i know u dont get it

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AYY KAT! I was looking through the Steam sales, and saw Transistor was only $2.99! I'm considering getting it, and know you're a fan of the game, so what do you recommend about it?


but YEEEES personally, transistor is in my top 5 favorite games, actually!!!! despite being a pretty short lil game, it has a really great story and world, GORGEOUS graphics and illustrations, and a really entertaining/customizable play mechanic!! the fight style is pretty fun and easy to personalize. 

the characters are so good too?? not to mention all their designs too like red the protag??? i Love Her she’s so beautiful!!!!!!! and so ready 2 fight!!!!!!! not to mention the sweet talking Sword he’s such good company omg. the antagonists are such an interesting group too but you should really find out about them through playing for yourself~

the music is really frickin good in the game too?? i actually had been listening to the ost for like a year before playing the game its a SOLID-ASS OST the music for the final battle is one of my favorite game themes ever holy fricc (not to mention the final battle of this game is of of my favorite moments in a game in general its so o shit) ALSO THERE ARE SONGS THAT RED SINGS BC HER WHOLE DEAL IS SHE WAS A SINGER THEYRE SO GOOD TOO FOR EXAMPLE

honestly i haven’t heard of anyone who has played the game and not loved it so i think it’s TOTALLY worth your time and money. especially if u like cyberpunk crap and sword boyfriends. a lil indie studio called supergiant makes it and honestly they do such a good job

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Hi! I was the anon that asked you for the Baltic relationships and I meant how they all felt about each other. Thank you!

oh okay, no problem!!!

i always worry tht my explanations are dumb and dont make sense or get anywhere near the point or the question asked fml but like! i kind of see toris as having been protective over them in the past since he’s the eldest, you know? i think thats also sort of like- just his personality ykwim. i think he’d be like >8( boof @ anything/anyone threatening someone or some ppl tht he sees as close to him tht he’s trying to protect (but thts just my opinion/hc rip.) um! i really am not tht great at history bc i get nervous and my mind gets jumbled but when i think about the past, like! the baltic way and stuff, i sort of think about them standing hand in hand working together to fight against all this turmoil and hardship in their countries fjdsfds. these days i think their relationship would be a little more relaxed but it’s neat to think about them during a harder time when they were in a sort of fight or flight mode.

i think they’d all have a mutual respect for each other, since they all have their own strengths and weaknesses you know? toris is the muscle, ed is the brains and raivis is the creativity if u think abt it kinda. i think they wouldnt like ? be jealous of each other in that way tho, it’d be like “wow he’s so [thing] i respect him 4 that” or if one of them knows the other one is having a hard time w/ something bc of some internal struggle or anxiety i think one of the other 2 would be quick to cover them and so on and so forth ; o ; god i am so bad at explaining lmao.

im sorry asdeuafhs, i love getting asks abt what i think about characters and stuff and then i become super nervous and dance around the answer :’)

not to be Overdramatic™️ or anything but can we talk about how lovely the german nt was today??
idk about yall but i fully expected to come into this match and watch chile absolutely wreck our asses but that wasnt the case!!! i know i know we arent the underdogs of our group but !!!!!! i know it was a tie but i dont think it was j u s t a tie
i love these boys and im very proud of them and maybe im overexaggerating and im aware we’re a v imperfect team but i just rlly wanna talk about how happy i am with this team and how excited i am for the younger and lesser known players to rlly come into the spotlight

Ladrien June Day 16: Siren pt. 2

“Ladybug you’re under arrest for destroying the city of Paris”

“Adrien, I’m sorry… I promise I’ll get us out of this okay?”


OK WHY Y’ALL GOTTA BE PROBLEMATIC AS HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T YOU GET IT’S A FREAKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Long Story Short: Wonu chose Jun, Dino and Seungkwan as top 3 bottom visuals)

IT’S WEEKLY IDOL FOR HECKS SAKE!!! There are so many receipts that Wonwoo loves Jun, Chan and Seungkwan with all his heart! WE CARATS IN TUMBLR AND TWT IMMORTALIZE IT IN GIFS AND PHOTOS I MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonwoo doesn’t need to see this kind of problematic Carats. As you all know he is introverted and shy so did you even think of the consequences of your words if ever he sees them!! He might retreat to his shell or become really quiet again or break his heart!!! (I can’t) ㅠㅠ

YOU DON’T NEED TO CURSE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




(tweets grabbed from vernonversace on twt)

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hey man im leaving tumblr but thanks for (indirectly) letting me know about car seat headrest!! has genuinely changed me life & im seeing him in vermont in august!!!! güd luck with ur life an even tho u dont kno me i think ur p great

congratulations on getting off this hell site first off and have SO much fun seeing csh!! all the best to you bud! happy trails!

