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Bad Days-Shawn Mendes X Reader

Title: Bad Days

Word Count: 933

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Warnings: Fluff? I never know if I should tag that as a warning.

A/N: I’m tired. It’s been a long time since I’ve uploaded last. Per tradition, it’s very late and I should be asleep. I wrote this because I felt like that and needed that but I didn’t get that so I pretended I got that by writing that. 

(A poem by me) Lol, jk. But it is late and I’m tired and I need that, that’s true. Okay, I’ll let you read it now.



Today had been bad. You had been surrounded by people the whole day, barely getting a moment for yourself, and it didn’t help that you were anxious to begin with.

It wasn’t like you had Anxiety with capitalized A, but you were probably more anxious and had a lower self-esteem than the average human. Some days were good. Some days you could talk with people, go to the store, go to school or work or a hobby, you name it, and you would feel good. You would feel great actually! 

Then there were the bad days. Those days where you barely got out of bed, where you dressed in the most comfortable clothes you owned, but you still felt like you were wearing some tight ass clothes woven with acid and itching wool. Where you debated whether to have your hair in a ponytail, which was more comfortable, or down so you could hide your face. Where you got annoyed if anyone talked to you, and where you spaced out just because you couldn’t be socializing right now.

This was one of those days. You had gone to school in your baggiest sweatpants and your darkest hoodie. You had spent the day with one earbud in and a book in your hand, but everyone just absolutely had to ask you something all the time. 

When those torturous seven hours finally were over, you were done. Which was why you canceled your plans with your friends and sped out of the school, and finally home. Finally your sweet bed.

The first thing you did was take a nap. When you woke up, disoriented and groggy, you checked your phone. On it lighted a message from your boyfriend, Shawn.

Are you okay? Your friends told me you had been crabby all day and that when school was over, you had canceled all plans and sped out like the school was on fire?

You smiled, thinking how lucky you were to have a boyfriend who cared so much about you. You knew many girls with boyfriends who didn’t give one damn about their partner.

It’s just been a long day. My anxiety is worse today.

You had told Shawn about your bad days, and he had been 100% supportive. He asked what he could do and regularly checked to make sure you felt fine in his presence. You were sat, staring at the white wall in front of you, too occupied with what was going on your head when your phone plinged, signalizing a new message from Shawn.

:’( Come over? The house is empty and I have an internet connection ;)

You laughed and shook your head, but got your car keys and jacket anyway. Maybe some socializing wouldn’t be too bad?

When you arrived, you walked right in. Shawn was your childhood friend and by you were ten you had gotten a key to the house. You had even gotten a plaque one Christmas that said: ‘Honorary Mendes Family Member’

Shawn wasn’t downstairs, which meant he was in his room upstairs. When you walked up you could hear music, and when you opened the door to his room you almost gasped in surprise.

Shawn was sat in a chair in the corner, plucking on his guitar. That wasn’t what surprised you though because that was completely normal. What surprised you were the snacks in bowls filling up both his night tables. Popcorn and chocolate and chips and dip and candy. You had never seen that much snacks in one place, but that was probably because you barely ate it at home and you always missed out on the movie nights and game nights at the Mendes’ Household.
Shawn looked up, his bright brown eyes glittering, and smiled that perfect, pearly white smile of his.

“You like it? Because I have Hotel Transylvania ready on my laptop and this candy will only be eaten while watching a movie.”

You nodded as you grinned. You were almost to tears, mostly because you were very emotional and sensitive at the moment, but also because Shawn was so great and you didn’t deserve anyone like him. Gods he was amazing.
He told you to get comfortable, so you crawled down under the cover and made the pillow sit comfortably in you back while he turned off the lights and got his laptop from the desk. Soon enough you were sat, you leaned into him, watching Hotel Transylvania.

You were about halfway through the movie, and halfway through the snacks when you noticed Shawn staring at you with a smile on his face.

“What?” you asked, and he shook his head.

“I don’t think you realize how beautiful you are, especially when you’re laughing.”

You blushed and hid your face in his chest, but he paused the movie and gently cupped your face as he tilted it up to look at him.  

“I mean it. You are beautiful, and I love you, and I want you to be happy. Never think you can’t come to me with any of your problems because I will fight the world to make you happy.” He said, his face serious, and you started to cry again.

“Thank you.” You sobbed. You didn’t know you needed to hear that until now. 

You looked up at him again with tears streaming down your face. “Thank you.”

He smiled and pressed a soft kiss to your hair. “I love you.” You whispered back.

And like you stayed for the rest of the movie, his arm tightly around you and you leaned your head on his shoulder.

Bakugo Katsuki:

  • will always claim that his quirk is the best, even though he thinks very highly of your quirk and your ability to use it. It’s just, as always, second best to his
  • he’s not very good with teamwork during fights overall, but starts getting better at it when you’re around
  • you can move rubble and other obstacles out of the way, so you’re very good support, and you’re great offence!
  • he’s super proud of your fighting abilities, and he couldn’t stop bragging about you for days on end when you knocked out an enemy by slamming a log against his head.
  • but he gets unreasonably angry/pouty when you use your quirk to help him (in daily life stuff)
  • like you pass the tv remote and he’s like I COULDVE GOTTEN THAT
  • or when you pull up his sagging pants with your mind. He will chase after you. Prepare to run.

