i know this isnt amazing but i needed to post something on here about it

Types of nctizens when NCT has a comeback:

wowwww thank you everyone for 100 followers im so emotional rn ❤ isdhjwocjw jkjk anw to celebrate that, i have made a long ass post about the kinds of nctizens i have come across when there is a comeback coming up. once again, thank you everyone!!

1. the mother: look at my bby isnt he so adorable he grew up so much pls feed him more i wabt to see him healthy oml hes so squishy-

2. the unprepared: oMG iM nOT REadYy wAht iM sOo aTACKEDT RN SEND HELP ASAP idisIDJWCKSJC-

3. the rich kid: oh wow look at my wallet its still full gotta buy morE ALBums aNd merCH

4. the broke fan: ameyziNgGg my money disappeared aLL of a sudden ¿¿? whAT IS THRIFTINESS IDK MAN aLL I KNOW IS THAT IM BROKE

5. the cute fan: //chirpy voice// ihihihihihi oh my goshhh look at him hes so cute hihihi im blushing hihihi

6. the artist: hOW AESTHETICALLY PLEASING i have to draw this brb gonna get my materials ready

7. the fashionista: look at his outfit ITS SO GORGEOUS his shirT I GOTTA GET THAT GOD BLESS UR STYLIST

8. the hairstylist/hairdresser: neW haiR SAVE ME wait waht save mark first jfc his scalp-

9. the fanfic authors: oH wOw I SUDDENLY HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA i have to turn it into a stOry

10. the super supportive fan: look at tHEM thEyre so tALented suppORt my babies yaLL betteR BUy theiR aLbum-

11. the emotional one: look at how far tHey haVe grOWN i remember when they were just in smrookies waiT IM GEttinG teAry eyeD i need some tissUE-

12. the protection squad: pROTECT MY BBYS they doNt deseRve hate at aLL :

13. the verbally/physically violent fan: wHat¿¿¿? unTaLeNTED ¿¿?? yALL BETTER GET READY BC I WILL FIND U AND BOMB UR HOUSE oH anD did i forgEt tO saY tHat i aM goiNG TO PUnch yOu in tHe tHroat-

14. the meme master: //pauses vid// AHAHAHAHAHAHAJKSHSKDJA LOOK AT HIS FACE HAHAHHA HE LOOKS SO FUNNY oadskidjwk i haVe an idEa foR a meMe jusT A seC

15. the makeup artist: wOw LoOk at tHat heaveNLy faCe i loVe the eyeshadow cOLor ooOOo i have a feeliNg that i can do thiS look wait i gotta look for my brushes-

16. the dancer: amaziNg choReo iT looks so cOOL/cUte i waNna try to dance iT alryT gotta memorizE tHe steps here we gOoOooo

17. the singer: //hears the bomb ass vocal line// whOooOoaaaA thatS SO COOL im gOnna siNg it //clears throat// //ends up slaying it as per usual//

18. the one who streams 25/8: the wifi is gOod rn so i’ll opEn a few incognito taBs and stream the hell out of this song gotta get it to 100000000000000 views

19. the busy kpopper student: oH wow i have a chemistry homework, a history essay about that era, 6 reports about this thing..wow thats a LOT. bUt what is lifE anw gotta watch more vids i’ll just fail this time

20. the one who attends events/concerts: OOoOoooooOooo GOtta gEt thiS bannEr and show my support for tHem and iM gonna screAm rip my lungs and throat-

21. the chill fan: oh wow look at them they look so beautiful awww im so happy for them yayyy

22. the pervert: oh shit he looks hot wAIT IS THAT HIS //gasps// ASS OSCJWBCIWK

23. the unloyal hoe: what is bias¿?? :“))) i may or may not bias the whole group bUt who the hell actually cares-

24. the one who thinks of smrookies: tHeyre so taLented and amazing but you know whats better? hansol, kun, jungwoo, and yukhei geTting to debUt in NCT

25. the pure gibberish: OudjwndojskxkķkwndnsjchijICJSNXKNA JSNXSKMSJbw Jxjwnakxiajzkkwkkn //heavy breathing//

N O T E: This isn’t meant to offend anyone at all. This is just pure fun. I hope you guys find something funny in here because i had to squeeze out all my brain juice for this. I literally have someone in mind for each category lol. which one are you?

btw feel free to add more categories :D

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While I'm not the same anon you responded to earlier, I'd like to point you to Momo's hero internship as a reference to Horikoshi's poor treatment of her: the whole thing is a 'fuck you' to her character, and the fact that every female character's arcs are so short and that they're never talked about again is a big red flag, especially compared to the male bnha characters. And does Momo's hero costume really have to be like That?


((but i appreciate you not approaching the subject in the same manner as the other anon haha))

uraraka and tsuyu (both girls!!) got AMAZING internships that we see a lot of!! both learned a lot bc of them, and we see exactly what we need to see that will be applied later. if you complain about the girls being cut short you have to admit that the boys were too! i dont even remember what tokoyami or tail boy were doing bc theyre secondary and tertiary characters! its not sexist to put the main character of a story in the lime light!!

ofc the intern arc is gonna focus more on deku!

now specifically speaking of momo’s internship




her internship SUCKED obviously
but it sucked for a reason

when she was in the tournament she never got to showcase her powers, so when this pro hero picked her it wasnt based on how well she could fight as a hero, but on how cute she looked


she was so excited to even be picked at all but then it turns out its not for her brains or powers, its for her looks

this is what avalanches momo’s overthinking and over-analyzing personality to the breaking point. even when the red head (who’s name i cant remember atm) tells her smth to the effect of “wow this sucks but lets at least have fun” momo cant

she cant let loose
the whole time she feels like there is something she should be doing, and worrying that maybe this is all she is good for; being pretty





so after failing in the tournament and suffering through a worthless internship, the girl who started at the top, entering the school under recommendation so she didnt even have to take the entrance exams, suddenly feels absolutely worthless 

its bc of this that aizawa is so determined to fight her and todoroki in their next test

with their quirks taken away what they need is strategy

not power

in this moment, after encouragement from her friend, she suddenly realizes


she’s wobbly at first but in the end they win thanks to her cunning.

((under the cut bc this post is already long haha))

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hidden relationship w/ idol!yuta (requested)

Originally posted by rebel-bee

request: Hii can you pls do Hidden relationship with idol!Yuta? Thanks :)

a/n so i’m guessing you guys really enjoy my hidden relationship scenarios bc i have a johnny and a doyoung one coming up as requested!!! other than that i still have a lot of other stuff in my requests but still feel free to send some here! i probably won’t post another one of these till next week since its project week so i’m gonna be focusing on school :( but please do support my other recent scenario for mark! thank you very much! (this got really long im so sorry)

