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You walked upstairs to the flat shared by the great detective and the blogger. You had just moved into 221c below them and you kept getting their mail.

You read the addresses on the envelopes as you walked into 221b. “Sherlock, I got your mail again. We really-,” you stopped when you saw Sherlock sipping tea in John’s chair and a dark haired man sitting in Sherlock’s chair. “Have I interrupted something?”

Sherlock stood and walked over to you. “Yes, but you already know that.” He snatched the mail from your hand and introduced you to the dark haired man without looking up. “(y/n), this is Jim Moriarty. Jim, this is (y/n). She moved into 221c a few weeks ago.”

Moriarty smiled and winked at you. You blushed and waved, “Hello.”

He smirked and sipped his tea. “Hello, Darling.”

You giggled and looked back at Sherlock who had looked up from his mail and was watching Jim with a protective glare. “She’s not part of the game.”

Jim glanced towards Sherlock and replied softly, “Everyone’s part of the game, Sherlock. They just don’t know it yet.”

You frowned and walked out of the room. The welcome you felt earlier was gone and you figured you should leave before it got worse.

Your Wettest Dream Cum True

Summary: Everyone knows about your crush on Bucky and they decide to take your relationship into their hands after weeks of making fun of you. It ends in an amazing night with the Winter Soldier and the usual rubbing from the team.

Author: buckysplums14

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,318 (sorry, I’m a wordy bitch)

Warnings: Smut ahead! The usual, oral sex, unprotected sex

Originally posted by natpekis

It had only been a few weeks since Steve had brought you to the compound and already the team was ready to lock you and Bucky into a room together. You had met Natasha a little over a month ago at the gym and she’d invited you to train at the Avengers compound with her, the two of you quickly becoming friends. How could you refuse an invitation to meet the Avengers? Never in a million years. You’d shown up and Nat had brought you down to the gym where you’d met Sam (AKA Falcon) and Wanda (AKA Scarlett Witch).

“It’s such an honor… you guys kick ass!”

Sam laughed and Wanda blushed.

“I like her already… you should bring her around more often!” Sam exclaimed.

You’d sparred with Nat for about an hour when she taught you how to do her famous thigh grip.

“We need someone you can try it on… hey! Barnes!” she shouted and you looked up from where you were kneeling on the matt.

There he was. James Buchanan Barnes. Bucky. The Winter Soldier. You were somewhat familiar with his story. He’d been friends with Steve, he was presumed dead in ’44… you’d seen the museum exhibit. He came back as the Winter Soldier, was blamed for the events in Vienna. He’d been frozen, but you’d heard he was an Avenger now, you thought you’d seen it in the news during the Avengers’ last big fight. He sauntered in wearing a t-shirt that was much too tight and gym pants. The way he almost strutted over was tantalizing. He almost seemed to walk in slow motion as you looked him over. Those chiseled pecs and those rippling abs, his beautiful biceps, his strong hands… his long hair was falling in his face as he lifted his metal hand to smooth it back. He was even more attractive in person, which you thought was impossible. You shook yourself back into reality.

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I wanna say some things about Tamatoa that I really like

- I really like that he’s a coconut crab. They got like, no media coverage. I didn’t even know what a coconut crab was until I looked it up myself a few months ago

- he’s an accurate coconut crab, they like to take stuff and they indeed are cannibals

- Tamatoa is a young coconut crab because he’s got a shell on, as coconut crabs grow older they don’t need a shell because their backs become harder

- the whole “I ate my grandmother, and it took a week because she was humungous” his grandmother was obviously bigger than him. Tamatoa is already huge, but as I said he’s a young crab, he gonna grow a lot more

Only a couple of weeks ago, I was having a panic attack over having barely any money to my name, very little food, and a broken car. Now, I’ve a substantial amount in savings, a healthy fridge, a newly repaired car, next month’s rent already set, and am a few weeks away from having enough for a down payment on a new car, should I want one; plus this money I’ve yet to deposit in the bank.

This is a reminder to myself, should I ever hit another financial low. It gets better. It gets better. It gets better.