Todoroki Shouto:

  • thinks it’s super cool!!! He sees its uses for delicate work, even including infiltration.
  • you make a pretty good team since both of you can work in close and far ranges.
  • he doesn’t abuse your quirk as in asking you to bring things over all the time, but every now and again it’s very useful and he will ask you for help
  • “Can you pass the salt, please?”
  • But honestly Todoroki likes doing things kinda normally, and he likes doing them himself. He asks you for help when something really is out of his reach or he’s too lazy to get it
  • or when you’re cuddling and he doesn’t want to leave this position to get something.

Kirishima Eijirou:

  • he loves your quirk so much! it’s super useful and you can be really flashy about it if you want to! so heroic, he loves it
  • you’re a great team for stalling - Kirishima is great defence, and with your telekineses you can plan a sneak attack while the enemies are distracted
  • Kirishima has an internal struggle though: how often should he ask you to use your quirk?
  • he definitely asks you to pass the remote when you’re watching tv and cuddling together (he’s just too comfy to move!) but otherwise, Kiri is a bit embarrassed about asking you for help with stuff he can do all the time
  • “It’s not manly to ask you to do everything all the time!” he claims
  • that’s just at the beginning of the relationship though. Afterwards he asks you for the tiniest things, if only to watch you use your quirk because it looks so cool

Kaminari Denki:

  • he also loves your quirk! it’s very useful and it’s really precise, unlike a lot of his larger scale electric attacks
  • he definitely asks you to use your quirk a lot casually - well, just when it’s needed
  • he likes to show off your skills to other people as well! like those who don’t know about your awesome quirk.
  • like BAM your phone is now floating! my s/o can move things with their mind !!
  • His favourite thing to do on lazy date nights with you and your quirk is eating popcorn. You each throw popcorn into the other’s mouth for them to catch (and your quirk helps a lot with redirecting the bad throws)
  • you two are an unstoppable force when it comes to charging phones. No longer is Denki the sole phone charger of the group. Now you can bring over phone chargers with your mind! amazing!

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Can you elaborate on adam? And then have the feel man reblog it because I can't touch your follow buttion, it burns my fingers

He started getting a lot more criticism on his comics lately and reacted in a very petty way, reblogging a post that included personal attacks to one of the critics. I don’t know if he draws different series, but I mean specifically the one that looks like this:

Anyway, someone on reddit overlayed a few of these comics to make a point about how he copypastes heads too much and when that was posted on tumblr a bunch of people came to criticize or defend him. A person defending him and a critic started fighting in the post and the person defending him suddenly tried to roast the critic saying “the animes they watched had samefaces and were basically pedophilia”, without any links, screenshots or the like. Turns out there was nothing related to pedophilia in the critics’ blog, but tumblr loves people getting “roasted” so that version was reblogged a lot and the critic got the usual anon hate stuff. One of the people who reblogged that version of the post was Adam himself. He would later delete it and keep another version of the post in his blog, but with his popularity the damage was done.

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Hi! I really live your blog~~ got any demi-god/percy jackson and the Olympians au hcs?

*gurgling noise* *hides behind a bookshelf covered in all of Rick Riordan’s books* Well, I might…


  • Okay, I stayed up late last night thinking, and Dazai would be a child of Hermes. I know that Athena seems pretty likely, but just think about it - Dazai has brown hair, he’s tricky and deceitful, sly, and just all around a perfect fit for a child of Hermes. Besides, children of Hermes are pretty damn smart if you ask me. 
  • He joins CHB at a very young age. He’s been there all his life, though no one knows anything about his life outside. He’s a counselor for his cabin, and while he doesn’t join in the fights a lot, he does carry around a dagger in case he has to defend himself against anything in the forest.
  • During Capture the Flag, he sits in a tree and shouts commands down at Chuuya
  • He and Chuuya are no longer allowed on the same team


  • Child of Hecate, guys.
  • Moonlight, cats, all that good shit. Yeah, he’s a child of Hecate. His ability manifests as him being able to transform into a tiger, and heal himself quickly.
  • He’s the last to join Camp Half Blood, but he makes an impression when he does
  • And by that I mean he crashes into the Big House in tiger form and sends everyone into a frenzy
  • Help him
  • His mom sends him messages through his dreams, giving him tips and advice for how to get by
  • He’s still figuring out his magic, but he can cast simple strength and metamorphosis charms.


  • I thought about this all night. Son of Ares, guys. Think about it. A bit of a lust for battle, a natural leader, a good strategist when he gets his temper down. 
  • Everyone thinks he’s a child of Aphrodite when he first shows up. Because he’s tiny. And doesn’t look like he will fight for fear of messing up his hair and nice outfit.
  • Then he smokes everyone during a training session and Ares claims him and nobody can believe their eyes.
  • He has a huge line of people trying to beat him, but to no avail
  • He spends a lot of time with the son of Nyx, who doesn’t really talk to anyone… at all. Ever. Not once.
  • He has a blessing of Ares that allows him to manipulate the gravity around him, makes him glow red, and he tears through battlefields in a flurry of bloodlust
  • He and Dazai are “not dating”. Nope, that time they kissed after Capture the Flag was an accident. And that time Dazai was in Chuuya’s bed. And when they were in the forest. And-


  • Son of Nyx, goddess of the dark/night/tumblr users
  • I know it sounds unrealistic but this is my blog I can do what I want.
  • He can manipulate shadows, make them corporeal, move objects with them
  • His sister lives outside of camp, unaware she has powers. Akutagawa wants to keep her from that. She thinks he’s at a camp for “troubled kids.”
  • Why does this annoying child of Ares follow him everywhere?
  • He’s not allowed to join Capture the Flag unless he swears not to use his powers
  • People have been sent to the Underworld.
  • And hellhounds. They just… arrive sometimes.
  • Help him.
  • He gives off seriously strong vibes, because his mom is kind of, ya know, older than all of the Olympians. 
  • He and Atsushi get along surprisingly well - I mean, after Akutagawa tries to kill him.

