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I really love ShinRan, not because they are childhood friend but because they love each other whatever conditions. their love is very pure and innocent, they have the same moral life. If anti said ShinRan doesn't have chemistry, I can see clearly their chemistry, they share a special connection, have a high sense of justice and always ready to help others . I'm SURE if Shinichi and Ran know each other as adults they will still fall in love.

Well, I have discussed this with someone before, and the thing that I love about ShinRan so much, apart of them having their friendship as foundation and then falling in love is that both of them fell in love with each other in kind of an opposite way of how it would be expected from them. 

You see, Shinichi, this all reason, all intelligence, all detective work and bookworm, the guy who needs reasons and evidence for everything, and who tries to make sense out of every little thing he encounters… He fell in love “at first sight”. A person like him would usually say “love at first sight doesn’t exist / or I don’t believe in that” and yet… there we have him. From the very beginning Shinichi has liked Ran as more than a friend, and yet he preferred to be her friend first and let their relationship grow naturally. He has been there for her all the time since they were 4 years old. 

And I have grown to think that Shinichi hasn’t told Ran that he’s in love with her before Conan happened because maybe he really wasn’t SURE that Ran liked him back or saw him just as a friend, and maybe he was a little afraid of losing her IF he told her and she didn’t return his feelings. On the other hand, Ran is known for having REALIZED that she was in love with Shinichi when he proved his morals (which were exactly the same as hers). New York opened her eyes about what was going on in her heart, and it was SO GOOD. 

These two characters and their relationship are amazing. And honestly I couldn’t give less shits about what antis say. I’m just gonna keep shipping them and enjoying the content we get from them. And you should too *shrug* 

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Sadly, it's canon that Cas looks back at sex with April with fondness, which means he doesn't consider it rape. So can we please, as a society, agree that adults have a right to decide whether what happened to them was abuse or not? I actually feel quite strongly about this, because I've had some well-meaning US friends insist that some very minor stuff that happened to me was abuse, and nope - it wasn't. I'm a grown-up, it's my body, I decide, and the same goes for Cas.

Yeah, absolutely. If you in real life don’t think this is an issue then absolutely fine. You are entitled to your opinion on your real life situation.

However I know of others who have actually been raped by deception and for them this is entirely upsetting and absolutely what happened to Cas. This is where opinions vary. So I stick to what actually happened and what actually, per the legal standpoint, happened, is rape by deception.

I did not make that up. That is fact.

Cas is a fictional character. When I write meta I am not talking about real life. I feel like I am repeating this over and over again this week.

The things that are written to happen to him are written by someone else. Someone CHOSE TO WRITE that he be raped then apparently act like it’s no big deal with Dean. These specific writers repeatedly use rape in their narratives where it is unnecessary (and very upsetting for some people) and then do not address it as problematic.

Misha himself said it was problematic, it’s not just us. Fiction is not real life. You may not have had an issue with your own situation. However we don’t know about Cas’ inner monologue and HE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER. 

It is not OK in my opinion that they used rape as (an unnecessary) plot device then later had the character act like it was not problematic. 

This is not a good message.

Another issue is the fact that Cas seemed to just… go with the flow on this. He wasn’t asked how he felt, it was just insinuated that it was a dude bro moment and he went along with it. It is not fair to say that he was 100% not bothered by it. Had Dean sat him down and asked him how he felt and he was like yeah, cool, no problem, then fine, but that was not the situation. The situation was that he was tipsy and importantly was trying to impress and fit in with the boys.

Dean is the one who started it with “she was hot” then Cas is like oh yeah, so hot… and nice… up until the point she started torturing me (his face goes dark as he then remembers how he was deceived).

Yeah… he’s totally cool with it and not being dude-bro with Dean to try to be friends again while he’s feeling rejected and lonely. Nu-uh. Seriously.

Again I go back to the fact that it is FICTION and people chose to write this and then also make it appear unproblematic when, in fact, it IS problematic. It’s something people can go to jail for. IT IS WRONG.

What’s important is the message that is given by the writers about this situation. That is what fiction is. It’s not real life. I care about what the writers are telling us not about Cas as a real life person because HE IS NOT A REAL LIFE PERSON he is an exposition of a writer’s beliefs and opinions.

