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Did you get your job straight after you got your degree or did u have to wait? Also do you think your gpa like paid a big role? And did you do internships and stuff while at uni?

i’m about to like go into way too much detail but you did ask…so i didn’t get it str8 away, i graduated in dec but didn’t start applying for jobs till like end of jan. my friend told me that the screenprinting technician at our uni wanted an intern and i really liked screenprinting so i was like why not…..let her know i was keen and she let me do it it turned out it wasn’t really an internship it was assistant teaching where i take like half the class for printmaking workshops it was so fun bye i would just been screenprinting in all my downtime and the students were only like 3 years younger than me so they were all cool and i’d just talk shit to them about food and let them do whatever prints they wanted ahah it was mean and got paid all good….while i was doing this i was also interning at a design studio and it was mean too cos i got to work on the campaign for this thing in nz called the best awards which is like the biggest design award thing here, it was sooooo fun and i was really proud of what i did there, they liked me, i thought they might keep me on if i stuck it out but like you don’t want to rely on that? so i was applying for jobs obviously and i got signed up with this creative like. recruitment agency. and when i met the lady she really liked me for SOME REASON?! literally dunno why…..she was like desccribe urself in three words and i was like i’m chill…….calm and……idk what ellse? so she was like? relaxed? and i turned up wearing a hat and clothes w screenprinting ink all over it cos i came from my other job. anyways she must have talked me up so much cos when i turned up to the inteview at my current job they said that she said she loved me and was raving abouit me so i feel like they were already like predisposed to want to hire me so shout outs to her. so i got the job and found out like a week later and i was like. idk i feel like i gotta take it. it’s the biggest adveritisng agency in the country. but i kinda wanna see if this design studio will keep me on cos i love the work they do and they had cool clients but then i also didn’t love it there it was really bland work culture and i felt like there was just a divide there between the designers and the strategy like? it just didn’t really gel well but yea. i also got offered to teach book binding at my uni which was paid well, but like. ? it was only 4 weeks guaranteed and then they’d just need me when it’s like hand in times or whatever and even tho i’d love to do that i love making books I couldn’t like jusitfy turning down full time work to get that. OH MY GOD THIS IS SO LONG BYEEEE!! and at the same time my old boss from penguin books where i worked casually while i was at uni got in contact w me to see if i wanted to do some more work w them. so i was like torn. cos basically i had 3 part time sort of like offers but then i knew i wanted to give the full time job a chance even tho its adveritisng which i hate and think is annoying disgusting and stupid. but here i am coz i’m a sell out. btw gpa - dont know wtf that is we dont have that here. my marks at uni literlaly couldn’t matter less apart from the fact that i passed - noone care. but maybe that’s cos it was design haha. but yea i did 2 internships at uni at two design studios and i did casual work like i said at penguin books. without doing the internships i stirahg tup would have had noone to vouch for me as a reference so i think doing them was real important. also i reckon i did shit as at the first one i did but i learnt from it haha. woowwwwww. this turned out to be my biography moral of the story is i’m so glad i took up my job i love it there apart from like. everything i make

thank you so much

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Hi i am starting to hate mcu for what they are doing with tony always calling him the villian always putting him with the blames and burdens. Its the same routine in every movie. mcu has potential but the piss on tony parade is just too much of a dampner for me each movie! And as i have loved tony stark since the 1st time i read marvel Adventures comics, i feel its cruel of mcu to put him through this much shit for whatever reasons they deem fitting. Is his self loathing not enough for them?

I definitely don’t want to see Tony get blamed for another bad guy, though, to be fair, it is a bit premature with Spider-Man, considering all we have is a few lines from an interview.  We don’t really know how Vulture’s origin story might play out.  I’m a bad guy because Tony Stark was…helping people clean up New York?  That’s kind of a terrible attempt at laying the blame at someone else’s feet.  I’m not even sure how people who don’t like Tony twist that one into somehow Tony’s fault.  Though, I’m certain there are those who would try.

