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As promised, a map of (general) Netflix MCU locations/territories in New York! This is more to give you a general sense of where people are located, how much turf they’re covering (not much, Matthew), and how much distance they have to travel to get to one another. It’s not precise because with few exceptions, we don’t know exact addresses, but I did my best.

Also please note that sometimes a show will say they’re in one place but they’re actually filming somewhere else (for example, much of Daredevil was filmed in Brooklyn and the building they use for Jessica’s “Hell’s Kitchen” apartment is nowhere near there). Where I recognized the location or neighborhood and it wasn’t textually contradicted, I placed the character there, but later shows may identify Trish or Danny or whoever as being based elsewhere. We’ll see!

Further details, explanations, and speculation behind the cut!

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and now, a series of quotes from my sociology professor this past term...

“pull out your phones and tell me your most recent emoji, lets make this into a social experiment” 

“gotta love old dead white dudes who think they know everything about how the world works, right?”

“maybe i’m just really into cocaine, who knows” 

“the estate system is like Westeros. anyone in here who doesn’t get that, watch Game of Thrones, I highly reccommend, but I must warn you there’s a lot of boobs. all tits all the time. gratuitous titties.” 

“i know what ‘extra’ means to you guys, i’m old but i’m not dead yet” 

“so long story short, get into rich people’s social circles so you can go play polo on their yacht and be pretentious about wine to get ahead in life” 

“and by ‘we’ i mean white people; in the past czechoslovakians weren’t considered white, although lauren, you are clearly quite aryan” 

“I just want to buy a fucking birthday card, why is everything so overly gendered?” 

“can i see your penis? wait no, not like that, that was not a proposition” 

(in reference to the types of gendered toys found in happy meals) “what are boy toys? aw, fuck, wait, no…”

“i dunno, is ‘cunt’ really a gender neutral word?”

“wow, you guys really know your white people” 

“I’m not giving you a fuckin’ word bank, what is this, high school?” 

“anyone have any questions? about the test? or anything? please?” 

“i’m not gonna grade your tests i’m just going to throw them down the stairs and whoever lands closest to the top gets an A” 

“it’s not spelled ‘kahoot’ with a k, what is this, that’s the kardashian way of spelling shit?”

“is this enjoyable to you? watching me fumble around like an idiot?”

“are me and my partner considered a family? we don’t have kids, we have a dog. we’ve been together 13 years but if we didn’t have a dog we wouldn’t be a family by your standards?” 

(”i would assume that a 35 year old would know what they want in a relationship more than a 22 year old”) “yeah, you would fucking hope so!” 

“let’s watch Oprah, shall we?” 

“Karl Marx is my jam”

“apparently I am a murderer” 

“do you even hashtag, bro?” 

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I forgot to say thank you for answering my ask earlier today! on another note, I've seen a lot of people giving Michael an undercut and I saw an art of Brooke with cute short hair today so! Michael and Brooke going to get their hair cut together! I imagine it's when they're still kind of getting to know each other so it's a little ??? like Michael mentions getting his cut in passing and Brooke is like !!!! Wanna go when I get mine done?? and idk, this is just a Cute idea I thought you'd like!

you’re welcome !! and omg,,, that’s so cute im

 lowkey wanna draw this if i get the time :0c 

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I apologize for going anon on you, seeing your inbox note. I'm aware I probably won't be answered. Earlier on Twitter you talked about popularity and social media. I have a personal situation and I wanted to know your thoughts, even if it might be harsh. I know notes =/= worth. I like what I make. I was also bent on improving. Yet it hurts when I barely get recognition when I've been in a fandom for years. I don't feel like I exist. -

- Plus I’ve become a little jealous over someone with same interests yet they’re popular. I try to avoid them, but I see their stuff everywhere. Their existence reminds me of my own ‘failure’. It’s not that I want to be wildly popular. I wish more people cared. I do feel as though communities aren’t as supportive as they could be. Thank you for taking the time to read this.           

I really don’t make a habit of answering anons, but if you have something that’s sincerely upsetting… well, it’s very hard for me to ignore that. We’ve all got weaknesses and sometimes it’s really super hard to talk to anyone about them.

No worries anon, I think this is something a lot of people struggle with. I don’t claim to know the answer, but I can certainly give you my two cents.

For anyone who doesn’t follow my Twitter (it’s a mess, I don’t blame you), this is the thread they’re referring to:

In addendum, it’s really easy to say things like recognition don’t matter. Numbers don’t matter. Twitter doesn’t lend well to talking at length about sensitive subjects, so I didn’t really delve into that part of it.

If I sounded like I don’t have my own problems with envy, don’t be fooled! I think even at our best, we all experience envy of others. No one is perfect, and we all crave what we lack, even if it’s not from a place of malice or ill-will.

It’s a really rough struggle, I’m not gonna lie. Things like natural advantages/disadvantages can take their toll (natural talent is a thing, friends), things like dumb luck can be downright infuriating. And a lot of times, that’s what it boils down to - because everyone works hard when they’re passionate about something. Sometimes, it’s about being in the right place at the right time, being born into an optimal environment, having the right resources, being in the right fandom, stumbling into the right group of friends, etc. Hell, the professional world is more often about networking than anything else, and that’s kind of a version of that.

