i know this is old but she looks amazing


It was this amazing actress, beautiful and I was dreaming about it. I felt the luckiest, I was 12 years old. I arrived and I was very nervous and i was just like well I hope she likes it. And after the scene because I know its not going to be sex, but something can start from there right? And then I get there and I see 40 people looking at me with their camera.

After Azkaban (Old!Sirius x reader)

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Characters: Sirius Black, reader, Molly Weasley 

Warnings: cursing, implied smut

Word Count: 820

Y/N apparated in front of the Grimmauld place, number 12 to be exact, not knowing what would expect her inside. It was dark already, street lamps were glowing with dim, yellow light and a stray cat meowed somewhere nearby. She had always been calm and collected and today wasn’t any different. She wasn’t afraid of the dark or anything for that matter. She let out a breath and went for the door. Y/N raised her wand, muttered alohomora and stepped inside.

The house smelled the same as it did years ago. The hallway was dimly lit and more light poured under the door at the end of the hallway. Suddenly the door slammed open and a very happy looking Mrs. Weasley busted through. She engulfed Y/N for a bone crushing hug.

“C-can’t breathe Molly,” Y/N wheezed.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear. I missed you, young lady. No letters from you. Not a single owl for months! I thought you were dead! You shouldn’t do that to an old witch,” Molly scolded Y/N like a child

Y/N let her gaze fall and mumbled an apology.

“It’s fine darling. Just make sure not to do that ever again,” told the sweet old witch

“I won’t,” promised Y/N and peeked over Molly’s shoulder to see the others.

Molly saw her looking over her shoulders and dragged Y/N in the room. Her eyes scanned the people sitting around the table. A chorus of hellos resonated through the room. Y/N took a better look at everyone in front of her and gave them a small smile. She let her gaze wander and it landed on a man she hadn’t seen in twelve years. She felt tears brimming in her eyes as she looked at him. He was older, the years spent in Azkaban had done its job on his appearance, but he was handsome nevertheless.

Molly watched the couple like a hawk and saw how Y/N looked at him and ushered everyone out with the words “let’s give them some space.”

As the door slammed close Y/N leaped for the man. Sirius stood up and opened his arms ready for his lover. Y/N embraced him in the tightest hug ever, not planning to let go of him for a very long time. He smelled the same as he did the last time they said goodbye. He smelled like home. She was home again, reunited with her lover.

Y/N felt tears brimming in her eyes as Sirius stroke her hair affectionately. She tightened her hold on him and let her tears fall freely. Sirius leaned back a bit, not letting go of Y/N, and looked into her teary eyes. He lifted his hand and wiped away the tears and kissed her tear stained cheeks. Y/N was looking at him the whole time, not breaking the eye contact.

“I missed you. So fucking much,” she whispered, not trusting her voice at the moment

“I thought you would’ve moved on. Found another man and had some children,” Sirius spoke his voice filled with emotions.

“Of course not, you git! How could I ever move on? I love you, idiot!” Y/N exclaimed and pulled Sirius in for a kiss

Sirius responded immediately and put his hands around Y/N’s waist. Y/N sneaked her hands around his neck. The kiss was full of love and bottled up emotions. They hadn’t kissed in over twelve years and it was torturous. Now that they had each other, they would spend the rest of their life together. Not wasting their time doing useless things. They were going to focus on each other, getting to know one another again.

Sirius pulled back for air and rested his forehead on hers. Y/N locked her gaze with his and smiled subtly.

“You know, I kind of missed your kisses,” confessed Y/N.

“Only my kisses? Not my amazing personality, smoking hot looks or my jokes that are funny as hell?” questioned Sirius with mock hurt.

“Well, you are looking a bit too old for my taste and your jokes suck,” teased Y/N.

“Then you and my jokes have something in common,” winked Sirius

Y/N reached to swat his hand, “oh stop it, will you?”

Sirius let out a laugh and leaned in to peck Y/N’s cheek. She dodged his attempt of a kiss and rushed out of the room.

“If you catch me, I may be the thing that sucks tonight,” yelled Y/N

“If that’s the case you won’t be getting too far,” Sirius yelled back and ran after her.

“You two better behave and let us sleep!” shouted Molly from somewhere around the house.

The only thing that could be heard was Y/N’s giggles and Sirius’ footsteps before the sound of a door slamming shut.

Requests are open (imagines, ships, moodboards)! All my upcoming imagines are made up by me. So, it would be cool as heck if I got my first requests because I’m running out of ideas.

You can message me anytime. I literally check my Tumblr all the time so you are able to reach me and get answers pretty quickly!

But thanks for reading xo

Shape of You

Jasmine Cephas Jones x fem!reader

Note: This was inspired by Shape of You by Ed Sheeran, mostly because Jasmine’s body is A+ and I kept thinking of her when I was listening to it in the car the other day so here we go. 

Warnings: sex, oral sex, swearing 

Word Count: 1900 

Tagged: @hamiltonsquills @iamgrayfox @rottwat @beckett-faye @mehrmonga @tallish-hobbit @haletotheking24 @hardrock-lafayette @phillipabroadway

It was your decision to come into this bar tonight. Your friends all said they wanted to go out to a club but you never really had fun in clubs, besides you wanted to try your chances at meeting someone tonight.

Your love life had been stuck in a dry spell for longer than you cared to admit, after your last girlfriend you’d stayed far away from any potential heartbreak. But now, now you just wanted some fun.

“Okay who want’s shots?” Emma asks as you shed off your coat. You all agree and she makes her way over to the bar. 

“Just don’t drink them all before you bring them back over to the table,” you all after her with a grin. 

She rolls her eyes at you before turning away, a hint of a smile on her face. 

It wasn’t long after you and your three friends got there when she walked in. She was with her own friends, and from the minute your eyes landed on her she took your breath away.

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No Kissing

(I took a brief intermission from working on my main fic to do a one-shot; I’ve seen a few people lately craving Bechloe married domestic fluff, and I’ve been feeling the same way, so I couldn’t resist the urge!)

Locking up her studio for the night, Beca pockets the key and heads across the back yard to the house.  She comes in through the kitchen, finding it empty and silent this late in the evening.  Checking the clock, she feels a slight twinge of guilt when she sees it’s past eight.  Usually, despite the temptation of her equipment just a few steps away on the same property, she doesn’t allow herself to go back to work after dinner.  (Or rather, Chloe doesn’t allow her to go back to work after dinner.)  But with so many deadlines looming this week she’s had to make some exceptions.

She crosses the back hallway and peeks into the family room.  Chloe is nowhere in evidence, but their daughter, Violet, is sitting on the plush area rug in the middle of the room, clutching her favorite blanket, staring at the TV and absorbed in what looks like a car insurance commercial featuring a talking monkey.  

Beca steps quietly through the doorway and sneaks up closer, then crouches down a few feet behind her, still unnoticed.  “Boo,” she says, but in a soft voice so as not to actually scare her.

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Finally Complete (Bucky X Wife!Reader)

Characters: Bucky X Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Infertility


Request: Bucky x reader? They’re married and she finds out she can’t have a baby. So him and tony (her big brother) go adopt a little girl to surprise her. She gets in from work to see her super soldier snuggled up to a 4 yr old girl. She jumps up extremely excited and asks if your her new mommy. Reader is so happy she’s in tears.

