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Hey, you know some things about teeth, right? I had 3 of my wisdom teeth out 5-6 years ago and they said I was missing the last one - but now it's coming out. Was it hiding?

Nah, that’s just delayed development!

Tooth development is weird. The crowns actually form first, then the roots! Kids have these horrible little nubs of enamel floating around in their jaws, it’s so weird. 

Teeth typically develop on a predictable timeline (so much so that we can use them for aging a skeleton), but because Biology Is Weird, sometimes you get premature development and a person’s teeth come in early, or sometimes you get delayed development where a tooth comes in late. It’s almost always the third molars that come in super late because they’re the last to form and your body can say “nah” for whatever reason. In genetic agenesis, you don’t have the ameloblasts/odontoblasts (think like, the Play-doh fun factory, except for teeth) to even make the teeth- yours just took a while to kick on! Specifically, I have a feeling it was your ameloblasts, which make enamel- you can see partially formed teeth in x-rays, so you probably didn’t have the enamel nub, otherwise they would have seen it.

(Also, I hope you don’t mind that I published this- it’s a really cool question!)


Words: 1005
Warnings: None
Author’s Note: This is my first one shot, I hope you like it! You may realize that a stydia phrase will appear here.

Liam and you were walking down the aisles of the school, you were scolding him because he almost rejects a subject, in addition to all the faults he has, but that’s why you did not blame him since you had the same number of fouls.
You were a banshee, from a very young age, but you did not know, luckily Scott’s pack came to help you when you appeared on the Benefactor’s list.
“What do you think so much about?” Liam asked, noting that you were quite quiet since you had stopped nagging him a few minutes ago.
“Nothing, I was just distracted.” You answered.
He nodded as they headed to his chemistry class, as you were always together. They had formed a good friendship since the save your life, literally a brunette girl was about to kill you and luckily he came, and Scott who managed to get you alive of that. Now Scott was like a brother to you, plus he treated you the same way, Lydia, you loved Lydia a lot, she was your best friend, and it did not matter that you were younger than her, she always understood you and she helped in everything, and finally Liam, he is your best friend, although you wanted there to be something more between you, but apparently that was impossible.
“Y / n? Are you okay? I’ve noticed something distracted since we arrived.”
“Yes.” You answered. "Nothing’s wrong, I promise.”
Before he could answer, the teacher asked a question in which you raised your hand quickly to answer it, you were the smartest in the class and that was easy enough for you.
“Excellent.” Said the professor, referring to you.
You looked at your friend with a smile.
"You’re so smart I could kiss you right now.” You were quite surprised that he said that.
“You should not do it, we’re in class.
“Yes, I will do it.”
He kissed your cheek and they turned red. Liam had a lacrosse practice and had invited you to see him, and you invited your best friend, Lydia.
"I know you like it, and I also know he likes you.” The blonde strawberry began to say. "I just want to make sure you’re not confused, but honestly you do not look like you are, but well, save your life and that might make you confuse falling in love with gratitude.”
“I feel like I’m really in love, obviously I’m grateful to him, but that’s not what I really like him for.
“I knew it!” Cried Lydia. “My baby is in love.”
"Lower your voice a little.” “You said already that your friend, literally, was shouting.
Apparently someone else had listened to Lydia, luckily it had been Stiles.
"What baby is in love?” Stiles asked, sitting next to you.
“Who do you think?” Said the blonde strawberry sarcastically.
“Yes, I know. “ Said the boy. “This girl.” He pointed.
You made a face of surprise and Lydia laughed, Scott arrived and sat next to you.
"I do not want to sound rude.” You say. “What do not they have to practice?”
“Yes.” Said Scott. “They’re just practicing first grade.”
Your face formed into a big “oh”.
“What’s going on here?” Asked Scott intrigued.
“Y / N likes Liam.” Stiles answered.
“You did not know?”
“No”. Said Stiles. “Why am I the last to find out?” I’m kidding, I knew, I’m surprised Liam did not know.”
“Stiles, Liam likes her too.”
The face of surprise formed in the boy.
“How do you know?” You asked to Scott.
“He told me.” answered.
“Yes.” Said Lydia.” You should not waste any more time, you should tell him how you feel about him, do not be afraid.
Scott and Stiles nodded at the same time as they looked at the girl.
“Today I kissed.” You said. "On the cheek, of course.”
The look of surprise the boys had made vanished instantly.
“I’ll tell him today and see how he takes it.”
The three of them were happy for you to hear that.
“It will be all right, do not be afraid, and if he breaks your heart I’ll be there to pick up every one of the pieces.”
You thanked her and the four of them finished seeing the practice. You had decided to confess your feelings to Liam when he finished practicing and when this was over you were quite nervous.
“Good Luck” Said the three guys when they saw Liam.
“Thank you.” You said and you went with Liam.
You felt like your hands were sweating like never before, you were so nervous, but you knew that the moment you confess a burden would leave you.
“Can I talk to you?” you asked.
“Sure.” He answered.
Liam and you went to a more private place, you sighed and started talking.
“Forgive me for all the stupid things I’m about to say.” You warned him.
He laugh.
“Do not worry, you can tell me.
"Okay, here goes.” You squealed again. "I like you Liam, yes, I like you a lot, but I know you do not want to be with me, I’m not your type of girl, I’m not perfect.
When he was about to say something, you interrupted him.
"Excuse me for doing this to you, but I could no longer keep this for myself.” It’s just that every day I like you more and more, but I am nothing.
He approached you slowly to join his lips in a soft kiss, closed your eyes letting you carry for the moment while you feel a chill ran through your body, the boy’s hand rested on your waist. At the moment of separating you were perplexed by what just happened.
“You are perfect for me, I knew from the beginning, I was afraid to be rejected and that’s why I never told you what I felt for you and remember you are everything for me.”
“That, that was my first kiss.” You stammered.
A smile appeared on the boy’s face.