Long story short, there are too many things out of your control. Which to me, is yet another reason why you shouldn’t beat yourself up over lack of popularity. Not to say that hard work and self-improvement should be thrown out the window, that’s not the point I’m trying to make; I’m just trying to say that there’s so much more that needs to be taken into consideration before you beat yourself up over low followers/likes/etc. (Not that you should ever beat yourself up for that)

So I suppose my advice is this: go out and make friends. Tailor your experience so that you no longer care about those numbers, or at least care less. Baby steps. Get more excited about sharing your work with close friends than posting on your blog and watching notes come in. Show your work to people who really matter to you - more often than not, a few kind words from them will mean more than 100,000 likes from some random strangers. If you think a community isn’t very welcoming or accepting… then look elsewhere! Other social media sites, other fandoms if you have to. No two places are the same.

Get more excited about self-discovery. Get more excited about self-improvement, learning something new. Your world is about you, your thoughts, your experiences. Not the opinion’s of random people on the internet. If you love something, if you enjoy something, they don’t matter.

It’s often a very slow process, learning to let go of envy and jealousy. I’ve only loosened my grip on it, it’s still there. I still feel petty and gross whenever I see an artist half my age and twice as talented, and I wonder, what sort of luck did they have? What silver spoon were they born with? Must be nice, I think bitterly, and then I catch myself and have a nasty taste in my mouth until I can let it go. Remind myself they’re a person too, and never wished to be better/more popular/successful to put others down.

Nobody is perfect. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, and at the end of the day, only you can make the art you make. No one else can, not even so-called master artists. They don’t have your mind, your eyes, your touch. Only you can bring your art into the world.

Life is fleeting. Enjoy yours as best you can, be happy. There’s more to life than comparing yourself to others. More to life than art, even. There’s tasty food to be eaten, new places to visit, new friends to make.

It’s little things like these that help me loosen my grip on envy’s hand.

And on a lighter note… do you even want to be popular on this hellsite. ‘Cause let me tell you a thing, back when I had, I think I peaked at around 80k (maybe 100k) followers on my old blog? The amount of harassment I got was ridiculous. Turning anon off at that point didn’t even work, I’d get just about everything under the sun on par for internet culture. Popularity means visibility, and holy shit that isn’t always a good thing. I’m 10000000% happier in my tinier fandoms, and I hope I stay here.

If this post gets 100+ notes, I'll start doing weekly SU marathon streams!

Streams will be free for everyone (as always) and will run on PST. I will start in chronological order (Season One to the most recent episodes), and will do around 5 episodes a stream (depending on stream attendance and the will of the Stars).

The notes count is just to let me know if there’s a real want for this–I based the number off my current amount of followers (it’s about 1/5). I think this will be a really fun way to get to know each other and have a great time!

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Hi!! I can't tell anyone I know this cause it seriously too gay for my straight friends to handle but I'm gonna tell my gf that I love her this week when I see her (were ldr)!! I made a little jar and filled it w little notes with the reasons why I love her on them plus songs that remind me of her. she gets really bad anxiety and on her bad days she thinks I don't actually like her which isn't true so theyll be reminders that she can look at!! sorry this is so rambly I had to tell someone !!

This is fantastic and if anybody did this to me I would melt tbh


Gold themed spreads!
It is the last week of june, i’m making my plans for july and it includes reviewing and reading in advance for my next sem on dent 2. I don’t know if i will have the will to do it because july is my last month of vacation, but i will do my best to get my lazy self on that study desk 😊

Quick CASPN Note....

Fearless Leader, here.

Am major sack o’ shite. This dude doesn’t understand. I however, totes know.

The tags on the second post for poker night weren’t “taking” for y’all, but they were for me, and y’all are too polite to have told me NO ONE WAS GETTING NOTIFIED!  Silly gooses, next time a “Nash, You Giraffe” note should be sent posthaste. But! It shall be remedied. I was copypasta’ing from the first post vs. my masterlist. 

See above, RE: super-sized douchecanoe.  

I know better, so I’ll do better. 

Apologias! -N. 

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Ok, I don’t if you’ll get this but is Ivan a boy or girl? One comic Mae called Ivan he, but in another it said Ivan had female private parts. So which one is it?

============================================================== I’m guessing you had never heard anything about a hermaphrodite, but I guess I’ll explain. 

Ivan is a girl who physically looks like a boy and prefers the male pronoun, I hope that answers your question.

On a side note: Why did you summit your question? you do know there is an *ASK* button right? 

( not trying to offend you here, sorry if it did. ) 

Hey I just wanted to throw out a very grateful thank you to you guys who liked/reblogged any of those bendy drawings I did. It’s been something that gets me through my tougher work days and just thinking about seeing those little notes and knowing that ppl enjoyed things that I had SUCH fun drawing makes me smile so much ahhh thanks guys thank youuu

I hate it when people say technology is taking away kids’ childhoods
If anything, it’s actually giving kids more of an opportunity to let their imagination out

A lot of times when I let kids play on my phone, they go for the drawing app.
I watched a girl on the bus write a silly poem about her friends and then laugh as she made Siri read it
I hear children say to their friends “hey, FaceTime me later” because they still want to talk face to face even when they’re far away.
I see kids sitting, who would feel lonely and ignored if it weren’t for the fact that they’re texting their friends who are far away.
Children still climb trees. They might just take a selfie from the top to show off how high they’ve gotten.
They can immediately read the next book of their favorite series on their Kindles.
Most kids would still be up for a game of cops and robbers. Or maybe they’d google rules to another game they haven’t played yet.
When children wonder why the sky is blue, they don’t get an exasperated “I don’t know” from tired adults. They can go on Wikipedia and read about light waves and our atmosphere.
They show off the elaborate buildings they created on Minecraft.

Technology isn’t ruining childhoods, it’s enhancing them.


A messy little comic where Otabek calls it out.

Part 6/Part 8

It only gets happier from here, I promise. Next part coming out next week 👍🏾

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.