (also known as hydrochloric acid (HCl)).  While we were trying to dissolve it we got this (Ignore the NaOH it was on the flask originally and has nothing to do with this project):

You can see that we got a lot of foam. It even overflowed and we had to put it into separate flasks so we wouldn’t lose our work.  I found this to be hilarious.

I know the flask only shows a little bit of overflow but there was a lot more after! The end result of the dissolved pills was a foggy white solution with foam still present but the powder was dissolved.  Then we filtered it.

This type of filter was not sufficient enough so we switched to a coffee filter which was faster but it was still filtering slowly.  While the solution was being filtered the chemistry teacher was curious and wanted to know if the next step worked so he took some of the filtrate and put the aluminum foil in and it worked!

The black stuff that you see is the bismuth powder which formed as a result of the reaction between the aluminum and the filtrate! We filtered that too but it is not done yet but it probably will be done by tomorrow.  I will post an update if I can.  I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed doing this experiment!

Ask post #11

Thank you so much!! ❤ As for Inspiration…

Papyrus! His suspicious characterization is what originally caused us to look deeper into the game and contemplate what could have happened behind the scenes. We toyed with the idea that he had more powers than he let on. And then we realised…

That Chara was somehow involved. It all went nuts from there. We questioned each other on our knowledge of the game and explored each route for more information. Since Papyrus and Chara are both largely ignored by the fandom we decided we couldn’t just very well keep this idea to ourselves or make theory posts that would go unnoticed. So we planned a comic!

Most of the Forgettable arc was planned very early on, since it was all going to be a part of the first arc but we decided that would be too confusing!

The important thing to know is… Papyrus knows more than he lets on.

((Sorry I didn’t realise how long it was!! Edited in a cut!))

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Baby Beta (Part Two)

Aiden x Sub!Reader x Lydia

Warnings: smut, fingering, swearing Alpha x Baby Beta Kink (Aiden x Reader), Mommy x Puppy kink (Lydia x Reader), threesome, Dom!Aiden, Dom!Lydia, Sub!Reader, syrup, candies, vibrators

Requested by Anon

AN: I’m sorry that Scott was a jerk

Part One

“I’m surprised you’re here.” Scot smirked as he sat down and spotted both the twins trying to pay attention to the lesson going on.

“Why, we can get an education to you know.” Ethan snapped at the alpha who rolled his eyes.

“No I mean I’m surprised Aiden’s here despite knowing what (Y/N) and Lydia are up to.” He watched as Aiden cocked his head and tried to figure out where in the building you were, you’d insisted that Lydia would give you a lift to school.

“Aiden just ignore him.” Ethan muttered.

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The shy one | Newt Scamander part 1/2

Let’s pretend Newt went to Hogwarts during the Marauders era. And let’s pretend there’s a yule ball like in The Goblet Of Fire but without the tournament.
You had been friends with the Marauders since your first year at Hogwarts. They’re idiots, but life is to short to be normal. People didn’t really understand your friendship ‘cause you were a slytherin and Sirius has made it very clear he doesn’t like slytherin house. ( if you’re not a slytherin you can just ignore this part.)  You couldn’t care less about what other people thought, at least you had real friends. 

You were studying in the library when your best friend Lily Evans rudely interrupted you by snatching your book away. “Lily give that back I need to study!” “Oh please you’re like the smartest person I know, and besides we have more important matters to discuss than what unicorns eat.” “And what might that be?” I asked her. “Your date for the yule ball of course!” she yelled excitedly. “I heard there’s this hufflepuff that has a giant crush on you.” “Which one?” you asked hopefully. You’ve had a crush on this boy called Newt Scamander for quite a long time, but you’re just to shy to ask him out. And besides you were pretty sure he was dating Leta Lestrange “I don’t really know his name. Like the one who’s so obsessed with magical creatures, the shy one who’s always alone.” “You mean Newt? The one that’s friends with Leta Lestrange?” You couldn’t help the small hopeful smile forming one your lips. “Yeah I think that’s the one. Why are you smiling like that? Awwww does little y/n have crush?” she teased. “I most certainly do not!” You yelled blushing furiously. “Yes you dooo. You’re in loveee.” she sing songed. “Who are you going with anyway?” You asked trying to change the subject. “I’m going with Potter. He wouldn’t stop asking me out so I said yes to get him of my back.” “Admit it sweetheart, you love me.” James said as he and the others joined you. “Nope, but you know who is in love? Our little n/n over there.” If looks could kill Lily would have died about 70 times right now. “Who’s the lucky guy?” Remus asked you. He was by far your favorite, they all were like brothers to you but you were closest to Remus. “It’s no one. It’s just a small crush.” “A name would be nice.” Sirius said with a smirk. “Promise me you won’t tell anyone.” You pleaded. They all nodded their heads and smiled for me to go on. “It’s Newt Scamander.” “Oh I knew it! You should ask him out, he totally has a thing for you!” James said. “He’s right, the boy won’t stop staring at you every time you’re near.” Peter joined in. They all nodded and you sighed in defeat. “Fine I’ll ask him to the yule ball, but if he says no I will murder each and everyone of you." 

