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the moving goalposts.
  • trans woman: I'm a woman.
  • transmisogynist: No you're not, women dress femininely whereas men aren't pressured to wear makeup or maintain a feminine appearance.
  • trans woman: Well, I dress femininely, and I am pressured to wear makeup and maintain a feminine appearance as my failure to do so is punished with harassment and violence. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, women experience misogynistic oppression, like catcalling and gendered wage gap.
  • trans woman: I experience both of those things, people see me as a woman and mistreat me accordingly. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, you're not a woman, woman is a biological class. You're a biological male.
  • trans woman: I'm on HRT, and my hormone levels are within the average range of cisgender women. I've undergone physical changes due to HRT that have made my physical body more similar to the average cis woman. So, do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have vaginas.
  • trans woman: I've undergone vaginoplasty. I have a functioning vagina, labia majora, labia minora, and clitoris. This is very personal, but, i can, in fact, orgasm. Do you consider me a woman now?
  • transmisogynist: No, women have XX chromosomes. That's the REAL factor that determines our social role.
  • trans woman: So, are you seriously claiming that everyone goes around treating other people based on their chromosomes, a quality that can only be factually known by a medical test?
  • transmisogynist: Yes!
  • trans woman: But I've never gotten chromosomally tested. I don't ACTUALLY know what my chromosomes are. Have you ever gotten chromosomally tested?
  • transmisogynist: No, but–
  • trans woman: Then your argument is completely flawed. You know with certainty that you present as a woman, are seen as a woman, and are mistreated as a woman, but you believe that those things are totally disconnected? That, instead, your chromosomes are what people are really seeing when they look at you? That's completely preposterous.
  • transmisogynist: Well, what I really mean is, your birth assignment is what really counts, because that's when male socialization is initiated, which determines your entire mindset and outlook on the world, as well as how you treat other people.
  • trans woman: It is true that socialization influences how we view the world. But let me ask you a question, you are female-socialized, right?
  • transmisogynist: Damn right.
  • trans woman: And female socialization includes subservience to men, right?
  • transmisogynist: Yes, very much so. My parents were extremely traditionalist and imposed very strict gender roles on me as a child.
  • trans woman: But right now you're not subservient to men at all, right?
  • transmisogynist: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • trans woman: So, logically, this would be an example of how your gendered socialization DIDN'T control your outcome as a person. Sure, you had to actively resist that socialization, but you've moved past that.
  • transmisogynist: Yes, that's true, but the same can't be said about you, you're clearly male-socialized.
  • trans woman: Hell no. I'm a radical feminist, I'm a lesbian, I do not share the class interests of men and I work towards women's liberation from men as a class and, ultimately, the end of the restrictive system of gender.
  • transmisogynist: No, that's wrong! You can't be a lesbian, you're a male!
  • trans woman: Don't say that to my wife, she's gonna be pretty mad if you tell her she's not really a lesbian. She's been a lesbian for years, I seriously don't see how my gender is any different than the gender of her last girlfriend.
  • transmisogynist: You can't be a feminist, either! You're a male, there's no way you can understand the struggles of being a woman!
  • trans woman: Didn't you post one of my essays on gender on your facebook wall?
  • transmisogynist: Er, well, yes, but, that's before I knew that you were trans! See, this is more of your deceptive duplicitous behavior, concrete proof that you cannot overcome your male socialization or produce ideas that deserve consideration as contributions to feminism.
  • trans woman: But didn't you praise that shitty liberal Male Feminist guy's anti-transgender article?
  • transmisogynist: Yeah, but, at least he isn't calling himself a feminist, just a feminist Ally. So he's being honest and knowing his boundaries while helping feminism.
  • trans woman: And didn't you praise that conservative politician's proposed ban on transgender people being able to use the restroom? Why the hell would you ever side with a conservative? You realize that he's the same guy who has previously worked to defund women's healthcare services and repeal gay marriage? Supporting him in any capacity gives him political capital that he'll be able to leverage for future reactionary policies, because he is literally an anti-feminist politician.
  • transmisogynist: But he's one of the few politicians who's willing to stand up for a ban on transgender people in restrooms.
  • trans woman: Yeah, because he's an out-and-out bigot against LGBT people and women. He's literally creating legal contexts for male violence against transgender women, something that you've PREVIOUSLY stated you're opposed to, but now apparently you're for it.
  • transmisogynist: What male violence? It's just a legal protection for vulnerable women and girls in the sanctified space of the public bathroom.
  • trans woman: The male violence of police officers, prison guards, and prison inmates. That's the male violence that you're totally fine with exposing trans women to. If you really gave a shit about reduction of harm, you would support my right to use whatever PUBLIC RESTROOM I wanted, and support gender-neutral restrooms. After all, butch cis women have been harassed and gender-policed in restrooms in states where that law was in effect, and had security guards called on them. Isn't that a fucking travesty? I support butch women's right to use women's restrooms, and if you support trans bathroom bans, you DON'T. Cis and trans women share certain class interests, and often times if you work against trans women's' class interests, you're ultimately going to harm cis women's class interests as well. We suffer a wage gap too, which is why so many of us are FEMINISTS.