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I was just ranting about how female idols get dropped super fast when they fuck up but continue to support horrible boy groups and if a male idol jerked off in the subway everyone would be like "oh he's just a boy, he didn't know" while expecting girls to be perfect little role models and know everything about the world and cultures and races as if they weren't just as ignorant as the rest of us

big mood

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Love your headcanon about the gaf au kids reaction to Melodrama! I'm really curious as to how they reacted to Hopeless Fountain Kingdom?

honestly like. theyve all been rly waiting for it like idk carm probably? lowkey clarke & highkey elle they all follow halsey & lexa just rly loved the spacial noises in badlands lol but yah so they followed all the pre-release press & so they album came out & they all had a listening party at midnight theyre a little drunk & they were all expecting the r+j narrative yknow which is not at All in hfk lol

so like they love it they get rly into dont play like they say it all the time to ea other like fucking nerds & clarke wants them to skip sorry everytime but carm is like clarke this is a sad banger we dont care if u feel personally attacked 

i dont think O had rly listened to badlands/didnt know abt halsey so then all of their friends are like HALSEY they go down the lil clickbait rabbit hole & come out of it Changed like turned on & concerned all at once

also everyone lost their shit at strangers obviously lexas a Huge 5h fan lol shes probably met them a number of times so shes like extra thrilled

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i only have like half the followers you do but i relate to that post too :S i did want to get popular because i wanted acknowledgement for my art.... but now people block me and i dont know why because im honestly trying to do the right thing. if u remake or something ill follow you again ackee

aw i appreciate it! i dont think i’ll remake because ive remade like 5 times and it always turns out the same. but yeah its exhausting, i just wanna bee a Regular Teen Girl™

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Are u being rude to megs? :O

OMG NO……….we just playfully bicker thats what we do. he doesnt know how beautiful and handsome he is i must be Aggressive or he’ll never get it

also i wouldnt draw 4 seperate images 2 be rude to someone dont worry anon-

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HI im back with more overflowing love and support!!! idk if u even remember me bcus i didnt give myself a snazzy anon name But Anyway i just wanted to make sure u remember dont feel pressured into taking on too much at once!! its always ok to take a hiatus and we will understand!! nothing rly prompted this i just read thru ur blog again and wanted to make sure u know how thankful me and all ur other followers are for ur hard work ❤️❤️

Aaaaa YOU ARE TOO SWEET ;; <3 Thank you for your support and your kind words!

I’m still going to try to at least get one or two things out everyday, whether that’s a matchup or a prompt, but I will definitely pay attention to my limits and make sure to take a step back if I start feeling too overwhelmed. *u* <33 I might dabble in some HCs instead of just scenarios next time too so that I can get things out more quickly for those who have kindly been following me! I am having a lot of fun, and hopefully everyone else is enjoying the content I put out, even if it’s slow and wordy alfkjajsdfj

Thank you again! ( ouo)/ I hope you’re having a great day! <33

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Um hi yes I would like to make a complaint: hoW ARE YOU SO PRETTY WTF WOMAN??? Please give us more of your face omg


but krjhkjdhsf no ive used up all of my Self Confidence for that one pic i think it’ll take me another 2 months before i can post another one

if my blog/tumblr ever got deleted i legit wouldnt know what to do with myseld since like i do nothing all day and u all are my frirens i get so depressed eventhinking about it

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hey! here is a tip on how to get better in art! ^^ try copying off someone and how then draw for sometime(but dont post it) and then look at humans and u can do it! i know u can! <3

Um ok thanks I guess


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit


eyy  !!!i made this  !!!! yeeee a.

btw some time ago some people were surprised about the fact that M. Rick uses a crop top

well guess what

like i know its  super obvious but i need to say it because i feel like some people dont know yet but

ye its…its a crop top 100% sure

i dont get why sending random cute anonymous messages is not the thing™?? like literally it’s easy peazy to drop compliments!! and you will never know… perhaps they need a little cheering up… also bonus: u can make their days a little brighter! just do it!