You had been looking for Newt for the past 15 minutes when you saw him sitting against a tree. Alright it was now or never. Your hands were sweaty and they were shaking. Your heart was beating so fast, you were scared is was gonna break out of your chest. You were about to go up to him when Leta appeared by his side, engulfing him in a hug. You didn’t want to eavesdrop but you just couldn’t help it. "Oh Newt I’m so glad we’re going to the ball together! It’s gonna be so much fun!” You couldn’t quite process what Leta just said. Newt was going to the ball with her? You felt your heart break a little, it didn’t break out of your chest, it just broke. You didn’t realize you were crying until you felt your wet tears drip onto your hands. You turned around and ran back to your common room. You ran past Remus on the way who tried to ask you what happened but you just ignored him. You couldn’t believe how stupid you had been. How could you even think for a second that he would want to go to the dance with you. You should’ve known you weren’t good enough for him. The rest of the evening you stayed in your dorm, not bothering to go eat dinner. Your roommates tried to get you out of bed but you just told them that you didn’t feel well, and that they should just go without you. Just like Newt’s going to the dance… without you.

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MATT THE BABY DADDY // masterlist

Request: Can u do a oneshot where the reader is dating Matt and when she finds she is pregnant she tells Hux and ren, and ren has to tell her he is matt.

Can u do a oneshot were the reader is saying Matt and she doesn’t know he’s kylo, but she becomes pregnant and so she goes and tells kylo and Hux as part of regulations and Hux gets mad and kylo gets projective because its his.

A/N: Ignore the really bad title, I had no clue what to title it and it was the first thing that came into mind ok. Thanks for the requests, anons! Enjoy! P.S. requests are open again :)

Word Count: 2K+

Warning: None

“Matt, we shouldn’t be…doing this.”

“No one will know.”

“Matt…anyone can walk in on us!”

“No…they won’t, trust me.”

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I know that a lot of people here are saying “Jughead doesn’t have to be aro, he can have any other romantic orientation!!”

And I mean, of course, that would still be great, we could still have an ace character. But the thing is, they are erasing the aro part of the character, and I would say aromantic people have less representation than asexual people. They are completely ignoring that people can be aromantic at all. And don’t we have enough heterosexual/romantic people in the media already?

Make Jughead ace AND aro.
(Does this make sense? Sorry for my English)

Humans... Too Easy to Fool (Part 3/3)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Words: 1,007

Warnings: slight smut

Part 1     Part 2


“I still don’t get why we can’t go downstairs.” I say anxiously as I lean on the windowsill.

“Because we didn’t have time to leave before he arrived, and he doesn’t need to know that we’re here.”

“What will that do to help us?” I ask as I start pacing around the room, “He’s slowly killing us while they take their time downstairs.” I say before opening the door to leave.

I ignore Stiles warnings as I climb down the stairs to join the group.

“I tried, she wouldn’t listen.” Stiles says in defense as he follows me.

I look directly at Void, strapped against the couch. His lips coil into a twisted smile as I feel myself getting weaker by the second. I look at Stiles and notice his feelings were mirroring mine. My knees give in, allowing me to hit the hard wood below me. I feel a bead of sweat fall from my forehead as I see Stiles fall next to me in a blur.

Voids menacing laugh echoes in my head as everything falls into blackness.

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X-Files Fic: Between Sorrow and Bliss, Chapter Seven

Rating: PG
Timeline: Small Potatoes
Summary: Mulder catches Scully in a compromising position, which leads to a realization on both their parts.  Scully receives some news from her doctor and has to make a decision.

