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The signs on The Great British Bake Off
  • Aries: Is overly confident about their showstopper despite not having practiced it at home
  • Taurus: Unnervingly calm at all times. puts the same two spices into everything
  • Gemini: Goes off plan for their showstopper when they see what the other contestants are doing
  • Cancer: The Most™ puns
  • Leo: Argues with Mary and Paul during the judging
  • Virgo: Has a food blog and knows everything despite being like 12
  • Libra: Matches their outfit to their (perfectly iced) cake
  • Scorpio: Steals someones custard
  • Sagittarius: Goes home early because they try to be experimental and put beetroot in a black forest gateaux
  • Capricorn: Has 5 timers and detailed blueprints
  • Aquarius: Struggles not to look disappointed when they think they’re going to get star baker and then don’t
  • Pisces: Goes home half way through. Was just happy to be there. Cries
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babe WHAT. THE. HECK?????

I apparently have an allergy to IV contrast solution which I was not aware of.

They put the needle in my arm, I felt okay for a few seconds, and then when they put me inside the CT machine I started to feel weird, which they had told me to expect so I ignored it. But then I became aware that I felt REALLY hot like I was on fire, and I couldn’t swallow, and I was having a really hard time breathing and everything was itchy and I wanted to vomit but I couldn’t sit up and that’s when my heart which I had been listening to on the monitor thing started going a mile a minute and they pulled me out of the machine in a hurry, and the tech was like “uh…can you swallow this benadryl? No…uh…okay I’m just going to get a nurse sweety, sit tight you’re okay” and then basically ran out the room and slammed the emergency button and two lots of nurses came running. One lot arguing that they couldn’t administer the epi pen without a doctor present because they weren’t 100% sure I was going into anaphylaxis, while another nurse yelled I was clearly going into anaphylaxis, at which point the doctor came in, and the next thing I remember is ‘waking up’ to being stabbed in the leg with the pen, and the doctor asking me my name and if I knew where I was as I was wheeled through the snow towards an emergency room.

So now the local hospital has a policy about always having an EPI pen on hand in the CT lab. Because apparently that was not a thing they had in place.

So yea…so long as I literally do not start out January 2017 like that, I’m good.

i’m making this post at 11:35 pm to let y'all know that jaime and bart have in fact held hands

it’s canon

your name writes poems along the backs of my teeth 
that i do not have the words to speak 
your name prints dictionaries and thesauruses 
along my spine in languages i didn’t know 
i could speak until we kissed for the very first time 
your name is question and answer 
and every thought, every second, third, fourth thought 
every letter and post script i will ever write with these fingers
laced through yours and your name
was the first drop of rain in the thunderstorm that is us 
but i wonder 
what you felt, what you heard when i first said 
hi, my name is–
if you heard the thunder, felt the earthquakes 
tasted the tide rising over your tongue 
but something tells me that you didn’t because i remember 
so clearly, so painfully 
the way you smiled and just said 
wow, that’s a pretty name.
—  what’s in a name

Summary of the second #MaryneDrawsStarWars:

Episode V (long post ahead)

Summary of MaryneDrawsStarWars Episode IV: here

What it’s about: it’s basically me sharing my experience of watching all of the Star Wars movies for the very first time by livetweeting and livedrawing while doing so. All of that so I can watch Episode VII and fully appreciate it.

(watch the video here)


As always, if you want to join me for the third round, check the #MaryneDrawsStarWars tag on Twitter and Tumblr to know the day and hour!

If on the contrary, you want to avoid it, blacklist the same tag for Tumblr (without space between the words), and if you follow me on Twitter, you’re welcome to mute me at the hours I’m doing this!

- Maryne.


I got to play for like an hour yesterday with the Cesaire household so prepare for that queue, but first I’d like to just make a few announcements

  • ive gotten alot of asks regarding whether or not i will tag my posts in order to set up for a chronological view of the blog. answer: I’d love to, but that means going back and tagging 1.5k posts which (even with mass post editor) would take literal hours that i dont have. for now, those of you new to the blog will just have to go back manually or use the archive 
  • second order of business also has to do with me being a lazy shit. you may notice ive slowly stopped tagging character/ ship names. I dont have an excuse other than???? (for those of you who follow me @bullysquadess, you know I’m also a writer and cosplayer, so I cant really afford to devote alot of time to this blog, as much as i love it). With the rising amount of kids we have now, it’s becoming very difficult to tag post with alot of people. I will continue to use the #rooms tag when posting about room changes and the #character intro tag when introducing new character/showing off aged-up characters, but other than that, dont expect alot.
  • now an update on age progression! Emma is about 1/3 of the way trough her teen years, Bridgette will age up into a child in four sim!days, Hugo has about a week and a half left until he becomes a teen, and Piper and Louis are still very much children. I’ll be playing the Cesaire house for the next few sim! days and will probably switch back to the Agrestes right before Bridgette ages up.

that is all!