i know this is shit but whatever

Couple of gems from tonight’s session:

“You know me, overkill is my whole thing”

“Congratulations, you made a velociraptor puddle.”

“Wow, I really thought that between the three of you someone might have damaged the monster by now.”

“Your bag is full to the brim and dripping blood, but by god you harvested the drake’s heart.”

“My goal is to be bigger than whatever we fight. Always.”

“Let’s take some of the meat and cook it!” *the other players start chanting “RAGE STEAKS”*

I love my party.

art lesson (m)

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in which your forgetfulness leads to perhaps the least innocent art lesson of all time

Member: Taehyung

Word Count: 2.3k

The fact that you had practically carried your friend from the cab up to her apartment, all while in heels, was a testament to the strength of your relationship. You muttered something to yourself about not being paid enough for this shit, which you didn’t think she’d hear.

“Uhm, you’re my best friend, you’re not getting paid at all!”

“But I should be, that’s the point.”

The door opposite hers swung upon before she could respond with whatever awful, unintelligible retort her drunk brain would come up with.

“I’d ask you guys to keep it down, but I like hearing you bicker.”

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I need a Knight & Day winteriron AU.

Bucky was just trying to make it home to his friend’s (his brother practically) wedding after picking up some car parts from out of state. He didn’t know when he bumped into the cute guy at the airport that he was going to be dragged into some secret agent/government shoot out type of shit. It’s crazy, and he’s pretty sure Tony (cutie) is crazy too (one moment Tony’s shooting people, and the next he’s praising Bucky on how he handled the situation–mostly panicking and doing whatever he can to survive). It’s bullets, car chases, and shady dealings galore, and all Bucky wants to do is survive it. 

I want this AU if only for the “You didn’t miss me/walk through bullets” scene. 

eat cake with me pls

so I lied I’m still being relatively active but whatever. my posts are all queued shit so I’m just responding n stuff, I want to talk to you guys I can’t help it

but anyways since I’m here I need yall to help me out a little. today I’m 500 days clean and everyone I know is refusing to celebrate with me so I’m baking a cake for myself and you guys have all gotta hang out with me while I eat it okay? really don’t wanna do this alone. I’ll reblog some ask memes n shit or you can tell me about your day just please come talk to me I am literally begging

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isnt it a little.. shitty that twitter PSA thing, like... you cant even see whatever she has done bc the 1975era deactivated their account. and like i dont know this girl but to make someone feel alienated and shit ain't cool. i know you didnt make the post or anything but like /: can they really be that bad?? that they need their name dragged through the mud??

(in reference to this psa) no they just changed their url so you can still view it here. listen, i’ve been in countless rps with this girl including ones i’ve adminned in the past. her several characters such as lacy & nat (both troye sivan), kas & zoya (both joanna kuchta), rory & gray (both josefine pettersen), bailey (tarjei sandvik moe), timmy (jade thirlwall) and believe me, they’ve given me, my co-admins, my friends and my fellow members many many migraines with her behavior on multiple circumstances. she’s been in a bunch of rps before and has been kicked out of them as well, so you can ask other people in the rpc and they’d know her too. she’s caused unnecessary drama both ic and ooc and she often takes things ooc, and she’s shaded admins before and in my experience, she blatantly ignored our admin message to her after asking her to refrain from using her multiple accounts to target a specific member in the rp we were in. and no, this was a different occasion than the one in the psa, this was back late last year but evidently she hasn’t changed her ways. personally, i’d just like to avoid her at all costs because frankly i’m tired of dealing with her picking fights all the time. if you want to know more you can ask me for receipts i’d be glad to offer it up, i’m just done lmao

and since you wanted that @ so bad here u go @wintcrbird

YOOO!!! I’m recording the first episode of my sex ed podcast on Saturday, so if anyone has any questions at all (about love, life, or just whatever random thing you’re thinking about at the time), feel free to send them to my inbox, and we’ll read them aloud on the show. Also, anonymous questions and fake names are totally cool, cause not everybody needs to know ALL your business.

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Hey i have an idea. What if we start poating really positive things on the pictures that yourjacketisfuckingugly or whatever posts? If we compliment the jacket and say nice things about it in the coments of the pictures, you know, fight hate with love or whatever.

yo, im loving this idea. maybe someone start a blog called “yourjacketfuckingrocks” or something like that and reblog from them? but individuals can also do something like that too!