Author’s note: I know that the episode subtitles claim that an entire month goes by between Mulder catching Eddie Van Blundht in Scully’s apartment and their visit with him in prison, but that doesn’t work for me, so we’re just gonna ignore it, okay?  Okay.

Previous chapters: one | two | three | four | five | six

Thinking about it, Scully realizes that Mulder is right: they don’t talk, really talk, about anything except the work… and, lately, about their inability to talk.  Or her inability to talk, at any rate.  Mulder’s been trying to help her overcome her reluctance to share more of herself with him for months, which, she supposes, explains him showing up here with a bottle of wine on a Friday night.  She’d been initially reluctant to let him in- it’s her first free Friday in months, now that her treatment cycle is over and the waiting game has begun.  But really, she’d decided, an evening with Mulder would, at the very least, help keep her mind occupied, help keep her from worrying about her appointment on Monday afternoon, when scans and blood tests will determine what effect- if any- the hell she’s put her body through has had on her cancer.

So she’d let him in, she’d opened the wine he’d brought, she’d sat on the couch with him, and between the two of them, they’d finished the entire bottle of wine.  As she’s drinking her final glass, it occurs to Scully that the last time she’d had alcohol had been the night in Philadelphia with Ed Jerse.  She figures that abstinence, combined with the twenty pounds she’s lost since beginning treatment, explains why she’s feeling considerably more tipsy than she really should be off of half a bottle of wine.  And that, in turn, explains why she ends up telling Mulder that ridiculous story about her high school prom.

It doesn’t, though, explain what Mulder is doing now.  He’s got at least eighty pounds on her; there’s no way he’s completely drunk off of half a bottle of wine, and she doesn’t think he’d been drinking before he’d shown up at her door.

So what’s he doing trying to kiss her?

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Well I held you like a lover
Happy hands, your elbow in the appropriate place

And we ignored our others
Happy plans for that delicate look upon your face

Our bodies moved and hardened
Hurting parts of your garden
With no room for a pardon
In a place where no one knows what we have done

Our minds pressed and guarded

While our flesh disregarded
The lack of space 

for the lighthearted
In the boon that beats our drum

Well I know I make you cry
And I know sometimes you wanna die
But do you really feel alive without me?

If so, be free
If not, leave him for me
Before one of us has accidental babies

For we are in love

In honor of #MalecFirstDate, here’s a cookie of part 3 of the Stars Aligned series. Coming up soon (I blame you, anon). 🎥👬❤😘

Magnus’ lips curl at the corner, his eyes twinkling with nothing but unabashed love. Alec trails back up his chest to find his lips, kissing him deeply.

“That works so much better than your pep talk last year,” Magnus mumbles against his lips, kissing Alec’s grin.

“You know what would work even better?”

“We’re not having limo sex,” Magnus shoots back, ignoring Alec’s pout. “We’re going to the Oscars, I need to be presentable.”

“But I like limo sex,” Alec definitely doesn’t whine.

As if on cue, two little taps resonate against the black window separating them from the driver, indicating them that they are getting significantly closer to the Dolby Theatre.

Alec groans in defeat, and buries his nose in Magnus’ neck, wrapping an arm around his waist. Magnus plants a kiss on his forehead, nuzzling against his hairline.

the shooter

some people say it was Miles. some people say it looked a bit like Steve. the general consensus is: we don’t know.

and i don’t think we’re supposed to.

OA tells us this dimension is crumbling into violence and ruin and is very sick. (not the exact quote, but you know the part i mean.) and she’s right - look at today’s world: full of hate, anger, fear, ignorance.
there are a few people trying to fix things, but not enough. there are always a few people lost to the darkness of hatred. they go completely anonymous up until they do something horrific.

that’s what the shooter - who is 100% anonymous - represents. the shooter represents the consequences of allowing teens to live with hate and fear as their only emotions.
the shooter is an analogy for what could’ve happened to Steve, yeah, but any of the boys when you think about it - any of us, driven to extremes by a world that doesn’t care.

we aren’t supposed to know who it is, that’s not important. the important thing is to care about the people and world around you. the important thing is to take action when you see something wrong.

the important thing is to stand up for what’s right and do whatever you can to stop hatred from winning.