David Tennant’s Contributions to Doctor Who Episodes
“Hand in a Jar” Edition

From the DVD commentary for Utopia with David Tennant and Russell T Davies:

David Tennant: The hand in the jar there is actually a cast of my hand.

Russell T Davies: At last!

DT: At last!  Which we did just before this episode, because the hand that you’d had on Torchwood and elsewhere had been… I don’t know who it had been.

RTD: I used to know who it was. It’s one of the Millennium FX guys.

DT: One of the Millennium FX guys’ hands.

RTD: I can’t remember which one

DT: It was a good bit bigger than mine. And when you put that in water it looked bigger still!  

RTD: [laughter] 

DT: So I thought, if my hand’s going to be right next to it I think we might need to address that.

RTD: Oh, did you ask?

DT: Yeah!  Yeah, yeah… and they ignored me for about three weeks, and then I said, “Please!” So we did it about two days before…

RTD: [more laughter]

Orig.Poster’s note: This post is part of a series on some of the contributions that David made to episodes of Doctor Who, because he sometimes gets questions about ad-libs or input he may have had to episodes, but he tends to not take credit for his various additions/suggestions - so I figured I’d list some for him.   David’s hands are quite distinctive.  With his extraordinarily long, thin fingers it was quite noticeable (to those paying close attention - and to those who are fans of David’s hands) that the original hand-in-a-jar didn’t look much like David’s hand. I find it impressive that it was David himself who kindly asked (multiple times) if a cast could be made of his actual hand, so the hand-in-the-jar would be more believable & accurate.  I’m thankful for his attention to detail and his desire to get things just right.

Semi-related Bonus (from Turn Left’s Confidential Episode):

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@my fellow latinx ppl

Idk if this is nationwide but if you’re in Indy don’t go to school this Thursday. Don’t go to work, don’t go out shopping; basically don’t contribute into what runs our nation’s daily life. this is a protest again trumps immigration policy. Please spread the word.

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How would you respond to people who say Bryke is the reason ATLA is great? Like they came with the idea yes, but they aren't writers and the show isn't great because of them.

Here’s the thing:

Bryke are, in fact, part of the reason that Avatar is as great as it is.

But their contributions are very much not to the depth of the show.

You see, what Bryke are good at, and I mean really good at is:

1. Visuals:

They made the initial sketches, character design, creature design, etc.

Aang? Zuko? Katara? Sokka? Bryke’s design. Appa, Momo? Most of the mix ‘n’ match creatures? Bryke. The Blue Spirit? All Bryke.

2.Rule of Cool:

You know what my second favorite episode of the whole show is?

“The Blind Bandit”

You know why?