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

You’ve been married to Bucky for over 6 years now and you’ve been trying for a baby for a while. No… a long time… 4 years. You tried several pills to help fertility but nothing seemed to work. You finally decided after over two years to trying, you went to the hospital with Bucky.

Bucky was worried it was him. That his time frozen had affected his ability to fertilize… but it was you in the end. You had a genetic disease that meant your eggs stopped being able to fertilize. And even if you did, you would almost instantly miscarry, and it made you realise all those heavy periods… was you losing your baby.

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This is it. II (S.M)

Description: After his European tour Shawn traveled North America not failing to sell out every show. He was finally coming home, and his parents invited y/n to a welcoming home party. She doesn’t know if she should go or not, but when she makes her decision she wonders if it’ll be any good.

I’ve decided to make this a little series. I don’t know how long I want to make it. It could be only three parts or it could be ten. Hope you enjoyed. (: please send feedback!!

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Summer Vacation: Steps

First fic for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon organized by @thebookjumper. I’d like to the thank @almondblossomme for proofing. Also available on AO3.

I’d like to like to dedicate the is fic to @emmaamelia95 (still May 27th in Canada, sorry it is late for you) as it is her birthday today. 

The story is set in 5x22, an alternate ending to the party.

Oliver began carrying dishes into the loft kitchen. “Thanks again Felicity, this was so nice.”

“Are you sure you weren’t disappointed?” Felicity crinkled her nose. She had been worried that the dinner subterfuge was a bit much.

“About the party? Absolutely not. About dinner,” Oliver looked down.

This Oliver always killed her, he looked like a lost little boy. She knew he just didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so she cut him off at the pass. “I was. I mean, I was disappointed about dinner. I wanted to, I want to go to dinner with you.” God, why was she stumbling over her words? This was Oliver and he had agreed to take steps!

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So I saw Newsies Live tonight. There are so many great things. But here's what I can remember.

• we collectively accepted the OBC and Touring casts to play teenagers even though no one (except AKB and BF) look like they’re young. Jeremy Jordan literally looks like an adult who has his life put together. But we as a community accepted this. It’s great.
• the trivia before and during intermission gave me life thank you
• I almost started tearing up as soon as the intro music started. I felt the tears when AKB started talking. I grabbed a tissue when Santa Fe started.
• The dancing!! So good!! Most everyone was too old and could still do the amazing choreography. Bless.
• the singing!! Same thing!
• the acting. My fav!
• the music was soooo good! Like I’ve seen this show when it toured in 2015 but damn. The orchestra was hella good.
• Crutchie and Davey are still my favorite characters.
• My roommate went into this musical knowing like three songs that I played earlier that day. She was freaking out the whole time Crutchie was getting taken away.
• 'Brooklyn’s Here’ is still my favorite ensemble song. All the voices sound so well together and it’s a great coming together song. Bravo.
• side bar, the kid who played the little brother? He looked hella familiar?? If anyone knows why please tell me because I have no idea where I’ve seen him from.
• have I mentioned how much Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite president lately? Because he is. And I love whoever played him for this show.
• I’m pretty sure I saw the guy who played Mr. Pulitzer when Newsies toured and it was really nice to see his facial expressions during the negotiation scene up close.
• speaking of up close. the makeup. I couldn’t tell if it was stage makeup (in the sense of needs to be seen from far away) or normal makeup (that doesn’t need to be seen from far away so not much needs to be put on). But it was good. Except Meta Larkin’s winged eyeliner was super big and idk how I felt about that.
• all of the tech was beautiful. I’m a lighting person so obviously I looked for that. But the one tech piece that stuck out was the projections. Damn. All the words of the newspapers that scrolled up the stage and those metal box stage things was amazing. 10/10 for the projections designer you definitely stole the show.
• idk what this post was supposed to be anymore but I loved Newsies Live so much. I want to see it again like right now. Please.
• also maybe spell people’s names correctly this time thanks.
•your friend
•your best friend
•your brother

anonymous asked:

Can you do a bughead pregnancy fluffy thing? Or them with a new born? I love the idea of them being all cute and domestic 💖💖💖💖

Baby bugheads are so cute! I’ll give it a go!

He walked through the door, instantly smiling when the smell of Betty’s homemade lasagna hit his nose. There were many things he loved about being married to his beautiful wife but one of his absolute favorites was her cooking. When they moved in together Betty had sat him down at their dining room table and declared that they would be having atleast one meal a day together, from that moment on he had never gone to bed with an empty stomach, a steady change to his youth when he would go days without a solid meal.

Dropping his bag on the floor by her neat row of heels, he made his way into the dining room, fully expecting to see the blonde beauty waiting at the kitchen table with a mischievous smirk, ready to tease him for being late. What he didn’t expect was to see a plate of food in his designated spot and his wife nowhere to be found.

“Bets?” He called out, peeking his head in the kitchen.

“I’m in the living room.” He heard her sniffle.

Was she crying? Wait why was she crying?! He practically sprinted to her, tripping over his shoes. He stopped dead in the door frame, staring at the vision in front of him.

Betty was sitting cross legged on the couch in nothing but a sports bra and a pair of tiny grey shorts, her extended belly exposed and her long silky blonde hair in a messy bun, strands falling into her eyes. She was holding a tub of vanilla ice cream and her eyes were filled with tears. He hated to see her cry but damn if she wasn’t the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

“Bets?” He asked again, quieter this time as he slowly walked over to her, cautiously.

“Hi juggie.” She hiccuped, her lip quivering.

That was all it took, Jughead instantly sat beside her and wrapped her up in arms, rubbing his hands up and down her bare back soothingly. She instantly broke into sobs as he whispered into her hair “What’s the matter love?”

Pulling away and looking up at him with her stuffy red nose, she took a deep breathe

“I got called fat today!” She exclaimed, rushing the sentence out and placing her head in her hands.

Jughead instantly tensed up. What the fuck? Who would call his six month pregnant wife fat?
“Who called you fat?” He practically growled.

Betty mumbled into her hands
“Tommy Jenkins.”

Jughead stopped his movements on her back and barked out a laugh. Tommy Jenkins was a six year old in her first grade class at Riverdale elementary.

Hearing him laugh, Betty snapped her head up ripping herself out of his hold
“I’m glad you think it’s funny Forsythe, I’m glad you think me being upset is funny.” She attempted to cross her arms over chest but her belly made it a little bit difficult, causing him to laugh even harder as he tried to control himself looking up at her narrowed eyes.

“I’m sorry! It’s just… he’s six Bets. He doesn’t know what being pregnant is. You look amazing, you know that. I know that. Don’t worry about what.. Tommy Jenkins thinks.” He wiped his eyes, the smile a permanent feature on his face.

As Betty continued to stare at his goofy face she couldn’t help the small smile that crept into hers
“Okay. I guess it is silly. I can’t help it, it’s these damn hormones.” She pouted playfully.

Jughead gently lifted her on his lap

“You’re carrying our baby in their Betty. It’s amazing. You’re amazing. You have never looked more beautiful.” He whispered against her neck, dropping a kiss to her pulse point.

Betty shivered, bending her neck a little
“There is no way you’re attracted to me right now, I’m a mess!”

Jughead smiled wickedly, licking a streak ice cream off the side of her mouth.

“ah, but Mrs.Jones, that’s where you’re very wrong.” His eyes were lusty as he ran his hands over her belly before scooping her into his arms as she shrieked and giggled.

