i know this looks really bad an blurry

Okay but can we just look at some of the proposed designs for Apollo’s outfit?

Alright first off, he doesn’t look good in a normal suit. Don’t ask me why *cue Billy Joel music*, but it’s just… Too professional? Again, I don’t know.

The second one isn’t too bad, but… that tie…. ohhhhhhhhh…….

Orange. Look at that orange vest/pants combo. PLUS ANOTHER WEIRD TIE. Perfect. Just perfect.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that his hair is this weird crimson color? My phone’s camera is cruddy and the only scan I could find of this page was really blurry, so you get to imagine that for yourself.

Also there’s this design for his bracelet that’s kinda cool

It translates to “The second is 4 - 7 of antique watch”. 

Does that make much sense to me? No. Am I amazingly skilled at Japanese? No. If you’re skilled enough to uber-accurately translate this, the sentence is “目がモ4-7のアンティーク時計”.

At least I know it’s antique now. That’s kinda cool.

anonymous asked:

hello!! first of all i love your acc and icon <3 is it possible to you to make gladnis icons for twitter? thank you so much in advance! mwah xx

gasp YOU’RE SO KIND THANKS FOR REQUESTING. I’ll be honest i’m not familiar with twitter and twitter dimensions and i’m not 100% sure how my icons would look bigger, but i tried! 

  • 4 gladnis icons for twitter (well if you want to try them for tumblr too be my guest)
  • 400x400
  • under the cut!

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