i know this isnt what he means but

evidence that peter parker is Trans:

  • “penis parker” is just………. if hes trans + being bullied u can guarantee its about that and i mean..
  • the conversation with aunt may in the car where shes like “i know its hard for u right now with ur body going through all these changes” and like ! the way she says it as well?? like this is not a parental figure talking about cis puberty… she seems genuinely upset for him and like ?? what if they cant afford hormones/blockers just yet and he has to wait longer etc ?? what if hes had to go off hormones/blockers bc they cant afford it this month??? and then his response isnt just like embarrassed “stop it aunt may im a teen!!” he seems genuinely distraught that she brought it up, bc he wasnt expecting it and now thats something ELSE on his mind and like . woah man
  • the whole conversation with aaron like .. a) aaron misgenders peter bc he thought his voice was ‘’’’’a girls voice’’’’’’ and i mean.. peters not 11 hes 15.. im p sure aaron wouldnt have misgendered him if peters voice sounded “’’’’cis’’’’’’’; and b) peters response is like IMMEDIATELY very upset + on the defensive and like tbh embarrassed? but in a different way to how a cis man is embarrassed by being misgendered… hes not insulted hes just… upset. Sad .
  • also he directly argues back by citing his name like ‘im spider-MAN spider-MAN MAN MAN get it’ like WOW i cant believe this is a #canon version of that post about how superheroes with gendered names are trans wow
  • it also like explains peter being bullied at school altogether ? like hes also like a weird fanboy + doesnt like parties + hes a weird introvert + he has a non-nuclear family so hes probably bullied about a lot of things but if he was out as trans that would kick it into second gear which explains like a whole bunch of randoms who have an inexplicable problem with him and like the snickering behind his back + shit
  • also peter idolising his male role models ?? like 100% a lot of peters feelings towards tony are uncle ben related but like !! he also idolises steve in civil war ? and i think peters like constant projection onto men he admires is like. a very trans Thing
  • his constant ?? presenting ????? + posing /????????? like hes almost always trying to position himself into some sort of impressive, macho, masculine pose like wow. we get it. ur Trans
  • for a movie thats about learning to put urself and what u want + think is important first and not worry so much about what other people think/want from u like……
  • anyway peters trans thank u for ur time

I feel bad for anyone that hasn’t seen the ending of the trivia murder party lets play

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random question but why do a lot of people claim twenty one pilots are homophobic?

on the day the scotus ruled that same sex marriage was now legal in the us, lots of celebrities tweeted “#lovewins” or something short of the sort. neither tyler nor josh were active on twitter that day, which i think is kinda par for the course for them since they dont usually post a lot. so people started to get curious and pester them when no hashtag or whatever was posted. they got lots of hounding for their silence

and then tyler posted this:

and people freaked out because they interpreted it as homophobic, bc he talked abt “not being strong enough” to “carry weight” - they interpreted it as him not caring at all abt lgbt rights. but i think its clear here that tyler is not intending to be homophobic. he is condemning the fact that celebrities are emptily tweeting “#lovewins” and nothing else - its like “here lemme tweet this hashtag real quick to virtue signal on social media while not actually doing anything to support lgbt ppl.” thats what tyler doesnt approve of. also, hes clearly supportive of the scotus decision. “any day where love defeats hate” - that really doesnt sound like the descriptor that a homophobe would use. 

also heres a wild idea,,, a Krazy Koncept™,,, u can celebrate and support something without posting abt it on social media??? im p sure i didnt post anything abt it that day, and im literally gay

so thats why he didnt tweet something short and empty. but he also makes it clear that he didnt relaly know what to say. bc he doesnt have as much experience talking abt lgbt stuff as he does with, like, mental illness and the like. he acknowledges that as a straight (unfortunately…he cant marry me) person, he isnt really familiar w lgbt issues and how to talk abt them. hes saying that he would rather tweet something that means more than just a hashtag, but he is not sure what he would say. and yeah the wording was a little weird. but hes basically saying that hes growing and changing and has a lot to learn. which is a good thing for people to acknowledge. 