I can’t stop thinking about this. What have you done to me?

Send me an AU and I’ll give you some headcanons for it!

Fire Lady

Here’s to the beginning of Zutara Week 2017. I won’t be participating in every day, but to make up I’m working on a Soulmate Series to finish off the week. To start off, here’s a slice of life that’s pretty weak on the zutara interaction, but I typically don’t write about their kids so I decided to give it a try.

“Mom, how did you know you would be a good Fire Lady? That the citizens would accept you?”

Katara had come to expect hard questions from their first born, their daughter Kya, but even this was a hard one to answer. “I didn’t. At first, I was very scared and I thought the world was against me.”

“Then why did you stay here?” The late teen was sitting on the other side of the low tea table Iroh had gifted the family.

“Because I loved your father. And after traveling around, I loved our people. What is this about Kya?” Katara had a feeling this was about the recent political engagement of Kya with an Earth Kingdom prince. It was more a loose “let’s hope they fall in love but if they don’t, it’s ok” agreement than anything. She moved to sit next to her daughter, brushing her dark brown hair away from her face.

“Prince Lee. I was thinking about how much damage was caused in the Earth Kingdom due to my family and how much they would hate me.”

“Hey,” Katara softly turned Kya’s face to look her in the eye, “The past is the past and no one can rewrite it, we can only learn-”

“And grow. I know.” Kya stood up and walked toward the window. She was turning into a politician, hardly showing her emotions at a time when she was probably very emotional.

Katara walked over to wrap her arms around, holding her daughter close while she still allowed her. When she looked out the window she saw her husband in the garden, going over firebending routines with their preteen son, Roku. They might have a smaller family than others, but it was perfect to her. Just the four of them.

“I know we said it would be up to you and Lee which court you stay in during the engagement, but I think you should spend time in both before you settle in the Capital. You would learn a lot. You would grow too. Being the Fire Lady isn’t just title. It’s a job and a mission. You’re going to be Fire Lady one day and I don’t want you to be afraid like I was but you have to take it seriously too.” Katara paused, squeezing her daughter close, “It helps when you love the one you’re married to as well.”

“You and dad have a fairytale romance though, it’s hard to have expectations like that.”

“It’s only a fairytale if you let it. Helps when you write the scroll yourself too.” Katara chuckled at the thought. Their marriage wasn’t perfect by any means, but they actively worked to make it the best they could. Zuko’s yell caught their attention. “Let’s go see what Roku burned this time.”

“Aren’t you glad I’m not a bender?” Kya said with a smile.

This is very long but please enjoy it and feel free to respond to it

Marvin’s Childhood

- One younger sister: Julie
- Less than two years apart. She was a grade below in school.
- Was raised with very traditional family values
- Always thought he should Be A Man, would have to provide for a Wife and Child.
- He didn’t even question his sexuality until late in life because he was raised without really knowing about anything else
- Family is also very Jewish
- Upper middle class
- Had a MASSIVE bar mitzvah. Water slides, ice sculptures, dance floor, the whole shebang.
- Didn’t really have any friends, so he just invited his whole grade
- At the end were shirts that said “I had a splash at Marvin’s bar mitzvah!”
- Tried most academic clubs at some point
- Stuck with chess club, Honors Society
- Had high As throughout all of school. Stellar student.
- Got into acting in high school
- Mostly did dramatic dialogues and short plays
- One musical: The Drowsy Chaperone
- He played Robert Martin (the bridegroom). Learned how to tap dance, somehow retained the skill.
- When he first meets Trina, he joins the water polo team to impress her
- He sucks at water polo
- Eventually quits
- He got into a bunch of really good schools, but settled on Harvard to get a degree in business

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Hey. Just wanted to say that ive been experiencing some really tough shit lately and everytime i feel like hell i just come to your blog and either look at your art (idk if you know just hoe calming it is) or just scroll to see how you doing or some funny stuff. I dont want to be creepy? Just wanted to say thank you sm bc you are one of the very very few things that can make me genuinely happy at this point haha. If im being weird just ignore me, sorry

;O; that’s not creepy at all ! I think it’s really great that my blog can make you feel better in such trying times, I’m sorry you’re going through that :( I hope this will pass for you softly and you can get back to finding joy in many things!! <3

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Umm. I dont mean to be crass. But given your age, how long ago did you come out? I dont know if I'm even on the closet, but im worried that someday it'll be too late

I discovered myself about 3 years ago during what I call the ‘Summer of Hell’ 2014. That puts me at 33. There were bits and pieces about the desires and thoughts, but it didn’t all come together till that summer (and the place I was at physically, professionally, and socially very much factored into how much hell that summer was)

But understand this: It’s never too late. There is a post floating around here on tumblr of some very old folk, like 50-60+ that are discovering and going through transitions. Is it better earlier? in some respects, probably. But finding yourself is never a race.

Take it a day at a time, explore, try to bite back that ashamed feeling and just feel out what is right for you.

And don’t feel scared or ashamed if you find that in the end you are just as cis, straight, and all that as you might have thought you were when you started. No matter where you end up, it’s important that you give yourself that freedom to explore and know for sure.

Kiss a boy/girl/nb, wear a dress/binder, walk a day in someone else’s shoes and see if they are comfortable.