Help me recover

I hate doing that, again, asking for help. But I’ve reached a point were I don’t know what else to do.

As you know, I’ve been struggling with anorexia for a few years. A few months ago I relapsed pretty badly, and every week I’m getting worse.

My dad put me in a treatment program, telling me he would pay for it, but in the end he won’t pay for it, or might pay like a very small part. He probably doesn’t realize nutritionist, food, psychiatrist, cost some money, and recovery takes time… I don’t have the strength to fight against everything, and now on top of everything money is a problem once again. I already have about 200€ of medical bill I can’t pay for, and yet another 70€ appointment with the nutritionist on thursday…

I can’t do commissions because school work and the illness give me no time to rest.

However, if you can, just reblogging this post can alreadu help, and if you want/can help me pay my medical bills, my PayPal is chloe.zarka@gmail.com. I can’t draw anything in exchange atm but maybe I can do edits or little drabbles, idk. I’m pretty desperate at the moment…

Sorry for being such a burden again

On Board

‘I’m here.’

The text was sent to Joe’s cousin, Jimmy, seeing as he would be the one to pick me up from the airport. We had a grand plan of me surprising Joe at a Smackdown taping until my flight got delayed by eight hours. This put a damper on things, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to show my man some love. Within the few weeks since we had last seen each other, I had found out that I was pregnant. Because we had begun trying for a baby not too long ago, I know this would be a welcome surprise to him. With all the stress that he goes through physically and mentally on a daily basis, I couldn’t wait to give him one more thing to be happy about.  

After getting to baggage claim, I sent Jimmy another text to let him know where I would be waiting before retrieving my one checked bag.

Jimmy was already waiting for me when I walked out, and I noticed that Trinity was in the car too. Not surprising, they are a married couple.

Once I greeted them both, we packed up my bags and got in the car and were on our way to the hotel that most of the roster were staying in.

“So,” Trinity began, “I know that you missed Roman and all, but what made you really decide to make the trip?” She turned around in her seat to look over at me with a sly smile. “I can keep a secret.”

I narrowed my eyes at her. “Why do I feel like you already know the answer to that question?” I turned my glare to Jimmy. “Jon, you know I only told you the news in the first place so you could help me out. Now, you’re spreading the word to everyone like a magazine!”

“Aye, you know there’s no secrets between us. As a married person, you should know better.”

“Well, she is keeping a secret from Roman,” Trinity pointed out.

“You’re right, Trin. I don’t want that bad juice on our marriage.”

Rolling my eyes, I pretended to be busy on my phone. As they continued to talk as if I wasn’t there, I texted my husband. After shows when they had more free time, I know he usually went out for drinks with some of the other guys. Hopefully, he would still be out, but it had already been a few hours.

‘Hey babe.’ I didn’t get a notification for at least ten minutes. Instead of a text, I received a phone call from him. Because I didn’t want him to hear the peanut gallery in the front, I declined the call.

After two more rejected calls, I finally received a text back. ‘Where are you?’

‘Where are you?’ I retorted.

‘With Dean’ was his reply. Of course, the two of them would be drinking buddies till their last days. I didn’t get to reply to him because we were arriving at the hotel, but I was thankful that my prayers of him not being in his room at the moment were answered.

Jon and Trin accompanied me to Joe’s room. As he went to hand me the keycard, Trinity pulled at Jon’s arm. “Make sure you don’t stay holed up the whole time. I want to see you too, y’know.”

I pulled her in for a hug, then gave one to Jon. “Thank you guys so much for the help. I can’t make promises, but I really appreciate all that you did.”

As they walked off, Trin turned around again. “Congratulations, girl! I’m happy for you.”

Before I could put the keycard into the slot, the door opened. There, stood my shirtless husband with glazed eyes and his hair out of its usual bun. Shocked by his sudden appearance, there wasn’t much I could do when picked me up and locked our lips in a heated kiss. One arm supported my back while the other closed the door. We didn’t make it far, with him pushing me up against a wall near the door. Heavy breaths were heard within the space between us as I kissed him back. Seeing him again almost made me momentarily forget what exactly it was that I wanted to tell him. His back was smooth as I rubbed it, his hair somewhat falling in between our faces.