also, this doesnt really look like something a homophobe would post:

and tyler and josh have expressed support for lgbt fans before! they stated in a 2014 ish interview that one of the most meaningful and memorable fan moments they had was that a fan came up to them with his family and dcame out as gay for the first time. and that it was incredible for them to be there to witness it and give him the courage to come out. thats like. wow. so i think ppl accusing tyler and josh of homophobia are jumping to some incredible conclusions

(p.s. ive almost never met a straight tøp fan,,, you would think a homophobic band wouldnt have a fandom thats like 90% lgbt+)

this saturday night on ‘ty has an idea’: the foxes playing laser tag

  • probably nicky’s idea lbr
    • “cmon guys whens the last time we played something that wasnt exy? this’ll be fun!“
    • he has no idea what hes gotten into

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  • Joker: The stars are beautiful tonight
  • Harley: Yeah
  • Joker: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Harley: ...What?
  • Joker: *points at the sky* The batsignal

Okay. You dont know how much I hurt for Will when we see him again, 3 years later after Digestivo.

The guy is still fcuking trying so hard to move on from THAT. And the fact that Will is still trying so hard to move on speaks how strong he can still feel the pull even after 3 fcuking years later with a wife and a kid and a new house and a life free from the FBI. He is still actively fighting all of it.

The guy didnt let Jack in his house, despite the freezing cold and despite the fact the guy still values his relationship with Jack, enough to listen to him even though the guy didnt want to talk about the murders at all. Will could have drove Jack away and not talk to him at all. Instead, he was “I can’t just shoo you away so let’s hear it anyway.” But not in his house where the guy could not bear to hear the echoes of his and Jack’s voices talking about murders and serial killers bouncing in the spaces his whole new life is built around (because it sure hell will bounce like crazy). Jack and his cases are tainted with thoughts of Hannibal, the guy would not NOT be reminded of Hannibal and the past life he’s trying so hard not to think anymore.

The guy didnt go fishing with his wife and kid. 

Instead, he stayed at home to fix a door. 

We are talking about a guy who used to have a deskspace dedicated for crafting his own lures, near his bed. Heck the guy was a fcuking fly fisherman and he was good at it! But the guy could not bear to share that outdoor activity he loves/loved with his new family without being reminded of Abigail, his murder-daughter who was given and then taken away by Hannibal, 

It was only in his memory palace but he sure is fcuking so happy about the idea, look at that face. Im not crying, you are.

When we see him 3 years later, Dear Will has not been able to put the past behind him at all. He’s still at that stage where reminders can take him back to the past as if he’s still living in it. Emotions are still attached to those thoughts and memories, and Will still feels those emotions strongly.

And what makes this hurt more is the fact that Hannibal made it sure just so. 

The moment Hannibal surrendered, all of Will’s plans of moving on were screwed. Will can change his life completely, new house, a happily married life, new things and activities to occupy his mind and time BUT Will would not be able to completely not think about Hannibal when (1) he still hears what’s going on with Hannibal, and (2) he can’t completely avoid it.

With Hannibal’s arrest:

1. Hannibal will be all over the news

In this way, Hannibal is still in Will’s fcuking face, unless Will decides to move to a remote area or island. But we know that didnt happen

2. There will be trial, in which Will will be very likely dragged into. Oh yes he certainly was.

3. More Hannibal will be on the news. 

You see? The news will be covering his arrest, his stay at bshci, his trial, after the trial — the Chesapeake Ripper is caught and that is sensational my friends, the media will follow him and will talk about him for g-d knows how long. 

How long, you say? Looks like Hannibal’s trial was a thing for all 3 years?? 

Poor Will. And the fact that Will’s visit made it cover story worthy means Hannibal the Cannibal is still relevant after 3 years since his arrest, i mean surrender.

