i know this is terrible but this scene is so dark


Osaka-san from Azumanga Daioh has a…different perspective on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer than most people.

Interestingly enough, I’ve seen similar comments about Rudolph from several people on the autistic spectrum on Twitter and Tumblr recently. So yeah, this particular scene only further supports my headcanon of Osaka being neurodivergent.

[Transcript: “Ya know, I think of this every year when Christmas comes around. There’s that red nosed reindeer, ya know? But that’s just terrible. His shiny nose is useful for dark roads at night… But that’s no consolation. If ya told a bald person that he was useful on the road at night, you’d get clobbered. Santa sure says some mean things, ya know?”]

The Storm

Summary: Bucky finds you during a power outage in the Tower.

Warnings: smut, angst (almost nonexistent)

A/N: I wanted to do something more poetic like so I wrote this and my clock is currently reading 4:34 am and for all I know this may just come off as pure gibberish. I hope it’s at least a little bit entertaining to read…

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In Defense of Octavia and Ilian

I know there’s some serious mixed reactions to that scene throughout the fandom at the moment, so I just wanted to share my consensus. (And if you do reblog with your opinion, please keep it respectable. I have no tolerance for unnecessary rudeness) 

Let’s make it clear- Octavia and Ilian are not a true relationship yet 

Their hookup scene last night was nothing more than that, a hookup. Nothing more than a one night stand hookup to drown out the pain and drown out their terrible world 

Octavia is lonely and suffering and just wants to escape the darkness within her for once in her life. Seconds before, she was prepared to walk into acid rain and never come back just to take it all away 

She’s desperate to feel normal human emotions again. She’s desperate to FEEL normal and human again after months of feeling like nothing but an empty shell. In that moment, Ilian could give that to her 

That’s all that night was. FOR NOW, this isn’t anything real 

The question is, will it ever be? I’d say it’s very possible. It will be a long, painful, difficult road for Octavia to ever allow herself to go there again- but I’ll love her no matter what 

The symbolism of dropping the knife and taking Ilian’s hand later on will mean something, I do believe 

Today, Octavia rises from her own ashes and into the big, bright, terrifying world, where her true redemption and healing begins. Whether she accepts Ilian’s love or finds peace in her solitude, we have yet to know. Every single step will be a challenge, but Octavia is finally ready to see where the world takes her 

Today, Octavia Blake is ready to live again 

And no matter the outcome, I think it will be beautiful

Until the End of the Line (Fred Weasley x Reader)

              Word Count: 1,000

a/n i suck so bad i’m sorry i’m a terrible person for 

          You and Fred were watching the battle rage on, and you looked at each other, smiles on your faces. There was nothing you’d rather be doing than protecting your home, and you knew that you would never make it out alive. At least you would spend the last time with Fred. “Hey Freddie.” You reached over and gave his hand a light squeeze, “you know I love you, right?”

               “I know.” He whispered, looking over at you. It was dark in the castle, and you both could hear the silence that came before a war. The tension was in the air, and the adrenaline was running through your veins.

               “What if we don’t make it?” You whispered, and he shook his head, looking forward again at the scene in front of him. Voldemort’s army was crashing through the barrier, and you could hear the faint shouting of soldiers from below.

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That moment, when Jack sees Pitch once again become invisible, forgotten, and not believed in.

Jack’s face kills me every time I see this scene. Because he knows that sensation, that experience of being all alone.

And despite all the terrible actions Pitch had done, judging by Jack’s face, he couldn’t help but feel sad, seeing Pitch experience that same sensation, even though this moment only lasted a few seconds. 

Jack and Pitch are enemies… and yet, Jack can relate to Pitch on a level that no one else can, and probably never will.

Like day and night, light and dark, so different, yet sharing a deep understanding for one another, that no one else can.


A Secret Rendezvous

Awwww, they are both like two giddy teenagers before their first date! Both dressing up for the occassion. Even Wang So chooses the fanciest robe in his wardrobe, though you have to wonder whether he didn’t buy it or made it tailored specifically for his date with HS since his fashion taste runs more for the dark and practical stuff. Apart from the rain ritual, this is HIS FIRST TIME WEARING WHITE! I NEED a scene where he is completely desperate and hapless because he doesn’t know what to wear and runs to BA, asking for fashion tips and then they go on a shopping spree because his BBF would never allow Wang So to fail at his first date! I would even venture to guess that BA actually found out what HS planned to wear and color-coordinated their outfits! BECAUSE THIS IS TOTALLY WHAT HAPPENED!

“I didn’t think you would really come, so I took my time getting here. Did you wait long?”

