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A Sunny Sunday

Summary: Chris Evans x Reader where an ordinary day turns into a memorable one. 
Word count: 1287
Warnings: feels, fluff
A/N: @ohevansmycaptain sparked some creativity in me and I got this idea the other day thanks to the meatball calling himself daddy.

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justhilarrieous  asked:

Hi there, I don't know if this was asked, but due to illness I couldn't be online the past few days. The first thing that came to my mind when listening to SOTT was how vocally challenging it is. Do you think they will change the arrangement for live performances or can Harry pull it off easily? Thanks and take care.


I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. I’m right there with you.

The vocal parts are very challenging. For one thing, much of the song is in a higher part of Harry’s chest voice range. The falsetto is also not easy to sing. These are dramatic voices, to my interpretation. They represent different personas in the song, which are then united in the second verse (I have a super long post coming soon to clarify what I mean; it’s really, really long and probably unreadable but…there it is).

The song requires an arc that starts with false reassurance/ promise, progresses to questioning, then to realization, struggle and resolution. You can hear it in the progressive build up of musical instruments, in the drama of the production, as well as the thickening of sound (with the addition of the human chorus). 

The harmonic structure of the song shows a suspension of chordal progression until the very end, when Harry sings “we’ve got to get away.” Then it becomes very clear that this was where the song was going the whole time. The resolution on the downbeat, on the home key (the tonic key) of “We’ve got to, we’ve got to” is obvious. 

The singer has to hold his voice in reserve until the very end, because this is where the struggle and the drama is at its height. I expect that when performed live, it will send shivers through the audience, because of just how shocking it is. 

Harry’s voice is astonishingly good in the recording. It is minimally processed, and the small production effects (reverb, digital duplication of the falsetto) do not alter the fundamental clarity of his tone, which is superb. 

I expect the SNL performance to have a full band, a small chorus (at least sopranos, altos, baritones). Of course we won’t hear the reverb effects, etc., but I think Harry will pull it off.  Even when his voice was not at its best, he performed his solo in Drag Me Down (2:58) in the London live session remarkably on pitch and without terrible tone. His solos in BBC1 Infinity was passable when he barely had a voice. He is a real musician! I think he’s going to be so, so great on SNL that I will be able to flip off all the “real music” assholes who ever doubted him. Even if I have to drag my sick ass to their offices (virtually of course), I will have the smuggest face ever. 

I hope you feel better soon. Much love,


sphericalapproximation  asked:

Omg yesterday some vegan told me that bees are kept in BEE PRISONS like little boxes and blasted with smoke and sugar water until they poop honey and I was like, where are your sources, and they said they "couldn't remember" and I'm still mad

there is so much to unpack here…. like the fact they think bees “poop” honey. honey is diluted bee vomit. And sugar water is used for when bees are struggling to make enough honey to feed the hive due to there not being enough pollen or the weather or a how range of reasons. 

And all the bee keepers I know don’t use smoke at all. All the smoke does is mask the alarm pheromones bees release when bee keepers need to get into the hive. It stops the bees from getting agitated and attacking. Bee keepers have to be super careful with smoking bees because too much can cause the bees to abandon the hive or start to eat the stored honey. 

I don’t think these people realise that bee keepers are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable people when it comes to bees. Not to mention they rely on the bees to make a profit. They aren’t extactly going to mistreat their bees when they are their source of income. 

Not to mention that there are other species of bees, then just the european honey bee that are kept for a whole other range of reasons. On my university hives of trigona are being kept (they don’t produce enough honey to sell but they are native to Australia, so are important for research and for our horticulture on campus) as well as blue banded bees for research purposes.

It’s clear these people have never seen a hive box in their lives before either not to mention the anthropomorphism.  


It’s Valentines day and I’m forever alone so I’m writing super fluffy things and one heartbreak because I'm evil

Another owl lands in front of you holding a red envelope. You offer the bird a treat and take the envelope. This was the 5th one today, apparently, boys thought you were quite a catch and kept sending you Valentine’s day cards. You only had sights on one boy, who was head over heals for another girl. You could sense the cliche. 

“Oo! Another one huh y/n” your friend teases. 

You roll your eyes and tear open the envelope. A smoke unicorn hops out of the envelope and prances around. You stare in awe as it leaves a trail of pink smoke. It stops in front of you and bows before disappears in a puff of smoke and leaves a small card that smells of Cinnamon. You pick up the card and look at it. The border is a shimmery gold and the writing is messy but a cute messy 

Your heart is so golden that a Niffler would paw at your heart

Seeing you makes my stomach flutter like I have a million Billywigs inside

I get so nervous around you I wish I could turn invisible like a Demiguise 

You’re more magnificent than a Thunderbird 

I would be honored if you would meet me outside of Honeydukes this Valentines. 

“Who was that from?” you friend asks. You look all over the card but couldn't find a name. 

“I don’t know” you reply. 

Names crossed your mind as you were trying to figure out who sent the letter. A certain animal lover with floppy hair and shy demeanor crossed your mind but you shook it away, he probably liked someone else. 

“Are you going to go?” They ask. 

“Yeah, I think I will.” 

You spent the rest of the day wondering who sent the letter to you. You walked into potions and sit down. 

“Okay class, since its almost valentines day. I thought we could brew Amortentia” your professor says. 

“Does anyone know what Amortentia is?” your professor asks. 

A boy in the back raises his hand, “Amortentia is the world’s strongest love potion. It smells like what the person loves most”. 

“Fantastic, 10 points to Hufflepuff” they say. They write down the intricate steps on the board. 

“Once you successfully finish and I check it off, you will write down what you smell. It will be confidential, Please begin.” 

You turn to your partner and see they’re deep in conversation with a boy. You roll your eyes and get up to grab the ingredients.  You grabbed some rose thorns and powdered moonstone. You were searching for peppermint when someone tapped your shoulder. You turned and see Newt Scamander standing behind you holding out the last ingredient you needed. 

“Um, Thanks Newt” you say taking the leaves. 

“No problem, I saw you were looking for some and I had extra so” he explains.

You both awkwardly stand in silence before Newt breaks the silence. 

“I better get back to my potion. You know, before my partner blows up the cauldron. Again.” Newt says. 

You giggle at the memory of his partner blowing his eyebrows off. Newt turns and his eyes widen. 

“WAIT DARVIN THATS THE WRONG INGREDIENT!” Newt yells as he scrambles over to Darvin before he could ruin the potion. 

A small smile appears as you watch Newt focus on his potion. He looked up at you and you averted your eyes. You walked back to your desk and started the potion. 

“Well done Y/n, Now, write down what you smell and turn it in.” Your professor tells you. 

You nod and pull out some parchment. You leaned over your potion. Cinnamon, lavender, freshly cut wood and something else you couldn’t figure out. You wrote down what you smelled and stood up to turn in your potion and your paper. 

“Ah Y/n, I need your help. Can you please organize these papers by alphabetical order, please” Your professor orders. 

You pick up the papers and go through them. You tried only looking at the names but when you came across Newt’s, it was hard to resist. You looked down and saw what he wrote. 

“Rain, freshly baked cookies, and perfume” you murmur quietly. 

Perfume? Your heart sank a little, you didn’t really wear perfume. Only on special occasions so he must have smelled someone else’s perfume. You finished organizing the papers and left. 

