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So apparently OS, Online-Station.net received an exclusive interview with two people on the Overwatch team, Michael Chu, lead writer, and Renaud Galand, head of character design. You can find it here online-station.net/news/game/54277, though it is in Thai, not English. It appears to be legit, someone tell me if it’s not. 

Anyway, during the interview they were apparently asked.

I never thought they would actually address this, but they did and I am kind of losing it right now.

The other questions and answers are also interesting, including them saying that the spirit dragons are not magic. I guess they are more magic technology or something IDK, probably nanites cause everything is nanites. Its not like their science made sense anyway.

Anyway, in case anyone was wondering about the state of Genji’s junk, we now know that it is normal. Do what you will with Michael Chu’s proclamation.

@new-recipe sent me all the info on this and, looking into it I am fairly certain it is legit. I wanted my followers to see it too XD

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I mean, it’s just a well-constructed hour of television that is almost self-contained. Other than the ELEVATOR SCENE which I will obviously get to in a second, there were just so many fantastic little Kastle scenes which also obviously TORE MY HEART IN HALF. 

Like, can we just talk about Brett asking her “Why was he even here?” and that watery look on Karen’s face when she says “I think he was looking out for me.” And the fact that she has to work so hard to Keep It Together because it’s that but it’s more than that, too. It’s the knowing that he’s always looking out for her, the surety in that one fact about him. But it’s also knowing that now she doesn’t know where he’s at and when they’ll see each other again. 

And also Frank running in from god knows where, could’ve been the moon for all we know, leaping over furniture and jumping IN FRONT OF KAREN TO SAVE HER FROM BEING SHOT MULTIPLE TIMES. WHAT. W H A T. 

And let’s not even get started on Frank Castle staring down a man that’s strapped with a bomb and looking directly at Karen and promising “I will come for you.” The single-minded determination, the devotion, the way his voice shakes a little bit with worry and angry and a mess of emotions he probably doesn’t even want to look at or think about too closely. 

And then…that elevator scene. That pure moment of cinematic perfection. I can’t BELIEVE we live in a world where that scene exists. Two people who need each other and believe in one another but can’t quite yet be there for each other in that way, because what they want and what they need and who they are and who they want to be are not quite yet aligned. But God, they just want to sit there and pretend for a moment that they could be. 

But then the moment ends. 

When Karen pushes him back she is like the definition of someone steeling themselves…and then not being able to any more. When she watches him leave, you can literally see her heart breaking. AND I COULD FEEL MY OWN HEART BREAKING. 

Anyway, I love these two and this season gave me way more than I ever thought I’d get and I am so thankful and also heartbroken and also I may need to write fic. 

Kätzchen - Leon Draisaitl (smut)

NSFW imagine giveaway prompt:  Leon Draisaitl with all the rough stuff. Gags, daddy kink, tying you up, overstimulation (or orgasm denial, both are hot), anal (if you’re comfortable with it), face fucking, kinda feel like at some point there would be a threesome with Maroon (only one I can think of that would be kinky), pussy spanking, ass spanking, him making you scream, would probably constantly tell you how tight you are, would also probably make you scream his name and say that you’re his. Add anything you want.

A/N: It took me 8 hours, but I did it. Let me know what you guys think of it. Huge shoutout to @carey-pricemas and @diaries-of-pucks-and-purses for keep cheering for me after 8 hours.

Word count: 3727 


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I had a fucking thought

Ok so ya’ll know that Pennywise Naturally goes to Eat Humans to feast, right?

Ok, so when I was in science class We got on the Subject of Blood, and my Teacher said that our Blood smelled like Copper, like a Penny.

I immediatly thought of Pennywise eating people, and you know how he likes to Strike Fear in them before eating them?

(I’m probably not gonna make any sense, probably here)

What if Wants his victims to feel fear because of Their Adrenaline (it goes against them) would make them more Weaker, and their Blood would smell more Powerful to Pennywise to Eat them? Our Blood smells like Copper. Like a PENNY. PENNYWise EATS blood, from the Flesh.

So if Pennywise Eats blood that tastes like a Penny, is THAT why he Names Himself PENNYwise?

And what if the “WISE” part of his name was because he KNEW how to scare his Victims to eat more? And he had more Experience, so he was Wise on how to survive.

Therefore, he named himself PENNYWISE.

How BTS would ask you for sex.

Would probably kiss your neck or feel you up to get you going, if you were into it, he’d slowly undress you and take it from there, if you weren’t in the mood however, he’d probably just hug you a lil and be like “okay, what do you want to do?” And forget about it.