“What about dinner?!” She laughed over his shoulder

“Lasagna was meant to be a dessert food!” He growled, running up the stairs.

Undeniable Heat Chapter 7: Nerves

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: Jensen finally gets up the nerves to ask you out, but will you accept?

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s P.O.V.

After talking to Jared about my plans, I went straight for the make up trailer, wanting to ask her out while I still had the balls to do it. It had never been an issue for me before, but there was something about Y/N that had my all tongue tied, acting like a teenage boy all over again.

My hand on the door, Jared behind me, I took a deep breath, before I felt Jared swat me on the ass. “Hurry up.” He yelled.

Turning to glare at him, I opened the door and strode in. Jeannie and Y/N were both inside, and I watched Y/N’s face turn to guilt as soon as she saw me. She hid something behind her back, but I already caught the scent of candy, and the tiny bulge in her cheek showing she still had some in her mouth. I didn’t pay much attention as Jared came up with some excuse to get Jeannie out of the trailer, my gaze was on Y/N the entire time. Her face was completely red, and she tried to pretend nothing was wrong.

“Are those my gummy bears?” I asked as I made my way forward. She gulped, almost choking, and I felt bad, for just a second.

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{ five’s company // ch. 18 }

tags:  @toonerzchatz@promisesandmore@iamnotthrowingawaymyshit@itsallexmallory@itsallexwriting@impala-moose@jaydiggs1218@fierydaemon@slightlysouless@jzzyjones​​ @wiindmill​​ @whitestorm547​​ @hamilturnt​​ @littleblue5mcdork@arostrolgy@mcgrammer15@fanagelbagel@moonchildcharm@itsareyouforreal@sweaterkitty-fluff@theoverlordofeverything@laurenshtml@lawnmowerswig@lafeyettegunsandships@silvershadow56@goldensabriel​  @kanadianwithashippingproblem​ @picklessfights@hamiltrash-life@sadeyestommo@dont-be-petty-be-peggy@thedevilopposedmyaddictions@chipslaylove​  @spacenerd3@onelastfic@zappyheart@mycroftswife@hamrevolution@alienboymax​  @kbgw1233-blog@pretztato-cake@aprilyn 

t/w: minor character death, some cursing

a/n: i will get better at updating i promise lol feel free to yell at me again. this one is very long so enjoy!

special thanks to @patron-saintof-sluts​ . jai, thank you for helping me figure this out. you’re amazing! i love you a ton. 

inbox || masterlist


When Martha called Hercules asking for a dress, he assumed it was for another gala. He assumed it was for another ball or dinner of some sorts. Maybe Mr. Washington was announcing that he would be running for president. He had heard Alexander talking about it once. Or maybe he was speaking at a convention at New York. 

 When Martha called Hercules, she asked that the dress be black. He was confused, but didn’t decline. If she wanted a black dress, he’d make her a black dress. Martha wasn’t the type of person to be unsure about anything. The Washingtons were headstrong and determined people, so he didn’t question it. It wasn’t a mistake or a slip of the tongue. He just knew that he should get started right away. 

He’d made wedding dresses for blushing brides. He’d made graduation dresses for promising students, but this was a first. 

 He didn’t realize he was making a dress for the funeral for her husband. When he heard the news, it made the dress harder to finish. 

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Someday- Morgan Rielly

Originally posted by wonthetrade

“Lexi, this is a puck.” your husband said to your 3 month old daughter. “A puck. This is one of the things daddy plays with with your uncle Jake and uncle Auston. We hit this with sticks and pray it goes past the man guarding the net to get a goal.”

You smiled and watched from the couch as Lexi stared at the black rubber object in her father’s hand. “Babe, she’s barely 3 months old. You’ve shown her a puck several times already, too. I think she knows what it is.”

“Well still, I’m just making sure she’s getting the proper early teaching.” he grinned, picking up the plushie of Carlton the Bear you two had bought for her when you were out looking for nursery stuff. “This is Carlton. You’ll be seeing him a lot because of my team. He’s very fluffy and he may seem a little scary, but he’s alright and a good mascot. Okay? Good.”

You rolled your eyes, but you still couldn’t help but smile at your husband and how adamant he was with your daughter and hockey. Of course, it is going to be a massive part of her life since her father is who he is. However, teaching her hockey terms and what hockey objects are before she can even crawl or roll over is a little much to you. Maybe it’ll do good in the long run, though.

He was the best father in the whole world and Lexi was a daddy’s girl already without question. Ever since he held her for the first time, he’s been wrapped around her teeny, little finger. She loves her daddy so much. She always seems to cheer up whenever he’s around and she seems to do the same to Mo.

Morgan cried when you told him you were 2 months pregnant back in August of last year. He’d always wanted to be a father and now it was really happening after only a few months after you two had gotten married. He was so happy when he found out you two were having a girl. “A little princess for him to protect” as he put it. He cried back in April when she entered the world and again when he held her for the first time. His little Lexi Rose Rielly. She was his little princess as well as yours. She was everything.

You giggled as your husband held up your Rielly jersey, apparently not wanting to use his own. He smiled and gave you a wink before turning back to your daughter.

“Sweetheart, this is the most important bit. So I need you to pay attention here. This is a jersey. I’ve already shown you that. But I mean what’s right here.” he cooed, pointing at the logo in the center. “These are the Leafs. The Toronto Maple Leafs. It’s the team your uncles and I play for and the one I grew up with. And it’s yours now, too.”

Lexi stared at the logo and where her dad was pointing with big eyes full of wonder at the blue fabric. It made you smile. “I think she’s taking interest.”

Your husband grinned and basically told your daughter a summarized version of the Maple Leafs history, trying to make the parts where they were very bad very short since he- in his own terminology- “didn’t want to scare her away from them.” It was pretty cute.

“And there’s a lot of good players to name too that were on the Maple Leafs. Tim Horton, Mats Sundin, Ace Bailey, Terry Sawchuk, Felix Potvin, your uncle Phil-” he was stopped when he heard your giggling fit from the couch. “Babe?”

You cleared your throat and pulled yourself together. “Sorry, babe. I just… Well…”

“Well what?” he smiled, putting his hands on his hips. “What’s got you laughing?”

“It’s nothing. Well…” you trailed off, smiling. “It’s just that you’re taking this so.. seriously. She can’t even crawl yet or eat solid food and you’re teaching her the history of the Maple Leafs and showing her all this hockey stuff.”

“Well, I just want to make sure she knows it. This is how my mom and dad did it with me. And look at how I turned out.” he shrugged, looking back at Lexi. “Maybe she’ll do the same if not better than what I do.”

You stared at him. “You want her to be a hockey player?”

He nodded. “Yeah. I do.”

“But I thought you said-”

“I know.” he recalled. “I said I didn’t want her to because she’s my little girl. But then I realized that upset you because that’s basically what your dad said to you when you were little and I realized how that was kinda messed up and how much it would break my heart to tell her she couldn’t play if she wanted to. And then I saw her watching highlights with me early one morning a couple months ago after we got knocked out by the Lightning. She was maybe a month old and already she looked at hockey like it was one of the more amazing things she’d ever seen. I don’t want to hurt my girls. So… I changed my mind.”

You were a bit stunned. “You did? You mean that?”

He nodded. “Yeah, (Y/N). I mean that. Every word. If she wants to be a hockey player, she can be a hockey player.”