You flopped down on your bed and pulled out the little card you got this morning. You smiled at the words. You decided to meet up with this mystery man tomorrow. You fell asleep with the card still clutched in your hand. You failed to notice that the handwriting on the card was similar to writing you saw earlier today. 

You stood outside honeydukes fidgeting with your hands. They didn’t give you a specific time, what if we miss each other? What if this was all a joke? Maybe one of your friends was messing with you. You felt the stares from couples walking past you. You felt awkward so you went into Honeydukes. 

You walked around and hid in a corner. You felt silly waiting for someone you weren’t even sure was coming. You bought some chocolate frogs so the lady wouldn’t think it was weird you were just standing in the store for so long. You walked out and started heading back to the castle. 

“Y/N! Wait!” You turned around and saw a very flustered Newt. 

“I’m sorry I was late, er well, I’m sorry I didn’t put a time on the card. You see i was so focused on actually getting myself to write a letter to you that I forgot to put important details” Newt explains in a rushed voice. 

“You sent the note? With the smoke unicorn?” you ask. 

You were skeptical, there is no way your crush could have sent that. Way to cliche. 

“Why yes I did. D-did you not like?” He asks, his face falling a bit. 

“No No, I adored it! It was so beautiful. How did you manage to conjure something like that?” you ask. 

Newt smiles and pulls out his wand. His face changes to his look of concentration and he drew a small unicorn. It pranced around and disappeared. 

“I asked Flintwood to teach me. I saw all those other guys ask you and I felt like I needed to do something special” Newt admits. 

“You didn’t have to do anything special Newt. You are one of the most amazing people I have ever met. I mean your so smart and cute and a little awkward and you know so much about animals,” you say. You notice Newt staring at you. 

“Sorry, that must sound really creepy” you say looking at the ground. 

“Do you really think that about me?” Newt asks, almost afraid of your answer. 

You look back up and nod your head, “Of course I do. You are something extraordinary Mr. Scamander” you say. 

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Newt exclaims. 

He sticks his wand in his mouth and rummages through his bag. He tried speaking but it was muffled by the wand. He pulls out a little journal with a bow on it. 

“Mrf-hrfe bhm” Newt tries to say. 

“Newt, wand” you remind him. He takes his wand out of his mouth and sticks it behind his ear. 

“I was trying to say, I would have wrapped it but I learned I am quite horrible at wrapping” He explains. you open up the journal and notice there are moving creatures on every page. 

“Newt this is amazing. I didn’t get you anything. Oh I feel horrible now” you say.

“It’s okay, I wanted to get you it and you don’t have to get me anything” Newt says. 

“Well thank you so much Newt” you lean and kiss his cheek. His blush returns and he starts fidgeting again. 

“I have some chocolate frogs, here” you say handing him one. 

“Thank you y/n, I’ll cherish it forever” Newt jokes 

“Care to accompany me to the three broomsticks?” you ask. 

“I would love to” he replies. You grab his hand and intertwine your fingers. 

“Would you ever like to be on a chocolate frog?” you ask randomly. 

“It would certainly be an achievement, but what could i do that would deem me worthy of such a thing?” Newt asks. 

“Oh, i’m sure you’ll do something amazing Newt,” you say “Maybe it will have to do with Beasts” you suggest. 

“Ah yes, I see it now, Small boy on chocolate frog card for helping magical creatures” Newt says rather dramatically. You let out a laugh that makes Newt smile more. 

“That perfume, you’ve worn it before right?” Newt asks. 

“I wore it the first day of school, I think” you reply, “Why?” 

“No reason” Newt says. 

You shrug it off and put your head on Newts shoulder. You breathed in his coat smell and almost tripped when you recognized the smell. You smiled to yourself and held Newts hand a little tighter. 

FLUFFITY FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF OMFG. I am. *sings off key* Forever alone. Happy Valentines y’all Hope someone treats you like Newt Scamander would. 

All about the tickets and a kiss (Ethan)

Summary: Ethan surprises you with a date going to an arcade and you guys make a deal. Whoever gets the most tickets takes all. 

Warnings: None. Awful summary though. 

A/N: I always wanted to go on a date to the arcade, and with Ethan, it would be so fun. The arcade is like Dave and Busters I just didn’t state it. I hope you guys like this! 

It’s been four months since I started dating Ethan, it’s been amazing so far. We were always close friends, but eventually, we caught feelings and things went from there.

Right now I was getting dressed to go on a date with him. He said he had a surprise for me but to dress casually. Which I did black jeans, a tank top with a red and black flannel I borrowed from Ethan, and my Vans. Maybe it was a picnic date? Or a trip to the movies. Whatever it is I’m sure I will love it.

He always does something extra it’s just in his personality. I looked in the mirror one last time fixing a strand of hair that was out of place. Soon. I heard knocking on my door, must be Ethan. I grabbed my phone and bag, then went running towards the door, trying not to trip. I was clumsy good at falling over nothing but Ethan was there to make sure I was okay then laugh at me after.

I opened the door and there stood Ethan, I took his appearance in still amazed by how beautiful he looks. He was dressed in a gray jumper, black jeans with rips that he made himself, and Vans that were matching mine. Something so simple, but he makes it look good.

“Take a picture it will last longer,” he smirked glazing over me.

“Shut up E,” I giggled giving him a hug. I inhaled his cologne in the embrace, something I do to remember the small things about him. “Where are we going?”

He looked down at me still holding me in his arms. “It’s a surprise.”

I frowned knowing him it’s probably something extra that he didn’t need to do, I was never one for surprises and he knows this. It doesn’t stop him from doing it anyways.

“Frowning like that will give you wrinkles babe,” he joked.

I rolled my eyes but smiled nevertheless. “Let’s go before you get memory loss,” I said grabbing his hand leading him his towards his car. He opened the door for me, I got in putting on my seat belt. He ran over to the driver’s side and got in.

He put on his seat belt then turned on the car, ‘Slow Hands’ came on the radio. I hum the tune as he backed out of the parking spot. I started singing the lyrics to the song.

Soon Ethan joined me in singing the song. It was always fun jamming out with him, sometimes he gets way into it and I have to remind him to focus back on the road. We have been driving for about 20 minutes I only know because I check my phone.

“Are we there yet?” I whined turning to look at him. I was also enjoying his beauty, the sharp jawline and fluffy hair that was my weakness.

“Almost,” he answered his lips lifting up into a smile.

He turned the wheel and we pulled up in a parking lot. I look at the building and saw that we were at an arcade. I start smiling like a kid going to a toy store. I was talking about going to an arcade a few weeks ago and he actually surprised me with this.

“Ethan,” I whispered still taking it all in. It was something simple I didn’t need an expensive restaurant date or anything too crazy. It was the little things that mattered to me.

He found a parking space and turned off the car, “Are you surprised? Is this okay?” He asked looking worried that I didn’t like it.

“This is perfect E, we could just cuddle on the couch as a date and I would be perfectly happy,” I said then went to kiss his cheek.

He laughed and then we got out the car walking hand to hand to the entrance. When we got in it was a line at the front desk, it was crowded but what do you inspect on a Saturday evening. The walls and carpet were some crazy patterns, the bright light lit up the place, some pop song I didn’t know blasted through the area.

I heard the different games going off and the people talking and laughing. It was filled with high energy as it should be and I couldn’t wait to play the games. Ethan paid for our passes and we got our cards with the money on it.
“Where to first?” Ethan asked.

I looked around and saw the basketball game called Super Shot. I was decent at basketball and Ethan was to, so it should be easy tickets. Start with the easy stuff and work our way up.