The message they gave was that rape by deception is basically OK (if you’re a guy perhaps? we don’t know, maybe they think it’s ok generally who knows either way it’s awful) and something to be dude-bro proud of when you’re trying to impress your friends and get them to let you stay with them and be buddies. (Because that was a big point of that scene, Cas trying to fit in and be one of the boys again, then got rejected again by Dean because of Gadreel).


I love Marichat so?? much?????

It’s like, both of them are the side of the mask that the other is not interested in?

Like, both of them feel discarded and invisible and ignored by the person they love and somehow they have that in common even though they’re literally being rejected by each other (but they don’t know that, so). 

So Chat is feeling pretty bummed out by Ladybug not seeing him, and there is also this girl Marinette who is crushing on his civilian self so hard, but she is unable to string two sentences together when he’s Adrien.

And then he finds out that he can talk to her and get to know her when he’s Chat because then she opens up and is not afraid of being herself and she’s just awesome and he’s drawn to her for some reason and it’s so different from talking to Ladybug, because Ladybug seems to be constantly on edge and it’s hard to figure out what will irritate her, whereas Marinette is just pure energy and some sarcasm (which is always good and welcome) and

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And Marinette is hopelessly in love with someone she doesn’t even know how to talk to, and he’s so popular and kind and gorgeous and she just feels so inadequate and keeps making a fool of herself in front of him like, all the time. She might as well be the Invisible Woman when it comes to Adrien. 

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But out of the blue there’s Chat in her civilian life too, and she knows how to talk to him because he’s her trusted partner, and he tones the flirting down a notch and he’s not nearly as annoying as when she’s Ladybug (even if she could do with a 70% pun reduction, thankyouverymuch), and she can see that there is a person behind the cat, she realizes he’s a human too and not just a fighting machine. She sees the hero from the perspective of a normal person and that is new and enthralling and

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And they’re basically the gateway ship to 

a) The Reveal™ (because the more they get to know each other, the more details will slip…) and 

b) A romantic relationship, since they really need to get their shit together and learn how to talk to each other for fuck’s sake

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In that gif you can already see that it’s starting to work. Adrien now sees Marinette, takes the time to drink in details about her life even when he’s in a mission with Ladybug. ^

This ship has given them the perfect clean slate that can help them come together and really get to know each other well and fall for each other at the same time in a way that will allow them to build a strong foundation for their future relationship, because it’s basically them?? learning to love the part of the mask they used to ignore and dismiss??? finally reaching some very much needed balance and appreciating every angle of the other’s life and personality??? and I just love it? so??? much?????

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How do you get more confident in speaking? I know Spanish pretty well when it comes to writing, but I seem to forget a lot when I'm speaking it.


It is very common to read and write better than speaking and listening, and that is because of the way we study. I’ve read that when we are learning, our brain starts to make patterns to solve problems, the more we solve the same problem, the faster and easier we do it. 

So, I’m guessing you’ve been learning Spanish by reading and doing writing exercises. So the same thing you have to do for speaking and listening. 


Now, most of us get so scared to speak with a native speaker at the beginning, so here’s a good exercise you can do before jumping to real conversations: shadowing

How to do shadowing:

  1. Find a podcast, audio or video where you can also see the transcript.
  2. Read the transcript and make sure you understand everything. 
  3. Listen to the audio once, reading the transcript. 
  4. Now listen to the audio and read the transcript out loud. As soon as you hear a word, repeat it. This might be complicated at the beginning, so don’t worry if you miss some words, or a whole phrase!
  5. Keep doing this, listen and read out loud. 
  6. After few exercises, now you can repeat what you hear, without looking at the transcript!
  7. Keep practicing! (:

I have to warn you: this might be a very hard exercise at the beginning. But the more you practice, the easier will be, since your brain will reinforce the same sounds, the same words together, the same accent, over and over again. 

It’s a little hard to find audios with transcript for free, but here are some:

If you have your own text and you would like to know how it sounds, here you can ask users to read it for you and record themselves. You can ask them to read it slowly or normal speed. 


Another way you can practice listening and speaking, and is more fun, it’s definitely: singing. I highly recommend Luis Miguel songs, his songs are slow, the lyrics are beautiful and he pronounces words very clearly. 


Listening comprehension is very important. Sometimes we can speak, but we have a hard time trying to know what the other person is saying. Here are some webpages where you can do some exercises. 