-mod kip

Disclaimer: I’m a piece of shit and I’m posting my thoughts on To The Bone even though literally no one asked lmao

Overall, it was just so ridiculous from start to finish. It was so fake deep and I couldn’t take it seriously. Maybe I just didn’t get it or whatever… honestly the only reason I watched it was because I love doing things that I know are bad for me 👍🏻

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CAIT IM confused why have I never heard of afterbuzz and why is Matt gonna drag them thru the dirt I am both excited and nervous whATS HAPPENIN

MMKAY so essentially its a thing thru buzzfeed where after some episodes, one of the cast members goes onto the lil show and is interviewed. and in legit each of these interviews, the interviewers were dicks about malec, saying they have no chemistry and shit. and the last time dom was on, they talked about malec and dom said they dont know each other (or whatever bs his straight ass said). and only now is matt going onto afterbuzz so we can legit expect matt to absolutely drag those interviewers thru the dirt from them shitting on malec and im ready wow

One Cool Thing: Quote

Post a cool line from your WIP or one of your other stories. It can be a line, a sentence, a paragraph, in context or out, whatever—it just has to be cool. 

Tagged by @mareebrittenford. Thank you!!! How about something literally cool? Is that cheating? Here’s a preview from a little something I’ve been working on…

As the wind howled and shrieked through the narrow wynds between the buildings, he stood there unnoticed, frozen in awe, silently observing her. Her cheeks were chapped a bright pink from the cold, and her hair and shoulders were peppered with snowflakes. She looked positively bewitching—more deserving of the title than other woman he’d ever met before. He choked back the guilt that rose like bile to the back of his throat at the thought, his heart speeding up as she opened the door to the Three Broomsticks and disappeared inside.

I tag my Nano cabin mates and anyone else who wants to join in (seriously, guys, and tag me on what you post!) @jennagill, @eala-musings, @finduilasnumenesse, @rosymamacita, @maxwellandlovelace, @duckpotatodandelion, @thegreatorangedragon, @jeeno2, @ambpersand, @historywriter2007, @peetaspikelets, @everlylark, @appleblossomgirl0305, and [insert your name here].

SQ fanfic things

1. Regina raising a perfectly sculpted eyebrow

2. Emma puts her hands in her back pockets 

4. Emma pouting

3. Henry conveniently has a sleep over at Nick’s

4. “Idiot”

5.  The Bug breaks down

6. Emma’s lopsided smile

7. A slight curve in Regina’s lips as she tried NOT to smile

8. Blonde tresses

9. Chocolate Orbs

10. Regina smells like apples

11. Regina doing something no one would ever think she does (i.e. reads comics, plays mario kart, feeds stray kittens, kick boxing, whatever)

12. Everyone KNOWS, but them

13.  Henry’s a smug little shit and we love him

I’m sure there’s more

so this past weekend i went to a con with my best friend and for WHATEVER reason, the con center thought it was a great idea to have alcohol available for purchase on every floor

and if you’ve been to a con, you kind of know how you forget to eat/drink that entire weekend

And after one beer on an empty stomach I was spoutin some shit “theories” about Yuri on Ice, completely convinced that Victor’s name was Yuri (”why are there THREE YURIS ON THE ICE”) and that anyone named otherwise was just an “equivalent” name in the person’s country smh

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would you ever do like a private snapchat for money?

Yeah I could private snap you some really dirty content. Like the expired soy yoghurt I found in the fridge this morning, or when Dex once again decides eating his own shit is a good idea, or the space underneath my couch that I haven’t vacuum-cleaned for fuck knows how long because it arrived to a point where I don’t dare to even look underneath there. Or whatever you’re into.

afflatedcazadora replied to your post:I want you all to promise me to never let me talk…

   dooooo iiiiiit    

Only 8ecause I can 8lame you now.

Anyways, Nadaya asked someone else a8out the cue8all so @trolljacksparrow

Sparks explained prophetic shit fine, 8ut the other thing I feel worth mentioning a8out it is that even if the source is omniscient, the source almost always has some limit to what they can tell you.

I don’t know shit a8out how prophetic powers work, 8ut as far as I’m concerned a lot of times the person gets visions or some other form of inform8ion, 8ut that’s it. The source can’t 8e asked questions, you’re just given whatever it gives you and have to interpret it on your own.

On the other hand the cue8all and other prophetic tools were specifically made to 8e asked questions. 8ut the trade off to that is that you’re not only limited 8y how much inform8ion it can give you at a time, 8ut also 8y the questions you ask. My ancestor knew a8out how she was currently expected to die sweeps 8efore it happened, and she tried to avoid it, 8ut in trying to use the cue8all to find those paths her answers were shaped 8y what she thought of asking. Even if she asked point 8lank if there was anything she could do to avoid it and got a no, the answer would still 8e restricted to what she could do to avoid it, which immedi8ly discounts anything other people could do. And it only gets more complic8ed from there.