It’s because those three minutes where Toph lays the smack down are the single coolest three minutes of the whole show.

Bryke are extremely good at ‘Wow!’. They don’t have the skill nor the patience for the “boring”, gradual character development stuff. They like Big, and they like Flashy, and they like it Now.

And when they have someone to reign them in, that makes for some damn fine episodes.

The problems started when they, for some reason, I’m guessing fame and fan praise going to their heads, started believing their own hype. It’s pretty much the same thing that happened with Steven Moffat. He wrote some of the best episodes of Russell T. Davies’ run of Doctor Who. Then he became show-runner and it all went to hell.

I guess that the tl;dr; would be:

Bryke were the Style part of the show. The part that hooks you, and gets you interested in it. The Substance, the reason why you stick around, and why we all remember, and talk about A:tLA more than ten years later, came from Aaron Ehasz and his team of writers.

And honestly? I think it’s time to give credit where credit’s due.

Admittedly, I started this side blog because Sansa and Jon’s reunion in episode 6.04 made me an emotional wreck and I went from being a casual GoT fan to wanting to be just a teeny bit more involved. 

No credit necessary! Please do not claim as your own or redistribute. Please like or reblog so i know if I should make more in the future. 

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Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you for your patience with us.

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Hi, would you be willing to discuss the evolution of Daniel's character design. As a fat latina I really like that Daniel is big, but having followed your blog for a long time I know that Daniel use to be thin. I feel like media always tell me that a fat person cannot be a part of a love story and because of this I find myself asking "why would a character willingly be made over weight?" Which isn't a criticism of you but rather a reflection of a larger issue. 1/

I think my questions ultimately boil down to: was making Daniel fat a conscious decision? If so what was the reasoning or contributing factors in this decision? Ultimately I’m curious as to why Daniel evolved to be over weight when he could have remained thin. I’ve seen it discussed on your blog before, but more in a ‘leave Daniel alone’ way. I hope you understand these questions come from a place of social repression and are not meant to offend your choices as a 2/ 

content creator. I love how you deal with complex emotional issues in your comic and I think that body image is just as complex and emotional. I’d love to see this explored with Daniel more in the future because I’m always rooting for his happy ending because when I was a fat kid in high school I never thought I’d get one. 3/3            

Hi! Sure, this is a really interesting discussion you’ve brought up. I’ll do my best to answer, but I apologize for my long response! LOL

My decision was a little bit conscious, but the process of him looking the way he does now was a gradual process that consisted of continued practice and trying to learn how to draw different bodies. On a conscious level, I did decide as early as the first version of chapter 3 that I wanted Daniel to be “bigger”, but that decision wasn’t really made just to add representation, like it’s more that’s just Daniel LOL. It just seemed like him being fat would suit and complement his character. It FEELS like Daniel for him to look the way that he does, if that makes sense. The decision was more from a character design standpoint, that rounder features = cute. That’s why he also has big, round eyes and a rounder smile (like compared to Louis, for example). Also, thinking back on it, his ~*FINAL FORM*~ was probably also influenced by my S.O.’s body type as they are very similar. But in terms of where his character design currently is, again that was more of a very gradual process that felt more subconscious to me.

A lot of his change in character design came from me just getting better as an artist and improving my skill. When I first started the comic, it was on a complete whim. I did not have final character designs, they were WIPs, and I did not know HOW to draw fat characters. That’s definitely not an excuse, but that’s just where I was in terms of drawing at that time. It is hard to break from “the mold” and draw something out of what you usually draw. I usually just drew stereotypical anime, which meant thin characters. I had always just defaulted to stereotypical anime and I felt I just didn’t have the exposure back then like we do today to diverse styles and characters, which in hindsight, sucks! Again, this is not an excuse, but that’s where I was at the time in terms of my art development. That’s why you see a lot of beginner artists just drawing the same faced, same bodied characters, especially if their influence IS anime or manga. That’s just where I was at the time, but I am glad that I have been able to improve my skills and continue learning how to art over the years.