genre: slight angst, fluff

  • ok so you’re ncts stylist 
  • so you’re always on the go with them and shit and you’ve actually grown pretty close to them
  • especially yuta
  • so yuta ,,,, he’s a flirt everyone is aware of this ,,, at first he tried to flirt with you whenever you do his hair
  • but then after a while, he’d actually talk about pretty interesting things which made u think like ??? oh he’s not just some stuck up flirty idol
  • then yeah you two eventually grew closer which led to him asking you out on a date
  • by date he means ,,, sneak out at 2 am and eat ramen at a convenience store
  • but that was fine with you. you understand his situation 
  • so you’ve pretty much only been dating for a month and since cherry bomb promotions have been going on, you can’t really risk getting him in trouble so you both agree to tell everyone about your relationship after promotions end
  • so yeah yuta’s actually such a good bf
  • he treats you like a goddess, he literally praises the ground you walk on
  • you, on the other hand, manage to sneak lil cheek pinches while doing his makeup
  • you’re always like “i don’t even have to do your hair it looks good no matter what”
  • you’re just a hidden power couple ya know
  • yeah ok so one day you’re just styling ncts hair and stuff and fixing their clothes for a music video
  • and johnny’s about to do his take and the other stylist is like “hey y/n can u do some final checks on johnny” and ur like yeah sure
  • so johnny’s sitting in the chair next to yuta’s and so yeah you’re doing final touch ups on johnny
  • and then he’s like “y/n ur really pretty”
  • and you’re like “oh thanks dude”
  • he’s like “are you free after the shoot we should go for some lunch or something”
  • you glance at yuta and he’s staring and u already know hes jealous bc hes so protective of u
  • you’re like “sorry johnny but ill pass i kinda have something going on later”
  • and he’s like “aw are u sure you can’t cancel that? its just lunch”
  • then he turns to yuta and he goes “bro don’t you think she should go out for lunch with me?”
  • yuta’s like “idk bro i mean she did say she already has plans tho” and he looks MAD
  • johnny’s like “aye do you have a boyfriend y/n”
  • you’re like “uhhhh yeah”
  • yuta’s like :333 dat me on the inside
  • johnny’s like “oh crap who’s the lucky guy!!!!!!”
  • you’re like “oh just some guy you don’t know him”
  • johnny’s like “oh well sorry for trying to get at you then man i didn’t know" 
  • ur like "nah its fine jaehyun tried to ask me out once too anyway”
  • then he goes off to film his take and thats when u realize YUTA DOESNT KNOW ABOUT THE JAEHYUN THING
  • yuta’s like “so jaehyun tried asking you out??”
  • you’re like “yyyyyyeeeeaaaaah”
  • “and you didn’t tell me?”
  • “yeaaaahhhhhh”
  • “was it before or after we started dating”
  • “after”
  • yuta’s like “if it was before would you have said yes”
  • and you’re like “wtf kind of question is that ofcourse not,,,, i had a thing for you”
  • and he’s still kinda insecure but he has to film so he leaves before he can say anything else
  • and you’re like no bby don’t feel that way :(:(:( 
  • so they’re taking a 10 minute break and you sneak yuta out back of the warehouse where theres no people
  • you’re like “yo you’re probably feeling insecure bc u think i would’ve dated your other members if you didn’t ask first aren’t you”
  • he’s just silent and looking at u
  • you’re like “well i wouldn’t have dated your other members anyway i always had a special thing for you bc you’re an amazing guy and the only one who can make my heart go like 💖💟💗💕💘💓💕💞💜💞💕 this and i only love you”
  • yuta grins and goes “you love me?”
  • you’re like “i said all that and thats all you got from it?”
  • he’s like “thats the only thing that really matters”
  • then he pulls you into a really tight hug 
  • like he’s literally squeezing your soul out
  • then he whispers “i love you too by the way”
  • and you pull him into a kiss
  • its cute bitch listen he smiles into the kiss isnt that fucking cute 
  • then when you pull away you see something in your peripheral vision 
  • you both turn to see the members staring at yall in shock
  • they’re faces are literally like :O
  • then doyoungs like “did i just watch a scene from a fucking drama or was that real life”
  • donghyucks like “HYUNG YOU’RE DATING Y/N??!?!??!!!!!?”
  • and while they’re all in shock their manager follows and goes like “you two. we need to talk”
  • you’re like “aw crap we’re so screwed”
  • so yeah the manager talks about how your relationship is gonna have to be lowkey. like really lowkey. and you both agree bc its better than being split up RIGHT
  • so after that scary talk yuta’s like “that was unexpected”
  • you’re like “that was really unexpected. and its only 2 pm.”
  • then yuta’s like “true. so can i get a kiss again”
  • you’re like “fuck off” but you pull him closer anyway and as you’re leaning in THE MEMBERS COME IN
  • taeyongs like “are we interrupting something”
  • jaehyuns like “oh damn i remember i asked you out once y/n im so sorry”
  • johnny’s like “I ASKED YOU OUT THIS MORNING”
  • and the members are laughing at this and so is yuta
  • you’re like “its okay really johnny”
  • and everyones just laughing while you’re reassuring johnny that it isnt a big deal
  • yuta puts his arm around you and he’s like “well atleast you guys know now. keep your hands off my lady.”
  • and donghyucks like “thats so gross and cheesy get out”
  • you’re getting shy so yuta pinches your cheek using the hand thats resting on your shoulder
  • everyone cringes on the outside but they actually find it REALLY cute
  • so everyone goes back to minding their own business
  • then yuta whispers “so how about a date after filming? or do you actually have plans?”
  • you grin and go like “only with you” :)
  • the end

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another reason rhajat is better than tharja is rhajat isnt an abusive mother and is actually caring toward her children, and if noire didnt go to the past from the future and cause tharja to actually care for her child tharja would still be abusive

True o: It’s a shame we don’t know about Tharja’s upbringing because I suspect that she was raised the way she tried to raise Noire (or, even worse, that’s actually how you raise a kid in Plegia?). Maybe she thinks that’s how you raise a kid. What is even weirder is that she truly cares for Noire, we can see it in their Future Past convo:

Noire: M-Mother?! Y-you’re here?! B-but… how? Did… did you resurrect yourself with some kind of curse?

Tharja: Hee hee… And what if I did?

Noire: It wouldn’t matter one bit!

Tharja: … It wouldn’t?

Noire: Of course not! […] You don’t know how lonely I’ve been since you sacrificed yourself to save me. […] Oh, Mother! Please don’t ever leave me again!

Tharja: Noire… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have led you on like that. Your mother hasn’t come back to life. I’m not her.

Noire: B-but…

Tharja: I’m a different Tharja on a brief visit here from another world. I’m not the one who raised you. Sorry for getting your hopes up.

Noire: Oh, you… Oh. I… I suppose I should have known. Death is permanent, after all… But I meant what I said. I am happy to see you, even if you’re not… you. Even if you are from another world… Even if you’re here only briefly…

Tharja: Good. Then I’m happy too. You were saying earlier that they took your talisman, weren’t you? Let me make it up to you by helping you get it back.

Noire: Really? You’d do that? Oh, thank you! *Sob* Mother…

Tharja: Tears? Really? What am I supposed to…? Listen, I don’t have much time. But while I’m here, I’m going to make the creatures who tried to hurt you pay.

I don’t know Tharja well enough to try and speculate, but it’s pretty clear she loves her daughter, and that Noire reciprocates this love. Noire states Tharja protected her at the cost of her own life. Tharja feels guilty (Tharja! Guilty!) for teasing her about such an important topic. Tharja apologizes TWICE in the same minute (in all her supports, I think she only apologize to Donnel, and only once). She feels the spontaneous need to do something to compensate for getting Noire’s hopes up. And, above all, she is ready to DECK those who tried to hurt/kill Noire. Tharja’s feelings and intentions are really hard to read… I can’t come up with a logical reason as to why she’d treat Noire badly but still love her so much at the same time (except maybe that she was herself raised like this).

Anyway, you are right: Rhajat treats Kana adorably. I know, I know, “default supports”, but you know very well that the Parent/Child supports are never an exact copy/paste depending on the customizable parent. Tharja herself acted rather cold/uneasy with F!Morgan (though she expressed distress when Morgan had her sudden headache). 

(End of their C-support.)

(Beginning of their B-support.)

But Rhajat? She acts SO SWEETLY. Motherly, at ease. RELAXED. Which is pretty amazing coming from Rhajat.

End of their C-support:

F!Kana: Really? You won’t be too busy?

Rhajat: For you? Never.

End of their A-support:

F!Kana: Mama, thank you for taking such good care of the flowers I got you. This makes me so happy!

Rhajat: And thank you, Kana, for all the love you’ve given me. And for the flowers, of course. I’ll cherish them for a long time to come.


Rhajat: You know, we didn’t pick those flowers we saw the other day… But we did manage to make some nice memories, didn’t we? I hope we have many, many more like them.

F!Kana: Me too! I love you so much, Mama!

Rhajat: Heehee. And I love you too, Kana.

But most of all? 

These lines made me lose my shit entirely

(Well, Rhajat, that escalated qui-)



(more about Rhajat and Kana HERE.)

Wisdom Teeth

           A happy technicolor of magazines were sprawled across the coffee table in a messy heap. The glossy covers glinted beneath the cool fluorescents, while a fishtank gurgled. And nearby, a nightmarish stuffed bear posed precariously on an end table with brochures. It almost hurt to look at the poor thing–slumped over and top heavy from the set of dentures lodged awkwardly in its little stuffed mouth, its beady eyes appeared glazed over. In agony.

           The blonde receptionist cleared her throat, and called her name. Oh boy. With slight hesitation, she finally slid from her seat, unsure of what she would find. At the end of the hallway, a poster read, “No worries! Just smiles!” She remembered Mulder’s door was to the left of it.

           “Yes, that’s me,” Scully answered, and ducked back near the window.

           “You’ll need to sign this,” the receptionist droned. The woman then tapped a blue pen into Scully’s palm.

           “What is this?”

           “We had to restrain the patient and give him a stronger dosage of anesthesia. He consented to it beforehand, but we can’t get his signature. Yours would be fine.”

           Scully eyed the paper again. Restrain? We’ve dealt with flukemen, forest monsters, murderers, and this is what he can’t face?

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boom boom; no one asked but here is my perceptive on the ‘i want to be mare but i am white- what should i do/ would i get the role?’ topic.

please no hate, i’m allowed to state my opinion.

The answer to the question (for me) is very simple: no. personally, i do not think you would get the role. you might be the best actor in the whole world, but pale as hell, and i don’t feel as if you should get the roll. there are so many different reasons why (here are a few):

1. the casting/ directors would get a TON of backlash. Mare is latina, and if they were to cast a white person in her role it would be whitewashing. some people might refuse to go see the movie which could make it drop in popularity, and income, which would all in all be terrible. it could be taken out of theaters sooner, and ruin jobs for the casting, and director. 

2. there needs to be more representation in the media. red queen has a huge following, and if everyone in the fandom tells all there friends and families to see the rq movie (when it comes out) who have no previous reading experience to the books, it will get more population, thus more ads on tv. more people will see it. and the best part would be– that there would be a non-white lead!!! i mean think of how big that would be, i know there have been leads in the past who have not been white, but i mean a latina lead would be amazing! it would make people see past race and say (or think) ‘hey not every white person is the hero, heros can be anyone, any race.’ And for people who havent read the book think back on the movie think mare is white, remember her as white– which she isnt. it would also open peoples eyes to different races in big screen media.