As terrible as it’s that WS was made to marry his niece, it actually causes that HAE SOO ENDS UP BEING THE ONE WHO IS WAITING FOR HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME. It’s nice to see her in this reversed position she is unused to - waiting for the person she loves - she feels the giddiness, the uncertainty, so many expectations and hopes. But she needn’t to be afraid because SO DOES COME, JUST LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES. He could have stood her up, ignore her and avoid it all (just like Wook did so many times) - the pain, the unpleasantness - but he doesn’t BECAUSE HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT TO HER, HE PROMISED HER AND THE 4TH PRINCE ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES NO MATTER HOW MUCH IT HURTS HIM. In a world, where destiny nor history would stand against them, in a world where he wouldn’t be delayed by the drama of his dysfunctionla, messed-up family, SO WOULD BE THE ONE ARRIVING FIRST AND AT LEAST HALF AN HOUR EARLIER.

“It’s okay,” Hux says. “I know your secret. You’ve got real darkness in you already. Me too. We’ll be bad together, someday. We’ll do such terrible things together, once we’ve grown up.”

a rough little picture based on the most recent update of @hollyhark ‘s CWU-verse

i loved the young Ben dream scene, so much that I went to bed wanting to draw just this and couldn’t go to sleep again tonight without spitting some version of it out 

crash: a kastle drabble

everything’s KASTLE and everything HURTS, so HERE, HAVE THIS ONESHOT. I blame this entirely on @simplytherose, who gave me these feelings in the first place. 

Just some thoughts on the car crash scene from 2.12. 

He knows it’s a terrible idea, but there’s nothing else to do.

It’s too dark to take a shot—even for him—and he won’t risk it anyway, not with her so close.

He’s never been the type to pray—if there is a god up there, he’s long since forgotten about Frank Castle, the bastard—but as he revs the engine, he finds himself silently calling out to someone, begging them to make this quick, begging them to keep her safe.

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Dark Fate Yuma Dark Prologue Translation

Mukami Prologue     Dark Prologue     Dark 01     Dark 02     Dark 03    Dark 04     Dark 05     Dark 06     Dark 07     Dark 08     Dark 09     Dark 10     Dark Epilogue     Heaven 01

I know it’s past his birthday, but to celebrate the Big Bear Yuma, here have a translation anyway haha~

-Scene: Underground Waterway-

Yui: (――I was told to go to the demon world, but I’m worried about Yuma-kun)

(He’ll probably be angry if I go back, but… …)

(He’s important to me. I can’t just leave here on my own!)

Agh… …

*Yui Runs Back*

-Scene Change: Mukami Living Room-

Yui: Haah… …Haah… …

This room’s a terrible mess… …what happened here… …

That’s right, Yuma-kun and the others――

*Loud Thud*

Yui: … …! W-What the… …?

(Is something going on outside… …?)

Yuma: *from outside* … …Back the fuck off!!

Yui: Yuma-kun… …!

(It sounds like he’s in the garden… …I have to go. But, it’s dangerous to go out there in the open)

(I’ll sneak outside and find a place to hide)

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Joker Theory: What it means when his face goes dark.

There’s an important event that leads up to this odd encounter with Joker that I think sheds some light on what is happening. Alice utterly rejected Joker in the previous scene and when her love interest killed him she describes it differently than usual. This time it is raw and bloody and terrible, as opposed to the other times when she can’t see it as anything but dreamlike/unreal or comical. Something else that made this death scene different was how desperate Joker became. He admitted that he had already lost but couldn’t give up because only he could save Alice. Those seem like the words of someone who knows that there won’t be another chance later.

So with that as the backdrop, I can move into the main topic.

When Alice meets Joker again she can’t make out his face because there is a darkness that makes it impossible to see. It’s different than the vague features of a faceless that can be made out if she cares to focus on them. So what does that mean?

This is what I think based on what we know.

Alice fully rejected Joker who acts as a mirror. So wouldn’t it make sense that he has ceased to reflect her? Or it could be said in the same way that he is no longer her Joker. There are even a few times in the games where the connection is made about Alice being reflected in Joker’s eye. The eye being the window to the soul is a pretty common concept. But perhaps Joker’s facial expressions and actions are a reflection of the heart of the person he is the Joker of, and that is why his expression was like a mask that fell away to reveal the cold, dark, void that Alice sometimes senses behind those expressions.

This all brings up another interesting point that people have asked in the past. What is behind Joker’s mask/eye patch? I can think of a very good reason for why he would have to wear it. What if that part of his face is the part that reveals what he truly feels and is the one part that doesn’t reflect others? Something like that would have to be covered up because it would distort the reflections and interfere with his work. In other words that is the normal eye while the visible eye is the “magical” eye XD.

