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Wait what happened with supergirl? Never really watched it but as usual theres chaos. I know theres an lgbt couple there did they die or something soph?

Well there’s two LGBTQ+ pairing in the show, one is canon “Sanvers” (Alex Danvers + Maggie Sawyer) and one is non canon “Supercorp” (Kara Danvers aka Supergirl + Lena Luthor)

This week-end was the Comic con and during an interview a member of the cast was asked to make a singing recap of the season, but while singing that recap he isolated the Supercorp ship and sang the words “They’re only friends! They’re never gonna get together!” while laughing hysterically, a majority of the cast present there laughed with him, including Melissa Benoist who plays one half of Supercorp - basically mocking the ship. 

Songs starts at 1:30

Later in the interview Katie McGrath who plays the other half of Supercorp tried to defend the ship (7:15) but she was rudely interrupted, which pissed everyone off even more.

Now what those actors don’t understand is that an LGBTQ+ fandom, whether their pairing is canon or not, is always gonna be a very sensitive and vulnerable fandom. Because there are so little representations of the community, those ships are extremely important (you can include Camren there), and a LOT of fans felt attacked and ridiculed by the “joke” that this actor made. 

After that things escalated quickly, the actor in question, Jeremy Jordan, send out a message to apologize but basically didn’t, he made it about him and not about what the real issue was,

He later understood his mistake and send another message :

Also a few tweets - I think he got it

Other members of the cast also responded, using the basic “I can’t be homophobe, I worked in theater, I have gay friends, the show has a canon gay ship…” etc - trying to defend their behavior.

Then a fan (https://chloeniccole.tumblr.com) send an fucking incredible email to Melissa’s rep to explain why the fandom was so upset and what an important thing shipping is for the community

To which they responded, completely missing the whole point 😒😒😒

Hi Chloe,
Thank you for your email.  
As someone who was present in the room yesterday during the impromptu, musical recap of S2 during MTV’s live stream with the cast of SUPERGIRL, I can speak as a voice of reason and with objectivity as this situation requires.  It’s entirely up to you to accept or deny the following…
I will not undermine your feelings or those of anyone who took issue with what you’ve perceived to be offensive.  However, as an activist, it’s very important that you take a step back before inflicting public scorn.  As a role model, it’s incumbent upon you to shape your understanding and engage in meaningful and respectful dialogue based on fact and motivation, and not just on whether your feelings were bruised.
You cannot fairly denounce Melissa or Jeremy or the cast for what they DIDN’T say. You cannot fairly characterize their verbiage or actions as “aggressive,” on the contrary.  They were having fun in a riff session and hardly at the expense of the LGBT community. You cannot fairly assume or rationalize why David Harewood or Katie McGraff didn’t participate so to substantiate your argument.  To enter into a sensitive debate, you have to be really careful about making baseless claims based solely on emotion.
Chloe:  neither Melissa or Jeremy or any of the cast members marginalized any individual, regardless of orientation, by saying “Kara and Lena” are just friends. They didn’t say “can’t be friends” or “shouldn’t be friends” OR remotely imply that “two female characters would never see each other in a romantic light in their whole lives.”  Then you take it one step further to accuse them of declaring “the incomprehensibility of a woman loving another woman” and “blatantly made a mockery of non-heterosexual women.”  It’s wholly irresponsible to publicly admonish anyone, as you have on your social media platforms, and I mean anyone, for such a broad and unsubstantiated interpretation of the S2 recap.
That, Chloe, is actually the definition of defamation.
Allow me to also clarify for you that other than Melissa who MTV brass placed next to host Josh Horowitz, the cast seated themselves. As did all 13 casts of films and television shows that I guided through MTV.  Unless David and Katie said they felt “isolated” in their positions in the back, I would recommend you walk back these statements as well.  
There are gross injustices globally of the LGBT community. This was not one of those occasions. You may feel slighted because the creatives behind the SG series didn’t lead the Kara-Lena relationship in a direction that would have made you happy and proud in S2. You cannot therefore accuse them of being anti-gay.  If Josh Horowitz instead engaged in a serious Q&A with the cast as to why they didn’t take that path and Melissa, Jeremy and the cast responded “Kara cannot be in a relationship with Lena because she’s SUPERGIRL” then I invite you to protest loudly and with far more aggression and passion than what you perceived from the cast yesterday.
You’ve indicted people who are genuine ambassadors of acceptance, compassion and equality and have proven as much, not on only Glee but on SUPERGIRL and in their own personal lives.  
As you continue your mission to right the wrongs in society and especially those inflicted on the LGBT community, I highly recommend you postulate your arguments soundly.
Thank you Chloe for reaching out.