3. In book one, mare’s skin is paled to fit into silver life. think logically here guys, if mare was cast as a white person how would they do this? throughout the series mare struggles as who she is always saying ‘im not Marena (idk how to spell it give me a break)’ what would happen for this scene? honestly? would they just take it out of the movie? its half of the red queen book! and even if you got a ‘spray tan’ to try and not be pale, or make yourself look more ‘latina’…… dont. dont even think about doing that. one, you shouldnt try and change your damn race for a role its not appropriate at all. two, just dont. seriously.

4. If a younger generation saw the movie, it could make them looking up to mare. i mean hell, who doesnt look up to mare? shes a badass. but it would influence the younger kids (or something) to look up to different people of different races, expanding there line of intrest.

some additional mini-rants/ points:

- acting is just the half of it, looking the role is also looked upon at casting calls and is still very important.

Now for the answer for ‘what should i do’: I think you could still try out if you are white. you CAN try out for mare, i am not stopping you at all, just be remembering my points. if you dont get mare just dont be salty. dont let race stop you from living your dreams, 

add what u guys think!! (if u want im not forcing u)

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who are your favorite mutuals? tell me something nice about them? and who are mutuals who u want to be more in touch with? You always seem very close with people here!

hi there <3 

this became some sort of mutual appreciation post and got a lil personal lol. loved the ask tho! so yeah i tried. thanks again <3

@ambrosius-faust is my baby bro. tbh my life wouldn’t be complete without him! he’s such an important presence in my real life. There isnt a day where i dont talk to him. My lil bean is2g too much love. 

@henricavill it was some sort of weird ass connection that made it feel like we’ve known each other for years! Jess is honestly so nice, talented af and sweet asdfghjkl. shes my messy head cowboy wifey <3 

@steveetrevor HANNAH MY FAVE TO HURT ME <3 this cutie is too talented for words like wowowow rude if you know what i mean. and shes also hella nice and smart and always sharp A+

@oldfashionedvillain Emile is an absolute miracle worker, her work is so amazing like even the minor details wowowow. Shes so adorbs and cute ugh im so glad we can scream together about shit ;)

@flawlessbanshee HANNAGH and i  go waaaaaayyy back. it almost feels like a crime to unfollow her! shes one big ass ball of positivity and love. Respect her and she will protect u forever <3 shes my light!

@margaerytyrelle ANNETTE!!!!!! SO. SWEET. NICE. AND CARING. and talented bc she owns my soul with her icons. hella! i am so glad we started blabbering together haha!

@generalantiope BEE IS MY GOALS OKAY. the whole package okay jfc. Talented af, got them amazing urls, makes edits to die for, is super duper nice and patient whenever i attack her with questions and i just love we met over our love for antiope! ;) <3

@wingscomeback fleur darling! our fandoms couldnt be more different and yet we met i think ¾ years ago AND WE STILL TALK I MEAN THATS MEANT TO BE RIGHT. Absolute sweetie right here; girl power flower <3333 

@takingoffmyshoes ANNA! we sorta met bc of jess and my obsession with her amazing super power fics. and we we’re a match ;) supersmart and caring af! its always a delight to talk to her!

@isak-valterssen CAROLINA! Whenever im in doubt i go to her. Whatever it is, she’ll always know something about it, or a cool fact, movie, music, book whatever shes my miracle worker and honestly i love it! shes a wonder alright <3! 

mutuals i think are A+ and i wish we talked more :

@keoghanbarry A+ talented bean right here and so nice!

@legohlas came for the quality and stayed for the person! wonderful blog!

@feedingmyinsomnia my german teacher in disguise! i love every convo we have lol we need more tho my german is slacking haha also ur my snapchat bud so yeehaaa

@yigrittes meghan is superduper sweet and makes amazing shit like woah

 @napolllya whenever i see u on my dash it makes me really happy woah and ur so beautiful is2g! 

@wondcrwomans we’ve never really talked but woah what an amazing blog!  

@lmwechirrut we sorta talked like years ago bc we bonded over bucky and tears but wouldn’t unfollow for the world. A+ powerblog!

@screamingarrows my new hockey master who somehow always makes me laugh with texrpost and A+ selfies wowwoowow! 

@wonderwowan the sweetest bean out there! nice and caring with the right amount of sass <3 ! 

@truegriefbeard followed forever lol can’t imagine my dash without u on it! 

@deforestkelleys i legit screamed when u followed me lol. ur always A+ and sweet here and hella cool applause dude! 

@captainvkirk u always say the nicest things about my edits and asdfghjkl that means so much to me! ur a doll <3  

@johnnyjaqobis dutchies unite! so talented with them gifs i cant handle! A+ dude 

An Open Letter to the world, From the people.

My name is Marvin Thompson, and none of that is important. I want to start a project. Id like Tumblr, and anyone who sees this, to help me construct a living manifesto to the entire world. A cry for peace.

I want to prove to everyone that their voice matters, and that through our voices, we can change great things.

Reblog this and share with your own writing. Add to this letter. Help it grow. Turn this small post into something that the world cant ignore. Stop a war, feed a child, spread love, tolerance, write for our future.

Write to change the world. Hopefully a world leader sees this or a politician, or it makes the news.


Im asking you all for peace. I’m asking for you all to stop everything that you are considering, and to think about everyone and everything we have. I do not ask this blindly - I am well aware that there are many stipulations that interfere with the notion of peace. That there are many pictures that come into your head, and that some of you laugh and smirk at the impossibility, because nothing in life is that simple. But as a firm believer in chance, and as a stagnant stone with the idea that anything is possible, I believe that it could be. I believe that we shape our lives and our future. I think, at this point of human development, we’re reaching a dangerous point in a curve that can curtain the very possibility of tomorrow as we know it. And that if we turn a blind eye to the senseless, pointless killings, wars, and even to the smaller scaled issues of everyday communal, it will continue to fester, and it will continue to grow.

Tolerance. Respect. These are things we should fight for. These are things we should maintain. We should learn to understand each other, because we’re on the same thin sheet of ice, pressed against the same uncertainty.

I have a weird religious belief. I believe that every time we die, we are reincarnated to another life or another time where we learn, fresh faced, and grow as people until we hit the point where with our lives we can change a world, or a life, or create new ones, until one of the billions of inhabitants can succeed in stopping the crash of a peak like this.

And this is all by chance, to me - which is what makes it great. There isnt anyone pulling the strings. Just us, and what we dont know, and the things that can and cant happen. We are born, by chance, to end up as something and die when and in a way that we dont know. We have the chance to do amazing things, and equally, the harrowing ability to do or allow horrible things to happen. Both of those possibilities are looming above us, and its up to us to decide which we want to take the reigns.

The days of imperialistic conquests are over. We’ve carved up most of this planet, and I assure you, there is no square inch of it worth dying for. These are the days where man and its ambitions are rubbing against a glass ceiling that if broken, can rain horrors down below. These are the days of the peak. These should be days of reflection. And for all the factories across the world, we’ve yet to learn how to mass produce understanding.

What more is there to have? We have men on the moon. Buildings that touch the sky’s cieling. Jets that break the sound barrier. Airplanes, cars, jets, super highways, computers, we have cures for disease, we have enough food, we have movies and music and schools and we can learn anything we want whenever we want.

Why do we need more? Why do we always take and take and want and want and we almost never give? Why is there so much food and there are starving families eating dirt? Why are there so many religions that preach peace and kill each other by the thousands? Why do we get such a kick out of abusing each other, monetizing our sadness and dividing each other? Why do we need bombs? Why dont we take our Planets health seriously? Why do we destroy cities and rape women and kill children? Why do we advance so much just to ignore everything we’ve learned?

Do you know how much we have left to fix here for that tomorrow to happen? Is there an endgame to greed?

How many more great men and women have to die after leading lives of advocacy for peace for us to get the point?

World leaders.
No more bombs. No more poisons or massacres. No more stockpiling. No mpre backroom deals, no more destruction and death. Its possible. You dont need any of this to live. We’ve created the illusions of power and influence and now its got us by the throats, doing things in the name of things that are insane and insensitive. Justifying our hate filled actions with promises of more hate instead of love. With cooperation. With solid leadership. There is your strength.

It is not your bombs or your guns Or your armies that make you strong. Who do you have to fear? We are all human beings. I dont care if you live next door or in North Korea, or Russia or India or Pakistan or Washington or Tokyo or France, Britain, Spain, Italy or anywhere else, you are all human to me and you all have that same chance and possibility to do something amazing if you choose to.

And I know there’s alot to forgive, and a lot that cant be forgiven, but none of those are excuses to do more horrible things to each other. We do not stand for hate anymore.