I pointed over to it. “Let’s start with basketball.”

He nodded and we walked over to it, we slide our cards in the slots.

“I bet I’ll get more tickets than you,” I challenged.

“Okay, let’s make a deal whoever gets the most tickets with all the games we play the winner gets to pick out the prize with all the tickets both parties won.” He said grabbing a ball.

“Deal,” I replied also picking up the orange ball.

“And a kiss,” he declared turning to glance at me.

“I laughed. “Fine with me, now let’s play.”

We pressed the start button and the buzzer sound went off, the countdown started. I threw the ball and it made it in the hoop, I threw the second ball and it missed, bouncing off the rim of the basket. I groaned but continued to throw ball after ball my score going up.

I heard the tickets come out of the machine I hope I have more than Ethan. The time ran out and I saw I scored more and I pumped my fist in the air.

“Looks like I am in the lead,” I said grabbing my tickets. Ethan bend down and got his.

“It’s not over yet Y/N,” he responded looking for another game to play. I love it when he gets competitive.

The evening turned into night and we played many games.
Spin the wheel, Pac-Man, skeeball, air hockey, speed of light, and the dancing game. We ate at the bar we weren’t old enough to order alcohol but we didn’t need it anyway. After we ate, we played a few more games that didn’t involve tickets. Like a game called Dark Escape 4D, it had monsters in it and you had to shoot them to survive. It came with 3D glasses and you could feel the creature’s breath on you.

Honestly, my favorite game here with Ethan not so much. Soon it was time to count the tickets we been collecting so went over to the counter for the worker to count them in this container.

“Who do you think going to win?” Ethan asked.

“Um…I think me,” I answered putting my finger under my chin acting like I was thinking hard about it.

“If you say so,” he replied turning back to the worker.

The employee turned towards me with my paper with how many tickets I won. “You have 1167,” she said. Then she turned to Ethan holding out his paper. “And you have 1065,”

I smiled feeling accomplished that I got that many tickets. “Looks like I won,” I beamed.

“Yeah, you did let’s go pick out your prize,” he said grabbing my hand leading me to the prize area,

It was so much to pick from of course some of the stuff was too much, I don’t know how they think people could get that many tickets. I looked around to see what caught my eye, I really wasn’t going to use Ethan’s tickets. He deserved to get what he wants even with the deal.

“What do you want Ethan?” I questioned.

“You mean what you want you won the deal fair and square.”

“What about we get something we both like then? I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Is that what you really want?” He asked making sure.

I nodded happily, glad he was agreeing with me. After some time of looking around saying why so many points for that thing or no I don’t want that. We agreed on this big Batman plushie, it looked like a cute monkey. We also got some candy since we had a few points left over.

We got our things going back out to head to the car. Today was a long day but it was worth it spending time with Ethan. When we got to the car Ethan stopped me from putting the Bat monkey in the car that was twice my size.

“You forgot a part of the deal Y/N,” he addressed.

“Ah, I did,” I replied pretending like I didn’t know what he wanted.

“I want the lips,” he demanded pouting.

“Oh, you do,” I teased. Before he could respond I stood on my tip toes since he was a few inches taller than me. I closed my eyes and kissed him, his lips were soft and tasted like the virgin strawberry daiquiri he had. His hands ran through my thick curly hair, I was going to do a quick peck on the lips to tease him but he was going in with a passionate kiss.

I melted into his kiss my heart fluttered, it amazes me even after this time he still makes me feel this way. I nibbled on his bottom lip then pulled away catching my breath. I realized we just made out in public but I didn’t care.

“The best boyfriend ever,” I said giving him a hug with Batman at the side of us.

“The best girlfriend ever,” he said kissing the top of my head.

“I had a wonderful day thank you so much, Ethan,” I responded.

“You’re welcome now let’s go to your house to cuddle,” he said letting go of me. I smiled glad to have a guy like him in my life.

I actually have a Bat Monkey that I won, it takes up half of the room in my bed. But I’m happy I got it. Anyways, Ethan is amazing! He would be the best boyfriend.

let us take another shot

summary: Phil presents Melinda with a brand new bottle of Haig, and they finally have the conversation they should have had years ago.

notes: As always, feedback is super appreciated and you all mean a lot to me, a lot. 

Melinda is sitting alone in her bunk, the Zephyr on auto-pilot, manned by one of the junior agents. It’s three in the morning, somewhere, and she’s finally getting ready to retire for the evening, her entire body aching from the past few months of wear.


Phil is standing in the doorway, very clearly hiding something behind his back, and she doesn’t respond, just shifts over on the already small bed to give him room. He quietly closes the door behind him, bending down to avoid hitting his head on the rather low ceiling, and she feels the mattress dip as he sits down beside her.

“I know it’s not the same…” he says, trailing off as he waits for her to turn towards him. There’s a bottle of scotch in his lap, his hands covering the label, but she recognises it anyway, how could she not, after all the years they spent toying with the idea of opening it and sharing that drink together.

“Pricey,” she comments lowly as she plucks it from his grasp, turning it in her hands. Somehow Phil had managed to track down a bottle from the same year their’s had been, and knowing how much Fury treasured it back then, she has a feeling the price has only skyrocketed on it.

“May, I’m so sorry. If I had only realised sooner-” he starts, and this time, she cuts him off, twisting the cap and opening the bottle, taking one long swig before passing it back over to him. It burns in her throat and somehow doesn’t give her the satisfaction she’d always hoped it would. But then again, she’d never pictured they’d be opening it like this. And Phil isn’t wrong, it’s not the same.

But it had never been the Haig that truly mattered to her. 

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OMG! Hello, it's Villain!Deku Anon again and I just want to thank you! I couldn't even imagine myself that you will illustrate this au with your wonderful art style! I can't even describe how grateful I am! ;-; Moreover, I want to tell you my thoughts about it! I love Dabi's and Deku's interplay really a lot, because, I dunno, Dabi behaves as if he was Izuku's aniki? I can see it that way tho. And Izuku's outfit is great! Simple but interesting and functional :) Anyway, I hope that one day -->

HAI AGAIN! TIME FOR ANOTHER LONG ASS POST I’m so sorry it took so so long for me to finally reply to this so I hope it’s worth the wait! I want to also thank YOU for sharing me this wonderful AU<3 I can’t thank you enough and everyone rly loves it! I just wish you can go off anon so we can chat more about this au but I respect your decisions u v u I’m glad you love it all ehehe///

YEs! I was so proud of how those two turned out! Dabi seems to be the mature one in the villain alliance and he always has this mysterious air to him so being the big brother role would fit perfectly! Aaaah// I’m glad you love the outfit! /)///v//(\ I wasn’t sure what to go for ahaha~

I’m definitely developing this! And no worries, all your questions will be answered, hopefully to your expectation ehehe Q w Q

Regarding Todo; HE’S SUCH A SAD PUPPY I ALMOST FEEL BAD BUT I ENDED UP MAKING IT WORST FOR HIM! i wanted to keep the element of him being a tragic character because that’s what everyone loves about him. He did nothing wrong XD Now, I decided that Deku actually DOES meet up with Todo randomly, like they don’t know each other and this is way before the USJ raid and deku ended up showing todo the light, motivating todo to go forward regardless of what his dad says because both deku and todo see the same view, how there are heroes who does things not for the sake of being a hero. so deku was able to save todo that way!

