i know this is old but it's too funny

just some thoughs on the “new character” sihlouette of Sonic Forces

  1. its not Bubsy, of course XD but it’s sihlouette looks too much like that due to their head shape and because the kind of body it has and its just funny to joke about it.. (although it’s already getting old X’D )
  2. i highly doubt its Blaze or Shadow XD
  3. it looks pretty classic styled, his hands and feet proportions look less big than a modern styled character.
  4. it has pointy ears and it looks like it has a tail but that’s still not something for sure; people think it could be a cat or a wolf
  5. if this is going to be a character customization thing i don’t think that would be that bad and it kinda would fit with the “join the resistance” thing…
  6. and yet this is still just speculation.  º3º
  7. still if its just a new character, i hope is a lovely one :)
  • (Not part of RoseGarden Snippet Stories) After that one RWBY Chibi episode of Nora drinking coffee, I'd think the new guy wouldn't understand to NEVER give Nora coffee.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Oscar. Have you ever thought of...getting coffee?
  • Oscar: No, not really. My aunt never let me have any.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): But your aunt isn't here now is she?
  • Oscar: yeah, so?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): cofeeeeee sounds really good right about now.
  • Oscar: Are you okay?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Never been better.
  • Oscar: Sure.
  • Nora: *slides up next to Oscar* Hey...Oscar. Can you do me a favor?
  • Oscar: Sure Nora.
  • Nora: could you...buy me some coooofeeee?
  • Oscar: First,the professor now you?
  • Nora: pleaseeee? Ren won't let me get some, and Ruby and Jaune refuse to listen to me!
  • Oscar: Nora, I may have just met you, but I personally think if you drank coffee, you'd explode.
  • Nora: I wouldn't explode. Maybe you would. It happens.
  • Oscar: fine. It can't hurt. I'll buy you one and oz one.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): well. I mean it's not like I can taste it.
  • Oscar: then why'd you ask me, huh?
  • *Ozpin and Oscar bicker all the way back to their seats, where an attendant with a cart is waiting for them.*
  • Oscar: Where is Ruby, Nora and Ren?
  • Attendant: Your friends saw a Grimm in the last train car.
  • Oscar: Nora...don't you think you should help them?
  • Nora: *with a crazed look in her eyes* They'll be fine...I mean it's coffee!
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): C'mon...
  • Oscar: I'll have two large coffees. One black and one with extra sugar and cream. *"I'm totally going to regret this"*
  • Attendant: *makes coffee* Here you are, sir! This coffee is on the house! Or on the train!
  • Oscar: Really? Why?
  • Attendant: Cause one of your friends are really cute.
  • Nora: *spits out coffee* Which one? If it's Ren...
  • Attendant: The blonde one. He's so handsome and funny.
  • Nora: Wow. Um, okay.
  • Oscar: Yeah.
  • *awkward silence*
  • Attendant: Okay! I'll get going now.
  • Oscar: *sits down, takes first sip of coffee, spits it out* Ugh, how do you drink this stuff, Ozpin?
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I lived and breathed coffee. You haven't lived if you haven't drank it.
  • Oscar: It's awful. And there's no point in drinking it if you can't taste it. How's your coffee, Nora?
  • Nora: *jittery, from all the coffee*
  • Oscar: Nora?
  • Jaune, Ren and Ruby rush back in
  • Jaune: We stopped the Grimm—Nora!
  • Ruby: Oscar! Did you give Nora coffee?
  • Ren: Seriously, does ANYONE listen to me?
  • Oscar: Sorry...
  • Ren: *sighs* It's fine. Nora will probably break the fourth wall, or pass out, but she'll be okay soon enough.
  • Oscar: Well, okay.
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): I don't know what to say. You children never cease to amaze me.
  • Oscar: Says the old man whose souls is intertwined with a teenager
  • Ozpin (in Oscar's head): Point taken.
  • Honestly, I love Oscar and Ozpin's interactions. It's so funny. I've seen many posts where people think Oscar is 12...which is very odd when it comes to RoseGarden stories...let's pretend he's 15 too, shall we?

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It's my first time saying NO to a tumblr daddy dom who's asking me for a nude pictures. Well, it's not like there are many of them (3) but I'm still proud of myself. I usually feel shy saying no because I'm a pleaser in real life. But it's funny that after I said no to him, he stopped replying. I expected that old daddy doms are more real than those on my age, but I guess I still know too little about the community. I wouldn't have any confidence of saying no if not for you mister. Thank you! 💕

You are most welcome. Remain strong and patient. You’re doing great.

I’m very proud of you.