For more listening materials: here
You can also check Bunsuu.com, I remember I signed up some months ago and didn’t continue, but now it’s getting better and has interesting exercises. 


Real conversation! 

I understand many of us get very scared to talk to a native speaker, we start doubting about our pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, listening skills, slangs, etc, etc. But the only way you can overcome this fear is doing it. 

My previous suggestions were for you to practice on your own. So you don’t have the fear of someone else listening to you, and you can exercise your listening and speaking skills at your own pace. 

But having real conversations will definitely help you build your own vocabulary, speak more naturally, and you can have feedback in real time. You will also realize that all your fears are not that bad as you thought. 

My favorite webpage to practice real conversations is: italki.com

You can schedule classes with community tutors or professional teachers that will help you improve your speaking skills. You can also find language partners that are interested in your language and making language exchange. 

I also like Italki, because unlike other pal web pages where people want mostly to flirt, Italki has more serious learners that really want to improve in their target language. And don’t worry about embarrassment, people understand you might mispronounce some words, or forget how to say the easiest phrases, that’s ok, and that’s normal. Usually people are very kind, friendly and willing to help. (:

I hope this helps. If anyone has more suggestions feel free to comment. Have a nice day! (:

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The story of Prophet Yusuf is very beautiful, but how can I translate that same hope and trust in Allah into my own life? All of the Prophets were very honorable and highly blessed people to begin with. I'm just nobody, nobody special at all. But I feel like I'm at the bottom of a well too. So I feel bad for saying this, but Prophet stories don't inspire me because I know they were special and I'm not. I desperately need to feel hope again but how can I when I can't relate to the Prophets?

I understand how you feel, but this quote alone made me understand how valuable we are to Allaah and how much He loves us. It teaches us, that at the end of the day, like even the greatest of prophets; we are only human.

Hasan al-Basri: Allaah didn’t mention the mistakes of past prophets to humiliate them, but He mentioned these mistakes so that you don’t lose hope in repentance.

Source: Tafsir al-Qurtubi (v. 9, p. 147)

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Hi Anya!And I got a problem.I bought a sketchbook,and it's making me feel extremely pressured to draw on it!It's making me get creatively blocked,insecure,and bad.''OMG,get over,it's just a stupied pile of papers''i know!But I'm kinda perfectionist,can't just draw freely and smile!I always watch some sketchbook tours and all them makes me think how,HOW,those people can draw so well,even the pages are tottaly fucked up. Do you,has an experient artist,have any advice? - The hopeless annon

hi! that’s totally understandable. I actually feel the same way for one sketchbook I bought from MUJI store. It’s so beautiful that I feel like it’s untouchable…

I’ll eventually use it but that’s for when I’m feeling very inspired. I strongly recommend having several sketchbooks. I never fully complete one sketchbook because I bounce around between 4 at the moment and each of them serves a different purpose. 

One of them is only for scribbling in ideas quickly so I can come back to them and remember. Another is for display (sketches that are done really well that I can present to others). The third is merely for travel. Last is anything else that I feel doesn’t belong to the rest. This helps me a lot because it takes away that pressure of having my sketches always look good. I can sketch freely in one sketchbook because it doesn’t matter, that’s the purpose I assigned to that sketchbook. If I end up liking a sketch that I’d like to display, I’ll cut it out and paste it in the display sketchbook! easy! 

Blank pages are intimidating. Sometimes I’ll cut out squares of colored paper and paste it on a blank page so the page looks more inviting (you can also try pasting in other things such as bus tickets, magazine patterns, checkered paper, etc). It’ll be easier to draw over it. Try it! I think it’ll work.

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hi!! so i've noticed that in the past year/year .5 most of the guys i talk to/date are tauruses. that's mad to me- like its honestly a bit creepy. i'm a Libra woman. is there any like explanation like "libras r attracted to tauruses because..." etc do you know what i mean? cheers, thank you!

libra and taurus have the same ruling planet - venus. there’s a connection btwn them naturally. both have an appreciation for the finer things, for art and design, for culture and cuisine, and for romance. the bond between a libra and a taurus can be very harmonious because there is a silent understanding that they share. they are both very practical signs as well. in general it’s just a really good pair. i adore taureans as a libra myself. 


