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teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship  asked:

I've got to ask, only because I'm very curious (and I'm always down to hear why people do or do not like certain characters) , but why's Shiryu one of your least favourite characters?

Uhh, well, what can I say? This is only my opinion and I think is too personal and it’s just me who have a thing with him, I don’t know. Maybe many people would love him for the same reasons I don’t and it’s completely okay. But let’s see…

I never liked him tbh, I don’t know, he never caught my attention, he is like a giant nerd about being noble, loyality and honor and it’s okay but to me is very boring. Against Deathmask he threw a whole talk about how cloths should be dressed for the justice and blah blah blah WHEN HE IS ALWAYS TAKING OFF HIS DAMN CLOTH!!!! LIKE…. DUDE??? CAN YOU EXPLAIN IT TO ME??????? *sighs* I know everybody is like OMG fanservice every time he does it but I find it very unnecessary. Also why is he always going blind? Kurumada why? Why is this a thing? The worst is that in some cases he is more useful when is blind… Uuh?? That’s not how it should work lmao! 

But all this things to me is more near to an “I don’t like him” than “Is my least favorite of them all”… And my reason to put him on that place is very childish, I KNOW IT but I just can’t stand he is a libra. My sing is sacred to me and I cannot stand that a character I don’t like wear the cloth of my sing. IT’S A BIG NO-NO TO ME.
When I started to watch the show again I could’t remember a thing about it. The only thing could remember was that Shun was precious, kind, lovely, pink and has some badass chains xD (I worship Shun since I was 3 years old, I could never forget him), and when I saw Shiryu by first time again I thought he was very handsome (What can I say? Long dark hair and he has pretty eyes!) but then he turned SO boring to me so I stopped paying him attention, I was very convinced he was a Capricorn DON’T ASK ME WHY LOL but then I discover he was a libra AND HELL NO DUDE, TAKE THAT CLOTH OFF NOW, FOR REAL! 

But not all my feelings about him are negative, I mean without him I would never have had Ryuho, and Ryuho is the light of my eyes ♥ Even if I blame Shunrei for all his preciousness more than Shiryu (Because Shunrei is not one of my favorites but I have to admit she is a very strong women! She had to endure being with a man who was always fighting, withouth being sure if he would come back alive. Also she stood by his side every moment when he lost his 5 senses what would be really hard but anyway she was a good mother of a precious child. Maybe Shunrei is not one of my faves but I would defend the dragon mommy with my life!) but I have to belive Shiryu did something too, right?

I know, I know my reasons are too lame and childish but I tried to not sound like a hater… even if I think I did not do it well lol ;w; 

Okay, you know how Vegeta said that he likes Bulma because she’s strong-willed and Goku agreed to liking Chi-Chi for the same reason? Well, since Gohan is mixed that’s why he’s with Videl. She has a strong character but at the same time it’s a bit toned down in comparison. DBZ ladies are the best.