Thank you for sharing.

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( regarding kj apa ) its because everyone pretends they're holier than thou and have never liked something or commented on something. The only difference is they didn't have other kids on social media blasting them for it. it's the rule of the internet. If you haven't been offended in the last twenty minutes, you have to find a reason to be.

I’m too old for this type of behavior, its high school all over again.  And I’m just 22, I’m not that old myself and even I make stupid shit. Now, I saw what he liked and its bad yes, but maybe he liked it without knowing, and if he did liked, maybe he thought it was funny and you know; we have to teach him its not and it might be offensive? Look, not all millennials in the world know what its offensive and what’s not, what’s accepted and not. Like I said, I’m 22 and something I said stupid things (offensive at times) without even realising bc I’m not an all-knowing being.

I hate the black and white mentality that exists on this site regardless of people. TEACH them that its wrong.  Like I said on the last anon and I won’t talk more about it. Because in this site everyone is a saint.

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have you seen this yet? h ttp :// ww w. etonline. co m /tv/215148_riverdale_madelaine_petsch_twincest_rumors_cheryl_jason_blossom/ i think its very interesting what the executive producer said!

Well this article is brand new - it’s from earlier today - but it still predates tonight’s episode, so who knows what’s going to happen. (Maybe some of you have seen the new episode already.)

Madelaine Petsch:

“We [in the Riverdale cast] thought [the term twincest] was funny in the beginning, but now actually people genuinely believe it,” the 22-year-old actress explained. “We never were incestuous and it’s honestly like a joke that we played around with on set that probably was taken a little bit too far.”

Me @Madelaine Petsch:

IS SHE FOR REAL? OK, I don’t want to get too mad at her, because I don’t know if she has been instructed to walk back her earlier comments by the EPs or the network or whoever, but come on! This directly contradicts what she has stated in interviews before - and not even in response to direct questions, it was what she brought up herself!

What RAS has to say is much more satisfying:

On the contrary, ET also recently caught up with Riverdale executive producer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa at a small Q&A in Los Angeles, and the showrunner confirmed to a room full of reporters that the twincest vibes between the Blossoms were very much intentional. “It feels like from the first time they appear in that red car in the matching outfits holding hands that we were going for that,” he said.

“It’s interesting because growing up, one of the books I loved was obviously Flowers in the Attic,” Aguirre-Sacasa said of the 1979 novel about two fraternal twins who fall in love with each other. “That’s how I always thought of the Blossoms.”

“And it’s funny, as I was working on the Riverdale pilot, it was around the time that Lifetime revamped, they did the must-see remake of Flowers in the Attic, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, the Blossoms!” the showrunner continued. “And I had worked on these characters in the comic book Afterlife With Archie, and definitely played that up.”

“All I can say is there’s still more incestuous stuff to come,” Aguirre-Sacasa added.

Obviously he loved Flowers in the Attic. I love that he calls the 2014 movie remark “must-see”. 

“there’s still more incestuous stuff to come” - literally my favorite sentence in the English language. 

Thanks for sending in this interview, Anon!!! 

the signs as tweets from 1D fights
  • Aries: @TomTheWanted pipe down bad boy
  • Taurus: @MaxTheWanted not sure why you're still taking to me mate conversation ended when I called you a geek
  • Gemini: @TomTheWanted interesting you have to entertain your many followers with lies. I actually think you might be the biggest twat on Twitter
  • Cancer: hi @jakebugg do you think slagging off boybands makes you more indie?
  • Leo: hey Tom lets talk about your singing your amazing tone pierces my ears with every note :/
  • Virgo: @TomTheWanted bad boys for life
  • Libra: @kelseybelle90 #nipslip
  • Scorpio: @thebottlemen Odd reply to say I just complimented your record . Good luck trying to keep us 'lids' out the charts .
  • Sagittarius: wow @naughtyboymusic you're so inconsiderate pal, honestly how fucking old are you ? Grow up ! #masterofallwisdom
  • Capricorn: @TomTheWanted you clearly spend too much time on Twitter. Funny that face to face you act like a little girl. Goodnight old friend
  • Aquarius: @MaxTheWanted alright chlamydia boy ;)
  • Pisces: @TomTheWanted ah I know it's embarrassing when you're shit isn't it
so this drunk girl comes up to me at work and.....
  • drunk girl: can i ask you something?
  • me: sure go ahead
  • dg: if i were you i would totally take this as a compliment but i just wanna know how old are you? because you dont look a day over 18
  • me: i'm 19 actually
  • dg: oh ok! i was wondering because you look amazing! i've been looking at you all night you just look so great and wonderful!
  • me: aww thank you!
  • dg: ok now it's my turn. how old do i look?
  • me: 21 or 22 maybe
  • dg: oh my god you just made my night. you wanna know why? i turn 25 next week. you're amazing. i could just hug you can i hug you?
  • me: sure!
  • *we hug*
  • dg: ok well have a good night! happy..........happy you!
  • me: happy you too!
Gorillaz Spice.
  • Murdoc: Hello lllllladies. Look at that blue-haired black eyed god over there, now back to me, now back at that guy now back to me. Unfortunately, he's not a famous celebrity rrrrrockstar like myself, but if he stopped playing that sodding banjo he could be one, but not as famous as me. Look down 'ere, back up. You're in my loveshack on wheels, with the bassist of the most famous band in the world. What's in your hand. I know, it's my Black Sabbath record, give the fucking thing back. Look again, you're kissing me while feeling my Egyptian silk sheets. Anything is possible if you get to be with Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz. Sod off 2D.
  • (dododo do do dodo do)