Hell, I didn’t even realize i was bi (at the least, might be pan, not sure, still feeling it out), until I was drawing a particular 18+ image and got rather hung up on a certain part. I was like ‘um… oh… OH!’. and that was right before I put it together that I was trans.

and by the by: Trans is not a sexuality. You can be straight, or homosexual, or bi or pan, and still be or not be trans or non-binary, or anything in between. There isn’t just one ‘spectrum’, but several to consider when folks talk about LGBT+.

*minis cheer you on, no matter what you discover!*

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I'm Sansa and Jonsa fan. Why am I so worried about Sansa after this 2nd trailer? Why?? I don't know but I've got this gut feeling, like if I'm a 100% positive, the way she's talking in the VO seems she's dying, her voice breaking like she's injured. In the end the 'lone wolf' is her and she's talking to her siblings. So sad! and what makes me more worried is that D&D do things exactly like this, emotionally charged deaths, specially for a Stark. I'd like so much she survived :(

Hi Anon and fellow Jonsa fan! I see you are also a Sansa stan.. I like you already.

Ok I know this is very late and I’ve run out of excuses why tbh - it’s just who I am, I’m shit at correspondence.

Anyway, I’m sure you saw a post of mine being worried and all that shit for my baby girl Sansa and first of all, my apologies for being the worry wart and spreading my anxiety - believe me that wasn’t my intention. I mean, she’s like my little girl (ok not so little), my daughter and I relate to her so much on so many levels so when I heard her voice waver like that, it made me panic a bit. Like this message you’re sending me Anon. 

But thankfully, the Jonsa fandom is filled with such positive and loving circle of people who are very supportive apart from talented writers and artists and I count myself blessed to be a part of the fandom. Many of them pointed out and consoled me with the fact that perhaps that line would be used while executing Littlefinger - like when she talked down to Ramsay as his face was being mauled by his own dogs. So yeah, I don’t think she will be hurt physically or whatever, I think our baby girl Sansa will be just fine. Perhaps she would have to deal with funny feelings for Jon but that’s just angst - and think how delicious their chemistry would be when they get into that bickering and squabbling lol. I swear to god, that sexual tension between Jon/Kit and Sansa/Sophie is all kinds of magical. And I hope and pray that D&D are actually smarter than they look and just let our Sansa live on peacefully at Winterfell.

 As a wife to our Jon. 

And repopulate the Northern castle with lots of blue eyed babies with curly dark brown hair. 

So yeah, don’t worry Anon, the Jonsa armada is sailing just fine and forecast appears to be clear blue skies with very slight thundery showers ahead. We’ll be fine, we’ll get through it. We’ll reach our destination; hold my hand, if you need to Anon because we’ll get there.


Tinder part 3. - Jack Maynard Imagine

Here’s the part three, finally. I’m sorry it took so long. I know it’s definitely not my best work, but this is kind of just a fill up chapter before the big finale.

I had to cut it, so no, this series in not going to end like this. Be prepared for part four.

Part one

Part two

Saturday morning. 


You and your friends went for a late - very late breakfast, after that bought two trolleys full of junk and just sat at your place stuffing your face with food and watching Netflix. Your friends didn’t mention Jack at all, not even once. You saw them giving each other certain looks, it was sure to say they’ve been talking with each other, but you just didn’t care. 

While your friends were avoiding the topic of Jack and last night, you on the other hand were thinking why you were feeling like this. You didn’t even know Jack that well, yesterday was the first time you even saw each other. Somehow he just made you feel… Good. He was sweet, funny. His touch made your skin tingle. His voice sent shivers down your spine. Jack’s smile was so bright and genuine. You fell hard for him. You liked him, a lot.

Early evening all four of you were still just laying on your couch. The TV was on, Y/F/N was sat with her laptop on her lap, and you and your other two friends were either watching TV or focused on your phones.

“Alex just started an instagram live”, Y/F/N3 informed, sitting up better so all who wanted to see her phone screen could do so. You shrugged your shoulders at first. What ever. After ten seconds you gave in and scooted over to your friend, placing your phone on the coffee table.

Alex was walking around the room as he was welcoming everyone to his instalive, his phone shaking a bit as he slumped on to the couch. He fixed his hair and you could see he was reading the comments.

‘Smile’, why you are always asking me to smile?” Alex laughed and then flashed a big smile to the camera for few seconds.

“I bet the screenshots are going wild again…” Someone said from behind the phone and Alex chuckled, looking over the phone to somewhere in the living room he was in. It wasn’t just someone Alex was talking to, you’d recognize that voice anywhere. Jack. 

Y/F/N noticed you realized who Alex was with, but since you didn’t say anything, all four of you just continued to watch Alex’s instalive.
Alex was talking about something with Jack, when he finally turned his face back to the camera.

“So, like, what are you up to guys? Netflix and chill? Turn up?” Alex asked, chuckling at his own words and then taking a quick sip of his glass which looked like being full of beer or something.

“We’re going to hit the town tonight, Jack was working yesterday so he didn’t have any time to party with us properly”, Alex explained laughing.

“Yeah and my fucking crazy ex came and ruined the night anyway.” Jack huffed with a little chuckle as he sat next to Alex on the couch. You gazed at your friends who all were pretty much just staring at you after they’ve clearly heard Jacks words aswell.

“She was his ex?” Y/F/N2 then opened her mouth, raising her eyebrows. You nodded your head quietly, running your hand through your hair.

'Who were the girls with you yesterday, are you still single? By the way loved Jacks set’”, Alex read aloud, taking a look at Jack. 

