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how do u feel about warriors rewrites

i mean i think every person in the wc fandom has at least ONE book, one character, one plot line, or one arc they want to rewrite. ive never met anyone who can say “i love everything about warriors and wouldnt change anything in the series.” thats not realistic for ANY fandom, but especially not this one

but that being said, i think my thing w/ a lot of the rewrites u see of warriors nowadays is that a lot of them are trying….very hard to be super realistic and super limited, which some people enjoy. thats fine if u do. but i feel like these ppl are missing the point that warriors is a fantasy series, which is why i get sorta…bored w/ these rewrites

it’s a fantasy cat series, and ur allowed to have artistic liberties. i dont care if a cat has black paws or if these cats somehow know about lions and leopards and tigers, because fantasy series always have something about them that might not make sense. and thats fine, bc if i can accept cats living in an organized society w/ a religion, then i can accept them having stories about ancient clans of big cats. its fine

and thats sorta my thing w/ a lot of rewrites?? i think a lot of the ppl who want their rewrites to be VERY realistic sort of lose themselves in that aspect and they begin to think that they’re better than the writers themselves sometimes. and no before u start asking, im not talking about this rewrite or that one lol this is about 90% of the ones popping up recently

also a lot of the rewrites REFUSE to put in gay characters and then cover their asses like “i just dont want to focus on romance :////” which is such a lame excuse like just say ur not comfortable writing gay/trans cats so ur fans can move the fuck on like holy shit

ylw is like pretty close to done but if we’re gonna drop it i dont want us lookin dusty out here so u gotta get all up in th guts of this whole twitter shit 1 time

lets keep it a buck tumblr steady fadin and if u dont wanna get seperated by th sands of time and poor website management eroding this platform down 2 a nub then i mean id at least put one foot in another boat for now u feel me. u know ur friend eric you left hangin on aim like 9 years ago bc you always meant to ask them to hit you on skype but you never got around to it and now u dont even use skype anymore and wherever eric is now they definitely not on aim and so eric and all of their joys are fully unrecoverable due to your inaction and you think about it so much? you think about it every day? you know how that’s a fact about you? and your life? not mine, which is perfect? dont even know an eric?

don’t get got a second time





namjoon wanting to learn classical guitar makes me so unbelievably happy im such a huge fan of classical guitar guys you have no idea so GUESS WHAT im gonna start posting classical guitar recommendations daily bc yall gotta get with it !!!!!!!!!

ALSO if u dont know this about me i always cry when you put small animals in my hand like its just a natural reation for me to start hysterically crying when u put baby animals in my hand and this becomes a problem bc i volunteer with kittens and whenever we get some in everyone video tapes my reaction and its so embarrassing 

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Now that i know you are bi i wanna tell u that i really like you and i'd like to get tp know you because you're my inspiration at drawing and sjssbjs

oOf thank you so much,, go talk to me, i dont bite! just kill 

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Relationship status: take a wild fuckin guess

Favorite color: yellow, black, pink

Lipstick or chapstick: i put on lip balm sometimes but nah i dont wear either of those two all that much

Last song I listened to: handsome devil by the smiths (here) - i’m obsessed with this song at the moment

Last movie you watched: ferris bueller’s day off, last night! & i loved it

Top three TV shows: twin peaks is wonderful & i love skins (tho i’ve only seen gens 1 and 2 + in the past i’ve also really liked jessica jones, hannibal, and ahs. and i’m loving brookyln 99 which i’m watching with my family atm

Top 3 characters: donnie darko (my 1 character i’ve ever identified with in anything ever), jeff in pride (he’s only a side character he’s like barely on screen but i’d die for him), ripley in alien. & a thousand others which i’d spend days naming (curt wild in velvet goldmine is a must mention)

Top 3 bands: nirvana, placebo, guns n roses.

Books I’m currently reading: i recently finished reading trainspotting so nothing right now… deciding between lolita, naked lunch, porno (ie. trainspotting 2), interview with a vampire, or a book my granddad wrote, as a book to read next!

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Wew hope u dont break with ur bf when the emotional changes happen bcs ur pregnant,it usually happens in the 7 month of pregnancy tho

Y… Yeah no that’s not going to happen… we’v been actively trying for this, plus he already knows how I am when I get emotional and we’re p level headed and supportive of one another .w.

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(army rant anon) and the worst part is that bts are fine talented boyos but for some reason they bring only the most immature fucked up fans like??? they dont deserve this nd even the nice armies just cry 'not all armies' or go 'we dont claim them uwu' instead of condemning and fixing the problem like???? i fuckin follow meme accounts and artists on twt and they still pull this supremacist bullshit just give me and the boys peace

sorry if im bothering u i just needed to get this off my chest and no one wanted to listen

they are so lovely and they got dealt the worst hand…i think the biggest problem is they’ve been marketed to the west all this time and we all know how american/int. fans act. we’ve lived through beatle mania, beliebers, and directioners; it’s nothing new. no one knows how to act right here lol.


we finally have a girl who does :”^) 


eyy  !!!i made this  !!!! yeeee a.

btw some time ago some people were surprised about the fact that M. Rick uses a crop top

well guess what

like i know its  super obvious but i need to say it because i feel like some people dont know yet but

ye its…its a crop top 100% sure


“the realms of day and night. two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time.”


Today I learned that if you actually let the timer in the Arrival DLC run out it shows the reapers arriving and destroying the galaxy. Such highlights include:

  • The Citadel being destroyed
  • Shepards helmet (head??) on a SPIKE
  • Destroyed Normandy
  • All your friends and crew lining up to be executed

Am I the only one just finding this out because holy shit

im so sick of the characterisation in media of the playboy man, the guy that sleeps around and knows he’s attractive and jokes about it,  but as soon as the woman (who is probably ‘uptight’) starts to be interested in someone, the man gets all jealous and shitty abt it and starts making snide comments and refusing to speak to her, bc he just assumed she would always be there, dateless and alone, just waiting for him to notice her, and in the end SHE’S the one who ends up apologising and repairing his poor broken ego and they all live happily ever after. fuck that.


“Mere air, these words, but delicious to hear.” – Sappho