Stop your stockpiling and feed a village. Stop your explosions and save the earth. Stop your hate crimes and understand each other. Stop everything and love this life because you haventhe chance to live it. We are all going to die. There is so much we can and need to do. There is so much we can change. I want to change so much in this world.


Washington, stop your bombs.
Korea, stop your bombs.
Russia, Stop your bombs.
If you want to prove you are strong, then work together and fight the impossible notion that this destructive tide cant be changed.


Build a future.”

park jinyoung as your boyfriend

i’ve been slacking so much lately but i hope i can start posting more regularly. anyway, here is the long awaited jinyoung as your boyfriend!


Seventeen / BTS


- he’s half cuddler half  "no it’s too hot in here, stay on your side" so waking up is always a surprise. (when he does cuddle, he cuddles)

- you two never get ready together because he gets up/gets ready too early for your job but he is always singing in the morning and it’s nice to listen to. you sometimes just listen, half-awake, and fall asleep a bit more peacefully than before. 

- if he’s feeling particularly sweet in the morning, he’ll leave you a plate of cut-up fruit and a pastry for breakfast and you think it’s so cute and adorable you just wanna give him a kiss for it. 

- when you get ready together for other things, like parties and events, it’s always fun. jinyoung, of course, likes to sing meanwhile and you always try to duet with him. he will sass you every once in a while and tell you not to sing lol 

- he likes to suggest ways for you to do your hair in intricate updos but offers little to no help once you attempt to do one. he does, however, get you a stylist when you guys are going anywhere exclusive and it’s a really sweet gesture and he always says ‘well my baby deserves the best’

- btw he loves calling you baby just saying

- he’s the type to get a bit jealous of your coworkers so he’ll send you gifts randomly like a big box of chocolates or a teddy bear that says “I’m Glad You’re Mine” or a cute bouquet of flowers and then everybody knows that you’re taken and belong to him and him only. 

- he’s actually romantic a lot. like his dates are always well thought-out and amazing. he likes taking you to fancy meals but he also likes doing cheesy things like picnics in the park or slow dances in the middle of the living room (not a real date but still you love it)

- he really likes doing seasonal dates. in fall, he likes to take you to the pumpkin patch and then go get apple cider and maybe take cute pictures in your sweaters and having a bonfire with all the members. in the summer, he loves to take you to the beach where you two can swim and make sand castles and get ice cream. he also likes going to the aquarium and taking walks in the park and petting the dogs that come up to you. in the spring, he likes to go on bike rides on trails in the forest and go out to cute italian places and eat on the outdoor patio and pick you flowers. in the winter, he likes to cuddle up by the fire and be really cliche and make hot chocolate and decorate for christmas and of course he likes to go above and beyond for valentines day. 

- OKAY valentines day. he spoils you so much tbh. he gets a wide variety of chocolate and even chocolate covered strawberries because ya know, chocolate is like the food for love. he also gets you jewelry and flowers and and other things you may have mentioned before and you’re like ‘babe its valentines day, not my birthday or christmas’ and he’s like 'idc you deserve everything’

- he wasnt even nervous to introduce you to the members tbh because he’s so proud of you and you’re so amazing and he has no doubt that they’ll love you. and yeah tbh they do love you and always want to hang out which makes jinyoung sometimes jealous

- okay lets talk about jealous jinyoung.

- he gets jealous super easy and like he’s pretty protective too but it isn’t really smothering? you know he means well and he just really loves you. if you get to close with the boys or something he’ll pull you away or give you a supers obvious “im jealous” kiss and you’ll blush and shove him away. 

- he gets protective when you do anything remotely dangerous because he tends to think you’re accident prone? like once you fell down a few steps and got a bruise on your knee and he turned into a mother hen and made you sit down and ice it and he did everything for you lol what a mom

- but lets be real, you’re a mom to him too. you always send him texts reminding him to rest and not overwork which he always replies to with an adorable selfie. but i mean you know he likes to push himself to be the best but he overworks himself too much and sometimes he just needs to /chill/

- he would 10000% be the type to surprise you with a trip to somewhere romantic, like paris. he’d have the whole trip planned (like he even secretly packed most of your bags) and then he makes it this big deal where you have to open up a cute box full of goodies “just because.” the goodies will be things like candy, travel-size everything, and cute gloves and scarves (because it’s cold). then at the bottom, tucked inside a “pocket sized” translating book, is two round-trip plane tickets to paris. 

- you’re probably be too excited to handle yourself and give him a ton of kisses and he’ll just be smiling from ear to ear because he made you so happy (and also you keep kissing him)

- when you guys get to paris he is like a tour guide (even tho he isnt familiar with the place) and he does all the talking (with the help of the translation book) and ofc you guys get lost like a million times 

- but he takes you to the eiffel tower and it’s nighttime so you guys look out on the city all lit up and it’s absolutely breathtaking and jinyoung cant help but keep sneaking little glances at your amazed expression and honestly it makes him swell up with so much love he can barely handle it. 

- jinyoung likes to take pictures of everything. he takes so many candid photos of you and some are so silly looking (in your opinion bc like fr, he has one of you slurping up a noodle and another where you cant get a sweater to go over your head so it’s just like your forehead popping out of the hole where the head goes) but he adores them so much and makes them his lockscreen. 

- (but lets be real, some are really cute, like you asleep on his chest or you smiling really big when you’re hugging a dog you guys went by in the park)

- so in return you take the occasional candid of him and he insists that you delete every single one but you just stick your tongue out and refuse (unless he deletes all of yours, which he wont). so then a picture of him mid-sneeze is what people see first when you open your phone. 

- the first one to say i love you is actually jinyoung because he knew by the third date that he was for sure in love with you. of course he doesn’t tell you that until it’s been a few months but like you two were watching the vow and at the part where the main character finds out his wife doesn’t remember him and that he has to make her fall in love with him again, jinyoung looks to you and just says “just so you know, i love you so much that i’d do the same thing” and you kind of just go :O because oh my god he loves me and at the end of the movie when they end up back together you turn to him and give him a kiss and say “and i love you so much that i wouldn’t ever leave you” (he probably nearly cries when you say this btw) 

- your and jinyoung’s relationship is loving and romantic but you both are so head-over-heels for each other that it makes other people want a relationship just like yours

Giant Guide to Ace Self Love

Kieren here. We get a lot of asks about how to accept being asexual when you don’t want to be. And it breaks my heart a little. This is going to be my guide for it. All the coping techniques I list are how I accepted myself being trans. It’s not exactly the same but the strategies will transfer for asexuality and aromanticism. All the asks I’m responding to are going to be under a readmore since there were a bunch and this is already long enough as is. Onto the advice…

I want all of you to know there is absolutely nothing wrong with you all for being asexual and/or aromantic. You are not broken. You are not unloveable. You are not any less than for being asexual and/or aromantic. And I really hope that this helps all of you come to see that for yourselves.

A lot of the asks sent in expressed a desire to feel sexual and romantic attraction or change your sexuality. The hard truth is, you can’t. Conversion therapy has been disproved several times over and is really harmful to a person’s mental health. Your sexuality and romantic orientation are what they are. And while they can be fluid and change over time, don’t count on that. It doesn’t happen to everyone.

First, let yourself be sad about this. Have a good long cry. The start of the healing and acceptance process is to let yourself feel that sadness genuinely. But the key is not to wallow in it. You need to build yourself up afterward. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy. Read a favorite book or fanfic. Watch a movie you love. Listen to your favorite happy songs. Write a happy poem. Snuggle a friend. Wrap up in a soft blanket. Take a warm bath. Do what you need to help build yourself up after feeling sad. You may need to do this a few times. It’s okay.

A good way to do that is to keep a journal (or make blog posts). Log your feelings about this. Venting your feelings honestly is important. Letting yourself feel your feelings is a huge step to self acceptance. Again, don’t wallow in the sad feelings. Bring yourself back up. Write a positivity blurb at the end. Then go do things that make you happy. Don’t let yourself stay in that sad space. that will only make it worse.

Next, start surrounding yourself with ace positivity. If you’re seeing a lot of things that put down asexuality cut them out of your life. Stop. That’s not helping you. Follow blogs that are supportive of all aces. Follow ace positivity blogs. Seeing things from other asexuals being proud and happy with themselves will help.

Also do some affirmations. Repeating to yourself that it is okay to be asexual and aromantic and that you are amazing and wonderful will go a long way. Find a short phrase to repeat to yourself out loud or in your head when the self doubt and hate starts up again.

Talk to other asexual and aromantic people. There are plenty of ace people on tumblr. Talk to them. Send them asks. Chat. I know this can be nerve wracking and hard for people with anxiety. But talking to other people like you is a huge help to self acceptance. It helps you feel less alone.

Again, all of you are lovely and wonderful people. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. And I wish you the best in your journey to self acceptance.


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Drunken Mistakes|| Nate ‘Skate’ Maloley

Part 4

After a while Stassie came over to get ready with me for the club. i went into my closet and looked for something to wear. stassie comes in. 