“I thought today wasn’t going to go over very well, and then I realized that I could do this show because I felt the exact same way every single night of performing it as I felt tonight…which is absolute and complete gratitude; and I will never feel any other way, and I have never worked with more sincere, uncynical, beautifully talented people in my entire life and I don’t know that I will again.“ - Kelli O'Hara’s closing night speech for The Bridges of Madison County

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Hi! I don't really know many marauders era headcanons, but the few I come across always make Jilly and Hinny (and Lilly and Ginny) look so similar and it bothers me so much, because well, they are not the same people. Do you have any headcanons about differences between them? (I'm curious about big and little things as well)

They had their similarities but they are far from the same person:


Physical Descriptions:

  • She’s very pretty. This is her #1 descriptor.
  • What does this mean? I think it means she carries herself gracefully and has good skin and bubblegum lipstick and her eyes make you stop in your tracks. Take that for what it’s worth.
  • She has shoulder length, DARK RED HAIR, fifth year. Almost-brown. Not tomato red. Not orange. Not brown. Dark red. It’s very long, Post-Hogwarts.
  • She’s on the short side (in JK’s drawing) but is never described as petite or slender.
  • No canon confirmation that she has freckles, but she is described as pale.
  • HC - Has loads of scars on her knees from bicycle accidents and falls in the forest.


  • She is “quite a catch” and is very popular with the boys.
  • She cries all the time. She’s very emotionally expressive.
  • She’s a brave little lion heart. 
  • She is compassionate and befriends & defends people on the fringes.
  • She’s naïve/nostalgic to the point of absurdity sometimes.
  • Rule breaker Lily. From her mum’s ‘no jumping off the swing and flying’ to the ‘no underage magic’ to ‘no snooping in your sister’s room’ to ‘no hexing people’ to ‘no joining illegal organizations in an attempt to thwart the terrorists’–she isn’t a saint. Lily will violate the “rules” if it means sticking to her morals. Or if it’s for a dare. Or if she’s certain she won’t get caught.
  • She is NICE nice nice Nice n I c e. (She was nice)(But not to her detriment)(And she was not there for Remus at  a time in his life when no one else was)(wth)(that quote belongs to Snape)
  • But, her kindness has limits. She isn’t afraid to ultimately cut people out of her life when she needs to.
  • Her canon descriptors are the actual opposite of the common fandom perception: Stuck-up Bitch: 
  • Bright—intelligent, quick-witted, warm.
  • Cheeky—insolently bold, funny.
  • Vivacious—happy and lively in a way that is attractive, lively in temper, conduct, or spirit. 
  • Charming—very pleasing or appealing, extremely pleasing or delightful.
  • She’s adaptable and willing to change/roll with the punches, as denoted by her wand.
  • She appreciates life and lives it fully. She didn’t wait for a ‘better time’ to get married, to have Harry. She took what life gave and did her best. She wrote about their life shut-up in that cottage as if she wasn’t going stark-raving and hungry for news on the outside and keen to get out and fight. She was a girl who counted her blessings and was grateful for the good things she had.
  • Her sardonic sense of humor is great – sassing Slughorn, teacups turned to rats, singing teakettles to piss her sister off, mouth twitch in SWM, the oh lord harry broke that horrific ugly vase ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
  • She’s fearless, bordering reckless—jumping off the swing, testing the limits of her magic, tromping off to Hogwarts. Dove into a war when she was 18, got married and had a baby before she was 20.
  • She loves to test her magical limits & discover her powers.
  • She definitely loves the idea of things more than the actual thing sometimes.
  • Lily’s essence is a doe, which symbolizes nobility and grace and poetry and (finding the best herbs!) the woods and dying for one’s children, if you’ve watched Bambi.
  • She’s a legitimate Mischief Maker who received her own MoM warning letters.
  • She isn’t a saint whose only capacity is love. Her love had limits (Snape), her love hurt her (Tuney). Yes, she sacrificed herself rather than stand by and let Harry die but that’s mom101. People can disagree but I’m a mom and ????  She spent 15 months staying in a house day in and day out, bonding with Harry. She abandoned the war to protect him. She loved him, but it was parental love, not some extraordinary gift.
  • She’s so powerful that both Voldemort and Dumbledore wanted to recruit her.
  • She’s a natural leader/Dumbles made her Head Girl.
  • Driven by emotion rather than intellect/rationality.
  • Lily might draw her wand but she won’t fire a hex unless she’s in an actual fight. It’s a boast, an empty threat. If she didn’t hex the boys for their antics in SWM, honestly, what would’ve been the line?
  • Instead, she’s vindictive when provoked and aims to wound emotionally. You know, the type to cut deep. (I’d wash my pants if I were you, Snivellus.)(You didn’t think it was such a freak’s school when you wrote to the Headmaster and begged him to take you.)(I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid.)
  • She delivers these life-destroying lines in a deadpan calm.
  • Once out of her good graces, good luck.
  • She has zero tolerance for James Potter’s bs, but she isn’t his mortal enemy. Let that die please.