And now apparently Melissa’s team is threatening to sue her for defamation…

Also other people who are in the LGBTQ+ tv-show horizon responded to the whole thing - Kaitlyn Alexander from Carmilla 

And Emily Andras who’s the showrunner of Wynonna Earp 

Anyways this whole thing has just reached the medias, so I think we’re gonna be hearing about this for a little while.

The issue here is a very common one unfortunately - public figures just don’t take the time to think and educate themselves - even if it doesn’t look like it, this is homophobia, a very latent, unintentional, type of homophobia, but still homophobia. 

It might seem silly and taken out of proportion, but the community has been shut down and mistreated for so many years by the television industry that now even the smallest thing matters. Those ships have such a huge impact on people’s lives, it’s important, and it has taken fucking years for showrunners to understand that, and some still haven’t caught up #fuckyoujasonrothenberg. Showrunners like Emily Andras and a cast like the one of Wynonna Earp are what this community needs - people who take the time to educate themselves, learn from other’s mistakes and most importantly listen and respect the fans. Because at the end of the day the fans are the ones calling the shots, I know for a fact that a majority of the fandom would stop watching Supergirl right now if it weren’t for the Sanvers storyline. The LGBTQ+ community is one of the most loyal source of fans a show and an actor can have, we’re the fucking bomb, we get shit done and we love and ship harder than any other fans, but if you betray us or disrespect us, there’s no coming back, and we will fucking roast you.

Friendly reminder that Hange was the FIRST and ONLY person who befriended Levi when he came to the surface. A bright and enthusiastic sunflower opened her arms to an unsociable, hostile criminal. Lord knows what heinous crimes Levi had to accomplish in order to see another living day. We’re (canonically) speaking malicious gang assaults, destruction of property, homicides, etc., etc. The person to look past these was none other than warm and colorful Hange. Her genuine acceptance laid out the foundation of their relationship and I’ll never get over it. You can look at their bond platonically, romantically, bromantically, whatever. But whenever you find yourself re-questioning their shared poop humor, casual name-calling vs. their official titles, and telepathic understanding of each other, just open your eyes; this all originated from Hange being a sweltering, burning ball of sunshine on Levi’s bleak, frostbitten ass!!11!1!!

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I want to know why in deathly Hallows Harry has a potter stinks badge in his trunk?? did draco give it him !!!

Hi anon! Thanks for your ask.

It is actually never mentioned in canon how this badge ended up in Harry’s trunk. It is mentioned however that the Creevey brothers had been trying to charm them in the common room to say something nice about Harry. They failed though, because the badges only got stuck on Potter Stinks and later read Potter Really Stinks.

Goes to show how much effort Draco put into those badges. He really wanted to get the attention. And they aren’t even mass-produced, shitty badges that you can easily change.

In my mind I always picture it as Draco sitting indian style in the common room between two mountains of badges to painstakingly make them by hand.

He’s a perfectionist. He’s dedicated. He’s got the skill to do it. So why not piss Potter off by putting hours and hours of work into creating a ton of quality badges? No, Pansy, I haven’t got time for Arithmancy homework. Can’t you see I’m busy?

And of all things they read Potter Stinks. Something that is not very insulting, extremely preppy and kind of adorable. Oh, Draco, you could’ve called him a number of things and this is what you come up with? What do you mean, it’s stupid? I think it’s catchy. He’ll be so angry. Stupid Potter…

Maybe Harry doesn’t remember sticking one of them in his trunk, or maybe someone else threw it in there when cleaning their dorm. But what matters to me is that it isn’t mentioned whether he throws it away. I like to think he didn’t. It’s a memory, not only of Draco, but of Cedric too. He values it, so he keeps it.

Maybe he finds it again one day and he’ll smile down at it. He might even pin it to his robes to annoy the fuck out of his boyfriend who turns a beautiful shade of pink because ‘I was fourteen years old, Potter!’.