“you should wear this black mini dress” she says. i nod and grab it from her and slip it on. after that i go onto to doing my hair and makeup. once me and stassie finish we take a few mirror selfies for snapchat and instagram. 

“this dress really brings out my ass” i laugh. she takes a picture and adds the caption “Big Booty Bitches Do It Right 😍’ and posted it to snapchat and instagram. we both grabbed our purses and headed to the club.

We got to the club and grabbed our drinks and headed to the dance floor. one we were at the dance floor our favorite song came on which is Red Cup by E-40. we both started twerking and soon a bunch of party girls came over and started twerking with us. i had one of the girls take a video of me and stassie twerking and i captioned it ‘make that ass shake, thats an assquake’ and saved and posted it to snapchat. then a really good looking guy came over to me and started dancing with me. we were getting instense with our dancing, grinding up on each other and whispering things in each others ear. i looked over at stassie and saw her dancing with sammy. i didnt even know sammy was here. i continued dancing with the guy when i felt a hand grab my hand and pull me away. i traced the hand up  and realized it was Nate. what is he doing here. shouldnt he be with Kara? he walked me to the back of the club where it was darker and there was less people. he pushed me again the wall. 

“Nate, what are you doing here?” i ask him. he completely ignores my question and lok at me up and down. 

“damn ma” he bites his lip. 

“nate, what are you doing here, what about Kara?” i ask him.

“thats not important. Kara isnt important. what is important is you and i” he says. his hand cups my chin and he brings my face up to his and he puts his lips on mine. his kisses were intoxicating. he put my hands above my head and he continued kissing me. he pushed against me and started grinding on me. i wanted him so bad. he swayed his hips against mine. he looked at me and grabbed my phone from my bra and walked over to some guy and gave him my phone.nate got back into his postion and started grinding on me again. after about maybe 30 seconds the guy comes back and hands nate my phone. nate puts my phone back in my bra. i look at him with a questioning look.

“a little video for later” nate whispered. i nod. he continued to grind against me. i use all my strength to move my arms but nate is to strong. 

“your not going anywhere” he says gruffly. i bite my lip. i ached for him. he pushed against me and i felt his hard on. i wrapped one of legs around him keeping him nice and close to my body. i wanted him to know i wasnt letting him go anywhere either. he left lingering kisses up and down my neck making me ache more. he pushed his body against mine just so there was barley a centimeter of space between us. his kissing became fast, intense and rough. i let out a little moan.

“mhmm just what i like to hear”he whispers, leaving chills owns my back. he lets one hand go off my arm but the other grabs it so one hand is holding both my hands above my hand, then his free hand grabs my ass.

“i love your ass, its no big” nate says. he evetually lets my hands go so both of his hands can grab my ass. he massaged my ass while having himself against me. 

“nate..”i moan a little.

“mhmm ma?” he whispers. 

“i need you” i whisper.

“hmm, i didnt hear you” he smirks. 

“nate…you heard me” i whined.

“say it louder” he says. 

“Nate i neeeeed youuuu” i drag out. he looks at me and smirks. 

“ive got you princess.” he smiles. he looks around real quick and spots a girl walking out of the private bathroom and he grabs my hand and leads me to the bathroom. he quickly pushes me and locks the door behind us. next thing i know i leap into his arms kissing him. his hands grab my ass pulling at it. he pushes us against the wall.one of his hands held the wall. i undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. his dick popped out looking better than ever. i looked at it for a second and noticed how big he really was. nates hands go up my dress and pulls down my panties. he picks me up and puts me on his dick. he held the wall and i wrapped m y legs around him my hands hold his neck and partially his back. he began thrusting into me. i let out a loud moan. he felt so good. he left hickeys on my heck making sure he imprinted on me. 

“oh my, ma you feel amazing” he moans a little. i grab onto him harder.

“nate…” i trail off

“i got you” he says. i then let out an orgasam that came with a loud moan. he smirked. then i felt another orgasam coming on. hes the only one who can make me cum more than once. he let out his first orgasam out and i soon reached my second high. gripping him hard and soon going limp in his arms. he soon finishes his second high and he goes limp still holding me and holding the wall. 

“god damn ma, i can never get that with Kara” he says. then reality hits. he has kara. i quickly get off of him and pull up my panties. i fix my dress and head for the door.

“where are you going, whats wrong?” nate asks. he grabs my hand and pulls me back.

“nate, you have Kara. i cant….” i trail off. i pull my hand back and walk out of the bathroom. i walked through the crowd and looked for stassie. i feel a hand grab my mine and i flinch.

“hey are you okay?” i realize its stassie. 

“um yeah i need to go” i say.

“wow your neck” she says. i put my hand up to my neck. shit the hickeys nate gave me.

“they’re just hickeys.” i say.

“who” she smiles. 

“um” i look over and see nate walking my way. 

“no one, ill see you later” i say. i quickly walk out of the club and get an uber home. once im home i lock my doors and turn off my phone. i cant believe i fucked nate again. hes got a girlfriend, and he my bestfriend. i cant do this with him. but he was so good at it. he made me feel so good. No Violet. no more. i went up stairs and went to bed. 

Fat Acceptance Rant

I am so fucking sick of hearing about fat acceptance. I have the hugest rant prepared. First, I wanna start this rant off by saying I am entitled to my own opinion and nothing can change my opinion on this matter, so there’s no use trying to argue with me! I have been chubby ALMOST my whole life. I was skinny as a kid, mom would always brag to her friends about it! I ballooned up around 4th grade, I was still active then but I ate terribly and I had a really young mom that honestly didnt know what she was doing with herself let alone her child. I played basketball, ran track, played soccer, and did karate. 4 sports, I still gained weight because I ate like absolute shit. I remember when I was in 5th grade I was 5'4" and 135 and I wanted to be 120. My mom was so anti-fat, but so uneducated so she spent the next 6 years of my life calling me everyname under the book, physically abusing me because I kept gaining weight/was a snot/didn’t do my chores. I wont go into detail but I definitely have severe PTSD from the things she did to me. For example, she once poured dirty cat litter on me, then filmed me crying while telling me I sound like a whale in distress. I kept gaining weight of course, I stopped doing sports not because I didnt want to but because my mom got pregnant and someone had to take care of her. I was 14 when she had my little brother, but it looked as if I had had him with all the weight I had gained. In 8th grade, I was 5'8" 185 lbs. I was NOT happy, but food gave me an escape for a little bit and I truly did have an eating disorder. I binged at first, thousands of calories sometimes even tens of thousands. Mom would beat me for eating the food but I didnt stop, Mom kept calling me everything under the book. She gained 100 pounds after getting pregnant and lost it all within a year. She got depressed, and left my brother and I alone for sometimes months. I got into drugs and ended up dropping out of school and choosing to go to military school. I wanted to improve, for my brother- who I had gotten awfully close to all those years mom was out being crazy. In military school, mom finally had to take responsibility for her son and I was gone for 6 months, I did workout in military school but we were required heavy duty meals because they didn’t wanna get sued for underfeeding us. I gained muscle, yes, I was able to do 7 pull ups at the end of my time there but I was still 225 pounds, and not even close to being healthy. I am telling you all this about my past  because I see countless excuses in the fat acceptance tag. I gained all my weight back in high school, every year making a plan that this would be the year! I’m gonna lose the weight! I even got my best friend to lose 50 pounds but I stayed the same. I’ve used every excuse in the book. In the beginning of THIS year, I started discovering body acceptace/fat acceptance/etc I was into it at first, because I wanted to truly believe myself when I said “Wow, I wanna love my body teehhee (: My body is great!!!” It felt good, getting all that attention, at first. There were even some cute creepy guys that wanted to see my fat rolls and my big thighs. Finally I was getting love from people I never got when I was younger, via the internet. Then I started going on 4chan.. I found myself in the /fit/ section everyday. I ditched tumblr, I was obsessed. I saw Fat Hate Threads/Fat People Stories and I would binge while reading through them. Laughing at fat people, even though I was one. I kept thinking “man, I need to make a change this shit isnt healthy” but I would do something for a week and go back to my old ways. I finally found the subreddit that changed/SAVED my life. It’s called r/fatpeoplehate. You get banned for being fat, so I never dared post a comment or a link or argue or do anything but lurk. I had been on tumblr so long I was convinced every boy secretly loved fat girls so I didnt have to change, I just had to find me one that didn’t care about being in public with a fat girl. This subreddit opened my eyes, not only is fat acceptance BULLSHIT but so is being fat. They hate all fat people on that sub and they have the right to. I think all fit humans have a buried hate for fat people but they have been raised that it’s impolite to say something out loud about it. I believe they have every right. I am still fat as fuck, yes I have changed my lifestyle greatly but until I am fit I wont be talking about that because I’m not looking for someone to get their hopes up in me finally losing weight and getting healthy. I dont want anyone to be happy for me, I need more people around that won’t congratulate me when I lose weight I need more people around that will be like “OK but you shouldnt have let yourself get that bad in the first place, we aren’t here to give you a gold star youre literally just going from a gelatinous blob to a human being shut the hell up.” and I’ve found that in fatpeoplehate. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t love your body.. I’m saying love your body by making sure you are healthy. If your bmi is over 30 and you’re not a body builder or some sort of athlete you’re not healthy. I dont care what your excuses are being fat isnt healthy.. it will never be healthy. You are cutting 30 years off your life, you are creating health problems for your future everytime you preach about HAES. If you have kids, and you put your habits onto them youre creating a shortened life for them. I know what it’s like to be fat. I’ve been through all the excuses you’re giving the world. I have fat ass grandparents and a chubby family besides my mom, I still don’t blame being fat on genetics. I told you all about how my mom used to beat me for being fat, because I want you to know no matter how shitty your upbringing was, no matter WHAT happened to you as a kid or what’s happening to you now you dont need to eat your feelings or eat because of your PTSD or BPD or whatever disease you’ve diagnosed yourself with. What my mom did was wrong, but I dont blame my current weight on my past. I blame it on lack of discipline. I thought I had PCOS for the longest time, guess what? It turns out I’m just fat. Every excuse you’re using is wrong, you cannot be healthy at every size. If you are obese, or even overweight you need to improve your eating habits and exercise. You have one fucking life, look deep down inside yourself- do you really want to be fat forever? You can lie to yourself all you want but I know you dont want to be fat, I know you don’t really think all these amazing things about yourself. I know because I tried so hard to convince everyone I was cute. The constant narcissism in the fat acceptance tags.. People that truly believe they are beautiful and healthy do not have to scream about it every time someone tells them they are wrong. This was a really poorly written rant but I needed to get it out. Fat shaming and Fat hate saved my life and my future children’s lives. It seems wrong to promote hatred, but if you’re doing it for HEALTH reasons, I feel it’s justified. Obesity isnt attractive, our bodies aren’t meant to be that size and if your'e wondering why these people on the internet are so attracted to you but real life guys arent? It’s because fat girls/guys are never going to be seen as attractive. Even fat people with pretty faces (Adele, Queen Latifah) are seen as /pretty/ but would be seen as more attractive if they looked healthy. People on the internet calling you attractive are most definitely fetishists or people that are so desperate and alone they crave any sort of attention. That’s all I have to say/ Fat acceptance is wrong and you’re slowly killing yourself. No excuses, stop eating so much and start exercising more. If you have problems with your metabolism, exercise harder and eat even healthier. You will lose weight, you will be healthy. 