Hannibal knows Will’s recipe for moving on — time, new environment, new people, not knowing what’s up with your ex Hannibal. Will may not be able to forget but these ingredients will gradually dull his feelings until they are no more. Someday, it’ll all be nothing but just memories for Will. And Hannibal knows that him leaving, just as Will wanted him to, will ensurely make that happen. 

So what’s Hannibal’s plan? Get in Will’s face and make sure he wont be able to entirely escape it. 
Keep dear Will emotionally attached with memories of you.

You tried so hard Will but Hannibal knows so much about how your mind works. 


Okay, about the fishing

My sorry ass managed to look away from Hugh Dancy’s glorious face only now in my Nth rewatch and see the thing past him

Wait. What is that golden circle thing behind him. Looks familiar…

And in a different angle… pardon the dumb quality, no giffing tools for me so if you want it clearer i suggest to go back to this scene in that episode.

Yes, it IS that fishing gear the guy has  

— this magnifying glass.

Because his fishing gear isnt out of sight and boxed up, it does seem Will was still fishing! 

HOWEVER this does not guarantee or say with absolute certainty that Will DID NOT stop fishing. (i mean, for all we know, he could have just put it on display or something but not really using it, or maybe it could be Molly’s. The woman CAN fish at the very least so…)

What it tells us is that there is possibility Will was still fishing.

HOWEVER this does not change the fact that Will chose not to go fishing with his wife and kid on that day.

  • Because for some reason, Will needs or wants to be alone? 
  • Or because fishing with his wife and kid family that day isn’t ‘good’ for him since it reminds him of his murder daughter Abigail?

A lot of things could be on his mind then since what does he do when he wants to quiet his thoughts? He fixes stuff. What are those things that could be on his mind?

Maybe Hannibal’s note just came in and somehow he feels like it’s something to do with those peculiar murders in Chicago and Buffalo he had been reading about? Wait, so does that entail that Will somehow knew Jack will pay him a visit about the murders any day by then??? Or maybe even on that exact day because he knows Jack knows what’s in Hannibal’s note since the fbi 'screens’ the ingress and egress of Hannibal’s parcels? Another possible reason why Will chose not leave the house that day????Woah, no i am not looking more into that or i will digress

Whichever the case may be why Will chose not to go fishing with his wife and kid that day, he was trying to 'stay away’ from the memories of Hannibal the past he left behind, coming back to haunt him.

hanahaki!au where jimin begins to cough up little forget-me-nots. logically, he knows that he should book an appointment with a doctor and get a consultation but he also knows what will happen after. he would have to undergo surgery to get rid of the pesky flowers in his chest which would also erase his memories of jeongguk. and he can’t do that, not when jeongguk means so much to him. it would break jeongguk too, to see one of his closest friends not remember him at all. so jimin toughs it out, ignoring taehyung’s increasingly worried confrontations. surprisingly he didn’t have to tough it out for long, the bursts of blue petals when he coughs decreases in frequency, his chest feels lighter and he feels like he can breathe again.

hanahaki disease is an illness caught from having an unrequited love, in which flowers start to bloom in the patient’s chest. the type of flower represents the degree of love the patient feels towards the object of their affection. symptoms include: difficulty breathing, coughing up flower petals, heaviness felt in the chest. types of treatment: surgery, having the love reciprocated or getting over the love.
“see taetae, i’m over him! i stopped coughing out petals!”
“ok but yesterday when you saw him dancing you sighed dreamily and said beautiful. i don’t think that means that you’re over him??”
“but no more petals!!!”
“have you ever thought about the other ways you can be cured.”
“you’re an idiot.”