“Thanks” Jack just simply answered, smiling just a little to the camera. He wasn’t like he usually was, Jack was quiet, shy, nervous even. He had his phone on his had and he was scrolling through something with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Those girls are our friends, I’m still single and I believe so are everybody else, too. - Even though I feel like Jack would like to be… not-single. He found the love of his life”, Alex explained, little laughter in his words. He then turned to look at Jack, who was still glued to his phone and obviously didn’t even hear what Alex had just said.

“Still nothing?” Alex asked with a little quieter voice. Jack shook his head.

“No… I just don’t understand what happened and why she’s not texting back”, Jack sighed, typing something on his phone. Few seconds later your phone made a sound when you got a text message. All three of your friends shoot themselves to your phone as if they were competing who was the one who got to give you your phone.

“Was it him?”

“What did he say?”

Your friends started bombing you with questions once you got a hold of your phone. You looked at the name on your screen. It was Jack - obviously. You took a deep breath and opened the message.

Please Y/N. I want to talk to you. Call me.

You couldn’t help a little smile creeping across your face but you quickly brushed it off. You placed your phone back to the coffee table. Everyone was quiet for a while.

“Y/N… Just talk to him”, Y/F/N2 had the courage to end the silence and she looked at you worried.

“Yeah. She was his ex, and he just said she is crazy and I’m sure they’re not even real exes.”

You crossed your arms on your chest and let out a big sigh.

“I need time. I don’t know what to think.”

Your friends nodded their heads. 

Later that night your friends finally left and you went straight to bed. You didn’t look at your phone at all, even though it rang three times and you got at least four messages. 

You just wanted to think.


A week. 

A week went by and he still tried to contact you. Every day at least one message. You couldn’t get Jack out of your head. But you also had this thought haunted in the back of your head. Was this thing just a joke to him? 

You sat on your sofa, shuffling between the channels on the tv. Not the most ideal way to spend your Friday night, but all three of your closest friends were either at work, going to work early in the morning or just had some else reason to leave you all alone tonight. 

You finally let the tv be, leaving some reality show on. You grabbed your phone and went to the messages, well, Jacks messages. You wanted to read them again. A little smile showed up on your face when you read the first messages you ever sent to each other. Then you got to the most recent ones, the ones Jack sent you after you stormed out of the club when you saw Jack with that obnoxious blonde girl. You didn’t smile anymore.

Why did you leave in such a hurry? 

Did you get Y/F/N3 home already?

We’re leaving soon. Are you still awake? Do you want to get something to eat with us? 

Are you okay? Did you get home safely? Had a great night with you, too bad you had to leave so quickly.

Why won’t you answer my calls? Are you still sleeping?

Are you hungover?


Can we meet? I’m just at home. I’m graving for some Nandos or Dominos… 

Come on Y/N… I want to talk to you.

Alex is texting with Y/F/N3, you think they have something going on between them? I call double date coming soon. 

Call me.

Seriously, you can’t just ignore me.

This is ridiculous, I can see you reading these. Just answer me, please. 

Y/F/N gave me your address, if you don’t answer I’ll hunt you down.

No I wont, that sounded creepy. But I really do want to talk to you.

Can’t you at least tell me what I did wrong? What happened?

I’m really sorry for whatever I did…

Please Y/N. I want to talk to you. Call me.

If this is about that girl, you don’t need to be worried about her.

So it is about that girl. Can’t you just please call me, I can explain.


You stared at the three last texts. You don’t need to be worried about her. You shut your eyes for a second, you felt tears coming up but you fought through them.

You opened your eyes and took a deep breath, typing your phone

Jack Maynard.

Call Jack Maynard.

Calling Jack Maynard…

You lifted your phone to your ear, your hands shaking a bit. Were you actually doing this?

“Y/N.” A relieved sigh answered the call. The tears. The tears came back up again. 

You cleared your throat and got up from the couch.

“You wanted to talk.”

“Yeah… I’m just so glad to hear your voice.”

“Uh-huh. - So, talk.”

You didn’t even know where all this attitude was coming from. No, yes you did. You wiped your cheek, a single tear had fallen on it. You wanted to hear what Jack had to say.

“I was kind of hoping we could meet.”

Jack had a serious tone on his voice, too. You took a look at yourself from mirror. Hair on a messy bun, no make up, white tank top and denim shorts. You turned around, looking for your light pink bomber jacket.

“Fine. Where?”

“I can pick you up. We can go to a park or something, if you want.”

“I don’t care.”

You could hear he was getting ready too. Keys jingling and clothes shuffling as Jack was pulling his jacket on.

“I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

You didn’t say anything else, just ended the call. Wow, you were dramatic. You furrowed your brows a bit, shoving your phone to your jackets pocket. This wasn’t who you were. Jack made you build up this wall that made you so bitchy and dramatic. Of course you wanted to see him, you couldn’t be anymore excited. At the same time you couldn’t shake the image of him with other girls, specially that blonde. You were jealous.

You leaned on the wall next to your front door, arms crossed, looking at the driveway. It was going to start raining soon. Classic London weather. A big black car stopped in front of you and you could see Jack looking at you from the driver’s side. You sat to the passengers seat, not even looking at Jack. You two were silent for a while, you could feel his eyes scanning you. Finally Jack started the car again and he drove to a nearby park.

“You look good”, Jack finally broke the silence once you got out of the car and sat to some bench. You just hummed a little in response.

“Y/N, that girl… She’s nothing compared to you.”

You rolled your eyes.


“Can’t you at least look at me when I’m speaking to you?”

You turned a bit on the bench, now facing Jack. This was the first time you had a chance to actually take a good look at him. Ripped jeans, a black jacket that revealed his Purpose tour hoodie under it, and a white cap on his head backwards so you could see his face. He looked tired. 