Anyway, those buttons were great and I think they’re very telling in a way. Draco is a creative idiot who doesn’t realize he’s in love, and Harry’s an oblivious nostalgic who holds onto this little thing for years.

This got a little long and headcanon-y but I just have a lot of Feels about those buttons.

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Do you head canon that there's a catnip equivalent for Cathar?

Oh yeah, definitely lmao

I also headcanon that certain agents (Djacey) frequently put it in Isah’s morning caf just to mess with him

I mean I barely go here, but the thing that kills me about what all happened with Supergirl this weekend is that straight actors are out here really thinking that people who ship non-canon lesbian/wlw ships somehow need them “debunked”, like we have this entitled belief that our ships must be canon, because “she was a girl, she was a girl, could it be any more obvious” lmao. We’re not hets. We know we will almost never get what we want. I mean Supergirl already made Alex a lesbian and then wrote her girlfriend like she was purse that Alex wore sometimes, instead of an actual real character with plots that didn’t involve “being Alex’s gf”, and we were even satisfied with that. Believe me, supergirl cast, our expectations could not be lower. And yet they still felt all this pressure apparently to “debunk” this ship. But none at all to debunk the people that ship Winn x Kara, or fucking Maxwell Lord (who isn’t even on the show anymore) x Alex, a canon lesbian. Basically they’re just salty af that their whirlwind Kara x Man-hell ship wasn’t as captivating as they thought, so people turned to a non-canon ship to make the show bearable to watch. And instead of blaming their own writers for that, they decided to blame lgbt fans instead. Like literally, what else is fucking new?

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Have you ever had fandom make you dislike a character? I feel like In getting to that point with Tim. Every other story with him is JayTim or woobie Tim or Tim has been so abused and look how bad the family is for not taking care of him etc. I mean you obviously cant dictate what people write but damn it I dont know how promote better Tim things without avoiding him entirely.

I got halfway through the first sentence of this and Tim’s name was flashing in front of my eyes, tbh. 

He’s never been my favorite but fanon!Tim is a creature that I actively sacrifice goats to keep far away from me. And I always laugh when it gets brought up because there are different extremes of fanon!Tim and always, without fail, one side believes their fanon!Tim is correct canon characterization and bemoan the other side’s Tim and I’m sitting in the middle going ‘it’s the children who are wrong’. 

honestly i kind of wish i’d never made that “the captains are nerds” post, because it gets so many notes and every other one is somebody crawling up my ass about “forgetting” kirk and archer

pals it’s called the rule of three, it’s the most common comedic structure, which i used in my joke post, which was a joke i made at 1 am, not a doctoral dissertation, not an attack on You Personally. it’s all fine and good if you want to add to it, in fact i love some of the additions and i lowkey intended for it to be added to, but like half of the notes are vaguely patronizing or downright mean and like, i don’t need that in my activity

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Is Ray Jewish in canon? Because sometimes your head canons just overtake canon and I forget what's real. This is one of those times.

in the comics ray palmer is jewish, and he ordained diggle and lyla’s wedding i think and they’re not jewish, but stein is jewish and ordained caitlin and ronnie’s wedding, and i like HC cait as jewish but it’s never been mentioned in show, so like clearly the DCTV theme is jews ordaining goy weddings lmao

there’s no reason for him not to be jewish in tv canon since he is in the comics, i know it was kind of like oh okay he and stein are just gonna celebrate christmas with everyone but also as a jew, i want to say you usually just kind of go with the holiday celebrations because we all know goys turned christmas into this ott spectacular and we’re just sitting here with like a driedel like. well if you can’t beat them just ignore the parts of their holiday where they talk about the baby jesus

Sormikweek Day 2: Ladylake (Conflict/Trust)

(I know this isn’t near canon, but I thought the idea was nice. Hope you enjoy!)

Mikleo slammed the inn door, glaring at Sorey as he flopped onto the bed. He crossed his arms, and Sorey gulped. He’s never seen Mikleo like this.

“Lailah,” Mikleo snapped into the open air, knowing the older seraph was listening, “Could you give me and Sorey a few minutes /alone/?”
Lailah almost whimpered, leaving the vessel and walking out the door with her head down. Sorey sat up on the bed, folding his hands in his lap.

“Did… I do something wrong?”

“I’ll say!” Mikleo shouted, stomping his foot, “How could you agree to be the Shepherd? Don’t you realize how dangerous it is?”