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Wouldn’t even know how to ask you 😂 like namjoon he’d probably cuddle with you and slightly stroke you in your soft spots to get you all tingly, he’d probably then be like “you’re so beautiful, I want you so badly” in your ear trying to get your riled up, if it worked, he’d undress you whilst undressing himself, if not, he’d probably be sad but forget about it since he doesn’t want to make you upset.

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Would probably pull you onto his lap and start kissing you, he’d undress you to let you know what he wants, if you stopped him, he’d ask why, just incase something was up. If not, well that’s self explanatory.

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He’d probably hug and kiss you to get you in the mood, he’d ask “do you want to?” Before he undressed you. If you said no, he’d stop completely and be fine with it, if yes, he’d undress you and take it from there.

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Would tease you, if you were watching tv or something he’d Poke you or tickle you to get your attention, he’d smile whilst biting his lip at you whilst he constantly teased you, when he got a reaction he’d pull you ontop of him and kiss you, if you were into it, it would escalate from there, if you weren’t he might still try but be left disappointed lol.

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Like Jin, he simply wouldn’t know how to ask you, he’d use his actions more than his word to get you in the mood, kissing and sucking on your ear, jawline and neck to make you feel a lil tingly, if you were into it, he’d undress you, if not, he’d stop plain and simple

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jungkook would be the shyest in asking you, he’d probably tell you that he’s had a stressful day and needs some sort of release. or he’d straight up kiss you to try and get you in the mood. if that didnt work, he’d suck up his pride and tell you he wants you right there. and if that failed to work. he’d give up.

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Thanksgiving Break!!!

Hello everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know that I will taking the week of thanksgiving off. From 11/19 to 11/26 and I’ll be back post regularly on 11/27. I really want to use this time to really nail down the art style I want for this blog. I still will probably answer some questions and save them up for when I come back.

I also wanted to get your feed back on an idea I had! I was think of maybe doing contest for that week! A little art contest with rewards and what not! Please let me know what you think!

Over and out,


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You know what an underappreciated scene is? (At least I think it is) But the scene where Damen goes to wait for Paschal just to ask him how Laurent's doing? Damen was worried about Laurent in KR since the start and he probably thought about his wounded shoulder a lot and wanted to be there for Laurent and ask him how he's doing bUT HE COULDN'T BECAUSE HE THOUGHT LAURENT HATED HIM BUT DAMEN CONTINUED TO LOVE HIM AND WORRY OVER HIM ANYWAY.

GOD I KNOW. I’m re reading KR now and i got to that part last night and i was like UGHHHH DAMEN 

bc laurent was fine! you could fully see that he was healed and okay but damen still needed to Know bc he knew laurent had been hurt and damen couldn’t be there for him anymore or bring him comfort in their usual subtle way :(

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wwnd if u were a hilarious drunk and you try to feel him up even if theres people around or if he’s not paying attention to u atm!!!

He probably huffs and puffs about it but he can’t help laughing at you. It’s when your hands start trailing higher up on his thigh that the tips of ears start to pink up and he grips your wrist.

“Hey, take it easy will ya? Dow’s sittin’ right there.”

“Should we see if he wants to watch?”

“Have ya lost your fuckin’ mind? What kind of shit…?”

“On my god I was joking!!! You should see your face, Niall!”

“You’re a piece of work ya know that? Should punish ya for that.”

“Ohh, kinky. I’m in!”


There was a scene in an episode of Justice League Unlimited where (spoilers ahead, but I think I’m safe) Batman confronts a dying Ace, a little girl whose godlike powers are out of control. He is given a device that should kill her, but instead, he simply sits with her so she wouldn’t be alone as she went. She passed away peacefully because of it.

That scene got put up on Youtube, probably against copyright but what can you do? Most of the comments were positive, but one of them was, “If I’d been Batman, I just would have snapped her neck. Compassion is not a weakness I have.”

Someone wanted their grimdark so much that they couldn’t see that trying it would probably have caused Batman to just be Bat. Or maybe Newt. Because, you know, she reads minds, too. And for havoc to be unleashed.

Probably became a KotET writer or fully endorses what was done there.

11 questions tag ~ 💛

Rules: Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you and then make 11 more for the next people that you tag!

tagged by @anayzae thanks bb <333

First Kpop band you’ve seen?

shinee lol I still do used to jam to lucifer and rdd before it was cool ;;;;;

First bias?

honestly it was probably either jonghyun or sehun……….but yall know taem can never be replaced :’)

What language do you want to learn? 

all of them. every single one of them.

Winter or summer?

tbh winter I’m done w this heat 

Which countries do wanna visit?

literally anywhere that has a nice beach and wind blowing lol

What job do you want to choose?

I mean I’ve said this a million times but I’ve always wanted to be an archaeologist, what can I say I’m interested in dead people from 200000000 yrs ago so

Top 5 favourite books?