BUUUuut he finds out his saviour is a villain so now he’s conflicted;;; sorry Todo, you can’t catch a break even in this au //holds him

Moving on to bakugou…

Deku does disappear out of trace for awhile and maybe bakugo does notice but he rly doesn’t do anything about it, the ass…. but that’d be so cute is he does start to worry, I’m sure something like that does bug him in the back of his mind. I’m not so good with how to illustrate deconstruction so hopefully it’s done alright;; as long as you get the idea because that’s what deku will do to bakugou, he knows bakugou well enough to do so

After this whole thing, all might emerged victorious like in canon. Villains retreated and this was when All Might realized his mistake, since he recognized Deku during this raid. “PATHETIC” is what he’s say

Thats what I decided to go for! I totally agree with you on this! I don’t mind it at all precious! Thank you! It makes more sense and it’s the BEST THING EVER LIKE BAKUGOU VS DEKU WOW!! All might will see how much of a hero bakugou wants to be and the connection with Deku helps even more in order to save Deku from plunging further into darkness, so all might makes Bakugou his successor! ^^ it also can help bakugo grow as a hero so it’s a good opportunity for him!

All might FEELS SUPER GUILTY so that’s why he’s so focused on saving Deku.. deku’s mom also feels the guilt. All of this is on the news so eventually Deku’s mom find out about Deku and well… it doesn’t go well. deku still loves her as his mom even if she didn’t believe in him being a hero but he came home only to find her will.

Now, not only is bakugou going to be All might’s successor, but Deku will soon inherit AFO as well. When they find the villain’s hideout and all that crazy stuff going on, All Might faces off with AFO.

Deku is still honestly precious even now, he rly tries to bond with the villain alliance members and that eventually gained Dabi’s and Himiko’s trust! Even though he’s given the role of info gatherer/mastermind, he doesn’t take advantage of it and relies on his friends!

As for tomura, this is how it’s gonna play out

He’s now gonna be Shigaraki’s hero just like how Sensei did it. Both the death of  Sensei and his mother made deku feel that he wasn’t enough of a hero to save them but this will only pushed him even further to become a ‘true hero’, especially when sensei actually put faith in him, when no one else did

also cute deku making friends with everyone cause he’s a sweetie that way!

THANK YOU FOR READING! GOOD JOB FOR MAKING IT TO THE BOTTOM! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! I honestly still have some more stuff regarding this au in mind but that needs to wait until it’d actually done pfft >//v//< I’m tired so ima sleep now;;;

EXO’s Reaction To You Giving Them Visible Hickeys

Xiumin: He’d smirk and touch the spot, staring at you. “Now, where would you like to be marked~?” (XIUDADDY MODE ACTIVATED!!)

Originally posted by soobadnoonecanstopher

: Would act flustered AF but would be super proud of the mark. “ Now everyone will know that i’m yours” Then he’d be so damn fluffy and blow you kisses.

Originally posted by irpsychotic

Lay: He’d get rushed to go do something else before being able to react to it. But, when they asked what the marks on his neck and shoulders were, he’d point over at you from across the room and say,” they’re little love notes from my baby~”

Originally posted by r-velvets

: (PREPARE FOR NSFW THINGS BEING MENTIONED!) You’d be showering and Baek would decide to join you, wrapping an arm around you and leaning in to nip at your ear. As he did this, you would lean in and suck a few harsh marks into his neck. He’d move away for a second and smirk almost maniacally, suggesting, “why don’t i give you a couple things to remind people who you belong to~” (sorry not sorry about that. this gif gives me feels!)

Originally posted by dearbyun

: You’d pull away from jawline where there was now a long strand of big dark hickeys. He’d notice that you were looking at the place you had been sucking at then would look over at the mirror next to you two (Because you’d obviously have to sneak away from the other members by going somewhere with a mirror (i have the biggest feeling that chen would have a kink for that)). He’d touch the marks and smile. “You should give me stuff like this more often.”

Originally posted by sooranghaes

(DADDY KINK ALERT!) You two would be making out and, as things started heating up more, you would kiss down his neck, unconsiously sucking a dark hickey into his collarbone. He’d stop you and look down for a second then back up to you with a raised eyebrow. “Did i say you could do that? Does Daddy need to punish you?”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

:Kyungsoo would love every mark you ever gave him because it’d make him feel closer to you. So, when you two were cuddling on the couch and you gently sucked a soft hickey right below his ear, he’d smile sweetly and return the favor, giving you a mark in the same spot. “I love when you do that.”

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: (Just saying…but i could picture him with a mirror kink too) Jongin would have you straddling his lap and you two would be making out after his schedule. He’d pull you in to run his tongue along your earlobe, causing you to moan. As you moaned, you tried to muffle it because of the other members in the dorm by nipping and sucking at a patch on his neck, unaware that you had given him a big hickey. He’d bite his lip and look behind you at the floor length mirror to admire the newly made mark on his neck before looking back up at you. “You know, Y/N, I’ve got other parts of me that would love that kind of attention just as much~” He’d then take hold of one of your free hands and run it down to his bulge.

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

: He wouldn’t even try to hide it when you gave him marks, so he sort of basked in the moment when he was in an interview with the other members and a fan had asked him what those marks under his jaw were. “It’s a secret. But, they’re from someone very special,” He’d say before staring into the camera and winking. 

Originally posted by r-velvets


Luhan: You and Luhan had had a crazy night together for your anniversary, so it didn’t suprise him when he went to the bathroom the morning after to see that his entire torso was covered in hickeys and bite marks. He’d smirk then look over to you, noticing that you were beginning to stir from your sleep. “Looks like you were enjoying yourself yesterday. But, i always love your artwork, so it doesn’t matter~” He’d smirk and say while running a hand over the marks.

Originally posted by meiren-menglu

Tao: Zitao loved the moments you had together, but he was never ready for the times you would take charge and mark him all over, reminding him who he belonged to. You two had met up for a date, but, instead of leaving with eachother to head to the restaurant the moment he got to the door, he was pulled into the bedroom by his smirking significant other who then slammed his back against the door and climbed him like a tree. As you wrapped your legs aroun his waist, your lips went directly to his adams apple, sucking harshly. When you pulled away, he’d feel the spot and smirk. “I love you too”

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Kris: Yifan always loved the moments where you two would get away and feel eachother up. Because he just so happened to be a hell of a lot taller than you, catching that man by suprise was always really hard. So you could only suprises him when you two were laying down and he was half asleep. He’d be passed out from the activites of the night before and probably wasn’t planning on waking up for another several hours. So, you took this to your advantage by leaning into him, kissing along his jaw lightly then nipping at his collar bone and sucking a big hickey into him. This would obviously wake him up instantly so he’d look down a little and chuckle softly. “Really, babe? Couldn’t wait till i was awake? Oh well.But now that i’m awake…~”

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Totally not sorry about the smutty parts.

Feel free to send in a reaction and/or mtl request! Our ask bo is always open!

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Since we’re at the end and I’ve never really been a part of a fandom before I wanted to take a moment because I have too many feelings.

Shoutout to each and every one of my followers first and foremost. Thank you all for taking an interest in my blog; I never dreamed I’d have so many of you :) 

I tried to say a little something for everyone I tagged but for those of you I didn’t, just fill it in that your blog is awesome, you’re awesome, and people should follow you.