You grinned and got up to hug him. “Thank you so so much, baby! You don’t know what that means to me!”

He hugged back. “I know. I didn’t want to be a jacka-… jerk like your dad was. She can play hockey if she well pleases and I won’t stop her.”

You grinned. “So… You think she will be a hockey player?”

He smiled. “I think she’ll be a great one, someday. Be one of the best defense women Toronto’s ever seen.”

“And what if she wants to play forward?”

“Then I’ll tell Auston and Mitch they’ve lost their babysitting privileges.”

You giggled. “And what about goalie?”

“Then Freddy will lose his too.” he joked. “Just teasing… But, if I have my way, she’ll be on defense.”

“Sure, babe.” you said, kissing his cheek. “But yeah. Someday.”

“Someday. She just has to learn to skate first. And walk before that. And crawl before then-”

“Let’s get her to eat solid food first and then we’ll talk about crawling. One step at a time, babe.”

“Okay.” he smiled. “Come on, I think little Lexi needs her nap.”

You looked down to see her dozing off on her play mat. “Are you tired, baby girl? Someone need her nap? Come on.”

You knelt down and picked her up before carrying her upstairs with your husband trailing behind you both to the nursery. You smiled and kissed her head before carefully placing her gently in her crib. “Sleep well, baby girl. We love you.”

“Sleep well, little princess.” Morgan smiled. “We love you so much.” he placed the Carlton Bear at the bottom corner of the crib before leaving the nursery quietly with you. “I think we should nap, too. Don’t get much sleep with a new baby around.”

“We should.” you smiled. “But you can join me once you’re done putting all that stuff away.”

He rolled his eyes and smiled at you. “Fair enough.” he said, kissing your cheek. “I’ll go put this stuff away and then I’ll come join you.”

“Thank you, darling.” you noted before heading to the master bedroom and climbing into bed and waiting for your husband. It took a few minutes, but he came back and put your jersey back in the closet before joining you in bed.


“Thank you.” you noted, snuggling into his chest as his arms wrapped around you. “Sweet dreams, babe.”

“Sweet dreams.” he replied with a yawn before kissing your head and falling fast asleep. You smiled and closed your eyes for an afternoon’s nap.

Just A Little Help | Part 2 |

Hi! I finally finished it! God, it took me so long to do so. I usually write before I got to bed, but I figured that I should finish it now because I already had the ending planned out. Should I make a part 3 where the tell Gemma and Michal? I need suggestions, so please feel free to drop me an ask! Also, sorry for any mistakes!



The overall seriousness in his voice and Gemma’s despairing facial expression made you extremely concerned about their issue. The small smile on your face faded.

“Yeah, ok… let me go wake Harry. You two can head to the lounge if you want.” You imparted before slipping out.

As you walked up the stairs, you had begun to get more curious about what they wanted to talk about. What could be so important that they had to come over at such short notice?

“H? Love?” You whispered as you reach the inside of your bedroom. “Harry, wake up.” You said slightly louder, walking over to him.

He moaned quietly in response.

“Harry? Gemma and Michal are here.” You cooed and ran your hand threw his soft hair.

“Tell ‘em I’m busy…” Harry groaned sleepily. His eyes were still closed as he tried to snuggle closer into the the blanket.

“I think it’s important.” You said in a hushed voice and stretched your hand out for him to take.

Harry sighed. He took your hand and allowed you to help him up. He quickly slipped into his slippers before following you out of the room, down the stairs, and into the living room.

As soon as you entered the room, you heard sniffling and almost inaudible reassured ‘it’s okay’s.

“Hey, hey. What’s the matter, Gem?” Harry gushed, walking quickly towards his sister. You rushed behind him and rubbed her back as Harry hugged her tightly.

Gemma stayed quiet for a moment as she wiped away a few tears. “Why don’t you two have a seat first?”

You and Harry looked at each other confused. You shrugged at him and afterwards you both sat down.

“There’s really no way to ask this, Y/n. I’ve known you for nearly ten years and you’re one of the very few people I could confide in for this favor.” Gemma paused for a moment before continuing, “A few days ago, we found out that we’re incompatible to conceive together. I have major tube blockage, and our doctor says that we have a few options: we could adopt or we could find someone to carry my egg and his sperm. We just want to know if you’d consider being our surrogate.”

You were dumbfounded to say the least. You had absolutely not been expecting this. At all.

Your blankly confused face had begun to scare Gemma and Michal.

“I… I don’t know.” You managed to get out.

“You don’t have to do it. We understand if you don’t. We just wanted to ask before we look into adoption.”

“I think we should talk about this together thoroughly first. Then, we can give you an answer.” Harry piped in.

You nodded, finally having processed it.

Gemma and Michal had left not long after.

Harry plopped down on your shared king-sized bed after patiently finishing his nightly routine and he successfully tucked all three kids in.

You, on the other hand, had been procrastinating from the moment Gemma and Michal had left, to now. You thought about it immensely, weighing all the pros and cons you could think of. This was a very tough decision to make, but it would determine a couple’s entire future.

Two very important people in your life.

“Are you ready to talk about it?” Harry drawled, pulling the duvet over his legs. He sat up with his back against the headboard and his right hand reaching for yours.

“I think so,” you cleared your voice, “I thought about it a lot. I mean, I think I’m getting a little old, don’t you? But she’s much older than me, she’s already reached past the safety limit. Even if she could have children she would not only be putting her baby’s life in danger, but her own.” You looked at him unsure.

Harry nodded. He didn’t quite know what to say, but he wanted to make sure you knew he understood.

“Do you think I should do it?” You raised an eyebrow.

“As her brother, I think it would be amazing if you could give her and her husband the most beautiful gift of life. But as your husband, I don’t necessarily think this is the best idea because we have a daughter and two toddlers to look after, and this would only bring you more stress.” He spoke profoundly. He gave your hand tight squeeze. “This is completely up to you, though. You know I’ll always support your decision.”

“Thank you,” you smiled up at him. “Maybe I should sleep on it for now.”

Harry hummed, agreeing. “I love you.” He said, kissing your lips before fully lying in bed.

“I love you, too.” You replied. Finally turning the lamp on your bedside table off, and crawling in next to Harry.

It was very early in the morning when you woke up. The sun had not yet set, so you decided that you would go downstairs to the front porch and watch it rise with a warm cup of tea.

You sat up carefully in bed, cautious not to wake Harry. Once you got out, you slipped into one of Harry’s jumpers that he left on the floor next to his unclaimed side of the bed. You shook you head and scolded his sleeping frame. You figured you’d yell at him later.

You made slow and quiet steps down the hall to check on Amelia first, then the twins who were all still asleep and well in each of their beds. Afterwards, you set off to the kitchen to make a small cup of tea and bring it outside with you.

It was slightly chilly outside, but the warmth of Harry’s jumper was enough to keep you content for the next few moments. You snuggled closer to it as you sat comfortably on the porch swing and drank your tea. Birds chirping and the wind blowing was nearly all you heard.

You had been out there for a while, sipping on tea and watching the sun finally rise completely. You hadn’t even noticed the sound of the front door opening until it was slowly closing and the cushion you were sitting on had dipped.

You swung your head around to catch Harry settling down beside you. He had a pair of custom made pajama bottoms with “Styles” perfectly knit on the left side, and an old band tee that he had gotten the hang of using to sleep. You noticed he had a baby monitor in one of his hands.