That’s all I’ve got. If anyone has something to add or contradict I’d be interested to hear those points too.

1960s/70s Proms: Yeah, it was Just Like That

So when I first saw this scene, I laughed like a hyena, because I knew that somewhere our family had actual photographs of my brother wearing BOTH of these tuxes to various proms, and they are seared in my memory.  While my brother’s proms were a little later than the Stans’ (which would have been ‘68 or ‘69), I have no reason not to believe that they weren’t totally accurate for that slightly earlier time period too.

I recently rediscovered the actual photos, and I felt the need to share.

The year is between 1975 and 1977.  

This might have been his junior prom. I swear that in my head, I misremembered this tux as looking exactly like Ford’s in the pic above (I could swear I remember the dark piping).  But this is the only photo I could find of him wearing the powder-blue tux, so.

Oh but wait, it gets better, because:

This is definitely ‘77, because it’s his now-wife’s senior prom.  I also particularly like this photo for the proof that it was perfectly possible to select a reasonable black tux, as his friend Brian did, (though I think that is a powder-blue shirt), which means my brother VERY VOLUNTARILY chose this pink ruffled ensemble.

With the white shoes!  THE WHITE SHOES.  I really gotta sit him down at some point and really ask how this happened.  I mean I know it was the 70s and people were, objectively, a bit insane when it came to fashion, but.  Guys, you cannot even begin to appreciate what a boring and unfashionable person my brother, the professional CPA, is and was.  

I just need you to appreciate the satin piping and the ruffles at the wrists, and also, the attempt here at the Steve Pinington mustache.  Because yes, that was totally a thing that people did unironically.  He wore that mustache and long hair for several years.

anonymous asked:

Heyoo, I've got a question in the series I-did-not-understand-this-scene-and-I-might-be-a-bit-embarrassed. What does Natasha exactly mean when she says "Be careful Steve. You might no wanna pull on that thread" after she has handed the file from Kiev to Steve?

hi! Natasha’s warning Steve about the contents of the file. She knows that whatever’s written in the file will be dark and cruel. It’s one thing to know that Bucky was tortured and brainwashed for seventy years, but it’s another thing entirely to read the scientific notes of his captors, objectively detailing how they abused him. It may be too much to handle.

Natasha realizes the contents of the file will lead Steve down a path that will only hurt him more, and she’s worried about him:

There’s a quote by Neil Gaiman that fits this scenario well: “All your questions can be answered, if that is what you want. But once you learn your answers, you can never unlearn them”. Natasha’s saying that once Steve reads the file, he can never go back. He’ll carry that knowledge with him for the rest of his life. Sometimes it’s better not to know – he could date the nurse and seek happiness instead of pain.

Of course, Steve listens to her warning… and then immediately opens the file. He doesn’t pause to consider her words. No matter how grim the file is, he wants to know everything that happened to Bucky, because he’ll do anything to help his friend. He has to know, even if the file doesn’t hold the answers that he needs.

Steve’s willing to carry that burden of knowledge – including things that Bucky may not know – if there’s even a chance of saving Bucky. Even if that knowledge brings him down a path he cannot cope with, or survive. It speaks of how far Steve is willing to go to help his friend.

why the new joker was amazing

I’m so tired of people telling me that Jared Leto’s performance was terrible, lame, and inadequate. Many people don’t realize that the are various types of jokers written by different authors in the comics. Yes heath ledger was undeniably incredible but people should stop comparing leto to ledger.  It was jared’s portrayal of the joker. Although it is only my opinion, but WHY and HOW would leto be another ledger joker. Leto didn’t half-ass his acting. Jared did do unnecessary sexualized parts in some scenes but he made the joker addictive to watch. The original joker would have left Harley but leto showed a psycho that he can be a boss ass gangster. In the dark night rises, the scene where batman was interviewing him, the joker was getting all beat up and shoved into the wall. but what would have happened if leto’s joker be with batman? Leto would be all over him, touching him, “loving” him. He was like psycho 12 year old.   I think he killed it:) 


Bones » 2016 rewatch - 1x07 “A Man on Death Row”

I read it can be hell. They say it’s like going to sleep, but you’re on fire. And you’re   paralysed so you can’t scream. I mean, that’s all you’ve got sometimes, you know?                              The scream.

Pony (reylux, stormpilot fic)

In which Rey thinks that ‘Kyle Ren’ is kind of a weird name for a stripper, male or otherwise. Complete crack. 

(AKA I wrote the stripper!Kylo Modern AU and I hate myself)

This is the song. Yall already know the one. 

It shouldn’t be legal to move your hips like that. 

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