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@ the assholes who are sending you hate: Do you realize how immature you haters are being? If you're going to be rude and immature enough to hate, get your asses off anon. Leave Elena alone! Put yourself in her shoes; how would you feel if someone was being pissy and rude to you? If you think that your behavior is okay, then you're going to have one hell of a shitty life; no one likes someone who acts like you hateful anons are acting. Check yourself because you're about to wreck yourself -Ren

Aww look at all of you guys, defending me and shit. I’m touched <3. 

PS : I received your other message about spelling my name wrong in this and…how dare you ?! This is unacceptable. Please do not speak to me ever again…Ok I’m kidding. It doesn’t matter, everyone always thinks it’s “Elena” instead of “Ellana” and pronounce it wrong as well so you know :-). 

pros of season 3:

• allura’s new bayard


• lotor’s actually a good villain holy fuck VREPIT SA INDEED FUCK ME UP 


• “hey man” not once but twice

soft klance smiles

• alfor looks fuckin great ur killin it my man 


cons of season 3:

• black straight up dropped shiro tf is up with that 

• shiro just.. shiro looks ugly as fuck i cannot deal 

• slav made it too 

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

family gatherings


So….harry potter au???

Ok first of all I KNOW. The Smiths dont live in…europe. They are from usa and in a au where they are wizards theres not way they could ever get near hogwarts. Theres the american school for wizards called ilvermorny. BUT GUESS WHAT- i dont care.

In ilvermorny things are super different and i made this au thinking HOW FUNNY it could be to see the Smiths goin to Ollivanders for a new wand for Morty (Cuz…the last one got lost or broke idk) and Rick only goes with them just to make fun of how weak and shitty those wands are. Btw imagine Rick becoming Mortys teacher against the dark arts lmao. You know Rick hates Hogwarts with all his heart but he just wants to be with Morty and make his life miserable so yeah. I have so many ideas with this shitty au.  And yeah in my version of this… Jerry is a muggle, Rick a Slytherin, Morty Hufflepuff, Beth Revenclaw and Summer is Gryffindor (Btw Rick probably doesnt believe in all that bs and hates being labeled as a Slytherin but deep down he knows….)


has this been done before?

(also i can’t be the only one who thought of this when they saw the trailer, right? … right????)

It’s really amazing how one ugly ass post says “Omg so the Pens were actually trolling Trump! Here’s the hidden message behind their golf bag!” and suddenly people are falling all over themselves claiming that the Pens are their favorite team because look at how awesome they are, trolling Trump.

NEWSFLASH one tumblr dot com user saying that there’s a hidden message doesn’t make it true. Some of y’all are so desperate to excuse shitty white male behavior you’ll jump through hoops to make your faves out to be the good guys all along. You can still care about the team but don’t act like they’re attacking Trump when in reality it’s just a fucking golf bag. He likes golf. They like golf. He can promote them every time he’s photographed with the fucking bag. The end.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are complicit in white supremacy. Multiple times, the organization and individual players have called it an “honor” and a “great opportunity” to visit the White House. They have ignored the passionate voices among their fanbase begging them not to go.

Take your disgusting conspiracy theory and shove it up your ass and don’t you dare praise the Penguins for something they didn’t do.

Shitty borrows Jack’s computer sometimes, that’s nothing new. What’s new is the untitled folder just sitting on his desktop. It can’t be porn. He set up Jack’s porn folder himself. So, he knows it isn’t porn. But who keeps an untitled folder on their desktop?

Jack. Jack Zimmermann keeps an untitled folder on his desktop. An untitled folder filled with pictures and iMessage screenshots of conversations with Bitty. The pictures are mostly of Bitty, though some group shots of SMH and some others are thrown in as well. He has pictures of Bitty baking in the Haus, of Bitty walking across campus completely oblivious to the camera pointed at him, of Bitty doubled over laughing on Jack’s couch. Very rarely does Bitty seem to be aware that he’s being photographed, and yet the lighting is perfect, a calm sort of happiness seems to be radiating off of him. None of them are dated, none of them are titled. Each photo holds a memory of a person in love.

For the first time, Shitty realizes this is exactly how Jack sees Bitty all the time. Like he’s the most precious thing in existence

little bad memory things :)
  • not knowing if you said something out loud or if you only thought it
  • “did i already ask you that?”
  • “what did you say”
  • raising your hand and putting it down multiple times in class because you can’t remember your question/comment
  • pausing in the middle of simple tasks because you can’t remember what you’re doing
  • “where is my [object i had in my hands literally 30 seconds ago]?”
  • not knowing someone’s name even though it’s the 5th time you’ve met them
  • rereading/rewatching books/movies because you can’t remember basic plot details
  • forgetting to look at the list of things you need to remember
  • forgetting the end of your sentence before you even start it/trailing off

Ok but you know how many feelings I’m having about Bitty having taken Shitty’s role as the keeper of the traditions?

Like my son has grown so much, remember when he was just a scared tiny little frog findings his way around this crazy team?

Now look at him so confident and at ease, with a boyfriend and out to his friends.

Still I kind of want to read about Shitty and Bitty’s friendship, did Shitty put him aside and taught him everything he knew? Did he see Bitty’s potential and started mentoring him since year 1?

In conclusion, we need more Bitty and Shitty friendship fics.

I hate that I even have to say this but just because someone is your friend doesnt make you entitled to their time and if you throw a fit because they’ve been distant or quiet without even trying to ask what they’ve been up to/ if theyre ok? That makes you an asshole.

Some friends just arent as talkative. Some friends are the kind of friends you have conversations with once and a while with long spaces in between and thats ok. That doesnt mean that person doesnt like you/cares for you. 

Not everyone can handle being someones shoulder to cry on constantly and thats also ok. People have different levels of friendship and what type of things they can deal with from someone, and constantly putting someone in a position of a therapist without knowing if thats even ok or asking how your friend is doing? Shitty thing to do.

and in b4 yall come in with “WE CANT ALL BE NEUROTYPICAL KAREN!!” bullshit: I have BPD so dont try it.

fake dating! zimbits

It was only by a stroke of luck that Jack happened to look at his phone just as he exits the lecture hall. The group chat was blowing up – the group chat was always blowing up these days – but the lack of all-caps or exclamation marks caught his attention right away.

Eric Bittle: Guys, I wouldn’t ask this of y’all if I really didn’t need this, but I have to ask a HUGE favor of one of you.

Shitty Knight: brah are you dying

Justin Oluransi: You can have my kidney, Bits.

Adam Birkholtz: u aren’t gonna save that for me just in CASE, JUSTIN?

Larissa Duan: shit, bitty, r u ok

Eric Bittle: Um, yeah, mostly, I just…..need someone to pretend to be my boyfriend.

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