Treating annoying, horny, vanilla like POTs

Lately I’ve come to the realization that I shouldn’t allow vanilla men to walk all over me like I did before. I know, I should’ve known this ages ago. I’m not trying to make any excuses, but finding that inner confidence and allowing myself to demand what is rightfully mine took a long time.

I didn’t see my value, I couldn’t see what made me unique and beautiful. But as I focus more on improving myself, FOR myself, I’ve slowly started to love and appreciate myself more.

Before I used to let guys mess with my head, use me as their little toy. But enough is enough. I’m growing as a person, and I’m learning to love myself more and more. I see the value and worth within me, and I now know that I am precious, worthwhile, and fucking fantastic.

Whenever any guy from an old vanilla hook up tries to hit me up again for a second round, I make them work for it. I refuse to let these guys treat me like their pleasure hole anymore. Because I am more than that. If they want to treat me that way, then they’ll have to pay up. Treat me like a sex object and I’ll treat you like an ATM. I do not care anymore, I will not respect men that don’t respect me. Simple as that. I am worth every single Benjamin in the world, and it’ll cost you to play with me.

People think sex work will make a person lose confidence and lose their value. But it’s the complete opposite. Being a sugar baby has taught me to unconditionally love myself. To see the value within me, to notice how remarkably perfect and unique my flaws are. Sugaring has taught me to be demanding and to not be afraid of losing a man. Being a sugar baby has taught me to be independent and strong willed.

Seeing other babies’ hustles has empowered me to persevere and move forward. Seeing another woman succeed has taught me to put my jealousy in the garbage where it belongs, and to cheer and support my fellow sister. I am so happy I allowed what was originally a joke, turn into a reality. I hope all of you wonderful babies feel the way I feel, if not today, someday. I want all of you to be successful in anything you do, whether it may be your academics, your professional life, your sugar life, or personal life. Seeing other women remove the blinds from their eyes and embrace their priceless worth, makes me overjoyed.

Treat those horny vanilla men the same way you treat POTs. Demand their respect, and if they refuse to give you that, then demand their money. If they think they can treat you like a sex object, you have every single damn right to treat them like an ATM. Do not be afraid of losing them. Because you are perfect just the way you are, and if that weren’t true, then why would these men be running after you? Love yourself, cherish yourself, appreciate yourself because once you do, then nothing can stand in your way.