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Vader: [text] luke?? luke pls respond pls
Luke: i dont know what u want me to say
Vader: come back here and we can talk about it ill tell u everything
Luke: absolutelynot
Vader: im not the one who lied to u!!! that was obiwan!!! be mad at him i know i totally am!!!!!!
Luke: um u cut off my hand
Vader: ok so mistakes were made but also im ur dad and u were yelling at me 
Luke: 🙄
Vader: look just come here. the important thing is that obiwans dead and now that we both know the truth you and i can bond and i can explain all of it  
Luke: bens not dead u know
Vader: what
Luke: hes notdead. ive spoken to him. i mean hes not alive either though i think it’s sort of a greyarea
Vader: what the fuck are u talking about son did they give u a lot of pain pills 
Luke: i dont know what he did? but he’s like a ghost that can talk to me sometimes. with the force
Vader: he came back from the dead and he can talk to force users???
Luke: …apparently? anyways the next time i seethat guy hes getting an earful 
Vader: what ur suggesting isnt possible son. u cant cheat death. trust me.
Vader: also if obiwan was a ghost he’d come visit me first
Luke: look i dont knw what to tell u but ive heard and seen him. 
Vader: seriously? like it was really him?
Luke: omg why am i eventalking to u 
Vader: what did he say?
Luke: idk stuff about the force 
Vader: what else? did he mention me at all??
Luke: what is WRONG WITH YOU. youre trying to get me to join u and all u want to know is what ben’s ghost said about u???
Vader: im just curious!!!!!! im sorry but it literally makes no sense that hed talk to u first 
Luke: omfg
Luke: r u jealous??? 
Vader: no
Luke: right

Look, I think “dansplaining” is definitely a thing, but I want to point something out...

Dan defining some of the ‘bigger’ words he uses isn’t (necessarily) him being “pretentious” or “talking down” to us;

Maybe he is just aware of the fact that some of his viewers haven’t had the appropriate access to quality education that he’s had.

**this isn’t meant to be directed to anyone in particular**

***EDIT****  Other’s have pointed out that Dan defining words also can work to the benefit of non-English speakers, or people who aren’t fluent in English. In addition some of Dan’s audience is young and it is unreasonable to expect them to know certain words. Also important, different cultures or individual people can value different things. Sometimes people are more reading and writing centered, and other times they may be more into the math and sciences. Maybe they are passionate about drama, dance or music. 

Basically, everyone is different. There are a myriad of reasons a person may need extra help to define certain words. Dan giving people that assistance isn’t  bad thing. He’s helping people. He may not be helping those he already know the meaning whatever word, but the world isn’t about just those people. Dan is acknowledging that his audience isn’t some monolithic entity. He is being inclusive.

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Can ya draw any past or future sam and max being cute together?


extra small extra soft children

aand idk if its cute but i guess that one future timestream version just cause i like em a lot and i meant to draw them ages ago

Protect the Grandpa


I KNOW what you’re trying to DO there gamefreak

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imagine this: matt meets the voltron team and notices that keith's there. he then proceeds to unsubtly comment on WHAT A COINCIDENCE IT IS (it must be fated eh wink nudge) that here he is, the wonderboy that hung around shiro / that shiro occasionally (read: often) namedropped during their journey to kerberos.

oh i like this!! i mean, the kerberos crew were all crammed together on this tiny ship for–six months, i think pidge said? and that’s a long time, so of course you start swapping stories and stuff, and since shiro knows about katie we can infer the holts must have talked about her a lot. i mean, shes a genius who can build tech out of spare parts that works even better than the garrison’s presumably multi-billion dollar equipment, so you know they mustve had a lot to talk about. shiro seems familiar with her family, and pidge mentions how close matt and sam always were with their crews, and yet…she doesnt seem to know much about shiro?? 

so i really do think shiro isnt close with his family at all. He and keith are the only ones who never mention missing their families or earth. and i mean, keith is an orphan alien so it makes sense a lot of his backstory is mysterious, and we at least see his dad and the shack as some semblance of home. but shiro? we get nothing. i have to wonder whats going on with him, because after being gone a year and thought dead, i would think he’d miss his family even more. or at least ask about what they did for his funeral or something. with pidge at least, you’d think hed divulge something about missing his family after the mission too, since she knows what he’s going through. but he seems??? really private and distant about it?? he even seems to think of sam holt as more of a father figure than his own, since the advice he gives pidge comes from sam instead of his own father (and this is before he realizes who pidge is) 