“Thought you’d be out here.” He said while wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “'Woke up just now and you weren’t in bed.”

You hummed in response and snuggled into his warm side.

“It’s a bit cold out here, don’t you think?” He asked, smiling down at you. Harry grazed his hand along your naked arm. It was cold, and goosebumps could be felt. Even though it wasn’t a long while, you had been quiet ever since he had stepped outside. He frowned before asking, “what are you thinking?” You seemed to be really deep in thought.

“I… I think I want to do it.” You replied.

“What do you mean?” He began rubbing your arm after placing the baby monitor he had held, in between his legs.

“I think I want to be to be Gem’s surrogate.” You answered a little more confident.

Almost immediately, he stopped his movements. “What? Are you sure?” He stuttered. He seemed to be somewhere between happy and a bit concerned.

“Of course, I am. It’s going to be so wonderful to help them with their dream of being parents. Even if it’s just a little help.” You grinned, holding onto his hand.

“A little help?” He grinned back, “baby, you’re *giving* them their dream of being parents. It’s so amazing of you to do this.” Harry embraced you in his arms and held you tightly. “I think I love you even more, if it’s possible.”

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Saw anon talk about getting clarke pregnant. I immediately imagined bell going to space, leaving Clarke. she has the baby & they face time every day. all the baby knows about "daddy" is a face on a screen until 5 yrs later bell comes down and there's just this little 5 year old girl looking up at him with big blue eyes and black curly hair. bell is in awe with tears streaming down his face. And the lil girl is completely amazed because she's only ever seen her daddy on a screen not in real life


Cover Requests (ft. Kim Taehyung) Part 1

Hey everyone! This is my first fic here back on Tumblr! I hope you enjoy, and thank you @daegukkie for being the amazing catalyst for this Drabble that took way too long sry 

please take the time to give me some feedback! I’m a little rusty so any sort of constructive criticism is always so so helpful. Love you! 

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Genre: fluff, bakery coworkers!au 

1.2k words
 Summary: adventurous and weird Taehyung keeps asking for shift covers and basically he comes back with proof of these adventures and its weird, amazing, and you wanna get to know him

But every time, he ran into the bakery panting like he ran a mile, with a pair of ridiculous pink sweatpants with the tag still on them, or another time with grease stains all over his face and arms, or even with a handful of candles he bought from “an old granny on the street down there because she looked so cold and I wanted her to go home,” you got more and more confused and curious about this peculiar boy and his adventures.

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Talking about my Senpais

As you can see I want to talk about my Senpais! I have a lot and cannot talk about all of them, but I will talk about my most favourite Senpais.
I just start then.

This is the creator of UnderNC, my most favourite Undertale Au and her art is so lovely. I also love the Skelebabs. Especially the twins Swifty and Snazzy. They remind me of me and my sis @anjoysblog. We are twins too. ^^ (owner of @under-nc

I came back to the Undertale fandom after I read her comic Anamnesis on dA last October. From March to April 2016 I was in the fandom, but I left it because I was too lazy to find out more about it. And I don’t think I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t find the comic. It has a dark atmosphere and I really love dark, cute and cool atmospheres.

If you haven’t seen this art, then you miss something because THIS IS THE MOST CUTEST ART I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! Thanks Tomy, because of you I am a bigger Afterdeath shipper than before! X3

Because of her I started shipping and I found Palette and Goth! These two are a cute couple. Her art is cool too. She is the owner of @thebbros ,and this is why I am at the Batim ( Bendy and the ink machine) fandom too! (But I am also still in the Undertale fandom)

She is a traditional artist too~
I couldn’t believe it at first, but it is true. And her Treasure Hunter AU- AAAARGH- They are all so damn sexy and her colouration is really really cool. Her art gives me so much inspiration for new pics!

Ohh~ another traditional artist :3
Her Scary makes me feel sad and he is so cute at the same time! And her art is so precious! I do not know what else I can say, there is too much to fangirling about… And I want to talk about my other Senpais too.

Her Incubux is my favourite Nightcross child! And I looked on her old art and her art development is soo amazing. It looks like she didn’t need much time to get her art this amazing. I needed over 1 year for this.

This is the blog of PERFection!~
TK is cute and I love him. He remind me to take my time for everything. And this art is so cute too! (How do you do this? XD)

Two characters : Stick-cat and Goth!
Both really precious beans and she is the creator of them. And I love her art, it is so special. Goth gives me the motivation to draw when I don’t have any motivation.

Her Drink child is the pure determination, innocent and so precious. And her art development is also very amazing. I love shipping her cinnamon bun with @nekophy’s

@comyet/ @myebi
Okay, at first I have to say, when I have a pic in my head that I want to draw, I fail. It always goes wrong. But for two times, it didn’t went wrong. And I drew her Ink for two times two and this were the two times when I didn’t fail. I have the feeling that her Ink is magic!

And before I turn into a total fangirl for the rest of the evening, I cut this here. You see that I have allot Senpais and these are my most favourite ones! I hope you all don’t mind me my little fangirling!

Jax Request,

Hi can I request a jax imagine where his wife had a baby and has a new curvier shape with hips thick thighs that she loves but he hates cuz guys are giving her more attention they fight which leads to makeup sex after he embarrasses her

tw: smut, nsfw

Baby Mama

I approached the TM, baby carrier seat on my hand and a bag of muffins in the other. I first went through Gemma’s office to comply my mission of being here, Gemma wanted to have some time with her grandchild and I couldn’t deny how excited I was of spending some time off with my old man. I hadn’t finished opening the door when Gemma was already hovering over the two months old, he was babbling at the sight of his grandmother and I was smiling at the view of my beautiful baby looking so happy.

“How are you Thomas?” she said to the baby, holding him close to her chest and smiling big at him “And how’s the mama? You haven’t been here in a while” she said and I nodded.

“I’ve been crazy busy with the new house and getting Abel adjusted to the kinder garden” I said with a low voice and she nodded.

“Your body is looking amazing, mama.” She said and I laughed a bit, I loved the after birth figure but I didn’t think my old man appreciated it as much, at the end roughly three times in the last couple months we have had intimacy and I was craving for this day for ourselves “At what time do I have to pick up Abel?” she said taking me off my trance.

“Oh… 3.” I said and she looked at me with a knowing look “It’s nothing I swear” I said before hearing the roar of the Harley’s engines “I’ll pick him up at 8” I said while she smirked at me.

“I’ll take him to school tomorrow, don’t worry mama” she said and I just left the office to meet up with my old man.

I approached the guys and immediately put my hand around Jax’s body, he looked at me with a smile and kissed me softly in the lips. I could feel the guys looking at us and I separated from Jax to give them a clueless look, Jax tensed next to me before sending a glare to his brother and they all dispersed quickly. We both got inside the TM and I approached the guys, Jax following me close behind.

“I made muffins” I said and the guys cheered, if there was something I was great at cooking were my berry and chocolate muffins.

“This is so good lass” said Chibs before kissing me in the cheek, leaving some crumbs on me that Jax quickly took care off. Once again the weird glances just this time accompanied by a bunch on crumbs around their mouths, Jax gave them all a glare once again.

“Can y’all seriously stop” said Jax getting angrier.

“We are sorry, pres. We can’t exactly help it.” said Tig and I looked at Jax who went to poured himself a drink at the bar.