marshmellower-deactivated201601  asked:

Why does wander pull out his hair, and it's never mentioned in the wiki, nor does anyone else mention it. Does he really have trichotillomania?

Let me first state that I in no way work for the show, so I in no way am qualified to give you an answer that is to be considered canon or official.

However, I would love to ramble my opinion on the matter based on what I see. And again, this comes from nothing more than watching the same show you watch, and perhaps sprinkled with a little of my own bias as someone who works with behavioral health patients.

No. As far as I know, it has never been officially stated that Wander has Trichotillomania. But what has been officially stated is that there are 420 “personality fragments” to Wander. And what we know is that at least one of them persistently pulls out his hair. Its first seen in the episode The Box when wander gets no sleep, obsessing over whats in the box.

Ok, so what? Big deal. Hes just stressing and pulling out his hair because its distracting him from opening the box, right?

Yeah, thats perfectly believable. And when I first saw the episode/scene, its what I thought too. Poor guy. You just want to hug the stress away. 
Up until The Wanders aired, “hair pulling out” Wander was nothing more than a distressed and duped mail courier. Immediately, this is one of the first Wanders we meet in The Wanders

This time when we meet “hair pulling out” Wander, he is a bit different. Here we see him smiling, and appears to be neatly lining up the hairs instead of tossing them aside as seen previously. Granted, this smile isnt your typical “happy” Wander smile, and the lines under his eyes that still appear might indicate he is perhaps stressed in some way. Furthermore, his posture and mannerisms stay the same as previous, with the legs curled up and rocking motion.

Ok. Blah Blah Blah. What about the Trichotillomania? Thats all I wanna know.

Fair enough. But what you need to understand is that Trichotillomania is defined as the uncontrollable urge to pull ones hair out. No where in the Trichotillomania-specific definition does it say the sufferer must also exhibit some of the things this fragment of Wander seems to be displaying. Perhaps we only fixate on that part of it since it is pretty prominent. However, we could possibly be so bold as to say that Wander is suffering from a more broad disorder: OCD. Im hesistant to use that term, as I know how loosely it gets thrown around, so I might say that Wander suffers from ICD (Impulse Control Disorder) instead. When people think of OCD, they think, “I cant leave my house unless I check my stove 12 times” or “I cant put away my groceries unless all the labels are facing south”. And honestly, who knows? Maybe he has both. But in this specific discussion, Trichotillomania is more so an impulse than an obsessive-compulsion to me. With ICD, the intrusive thought/urge (ie: Wander pulling his hair out) is met with relief or satisfaction once it is performed, versus OCD in which it is not so much satisfaction based, but rather they feel they cannot move on with their day until the urge/thought is taken care of.

Given that, I would argue with someone that yes, Wander has Trichotillomania. But I would mostly argue that he has ICD and that Trichotillomania is a part of it. Feel free to stop reading here if you havent given up prior to this, as I feel like rambling a little more.

I want someone to come at me with, “BUT SYLVIA SAYS ‘OBSESSY’ WHEN SHE CATCHES THAT WANDER SO HE MUST HAVE OCD BC OBSESSY=OBSESSIVE=OCD!”. And hey. You might be right and Ill defend your right to have that opinion. But my argument would be that Im obsessive about a couple things in my life (as are many other people), but in no way would I say I have OCD. 

But “hair pulling out” Wander is obviously OCD when he freaks out and starts cleaning the “messy” Wander. OCD people are known to wash their hands repeatedly like this.

Sure. Again, you can feel however you want about Wander. But I would say that, to me, it seems more ICD. “Hair pulling out” Wander was also sitting and rocking back and forth on the ‘messy’ ground with no issue prior to this. For him to unsolicitedly start scrubbing the “messy” Wander, appears more like a “Im getting relief from performing this task that Sylvia brought to my attention and is incredibly intrusive to me” (ICD) rather than, “I dont feel like I can function or do anything else today until I perform this task” (OCD). I also want to add that when I say “relief” or “satisfaction”, I dont mean that it physically feels good. The satisfaction comes from eliminating that invasive impulse.

The strongest argument in OCD vs ICD in favor of OCD could be that “hair pulling out” Wander knew exactly how many “personality fragments” there were to begin with, and how many were left after a certain point. One could argue that he has Arithmomania, and that falls under the spectrum of OCD. And ya know what? That would be an excellent point that I would have little to counter with. But honestly, ICD and OCD are so closely related, that I feel a bit silly discussing it this much in the first place. As far as I know, someone who actually works on the show could say tomorrow that “WANDER HAS OCD” and Im going to fumble through my tears to delete this post in shame while you all blow up my inbox with “LOL GG PAL”. 

I really should have just said from the beginning “I dunno, ask someone who works on the show.”. I know there are a few here on tumblr that are amazing enough to answer questions like this, and honestly, it might be neat to hear something canon, even if it blows my HC out of the water. Then again, I am spending my morning drinking coffee and discussing a cartoon space spoon like its a real life person. I mean come on. This is a “personality fragment” the same as “blonde wig” Wander. Its not even “feminine” Wander, or “sassy” Wander. It is literally “blonde wig” Wander. The fragment of Wander that likes to wear a blonde wig and sashay around (and yea, I guess do lady things with Sylvia).

I will end my rambles there. Maybe next week we will discuss how I feel about there being an equal number of “dancing” Wanders to “sad” Wanders.

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Can you do like a ft art blogs rec thing? Like how you do the fic lists but like add in summaries of what you think of their blogs and just stuff like that? I just think it'd be a good start for new people in the fandom.