Yeah its still not letting me tag you. Maybe my spelling is just that bad…

So just to clarify, I’m 31 years old, I’m not a child. From what I understand some parts of the Tumblr community might consider me ancient. Whatever. 

I don’t take myself seriously at all. I don’t actually care what you think about me but I also get fed up with people taking the anonymity of the internet to throw comments around. You know, its just so funny how when I call people out on their comments the first response is to always reflect it back at me. Clearly *I* take myself too seriously and how dare I take someone to task for making a completely unnecessary comment. That’s a defense mechanism. I’m actually impressed and appreciative that you responded to me, to be perfectly honest. I appreciate thought out dialogue way more.

The second half of your response is more akin to what I was…”hoping for” seems like a callous phrase in this case. I’m more than happy to have people disagree with me if they have solid reasons too. I’d prefer they give me reasons as to why though. I’m ever so sorry that you had this experience in your life. That’s awful. I respect the fact that there are people out there who will identify with this portrayal of her character. If my initial post seemed ignorant of that, I apologize. I personally sought to analyze the use of the tactic as a story writing technique. While yes, there are likely more interesting and relevant examples of sexism in the media, my personal belief is that the more subtle micro-transgressions are sometimes the most important to pull out into light. These are the things that keep the malignant social agendas alive and the better able we are to identify them in their subtleties, the more we can call out against them.

Yeap, we can all agree we will miss her and didn’t get enough time with her. The anime actually did a really great job of bringing her to life so I’m really sad we’ve lost her so soon.

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Honestly people expect messi to be all bffs with dybala&show it too. Do people just know his now? Tht guy doesnt express anything. And how long have messala even playerd together. They have mutual respect and tht is what matters. I love paulo but tbh he got some good dribbling lessons from leo yesterday during match hence it's rather stupid to say dybala outclassed messi its more like juventus outclassed barca by a mile. Dybala is good&will be a great player but stop with unnecessary comparisons

I know lmao. “Dybala outclassed Messi”.  More like Juventus was just better. Isn’t it funny how Messi is the best player in the world after the game against Sevilla but a few days later he should retire because he is getting old. Like get out of my face with that stupid bullshit. Also people should stop comparing the guy to Messi, that is way too much pressure for him. He wants to be known as Dybala not as the “next Messi”. Let the guy evolve and do his thing. 

Blah blah blah

Shared a Thai dish with the fellow and am now sitting at about 1200 calories and trying to get out of our plans for the evening. Wish I’d gone running but my shin was a little splinty today so my body is probably benefiting from the rest.

I posted today’s before and afters to my twitter page and immediately got some out of the blue check-ins from old friends, clearly thinking I’d relapsed. Sweet but funny/annoying how people only really treat health issues seriously when they can see them. I know it’s human nature, but come on guys! I had disordered eating thoughts+tendencies, bad body image ETC when I weighed more, too. Its not to say that I mind these thoughtful checkins, I just don’t like how humans only react to visual cues. It’s a frustrating truth I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. You can’t know something about someone’s health simply by looking at them, disordered eating and the suffering that comes with it presents in all shapes and sizes. In many ways anorexia was the easiest mental health issue I’ve suffered from, simply because people took it seriously as it got worse. (Because they could see its deteriorating effect on my body.) does that make sense? I got really into self mutilation about a year into recovery, I think because I was addicted to how validating a visual mental health problem can be. (Better now, for what it’s worth, but!) It’s nice to have your health taken seriously! And no one, NO ONE with depression or anxiety or BED or dysmorphia or whatever!!! likes to be told “oh just get over it….just feel better….just stop doing it….etc.” but pretty sure we all DO hear those things from people who just don’t “get” it. anyway….that’s all!