Other Important Lily Things:

  • Potions maven extraordinaire. 
  •  Her immediate family is incredibly important to her. She was her parents’ pride and joy.
  • Losing her sister caused her great pain and the ending of their relationship was Petunia’s call, not hers, although Lily absolutely retaliated and was a guilty party in that whole mess.
  • Her decision to toss Snape over was completely independent of her decision to start dating James. Not an inverse relationship, not even on the same chart.
  • She grew up lower middle class or upper lower class. She certainly wasn’t as impoverished as the Weasleys, but her childhood had grit, and she knows the difference between want and need.
  • She’s a minority in the Wizarding world. A war was raging for the entirety of her magical life. She clearly had to deal with a lot of prejudice and that’s a big deal that should not be underestimated.
  • Lily defied Voldemort three times, which does not mean she fought him three times and escaped. This was actually determined by Voldemort, and this is what he was looking for: Anytime someone arrested one of his henchmen, escaped him, or thwarted him. Also, James and Lily turned him down. He wanted them, and they wouldn’t come over, so that’s one strike against them before they were even out of their teens.
  • She risked her life for the Order for the better part of a year and a half and then, the moment she found her her unborn child’s life was in danger, she did an about face, abandoned the war and went into hiding to protect him. She stayed in hiding for two years.
  • She didn’t survive a final face-to-face encounter with him in Godric’s Hollow.

Random Headcanons:

  • Forced herself to learn left-handed magic in case her right hand was ever incapacitated.
  • She’s a natural talent at intuitive magic (Potions, Charms), not so much at Arithmancy, Transfig.
  • An excellent dueler because she practiced, practiced, practiced. Involved in dueling club.
  • Unapologetic Killjoy Feminist™
  • Feels most At Home when she’s knee deep in bug guts and plant parts and has three cauldrons going.
  • Lily Evans, Quidditch hoe. Can’t play to save her life though.
  • She not-so-secretly loved her dad’s old jazz vinyls.
  • Lily Evans cannot cook to save her life (except biscuits)(which is great but only SO helpful).
  • She always has dirt under her nails from cutting off the roots of plants she’s nicked from the greenhouses or found in the forbidden forest.
  • Loves driving the family car. Has loved driving the family car since the tender age of 11.Competitive girl who will never back down from a dare, sometimes to her detriment.
  • More Lord of the Rings nerd than Whovian. (Is a token Whovian because Whovisn’t)(sorry)
  • She’s very political in both the Muggle and the magical worlds. Has an opinion about everything.
  • She loves to dance but is awful at it.
  • She is always, always talking.
  • Keeps forty broken quills in her bag.
  • Proudly displays her Muggle heritage.
  • Lily keeps a Muggle switchblade (thanks, Dad) and her wand (thigh holster she saved up from her summer job) on her at all times.
  • She prefers to physically clean, especially when she has a problem to work through. (Something she shares with her sister.)
  • She can clean house with billiards and/or poker.
  • She finds Sirius black’s motorbike to be the sexiest thing she’s ever seen.
  • She absolutely enjoys being out in the forest.
  • Big romantic stargazer because the skies are rarely fully visible in Cokeworth.
  • Almost gets struck by lightning when she goes outside to enjoy the rain.

Ginny Weasley

 Physical Descriptors:

  • Her hair is described as tomato-red in OotP.
  • She’s a petite powerhouse. Size is no guarantee of power.It’s never confirmed that she has freckles.I believe she’s very precise in her movements—she doesn’t trip or stumble a lot. She’s not clumsy. She’s very athletic and is sure of herself.
  • She’s always got a smile on her face.
  • Zero canon confirmation of freckles but she probably had some somewhere.
  • HC — her biceps are scary.