@anationofthieves  ​I know you’re not active rn but I loved all your posts and your gorgeous gifsets   that I’ll probably never be able to do haha 

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@crucifythenburn​ (Trinity) I heart your shining personality on tumblr and your incredible Silverflint fic I Will Try To Fix You which everyone and their mother’s sister should be reading

@char7​ (Charley) <3  A gal after my own heart. I swear our brains are wired together; I agree with most everything she says about Sails and politics RPJ and everything else we’ve ever chatted about. And your sense of humor is fantastic

@dimplesflint​ (Mer) We are relatively new mutuals but I’ve followed you since your pianka days. Your Flint gifsets are positively scrumptous and thank you so much for commenting on a couple of my fics on AO3!! It meant a lot.

@ellelan(Elle) BS CATS FOREVER! You inspired me to make the Flint/Ginger Cat post, the first of several. So much fun. You’re such a great personality and the fandom wouldn’t be the same without your beautiful edits and words of wisdom (and your naughty thoughts for fics >:)  

@flinthamiltonStill one of the best Sails blogs and will always be near and dear to my shipper heart. Your gifsets and metas about James and Thomas are just amazing. You are sweet and kind in conversations and you even bother to reblog my things   

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@mirandaabarlow The first person I’ve chatted with about Anne Rice on here. :) And oc your Sails gifs are Pretties I love to reblog


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…I’ll just be over here sobbing quietly now.


Request: REQUEST U ASKED??? can u write something with a hawaiian!reader x hamilsquad or at least one of the hamilsquad (i never see any hawaiian fics and i’m half hawaiian :D)

Warnings:  uh n o n e (heh.)

Tags: i can’t tag them so like,, u h

Time Period:  modern (ye boi)

Notes: I totally didn’t really use this prompt ha h bc i had no idea how to approach it so take me and my dumb story. Also, this is like super short bc i got stuck on this for such a long time so sorry that it’s shorter than usual.

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anonymous asked:

Hello ^^ I'm not sure if you have a character cap as I'm on mobile and couldn't find a rules page but could I please request first date headcanons for Tsukki, Noya, and Tanaka if that's okay? Thank you very much, I love your writing <3

YES YES YOU MAY:) thank you so much! I don’t think you guys realize how happy your compliments make me<3 and the character cap for hc’s is 5 per request, though the more that you request the shorter the hc’s:)

Originally posted by nagittos


-this boy is the definition of tsundere so he’ll probably think you’re cute but will die before he says so

-teases you a lot, though you don’t hate him in fact you eagerly wait for him to say something rude so you can fire back your rebuttal

-you would probably have to ask him out and he would respond with a blush on his face

-“I guess, If I don’t have anything better to do”

-this salty child would still show up at your house super early to pick you up for your date

-you tease him about it and he just blushes and grumbles at you to shut up

-you both walk to a small café not too far from your house

-the walk there seems a little tense but you aren’t as nervous as you thought you’d be

-seeing the usually sarcastic blonde nervous somehow made you feel more calm

-café date!!

-fortunately your usual witty banter is still present as you gently tease him as he opens the door for you

-“wow so chivalrous, you’re just full of surprises aren’t you tsukishima?”

-he returns the favor as you nearly trip whilst walking through the doorway

-“good to see you’re as graceful as always.”

-he orders for the two of you as you find as seat

-you find a table for the two of you before spotting a small checkerboard in the corner

- snag it and lay it out on the table

-he brings back your drinks and one strawberry shortcake, informing you that it was the last piece

-he offers it to you

-how polite

-but no, the winner will take the cake

-you challenge him to a game of checkers

-the winner gets the treat

-he promises not to go easy on you

-you’re winning at first, then he’s winning

-a lot of witty banter being exchanged with each move

-your drinks are being drained but you’re way too entertained to notice

-a lot of time passes as you continue to rematch each other the cake being forgotten in the process

-after about 6 games of checkers and hours’ worth of charming conversation you finally forfeit

-he smirks and makes some smart ass remark but you aren’t having it

-swipe your finger through the frosting and smudge it on his face

-he’s taken back but then he laughs about to wipe it off with a napkin

-kiss it off his lips


-“you had something on your face” you retort slightly out of breath from the kiss and frosting visible on your face

-he smirks at you


-he won but you end up sharing the cake

-once you’ve finished he offers to walk you home

-you two don’t hold hands as you walk but you know he’s happy

-once you reach your door you turn back to say thanks for the great time


-“you had something on your face”


I already did first date hc’s for Nishinoya, so I’ll put a link:)


Originally posted by bestboy-oftheday


-not as shy as asahi but not as confident as noya so it’ll probably take him a little while to ask you out

-he casually mentions that he has tickets to one of your favorite bands

-doesn’t mention how long he’s been saving up to pay for them

-you flip out and are ecstatic to go see your fav band perform but also to go on a  date with your crush

-he shows up at your house and your probs decked out in merch

-you have to catch a train to the concert so you are both rushing to make it to the station on time

-when you finally make it to the concert its packed

- you two have to hold hands just so you don’t get separated;)

-when your favorite band starts playing your both screaming and jumping along to the music

-you may even start singing along off key and outrageously loud but he thinks its absolutely adorable and laughs

-he came surprisingly prepared with water bottles and snacks for you when you get hungry or thirsty

-you both purchase matching concert merch like tshirts

-the concert sadly ends and you realize how tired you are

-gladly offers to carry you on his back

-you excitedly ramble to him every event that occurred during the concert and he listens intently even though he witnessed it himself

-he just likes hearing you talk

-he carries you all the way to the train setting you down on the seat

-you cuddle up against him and thank him for such an amazing time

- he smiles when he sees your eyes close and you drift off to the steady whirring of the engine on the train

-Admin Honey<3


anonymous asked:

Hi lovely!! If it's not too much could you please do some HC's of McCree, S.76, Lucio, and Reinhardt (sorry if that's too much-I couldn't find your rules ^^') learning, comforting, and helping a s/o who flinches if anyone moves too fast or raises their hand near them due to an abusive past? I just got out of an abusive relationship and need some comfort ^~^' (I completely understand if you're uncomfortable with writing this though-if you are just ignore this, thankie!! <3)

Hello, precious Anon! 

We hope that you are able to find some comfort in what we’ve written.
Also, we are extremely proud that you managed to get out of that relationship, we know how difficult it can be. Stay strong, we wish you all the best and if you ever need someone to talk, feel free to message us! 

We’d also like to mention that neither of us has made many experiences regarding any kind of abuse so we did a lot of research on that topic and on how to properly comfort a victim of abuse. Still, if there are any errors in there, if we mentioned things that would result in someone not feeling supported at all, please message us. We will change it to prevent anyone from feeling uncomfortable! 

One last thing: No worries, you got the perfect amount of characters, dear Anon! We are actually working on making the rule page viewable on the mobile app as well as changing the template for PC users because we feel like the one we are currently using does not provide a very clear structure. 


  • Jesse is trying to impress his s/o with a new move that he had recently taught himself, throwing three snowballs in the air and shooting each of them easily, making a tiny bit of snow flutter to the ground at their feet. He is so invested in aiming perfectly to brighten up their day that he doesn’t notice them flinching and backing away as he throws his targets in the air.
  • What he does notice is their uncomfortable expression and the distance they brought between them after finishing his little trick. He seems confused at first and asks his s/o if they didn’t enjoy his show. As they slowly shake their head he realizes that there must be a lot more to it. 
  • He doesn’t pressure them into telling him but if they want to talk he’d listen to them for as long as they want and need him to. As his s/o decides to tell him about their past relationship he doesn’t really know how to react at first. He’s never made any experiences of that kind so the first thing that comes to his mind is asking them what exactly they are uncomfortable with. He really wants to avoid anything that could distress his s/o.
  • It might take a while for the both of them to figure out what his s/o really needs to be comforted so he’ll try out many different things. They will probably settle on him just hugging his s/o or holding their hands carefully to comfort them. He’ll also be whispering sweet nothings into his s/o’s ear to distract them from the memories as well as reassuring them that they are really strong for overcoming what they’ve been through. He’s very, very proud of them.

