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Idk if this is nationwide but if you’re in Indy don’t go to school this Thursday. Don’t go to work, don’t go out shopping; basically don’t contribute into what runs our nation’s daily life. this is a protest again trumps immigration policy. Please spread the word.

Misadventures in Babysitting

Summary: Ron hoped he and Hermione could at least function as ordinary baby-minders, but Teddy Lupin is an extraordinary child.

Rating: T for language

A pleasant breeze wound its way through a park on the outskirts of London on a beautiful autumn afternoon, ruffling the rather exceptional hair - his bright ginger, hers prodigiously bushy - of a young couple ensconced on a bench. Though the day wasn’t particularly cold, the couple sat close together as they watched two little boys enthusiastically dig and roll about in the park’s sandpit. They laughed at the children’s antics, one every now and then pointing out to the other something particularly cute the little brown-haired boy had done.

“Look at how clever he is with that little spade. Oh goodness, he is going to need such a bath tonight!” Hermione exclaimed as Teddy upended a small pail of sand over his head and laughed uproariously.

Ron unconsciously squeezed his arm around her a little tighter at the happy tone of her voice. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head, ignoring the flyaway strands of her hair that the wind blew into his face, and reflected on how surprisingly well the day had gone.

When his father had flooed into the shop that morning with the news that his mother had a nasty cold and couldn’t watch Teddy, Ron had surprised everyone - himself included, truth be told - by offering to take him for the afternoon. After all, he had never watched the rambunctious 18-month-old on his own, or any other child for that matter. When you came from a big family, people expected you to be good with kids - but it didn’t really hold when you were the almost-youngest. He had practically been a baby himself when Ginny was born, so he had never really had any experience watching over a much-younger child.

As soon as he told Hermione, she had actually taken the afternoon off to help (Ron chose to believe that this was a mark of her fondness for spending time with Teddy rather than an indication of her confidence in his single-handed baby-minding abilities), so he had the bonus of spending a weekday afternoon with his hard-working girlfriend. The time was doubly-precious as his Auror training program was due to resume shortly, meaning extended bouts away from home and a dispiriting lack of leisure time.

Not wanting to expose Teddy to any germs at the Burrow, they had first taken him to their flat where he had spent an hour playing with a grudging Crookshanks. Teddy had been delighted with the furry, orange beast, chasing him and babbling his version of the cat’s name, but when “Gooks” started making several aggressive bids for escape Hermione had wisely suggested this nearby park.

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Floating ineffable husbands. This is my contribution to the Good Omens fandom. Please note the tartan behind the ducks.

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hi :) i just wanted to ask if this zine will/could include works centered around platonic relationships? i know there are a lot of people who ship shallura, sheith and shance etc. but i think the friendship between him and pidge for example is terribly underrated. so are "platonic contributions" accepted as well? thank you for organising :)


At the moment no, we don’t have plans to allow for platonic relationships. Our aim for this zine is to depict Shiro relaxing outside of Voltron. That is not to say that platonic relationships are important, as they are! (and we love them) but at the moment, this is meant to be Shiro only. If we do change this later on however, we will make an announcement here and on twitter!

Ripped at Every Edge

Nobody can know, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Well, here it is! My contribution to the todaydreambelievers fic gift exchange :D I wrote this for @midnightblaine, who prompted “cheerio!blaine and badboy!kurt AU they have a secret relationship because blaine doesn’t want to hurt his status”. I hope you enjoy, lovely <3

A million and one thanks to my wonderful beta @mailroomorder who betaed this super last minute because I just couldn’t get my act together. You’re literally amazing and I love you <3

Also, thank you to the mods over at todaydreambelievers! Thanks for putting this all together and making it happen! You guys are awesome!

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Kissing Kurt Hummel is so much better than Blaine ever imagined. And he’s imagined. A lot.

The tongue piercing is a big part of it. Not only does it feel wonderful against his own tongue, but it reminds Blaine that he shouldn’t be doing this. That he could lose everything he’s built over the past three years by doing this.

Mainly, though, it’s Kurt himself. Kurt likes to keep his hands on Blaine’s waist, squeezing as his lips move lazily against Blaine’s. They’re wide and strong, with almost permanently scabbed over and bruised knuckles and soft fingertips that dig into Blaine’s sides like he can’t get enough.

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agentsofshield We actually have a group text thread called “Secret Warriors” ‘cause we’re huge nerds. We mainly text pictures of our dogs. I LOVE THEM. #AgentsofSHIELD