  • She’s rarely weepy. She grew up in a house with boys and she had a very traumatic 11th year. She’s incredibly private and has a hard time showing emotional vulnerability.
  • She’s very popular with the boys. She’s also very comfortable and assertive about her sexuality and refuses to be slut-shamed. This being said, she respects her partners wishes. She’s not going to force a public snog if her partner doesn’t want one.
  • She’s easily inflamed/ready to fight—she will punch or hex you before she’ll let you prattle on and on and one.
  • When she’s vindictive, she aims for a short-term/easily reversible physical punishment, to get the message across.
  • Ginny is fire and warmth.
  • She has a wicked, sharp sense of humor. She’s always making eye contact and stifling her laughter.
  • She’s very passionate about everything. Animals! Quidditch! Flowers! The Dance!
  • Ginnny lost her naiveté at a very early age but she doesn’t let that make her a hard and calloused person.
  • She has zero tolerance for Harry James Potter’s bullshit. His temper doesn’t scare her and she’s not afraid to dress him down when he needs it.
  • She’s a brave little lion heart. She goes to fight at the Ministry of Magic, to rescue Sirius. She fights off Death Eaters again in Half-Blood Prince. She leads the resistance at Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows. She sneaks out and fights in the Battle of Hogwarts. She’s not a woman content with sitting idle.
  • With that, she suffers from a noble saving people thing.
  • She befriends & defends people on the fringes.
  • She embraces her femininity & loves being flowery and wearing perfume and dresses and fresh flowers.
  • She’s the heart and soul of wherever she is.
  • She’s an actual mischief maker who had no problems lying to her mum.
  • She’s competitive af.
  • Ginny’s so compassionate – she’s always helping and defending people.
  • She’s career oriented and has a strong desire to be self-sufficient. She waited until she was established and could take care of herself before she and Harry got married (?) and definitely before she had children.
  • Ginny bright, clever and resourceful, not unlike Fred and George.
  • She was most in temperament to Fred and George, actually. They were often on the same wavelength.
  • She was very insecure growing up but outgrew it or got better at masking it.
  • She can lie like a boss.

 Other Important Ginny Things

  • Ginny Weasley was intimately acquainted with half Voldemort’s soul at age 11 and survived. She went on to thrive. Girl is tough.
  • She’s an actual Quidditch prodigy.
  • She’s an A+ Mum.
  • She moves on to be a journalist.
  • I could write a book about the Animals Ginny loves, and the terrible names she curses them with.
  • She lets Harry name their children names that are imporant to him and names Lily after Luna because <3.
  • Her family is incredibly important to her. Even when she fights with her brothers she’ll defend them to the death.
  • Canon loves being outdoors.
  • Glitter hoe. She loves decorating for the holidays and making get-well cards and Valentine’s cards.
  • Ginny’s essence is this wild horse, a stallion, which is noble and majestic but also wild and free and powerful.
  • She’s so athletic.
  • She grew up incredibly, incredibly poor.
  • She’s most at home on her borrowed broomstick.

Random Headcanons

  • She loves flowers and gardening but kills them all. Keeps a garden just for aesthetic bc nostalgia and because she knows the gnomes make Harry happy.
  • Ginny secretly loves her Mum’s Celestina W albums.
  • She has no love for cooking or cleaning and ends up being semi-grateful for Kreacher, though it takes her a long time to warm to him.
  • Ginny always has broom polish under her nails.
  • She paints her nails but they’re always chipped and peeling but she does it anyway. If someone comments, she happily shows them the middle one up close.
  • She loves to dance and is actually so great at it but only when she’s not trying.
  • She had George stand up with her at her wedding.
  • She will ride the motorbike with harry but prefers to chase along on her broomstick.
  • She makes up terrible poetry when she’s drunk.