even when he arrives back on earth, the only actual welcome home he gets is from keith, and in keith’s very own home no less. (theres also the fact that keith apparently has a change of clothes in shiro’s size waiting for him, which could imply that shiro either left them himself or keith stashed a dead man’s stuff away for a year just in case he magically showed up, but thats all so vague im gonna just leave it at that) but point is, i think shiro’s relationship with keith is the closest we see to him having any kind of home or family. (also, i think shiro’s homecoming at keith’s place kinda parallels when keith returns to the shack and his dad welcomes him back in bom. so i think the desert shack definitely equals home for keith, and by associating shiro with it the writers further establish that shiro very much does have a home with him)

so, anyway, in lieu of his family i could imagine shiro telling the holts all about keith. oh hes the greatest pilot we’ve ever seen, he broke all my records and you should see how good he is at close combat! kind of quiet and runs off on his own, but in the simulator he always puts his team first. A natural born leader who really cares about his crew. and shiro just like beams every time he talks about him, and by the time theyre past jupiter the holts are probably like if i have to hear one more word about keith kogane–   

oh also! you know how pidge has that photo of when matt left? i like to think matt had a copy too that he kept back on the ship. and how sad would it be if shiro had one of him and keith before takeoff that was either left on the shuttle or confiscated along with his suit and stuff by the galra  but anyway ya i like the idea that shiro’s told matt about keith! he might have heard of him at least, being that keith was the top cadet back when matt and shiro were still at the garrison

"I love Tom"
  • What I mean: Its so nice to see a subversion of the 'bad boy' trope. he isnt a bad boy, he is an actual child with a very real and destructive disorder that he does his best to fix all the time, even after he accepts that he'll never get back with his ex. He is trying so hard to be a good person because he doesnt want to be like his shitty father, he knows he messes up and immediately after his episodes realizes his mistakes and just looks so guilty and broken and sad and you just want to hug him and say "you're trying you sweet gumdrop I'm so proud of you" i just want him to be happy and have the support he needs to grow as a person
  • What I say: He spikey my dudes

one thing that bothers me abt avas demon is that clearly the art and dialogue have improved immensely and id say the characters are a lot more realistic blah blah blah BUT michelles devotion to odins stutter just plummeted after the ship crash. (so did the ship. hahahaha). my point is this was a realistically depicted stutter that got worse around tricky consonant combinations + when odin was nervous, and just generally fluctuated in severity instead of just being an apostrophe thrown in once or twice per sentence. examples:

(^^the wrench ones my favorite. iconic. a good moment.)

basically his stutter was a big part of the way he talked. it hit you in the face with a brick. it took a long time to get sentences out, which frustrated the other characters and himself. it also took up a lot of space, which im assuming is the reason its been reduced to this:

see what i mean? it isnt a big deal. it just bugs me because, the way he talked at the beginning, thats what a stutter actually sounds like. its annoying and it takes a really long time-thats why its called a speech impediment. and so i think taking it away it robs odins character of a certain amount of depth. i dont know. sorry for wasting your time lol

Like I know that post defending Osomatsu is like my all time most reblogged post and probably the whole tumblr matsu fandom has seen it by now; even though the whole point of that post is that Oso does have his own distinct personality, that he is interesting and unique as a character outside his brothers, that it’s his brothers who take after him and not the other way around; because he’s got such a dominant personality, such an odd charisma about him…like that’s all in defense of him as a character, but as a person, like practically speaking and in the context of the fictional reality he lives in…Oso’s brothers really are his entire life.

Look, Oso has his own personality. Definitely. But he’s the only one who hasn’t taken an interest in something. ANYTHING. Choro has his otaku crap, ichi has his fursona, jyushi has his baseball thing, kara and totty are both like fashion divas or whatever the fuck they’re doing, and Osomatsu has…drinking? Gambling? Following his brothers around and more or less begging them to pay attention to him?