“What’s going on?” I said and they all guarded silence even Jax who had already his hands on a whisky bottle.

“Don’t act all clueless about it, sunshine. You know what you’re doing when you get out of the house dressed like that.” He said and I felt my blood boiling, I was wearing some jeans and a loose blue tank top, nothing revealing but even if I was he didn’t have the right to speak at me that way. I looked at all of them and nodded at Jackson before storming off the TM.

I got home in no time, and poured myself a glass of water to try and calm myself down. I heard the familiar sound of Jackson’s motorcycle arriving at the house and I expected him to come to the kitchen in no time but he took his time probably collecting his idiotic thoughts. I heard the door open and I knew he could see me from his spot on the living room, it wasn’t long before I felt his presence embracing me but I took a few steps further away from him.

“Darlin’” he said taking a step to get to me, he gently pulled my arm to make me look at him but I just moved my head to the side “I’m sorry, YN” he said but I still was still tensing at his touch. “I didn’t mean that”

“You talked to me like if I dressed like one of the CaraCara girls.” I said lowering my head but he moved it to make me look at him.

“I’m a jealous prick, darlin’. I’m sorry” he said and I nodded slowly, lowering my guard.

“You have nothing to be jealous about, Jax. You won’t even touch me why would anyone else do it?” I said in a whisper and I saw him lose his breath, he put his hand next to my head putting our foreheads together.

“Why would you even think that, baby? I love you so much, I love you so much I’m afraid of losing you” he said before kissing me softly, tears threating to spill from my eyes. “I’ve been distant but it’s not because of you, the club is going through some shit and I’m scared of losing you or Abel or Thomas.” He said “And now I have to add the fact that in any minute my own brothers will try to make a move on my beautiful wife”

“They’re your brothers, Jackson. They love you and respect you, plus it’s been already two years since the first time they met me and they haven’t made a move since that first night” I said and he smiled nodding at me.

“But now they see the wonders the pregnancy did to your body” he said before grabbing my lower half, lifting me to put me over the counter to start kissing my collarbone “Knocking you up seriously was a blessing” he said and I laughed “Giving me a beautiful baby and all this” he said grabbing my ass on his hands. He quickly took my pants off, kneeling in front of me before start kissing my inner thighs. “So beautiful” he said taking my panties off, he started kissing closer and closer before looking up to me smirking. I was in heaven right that moment.

“Oh, Jax” I said when I felt my orgasm built up.

“Let go for me baby girl” he said going even faster in between my thighs while I kept my hand buried in his blonde hair. “Let go baby” he said before licking me through my orgasm. I was panting heavily when I heard his buckle fall to the ground followed by his blue jeans that smirk still on his face, he pushed my legs open one more time and put himself in between them before sliding quickly into me, thrusting into me. “Oh fuck, babe” he said biting on my neck before burying his head in the curve of my neck before he came and I followed him closely after.

I took a few minutes to compose myself and reached out to grab my shirt and my underwear. “Done so fast?” he said and I raised my eyebrows at him “I thought I needed to make it up for all the time I was an asshole to my old lady” he said and I smiled at him.

“I wished baby but I have to pick up the kids from your mother’s” I said, he hummed before looking for his phone in his pants.

“Mama” he said biting his lips looking at me “Can you take care of the kids for tonight?” he said and I smiled at him “Thank you mama, love ya” he said and I crossed my arms at him “C’mon Mrs. Teller, you are in for the night of your life.”

Bookmarks and Chocolates - Pansmione Valentine’s Day One-Shot

So I always default Drarry for things, but when I noticed the Be Mine Challenge by @slytherdornet and @hprarepairnet it was a good excuse to write some Pansmione!! I don’t write f/f pairings often enough! Got tad longer than I’d planned though…

(Or read on AO3 or FFnet

Bookmarks and Chocolates - 2.4k - First Valentine’s Day Together

Hermione twisted a piece of her hair nervously. The package in her pocket felt heavier than it ought to. Even in the library, there was no escaping what day it was. Valentine’s day. There was whispering, and some snogging in between the shelves. There was pink everywhere, which Hermione had scoffed at. Too cliché, she thought. Too easy to give a girl something pink and flowery, and covered in hearts.

Her eyes darted over to Pansy. The Slytherin was leaning back in her chair, which was turned out slightly, with one foot resting on the seat next to her, and her book resting on that raised thigh. It was a tad scandalous, given that her skirt has slid up, revealing a rather large patch of inner thigh. Blinking, Hermione glanced back at her notes.

The package only felt heavier, which was ridiculous given what it was. It had been an impulsive purchase, and really, she regretted it. Ever since then, she’d only felt stressed about it. They obviously weren’t exchanging anything, or Pansy would have given her something already. She wasn’t one to waste time.

They could hardly call what they were doing dating anyway. Hermione didn’t care for labels, but one would be helpful, on such a day, just so she’d know what to do. They’d never really gone out anywhere for a date. And they’d only kissed a few times. Well, several times really, but nothing further. They did spend almost every day together after class, in the library, but Hermione was studying. Pansy didn’t really study, even though she got good grades. She was always reading a book though, and she always had a different bookmark.

Which was why Hermione had felt the impulse to buy the one she’d seen in Hogsmeade. Which was stupid. Pansy probably had one like it anyway, in her apparently vast collection. Biting her lip, Hermione looked back down at her notes. She’d written nothing in over an hour.

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Help! Not Just Anybody

Props to @louiseeleanorbee for helping me come up with the title way back when I wrote this.

Also…. So Y/N was Ella’s Mom in Secrets And Lies but in this story it’s a COMPLETELY different character. I was gonna use an OC but in my experience, people prefer reader characters sooo… Don’t get confused.

“How many more have we got left?” Spencer asked JJ with a loud sigh.

His friend look at the page in front of her and squinted. “Two. The next one should be along any second now. I’ll go put another coffee on whilst we wait. You doing okay?”

Reid nodded, grasping Jen’s hand when she squeezed his shoulder as she stood.

“I’m good. Just tired. And fed up of listening to people tell me how they’d raise my daughter for me. And then seeing the judgement on their face when they hear about her sister.”

“What’s funny is watching them struggle to hide their judgement. From two profilers at that. Nah, don’t think so,” JJ grinned at him, collecting their mugs.

“You’re doing the right thing Spence. A live in nanny will help you so much. And it’s not like you can’t afford it. You won’t have to worry about finding last minute sitters or having to run Ella over to Georgia or Amanda in the middle of the night. And I know you’ve missed being out in the field.”

“I know. It just….it feels like I’m asking someone to replace her mom. And that’s not right.”

Jennifer tilted her head to the side and gave Spencer another smile, a sadder one this time.

“You’re not though and she knows that. But you miss your job and Hotch can’t keep you out of the field forever, not unless you switch departments. And it’s not often were out of state for more than two or three days at most recently. I can’t remember the last long one…. ”

“Seventeen months and four days ago. We were out for thirteen days. The Edison Strangler.”

“See, good run. And you’re offering a great deal here. Accommodation, a car, an amazing salary. Jessica was doing all of that for free when she was looking after Jack. And you can’t rely on Georgia or Amanda forever. Amanda loves her grandchild to pieces but she’s getting on a bit herself and expecting her to take care of a nine year old constantly is a bit much.”

Reid shoved his hands through his hair. “I know, I know that you’re right. And I’m sure once we find the right one I’ll feel better about this.”