When he palmed my breast, I let out a moan that seemed to spur him on enough to lead us to the bed. He set me down, breaking the kiss during the process. “What are you doing here?”

“Surprise,” I let out weakly. Still panting, I pulled him towards me again. “What happened to Dean?”

“I was at the bar downstairs and when you didn’t answer my calls, I came back up.” He adjusted us so that I was laying on top of him. He began to trace shapes onto my back, and I knew that I had to get the news out soon.

“Were you mad?” I began to kiss his chest and looked up at him for an answer.

“Don’t look at me like that.” He sat up and began to kiss me again, but I hopped off of his lap before it could get too heated again. The reminder of the news that I had to tell him was the cold water I needed to ignore what we were previously doing. “Where are you going?”

Making my way to my carry on, I opened it and searched for the box I had packed in it before I left. The plane ride seemed to have shifted some stuff around, so it was a while before I found. “There was another reason for my visit,” I told him as I made my way over to him with the box in hand.

“Does this have to do with why Trinity was telling you congratulations?”

From the expectant look on his face, I could tell that he possibly had an idea of what the other reason was. I bit my lip as I just handed him the box. Inside it was a pregnancy test, with ‘pregnant’ written in the indicator box.

He opened it, dropping the lid on the bed as he pulled out the test. He remained quiet for a moment before I noticed a few tears trailing down his cheeks. He looked up at me, eyes red. “Thank you so much for coming out here. It’s so much better to get this in person.”

Crouching down next to his seated form, I hugged him before giving him a kiss on the cheek. “We both needed this, and I wouldn’t have wanted any other way to have been able to tell you.”

Slipping his hand under my shirt, he rested his palm on my flat belly. With his career, I knew that this journey wasn’t going to be an easy one, but I wouldn’t rather have it with anyone else than the man I loved.

- A little thanks -

[ I’ve had this blog for only about a few weeks and I already feel more accepted here than on an ask blog that I’ve had for years! It’s really surprising to me and I am beyond happy, but I’m mostly thankful. So the cheesiest thing possible I can do is tell strangers who don’t care about the mods thoughts about how thankful I am, of course!

I’ve always been a disposable mod, since 5 years ago joining pokeask to begin with. I know nobody except maybe 2 people. I’m such a shell of a useless person that if I disappeared no one would notice. Needless to say It’s a bit overwhelming just having a blog where people are actually sending asks to me so I can draw something I enjoy a lot ♥

life is really rigorous for me right now. Drawing is my one retreat to escape a lot of things as silly as it sounds, and probably is. Getting asks and requests, having some interest from people makes me feel so happy. It makes me feel a little less invisible.

Being able to feel a bit more accepted here is comforting to me. I just wanted to say so even if its only been a few weeks. I thought it was important because its not something I take for granted even though it may appear so because I am a quiet and shy mod. Thank you for allowing me to have a blog that’s safe for me to post to and feel a little more important.

 thanks for putting up with me ♪   ]



since War Thunder just released the He 100 quite many people will start telling all kinds of myths about it, I got my first warning shot a few weeks ago, luckily Bismarck was already reading up on it, so if you want to know more about the reasons why it didn’t replace the 109 and why it would have failed as a fighter, check out this excellent video.

You know what I’m sick of? Other Canadians making posts about how great Canada is right now and that Americans should just “move to Canada” if they want to escape the hate. The hate is everywhere. It’s here too. Has everyone already brushed off the Quebec shooting from a few weeks ago? The signs put up in Toronto advertising websites for white supremacists and those feeling threatened by immigrants?

 Are you seriously telling me that Canada is free of hate and bigotry and Islamophobia when I just had to sit in a Tim Hortons, shaking, with my friends as a fucking white supremacist piece of shit neo-nazi had his face an inch away from mine telling me that he should have the right to cut of the heads of immigrants and muslims and that we should burn hospitals that treat “AIDS spreading  f***” and that if he wants to fuck a woman or any of us sitting right there we should be grateful?

The hate is here Canada, and it has been for a long time. Let’s  stop focusing glorifying ourselves and putting the blame on our neighbours to the south and actually talk about the shit country we are. The conversation has been put off for too long.

psychopath-in-a-tardis  asked:

Over the past couple of weeks I've been really figuring out my sexuality and figuring out I'm ace, and then slowly coming out to people. I came out to my ex tonight and he told me that he already kind of figured it out a while ago, when we were dating. Just hearing how he saw it and his point of view, it made me feel better. That I'm valid, that this is real and I'm not being weird. Yeah, people will be a negative influence. But I have a few positives, and I know I'll be okay.

Thanks for sharing! I wish you luck!

- Fae

Friends, family, and all,
As some of you already know, I rented out an art studio at Mellwood Arts center a few weeks ago to display my photography and have a place to do some of my art. This has been a dream of mine for over a year and a half now. I have spent the last few weeks planning, designing, and decorating away at my studio. There are still a few things I am working on, but other than that it has really come together. I would like to invite anyone and everyone who would like to come visit and look at my photos to stop in today and say hello. It would mean the world to me. I have a few photos I am trying to sell so it would be awesome if someone would want to buy one of my pictures. I will be at my studio all day today doing drawing, so please, come say hello and take a look at the work I have been putting my heart and soul into. I have so many pictures up that I would love for people to see. I have snacks, seats, and even bean bag chairs if you want to sit and talk to me. I even have Mario Kart if you want to race. I’ve got everything anyone could ever really need honestly lol. I will also have my dog with me, so if you love dogs, that’s an even better reason to come. My dog is hypoallergenic and she is good with all people and children, so nothing to be worried about with her, she’s a sweetheart.

My studio is 242.5 and it is on the second floor, side B. If you can’t find it or if you have any questions, message me and I will help you find your way to my studio. I will even meet you out in the parking lot if you’re really struggling. Please share this with your friends and stop by.

Thank you for all of the love and support, Hal

1860 Mellwood Ave
Louisville, KY 40206
United States

3. JokerXReader

@shayna-winchester: Also could I request a Joker x Reader where the Joker maybe takes her to a carnival?

So here it is, I hope it’s good and you like it! :D 

„(Y/N), I’m sorry I can’t make it, today“, Chris said apologizing.

„What? But, you promised you would come, to see it.“

Chris was your older brother and he wanted to take you to the Gotham City carnival today, where you got a dance performance with your college friends, he promised he would come a few weeks ago, so you were more than disappointed he canceled your appointment one hour before your entrance.

„I’m already in my costume“, you said.

„I’m so sorry, I thought it will work, but … you know, I had to do a thing for my boss and there was a problem with the supply. So now I am sitting here with the boys and we’re kinda trying to fix it. Please, don’t be mad at me, I’ll make up for it, another time. I pro-“

You stopped him right here.

„I’m not mad at you, Chris. I’m just disappointed, ‘cause I thought this time we could met without your boss or your work interrrupting us, you know. But it’s okay, I know you work very hard, even if you never told me what you are exactly doing“, you said almost smiling.

Your brother carries for you, since your parents had died a few years ago in a car crash.

He made the money, since you couldn’t go for a job, because of school and everything.

Now severall years later, you got a job by yourself but Chris still was in his old one.

He never told you exactly what he was doing, just that it was like a delivery service.

His boss, - from whom you just heared tales, like he was very hot tempered and not that easy to handle- was like a real mysterious to you.

You’d never seen him at all.

Chris always said: „It’s better for you, believe me.“

„Hey, Chris! Come on move your ass, before the boss decides to kill us, instead of fixing the problem!“, someone said in distance on Chris‘ side of the phone call.

Wow, that must be a real asshole, you thought about your brothers boss.

„That was a joke, right?“, you asked Chris a little more worried.

Maybe there was a good reason, that he never told you about his work or especially his boss.

„(Y/N), I have to replace now“, he answered siriously.

„Chris, what-“

„We see each other later, I‘ll bring some chinese food, okay?“

„Okay … Bye …“, you replied.

Fantastic … in more less than fourty five minutes you got your entrance on the carnival and now you’re hanging here and were more worried about your brother, than about the whole dance thing.

Fifteen minutes later, you decided not to think about it too much.

Chris was clever, he could take care of himself.

You took a last check on your outfit, a short black dress with long elegant sleeves and also black ballerinas, which you could lace up to your calves.

On your head you wore cute little cat ears, also in black.

Now it really was time to go, your friends were already waiting for you and you only got thirty minutes left.

You grabbed your little purse, took your latch key with you and walked out of your room, but before you could reach the front door, someone knocked loudly from outside.

Was that Chris?

Did he made it yet again?

You opened the door smiling, still expecting your brother: „Chris, I thought you couldn’t made it …“, you startet, but the last words were chocked on into your throat.

Your eyes got wide and your mouth dropped a little, as you saw who exactly knocked at your door.

You wanted to rub your eyes, ‘cause that could not be true, that must be a dream.

So there he stands, the pale man, with the green slicked back hair, and those notorious grin which everyone in Gotham city feared more than anything else.    

He wores a black tux, with a white flower on the right side of his chest pocket and an also white bow-tie.

He looked great and matched perfectly with your black dress, but your question was; what did Gothams most wanted criminal in your hallway?

„Your brother is busy with some things he messed up lately. But I heared you were very disappointed that he couldn’t made it. And I decided too take his place instead“, the Joker said with a devious grin, what made you see his silver teeth.

That was the reason Chris never told you about his boss.

The Joker stands in front of you, and you still could not believe it.

After all those years, your brother worked for a man who had murdered nearly thousands of people.

How could he stipulate this with his conscience?

„Did he gave you my adresse?“, was the first thing that comes to your mind, after you found your voice again.

„Would it make you feel better, to know, that he knows about my appearance here?“

Not really, but you didn‘t dare to tell him, you heared enough about his swinging moods, even if your brother never told you, that he spoke about the Joker all the time.

„Come on, (Y/N). Let’s have some fun together, I won’t get you in trouble, I promise“, he said.

Oh man.

What should you have said?


No one ever, says no to the Joker.

So you nod your head and stepped out of your apartment.

„You look pretty, you know that?“, he whispered in your ear, as you closed the door behind you.

A shiver ran down your spine, when you feel his hot breath against your ear.

„Thanks …“, you muttered as he afford you his arm.

You laid your hand down on his forearm, and together you walked outside.

No one on the streets would’ve recognized the Joker, even a few steps away from your house the carnival was well underway.

People were literally everywhere, it felt a little bit like the last St. Patricks Day, you were in, last year with a handful of friends.

„Hey, dude! Fantastic costume!“, some drunk guy said to Joker and you couldn’t help, but had to share a big grin.

„Costume?!“, Joker said in anger.

„Hey calm down, you promised me to not get me into trouble“, you said softly.

Maybe he wasn’t totaly pissed off, when you were more open hearted.

He looked at you through squinted eyes, than he clicks his tongue and walked with you again, as if it was the most difficult thing ever for him, not to go crazy and murder someone.

You were surprised that Joker let you talk to him like this, any other person would already have lost his head or something.

An hour later you’ve totaly got lost in here, with Joker by your side.

Not in a bad way, what most people would first expect.

He bought you two a few drinks and told you some of his favorite jokes.

Well, most of them were about how some scumbags tried to hose him and how he paid it back to them, but you still laughed with him, you didn’t know if it was the alcohol, or just his manner, but you had great fun.

It was crazy to be with him (of course, he’s the Joker), but also it was kinda like being with an old friend.

„I don’t know what … but I kind of feel like, I forgot something“, you said chuckling after a few more drinks.

Of course you forgot something, your entrance.

You had so much fun with Joker, that you totaly missed out your performance and your friends won’t be that happy about it.

„Well, that means the joke’s on you“, Joker said laughing.

„What should we do next?“, you asked as you bumped into him playfully.

He gazed at you, after you bumped into him and your smile got lost.

You already forgot that he was hot tempered.

„I’m sorry …“, you said quietly as he took a step towards you and grabbed your chin.