If you took Oso out on a date, what would he talk about? “The other day me and karamatsu went to the-” “I got in an argument the other day with Choromatsu about-” maybe he would just lie and make up a bunch of shit? Or would he just dole out random opinions about a bunch of topics but never share any like…real stories, or experiences?

The fandom-wide (and even in-show) joke about Karamatsu having identity issues, being “empty,” aren’t wrong but they miss the mark by just an inch. Karamatsu is empty in the sense that he’s fake, because he tries way too hard to be a certain way, and he can’t see the disparity between who he tries to be and who he actually is. But Kara at least has…an idea of who he WANTS to be. He’s TRYING. What is Oso doing?

Osomatsu literally has nothing. And again, that isn’t bad writing or a lack of character. That is literally his character, and it’s sort of heartbreaking. Osomatsu’s tag line isnt “the gloomy one” or “the cute one” it’s literally “the oldest one.” Out of the context of his brothers that has literally no meaning. Ichimatsu is still gloomy when hes not “the gloomy one.” Gloomy is a character trait, cute is a character trait. “Oldest” is not. “Oldest” is just a status.

I know this has been beaten in to the ground especially by ep 24 but. Osomatsu is not boring, basic, or a bad character. But he is…fundamentally unfulfilled, lonely, and in an even worse state of stasis than any of the other brothers. He is both his own person and almost solely dependent on his brothers. He is the dominant personality but he is the least developed as a person. He is completely empty, passionate but directionless, all fire with nothing to burn. And as long as he stays that way he will continue to be unhappy, and he will continue to drag his brothers down with him.

And it’s sad.

im actually worried about that whole swastika thing,, personally - i’m not that bothered, ( and this reasoning is bc i know what damon is like, he’ll put up stupid shit like that all the time, i mean you could also see a communism jug and he was wearing his spiritual heptagram necklace too ) the thing i am worried about though, is how this website will react. i bet loads of people will drop out of liking blur and gorillaz now bc of it.. and i fuckin feel so conflicted.

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47- “how can you still look so attractive while crying"



it’s been three weeks since you’ve seen or spoken to shawn, you wanted to reach out to him but you honestly didn’t know what to say.

he hasn’t tried contacting you, but did you blame him? you denied his marriage proposal.

well technically you said you needed time. but as you thought more and more about it, you knew it was too early to get married.

that didn’t mean you wanted shawn out of your life, or that you wanted to stop going out with him. you wanted to continue the relationship because you could definitely see yourself marrying him one day.

“y/n,” your best friend opened your bedroom door. “seriously just go talk to him. you’ve been sitting here for three weeks.”

you shook your head, “no he probably doesn’t want to see me anymore.”

“y/n,” she sighed. “you have to talk to him. it’s been three weeks, it’s time.”

you continued to stare out the window, particularly a couple who happened to be walking past. they looked so happy. you could’ve been that happy, but you ruined it.

you hated knowing she was right, you needed to talk to shawn at some point or else you would probably be in the state for a while. god, who knew how shawn was taking this whole thing?

“okay, you’re right. i’m going to go right now.” you say, getting up from your position at your bay window and making your way to the bathroom.

once you threw on some decent clothes, and fixed your hair and brushed your teeth, you grabbed your car keys and drove to shawn’s house.

the whole drive there you were deciding if you really wanted to go there or not, shawn was probably furious with you and honestly you wouldn’t be shocked if he never wanted to see you again.

you were lying if you said that wouldn’t hurt. even though you denied him, you still love him and would like to see where this relationship will go.

you found yourself in front of his driveway faster than you expected. you sat in your car for a while before deciding to finally go up to the door. it was now or never.

taking a deep breath, you knocked on the door a few times. no answer.

“shawn?” you asked, hoping maybe he was standing on the other side of the door.

after receiving no answer, you decided to let yourself in with the spare key under the door mat.

luckily he seemed to be the only one home since his car was the only one in the driveway. you pushed open the door to reveal shawn standing about a foot away from it.

your eyes widened as you took in the sight of him. his hair was a disheveled mess, and his eyes were red and puffy. they began to water again at the sight of you.