Over time, after making that initial character design decision and continued practice over the years, I finally felt confident and comfortable drawing Daniel in his FINAL AND TRUE FORM. Embarrassingly enough, I didn’t feel that confidence and comfort until this panel:

After drawing this panel, I felt like I really had a good grasp on how to draw Daniel’s body the way it was supposed to be. It was a very gradual, long, and frustrating journey to be able to draw diverse bodies, but I’m happy that I took that journey and can now draw Daniel as he is meant to be! :)

  • Some NT: so anyway people with certain mental illnesses are Automatically Bad, I know this because someone abused me once and I "diagnosed" them with a mental disorder to "explain" their abusive behaviour
  • Mentally ill ppl: That's... not true...
  • Some NT: yes it is, i have a bunch of biased and inaccurate sources to back me up!!!
  • Mentally ill ppl: Look could you please stop, this isn't helping anyone at all and it's actually harming us by contributing to the horrible stigma around certain mental illnesses. Even people who are "harmless" can be banned from adopting children because of the myth that mentally ill people can't raise a child without neglecting or abusing them. This has real consequences for us. Please stop demonising us and unfairly associating us with abusers, that's all we ask of you.

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It's just so funny to see how over the years the Hetalia Fandom has gotten their contributions into the posts of celebrities, who probably had no clue that those things are posted are, in some way, Hetalia related. Like in the "I didn't know it was Hetalia" memes. At that, I just can't help but acknowledge how far the Hetalia Fandom has come. In a way, the Hetalia Fandom isn't dead because we're everywhere. You will never go on the Internet and not find something that had to do with Hetalia.

ne ne papa motherfucker

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I have a friend that was placed in hufflepuff and as a hufflepuff myself I was super happy. She however was not and got quite upset. In my eyes she does fit in hufflepuff but she doesn't like yellow or badgers which isn't the point. She loves plants and animals she truthful and loyal as well ad emotional. Can you please give me a list of all the awesome things about hufflepuff so I can try to cheer her up? Please and thank you xD xxx

How about we have everyone contribute! Reblogg and/or reply with what you think make Hufflepuff’s great!

I’ll start:

Grounded and true: Hufflepuffs are more likely to be there for you when you need them and aren’t easily deterred. They’re in it for the long hall and you know you can depend on them.

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I know the average IQ among Hoodies isn't very high, but try to follow. It doesn't matter if you're the nicest person alive. What you like, what you support is trash. It's offensive, gross and idiotic. That's why you don't have a place in ER fandom. You support everything that's wrong. You're misogynistic trash. You contribute nothing positive to this fandom. The moment you decided that OQ is great & that Lana should be stuck in scenes with Smag, you lost your right to be a part of ER fandom.

“…And I encourage you to support one another. Unity is the most important. Any bullying, or segregation, separation, whatever. Fighting between ships — whatever.  I don’t support any of that. … There’s just no room for it. There’s a lot of other people in the world doing that, let’s not bring it here, please.” – Lana Parrilla (at about the 4:47 mark, if that doesn’t autostart there)

It seems we need to review this ^^^^

You are not the gatekeeper of the Evil Regal fandom. You don’t get more of a say over who belongs here than, y’know, LANA PARRILLA. Who seems quite fine with all of us Hoodies, or at least she has every time I have met her, and spoken with her (occasionally about OQ related things), and had her sign OQ stuff (that she has complimented). She knows I’m a fan of OQ, she knows I’m a fan of Sean, and yet she has never once been anything but kind and gracious to me. 

But you know what she HAS spoken out against? Publicly? What she has specifically asked her fans not to do? What you are doing right now.

So you can keep doing this all day long, and I can keep posting that video where she, y’know, specifically asks you not to, all day long. But just be aware that no matter how many times YOU tell me I am not welcome here, they will not carry more weight with me than the times that Lana Parrilla has made it clear that I am welcome. 