Tony isn’t perfect, by any means, and he has made mistakes.  Some truly monumental mistakes.  So have others, but that’s a terrible argument to try to justify Tony’s failures, and I see that way too much with Tony.  The thing I like about him is that he acknowledges his mistakes (probably shoulders a bit too much blame) and tries to rectify them, if possible, or at least address the issue.  No one is perfect and superheroes are going to be fallible on scales that are a bit bigger than the mistakes made by us regular folks.  For me, I don’t have any interest in a hero who is perfect all the time.  It is how he deals with these failures and mistakes that makes him truly heroic.

also the fact that full grown adults can feel so comfortable mocking two 18 year olds is so….. unreal like holy shit….like….that’s so embarrassing we’re literally 18 you’re calling us young which we are !!! (doesn’t mean we haven’t ? experienced marginalization but whatever) and then instead of being like “they’re significantly younger than me, i should probably fight someone my own age” they’re using the fact that we’re young to make fun of us like…holy shit 

i know that we are adults but like…..age differences in young adulthood still exist like….rly take a long hard look in the mirror at what the fuck you are doing….if you’re in your mid to late 20s why do you feel the need to make fun of 18 year olds oh my god 

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Lol idk about anyone else but I am more than ready to hear all the larry related shit on Harry's new album. I mean I know I will die but I am so ready. We know our boys always deliver and this 28 shit is no coincidence. They're in love and they kiss each other goodnight.

I’m sure whatever comes is going to kill me like I’m not even fooling myself here. My grave is ready and on the stone it’ll be written “Larry did it" 

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What pronoun will you give your new baby at birth or will you allow a floating pronoun until they are able to decide for themselves from the 72 pronouns that currently exist.

so i know jokes at the expense of people struggling with and experimenting with gender identity are the new hip dank edgy meme or whatever but can you keep this sorta shit out of my askbox

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tbh I'm still trying to figure out how team freeloader had 0 idea that the un/world was discussing the avengers' actions or writing up some documents or anything related to it unless they are entirely ignorant of international news. did they just ignore it? how was there nothing implying something like this would come up? i know sometimes things surprise us in rl and we don't always have forewarning for everything but we often have an idea of the air and issues surrounding things so.

they Definitely Knew. wanda was involved in anti-avengers protests in aou there have been on-screen mentions of people not being super okay with the avengers doing whatever they want since the end of The Avengers we had that entire end scene of catws it has been Mentioned ok,,,,aou was shit but it still happened,,,,something like that doesn’t happen and get supported by 117 countries silently overnight 

Lucy’s Dragon

I watched Pete’s Dragon (2016), so, y’know how it goes.  AU idea.

The Lanes are moving after the Gen (prob not a general yet, but whatever) gets new duty orders.  They decide, for whatever reason, to drive across the country, make a road trip out of it.

The car crashes.

Just off of a scenic route, six-year-old Lucy climbs out of the destroyed car and into a thunder storm.

She understands the concept of death, ever since her grandfather and dog died in the same month the previous year.  She understands that her mother and father and sister aren’t moving and there’s a lot of blood and they’re probably dead.  She understands that she is alone.

Alone, and scared, and hurt, and the storm is getting worse.

She runs into the forest.

Years later (the exact amount tbt, the movie has it at six, but I dunno) the DEO starts to gather reports of potential alien activity in the Nebraska National Forest.  J’onn, Vasquez, Vasquez’s wife, Erin, and recently orphaned Alex and (re-orphaned) Kara move to the town closest to the activity.  J’onn and Vasquez are undercover with whatever agency makes the most sense for the mission.

(why the girls are with them will be figured out at a later date, maybe nobody else can be trusted with a pre-teen Kryptonian who just lost her second set of parents)

Alex and Kara go to the local school, where Alex becomes quick friends with Maggie.

Maggie, whose father is one of the loggers who keeps reporting activity.  Maggie who lives with her forest ranger aunt after her father kicked her out.  (Maggie who nearly cries when she meets Vasquez and Erin, queer and happy and married and in love).

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Lord, give me strength.

I am not fucking kidding, y’all. If I hear one more comment about Finn’s hair I will lose my DAMN MIND and drop some fucking knowledge on these idiot. 