With lots of love ❤️

get to know me tag

Rules: answer 30 questions then tag 20 blogs you would like to know better.

tagged by:  @thatnerdyblondegirl @everythings-koreanpop @jindongdongie @marksseunie @imjaebumtrash  (like AGES ago and im just now getting to it, im sorry!) (but super thank you for tagging me :))

1. Nicknames: Chaka and Emi-chan (but only from my parents)

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Aquarius

4. Height: 4′ 9″ (and a HALF)

5. Time:  currently 9:03pm

6. Birthday: February 17th

7. favorite bands: 
Kpop: Got7, BTS, Kard, Seventeen, Monsta x, BlackPink, Twice, and more
western/english: Cage the Elephant, Grouplove, AltJ, Muse, RHCP, Glass Animals, Panic at the Disco, etc

8. favorite solo artists:  i don’t listen to many Solo artist. I mean maybe GD, IU, Hyuna. Non-kpop: Robert DeLong (i love him omg)

9. Song stuck in my head: I had New Face - PSY stuck in my head like all day today omg

10. Last movie watched: Valley Girl…. (its a stupid 80′s movie and one of nic cage’s first movies and its just dumb…)

11. Last show watched: Currently watching South Park because i dont have to pay attention to it.

12. When did i create my blog: just checked; January 21st :) omg my blog is 6 months old holy crap

13. What do i post: i try to be purely got7, some other groups may sneak in smh :/

14. Last thing googled: “tm” (idk)

15. do you have other blogs: yes but i abandoned it. It’s super unorganized and ugly and it went through all my phases. I abandoned it when i made this blog. rip

16. Do you get asks: every now and then (ily to all who come into my ask box)

17. Why did u choose your url: mark in a pink hoodie tugs at my heart strings

18. Following: 133 incredible blogs

19. Followers: 7,608 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

20. Favorite colors: white and pastel lights are my aesthetic :)

21. Average hours of sleep: idek dude

22. Lucky number: 7 and 3 (if it had to be one number its 21 because 7x3)

23. Instruments: I play drums mainly. I can also play bass guitar. I used to be the drummer in a band with friends :)

24. What am I wearing: light blue t shirt top with those trendy holes that everyone wears now and dark blue jean shorts,

25. How many blankets I sleep with: 1 with lots of stuffed animals :D

26. Dream job: this question stresses me out

27. Dream trip: a forever trip in japan

28. Favorite food: Japanese food: I eat Somen and Tarako spaghetti a lot 

29. Nationality: Japanese 🎌

30. Favorite song now: Hola Hola - KARD !!!

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On the "It should be illegal to sell or give animals to minors under the age of 13": about a month ago I got the first fish I've owned in 17 years. About 4 days after we got him home and set up he had problems with swim bladder and I panicked thinking he would die because I didn't even know that swim bladder in fish was a thing. Now I feel a bit better (and disgusted) about all the fish I owned at eight years old who just kinda suffered til death.

I hear ya. I think back to my childhood fish and shudder. I’m sorry Walter! I didn’t know you were miserable in that vase!


Something I did not that long ago. I didn’t know how to do the tattoo but this is what I ended up with. Also writing song lyrics took ages,, I tried to pick something from as many different songs as I could. Also idk which photo I prefer so I took 2 photos, one with flash and one without.

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There was this fic I read some time ago that I can't find again. It was Sehun and Suho (I know Sehun was part of the pairing) I think. Sehun is adopted into Suho's family where they're non blood-related brothers but Sehun ends up falling in love with Suho. It was a significant age gap as well. I can't remember anything else about it besides the fact that it was relatively long. Could you guys help me out? Thank you!

and the rest is rust and stardust by curledupkitten!


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Hey, I've heard the whole "maybe the AI's/Ignis used to be human/were made from humans" theory floating around... do you think it's at all possible that IGNIS is Yusaku's special person (or, was, when they were human)? I know it's probably unlikely but... it's possible right? And it would certainly be a plot twist (or... not? I dunno XD)

Holy shit. 