“You will, I promise. Now, coffee?”

JJ left the room leaving Spencer to his thoughts. He still wasn’t sure how he felt about having a stranger live with them and looking after Ella but both JJ and Georgia had convinced him that it was the right thing to do. Gee would still have Ella on the last weekend of the month but she couldn’t keep picking her up from school for him, not now that she had gone back to work full time. It hadn’t been so bad before when the girls were at the same school but when Gee had remarried and moved in with her new husband it meant a new school district for Ellie.

After Ella’s mom had died and Spencer had finally managed to pull his head together enough to care for his daughter, he’d made the decision to move Ella and him to a two storey town house near to his old home with Georgia, changing her schools so that she was in the same one as Ellie. But now, he hadn’t wanted to uproot her again, she’d already changed schools twice and although Ella and Ellie were obviously close, they hadn’t actually been in the same class so had both made other friends. It didn’t seem fair to make her change schools just so that it would be easier on him because she could go home with Ellie and wait there until Spencer could collect her. So for the past six months Spencer had been relying on Ella’s Grandma Amanda to travel across town to pick her up or Georgia and Tim, Gee’s new husband, to watch her until he could get home from work. Occasionally even Will would pitch in and Ella would spend time with Henry.

It was all affecting Spencer and Ella badly. When he had free time he wanted to be able to spend it with Ella, and when it was his weekends to have Ellie he wanted to be able to take the girls out. Instead, because he was rarely at home until late in the week because of work and then having to drive to various places to collect Ella from whichever caregiver was looking after her, chores were piling up which meant he needed to spend time doing them. He was also neglecting his job because he was constantly having to think about making sure he was in a certain place at a certain time, or what things he needed to do that night before he could finally rest. Hotch had been fantastic about letting Spencer stay at HQ but that wasn’t what Spencer had signed up for when he joined the FBI. He actually enjoyed travelling to the different states on cases but because of his situation, he’d had to pull back from that a lot. And so JJ had suggested he look into a nannying service. He had the room at home for a live in and he could afford it. Having someone there all the time would make things easier for him and Ella, she could come home from school and start her homework straight away and be in her own home. And as part of the role would be basic housekeeping, he wouldn’t have to worry about chores so could spend more time with Ella, and Ellie when he had her.

He was just apprehensive about having someone in his home with him. But he could see the benefits of it so had finally called JJ and had sh to and Derek help him redecorate and kit out the spare bedroom, as well as contacting agencies to put in ads. As Ella’s godmother, JJ was helping with the interviews although he could tell that she was getting exasperated with him. They’d interviewed last weekend too and none of the eight applicants they’d seen had been right in his eyes. They’d seen another five today, with two more to go. Hearing a knock on the front door he realised that the next applicant had arrived. He sighed deeply to himself.

Y/N had been sitting in her car for the last twenty five minutes, parked slightly up the road from the home of her next potential employer.

Her current family that she’d been with for four years were leaving for England in three weeks time and although she’d been offered positions with three other families, she hadn’t felt that initial click with the parents that she liked to. Whilst her main focus was of course the children she’d be looking after, Y/N had found that most children liked her and that she could adapt to them. It was the parents that were the problem. If she couldn’t work with them, she wouldn’t enjoy the job and that would have a negative effect on the children and her. And she wanted to be happy with her work, especially when it was one that involved her living in on the job.

Her next prospective employer was Dr Spencer Reid of the FBI. Her existing employers had actually informed her of the current new position, suggesting she go for it. The mom of her current charges had heard about the job from another mom at the school, a woman known as Jen. Jen was one of Dr Reid’s colleagues and friend, and had asked that Y/N go and interview when she learned that she wouldn’t be joining the family in England.

Y/N had done her research on the man, discovering that he was 37 years of age and had numerous degrees and accreditations, more than seemed humanly possible for a man his age who’d had a full time position within the FBI since he was 24. His resume was impressive and sightly intimidating to her but she wasn’t going to let that show. Her lack of degrees and honours had no reflection on her abilities as a caregiver. Interestingly enough the articles she’d read had not mentioned the fact that he was father, only stating that he was divorced and resided in Virginia. She guessed that given his job he liked to keep as much of his personal life as private as he could.

Checking her appearance in the rear view mirror a final time, Y/N gathered her bag and her resume up, locking her car and making her way to the front door. She was surprised when a pretty blonde woman answered the door, a woman she recognised from the gates of the school. She wasn’t there often but when she was, her son would always run to her beaming.

“Hi. I’m JJ. You must be Y/N?” her smile was welcoming and Y/N grinned back, extending her hand to be shook.

“Hello! Yes, I am. I recognise you from Green Acres.”

“Ah yes, Henry loves it there. Come on through and I’ll take you in to meet Spencer. I’ll pre warn you now, he’s a little cranky. This is the second weekend of interviewing.”

JJ was feeling optimistic about this applicant. Another school mom that she talked to had recommended her, singing her praises and lamenting how sad the family were that they couldn’t convince Y/N to join them in England. Jen had seen her too at the school gates, picking up her charges and they always seemed pleased to see her. Maybe that families loss would be Spencer and Ella’s gain.

JJ led Y/N through to dining room to where Spencer was sitting gripping a cup of coffee like his life depended on it. She felt bad for her friend, but she truly believed this was best option if Reid wanted to keep working at the BAU.

“Spencer, this is Y/F/N. Y/N, this is Dr Spencer Reid.”

Y/N crossed the room quickly and held her hand out to him, surprised when he didn’t take it. Behind her she heard JJ sigh.

“He has a thing about hand shaking…. ”

“The amount of bacteria passed during a single handshake is….” the man began to speak.

“Spencer, really? I’ve heard you say that line to every single applicant. You really should just shake their hands, it’s polite.”

“It’s fine, it’s fine. Don’t worry Dr Reid, I completely understand,” Y/N did to an extent, the amount of germs and bacteria the human came into contact with each day was immense and she always drilled good cleanliness and hygiene practices into her charges, carrying bottles of antibacterial gel in her bag at all times.

JJ touched her arm and gestured to one of the chairs. “Please, take a seat. Can I get you a drink or anything?”

“I’m fine actually, thank you. I have bottled water in my bag, one of the habits of being a nanny, always having snacks and drinks with you wherever you go.”

She didn’t mention the apple, boxes of raisins and the zip lock bag of carrot sticks she also had, or the bag of Reeses miniature pieces.

“Alrighty then,” JJ pulled up the seat next to Dr Reid. “Let’s begin. I’m Ella’s godmother, so I’m helping Spencer out. We’re trying to keep this relatively informal. If you could just tell us about yourself and how you came into this profession?”

“Okay, erm… So I’m 26 years old and I’ve been nannying for eight years with two separate families.”

“So you started when you were eighteen?” Dr Reid furrowed his brow slightly.

“Yes,“ Y/N replied, knowing where this was going.

“Did you not go to college?” he asked.

Had he not even read her resume at all?


“Can I asked why not?”

“You can. You see, I had a bit of a turbulent time during my teenage years, I’m not going to lie and cover that up. My mom passed away when I was eleven leaving my dad and I, and my three younger siblings. Up until I was fifteen I was the good little daughter, helping to raise them and ultimately taking over from my mother. It felt natural to me, I’m great with kids hence why I do what I do. Then a few months after my fifteenth birthday I seemed to hit a brick wall and suddenly careered drastically off course. I started hanging with a bad crowd at school, skipping classes and generally being a teenage tearaway. My school work slipped massively and I suddenly had no ambition in life. I finally managed to pull myself back a few months before graduation but by then it was too late. I barely scraped together enough credits to graduate.”