LOL yeah why not?? cough its 2am and I yeah typos

@nanakoblaze; omg nanako kills me every damn time she posts her art. I mean LOOK AT THAT THEY GORGFEOUS AF I freakin LOVE how u doing their eyes and how everything shines?? also she killed me with nalu x mm 
DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr yuuto & zervis ahh

@illustraice; *thuumbs uupp* OML iCE ur art is memerizing I SWEAR. I just love the way you draw I cant DESCRIBE IT. its uniquuuee~ and ur bubblegum series was just *holdes breath* *stars crying* im a proud mama. DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr also meme-queen

@acnologias-ass; hER fairy tail art is so daammn cutee I just ahhh I fall in love with her art! she loves the dragonslayer as much as I do and thats a BIG BONUS++ and her art is ahh cute where the character look kinda chibi but arent ahh I cant describe sryyy. acnologiahohohoDEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr

okaay imagine a basket full of puppiees, kawaii stuff & chocolate - thats their art wow what an example. its EXTREMELY CUTE! how can someone be so talented with a pen pls tellll meeey. their art is just: hella cute~ DEFINITELY FOLLOW ThEM wow I used cute a lot

@jellalsexualll; so. freakin’. hot. don let me start with her jerza arts *drool* SO TALENTED GOSH. how do you do the coloring??? Im like 1000% jelly. jerza body language. Her art is a mix of beautifullnesss and hotness AT ONCE. and jellal’s and gray’s muscleses heheheheh on poiint DEFINITELY FOLLOW hER

@keiid; HeR ART GIVES ME LIFE. I get freakin excited every time she uploads something like??? is that even normal??? her natsu and zeref art OMG both hella sexy cutee and AHHH I CAHNT. her series! DRAGNEEL-FAMILY YES.YES.YES??! natsu jawline omg I DIED DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@smaliorsha; NALU ART. NALU EVERYWHERE- her art is one word: beautiful above beyondness. her art is just ahhh nalu-fangirl-material™ everytime something new u wouldnt accept. *pause* inner-fangirl awaken. lucy in so many different roles I love it DEFINITELY FOllOW HER 

@semi-o; did you every saw her art? ITS LEGENDARY. I mean it its PERFECT I LOVE IT OMG. their anatomy is just perfect and how?? tell meeee. indescribably beautiful. sometimes drawing silly chibis and then sometimes art that takes time and BOTH INCREDIBLE DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM

@zippi44  you need to be dead to not know zippi  I mean her art is everywhere and AHHH FANGIRLING™ she’s senpai duh. first of all how can a person draw so perfectly? with both hands? AND GOSH UR NALU- ich sag lieber nichts mehr +16 muhaha german-power & your luna posts ahh DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@xdrawings-x; I think she has good stuff? LOL JUST KIDDING BAE; her art is just breathtaking. everytime I see a new nalu drawing of you I think u already know my reactions already LMAO. She has just a beautiful way drawing nalu<3 abs natsu cough cough DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEEER dani dani du machen mich noch crazy 

@shadoouge; I adore her nalu art its just so cute omg! You should visit her store and her streams!! her art is a mix of cute-chibi art and even cuter nalu and ahhhh dreaam!~ Everytime something new and her nalu-week-art *dying all over again* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@jiyu-koya; ellieeee your scetches and art are AMAZING! they darky & kinda sexual me liking it hehebe and their eyes omg how?? AND UR NATSU IS JUST HOT AND THE FLAMES THEY LOOK DELICIOUS -wait what?? personaly my fave are ur natsu & erza scetches<3 DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! 

@mslead; HER ART. HER COMICS. IM DEAD BYE. She has so many fanfic ideas and she DRAWS HER IDEAS INTO COMICS OR ONE PIECES AND IM IN LOVE OKK; her art has a dark-adult aura sometimes sexual and her natsu w/ long her is perfect  DEFINITELY FOLLOW HEr

@rboz; OMG HER ART IS SO DAMN CUTE and sexy cough cough if you a big gajevy fan visit her blog its alllll around! So many cute gajevy art and ahh everything what pleases your little gajevy hurt! warning kiddos nsfw-stuff here. AND DAMN UR GAJEEL W/ SHORT HAIR HUHU DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@phoenixx305; her nalu arts are so MAJESTIC OHMY I have no words to describe the beauty of your art??? Just breathtaking. & I ADORED her nalu-fluff-week omg the idea of them always taking a picture of their activities BRILLIANT AND DAMN CUTEW. and now zervis week? *DEAD* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! btw congrats oin 1K

@arikafd​; your end x lucy // Endlu art made me actually cry? Like wtf. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND AHH LIKE ALL YOUR NALU ARTS wqjsbjqwsd & your zervis is so cute omg why do I use cute so often? its just cute and  mesmerizing <3  DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER 

@m-d-tr1​; THEIR  NALU & GAJEVY DOUJI IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER READ?? their nalu douji was my first nalu-fangirl-material AND I DONT REGRET IT CAUSE ITS BEAUTIFUL! Lucy x dragonboi natsu YES YES & Levy x dragonboi gajeel AGAIN YESSSS. DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM!

@jxlight; She threw two of my fave things together into one masterpiece. NALU AND GAME OF THRONES THANK U OMG did I mention I love you because of your FANTASTIC nalu arts? how can a person draw so perfect and choose THE RIGHT COLORS?? #beautiful af DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@ayumichi-me; IM IN LOVE OKAY NOW ITS OUT. her natsu badboy x nerdy lucy hit me right in the hurt its huuurts. and her smut side hehehe she is hella cute and hella talented ohmy how??? nalu-fangirl-material-art. DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

@lapoin; her art. her art. HER ART jdkjdkjdd. she draws so beautiful I cant even describe it?? SO MUCH NALU YES THANK YOU. you should visit her store and BUY SOMETHING. its worth it. not only her nalu is beautiful EVERYTHING SHE DRAWS IS AMAZING DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER! 

@ccrispy; her art is more than cute- its nalucious omg what a verb I fangirled so many times just by seeing her nalu artwork omg. Its just tooo cuteee~~ and her nashi is so cute lemme huge her! JUST AHHH DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@kenjocatze; LMAO every time I go to your tumblr I think of: meme, ultra meme, oh endlu meme, ENDLU, curious end & cute nalu haha XD super-duper stuff their! Their nalu is on top and I just love their end omg Im obssesed with him. DEFINITALY FOLLOW THEM!

meme + crackshipping is my shit and her art gives me all omg I LOVE IT! LOL and their art is so damn funny and so freaking well-drawn?? how?? me being jelly again uh its not all about shipping and all but more about ft character fighting and just meme? yes. DEFINITELY FOLLOW THEM

@giupear; I LOVE your natsu and nalu omg my fave. how do you do the eyes?? they..they.. mesmerizing unforgettable. and natsus hair is my fave ohmy how?? so much nalu-fangirl-material u wouldnt believe me *cough* visit her blog *cough* DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@wendychuu; HINAAA MY SUNSHINE <3 1. cutiepie of the year 2. wendy  enthusiast 3. talented artist! She draws in such a cute way omg I LOVE YOUR ART AHHHH If you love nalu and wendy as much as she does DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER

@flamedork; see her tumblr header? self drawn. ISNT IT BEAUTIFUL??! Her nalu art is omg undescribale;  mix of talent cuteness & sparkle. ALSO WRITER! daaamn this girl is talented af! visit her tumblr to see her amazing creations! DEFINITELY FOLLOW HER!

>> I know I know there are many more artist in the FT fandom but im kinda lazy and yeah bye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
hope my rec could help you?

anonymous asked:

May I request a Jimin scenario where you confess to him and he rejects you but then he starts to get jealous when you are around other guys?

Heya angel! I’m so so sorry for taking so long to your scenario down, I’ve just been swapped with so so much work but I hope that you’ll like it! Thank you so so much for your patients my angel and I hope your having a good day ~~

I also decided to make matchmaker Hoseok make a re apperance, this scenario isnt directly linked but they’ve happened in the same time frame so its kind carrying on from here if anyone is interested to see the originis of Hoseok’s mathcing abilities : http://kpopships-and-more.tumblr.com/post/120768102014/oh-my-love-what-about-scenario-where-you-are

You rubbed the palms of your hands together, praying that the small beads of sweat that had rendered them sticky would fade away. By this point you had made up your mind and as you watched Jimins face contort from surprise into something entirely unreadable, you knew there was no going back. Time seemed to freeze over into an unmovable chaos as Jimin gaze burned  dark holes into yours. You wanted to scream at him to say something, you wanted to scream that it wasn’t fair for him to look a you the way he was, like you were a glass doll ready to break at his disposal. You wanted to push his touch away as he tucked a fallen strand of your hair behind your ear and pulled you close, his strong arms protecting you from the typhoon of turmoil that was beating against your chest.

“Y/N… I’m sorry” He whispered the grip on you tightening, saying no to you being harder than you could ever know.

It was like a string broke inside because all you could do was mumble a barely coherent  ‘Its okay’ before forcing yourself free a little too easily from his arms, your dainty hands trembling as you found yourself dialing a number a little too close to home. It wasn’t until Jimin heard you whimper out “Tae, come get me please” as you started to walk down the desolte street that a part of him coudn’t help but regret his logical actions.

The weight on your chest hadn’t gotten any lighter in the upcoming weeks but being around your partner in crime always made things easier and every since that mortifying rejection that still left you feeling a little sick, you had suddenly become tangled up in a weird menage tois with two of the most hyper active borderline moronic people you could have never in a million years wished for.

“What are you doing?” You asked, your voice barely coherent againts his chest.

“Greeting you” He replied simply, his wide grin almost visible in his voice.

Your own smile coudn’t help but surface at the never changing light that always seemed to radiate from him.

“If I hug you back will you let go and let me in?”

Taehyung laughed squeezing you harder “Its the only way”

A hunched figure watched the two the pair of friends that seemed a little too close for comfort from behind a white wall. He pushed his dark bangs away from his eyes as he strained to get a better look at the way Taehyungs arm seemed to wrap itself around your shoulder with a little too much familiarity. The grip on the brick that he was using to keep himself from falling out into the open was turning his already pale knuckles into a deathly white as he unknowingly clicked his tongue under his breath.  