Sorey’s eyes widened. He was completely speechless. He looked almost like Mikleo had just slapped him.

“Mikleo…” Sorey shook his head, speaking calmly. “You know I had to. If not me, then who?”

“Anyone else! We wanted to see the world, right? How are we gonna do that when you’re busy fighting evil? How are we gonna see the world when at any moment, you could…”
His voice cracked and his body shook. He turned his head, refusing to make eye contact.

Sorey sighed, reaching out for Mikleo’s hand. “Luzrov—”

Mikleo snatched his hand away, huffing softly. A small whimper left Sorey as he pulled back, staring down at the floor.

“You should get some rest,” Mikleo whispered, his voice much softer now.

“Mikleo…” Sorey reached out for him again, and this time Mikleo let him. He turned back to Sorey, a small smile on his lips and tears in his eyes.

“I need you to trust me,” Sorey whispered, “I’d never leave you. You know that. Please—”

Mikleo didn’t let him finish. He immediately pulled Sorey close, sobbing into the crook of his neck. They held each other tightly, as if, at any moment, they would lose each other. They held on with every last bit of their strength, with every ounce of love they carried for each other. And when Mikleo’s tears dried and his mind went numb, Sorey was still there. Sorey was always there when he needed him most.

“Promise me something,” Mikleo whispered, his voice too weak to be any louder, “Promise me we can go home once this is all over. Together.”

Sorey kissed the top of his head, rubbing his back. “I promise, Mikleo.”

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"An Open Book with a Torn out Page" lyric from the song Neptune by sleeping at last. For the fic title meme

Oh that’s lovely! And the song is, wow.

I’m only honest when it rains,
An open book with a torn out page,
And my ink’s run out.
I want to love you but I don’t know how.

I wish I could write like that.

This song is obviously written from Dean’s point of view, but I’m having a hard time imagining some sort of fic scenario for it. An all-human AU or canon!verse? Dean’s a semi-successful playwright with a tiny apartment and Castiel’s, you know, some guy? Who is he, how does he meet him? A barista. A homeless guy at the VA that Dean passes on his way to the theater. Whoever he is and however they meet, Dean’s never done this before. It doesn’t develop like a normal romance. Dean’s got a way with words but only ever behind the screen of a page, or a character. In real life, he’s got no frame of reference for Castiel.

Send me a fic title!

for a second, right at the end by dipstick 

985 words, oneshot, gen

Batman - All Media Types, Under the Red Hood   — Alfred Pennyworth & Bruce WayneAlfred Pennyworth & Jason ToddAlfred PennyworthBruce WayneJason ToddThe Joker

tags: DeathCanonical Character DeathChild Deathalfred would avenge jason in a heartbeat

summary: “I’m saying I can’t live in a world knowing that my grandson’s killer is still out there. Still hurting people.“ Alfred didn’t look back at him as he spoke. His eyes were fixed solely on the words on the granite in front of him.

‘Jason Peter Todd’

Only just a child. He should have never been a soldier. Never been lost to the wars of reckless men.”

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Ok Tara for the headcanons thing? If u want? :D because if we only could get to know her for one issue in canon I am DETERMINED that we fill the world with Fanon about her


  • realistic headcanon: i think tara tried to make connections with other pantheon members but was so fundamentally different from all of them that nothing worked. like she and amaterasu could hold a friendly conversation but ammy was so happy about everything (and that’s not even touching the cultural appropriation). i think she had reasons she couldn’t mesh with anyone and she never got to meet the people she would have gotten along with.
  • silly headcanon: tara doesnt get anime. shes tried so hard. she doesn’t like any of these!! when will she find an anime for her!!
  • very sad headcanon: tara felt really badly for laura about the lucifer stuff and was pretty sad when she “died”. she couldn’t have known laura didn’t like her though :) 
  • doesn’t make sense in canon but who cares headcanon: i think if tara made it to rising action it would be very hard to get her to fight in the first place, but if she did she would’ve kicked absolute ass. like completely changed the course of the fighting. 

Hey, guys I finally made them! ヾ(^∇^) Sorry for the wait (it was Keith’s fault). Coran and Allura are the same as canon (the only change is that Lance is Allura’s little brother). Also, I noticed that I never edited Pidge in long shot and It’s the first time you see her legs lol.