I’m embarrassed to say this tbh but I really haven’t gotten a chance to just sit down and read in so long bc……life ;( but also every single harry potter book yikes I’m still a kid at heart 

Top 5 favourite movies?

every Christopher Nolan movie omgnfnejsk

Where are you from?

Italia ;o

If you could say one thing to your bias, what would it be?

Lee Taemin, why did you do such unnecessary things to bring this misery to me?

What do you think about me? sorry i had to ask this

ur a sunshine bb and ur a blessing to this sad world 🌻

my questions:

favorite perfumes/colognes?

scented candles or incense?

who are your top 3 bias wreckers?

have you ever cried bc you just love a group so much?

favorite Korean female solo artists?

favorite Korean male solo artists?

vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry ice cream?

what do you like to do in your free time besides **kpop** ofc?

who’s the most evil maknae in your opinion, Hyuk or Sehun?

favorite tv shows atm?

do you prefer history or science classes?

tagging the cuties: @earthtogot7 @honeyjaehwan @anna-something @vanillainverse @sungjaesgf @3ouncesofwhoopass @burnt-enough-starlight @whenxoxosmilesunshines @yehet-me-up @wonpillily @glitzyeol you totally don’t have to do this tho ily <333 💥

Ya know what’s super cool is that I’m low key convinced jimin is gay but what’s even cooler is that I will probably never actually know either way because it’s none of my business and I will love and support him no matter what and you should also okcoolthanksbye :)

Meet The Community Member!

1. Name, Age, Country? (I always like seeing country Cus it’s incredible how widespread the community is sometimes)

Abbie but everyone knows me as Taz. I’m 21 and I’m from Manchester, England

2. Appearance? (For all you artists you can draw some pictures of yourselves!!)

I’m the person obviously, or am I?

3. Hobbies?

Art, making edits/memes, watching movies/tv shows, watching youtube and playing games

4. What is your dream job?

I’ve always wanted to be a vet or a zoologist

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?

Purse, keys, card reader, receipts, wage slips and pens (I’m such an adult)

6. How would you describe your personality?

I’m nerdy, friendly and funny. I know too many jokes and puns though they are probably cringy.

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?

It was either AS or A2 in college (so I was 16/17/18) and I found him through another youtuber.

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!

You can’t make a girl choose! But if I had to I’d say Chase “Bro Average” Brody, Antisepticeye and Marvin the Magnificent

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? (Multiple answers are fine, I know I’ll find it hard to answer)

Most nostalgic is probably The Sims. I loved that series and thinking about it, its a very old one now.

My favourite is Undertale. I’ve watched the playthrough at least 5 times in full. I do have other series I enjoy like the ego videos, South Park (both games) and the collab videos woth friends.

10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?

I’d say I’m a very active member. I reblog fanart and memes and things onto my main blog but I create edits and draw and gif on this blog a lot as well

If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

I create fanart and I really enjoy it. I also enjoy creating the Tweets From The Egos posts because I can be so creative with it. I love chatting to other people in this community and I’ve made so many friends on here as a result of that. I do also create theories that are incredibly long, mostly because to me everything has a hidden meaning and a deeper story to it like the theory I made of Chase being a mass murdering social manipulater or how Anti is a computer based virus that managed to escape his technological prison. I’m kinda like the MatPat of ego theories lol

Thanks to @no-strings-puppet for creating this community project that we can all be apart of.


“How do I ask a girl out?”

“How would I know? I dated the same girl for two years and we broke up.”

“Do I have to remind you how many people you have–”

“You’re repulsive.”

“Who’s next on your list? Laurel?”

“Stop, it’s not like that.”

“What’s it like then?”

“I barely know her, August.”

“But you want to,” she teased.

“I guess,” he sighed, and attempted to change the subject, “why do you need my help in asking a girl out anyway? You’ve had girlfriends.”

“I’ve had a girlfriend, singular,” she said, rolling over to face him, “I think you should ask Laurel out.”

“You would just go and tell Talia.”

“Probably, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Remember when you guys broke up and you didn’t think you were ever gonna love anyone like that again? I think you could, and I think you should try.”

Shout out to @slushi

I know we don’t talk too often, but I just wanted to say I’m unbelievably greatful for being able too consider us friends. Most of my so called friends shame me for liking Pennywise and are probably gonna start ignoring me because I don’t pay that much attention to what used to be my favorite anime. So thank you for being nice and not a bag of moldy clits.