Soldier: 76

  • He first notices as the two of them are preparing breakfast at an ungodly hour in the morning before training. They are both preparing their individual bowls of cereal when he sees something on the top shelf is about to fall off. Of course, his super soldier reflexes allow him to catch whatever was about to make contact with the floor on time but he was surprised when he didn’t receive any appreciation from his s/o. Instead, he realizes that they are suddenly visibly flinching, trying to slow their breath and calm their nerves. He immediately knows that something has to be pretty wrong.
  • He addresses the issue after both of them have finished training, asking them if there is anything they’d like to tell him. He reassures them that he won’t force them to talk if they’re uncomfortable; he knows all too well how hard it can be to talk about a painful past. 
  • He listens intently, not wanting to interrupt them. He then asks what he could do to help them, offering to contact Mercy or help them get professional help if they consider that an option. Jack will keep a close eye on them during missions or even free them of any battles for a while if it makes them more comfortable and helps with their healing process. He is also very well aware that these scars may never heal but will do everything in his power help them. 
  • He will try his best to make sure his s/o won’t ever feel like their feelings are invalid or that they deserved what happened to them. He’ll show them that they deserve to be treated with utter respect and tenderness every day.
  • He might ask for the name of the person who did this to them. For research only. Definitely not to punch them in the face. Hard. 


  • He is simply chilling and cuddling with his s/o on the sofa when his favorite song of all time suddenly starts playing on the radio. Well, Lúcio being Lúcio, he immediately jumps up in excitement, ready to dance, triggering his s/o’s reaction in the process. He notices that something is wrong only seconds later, quickly returning to their side again and asking them what happened. 
  • If they decide to tell him about it, he’ll listen closely, not pressuring them into revealing any details. Like McCree, he wouldn’t really know what to do so the first thing that comes to his mind is taking them to their room, lying in bed with them for now and just putting on some relaxing music to help them calm down. 
  • He’ll put together a playlist consisting of songs that are meant to reduce stress and anxiety that his s/o can listen to whenever they need it and he’s not there to help and comfort them. Being quite an energetic person, he will also try and tone down his movements around them, he would never want to cause his s/o to feel uneasy.    
  • He will give them all the support in the world and help them understand that the abuse was never their fault if they believe that. He probably spends a long time researching the topic and what kind of options exist that could make his s/o feel better and stronger. He’d present those to them but wouldn’t mind if they decide against any of them. He’ll be happy as long as he’s able to provide the needed amount of comfort to his s/o.


  • He finds out about it after coming home from a larger mission as he was seated next to his s/o on the sofa, recounting the events of the mission to some of the other Overwatch agents. He tells a story about how he defeated a large group of enemies all on his own; of course, he has to underline his tale so he starts using gestures to make it more believable. He notices his s/o visibly flinching as he’s wildly flourishing his hands so he immediately stops. 
  • He’s convinced that he must have accidentally hit his Liebchen. He’s pretty worried because he knows exactly how much getting hit by him must hurt. His s/o then reassures them that they are definitely not hurt but inform him that they’d like to talk about something important with him later, in private. 
  • A while later, after they have finished telling him about their past, he simply embraces them in a hug. He’s in complete disbelief as to why someone would ever hurt a person as beautiful as his s/o, why a kind-hearted human being like them had to endure such hardships. He gives them a lot of forehead kisses and tells them that he is extremely proud of how they managed to withstand the situation.
  • From then on he would be very careful not to move too fast or raise his hands around his s/o. It’s difficult at first because he’s so used to doing it, especially when telling one of his infamous tales but he wouldn’t be able to be happy if it made his s/o uncomfortable. He’s also paying very close attention to the people around him. If he notices anyone doing something that could cause his s/o to feel bad, he’d immediately grab their hand in an attempt to comfort and distract them. 

anonymous asked:

What if Alex was mind controlled again and wearing the Kryptonite suit and has the sword ect and what if Eliza couldn't make it and Maggie has to stop her girlfriend who's trying to kill her sister. P.S. I love angst but also hate it. Anyways, thanks :)

“Alex, please-” Kara chokes. She lies, battered and bruised, covered in rubble and blood, and she watches as her sister stalks towards her, a lioness hunting her prey. There’s a smirk on her face, illuminated by the glowing green of the Kryptonite suit. She stands right over Kara, the gleam in her eye so un-Alex, and Kara puts her hands up.

“Alex, don’t do this.” Alex laughs humourlessly, hitting Kara in the face with the hilt of the weighty Kryptonite sword.

“I love you, Alex!” Kara cries, trying so desperately to break Alex out of the trance. “I love you,” she repeats, a little softer this time, making sure that no matter what happened next, those were the last words Alex would ever hear her say. Alex raises the sword above her head.

“Danvers!” a voice calls out, and Alex hesitates, sword frozen in the air. “You don’t want to do this.”

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juniper-grove  asked:

I completely understand! I couldn't access your guidelines from the mobile, so i didn't see it. Sorry for requesting a delicate subject like that! Instead, could I get a fluffy Minseok and Yixing react to their girlfriend or significant other proposing to them in a super cheesy way? Thank you ♡♡♡

No worries dear :) Hope you enjoy this!


Minseok had it all planned. He had a ring since September of last year but here he was (in the middle May) still chickening out of every opportunity to propose to you.

It’s not that he wasn’t sure. He hasn’t been more sure of anything to be quite frank but he wanted to know that you were sure about wanting to step into a lifetime commitment with him. This was marriage and it was forever. He may be ready to promise you that, but were you?

That’s why he was so shocked when you suddenly got down on one knee in front of him and said those simple words: Will you marry me? Right in the middle of the street where the two of you first met. 

It wasn’t flashy, cheesy sure as you had relayed probably the most cringe-worthy proposal monologue Minseok has ever heard but hey, he loved every bit; every stutter that came out of your lips and every blink your beautiful eyes made. 

“I know this is weird but I just wanted–okay I may have seen the ring–” You suddenly blurt out and Minseok’s eyes widen in surprise.

“You knew?” He gulped and you nodded.

“Why did you wait so long?” You asked almost sadly/ “Was it not clear how in love I was with you? I want this too, Min.”

Minseok smiles and maybe feels a little teary at your words. “I was always sure. I just got nervous, I guess? I’m not doubting your feelings Y/N. I–” He huffed. This was totally not how he had planned his big proposal to be like. 

You just chuckle at him before reaching out to cup his cheek. “So? I’m still waiting for an answer. Is it…a…yes?”

Minseok smiles before reaching into his jacket’s pocket, surprising you this time when he retrieved a small velvet box. He was always sure…that’s why he always carried it with him.

“Only if you say yes to mine.” He answers as he opens the box where a diamond ring sat beautifully, almost blinding. 

And who were you to say no? <3

Originally posted by xiuminet


“No way…” Yixing mumbled to himself as the screen glowed brightly. There  were four simple words aglow upon it; the question causing his stomach to churn. In a good way, of course.