You don’t trump the Queen. Sorry bout it.

Also, while we’re on the subject of contributing positive things to this fandom – what positive impact are you having, exactly, by harassing a bunch of women about a ship? By calling us misogynistic trash, calling our ship offensive and gross, insulting our intelligence? That’s positive contribution in what way, again?

Also, I didn’t decide Lana should be in scenes with Sean Maguire. That was the OUAT casting department. 

I’ve noticed a somewhat troubling trend in which autistic/autistic coded characters are referred to as “my smol ace baby” or “my little aro boy” by non autistic people, and where autistic coded characters are immediately labeled as aro/ace by neurotypical fans. 

I want allistics to think long and hard about how they talk about autistic/autistic coded characters, and how infantilization plays into the way they think about those characters’ sexualities. There’s nothing wrong with having an ace headcanon for an autistic character, but I still want you guys to think about how you talk about autistic folks and notice if there’s a pattern to what characters you headcanon as aro/ace. 

We live in a culture where people are incredibly uncomfortable with developmentally disabled people having sexual and romantic feelings for people, and I need people to realize that the way they talk about autistic sexuality does not exist in a vacuum. 

I need you to ask yourselves these questions: Would I headcanon this character as aro/ace if it weren’t for their autistic coded traits? Am I uncomfortable with the idea of an autistic person expressing sexual/romantic feelings? How does the language I’m using to describe these characters contribute to the infantilization of disabled people (and ace people, while we’re at it)? Do I headcanon all autistic/autistic coded characters as aro/ace or just these specific ones?

*This post does not apply to autistic aro/ace folks. 

**allistics/nts can reblog

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I heard somewhere that usuk isn't very popular in countries like Japan? I don't know the legitimacy of that but, yeah, it's deffinately a western ship. Also the fact that we are introduced to England and America before we are told their history Would be a contributing factor as to how many people ship them (I'm pretty sure in the first episode of the dub Francis says they have sexual tension? Don't quote me on that, but if that is the case, people won't exactly think 'brothers' when introduced).

Whaaat? Not sure if I believe that . ..last time I checked there was a lot of support for it from the Japanese side of the fanbase. Heck, one of the reasons their character merch is so expensive in the aftermarket compared to others is because people tend to buy them together. Huh, maybe that’s changing?

The sexual tension comment is a Funimation thing, though. It’s not present in the original script. That could also be another reason for it being a popular ship in the West - Funimation was pretty shameless with their script and like to put teaser lines like that often. They also teased a FrUk moment in the movie.

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I think her engagement isn't the problem, you know? As sad as it may sound, I think she would have been sidelined anyway. If anything, she probably would have been more sidelined because she wouldn't even have those panels to talk about. I don't know, I just feel like she is more than just another wife and the setting just doesn't allow her to contribute as much as girls like Kougyoku, for example, who are directly involved in the situation. I'm sorry for the random rant! 2/2

I’m going to paste your entire question below before answering. In retrospect, it would have made things less confusing if I had responded to this ask first with the bit about my submission box being an option for long questions. Whoops!

I hope I don’t sound mean but I think people are too harsh on poor Morgiana. She’s not royalty or anything so I think people expect her to do things she can’t in a setting that focuses so heavily on politics and whatnot. Obviously Ohtaka could put more focus on her (I wish, I really love her) but I think a lot of people also have somewhat unrealistic expectations for a character built this way.

 The “trophy wife” jokes kind of rub me off the wrong way, I don’t know.  I think her engagement isn’t the problem, you know? As sad as it may sound, I think she would have been sidelined anyway. If anything, she probably would have been more sidelined because she wouldn’t even have those panels to talk about. I don’t know, I just feel like she is more than just another wife and the setting just doesn’t allow her to contribute as much as girls like Kougyoku, for example, who are directly involved in the situation. I’m sorry for the random rant!