Undertale Amino

To cut a long fucking story short:

  1. I am back on tumblr now
  2. School is amazing right now (I’ll put some photos of work I’ve been doing below)
  3. I’m gonna make a Ko-Fi as a more convenient way for you guys to support me if you want to
  4. I MADE AN ACCOUNT ON THE UNDERTALE AMINO (same username as it is here). I literally don’t know what I’m doing on it but I’m posting art so ya
  5. NO NEW ART UNTIL CHRISTMAS! I want to finish school this year on a high note so it’s my primary focus
  6. I made another piece even though I wasn’t supposed to so I’ll probably post that later today. But no new content until Christmas
  7. I GOT COMMISSIONED (whoop whoop)

So yeah that’s what’s been going on in my life. Here’s evidence that school is going brilliantly at the moment:

Also Undertale Amino thingy:

TSTBC (Free Divination Open)

I’m procrastinating work by drinking Dionysian amounts of wine on this lovely Saturn’s day so it feels like a good time to play Too Specific To Be Comfortable. So, send me an ask - any ask at all - and I’ll give you an oddly specific answer to your problems/concerns/queries. Will it be divination? Will it be a wine-induced stupor? Will it be the sign from the gods that you’ve been seeking? Probably not, but who can know! We’ll see how it goes and if anyone wants to play and we’ll stop when it feels right. So shoot me an ask/query/dilemma and we’ll see if a bout of weirdly specific divination can cure what ails you. Ooh and since Thanksgiving is coming up any general reading asks will likely pertain to what you should be thankful for this time round.

Tumblr Accent Challenge

Tumblr Accent Challenge??????

I was tagged by @neutralsupply so thanks to her you all get to hear my awful voice 

The idea is for anyone who wants to participate to voice record or video themselves going through the following list and answering the questions.

What is your name and/or username?
Where are you from?

pronounce the following words:
- Theatre
- Iron
- Salmon
- Caramel
- Fire
- Water
- New Orleans
- Furniture
- Both
- Again
- Probably
- Alabama
- Lawyer
- Coupon
- Mayonnaise
- Caught
- Naturally
- Envelope
- Twitter
- New York
- Crayon
- Tumblr

How would you address a group of two or more people?
What would you call a sale of unwanted items on your porch, in your yard, etc.?
What do you call a sweetened carbonated beverage?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call gym shoes?
Choose book and read a paragraph from it.
Do you speak a second language?.
End the video by saying any 3 words you want.

I’ll tag: @something-wicked-sims (FUCKING DO IT) @nicotinc @dinaswimmer @simmyhymns


Yuki intercepted, “A fucking bitch. Who gets what she wants and who she wants. Man, like she’s always drinking and probably’s done worse than that. Actually we know she has ‘cause D and Axel do that shit too.” She punched Andy. “I’m trying to get her to quit though.”
“Hey what? I’m a recreational user, only on the weekends.”
“Also, she fuckin’ acts like she owns the world.”
“Kind of does Yu.”
“Right, but she doesn’t have to-”
“O-Owns? Wh-What do you mean?” 

I shakily asked. I knew exactly what Yuki meant by acting as if Nia owned the world. I hadn’t seen Nia act that way much, but then again she never acted the way people said she did, around me. 

“Yeah, like she makes people get shit for her. She doesn’t lift a finger when she’s at Axel’s. She can get away with that shit too, since no one will ever stand up to her. She has all the money and power man, like who the fuck would? I’m surprised you’re-”
W-With her?” I frowned. I had heard that countless times, by this point it would just irritate me.
She nodded. “You seem so sweet, and dude, face it. Nia’s one of the worst people you can meet.” 
“N-No. I-I mean, I mean I know her p-past an-and all that, but but I-I d-don’t th-think she’s the worst-” 

I’d always come to her defense. I didn’t understand why I constantly felt the need to defend her, like she needed protection from the rest of the world, from what everyone said about her and I was her shield from it all.

I wasn’t oblivious, I knew there was truth to their words but the way she was around me, she was a completely different person. Because of that I knew she wasn’t all bad, and I knew exactly what she was capable of.

Mansae log no.171119

Omggg I’m actually glad I’m getting so much love for No Regrets!!!! I finished planning yet another series as well, and also made a trailer for it! I’ll be posting those in December maybe. 

Anyway, the real matter at hand is my follower count- I’m almost at 5k????? Like what????? I am so so happy that 5000 of you actually want to read my works and tolerate my weird-ass personality. So I was thinking long and hard for this.. Maybe I’ll do a face reveal if I reach it by the end of this week??? Idk, I’m really shy about showing myself, (And tbh I’d probably feel horrible and delete it after like a week), but you guys deserve to know who I am~

Idk, tell me if you want it or not. I don’t want to be called like an attention whore or anything. THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT. LITERALLY MY WRITING COMES FIRST.  But yeah, tell me. But that’s like a limited time thing.. so if I get 5000 by the end of this week and if I get your approval~