„Careful“, he said with his most dangerous voice.

His blue eyes starring deep into your soul.

You just could stare back at him, his eyes not letting go off you anymore.

You feel his hot breath against your lips, he was so close that you’re heart starts to flutter.

„I’m the one who makes the first move on you, remember that, (Y/N)“, he growled than presses his lips against yours.

Your whole body starts to tingle, as he pulled you closer, so you could feel every trained muscle under his tux.

He grabbed your neck instead of your chin now, to press your lips harder against his own.

Finally his tongue founds it’s way into your mouth and you started to moan, as he played with yours roughly.

„What are you doing to me, Mr J“, you sighed in pleasure, as the Joker bites your neck, leaving kissing marks there.    

„Something we both need.“

The Education of Mr. Cervantes

As some of you may or may not know, I’m Hispanic. My parents came to the US as illegal immigrants more than twenty years ago. Recently, my dad asked me to teach him English. Now, he already speaks English well– he has his own business and communicates with his clients just fine– so I thought it wouldn’t be that hard. I was wrong. 

Even though intellectually I knew how difficult it was for people like my parents to start over in a new country, I never really understood. These last few weeks, as we’ve struggled through pages of a middle school book, I’m finally getting an inkling of how truly difficult it must have been for them. And I’m proud. I’m proud of my father because even reading at a middle school level he’s managed mortgages, managed to get us insurance, managed to become his own boss. I’m proud of my father because even reading at a middle school level, he’s managed to support his family and enabled three daughters to complete university degrees. 

And I’m not just proud of my father. I’m proud of every immigrant who came to America and learned to speak the language. I’m proud of every immigrant who speaks the language even if they have an accent. I’m proud of every immigrant who is still here despite not speaking the language. Every single one of these people is strong and hardworking beyond belief. 

So, if someone tells you that a wall is necessary because immigrants are lazy and only come here to take advantage of the government, you point to men like my father. And you ask them when was the last time they every worked as hard. I can tell you one thing: if we can overcome language and cultural barriers, a wall won’t be the thing that brings us down. 

Stage Left - A Robbie Kay x Reader Imagine - Part 1

Hello lovely humans! So as we all know I am absolute trash for Robbie Kay because he is an adorable cinn bon roll that is too perfect. Anyways I started to write this fic and I was really digging it. So I hope that you guys like it as well! 

Also!  I am currently taking requests for Musical/ song themed imagines. So If you want me to write you a story based on your favorite song please please please send me the song title, who its by and what character or person you want me to write about in my ask box! It would mean the world to me plus I think it would be really fun!

Part two

Originally posted by lets-play-pan

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anonymous asked:

At the very least I don't think jieun is gonna die...right away? I mean she's been in a few chapters already and we know some backstory of her. Not like any of sangwoo's victims so far. What im scared of is that sangwoo might use her to get bum to do things like "well I guess if you DONT want to do this then I'll just kill her"

I remember a few weeks ago I theorized that Jieun would live for a good while since KS needs more that just the main three recurring characters, but it looks like I was completely wrong! I don’t know how many chapters the Jieun arc will last, but the chances of her making it out alive are ridiculously slim to nonexistant. There’s no way Sangwoo is letting her out of the house because she already knows way too much.

To me, at the rate things are going Jieun only has one more chapter to live, maybe two. Anything more than that would feel very dragged out. Besides KS chapters are so long with a lot of things happening in them. She already got captured and chained up in one chapter. They even got most of the important talk out of the way, so all that’s left is for Bum to kill her. 

All this makes me question why Sangwoo would choose Jieun of all people to die though. Bum had no idea who she was so literally any other woman would have worked just as well and would have been far less risky. I’m actually really curious about how long Sangwoo was planning on using Jieun as the victim. There’s a possibility he got the idea in the bathroom when Bum expressed his jealousy towards her. Unless Sangwoo intentionally used Jieun knowing Bum would be jealous…wow.

Why did Sangwoo choose Jieun? Why is the murder wedding happening on the day of the festival? Did Sangwoo intentionally plan the whole day or did he go with the flow? etc…

Yomo Renji’s relationship with Kirishima Touka and Ayato.