I agree with you wholeheartedly, anon. I think it’s extremely unreasonable and unfair that Morgiana is constantly being criticized for not hitting a political home run while so many other  female were born on third base.

I think she suffers from a problem similar to Mikasa Ackerman from Shingeki no Kyojin in that she’s generally tight-lipped and got a great deal of character development early on in the story. I think more people would be able to see that she’s just as developed as fandom darlings like Kougyoku if her development had been stretched over many story arcs. Of course, that wouldn’t make any narrative sense. It would be silly to have Morgiana dancing for the first time in the World Exploration Arc, or realizing that she didn’t have to ask permission to do something she wants to do just after the battle against the medium.


Realizing you have friends rather than masters who you don’t need to ask permission to hang out with? Experiencing joy and dancing for the first time? Pfffft. That’s not character development! Why look at that skimpy outfit she’s wearing. She’s just a mindless trophy waiting for a man to claim her. *eyeroll*

Even before she came to that realization in Sindria, Morgiana was willing & able to speak freely to a powerful monarch and successfully persuade him to take Alibaba more seriously. That’s a huge step for someone who was still mentally struggling with the notion that she could break free from slavery again just days before she arrived in Balbaad!

I think she gets a lot of flack for being “all brawn and no brains” because she spends so much time with more emotionally volatile male characters who are also seeking to increase their physical combat abilities. The only difference is that she has doesn’t have as many responsibilities to fret over while she’s training. She shouldn’t be faulted for not being born with the burdensome responsibilities that Aladdin, Alibaba and Hakuuryu do.

Why isn’t it enough just to get over the psychological trauma associated with being a slave and managing to live a normal, happy life? 


Masrur essentially does the same thing over the span of two standalone mangas. I’ve never heard anyone criticize him for being one-dimensional or lacking character development. I don’t know, maybe people have criticized him for it, or think that he’s a one-dimensional character and are fine with it. I think he’s a very complex, well-developed, insightful character. Honestly, Masrur seems to be the only person in the manga who has consistently able to give sound personal and political advice to anyone who bothers to ask him about such things. Ja’far and the magi have their moments, but I think Masrur still comes out on top when you consider how many times people have come to him for advice and how many times he gave them good advice. 

 So what if Morgiana wants to get married and not fight in bloody battles every day? Even when she had come to accept that she had feelings for Alibaba, she showed an admirable amount of self-awareness when she assertively asked him to wait because she still needed to grow more as an individual before entering into any kind of romantic relationship. 

That’s an impressive amount of emotional intelligence for well-educated IRL early twenty-something in our day and age to have, nevermind a former slave with little formal education in an overwhelmingly patriarchal society! If Kougyoku, who possessed a superior formal education and carried a great deal of responsibility as a princess and king vessel, was that emotionally intelligent and mature, she never would have fallen prey to Sinbad’s manipulation. Her character has developed significantly since the made her debut, but she’s still suffers from a bit of naivete with regard to politics and a lack of self-awareness when it comes to romance. I’m not claiming that such shortcomings are evidence of Kougyoku being a poorly developed character, but I think it underscores the value of knowing what you want out of life and being realistic about the things you need to do to get there. That applies to commoners and empresses alike.

For as much as people praise Magi the Labyrinth of Magic for it’s complex, grey characters, the notion that complex characters who spend their early years fighting to save themselves and the world would never want to settle down to a peaceful life akin to the people they fought so hard to save is patently ridiculous. Isn’t that what Ja’far spent much of his life being thankful for?

Yes, he has a busy job doing lots of paperwork and keeping Sinbad out of trouble, but I fail to see how deciding for yourself that you want to act as a support system for your childhood savior for the rest of your life diminishes the character’s complexity. That’s what both Ja’far and Morgiana are doing. Morgiana went even further by acting as bot watchdog and emotional support system for the person she had finally realized that she truly loved.