“I really fucking like you, okay? I don’t know how else to say it. I know it’s weird, and I know it’s fast, but you… Fuck. You just have something that pulls me towards you.” Jack said, not giving you time to say anything in between. He took his cap off, ruffled his hair and then put the cap back on. You felt a tiny glimpse of smile creeping on your face, but it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

“You don’t need to say anything, I just wanted to tell you because I’ve not been able to sleep, or film, or think, and I’m sure Alex and Conor are getting fed up with me talking about you all the time. That fucking crazy blonde trash just ruined everything. She came to our table and tried to talk to me while you and Y/F/N3 were fixing your dress - fucking Mikey had to destroy that, too. I’m so sorry about that. I just got us drinks and I was waiting for you, then she came and forced herself next to me. Shit, I didn’t even want her there, she’s been stalking me for months after she was with us on a one night out. We’ve never had anything serious going on between us, even though she fucking thinks so.” Jack blurted out the whole story of that night. 

You twiddled with your fingers, your hands on your lap. You could feel your cheeks getting red, just the thought of that girl made you angry but at the same time you we’re doing back flips on your head after what Jack said. He liked you. 

“So, I guess that’s it. I just needed to tell you”, Jack sighed, rubbing his tired eyes a bit with his other hand. You took a deep breath and cleared your throat, it felt like you had a frog or something in there enabling you to speak.  

“I’m sorry.” You finally opened your mouth. Jack turned to look at you, his eyebrows lifted in surprise.

“You’re sorry? For what? You don’t need to be sorry for anything”, he shifted a bit closer to you.

“I’ve been acting like total drama queen. I should’ve just talked to you”, you shrugged your shoulders, feeling a bit embarrassed now that you knew what actually happened. You heard a little hesitated breath and then felt Jacks arm on your shoulders.

“I’m sorry, too.”

You and Jack sat on the bench for a while. You could feel the rain getting close and you lifted your face to look up the grey sky.

“I like you, too. A lot. I don’t know why.” You said quietly, closing your eyes as you felt the first rain drops on your face. Jack’s grip on your shoulder tightened a bit and you could feel him getting closer to you again.

“Yeah I’d like to know why, too. I’m a solid three out of ten, maybe four if it’s a good day. - And good lighting.”

You smiled at Jacks words, still keeping your eyes shut. 

“There’s that smile I like to see.” He continued, and you felt your smile just growing bigger.

“Now if I just knew how to get that cute laugh of yours out of you…” He chuckled. Next thing you knew, Jack had his hands on your sides, under your jacket and he was tickling you. 

“Jack, no!” You laughed, almost jumping up from the bench.

“There we go! Let’s see if I can make you laugh even more”, Jack grinned, trying to grab you closer but you took a step back right on time.

“Nuh-uh, don’t you dare tickle me anymore.” You chuckled, shaking your head a bit.

The rain was staring to really pour down on you two, but you just didn’t care. Jack chased you around the park, and you both laughed from the bottom of your hearts, relieved that the drama was finally over. You stopped at Jack’s car to catch your breath, your clothes soaking wet from the rain. Jack caught up to you, and you were standing face to face, water dripping from both of your clothes.

“Can I…” Jack started, a little shy smile on his face. He lifted his hand on your cheek while his eyes examined every little inch of your face. He leaned in closer, his lips almost touching yours. You grinned a bit.

“Can you what?” You interrupted. 

Jack chuckled, taking his hand from your cheek and taking a step back.

“Well I guess I can’t, then”, he shrugged his shoulders, a little mischievous grin on his face. You lifted your other eyebrow.

“Wow, I didn’t know you give up so easily.”

That was the sentence that triggered Jack. He huffed amused, gently but quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you closer.

“Do not underestimate me.”

You smirked, looking at Jacks eyes. As you were just about to say something - probably something funny and sarcastic, he stopped you with a kiss. His lips felt so warm, hot even. Jack’s grip on your waist tightened as he pulled you even closer. You wrapped your arms behind his neck, getting even deeper to the kiss with him.

“We’re both going to get pneumonia if we don’t go inside somewhere”, Jack chuckled against your lips. The cold rain was still pouring down.
You finally let go of each other and jumped in Jack’s car. He drove to your house and parked in front of your door. You looked out of the window, and then turned to look at Jack.

“Actually, do you want to…”

“Can we go to…”

You both started talking at the same time. Obviously you and Jack had the same idea in your heads. He smirked at you and nodded his head.

“Yeah, you can come to mine.”

He started the car and soon you we’re looking at a big apartment building where Jack lived.

1° Gratsu Week 2017

Day one: Pillow Fight
I know it’s late, very late, but with the final chapter out I just couldn’t resist myself!!


“Are you ready?” Gray whispered with eyes downcast, gazing at bright hazel irises. Their breathing ragged and hands clutching soft fabric in expectation. His answer was a simple nod, dark pink hair bouncing about on alabaster skin “So…attack!”

The pair jumped from behind the small sofa on the room, screaming in delight as Natsu roared in faux surprise. Both Gray and Yuki hurled pillows straight on the dragonslayer’s face, making him slightly desoriented. It gave the attackers enough time to push Natsu on the top of the king sized bed.

As soon as Natsu tried to get up, Gray straddled his thighs locking him on the lying position. Yuki was on him not long after, small body sitting on top of the fire mage’s wide chest. With matching smiles, both ice wizards initiated a wave of hits. Soft sacks of father striking his face with two levels of force. Where Yuki lacked strength, Gray made up with strong, unmerciful hits, being careful to never hit their little one.