Anyway, I hope this explains a little more about this multiverse AU because I don’t know if I can write a fic about it (๑ˊ▵ॢˋ̥๑).

“percy jackson started as the basic straight white boy protagonist—”

no literally fuck off as an ADHD person outside of rick riordan’s work there are, literally, five (5) ADHD characters that i know of (in captain underpants, doctor who, and lazytown) and not ONE dyslexic one and you know what i think??? society was DEFINITELY built for ADHD and dyslexic people and we TOTALLY don’t have a super fucking hard time in school because of our disorders hahaha why do you THINK percy never even got B’s???? do you know how much fucking homework i FAIL TO EVEN GET FINISHED????

literally, actively, you could not be more wrong. percy jackson is not some cishet white boy. because he is ADHD and dyslexic, you cannot claim that he is the same as, say, (canon) harry potter. you CANNOT.

literally the only reason that percy even exists is rick riordan created him expressly for his ADHD and dyslexic son to feel better about having ADHD and dyslexia. he literally said in his speech after getting a stonewall award: “Percy Jackson started as a way to empower kids, in particular my son, who had learning differences.”

yeah, it’s super fucking great that you got all this representation (as a nonbinary aroace who has literally never seen a single aroace outside of this series). but you need to STOP SAYING THAT PERCY IS NOT IN MINORITY GROUPS. because HE IS. and it’s LITERALLY THE REASON YOU EVEN HAVE ALL THIS REPRESENTATION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

although if finnrose is canon.. I get it’s disappointing not to finally see gay rep or to get a payoff on finnrey but it would be good if people didn’t sling hate at it or write it off as “yet another het ship” bc there’s not a lot of representation for interracial relationships in big-budget films and especially not between two poc so Yea

″Good Makka,” said Viktor, and crouched down to scoop the large dog into his arms, hooking half of him over his shoulder. “Oof, you’re getting heavy. Have you been stealing food again?”

The poodle looked away, feigning innocence.Viktor laughed, shifting the dog in his arms until he was secure. “Okay, are you ready?” Makkachin licked his ear, which was a yes for him, and Viktor pushed off to carry them into a wide arc, humming as he went. It’d been a long time since he’d been skate dancing with his Makka. He’d been so busy.

Or… maybe that was just an excuse. He just hadn’t felt like
this in so, so long.

Love had found him, after all these years, and though he didn’t know what to do about it yet, he could at least enjoy the feeling for one stolen night.″

Commission for @gabapple, co-author (along with @mamodewberry) of Never Look Away, one of my fav YOI canon-compliant/slightly AU fics that I highly suggest you check out! (unless you don’t want to have intense feelings ;___;)

Thank you so much!! <3

So from what I can tell:

  • Kaltenecker is alive and well bless, something good to come out from this show since s2
  • I want about 10 of those same creatures that attacked shiro because I want to feed them biscuits
  • Keith’s mom seems to be hanging back
  • Lance has his own seaspace horse
  • Shay and Allura are married
  • That one BoM galra is a big motherfucker and I want him to hug me, killing me instantly.
  • Hunk has a fangirl and she’s pretty cute
  • Kaltenecker looks fucking tired are you okay baby? Keith weighs like 2lbs you can’t be tired from that.
  • Sea creatures everywhere???
  • Laika’s still looking gorgeous and compared to Lance she’s fucking godzilla fucking damn. Need me a pupper like that.
  • Baby taujeer??? Fuck he cute????? Like a little slug on momma fuck.
  • Galra paul blart’s still here
  • My mermaid daughters are still alive and well everyone is okay
  • There’s a bunch of sea themed aliens so I automatically expect more Lance so they better fucking deliver
  • Haggar’s tryna be edgy and not show her face
  • Lance let his boyfriend ride his cow???? Goals honestly.
  • Thace is alive because good and pure things never fucking die
  • Shlav is canon????
  • Emo edgy mall teen is here apparently
  • There’s some galra looking dude top right that looks like he may have some significance to future episodes
  • Jellyfish fucking everywhere man
  • Hunk is still a shining beacon of light and hope and made a new chef friend
  • Seriously I know it smells like some kinda fish market
  • Apparently the two posters from s2 and this one go together to fit a lion in the bg so maybe they’ll do some gravity falls shit and form fucking voltron like that by the end of s8.
  • I’m convinced they are inside an aquarium