“When you spy on people like that it makes you look like a pervert”

Jimin jumped, almost banging his head against the hard material,  the remains of his soul leaving his body as Hoseok’s hand came down to rest on his shoulder, Hoseok shaking his head with feigned disproval trying to discourage the amused smile that was threatening to pull at the corner of his lips.  

“You rejected her first, you can’t get all mad and stalkey now that she’s moving on” He prodded looking at him so sternly that Hoseok almost believed it himself, making a mental side to to himself to talk to their manager about some acting gigs because he was doing pretty good if he said so himself.

Jimin scoffed crossing his arms across his chest like a child about to throw a tantrum “Mad? Me? Who said I’-” He stopped “What do you mean moved on? You mea- No way-”

Hoseok put his hand up to silence him “I’ve said too much already”

“Where are you going?” Jimin demanded after Hoseok who had already began to speed away after planting the bait.

“To watch a movie with Y/N and Tae, she always needs more than one shoulder to cry on after a sad film” Hoseok smirked.

“Ya! Wh- What are you trying to say? she’s vulnerable right now-Ya! Stop-”

Jimn’s sentence was cut short with the sound of the door slamming shut a gust of cold wind blowing into his as he was left alone in the hallway pondering what was the best way to proceed next. Hoseok must be an imbecile if he thinks Jimin’s going to let Y/N be alone with just the two of them. He may have rejected her but it was still his duty to protect her from creepers like Hoseok, he loved her and someone as amazing as her deserved nothing but the best and those two kids were definitely not it.

“Oppa! Stop, your being too distracting”

Jimin heard you protest from inside the room, your  voice bringing him across the hallway and right  to the foot of the door. Beads of sweat gathering at his forehead like group of anxiety ridden people coming together to discuss what the hell Jimin was doing and why he was making terrible choices that made him look creepier than any of the two guys in there.

Jimin felt something grip him like a vice deep in the pit of his stomach when he watched your rest your head on Hoseok’s shoulder then travel up to his chest when Taehyung brushed a strand of stray hair away from your delicate face with his fingers, till it was all the way up in his throat when he heard you whimper and bury your face in the crook of Hoseok’s neck. He could only imagine what it would be like to see you looking at him through tear soaked lashes, and Jimin would watch you as you scrunch up your nose at the ‘bad guys in the movies’ listening to you go off on a tangent about how it wasn’t that hard to treat others with kindness. He’d let the warmth of your body warm wash away all his worries, and sooth the ache in his bones, he’d forget about the long nights  ahead and let himself get lost in everything that was you.

“Op-Oppa?” A small voice stuttered out breaking Jimin’s spell and pulling him from his nirvana.

“Oh shit” He muttered under his breath as he looked up to make eye contact with the most beautiful girl he had ever laid eyes on.

“Wh-what are you doing down there?”

Jimin could almost hear the smirk in his voice as the words rolled off Hoseoks tounge “Yeah Jimin, what are you doing down there?”

The little shit knew he was there the entire time, he was going to get him back even if it was the last thing he did. Hoseok appeared out of nowhere like a malicious apparition wrapping his slimy arm around you.

“Wanna join us?”

It was like the last little shred of sanity he had in him snapped and he found his usual jokey manner thrust aside into a bottomless abyss as his grabbed your hand, his eye boring into yours with an incandescent fire.

“Lets go talk”

You tried to pull away, having him so close was too much, everything was still too raw to be so near him and not have your heart break all over again.


Jimin sighed “Please, I’ll buy you anything you want to eat, just give me another chance”

You froze, almost tempted to ask him to repeat himself just to make sure you had heard him right “Cha-Chance? Oppa this isn’t funny-”

“Please?” He said finally, his dark eyes begging you with such a sincerity it was almost impossible to refuse.

“Okay…you have an hour but that’s it”

Jimins face broke out into a wide smile as he instinctively wrapped his arm around you “You look pretty today”  

A few hours later a figure materialized from the shadows of the otherwise vacant alleyway, the corners of his lips turned up into a satisfied grin reminiscent of the Cheshire cat as he watched the two love birds disappear into the night. Your body pressed against Jimins, his arm wrapped tightly around you with the attempts to fend the cold air away from you.

“Your really scary Oppa” a short brunette said snuggling into Yoongi, his arms pulling her closer instantly, his need to protect her coming to him naturally now, Yoongi no longer bashful about showing affection in front of others.

“Stop meddling in other peoples life’s Hoseok, your nuisance” Yoongi shot in his direction, almost ready to wring his neck to stop him from stalking the pair. He didn’t particular care about the situation, he just hated it whenever people poked their nose in other peoples business.

Hoseok lifted his arms up “Hey, my ‘meddling’ as you called it is the reason this thing” He moved his hands signalling in their direction “is even happening so you have no room to talk”

Yoongi stepped in his direction ready to knock him down a notch.

“I can’t help I’m a love expert” He dodged Yoongi arms giving them one last smile before starting his chase again “I’ll see you guys later, I can’t wait to see how this is gonna pan out”

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Seriously tho, being severely obese is not something to be proud of. It's not discrimination to say it's unhealthy, it's a fact. Oh btw, smokers have higher healthcare costs too bc people who abuse their bodies are more likely to have health issues and have to use insurance benefits. It's statistics and facts, and they don't care about your feelings.

“Fat isn’t healthy.” 

Sweetheart, that’s just not true. Those naughty little facts you mentioned proved you wrong. 

Copied from another post of ours:

Obesity is largely genetic, rather than caused by willpower or a lack of exercise.  Obesity has many different factors, not all of which are related to lifestyle.

Health is complicated, and in fact, a lot of healthy fat people do in fact exist.

Losing weight isn’t as easy as just “exercise and eat right.”

A lot of health problems people associate with being fat are caused by other things.

We have a whole list of resources on why the idea that fat is unhealthy is bullshit, if you care:





Mod G totally destroyed someone for making these kinds of “fat people are unhealthy” comments not long ago.

So basically, our comments on this aren’t made up. Got it?

I think you need to read this: http://fatphobiabusters.tumblr.com/post/151568994436/so-you-have-an-opinion-about-fat-peoples-health

I am also going to add this: http://ok2befat.com/post/152655752093/threatening-fat-people-w-the-fiction-of-early

“It’s not discrimination to say fat is unhealthy”

Except, when we talk about discrimination against fat people… That’s not what we are talking about.

Copied from that same post:

Fat people are, in fact, discriminated against.

For example, people stereotype us as bullies, as lazy, as ugly, as unathletic (yes, fat people can, in fact, be athletic), as incapable of having sex, as a fetish object, as nothing but fat friend material (and no more important than that), etc. I mean, I could go on for a while.

When we are represented on TV, which is very rarely, our character’s lives revolve around their weight. All the time. It’s really amazing how badly we are represented. Hell, this whole page is full of evidence that fat people are badly represented in media! (It’s even worse if you’re a fat black woman.)

Oh, and people use weight as a reason to not vote for certain political candidates!

Fat people also get worse medical care than thin people, simply because doctors don’t want to treat us. Fat trans people find the poor medical care thing to be especially difficult. This also happens to fat people with mental illness.

Doctors are definitely some of the worst fat shamers. Need proof? Try this:























All of that is just fat shaming caused by doctors. Seriously.

And who could forget these fat shaming, ableist memes: http://fatphobiabusters.tumblr.com/post/151143690653/oodlenoodleroodle-the-exercist-whats-your

It’s harder for fat people to find clothes. And we are limited in what we are allowed to wear. And stores like getting rid of whatever clothes would fit us.

And there was this whole mess: http://fatphobiabusters.tumblr.com/post/151913457378/fat-posi-for-black-women-fatphobiabusters

I mean, fat people are constantly discriminated against everywhere, as I have explained plenty of times. How anyone could not see that is beyond me.

Here’s a whole fact sheet on ways fat people are discriminated against: http://www.naafaonline.com/dev2/assets/documents/naafa_FactSheet_v17_screen.pdf

And here are some more resources that prove fatphobia is real:







You can read the rest of that post here: http://fatphobiabusters.tumblr.com/post/152688469598/hello

“Oh btw, smokers have higher healthcare costs too bc people who abuse their bodies are more likely to have health issues and have to use insurance benefits.”

First of all, don’t compare fat people and smokers. Okay? 

Second, @ok2befat has debunked the idea that fat people cost people more money multiple times. 

Third…. What does this have to do with anything?

Anon, you’re fatphobic. Shut up and go away. -V

Okay so! Ive got a LOTTA bit to tell you guys.. (and maybe to Jack and Mark too if they see this at all.. highly doubt it..)

Ive added the keep reading so i dont think you guys can take a peek of it on mobile. Its fairly long, so i wanna spare you guys the agony of scrolling through my opinion once more..

My heart is going to be poured out.. so this will be sad.. read with caution.


Keep reading