Minutes went by, the only sound heard were loud laughs and playful groans. At some point Yuki stoped, feeling tired, followed by Gray, who embraced his tiny form to his chest and fitted his head on the corner of his shoulder and neck. The two grinned smugly down at Natsu who crossed muscled arms and pouted.
“We won, daddy!” Yuki exclaimed, bouncing a little in excitement. Gray nodded with a smirk.

“I think it was unfair!” The dragonslayer whined, turning his head to the side in stubbornness, “Two against one don’t count!”

“Oh, c'mon Natsu!” Gray intervened, his facial muscles contracted, nose scrunching up as he nuzzled in their son’s neck, ripping a few steric laughs. “Have you seen Yuki’s size? He’s so tiny I don’t think I can even count him as a half man!”

An outraged complain escaped said child as Yuki frowned. His annoyed expression was just as cute as Gray’s and it made Natsu want to squeeze those rosy, chubby cheeks of his. Yuki stuffed his chest as much as possible and lifted his arms to show nonexistent biceps, “One day I’ll be as big as daddy!”

This time Gray was the one making an annoyed expression and again Natsu had the urge to squeeze the cuteness out of his boys, “What about me, your papa? I’m taller than your brain-for-ashes of a father here!” The older ice mage questioned, successfully making Yuki rethink his options for role-model. He put a small fist under his chin while thinking and when a decision was achieved his eyes brightened even more, a devilish expression taking over his face.

“I’ve decided! I’m gonna be as big as uncle Laxus!” A few seconds went by before the couple exploded in jealousy and disbelief.

Gray opted for a more theatrical response, murmuring how Yuki didn’t love him anymore, among other dramatic affirmations. Natsu, on the other hand, didn’t waste time in physically share a piece of his distaste. Hugging both mages to his chest, the dragonslayer rolled over and quickly attacked their sides, one hand under Yuki’s armpits and the other on Gray’s ribs. The two exploded into a fit of laughs, barely having time to catch their breath as Natsu mercilessly moved and stabbed calloused fingers on their ticklish areas.

Only when there were tears on blue and hazel eyes did Natsu stopped. He retread to the headboard, sitting up and leaning against it. Gray joined him, circling long arms around his torso and laying his head on his chest, right over the beating heart. Yuki made himself comfortable between the two adults, under Gray’s arm, also leaning on Natsu’s chest.

Quietness settled over them, only broken by the low calm music coming from the living room. The light was dim and comfortable, its origin was a lampshade which casted soft, warm yellow light over the trio. The bedroom was a mess of pillows of all colors and sizes, scattered all over the places, on the floor and on top of a dresser, precariously pushing a communication lacrima over the edge.

Natsu looked down, taking in the perfect picture of his husband and son resting on him, lazy smiles splitting their features. Their healthy breathing and hazy gazes, which showed they were there alive, safe and happy brought a fuzzy feeling that filled the dragonslayer’s heart with affection. His little family was everything to him, two people who owned and held his heart, two people he loved with all he was. There wasn’t better place in world to be than right there.

oceandeepsim  asked:

Thank you so much for your support all the time! It gives me so much joy and it makes my day knowing that you like my pictures :) I love your edits and sims - they're so pretty! (Lowkey, they're goals xD) Anyways, I hope you have a good day :3

Of course, I love your simming and editing style, both are really really lovely! ♡
And thank you very much, I think your sims are lowkey goals too, haha! x)
I hope you have a wonderful day too (sorry this is late my inbox is a mess)!

anonymous asked:

Hey just wanted to say before I ask that I love your blog! I really like your writing style and the way you write Hanzo, you're also really lovely! I understand you have lots of requests to do so I'm so sorry for sending one but could I request Hanzo with an anaemic s/o who is weak and gets super bad periods and crippling cramps bc i've been forgetting to take my meds lately and feel super groggy and in pain and wanna know how hanzo would deal with that, thank you so much! :)

Thank you very much for the kind words! <3 And don’t worry, I am able to answer this one for sure and hope it is good enough! I hope you are feeling better now as well as taking your medicine is very important, so please do!

- One of the least things he wants to see is you being in pain or uncomfortable, so he would always be a step ahead when it came to your health, especially when you told him about your condition. He can become a little overbearing because of it sometimes, not letting you strain yourself too much. Would also always be on time with your medicine and even keep track of it himself, as he fears you might forget to take it again. He’d lecture you a little about it, as he fears losing you the most and would not want you to become ill or anything of the sorts.

- Hanzo would ask you if you’d like to have a massage for your cramps, along with some calming herbs to drink or a steam bath. Even though he might not be in the same condition as you, he certainly knows how painful a few good cramps can be as he as endured a lot of harsh training, so he is certain that his traditional medicine will work for you as well. He’d be extremely gentle of course, as he does not want to harm you further and in the end, it is very soothing to have his big hands softly yet firmly rub your sore parts. After he is done taking care of you, he’ll make you a healthy dinner, specialised in your needs and with the right nutrients.

- He can be quite stern when it comes to you taking care of yourself when you happen to be on one of your bad periods. He would make sure you quit whatever work you are doing or studying to rest up in your bed as he takes care of the rest. Being stubborn with him is pretty much pointless, as he will take matters in his own hands and call off work/school for you or just simply carry you to your bedroom if you refuse to lie down. He means all the best though and is just too afraid that you will be harmed in the end or pass out from exhaustion. Besides, why would you refuse? His room service is excellent and he may or may not give you a little bell even, to call him. All of your meals and other needs will be brought to you along with his comfort.