Will you marry me?

The other members were hooting and clapping him on the shoulder before making way for a very familiar figure who had suddenly walked up on stage.

You were in a dress which you knew Yixing loved on you and by the glazed look in his eyes, you knew you had worn the perfect outfit for this occasion.

“Yixing-ah~” You say and the crowd goes crazy. “We’ve been together for so long now and I–”

“YES.” Yixing says to the microphone and bounds over two you in three long strides before pulling you into a hug.

“A million times yes.” He whispers against your neck as he hugs you tightly. The whole arena cheers and you felt the tears burst from your eyes at his answer.

A few days after your engagement, Yixing proposes himself and you chuckle at how ridiculous it all was but he merely shrugged with a smile, dimples showing as he explains:

“I wanted to hear you say yes too. I love you Y/N, and I’d propose everyday if I could. I promise to make you say yes everyday for the next years of our lives.”

With those words, you seal it with a kiss. Despite the many broken promises from before: the “see you soon’s” that turned into months of being oceans apart or the dates that never happened because of his tight schedules, this was a promise you both intended to keep.

And yes, it was indeed the first promise that was never broken between the two of you.

Originally posted by squynhty

Hope you guys enjoyed that! So fluffy I cry <3 Thanks for reading!

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- Kaye Allen

anonymous asked:

I'm so happy I found your blog 😊 Can you do a headcanon when you caught them cheating ( you were sent on a long mission that lasted 2-3 months and they couldn't bare the distance so they cheated on you with a girl in their guard) ? Pls make Guardienne strong and dont make her cry at the end :(( No Guardienne deserves to cry whatsoever ❤️ Thank you :>

Hellow lovely hehehe~~ 

Ofc I can and I would love to.

And I am going to! ahaha

Hope u enjoy it, feel free to request anytime babies! <3


  • After you left for the mission, Nevra held himself for a long time but he lost himself once when a girl from his guard provoked him.
  • She would always rub herself against him and touched him in places that would cause heat.
  • After all of these provoking he eventually loses himself and has a hot night with her.
  • He felt very guilty but he just couldn’t stop it, he fucking loved you but he just couldn’t hold himself any longer.
  • Some weeks later you came from your misson, you were super happy to finally see him and ran to find him.
  • You couldn’t find him anywhere so you asked Miiko if he left for a mission, but she told you he didn’t.
  • You ran literally all the HQ and asked everyone about where he could be, but you just couldn’t find him.
  • That’s when you remember to check his room.
  • With happiness filling your soul you run to his room.
  • As you get closer to the door, you hear little moans coming inside. A woman’s moans.
  • You opened the door quickly just to find Nevra, your boyfriend, the boy you trusted fucking a random girl on the same bed he fucked you to. Okay.
  • You close the door quickly with a disgusted expression, even if you felt sad you just couldn’t cry. You weren’t that weak and you couldn’t expect more from an asshole like him anyways.
  • You just felt disappointed and went away to see if any of your friends could help you, Ezarel usally could cheer you up haha~~


  • Personally, I think that Ezarel must have gotten out of his mind to cheat on someone (I think this about all the boys tbh).
  • Ezarel felt really lonely since you weren’t here, he couldn’t bear with it anymore.
  • He was trying to get a hold of himself, because he really loved you but it was so hard.
  • The day you came back from your mission you walked calmly around the HQ searching for him, your heart was missing him a lot.
  • You thought that he probably was in the lab (idk how you call it on the english/american servers sorry. In the br it’s called “laboratório de alquimia”)  and walked towards it when you heard 2 different voices.
  • One was Ezarel’s and the other one was from someone you didn’t know, it was a girls voice.
  • You couldn’t understand what they were saying so you opened the door and saw the two of them kissing while holding eachother.
  • Sincerely, you were shook.
  • You never expected this from Ezarel. Like NEVER.
  • You stood there for long moments, they didn’t even noticed you.
  • You looked down for a second, and if you were feeling hurt now your blood was fucking boiling gurl!
  • “Are you two having fun?” you spoke with a ironically interested voice.
  • “Guardienne, I–” Ezarel tried to speak.
  • You closed the door with all your strength.
  • You were so mad, hurt and all those feelings but then you calmed down, you would not cry over this, even if you felt like it, you were stronger than that.
  • “baby you’re a liar.” you whispered while walking to somewhere only you knew.


  • Valkyon doesn’t feel like the type that would cheat on you. You trusted him enough, that would never happen… right?
  • You were wrong, sadly.
  • When you came from your mission excited to finally see the person you loved.
  • After talking to Miiko, as she asked when you left, you went to search for him. But believe me, he wasn’t that far.
  • As you walk the corridors to see a tall, strong and white haired man kissing a woman.
  • You leaned on the wall next to them, they stopped and looked at you.
  • Valkyon was ready to talk when you put your finger on your mouth mouthing “shh”
  • “Oh my, I’m impressed! I never thought that I could believe you would never cheat on me.” you say trying to look “hurt”. It did hurt a little but if someone cheats on you when you’re out for like 2 months he could do anything. He just wasn’t right for you.
  • “Anything that happened forget it okay?” Have fun with the girly over there.” you spoke once again, flippin,g your hair and then leaving.
  • You saw Ezarel and Nevra sitting in the canteen(??) and sat next to them talking to them.
  • Even if you were hurt, you would never cry over men. There are so any, Tbh, you could just date one of the two who were right by your side, am i wrong? sjsjsjs

several things have been eating at me lately.

first, i’m 26 and i never had a boyfriend. it didn’t bother me before because i just wasn’t there yet tbh. But recently i’ve been thinking and i can’t understand why no one has ever been interested in me. Sure i’ve been hit on before but i’m not interested in a one-night stand, as you can imagine. I mean, ok, i’m super introverted and i have social anxiety so i don’t meet new people often and when i do, i probably appear as really really shy and i don’t talk to people so that doesn’t help. But idk, it just hurts to know that no one has ever thought that i might be worth pushing through all the shyness and everything and actually get to know me…

second, as i said, i’m super introverted so i never had a lot of friends. As a child, people used to mock me because i was shy and my friends kinda deserted me cause they didn’t want to be seen with me. But anyway, that’s not what i wanna talk about. I only wanted to give you some context. So i had 3 irl friends. One is my best friend, i know i can trust her but she had a baby 10 days ago so she doesn’t exactly have a lot of time for me these days (but she still finds time to talk to me to rant about things, or when she’s blue or whatever. Of course i understand but it still hurts). The other is a childhood friend, we meet perhaps once a year, if that, but we’re always happy to see each other. And the other is also a friend i met in middle school, we were really close in high school and then life happened but we were still friends. Now, i was always the one who asked her if she wanted to meet, if she wanted to do things with me and sometimes she said no, sometimes she said yes and when she said yes, i always had to double check like the day before or even on the day cause most of the time, she cancelled. A few weeks ago, i asked her if she wanted to come round and she cancelled like a day or two before cause she’d forgotten she had something else planned. I told her she could still come after if she wanted to, she said she would let me know. The day came and i had no news so i texted her. She had forgotten me. Like, ok. Fine i’m used to it. Last week, I was feeling very lonely and wanted to see someone, so i asked her and she says ok, i’m free next thursday (that was last thursday) and wednesday she cancelled AGAIN. She said she had a job interview half an hour before we were supposed to meet, i said we could meet after her interview. She said she’d let me know and guess what, she didn’t. To this day, i still have no news. No apology no nothing. She simply forgot about me AGAIN. I’m so done with her. 