“y/n,” he said, letting out a shaky breath. “uh, what are you doing here?”

your heart broke at the sight of him.

“you should, uh, you should go.” he said, scratching the back of his neck. his voice was shaky, meaning he was about to cry again. he had never wanted you to see him cry.

“shawn, we need to talk about what happened.” you said, walking towards him. every step you took toward him, he stepped back.

“there’s nothing to talk about,”

“shawn,” you stepped forward again. this time, shawn didn’t take a step away. you grabbed his hand and cupped his chin, forcing his tear filled eyes to look at you.

“you know i love you right?”

he nodded, “but it’s too early to make a commitment like that.” he mumbled, tears were beginning to stream down his face. “i know, i know, i moved way to fast and probably scared you away.”

he effortlessly removed himself from your grip and turned away, making his way to his room. you followed, knowing this conversation was well from over.

“y/n, just go.” he cried, flopping onto his bed face first into his pillow.

“hey,” you soothed, taking a seat next to him and rubbing his back. “you didn’t scare me away shawn. i’m here aren’t i?”

“i knew i should’ve just gone with plan A, i shouldn’t have done it.” he exclaimed.

you ran your hand through his hair, trying your absolute hardest to comfort him. you knew you also had to keep your distance since you did break his heart three weeks ago.

after a few more minutes, he finally sat up. forcing himself to look at you. all you wanted to do was hold him and tell him everything was going to be okay, but you honestly didn’t know. maybe he didn’t want to continue the relationship, maybe it was time to go your separate ways.

“how can you still look so attractive while crying?” you said, speaking before you thought. you covered your hand with your mouth. “sorry.”

shawn let out a weak chuckle, “its
okay.” he took a deep breath before speaking again.

“look y/n, i hope this doesn’t scare you away but before i proposed that night i spent so long debating weather to do that or just give you the promise ring i bought. looking back i don’t know why i didn’t pick the damn promise ring, that would’ve been so much better.”

you weren’t sure if he was talking to himself or to you, because most of the time he sounded almost like he was scolding himself.

“shawn, it’s okay honestly.” you smiled. “maybe we moved a bit too fast.”

he nodded, “just a bit.”

“but,” you started, lacing your fingers together. “if that promise ring is still an option, i would love it.”

you knew it was a long shot to ask that considering the position of your relationship, but it never hurt to try.

his eyes widened, “oh! yeah, uh hold on, let me grab it.”

you laughed as he rummaged through his drawers to find the small box.

“wait, wait,” you interrupted him. “you bought a promise ring and an engagement ring?”

he returned with a small white pandora box in his hand, “yes. i may have got a little over excited.”

you laughed as he opened the box, revealing a beautiful princess crown ring.

“i’m not sure if i need to make a speech, i kinda did that already.”

you smiled as he slid the ring into your finger.

“thank you shawn, this is perfect.”

he let out a sigh of relief, “thank god.”

you smiled, quickly kissing him. happy that you have your boyfriend back.

I’ll Show You Anti-Pasta You Mooch

Prompt: #7. David Rossi burning down an Olive Garden to spread his Italian agenda. from @ilikepipecleanerswitheyes Crack Fic Challenge

Rossi was up for anything when it came to gathering with his friends and teammates.

Anything. But. This.

They had caught the unsub, saved a victim even. So why was it the only place open in this PO-dunk town was a God-forsaken joke? Were the kids trying to mess with him? Was he being Punk’d?

He pulled up in the SUV with Reid and JJ. “Guys? Do we really have to eat here? I mean, its rather insulting isnt it?”

Reid and JJ shared a knowing look, Uncle Rossi was very disappointed. “Garcia says this is the only place that is still serving food. Unless you want to try the Ihop by the interstate?” JJ suggested, sarcasm dripping.

He looked her in the eye, “Do I look like I have a death wish? What is with the back country, don’t they know what food is?”