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Hi! Any tips for writing an in-depth story like yours? I've been planning on writing a story (and I'm not really a person who writes happy-endings type of stuff) and I just really want to know if you have any tips for starting a story. Thank you!

tips for starting a story, hmmm…well i give like the same advice every time lmao but i’m just gonna tell you that patience is the most important thing throughout the whole writing process, ESPECIALLY in the beginning because you can burn bright initially and peter out very quickly when you don’t reach the points you’re most excited for. writing isn’t about instant gratification so just try to come to terms with the fact that it will probably take you a while to flesh this out in a satisfying way (especially since you’re not one for happy endings.) before anything, REALLY get to know your characters (i recommend things like pinterest for moodboard kinda things that go with their personalities, and a lot of people like character sheets but i’m personally overwhelmed by those lol), and if some things are left unsolved, don’t harp on it too much, you’ll probably figure out those missing pieces when you actually get started. (i definitely did) 

i dunno if i should tell you to plan it out because some people are all for it and some think it hinders them; for me i have to at least know all the major events and some small details in between. it’s only because i did plan all of those things that i was able to implement things like foreshadowing, hints, small details, parallels, etc. u know i love my literary devices. so yeah i’m kind of really into planning stories out because it gives me a sense of direction. i HAVE to know the details, but i also don’t strictly go by them because i know things will change in the future, i’ll come up with more ideas, etc. coming to terms with the flexibility of writing is also important. i feel like i said i lot here without actually giving solid advice lmao but i tried and i hope it helps <3

Road 2

I’ve played a little fast and loose with the rally’s timeline in this part; this year, it took the driving teams and the rest of the retinue two days to get from the actual finish to Essaouira, where they had the closing celebratory ceremonies. I plead lack-of-structural-imagination-regarding-what-to-use-those-two-days-for license, particularly how I left things at the end of part 1. Mostly, though, I just wanted to get them to lovely Essaouira. Because everyone should have some loveliness.

Road 2

“Et maintenant?” Driss asks. And now?  It is late in the day, this last day, and he and Myka are driving their last drive together, towards the finish. The finish at Essaouira: lovely breezy city by the sea.

“Quoi?” she asks back, as blank a What? as she can manage. He gives her a little tch, a don’t play dumb noise, so she says, “Je pas.”   I don’t know.  Another tch. “Je sais pas ce qu’elle veut.”  I don’t know what she wants.

“Toutes les meufs, elles veulent la même.”  All the girls, they want the same. He’s very confident; his take it easy tone is clear.

“Moi, ouais?”  Me, yeah?

That sends him into hysterics, as intended. He deserves some reward, however small, for having put up with Myka, and for being who he’s been about the whole thing. She grins at him and says, “Tous les mecs, ils veulent la même aussi.”  All the guys, they want the same thing too.  “Les détails.”  The details.

He laughs again and settles in to cajole her into divulging any and all details regarding what she has got up to with women.

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how old do you think you should be when you get married? People always tell me you should wait until your late twenties or even thirties till you've developed as a person more, before you marry. But I've been with the same girl for 3 years now, and we're very much in love. We've been through a lot, and we're stronger because of it. I'm 23 and she's 22. We're not planning on getting married any time soon, but as a more mature lesbian do you think we're too young to know who we want to marry?

I don’t think there is an age when you suddenly are “mature enough”.

I think it’s a process of understanding commitment even when it gets hard. Being mature enough to stay honest and communicate frustrations and hurt as well as affection.

I think before you marry you need to both have a real understanding that life is going to get hard, and people are going to tempt you to stray, and yet you won’t give up on each other.
All relationships have ups and downs. Make sure you’ve seen them in the downs, and that you’re both willing to sacrifice your pride to
put the other one first. Always make an effort to communicate and show affection.
Commit to weathering the storms together.

I saw a quote on Sense 8 about relationships and marriage that I think relates.

“Here’s the thing. We all wake up and we have to tick the same Terms and Conditions box. Everyday stuff will happen to you. Some of it will be good, some of it will be bad. Choice is less about what happens than it is about how we deal with it. I’ve been thinking a lot about all the things that have happened to us over this past year. I won’t lie. Sometime’s it’s terrifying, and sometimes it’s incredibly exciting. It’s been maddening, enlightening, confusing, and always unpredictable. However, I don’t think there’s been a single day, when I didn’t hear that same voice in my head telling me, “Whatever you do, do not let her go.”

