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Hey 💗 I wanted to ask if you could write a HC with the whole RFA+Trio with a very beautiful MC. She is even more handsome than Zen. And it would be great if you could focus on Jumin a bit more because he is my absolute favourite 💗 I love your writing and thank you so much for giving me a such great time with your blog 💗

Oh nice and I love Jumin too so of course why not. I could done this as a small fic too but that be a bit much for all of the members plus the trio.

I ever try to give everyone equal amount of HC length but it really ever depends on the request.

I will start with Jumin this time.

Not spoiler free


The first think about you that really gets his attention is your voice

When he sees you for the very first time you are really stunning to him.

He does notice that you are really beautiful but your are a natural beauty what is a huge difference to the woman he knows.

To him its your heart that he loves the most your beauty if anything makes him more careful when you are around his father.

Knowing his fathers habits.

He would nor brag about it like other members -Zen I´m looking at you-

When you come to the RFA party the other members are stunned when they see you.

Zen thinks you are a supermodel or you should do a movie, maybe even do modeling.

Zen would never admit that you are as pretty as him though.

The other members think that you are and they tease Zen about it.

Jumin gets jealous when Zen hits on you before he knows who you are.

He will scold Zen for that since he knows that you are innocent.

The others find it funny 707 always knew how you look so he is not really surprised but he loves teasing Zen about this later.

Jumin gets more protective about you when he knows what other people think about your beauty.

The press has a field day about you they look in your past to find surgery but you never got any.

When they spread rumors that you are a catfish Jumin gets really mad he could care less what they say about him but when it comes to you he really can´t stand it to see you sad.

He comforts you when it gets to you he knows that your feelings for him are true.


When he sees you for the first time he thinks he dreams or something.

To him you are so stunning he is at a loss of words.

After he gets over his first embarrassment he quickly sees that you are really natural to him.

Even when the other members make fun of him when they see that you are more pretty then he is to him that is only natural.

You are always the most beautiful person on earth so he does not mind it when other people see that as long they know that you are his.

When someone hits on you he always gets really angry and insecure.

You have to remind him that you love only him once a while.

He fully brags about you 24/7  he takes soo many selfies with you its not funny anymore.

He will ask you to model with him at least even what that sometimes makes him feel bad when someone grows to like you too much -make your mind up Zen-

Overall his fans ship you with him specially when you do photo shoots with him.


Before you meet him 707 already teases him about your looks.

What kind of makes him nervous of course seven could be trolling him.

When you meet him at the party you are just as handsome and beautiful as 707 said.

Yoosung is not sure how to deal with that why did you agree to become his pre – gf/bf ?

You could have anyone with that looks you even put Zen to shame.

Zen lowkey agrees that you are pretty – Yoosung is really unhappy about that

You not care about your own looks that much and you think that Yoosung is really cute you like him a lot you don´t really see the issue.

When you kiss him in public to show him that you are serious -he dies-

Yoosung blushes a lot he probably will never fully understand why you like him that much but he is more then happy that you do.

He brag about you and sometimes people doubt that you are really with him what makes him sad.

You then take a picture of you kissing him to shut them off -works every time- rip Yoosung

Sometimes he just pretends that someone pocks fun at him to get a kiss from you


When you meet the first time her glasses almost drop.

She was not expecting that at all.

You look better then Zen is the first think she tells you and then she feels bad that this is the first think she tells you.

Jaehee thinks you should  model or a acting with that looks or yours.

She will gladly manage you and be your number one fan if you do that.

When you have no interest in that and rather open the cafe with her Jaehee feels really blessed.

You are really down to earth Jaehee likes that you are always helping her out.

She feels really blessed that you are always their for her.

Sometimes she takes pictures of you but she keeps them for herself.

When she is drunk she will spam everybody in the chat about how much better you look then Zen and truly in love she is.

You see this later and give her a hug you know she will regret it later but its really cute of her to think that about you.


He saw you on the CCTV he is trolling the RFA with that information.

Zen pesters him for a picture to verify it but 707 refuses.

He has a lot of fun with this till he actually meets you .

He is more nervous then he shows.

The longer he is with you the harder he finds it to focus and that you are that pretty only makes it worth.

You are like always to him though you not really care about your looks that much.

You support him and you help him with everything so he opens up to you and falls deeper for you to the point where he admits it to you.

Later when you meet the rest of the RFA they see that Saeyoung was not lying.

You are really more handsome then Zen but your personality is much more like sevens.

They are impressed that Saeyoung was able to win you over.

You not really care about what the others think you love Saeyoung you been threw a lot at this point and there is much more to you then your outside.

Saeyoung likes to use your looks for pranks sometimes but he never overdoes it.

He ever tells you that you look so much better in his clothes then he does.

Skip here for the minor trio -

I accidentally written slight routes for the minor trio they deserve them I got carried away


When 707 does the background check on you he does mention that you are more handsome then Zen and V has no idea why 707 even mentions that.

When you two meet for the first time he can barely see but from what he can tell you really look beautiful to him.

It does not really matter to him that much though.

He really likes it that you care so much for the RFA.

When you get closer to him and after that mint eye stuff is settled and someone is thrown into prison, he opens up more towards you.

You have to help him with moving on and your looks really don´t even matter till way later.

After he got the surgery when he starts taking pictures again you become his muse .

He loves taking pictures of you you are really happy for him when he starts working again.

It will take some time to heal his wounds but it will be worth the waiting.


When he lures you to the apartment and sees you on  the monitors he thinks you will be perfect to lure the RFA.

You do a great job being the innocent person he thought you where.

He is not too happy when you get close to his brother but you are just friends with Saeyoung.

Later you and Saeyoung free him and you are always their for him.

He starts to trust you after a while.

He knows the other members like you a lot , he is not too happy when you are too close to them.

You reassure him a lot that you not like them that way.

Saeran is not too afraid of that he just not wants that you leave him alone.

He sometimes wishes that you would be more normal looking then the other members would leave you alone.

Or if you would be ugly he could have you all to himself.

Saeran always chases those bad thoughts away.

You have to make sure that he knows what you feel about him depending on what state he is in.

When he gets comfortable enough to touch you , you can hug him.

It will take a long time for him to be in any kind of relationship and at that point your looks are just a bonus if anything.

Saeran will still be jealous sometimes but he can´t help it.


-I do male Vanderwood unless it´s requested otherwise-

He first sees you on the CCTV he first thinks you had surgery but you did not.

He just ignores you for a while because he thinks you are annoying like Saeyoung.

When you meet him later he is busy with other thinks -aka the secret endings-

He does not even notice that you are not interested in Saeyoung at first.

You actually invite him to join the RFA somehow he agrees.

He has no idea why he should though.

You help him to get used to a normal life again.

You get him a job as guard for Elizabeth the 3rd .

He likes the fact that he can occasionally taser 707

He slowly grows to like you but he has issues to show it.

You have to do the first steps and ignore it when he is nervous towards you.

He has no idea why you like him since you are so pretty and why did he say that loud.

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