“Statistically speaking blue collar families are eating out more due to time constraints. However I am sure this establishment may be a splurge for the families in the surrounding communities that have only a $39,000 median household income.” Spencer explained.

“Poor and poor taste, great.” Rossi finally opened his door, ignoring the giggles from the Sweet Valley High twins.

The cheap plaster and overly zealous hostess had Rossi biting his tongue. He let JJ deal with the seating, she was used to negotiating with terrorists. Luckily, Hotch, Morgan and Prentiss were already at a circular table in the back. Dave followed the younger agents and took the last seat available. He had his back to the wait-station and tried to focus on enjoying the time spent off the clock.

It didn’t go well.

Emily had to drop her accent when she ordered because the tween couldn’t understand her. “Sorry, doll, we don’t usually get foreigners here.”

The bread sticks were salty as the Dead Sea.

The “salad” was iceberg lettuce drenched in oil and disaster.

Then Dr. Giggles had to get freaking cheese on everything. Not only did Dave have to suffer here, his Italian heart shrinking in shame with each passing moment, but he would have to suffer on the jet home dealing with the kid.

Rossi ordered another bottle of their insult to wine, keeping it solely for himself. If he had to be here, he wasn’t going to do it sober. Hotch was eyeing his most experienced agent, usually Rossi wasn’t one to let emotion show. But the neon signs were loud and clear tonight: Dave Rossi = Pissed.

Rossi prodded his entree in suspicion. He cut into the Chicken Marsala. As he slid it into his mouth it was cold. He tossed his fork back down in disgust. “I’ll be a minute. Just need to cleanse my pallet…”

The team grew quiet for a full minute, then returned to their meals. No one else was disappointed with the food, they were just happy to have nourishment after a grueling day. Hotch began to check his watch as Rossi had been gone more than ten minutes. “Morgan? Why don’t you go see what happened to Rossi?”

Derek left the table at a lazy pace. The team was still having fun, but it was getting awkward without Zio Dave there. Morgan found Rossi outside under a decorative tree in the parking lot. Smoking a stogie. He laughed when he saw the younger agent, wrapping him in an exuberant hug. Derek laughed off the drunken ramblings of his mentor.

“I’m fine out here, Morgan. Just take care of the bill?” Rossi said, slipping Morgan a wad of cash. “Atta boy.” Patting the bulky agent on the back. “Oh, Morgan? Please don’t give that moron of a server more than 15%, capisce?”

Derek shook his head and laughed his way back inside the restaurant. The team was getting their take home containers filled when Derek returned. “Rossi’s good, a little drunk maybe. He is smoking a cigar while he waits for us.” Hotch nodded, slightly less apprehensive about the veteran agent.

Morgan tipped 20% because it wasn’t his money. Everyone loaded back into the waiting SUVs. JJ decided it was best she drove back to the hotel. As they idled in the parking lot, Rossi looked down at the fuel gauge over JJ’s shoulder. “Looks like we’ll have to stop for gas JJ.”

“What? Didn’t we fill up this morning?” Reid was flummoxed.

JJ slid from the parking space as David Rossi flicked the end of his cigar out of the back window of the dark federal issued vehicle. It hit a puddle of gasoline which instantly ignited. The snaking trail of fuel wrapped around the parking lot into the dumpsters, where the discarded cooking grease and  a strategically placed gas can exploded.

“Good riddance, you imposters!” Rossi called from the backseat. His laughter was maniacal.

JJ floored the gas pedal, peeling away into the night.

gabsssterzzzz  asked:

I need advice.. theres a guy and he isnt "ready for commitment" but I rlly wanna be w him. The sex I great and we connect on another level but idk what to do, its been 6 months ..

i would say give him space bc lord knows what goes on in guys heads but since it’s been 6 months, girl don’t waste your time waiting for him, if he’s not making an effort to move the relationship forward then is he really worth it? i mean everyone’s different so maybe he needs more time to think but don’t let that put you down; just carry on living your life you know. If he truly cares for you& realises ur connection then he’ll come by soon😌