i know this looks like shit

reading fanfiction near your friends like:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>friend:</b> what are you reading?<p/><b>me:</b> umm... it's a... book<p/><b>friend:</b> what book?<p/><b>me:</b> *sweats nervously* some online book. nothing published. you probably never heard of it<p/><b>friend:</b> what's it about?<p/><b>inner me:</b> gay shit! all the gay! and it's getting gayer by the second! would you look at all that gay sex I'm reading about?<p/><b>me:</b> *high pitched voice* well you know... stuff and drama and love and shit like that<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
what dating jungkook would be like

A/N: omg I haven’t done a bangtan request in ages, I hope this is okay. I also have to continue my “"everyday texts with bangtan” series oh lord. 

Dating Jungkook would include:

  • He’d be shy at first
  • Like have you seen the way he is around women???
  • He’d be so ????? about this like omg
  • But after you had gotten to know each other he wouldn’t be shy
  • He’d probably look so confident whilst confessing to you
  • But actually he’s shitting himself lmao
  • But you’d say yes of course cause it’s jungkook
  • Fast forward a few months 
  • He’s so confident now like tf where did shy kookie go??
  • He’s texting you memes 24/7
  • Taking ugly selfies on your phone when you’re sad so you can laugh
  • Back hugs are a must !!!
  • You’re cooking? BACKHUG
  • You tryna study? BACKHUG
  • You’re watching tv? BACKHUG from behind the sofa
  • He’s gonna be protective when you go out
  • Some boy looks at you? Expect him to glare at him
  • One of the members looks at you? He’s glaring again
  • Always reminding him to eat and stay hydrated when he’s practicing
  • Teaching him English
  • You being close with makne line
  • Jungkook being slightly jealous of you being close with them
  • You reassuring him that you love only him
  • Him bragging about you to the others
  • Having a folder of your picture on his phone
  • So when he misses you he can look at them
  • The fans loving you when you two decide to go public
  • Cuddling whilst watching films together
  • Going on tour with them
  • Cause you can barely be apart
  • Going on dates
  • Dates to the zoo
  • Dates to a dog cafe
  • Dates to the park
  • Sitting on the swings
  • Talking about nothing
  • Making each other laugh so much you’re wheezing
  • Make out sessions
  • Wearing his white shirts
  • Him acting annoyed your wearing his white shirts
  • But he really loves it when you wear them
  • Stealing his hoodies
  • Jamming to music at 4am
  • Him treating you all the time
  • Dating jungkook would never be boring !!

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“Pocket of Privacy” Approach - Sorry for my shit graphic, but it was the best I could do to show the non-sequential steps we’ve taken with Elounor in the last several weeks. It’s intentional, and I think they’re doing it for two reasons. 

The first is that it creates these little “pockets of privacy” between reveals that lend “credibility” to the narrative by making articles/anons/stalkers look more “in the know.” The press and stalkers knew Eleanor was in LA, but nobody else did, including her own update accounts, until today. We spent a week arguing she likely wasn’t, because no pictures/tweets/instagrams/snapchats of her were ever posted until today. The blind item and Sony pics explained the “reunion” article that came out this morning, hours before the Jamaica trip was “revealed” via Phoebe. It’s all a careful dance and relay of information meant to construe privacy and secrecy, when that’s not the case at all, because there’s multiple public layers going on to support the narrative at the same time.

The second reason is that I think it requires less participation in the “in between” times. So far. I think they’ll keep this up to make it appear more authentic than in previous times and to keep fans guessing about where/when the next step will be taken. 

Just remember that the order of things matters, and there’s a lot of layers at work here, some of them blatantly public (press articles, likes, follows) and some of them shrouded in fake secrecy and revealed at very intentional, opportunistic times (the Sony pics, the Jamaica trip, the Eleanor LA pics). It’s all still fake as fuck. Just a slightly more nuanced strategy than in previous attempts. 

honestly at this point i hope su fans who still 100% see nothing wrong with the show are starting to get it like…

su has been baiting us from day one. they baited us with bismuth and made it look like everything was gonna be cool and she was gonna be a new crystal gem

they baited us with the diamond arc promos, promising answers but giving none

they baited us with kindergarten kid and gem harvest

they’ve always fucking been baiting us. at this point i don’t know how anyone can ignore it. that’s like gritting your teeth as you eat terribly cooked, frozen food and pretending like it’s fine

steven universe has been shit since the third season. the third and fourth season were mostly filler, the art has gotten progressively worse and terrible on the eyes, and the storyboarders straight up don’t give a shit anymore. the new episodes honestly feel like they were written up when the crew was drunk. they’re boring and don’t make any sense in concern to the actual plot, which we haven’t had in years it seems

we’ve been forced to sympathize with colonizers, watch peridot yell at a monster for eleven minutes, lapis tell connie to suck it up when she pointed out that she literally tried to drown her

we’ve had to sit through a fucking 22-minute piece of shit episode about being nice to fucking racists because they’re your family or some bullshit, while the gem that actually gives a shit about other people is left to fucking rot in a goddamn bubble

where do y’all draw the fucking line? hasn’t it been enough? two seasons of complete shit and you’re still breaking your necks tryna defend the poor crewnibabies? at this point i’m done hearing whiny su fans cry over su criticism lmao. when will y’all wake the fuck up

  • me: wait, so if vrains is supposed to be the new-gen 5D's.
  • me:
  • me: look yusaku, you gotta be the main antag at some point. don't be like yusei and wimp out.

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What art piece took the longest to do?

Jin: What art piece took the longest to do? Well I remember I did draw this like a year or 2 ago and it took me about 2 weeks?? I think..

Jin: Yoongi gave me a photo of us at the park and it looked really pretty but now I dont really know where the original photo went.. maybe its with Yoongi..
OH! and I did this digitally so it took me quite a long time

//Honestly guys with how busy life is and shit I’m pretty accepting of the fact that I’m sorta just gonna be that random ass flakey uncle that randomly pops up and crashes at the house for a week before leaving. Thanks for always chilling with me anyways! Like or comment for a starter I’ll make Saturday! Here’s a few photos from my last jiu jitsu tournament!

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Okay I’m rewatching the Citadel arc and I while of course I love it as one of the few times we get to see Fives (and that part where Anakin goes flying to the magnetized ceiling, that’s priceless) I also hate it and here’s why, look at this shit:

Obi Wan ignores the deaths of these clones, immediately making comments that suggest “stop grieving we’ve got a mission” every time it happens, ignoring Echo who he knows (literally no one mentions Echo), and then decides he has the time to “take a moment to honor” this random boring old Jedi-of-the-day. In front of Fives. Who had no one even so much as mention the loss of his best friend who has been through everything with him.

Rant (hopefully not offensive, if so I'm sorry)

I just want to fucking know why all of my shitty friends have people who have crushes on them, they are perfect and then there’s me who never has anyone who’s got a crush on me, even my crush mentally hates me. I’m repulsive to look at, there’s nothing special about me, I’m just some basic ass oreo who likes 90’s grunge, I’m a double stuffed fucking oreo, fat and ugly. My crush probably doesn’t even like cos I’m black or some shit, I probably make him uncomfortable, why do I have to be so awkward, why do I have to be so nice nice to people, why can’t I be special to someone, nothing I do is surprising or breathtaking, my aunt doesn’t even talk to me anymore, no one talks to me, my friends ignore me like a mother fucker, nothing I do is good enough and you know what sometimes I wanna push my bitch of a friend down the steps so she can break her cis white ass fake tooth, you know, fuck you and your perfect ass, your perfect boyfriend, fuck you and your racist ass friends, fuck you and your non woke ass wanna be edgy ass…go choke on a fucking contour brush…fuck everything, fuck me, I wish I’d die already so everyone won’t be so bothered by my presence.

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I really hope that we get more Alex in the upcoming episodes. I feel like we haven't gotten much of him and I miss my Martian space cowboy!

I feel like I ghost wrote this. 

While I’m still heartbroken over it, with Miller’s storyarc tucked away, I’m very excited to focus on the roci crew - more specifically, on Alex! There’s just so much we don’t know - like, what does his hair look like when he wakes up in the morning??

For real though, I feel like Alex was the least explored in S1 and I need that changed. I’ve appreciated the character development in s2, even if it has been relatively small. It’s starting to create a picture of someone who cares so damn much. Someone who is going to make his crew dinner because they’ve been through hell and they deserve a second to unwind, don’t they?  Someone who is going to torture himself because next time, he’s sure as shit going to do better (even if there isn’t a better). Alex is a good fucking person and I need that to bleed off the screen.

Also, am I the only one completely invested in his friendship with Amos? No idea why, but I need more scenes of them in bars together. Scenes where Alex completely unloads on Amos, and dear, sweet, patient Amos, just looks at him with that are we really going to do this look? But Alex is already talking so Amos just nods his head with tight lips. Yep. Guess we’re gonna do this. Yeah, more of that.


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A lot of people are asking what the point of this ep was and complaining but it was good? I mean it showed what shitty allies look like and how to call them out which was nice. The redemption of Ronaldo at the end wasn't rlly necessary but I mean for kiddos who don't know this shit yet I thought it was pretty ok. What're your thoughts?

i didn’t likes the episode for the good reasons.
Like, didn’t liked it because Ronaldo is in it and his attitude, but liked everything else, the message, Steven telling him basically to gtfo, its nice when people snap at this junk.

You know that scene in Almost Famous where the crowd catches a glimpse of David Bowie and they’re all like"omg it’s David Bowie" and start throwing glitter at him??? Well I experienced something similar except with Lana Del Rey lmao it was at Tenants of the Trees in LA and everybody was like “holy shit” and she was rushed through us mortals between two tall, good looking guys with long hair. The only thing I saw was the back of her head and the flash of cameras going off.

I love all of you guys so much and hope all of you guys are happy right now cause fuck man, I care about that stuff, I don’t like people feeling down at all, I hate the stupid shit I see on my dash about who or what is the problem on this god forsaken site, cause it’s so micro and will never matter in the real world

God I just hope none of you guys ever get invested into that stuff cause you’ll probably regret it later on, not like I have but I’m just saying

I really don’t know where I’m going with this I’m so out of it right now, look bottom line I hope everyone is happy right now

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Reading your ask about drugs in 19 days I thought of sharing info about terrifying drugs: Scopolamine is used in Colombia to drug people and take away their will, someone under their effects will gleefully obey any order, even if it is to give away all your money or belongings. The scary thing is after it wears off people don't remember shit, and during the whole ordeal act as if nothing was wrong. People use this as a powder that they blow to the victim's face and it acts immediately.

Ooh, interesting! I just read this article from the Guardian about it here, and another webpage here from Drugs.com.

Seems like there’s a lot of myth wrapped up with truth. I wonder if Old Xian would know about this, or if it’s even made its way into the Chinese black market? 

By the looks of it, it doesn’t knock you unconscious either – you’re just in an extremely loose state with very lowered inhibitions, so I don’t know about it being the thing that is used on Jian Yi, but this is super interesting to learn about regardless. :o


I’m glad I pay attention to Frusciante , I know about him since like 2005 (because a guy who was obsessed with RHCP, and he always was like you need to listen to them just check them and just listen to a couple songs you gonna like it I promise) , but never pay attention to Frusciante specifically , since like 2 weeks ago when i saw a video of him injecting heroin and I was like FUCK THIS IS FRUSCIANTE?! and I just like got a feeling about it and start looking for the story behind all the shit and I was like woah..didn’t know about all this and I know the peppers since 2005 wtf, weird (wasn’t a big fan a that time but since 2016 I start listen to them properly) then I was like reading, interviews paying attention and I just got lost inside all his perspective about music and spirituality and is like “ I got what he’s saying ..” people think that what he says it what drugs lead him to see but actually I can see exactly what he sees when he is explaining and I got the perception that he wants to explain it all but like sometimes in some parts is like he wants people to actually see what he sees, and is I don’t know if the word is “amazing” but is very genuine when someone wants people to see the other side of things… I hope he make some music or whatever he wants to do to spread that and to light peoples life with what he learned because when we got dark times this kind of humans are very important to remember the real substance of existence,thanks John ,gorgeous man in every sense of the word💫

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okay so, remember that scene when Hanji's titans were killed by Annie, but of course no one knew it was her? I remember Erwin was there with Eren and he told him "who do you think is the real enemy?" and then he left and Eren was staring at his back... seriously, I really thought Erwin was a traitor and that he was the one who killed the titans, even if we know the truth now, that scene still looks very weird and makes me think crazy shit lmao, but i think that was the point

I think junior high puts it quite well when Eren freaks the hell out whenever Erwin creeps up behind him lmao.

Honestly yeah the scene does feel weird–if Erwin wanted to essentially test loyalty but indirectly inquiring if one figured out that there was a traitor, he should probably give them more than 2 seconds to answer? Like, if you get ambushed from behind and get asked some ridiculously abstract question with no context and are expected to figure out a bunch of stuff in basically a split second…there isn’t going to be much success lmao. Plus he apparently asked the other squad Levi members, possibly even more…how did that go? Did he sneak up on everyone individually, in dark alleyways, on the bathroom, or in bed in the middle of the night?! Someone should write a poltergeist!Erwin AU, he’d do a terrific job^^