Does it ever rub you the wrong way when someone says that your kid should get a haircut so they don’t look like a little girl anymore? WHAT is so wrong with looking female? Riddle me that, asshole. My son looks exactly how a little boy should look. Which is whatever way he wants. I cut his hair in a way that is manageable FOR ME. His MOTHER. Who takes care of him. When he gets abit older and can use his words better and decides, hey, I think I want a buzz cut? Well then, I’ll be damned, but he’ll get one if HE WANTS ONE. 

My toddler knows NOTHING about gender norms. Nothing and by fucking God, I hope it stays that way. Why should he choose the things he likes based off of useless shit like, oh, this is MENT for boys so I have to like to and vice versa? Such bullshit. 

you know what kinda grinds my gears a bit in movie!breaking dawn ?

how bella’s like “ya know… we’re grateful for their help and all but their thirst for human blood really complicates shit”
it’s kinda like “i know we agreed that they wouldn’t hunt in the area and i know i have an abnormal ability to control my thirst so i don’t actually know what it’s like for them but i’m still gonna hard core judge them for their choices”

the best part about all of it is that edward can’t hear her thoughts so she’s allowed to think whatever she wants without ever being judged by him. 

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I'm a new writer and I have the words and the scenes in my head but I can't seem to write it down :( do you have any tips?

You just can’t force anything out, remember that. The writing is only good when you really feel it and it comes out naturally. Take some time to have tea or do something to relax you and listen to music that inspires the writing piece. Sometimes it takes a while but when it does the satisfaction and product is better because it came from a passionate place. Try just writing writing writing whatever pops into your head and not stoppin no matter how cheesy it is or how bad you think it is. Then take a break and go back to it and revise it. Sometimes shit can sneak up on you ya know? I hope this helps some!! That’s basically what I do lol

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+++++ We can read somethings but for the major part we don't know shit. Yes I have hope in jelena but feelings change, people change. To judge their every move it's selfish. In the end time will tell. In the end we are what?? teenagers judging a 24 old woman ?? I'm like 23 but whatever lol

…. yeah

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You need to understand that those saying Gen is using her baby for charity or whatever, are the ones that refer to Gen and Danneel as "beards". They will say anything to make their whole "J2 are gay together" sound more plausible. You literally can't argue or even try to be on the same level as them, they are actually delusional. Trying to even understand their mentality & way of thinking is just impossible, simply because we think like normal people should They're over in like planet nutjob tbh

I know. It just gets so frustrating to see that shit on the casts’/their wives’ sm. Like, whatever, have your crazy tinhat theory, but don’t be a dick to people that your faves care about. 😥 I just will never understand that level of hate. But you’re right, there’s no way to argue with them bc they Are delusional.

Honestly it’s why I love my little slice of fandom. Y'all are awesome. I never really run into the actual wank, mainly people reacting to wank. So thanks dudes, for being badass people. ❤❤

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

You can call an experience or relationship traumatic even if there’s no one you can/want to blame for what happened.

If you were traumatized by what happened, that impact is real even if it isn’t anyone’s fault. There are situations where everyone involved does their best with the information and abilities they have and someone still experiences trauma.

Abuse is not the only traumatic experience, just a common one. Not having your needs met for totally blameless reasons can be traumatic. Having your autonomy taken away by illness or other random chance can be traumatic. Many traumatizing experiences can happen when you’re utterly alone. Even ‘ordinary experiences’ can be traumatic in some contexts.

There’s no reason for trauma that’s ‘too silly’. If you’re traumatized, it’s not because you’re 'too sensitive’ and it doesn’t automatically mean you’re minimizing other people’s experiences.

You’re allowed to acknowledge your trauma. You’re allowed to look at experiences you’ve had through the lens of trauma. You’re allowed to grieve and process your traumatic experiences even if you don’t understand why they were traumatic or if similar experiences didn’t tramautize others you know.

You’re allowed to acknowledge how badly you were hurt even if you can’t point a finger at one person who hurt you.


There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)

All Jaywalkers when they hear..


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