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Hi, you seem like such a nice person so I thought I'd ask you how you realized you were aro/ace? obviously no pressure to answer or anything, but im 22 and I recently realized that im ace, and there's not a lot of aces that I know, so I thought I could ask you, a fellow ace, what was it like. Anyways if you dont want to answer, totally acceptable, I guess I just had to tell someone even if through anon. Thank you and have a great day!

!!! Hi hi!! sorry for the late reply but hmmm…how to go about this…

It’s gonna get really long, so under a read more ^^;

if u want links on other ppl’s experience—> ace // aroace

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who else on this site gets a cool heccinfreccin S P RO N G BRE K ?

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Super curious, how come you put meteos in Hufflepuff and sneakers in Slytherin? And Jensen, although I kinda get him lool. Do u have any headcanons for the rest of (old) c9? :o

gonna give credit to kay on this since she’s the one with the ideas when we were jokingly sorting them. WE AINT BOUTTA PSYCHOANALYZE REAL PPL THAT WE DONT KNOW so this is like based off their internet personality and just for fun!!

  • meteos is super loyal to c9 and his friends and always asking sneaky to duo with him. even the recent transfer to p1 was as a favour to jack, he didnt like actually wanna leave c9 but because jack is a good friend of his he’s willing to help him out. textbook hufflepuff if u ask me!
  • sneaky is the chillest slytherin because hes like LOWKEY really ambitious, lowkey wants rank 1, always plays the meta champs/whatevers OP because he wants to win, and blows off meteos to talk to his viewers since they give him money (METEOS CALLS HIM OUT ON THIS IN LIKE A FEW OF THE DUO QUEUE VIDEOS ITS SUPER FUNNY)
  • jensen is more textbook slytherin. definitely knows what he wants and will do anything to get it. also ddos’ing games to win easily is Very Slytherin. 
  • bunnyfufuu is ravenclaw. kay described him as a luna lovegood type? “so far in his own head everything he’s doing looks stupid from the outside but occasionally the brilliance shines through”
  • hai is a slytherin, altho this one is debatable? feels right tho
  • RUSH IS A GRYFFINDOR. he stopped streaming even tho he was making BANK because he wanted to be on a good team, but its more driven by pride than ambition? also his league playstyle.. when he walks past a ward and kills darshan anyway like he doesnt give a FUCK
  • addendum: 

this is long, thanks for reading OTL here’s a silly doodle


tell me another beautiful lie / tell me everything i want to hear

if u had told me a year ago that id be dedicating hours to drawing a fully linearted img of kyrie from umineko about 2 get the smooch from nomura from higurashi i dont even know what i wouldve said bc at that point i had no plans of ever reading higurashi

anyway like… what the fuck –skin game au

so i just wanted to say something nd make sure u guys know that like… i really appreciate you all a lot nd i love it when u guys talk to me, i just feel really bad for leaving so many conversations hanging, i just want yall to know i never intentionally ignore yall or dont care cause like. im just beginning to recover nd i cant pay attention to shit bc my dissociation is rlly bad nd my adhd is unmedicated nd like. i get overwhelmed REALLY easily nd cant reply for a while nd its nobody’s fault !! i just wanted to explain because i constantly worried that ppl think i hate them

u know i always hate people in fandom who make everyone accept the same exact headcanon for things and are like the “leaders” of the fandom and ur not allowed to think otherwise but like. im always so scared that im becoming that person?????? i may get aggressive abt my headcanons but i hope yall dont take that too seriously i Really dont want to be That fandom person ur allowed to disagree with me if u want

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nicknames: steph (▰˘◡˘▰)

gender: female

star sign: aries

height: 5′ something??? yikes i dont rly know 😩

time right now: its currently 12 in the morning lol

last thing i googled: “how to help monsta x get their first win” anything for my boys!!!

favourite bands: maaaan, it’d take me hours to list all of my fave bands, but i’d list down the ones i remember atm: nct, exo, bts, seventeen, monsta x, ikon, got7, snuper, sf9, pentagon, astro, victon, btob, b.a.p, infinite, day6, mamamoo, red velvet, up10tion, shinee, b1a4, gfriend, girls’ generation, gugudan, aoa, stellar, blackpink, pristin, sistar, etc etc

favourite solo artists: shannon, luhan, kris wu, tao, yoo seungwoo, lee hi, iu, dean, crush, heize, younha

song stuck in my head: shut up n lemme go by sf9

last movie i watched: assassin’s creed

last tv show i watched: riverdale 

when did you create your blog: february 8, 2017

what stuff do you post: everything nct related (well… this is a sideblog for nct so) 

when did your blog reach its peak: hmm idk???

do you have any other blogs: @natalyadyer (for my non-kpop fandoms) and my main blog (multifandom - kpop, kdrama & anime) 👀

do you get asks regularly: naaaah

why did you choose your url: sighs renjun’s climbing up my bias list??? and i also love him a lot!!!

following: 114

posts: 451

hogwarts house: im not rly familiar with harry potter sorry omg

pokemon team: not rly into pokemon at all yikes

favourite colours: purple, red, black

average hours of sleep: 3-5 hrs on weekdays, 6-10 hrs on weekends

lucky numbers: 14, 27

favourite characters: i have so manyyyy but i really love pidge gunderson from voltron so so much my precious bub

what are you wearing right now: shorts and t-shirt

how many blankets do you sleep with: just one

dream job: im so undecided about my future so idek eheh 

dream trip: i LOVE travelling!!! i’d like to go to china, greece, uk, spain and aaa theres just so many places!!

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🍓 fave fictional character: OMG YOU CAN’T ASK ME THIS D’: mmm… SOULMAKACIELLIZZIE. yeah (?

🍰 fave book: Beautiful Disaster by  Jamie McGuire

🎃 fave game: Uncharted 3 :3

🎈 fave sport: swimming!! :D

🎠 last song i listened to:  Sid- Enamel xd

first language: español (??

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If you don't mind me asking; what's the app you used to do the tarot reading?

oh i used my personal tarot deck to do the reading, and i dont know the meanings of some of the cards still so i used biddytarot’s website to get its meaning! its a really good site that tells u the upright and reversed meanings of all the cards in major and minor arcana!

if you dont have an actual deck, i’m sure theres gotta be online ones or apps for doing spreads, i just use a real life deck cause it feels a little more intimate to hold the cards in my hands :o


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit


he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

that one pretty ravenclaw boy who’s way out of your league



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