- Will also still assist you in anything you might be doing while you are recovering, he becomes your personal supervisor. If he sees you getting tired or staggering a little, he will instantly take over and do the rest for you. If you ever need to rant, the archer is there to gently rub your back as well while he gives you forehead kisses and reassuring words. Always reminding you that you are not alone and that he will always be the first to aid you whenever you need help. You will never have to fear ending up fending for yourself in your most vulnerable condition, as he will always have your back, no matter where you might be.

Body Image

If you’ve been following me lately, you probably know that I’m working really hard on my body and my perception of my body (which are two very different things). Yesterday I was asked to take a pic of my back side straight on. Obviously for selfies, we always want to adjust the angle to give us the best shape. Straight on is not that!

So I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share these pics or not. It’s showing all the nooks and crannies. However, I want to be honest with myself and you. It is fantastic to see the improvement in my back. Most probably won’t see it, but I do and I have to focus on those improvements.

I hope you all enjoy as well.

anonymous asked:

OK literally, idk if I'm late on the whole "hate from the anonymous", but I just wanna say you seem like an awesome person, I will literally punch them like, I will crawl out from the screen and sock it in their faces even if you're halfway across the world (hello from Arizona). You don't deserve that, no one does. But just know I think you're aMaZinG 💞👍

I love Arizona! Although it was very hot for my delicate english skin lolz. 

Thank you for the love anon.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

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@Red Hood you should totally check on Catwoman's roommate. She's been through a lot lately, you know? It would be very heroic to provide support to a wonderfully nice person who is also really cute (I'm sorry Selina I'm trying I stink at this).

Hood you absolutely have to check on her, she might need help or support or a kiss or something

11 questions

@arlessiar tagged me!

1) What did you want to become as a child, and what did you become?

I was never particularly ambitious, job-wise. I had all the usual vague kiddie goals (astronaut! train driver! lion tamer!) but never any real pull to focus on something specific. I work in commercial art now (vague cos I’m always paranoid they’re going to find me somehow and disapprove of basically everything I am) and it sucks my soul out of my arse daily. Is it too late to train as a lion whisperer??

2) If you were allowed to dress your favourite actor however you’d like, who would it be and what would she/he look like afterwards?

I don’t know, everyone’s been very accommodating already. Lots of beautiful suits, swoopy ballgowns, Helen Mirren in a leather jacket, SWOON. Although I do want to put Taron in a proper Errol Flynn type Robin Hood costume since he’s been such a crybaby about tights.

3) Did you ever cry while reading a book or watching a film, and if yes, when was the last time that happened and why?

I don’t think it happens with thattt many things, but when I go I REALLY GO haha it’s a disaster. Re-reading Code Name Verity a little while ago made me lose half a day. The film Dancer in the Dark made me cry until I threw up.

4) What is your favourite piece of jewellery that you own?

I’ve got a silver ring with three stones, one each of peridot, amethyst, and (fake) diamond. Suffragette colours! I wear it every day.

5) If you could invent and play any kind of yet non-existent role in an existent movie, who would you like to be?

Some Mary Sue type character who intervenes for Butch and Sundance in the final shootout then lives in sin with them for the next fifty years, please and thank you.

6) You have to share a room with a Kingsman character for one night. Who will it be and why?

Harry so I can sit up all night and watch him sleep like the irredeemable creeper I am.

7) Did you have a comfort toy as a child and if yes, what happened to it?

YES his name is Joe and he’s on my bed right now. I won him in a beautiful baby competition when I was two, so he’ll be 31 next month. He’s looking a bit threadbare in places but I love him more than anything. He is a Good Dog.

8) What is the colour/design of your bedclothes?

My favourite set is pink and purple astronaut cats on black.

9) What was your happiest fandom moment so far?

The day Taron tweeted that “reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” poster, fuck!!!!

10) The last film you saw in the cinema

Wonder Woman for the fourth time :D but going to see Dunkirk later. I live a three minute walk from the cinema and I’ve got an unlimited pass so I can repeat-watch the really good stuff without totally bankrupting myself (I saw Kingsman nine times, oops).

11) You invite your favourite fictional character for dinner and you order pizza – what kind of pizza would you buy for them?

Lee Scoresby from His Dark Materials and Joscelin Verreuil from the Kushiel series are my favourite characters… I can’t see them agreeing on pizza topping somehow but I would love to be present to see them fight it out ;) I would definitely put pineapple on it and they’re both too gallant to tell me to fuck off.

Too braindead today to think up questions but if you want to play then do these!

i was tagged by @opinionatedpan thank u! im so sorry i didnt see this sooner!!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 20 of your followers you would like to get to know better.

Name: steffi

Nicknames: stef, tam, ame, callie, tree, probably some more

Zodiac sign: libra

Height: 169cm /1,65 ft

Orientation: pan

Ethnicity: white as a piece of paper

Favorite fruit: uuuhhh raspberries or blackberries

Favorite book series: hh i dont read alot because im very bad at focusing nd keeping my attention on one thing, also ive rarely read any series but i love the hitchhikers guide..

Favorite season: mmmm spring and winter

Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa: i love cocoa but tea is great too

Cat or Dog person: pussies

Average sleeping hours: lately ive been up way too long on school nights so then its probably abt 5 or 6 hours of sleep, on weekends i sleep forever

Favorite fictional character(s): all. if i made a list here right now id still be writing next year

Number of blankets I sleep with: 1, 2 in winter

Dream trip: road trip w friends across the us 

Blog created in: late 2013 i think, i didnt post shit at first so my first post was in february 2014

Number of followers: 1276 right now

not gonna tag anyone bc im lazy