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

An anon sent me a very similar message around a week ago:

Big Theory Time: But what if the person that gave Yusaku courage as a child was not Revolver, but Ignis? What if Ignis used to be human and was Dr. Kogami’s real son? He met Yusaku when they were both the same age and were able to bond, but then unknown to Yusaku he got into a big accident, and either died and Dr. Kogami made a AI program that was like his son personality/memories wise, or transferred his consciousness into Cyberse before his physical body passed away.

So I’m just gonna kill two birds with one stone and answer you both here. 

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Even though I know Hoech and Sharman have been contracted for ages to go to supanova so it's not a surprise, I'm super bummed because the owner is this huge homophobic and transphobic dickbag who gives part of the money he earns from the events to anti-gay charities and I want to go and meet them but swore a while ago I'd never give money to the event and it's the worst.

If you have proof you should spread the word. I’ve never heard this. 

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I'm so proud of Henrik, like a few months ago if you looked Henrik Holm up or wanted to know his height/age etc it'd come up with this swedish tennis player, but now it's Henrik Holm ACTOR not tennis player. He's really gotten more recognition <3

omg thats true! im ….a lil emo


So picture me, playing some Dark Souls for the very first time, now 20 hours in and happily (…kinda) grinding my way through Blighttown with my faithful character Bepis Jones V. I don’t know most of the mechanics but I’ve got a solid grasp on the controls and some great armor and weaponry, plus a bit of pyromancy.

Along the way, I get how most people get in Blighttown (I’ve heard), and decide I need help. So I decide to do what the game told me to ages ago for the second time: summon an NPC helper.

So, I try to call up my main man Solaire, but instead the summon rock thingy offers me a different NPC with an odd name. I figure it’s probably as good as Solaire, and summon it. I’m greeted with a wizard who immediately starts wrecking shit all over; goddamn, this NPC is broken!

After a few minutes of running into walls, I continue my journey, little wizard NPC friend following along as happy as can be. Occasionally, I wave and beckon to it, jumping for joy as I recklessly run into big bugs and wizard friend saves me. It sometimes bows back; cool AI, I thought. I also sometimes hit and knock it into holes for my amusement. It always gets back out but I have a good laugh.

Finally, as most DS runs go, I fall into a pit. I’m dead, NPC is banished to the shadow realm until I get my humanity back or something, blah blah blah.


Dapper Prom!Owls and Cats from @silvercistern​‘s fic Character Development  

If you haven’t already read this fic, do yourself a favor and read it. If you have, then please re-read it haha

Jack Zimmermann was accustomed to dealing with difficult situations; he was captain of the Samwell Men’s Hockey team after all, but this? This was never in the job description.

“Can I tell you a secret?” Bitty whispered into the side of Jack’s neck, breath hot and sweet against his skin. The kegster ended a while ago but Bitty was still feeling the effects. When he fell off the coffee table attempting to dance to All the Single Ladies, Jack swept in ready to piggyback him to bed.

“Alright,” Jack said, mouthing I got this in Lardo’s direction before heading to the stairs.

“I don’t wanna be a single lady anymore,” His voice faltered and Jack became acutely aware of Bitty’s thighs around his hips. “I want a person. Everybody else has got a person.”

“With moves like that I don’t think you’ll have to wait long,” Jack said, supressing a chuckle.

“Mmhmm,” Bitty mumbled, fighting a losing war against sleep. Jack pushed open the door to Bitty’s room with his foot and ducked inside.

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Thank you Mark

@markiplier thank you doing that video about taking the ADD test thing you showed me that I may in fact have a some degree of it.

I even talked to my dad about me having it later on today and he said that I had been tested 5 or so years ago and that we can get myself tested again, if I wanted.
So thank you for showing me something about myself that I didn’t know I hope that because of this that I can get help that I desperately need. Let’s just hope that I can still be tested at my age, which is now 22.