Once she lost the a8ility to use the cue8all she gave up and decided not to fight the possi8ility of the summoner killing her, 8ut that was her decision. She actively chose to 8elieve that her death 8y his hands was inevita8le, and stopped looking for ways out.

So, my point is that even people who have a way to see into f8 aren’t restricted 8y f8, they’re restricted 8y their field of view and what they choose to do with their inform8ion. Having the inform8ion in the first place influences what they do, 8ut it doesn’t guarantee inevita8ility.

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👀 - Favorite eyecatcher

i just answered it but i am happy to say it again. snooj with the rhythmic eyebrow wiggle yo!

🔍 - What do I think the One Piece is

there’s so many things it could be i really dont even know where to begin with it. i think it’s got something to do with an ultimate devil fruit or something??? i really dont know what to think. im fine with whatever it ends up being as long as it’s not “the friendships u made along the way” kinda shit 

🏝️ - Fave country/island visited


🍏 - Would I eat a Devil Fruit if given the chance to

hell yea, just depends on what kinda ability it would give me

🖍️ - Fave filler arc

THE!! BOSS!! LUFFY!! ARCS!! i loved those so much!! the roles that each character had in those arcs were honestly perfect and i loved how they brought back old characters to be part of those :’) bring back the boss luffy fillers man i wanna see what sabo would be 

🗡️ - Least fave filler arc

ok i dont necessarily remember all of them so i could be forgetting about one i dislike more but honestly i really didnt like the most recent one about the marine rookie thing. that was just v boring 

🎾 - Fave battle

ok so this emoji looks horrifically different on the web so i had to double check to see what it actually was on my phone hahhaha

my favorite battle was probably luffy vs lucci. so much angst. the introduction to both of the iconic gears, second and third. genuinely thought luffy was gonna die when i first read it 

👾 - Fave villain

rubs hands together menacingly 

the villains in one piece are a treasure all in themselves but man i gotta go with enel he was next level 

thank you!! 

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Idk if this will end up lifting your mood or not. But I'll be going on a VIXX fanmeet. I'm currently praying HARD so I get the rehearsal draw. tbh I just want it to worth my money because a certain cncert from a diffrent group bfore left me broke and traumatized (not the artist fault, combo of shit fans and shit promotor). And this time I'm going solo I'm scared my panic attack does things. And well, I wanna hug this scrawny tall dudes and then feel like it's worth it y'know :" (sorry ranting)

this DOES LIFT UP MY MOOD GUUUUURL/BOIIIIIIII YOU GET IT THERE OMFG I am so sorry about the certain concert shit, I think that usually happens a lot when the promoters are complete bullshitters. You keep me, your friends, the love you have for VIXX in your mind, and if your panic attack does things please PLEASE take whatever you can or whatever you usually do to help yourself because I cannot be there to help you and I wish I was. I do hope you have fun omfg, make sure you manage to enjoy every moment of it. Good luck! 

Weird dream possibly also turns into a weird au.

submission:  blackraspberrybitch

Ok so, if you read my earlier post you’ll know this involves my dreams, KND, and bullymagnet.

Basically after Johnny and the Jang(cuz let’s be honest they’d stay with him through the crazy shit and Stephan HAS CONSPIRACIES FOR EVERYTHING SO HE WOULD BE A HYPOCRITE IF HE DIDNT. Also Johnny probably sucks lying to them. Yeah) discover the truth of why Johnny has been seeing things aka shades- they and the AC run in to a weird yet powerful spirit that collects special personality traits of humans and stores them in gems or tiny bottles/jars or whatever it has on hand( now that I think about it, there’s a theme of avatar in this as well. Face stealer anyone????)

Anyway. After fighting for a bit after school, Max was about to get nabbed before Johnny pushed him out of the way and was nabbed instead. Que kinda painful sequence of taking out a trait Johnny values. His courage. Luckily they grab the small item, but the spirit gets away. It immediately shows red flags when Johnny appears scared and extremely awkward- only lessened by the distance from his ‘personality gem’(“Issac that is nerdy” “S-SHUT IT”) so after messing around for a while and trying to calm Johnny down, they fashion the thing to appear like jewelry(bracelet, necklace, etc) and Johnny seems to mostly be the same with it. But if he takes it off so goes all of his courage. Maybe he kinda is an in between of Canon and ReverseAU!Johnny with his personality without it.

So that makes the main issue apparent. Research and capture the spirit and find a way to get Johnny back to how he used to be. But Max also is having an issue with how he’s feeling now that Johnny has lost the chill that came with his courage to hide his softer side.

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie