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When Foxes Come Out To Play

Anonymous: Can I ask for La Volpe AU where two has matching birthmarks that helps them find each other? Maybe they meet each other by Ezio (reader is assassin) and she is badly hurt? Please, there is like nothing about him and you write good, and I need it, and, and… Here I got you a cookie 🍪

A/N: I confess I got a bit carried away at that one and when I noticed I had almost 2500 words! I’m sorry if something is off or wrong grammatically or in the canon, I sold my PS3 and couldn’t come back to check everything in the game, so I tried to do my best with what I can actually remember from it and from Volpe. SORRY ABOUT THE THE SHIT TON OF ITALIAN EXPRESSIONS, I HAVE A FRIEND WHO’S TAKING ITALIAN CLASSES AND I ASKED HIM FOR HELP. Sorry for the long wait, I’ve just entered into vacancy and I’m trying to dedicate myself more into the blog matters. As to not make this longer than it should, I’ll only translate the more “complicated” italian words! I apologize in advance for no one beta’d this before posting.

- Merda - Shit

- Coglione - Moron, idiot. Can also mean asshole.

- Isola Tiberina - Tiber Island 

- Grazie - Thank you

- Mia dama - My lady

Your name: submit What is this?

You didn’t plan on getting shot by an arrow.

Well, not really.

All that mattered, at that moment, was the mission, until the fight broke out — a fight that only happened because someone couldn’t stick to the plan you so carefully traced; a plan that was, mind you, quite simple. Enter the fortress unnoticed, find the Holy Staff, leave and return it the to the Vatican.


Well, that was the plan — until one of the guards decided to cover more area in the patrol rather than sticking to the already scheduled area you had so carefully traced before deciding to get in. But the thing is, your plan had it covered  — it was failproof, you see.

And then, there was him. Fabio.

The walking disaster.

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Ladrien June Day 15: Fear