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super junior are lame comedians who got hosting jobs because sm. That's what their image's not only in Korea but everywhere else. They've got zero talent for an idol group and they are only overrated just because they are from sm. They should disband!

okay fine, first find me:

  • vocals better than these
  • dancer who can dance like this even with an injured leg
  • vocals of the group who can rap like pro and rappers who can sing like pro
  • a group consist of 15 members, all of whom are good at singing, dancing, rapping, acting, hosting, choreography, song writing, stage designing and everything

and then we’ll talk

and about them getting everything just because of SM, let me tell you my friend, no one hates super junior more than SM do. SM never paid any attention to super junior. Even when they debuted, no one thought that super junior will get even a tiny bit popular .They were supposed to be a rotational group, which wasn’t expected to last more than a few months. The concept of ‘super junior’ was debuting the leftovers trainees(consisting of actors,singers, comedians and all) after dbsk was form. SM never really did anything for super junior except from debuting them (which I‘m grateful for) and even SM was surprised at the talents and popularity of super junior and decided to make them a proper idol group because money and even till today super junior are the money makers of SM. 

Super junior being the pioneers of every kpop trend your faves follow shows that SM or anyone else didn’t make super junior what they are today, but super junior are the ones that made kpop known to the world through their great music and talents in different fields. Please, do some research before sending these stupid asks!

And sorry to disappoint you but super junior don’t do disbandment. All they do is have fun, do concerts, varieties, musicals, dramas, make great music and shut their haters by slaying. Fyi, they are coming back this year to save SM/Kpop with 8jib and SS7. Hope you’ll enjoy ;)

College professors living together, broke, in love

- The organized one always waking up the tired one
- They come to work together and everyone thinks they’re married
- The organized one is strict but efficient in class; the other is fun and genuine friends with their students
- Late night coffee breaks where they discuss their common students
- Borrow each other’s clothes all the time (the students love it) - Person A doing an after school tutoring class, B zoning out and staring at them do their thing
- Waking up late snuggling in the same bed, the rush to work, deliberately don’t make eye contact for the rest of the day
- One drunken night leads to them actually sleeping together, embarrassed person A is then afflicted with a “cold” and wears a scarf non stop the next few days (despite the 35°C weather)
- Huddling for warmth when the heating breaks down and they can’t afford to fix it

I know this storyboard was revealed ages ago, but I hadn’t really stopped to think about it (MariChat being the love square’s ship variation that I am the least interested in). 

Now I’m just restless about this uncertainty about when will the second ML season will be premiered!!! @notthomasastruc @officialmiraculousladybug @miraculous-zag

I had a really interesting conversation about the possibility of a female Doctor with my 12-year-old sister two weeks ago. Doctor Who is her favourite tv show. In the past, she has always underlined that she wanted her Doctor to be young and attractive and basically Matt Smith, thank you. I don’t think she would have had issues with a Doctor of Colour, but a female Doctor would have been almost as bad as, you know, some old guy.

I never had the impression that she put any deeper thought in the matter. And then two weeks ago, faced with the more tangible potential of a female Doctor happening, she looks at me and tells me she doesn’t think a female Doctor is a good thing, because a female Doctor can’t do the same things as a male Doctor? “Really?” - Unsure look. “I guess…?” Silence. “My favourite scenes are the ones where he realises that he’s wrong, that he’s an idiot, they couldn’t do that with a woman?” - “Why?” - “I mean, there’s not really a reason, but…”

There’s this back and forth in which she comes up with new things that a female Doctor probably cannot do, only to me met by her own confusion every time I question why. There’s no direct logical reasoning that goes “Female Doctor” -> “Incapable of all the Doctor’s ‘weak‘ moments”, but she also kind of holds on to that concern as a real one. She never fears that a female Doctor cannot be an awesome hero. She fears she cannot be an awesome, flawed one.

And that’s fascinating perspective from someone who is essentially half a generation younger than me, who grew up with a slightly different media landscape, with half a generations worth of new heroes. So here’s to the Doctor as a flawed female heroine, as someone who is silly, as someone with faults, as someone who gets to be wrong. In spite of being a 2,000-year-old alien, let her be a role model who is real.