Y/N paused to take a sip from her water bottle that she’d pulled from her bag.

“After I left school I started waitressing at this little diner. A family used to come in at least three times a week. A mom and her two kids. They were regulars, the mom worked long hours so didn’t want to waste time to home cooking so she took the kids out to eat most nights, and the dad worked away a lot. I started making small talk with them and getting to know them and after around four months, the mom approached me and asked if I’d ever consider nannying. She’d seen how good I was with her kids. She loved her job dearly but was feeling pressure to give it up because she felt like she was neglecting her kids. They had different sitters a few nights a week and she was constantly being let down. They had a spare room at the house and she offered me a better wage than what I was making at the diner. It was a no brainer really. I ended up staying with them for five years, until the youngest was headed off to middle school. I still see the family regularly. During my time with them, I completed some courses at the community college so I at least had some basic qualifications. I found my latest family, the Thompsons through my first job. The moms worked together. I’ve been with them for three years and would stay with them longer still except I don’t wish to move to another country despite the very attractive package they’ve offered me to go. My own family and friends are here, and two years ago I started taking a weekend class at the college, working towards a degree in psychology. It involves some online learning modules which I’ve been doing when the children were at school. Eventually I want to become a guidance counsellor so hopefully I can help other children make the right decisions instead of flying off the handles like I did.”

Both JJ and Dr Reid were nodding by the time she finished, JJ a genuine looking smile on her face. JJ then began to explain the ins and outs of what this particular position would entail. Only one child which Y/N wasn’t used to, but she would be on call pretty much all the time. Due to the nature of their jobs Dr Reid could be away for days at a time.

“The last weekend of every month you’d have free though. My ex wife looks after Ella then and she would still be on call for emergencies as would Ella’s grandmother. I am home most weekends, in recent months our unsubs seem to have been thoughtful enough to keep their activities to weekdays,” Dr Reid chuckled nervously at his joke and Y/N indulged him with a grin.

“Ella’s mom only has her once a month?” she did ask, feeling confused.

“Erm no,” a glance between Dr Reid and JJ.

“Ella’s mom passed away four years ago. Ella spends time with my ex wife so she can see her sister. You’ll meet her too and part of your role could also entail looking after her if I’m called into work suddenly on the weekends I have her. That’s only happened a handful of times though,” he explained.

“Oh okay. So how old is Ella’s sister?”

“She’s also nine. Ellie is four months younger than Ella…. ”

Y/N’s brain did the maths and took in the slightly sheepish look on the man’s face, noticing how attractive he actually was. It sounded like Dr Reid hadn’t quite been the oh so faithful husband which was odd. Y/N was no expert but she somehow didn’t expect that from the man sat in front of her, but then again people change.

Dr Reid sighed loudly, an annoyed look crossing his features.

“I can see you judging me. The same look every applicant has had so far when I’ve mentioned Ellie.”

He was right, she was.

“Sorry,” Y/N apologised. “I thought I was doing a better job of hiding my judgement, I guess I’d have to work on that being around a profiler. You do kinda deserve it though, you’ve got to at least expect it, especially when you don’t give the whole story.”

Dr Reid looked shocked and JJ’s grin grew wider. Every other applicant had stumbled over their words and blushed when Spencer had called them out on it, which he’d done every single time. He knew he deserved the judgement, the girl was right. This one though, was the first applicant to actually respond honestly and openly to his accusations.

Jen was pleasantly surprised though when Spencer pushed back his chair and stood.

“Y/N, would you like a tour of the house? I can show you the bedroom that would be yours if you accept the job offer, and you can see Ella’s room.”

“Wait… Job offer? Is the interview over?”

Dr Reid nodded. “It is for me at least. I appreciate how honest you’ve been with me about your past, and I respect that you didn’t try to lie when I called you out just then. As a profiler, you learn to read people and from what I’m reading from you, I think you’d be very good for my daughter. If you want the job, it’s yours.”

A silent ‘yes’ went through JJ and she resisted the urge to fist pump when Y/N stood up next to him.

“Show me my new bedroom then, Dr Reid.”

“Please, it’s Spencer.”


Hey Guys! Long time no write! I came out of the hole called school to write a little short drabble in honor of Tom Holland’s 21ST birthday! So Happy Birthday Tom Holland and I hope you guys enjoy the quick drabble!
Warnings: None!
Paring: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader


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Tags: @madelyne-pryor @crazychick010

Peter Parker’s Birthday was one of the only days a year when he felt truly happy. And lucky for him, today was that day. First off, his best friend (Y/N) Surprised him at 730 am with pancakes from his favorite diner, (which (Y/N) worked at).
   “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARKERRRRR!!!!!” You ran into the teen’s bedroom, jumping onto the bed, startling the boy awake. Peter turned over to look at the smiling person in front of him. “Ready for a funtastic day today?” Before Parker could get a word out, you were already pulling his arm, leading him into the kitchen, where (Y/N) had set up the pancakes, orange juice, and cinnamon rolls on the table.
“Do you like?” (Y/N) asked, nervousness in her young eyes.
“Of course (Y/N)! You know me so well!” Peter turned to give the girl on his left a big hug.
“Well Lets hurry up and eat! You and I have the best day ever planned,” you gave him a wink, she truly did have to best day ever ahead of her.

After Breakfast (Y/N) took Peter to all of his favorite places, each leaving him more happy than the next. The final place on (Y/N)’s list was an old book shop.
As they walked through the doors of the old shop, (Y/N) dragged peter to the corner, near the comic books. “The Amazing Spiderman. Issue 3, page 16” You stepped back, letting Peter Look for the comic you just said.
“(Y/N)! I didn’t know they even made comics about me! This is so cool.” Peter exclaimed while searching for Issue 3.
“I thought it was cool too, That’s why I brought you here.” You backed away, nervous fingers fiddling with excitement. Peter found page 16 and started reading.
“The spiderman looked down from the building he was perched in and took a deep breath. ‘Finally,’ he thought. ‘The city is safe once agai-’ Suddenly a scream broke him from his thoughts as a young girl ran into a bookstore, two angry looking bad guys chasing after her. Quickly, Spiderman ran into the small store, immediately spotting the young girl sitting at a desk, almost like she was bored.
“Spiderman, I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” The girl walked towards the masked hero,  stopping right in front of the red and blue clad figure. “I’ve been wanting to ask you…”

“Why did it stop mid-sentence (Y/N)? I wanted to see how it ended…Oh” Peter turned around to see (Y/N), Holding a blue heart out for Peter to read.
“Will you be my boyfriend?” The sign red, suddenly, Peter was full of emotion as he turned to (Y/N). She looked nervous, She was nervous, heck, she was putting it all on the line, She could lose Peter, and she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.
Peter slowly walked towards the female, he stop, then stared at her for what seemed like an eternity.
“I thought you’d never ask.” Peter said as he took (Y/N)’s head into his hands, Kissing her on her lips. After a couple of seconds, they broke apart. As they caught their breath, (Y/N) Smiled brightly, “Surprise!??!?!”
Peter, returning the smile, “Surprise.”