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So is there a difference between sex attraction and sex drive? I think I'm demi, cuz I dont really feel attraction for ppl. At least not right off the bat. But despite my lack of attraction for specific ppl, I still find I'm incredibly interested in sex itself. I'm not sure what to make of my orientation, because I want to want someone in that way (which is why I think I'm Demi). I just don't know. I confuse myself daily.

You’re completely right! And in fact you’ve described it extremely well. Attraction is the who while drive/libido is the what. You can be very interested in having sex, but not really be interested in having sex with someone in particular, the same way you can be quite hungry but there isn’t any food that sounds good to eat. It’s as if your stomach is growling but you’re looking at a buffet and thinking “nah”. 

Demisexuals are people who are baseline asexual, but occasionally develop sexual attraction after they’ve formed an emotional bond with somebody. Asexuals have zero attraction ever, and gray-asexuals have either attraction at a very low level, or have only experienced it a handful of times in their lives. And there are some more obscure orientations under the asexual umbrella, you can find descriptions of them in my orientation tag

You might also read in my attraction tag, because it’s really common for asexual people to not understand the differences between sexual attraction and things like sensual attraction or aesthetic attraction, and to get them confused. I know that because that’s my story! I thought I was straight until a couple years ago, then I thought I was demi, because I hadn’t figured out the difference between sensual attraction (I want to hug/kiss/cuddle you) and sexual attraction (I literally want to have sex with you), and it was very eye-opening to realize that there’s a BIG difference lmao.

I know it’s all very confusing, but it’s also very liberating to find out that these are real things that other people feel too, and there’s nothing wrong with you. Take your time in figuring yourself out and deciding what label feels right, and if you decide you want to have sex with someone even though you’re not attracted to them, that’s fine. If you decide you don’t want to have sex, that’s fine. It may be confusing, but whatever you want to do is okay.

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Do you think Marinette puts up with Chats puns more as herself, or as Ladybug? Or does she give him the same reaction regardless of her identity? I need to know for a comic I'm making, and figured you'd be the person to ask I love your art and fics by the way.

uhm well if we go by canon interactions I think she puts up with the puns with both of her identities but in different ways: as Marinette, she teases him and sasses him while as Ladybug she not only teases him but makes puns too (and flirst back also)

Tbh i dont quite remember all the Marinette/Chat dialogue, especially because there’s very little of them, the most they talked being Evillustrator and Gamer (and a little of Puppeteer, but there they were very diplomatic both of them).

I think maybe maybe in Gamer she made a pun? Not sure, but she sassed him a lot there. 

She can roll her eyes, but she will always respond with a smile in the end.

but like I loved episode 9 and at the same time I feel kind of heartbroken for Ji Ho

idk man, like that marriage certificate thing at the end and the whole “one love is enough for a lifetime” thing have me thinking it’s probs going to not go so well for the next couple of episodes.

but idk i just feel very pensive, also i can’t wait for tomorrow because I need answers and more cuteness

BUT I do feel super happy because the way Se Hee looks at Ji Ho has changed and he looks at her very softly and I’m in love

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Hey.I come from a very religious background and where my parents grew up, gay was always seen as taboo. But when I came out; it was very hard at first. And same for my brother who came out as trans. It's so hard at first but just know it does get better. The first week is the worst but after that they either accept you or don't but it doesn't matter because they can't stop you from being who you are. Sorry you're going through this but you are loved and cared about, honey. Keep your head up.

I love you x

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I'm not a big fan of mikasa but when I started snk (i started the anime before the manga) I always thought she was pretty annoying you know but when I read the manga she's not, by reading the manga I understand her feelings very well but idk why I found her annoying in the anime but perfectly fine in the manga... It happened the same thing with other characters too

I think its because the anime does a bad job at portraying the full emotions that the characters experience in the manga. Lots of scenes with character development were cut from the anime, and for no good reason too. These scenes are important in order for us to help understand a character more, but since we didn’t see them, we don’t understand them as much. I’m sure there are others how felt the same after watching the anime but changed their minds once they read the manga.

When I play with anyone else as my ADC, I feel calm unless they’re a complete moron. But when I play with my husband as my ADC I get very anxious and protective of him. I don’t play as well because I’m constantly scared of him being hurt. It’s especially weird because we sit in the same room and can easily communicate. I know his movements in lane better than anyone. He keeps saying that he knows I’m a better support than this.

Artwork by @yangyexin