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Mizuki’s got a belly for Days
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COUNTER FLUSTER ATTEMPT, GO! (In which Mizuki’s got a belly for


NYOOH @dumdumdrawstumtums This isn’t fair! You aren’t supposed to do a counter attack! (Also excellent punnage) But now I just get to stare at this for a while…FINE I will try to rise to it’s glory. Also I’m stealing your pun for the title

The Seiseki High School Soccer team ended a long day of practice on the weekend with it’s members dripping with sweat. Team members panted to regain their breath, wiped off their sweat, or guzzled down liquids to cool down. That is until Captain Mizuki came off the field and his stomach growled loud enough to give the whole team pause.

Luckily, the team had prepared for the extended practice by readying a large dinner, fit to feed an army. As the team continued to recover, Mizuki made a direct beeline for the food tables to scout it’s spread of curry and rice, steak, eggs, bread, salad, fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods littering the prepared spread. 

Mizuki quickly piled on food to plate after plate, than sat down and started to stuff his face while the rest of the team started to do the same though to a much more milder degree. (Though it should be noted that several of them seemed to be doing their best to keep up with their captain.)

The black haired captain was a blur as he became a mix of chewing, slurping, bringing food to his face, drinking, burping, and more; throwing all manners out the window and focused only on consuming as quickly possible with his stomach growling angrily. He barely used utensil, opting to use alternating hands when the food allowed for it.  He hunched over his food to be closer to it as he shoved it in his face. Mizuki glanced over at Tsukamoto and grunted (then pausing to burp with a mouth full of food and hit his chest hard to help the offending gas up and the food down) as a strange direction to get more food before he ran out. 

His soccer uniform couldn’t keep up with his appetite and instead his shorts were forced lower underneath his swollen belly near his crotch while his top started its ascension as his growing mound grew out. As the food noisily disappeared into his maw and his adam’s apple bobbed, his belly grew rounder. Each swallow forced the shirt to rise further and further up. Each time Mizuki stopped to let out a wet belch for more room, winced from being hit from a cramp, or hiccuped loud enough to make everyone stop eating (if they were eating at all and not watching); his shirt would ascend a little more before unsuccessfully attempting to return to where it had been. The crawl was gradual but noticeable as it went from rounded out to climbing to revealing Mizuki’s bloated abdominals working to keep the food inside to then revealing his stretched belly button and then continuing higher still. 

Finally after Ubukata, the team manager, cut off Mizuki from having anymore or letting other teammates attempt to help feed him; Mizuki let out a tremendous belch that seemed to last forever as the team stared. He leaned back on the bench he was sitting at and rubbed his belly up and down fast like he had just finished a satisfying meal, not a messy feast with obvious hints of where it had been. He stretched his arms over his head and yawned, though another long burp came out on accident as he was interrupted when Kazama came over and poked his belly hard mid yawn. 

The bench was a mess of various plates and traces of food, crumpled napkins, spills, and containers, with crumbs and a couple food stains leaving traces of the gluttony from Mizuki’s mouth to his shirt to the place where he sat.  

Though they had just witnessed the incredible feat Kazama couldn’t help but ask what they were all thinking. “Whoa, Mizuki! How’d you pack so much away?!” Kazama stared at bloated captain as he got to his feet, only serving to make his gut look even bigger with his shirt riding well over his navel. 

Mizuki made a fist as if to say “nailed it” and replied dryly, “When you’re eating, you got to be like ‘ARMPH’, ‘WHOOSH’, ‘BOING’!” He grabbed the end of his belly with his other hand and gave a gentle shake to his gut as if to demonstrate along with his directions. He belched softly and then waddled off to the team bench as if that had answered everything including the chaotic scene they had just witnessed. Mizuki patted his belly as he hiccuped away, leaving Kazama and the rest of the team to sit bewildered. “….okay…” was all that Kazama could get out before getting up and deciding to get a few more plates of food of his own. 

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(He didn’t listen and overdid it)

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The Signs As People I Know
  • Aries: coolest person I've ever met, pretends to be awkward and relatable, somehow met all the famous people and their moms
  • Taurus: think they're cool, very funny, seem innocent but kinky as hell, passionate about their favorite fictional character
  • Gemini: can be mean, sometimes very fake, will cancel plans and forget to tell you, very pretty, seems to never think that they're pretty despite everyone telling them all the time
  • Cancer: very supportive, need lots of support in return, very talented, names Pokemon and pets meaningful names, LOUD, lovable af
  • Leo: make you laugh, have good hair, paranoid, hates conflict but loves to watch conflict unfold,
  • Virgo: best people ever, clever, makes you laugh hard, knows more about you than you do, not afraid to put you in your place
  • Libra: great at prioritizing what's most important to them, make great breakfast, if you are sad they WILL force you to come hang out with their dog and buy your favorite flavor of ice cream
  • Scorpio: baddest bitch, makes you laugh hard, great music taste, smarter than you, wants you to know that they're smarter than you
  • Saggitarius: very artsy, mysterious and neighborly?, very intimidating, you will want to be their friend,
  • Capricorn: still says they hate everything, exclusively makes funny faces for photos, can't hold a conversation sometimes, will spam you with memes,
  • Aquarius: pretends to be cool but everyone knows they're a nerd, loud, will be mean to you but in a very nice way, anime trash,
  • Pisces: will make you buy them food, very popular and doesn't know it, breaks promises because they forgot probably,