I said I’d do this a couple weeks ago, so here it is. I know there’s a few people who already talked about this, but a few of you asked me to do my own analysis, so here it goes.

So… first there’s this:

They both liked teasing their little brothers. Also, Ayato and Renji’s expression is exactly the same. Then, Arata mentions that Touka is just like her mother.

After Chunta pecked Touka’s eye, she covered it with her bangs, similar to her mother’s:

Note that her hair looks pretty much the same than Renji’s sister:

We all know that Arata was a Koukaku; both Touka and Ayato are Ukaku, so it’s safe to say that they inherited their kagune from their mother. This is Ayato’s kagune:

And this is Renji’s:

As you can see, those panels look pretty much the same. If Renji is an Ukaku, his sister was too.

The man who gave Renji the notice that his sister was dead looks a lot like Arata:

Finally, here we have Uta talking to Renji; he points out something interesting:

And here, Eto talking to Ayato:

Again, a parallel between Ayato and Renji. I think those are all the parallels and similarities between Renji and his sister with the Kirishimas. The last thing I found was this:

Uta implies that Yoshimura gave something to Yomo (a purpose, something he cared for) that made him change from the troublesome teenager he was to the calm and reliable man we all know. Based on the period of time, I’d say he joined Anteiku around the same time the Kirishimas had to run away from the ghoul investigators:

And we all know Renji cared for them: 

  • He asked Itori for information about Ayato after he abandoned Touka, even managing to find out his whereabouts (Itori doesn’t give away information easily).
  • He stopped Touka from going to the Raid.
  • And he formed :re with Touka, even when he didn’t believe Kaneki was still alive.

I know a lot of you won’t believe it unless Ishida-sensei textually say that Yomo is Hikari Kirishima’s brother, but for me all of that is enough.

[REVIEW] Bench Paintbox’s Lip + Cheek Creme & Highlighter
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I have always wanted to get a cream highlighter and learn how to use them without messing up my blush and foundation. Before, I was only using my Make-Up Revolution Single Shadow Palette in Finally as a highlighter; it’s really pigmented and cheap, I got it for only £1 in Superdrug.

As you may have already noticed, I have a love affair with affordable and drugstore make-up products; I get anxious whenever I would splurge for a lipstick or base make-up—sumasama ang loob ko at mapapaisip na ako kung worth it ba siya, or baka naman may dupe na pwede ko bilhin para hindi ako ma-broke. You know I’ve been trying to be frugal as much as possible since I am also saving for my potential trip to South Korea before the year ends.

Anyway, I went highlighter hunting a few weeks ago and I discovered some gems from Bench’s Paintbox cosmetic line that are really affordable and with quality!

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I just got my VERY FIRST TABLET! ( a few weeks ago and was too lazy to post anything hehe ) Here’s my first digi-art, everybody’s favorite murder child!

DISCLAIMER: i know some of you might say “ this is your first? but why does it look like its made by a professional? etc.” well, no. i’ve already experimented enough from the past to know the basic fundamentals of the applications tools, thnx for understanding *bow*

swiftyjoe  asked:

don't know if you already talked about this but i want to know what is your opinion about the drama between maker and pewds? do you think he has gone too far? for myself when it came out(the videos) i knew he wasn't serious.

I know he’s not actually meaning the things he says. Pewds has been off the rails click bait “omg so offensive” for awhile. But using those non-English speakers to say racist things when they have no idea (which happened a few weeks ago? I’m wondering why it’s just now coming to a head?) what they’re saying is too far. I think if he apologized and found some other way to do videos would suffice, bc we all know he’s not actually a racist, but it’s still too far, especially in the current social climate and especially when he has so much influence.
I feel terrible for Jack bc he flew all the way to LA to film scare Pewdiepie, and then filming it had Felix crazy depressed, but he’s been playing with fire for awhile now. I think the punishment was appropriate. He’s still very popular, so I think he’s going to be okay, but he’s got to understand he doesn’t live in a bubble and to play nice from here on out.