I triple double dog dare you or anyone else reading this to roll up on earnest SinJa shippers like @sinbad-ai, @mari-m-rose or @naoscifra and say that Ja’far is lacking in complexity or character development. Those are the most reasonable, emotionally mature SinJa shippers I can think of and I suspect they would take umbrage with the notion that a canonical romance with Sinbad would “ruin his character,” and they absolutely SHOULD.

I can already hear Morgiana critics claiming that a comparison between her and Ja’far is doesn’t work because she didn’t switch gears from being a martial artist to being some sort of administrative staffer like Ja’far. Again, she’s running up against a double standard. Much like Masrur, she already had a knack for martial arts. Jamil forced her use her skills to harm others against her will. Now she decides how she gets to use her power and what skill subsets she wants to hone and utilize. It’s no different from Masrur giving up swordsmanship and refusing to fight to the death in Zepar’s dungeon.


Ironically, I think the greatest testament to how much her character developed came from the heartbreaking scene in Magi 331 where she explains to Alibaba why she’d be satisfied with dying as she is. She seems to be saying that she’s been through so many changes and experiences that she truly believes she’s already lived a rich and fulfilling life. I don’t think the things she expresses in the panel below are ideas entirely planted in her head by Neo-Sinbad. I think his brainwashing has put her in the same mental state she’d be in if she was about to lose a physical fight to the death or die from a terminal illness.

I’ll end this dissertation response with the aforementioned panel, and let Morgiana’s words as translated by @itsdannystormborn to speak for themselves.


 i knew myself. what i can’t forgive, what makes me happy, what i think it’s fun, what happiness is

i have experienced a lot of different emotions/feelings by your side(together with you)

i was able to do it.

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Since I see many comments about this: Mackenzie has deleted hateful comments multiple times today. But the sock accounts pop up so quickly that she would have to be on IG the entire time to get rid of them. And she isn't posting innuendo. She shares moments of her life. It's only innuendo if one wants it to be. Not everything is a conspiracy. Thank you SHD for standing up against hate.

I know Anon. She deleted all the time comments like those I posted today. But they jump out like mushrooms. In the last few days, no peace is given. You can not expect her to stay 24/7 on instagram. I know that my contribution will not change the situation, but silence does not help anyone.

Floating ineffable husbands. This is my contribution to the Good Omens fandom. Please note the tartan behind the ducks.

mawcooo-reus  asked:

I just wanted to let you know that I agree with everything you've said on the Dembele issue. I also think a lot of the people who don't care if we sell have personal issues with him. Whether it be because their favorite was sold because of him or they don't like the color of his skin, or he isn't as cute as Jonas Hoffmann....

All of the reasons you mentioned do seem to be contributing factors, also because certain fans have a bit of an “older team leaders vs. young talents” mentality. Apparently the European players we signed before Auba (Auba seems to be the cutoff lmao) are irreplaceable because those are the true BVB players and everyone else is for sale, it’s just business. It’s easy to ignore the value of crucial starting players and rare talents when you pit them against the old favourites and blindly follow some rhetoric about the younger kids being overrated.

Dembélé in particular receives so much lazy criticism built on false rhetoric. He has his temper, which is getting better but has shown itself on the pitch at times. But to call him undisciplined is a thoughtless simplification. There’s a reason why he became a key player even though he and Emre Mor started the season in the same box, and it can hardly be talent alone. He said that Tuchel was tough on them, and he said it in a good way unlike some of his teammates who said it in a bad way. His defensive contribution has taken a huge improvement. To call him inconsistent is another old cliche that doesn’t work logically anymore. He consistently scored and assisted goals, which is kinda the point of football, and these weren’t convenient tap-ins either. The one game he played that stood out as rather poor, Monaco away, was the game where he was supposed to be rested because he was tired after starting every match. And even just watching him play, you can see him constantly searching out space and opportunities and drawing defenders. Defenders were marking the shit out of him and they still couldn’t stop him. People should try to use their eyes instead of their preconceived notions.