So, i’m left with a friend that i see once a year and never talk to otherwise, a friend who has a baby and no time for me. And that’s it. I’m feeling very lonely. I mean i don’t know. what’s the point of everything. I have no friends, no job, no idea what to do with my life, no skills, no one thinks i might be worth getting to know. Even on the internet no one pays attention to me. And don’t get me started on my dad who never had a kind and encouraging word for me, or my sister who’s pretty and clever and loved and who can do anything she wants. And then there’s me. I have nothing. I’m shit.

Erik- Couch Cuddling (Request)

Request: Hey! I was wondering if you could do a super fluffy Erik fic? Maybe where they’re like cuddling on the couch after training with Charles or something? Thanks :)

Afternoon reader! I’ve had a lot of fun writing this, especially seeing as it’s Erik. I just hope I’ve got his tone right. But anyway, I hope you like it :). Happy Reading!


It had been a long exhausting day. Charles had been working both you and Erik to the bone. He’d got Erik to turn a freaking dish from ages away. Erik had been flexing his mind muscle to practice his metallic powers all day and you’d had to practice your powers all day as well! First you’d spent hours in the training room downstairs honing them and then a couple of hours putting them to the test. Charles flew between you both, instructing one of you to do something and then leaving you to practice hard while he went off to torture… sorry, help… the other one. After a full day of it, you were thoroughly knackered. You went to the living room, just needing to unwind with some crap telly and possibly, if you felt like getting up later, a tub of ice-cream. Just tub, spoon and you. But when you got to the living room, Erik was there, sat on the sofa.

“You and I must’ve had the same idea” he said as you entered.

“Apparently so.” You grumbled.

You sat next to him on the sofa.

“Look. I plan to lie on this sofa, with or without you on it.” You stated firmly. You were too tired to sit nicely and watch TV nicely. Screw nicely!

“Go ahead, but I’m not moving.” You shrugged. Oh well. You got a small couch cushion and started plumping it. You then put it against Erik’s shoulder and put your head against it. No. Not comfy enough. You took it away and glared at it. Stupid pillow. This was all it’s fault. You couldn't’ get comfy. Grrr. Bad pillow. You looked over at Erik. Well…. His shoulder looked comfy. You thought about it for a minute, twisting your face so it matched your thoughtful process. You shrugged. May as well.

You nuzzled your head into Erik’s shoulder, kicking your feet up on the couch and tucking them behind you. Erik looked down at you on his shoulder and you looked up at him.

“You comfy there?” He asked, almost sarcastically but lacking the conviction.

“Yair.” You replied, half-nodding your head as you both leant back against the couch. He put his arm around you and you smiled. Erik lazily flicked through the TV channels until he rested on a comedy. You started to drift off; content in the arms of a man you cared about deeply. You turned and kissed his shoulder. If you were awake, you probably wouldn’t have dared, but sleepy? Sleepy you had no inhibitions. He maneuvered so he could turn your head and kiss you. You kissed back and smiled before curling up next to him again and using his shoulder as a pillow. It wasn’t long before you were sound asleep with an Erik beside you who, though you didn’t know it, didn’t get to sleep for another hour or so. He was just too happy you had entered his life.


Summary: Bored of London and in need of new clothes for a movie premiere, Dan and Phil head to Manchester for an impromptu shopping trip, resulting in more than they bargained for… 

Genre: Fluff/Getting Together/ Friends to Lovers

Word Count: 3.3k

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hacker au that i talked about with @myexalted like a century ago

this is kind of a mess and has no actual plot, just ramblings

  • neil is the owner of a store and andrew and his little hooligan hacker friends take refuge in his store because it has the fastest and most secure wifi
  • neil doesn’t really give a shit
  • andrew’s hacker group name is “the monsters” lbr
  • everyone is a hacker except neil
  • he was supposed to be one but his mom said no
  • “mom, please, i want to be a hacker so bad!!”
  • “no, sweetie, fucking shut up about it.”
  • neil was shut down by his mother
  • eden’s was probably the monsters’ usual spot but then roland downgraded to shitty wifi
  • They camp out at wymack’s for a while but he definitely kicked them all out permanently
  • “get out, you rascals, AND NEVER COME BACK!” he’s like one of those small, old, and angry cartoon men
  • neil to the monsters: that’s illegal.
  • andrew: are you going to kick us out
  • neil: …. * walks away *
  • neil either didn’t have a password on his wifi or the monsters didn’t give a single fuck and just hacked it
  • they probably hacked it
  • they bring lawn chairs with them and just camp out by the drinks
  • they take what they want and then they leave a shit ton of money on the counter when they leave
  • neil, perhaps deep deep inside: looking at their faces, together with such belonging, i felt an inexplicable feeling of loneliness. it was not new, but i felt remade with the desire to be a part of something.
  • the monsters: just huddled together with computers taking up half the space of the store and probably scaring away customers
  • the store is probably his mom’s and he is breaking every single management rule she ever taught him. he angsts about it
  • andrew eats the whole stock of popsicles
  • what if the upperclassmen are a separate hacker group but they have to grudgingly team up with the monsters for an important hack that would benefit them both and they needed more people
  • but neil, the hot store owner, brings them together
  • neil, popping his head around the corner: DO YOU GUYS NEED ANYTHING?
  • andrew tells him to fuck off without looking up from the screen
  • neil is definitely the one who keeps the peace tho when tension gets too high, because everyone (mostly) likes neil
  • imagine Andrew with one of those huge ass tubs of ice cream, sitting and eating it while working
  • kevin gets stressed because he’s like “anDREW WHAT IF YOU SPILL IT ON YOUR LAPTOP???”
  • instead of exy he’s obsessed with computers
  • andrew: kevin, kevin, kevin, do you think i’m some amateur?
  • kevin probably likes to browse technology stores in his spare time
  • in this au, wymack is aware that kevin is his son and he visits the store like “hey what’s up my son, my flesh and blood, how is ur lame ass hack going? oh, you’re still not done? move over, your old man’s got this” and he cracks the code in like ten seconds
  • also this whole time in the beginning neil is like
  • “I’m sorry, Mom Who Is Dead, i’ll kick them out in a month. just let me have this for now”
  • but then he meets riko and he finds out the group is dedicated to taking him down and he’s immediately like “you can have this whole store, this fucker is going down”
  • the groups have to come together and they don’t like each other but they’re good together
  • so they become the foxes because they argue over which name they’re going to stick with
  • maybe neil is also a super big computer nerd and one day kevin is doing something difficult and he can’t manage it and he’s getting frustrated and neil (who is not blind or stupid) knows they’re hacking something and neil’s just like “have you tried doing *insert hacker term here*” and all of the monsters just fucking stare at him 
  • andrew threatens neil, and neil just smiles back 
  • kevin may or may not have a boner
  • this goes on with neil just stocking the freezers with popsicles and andrew eating them all and the foxes taking riko down
  • but the foxes still come into the store after they’re finished with their ‘mission’ and they’re a computer nerd family instead of an exy nerd family

Oh man I haven’t drawn anything in forever so sorry if it’s kind of bad, but I guess I like how it turned out. I’ve never drawn anything like this before hehe!

To explain what’s going on my friend @iheartanime14 and I have been doing a Zumin rp together! I’ll explain under the cut.

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