Man! Remember KND?

That was a good show! I liked that show! It was funny, clever, beautifully animated, had an above-average script for most episodes… It was a good show!

Too bad it ended. You know. It died. Along with Cartoon Network. The good old Cartoon Network. The checkered one. Forever. Dead.

Oh well! Not much you can do, I gue–

wow wait what






Near or Far, Together at Heart - Chapter One

This is a collaborative piece between myself and @thefairywrites there is MUCH more to come following this first chapter, so please look forward to it!

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2

Summary:  Natsu would scour the entirety of Magnolia, Fiore, and the world to find Lucy; but what happens when he’s forced to search through multiple universes? Is his love and determination strong enough to push him through the obstacles that stand between him and Lucy?

Rated: T for language and possible future situations

Pairing: NaLu

Word Count: 3341

Chapter One - Spell On You

“We just got back Natsu, why were you even looking at the request board? Do you ever get tired?” Lucy’s head was resting on the bar’s counter face down, Mira sighed loudly as she witnessed the interaction between the guilds favorite duo.

“C’mon Lucy! It’s a really good one!” He waved the paper next to her ear as though it would make her more interested. “A witch needs help getting from one place to another, it’s a bodyguard type job and it says that there is a good chance we won’t even have to fight anybody.”

Slowly, Lucy’s head turned to the side so that she could reveal the frown on her face to the pink-haired Dragon Slayer. Unfortunately for her, he looked so excited that it was impossible for her to actually remain serious about her frustrations for too long.

With a loud groan, Lucy snatched the job request from Natsu and read it for herself. Her eyebrows raised on their own accord when she realized that he was right. It read that it was just a safety precaution that the witch wanted to have.

“Why are you even interested if it isn’t something that guarantees a lot of fighting?” The reward was pretty high, but they’d been going on so many jobs that it didn’t make sense for him to want to do it for the reward. He must be rolling around in jewel right about now.

“Are ya kidding? Three million jewel Lucy! I’d push paper for that kind of reward!”

Keep reading

Journal entries to you

In English class my teacher asked me to define the difference between love and hate and I swear to god I almost said your fucking name.

Stars never look pretty anymore. I tried looking at them, one night when the loneliness crept through closed doors and loud music. But when I went outside suddenly I was on fire and my wrists were stinging again and I couldn’t stop thinking about the glass I cleaned up that night.

I’m realizing now that I’ve never stopped being lonely. You covered it up. You showed me the stars, but now I know that you were never looking at the stars. You were finding answers in the black holes of my eyes.

I want to shout I love you so loud it’s breaks your ribs. Maybe then you’ll know why I was breathing fast when we met.

I want to punch the letters of your name so hard into a typewriter that they keys jam

6-5-14 (4:46 am)
I recognized your knock on the door. I knew it was you before I saw your sparkly eyeshadow. The way you pulled your sleeves over your hands confused me, but I was so caught up in the freckles on your skin I barely noticed. I wish I had.

I was so close to forgetting. But then you came around and asked for your necklace back. I like to think your breathing stuttered.

I wish your name was poison so all I had to do was call you one more time.

The last time I said your name my voice cracked and someone laughed, so I’m trying not to do that anymore.

Missing you makes me hate myself.

Someone asked me this today: “If you had one wish, what would it be?” And the first thing that came to mind was your name but instead I said true love, because i know they mean the same thing.

You used to tell me that that the bruises on my skin in the shape of your mouth were stars and that I was a universe. I never felt big enough to be one, but now I fill up the space in out bed and nothing hurts more.

You smiled at me today and I couldn’t remember how to breath, but that’s okay because at least you’re smiling. I’m not sure how to.
(At least not for real. Faking it is so easy it’s almost funny)

Don’t you remember the night when I was lonely in a crowded room so you took me out to see the stars? I was lonely again tonight (only now just by myself) so I tried it but it felt like the stars were sparks on my skin.

There’s broken glass everywhere and I think my finger is bleeding but I don’t know where it went wrong. I’m so scared.

She was crying today. I asked of I could help but she yelled at me and now I feel empty again.

Maybe she was always sad and I just couldn’t see it behind the lipstick on her teeth or the sparkly eyeshadow she loved so much. (It was my eyeshadow but I think it looked better on her.)

She seems sadder than when met, and I’m Not sure why. I hope that’s she’s okay because I know sadness can destroy as much as can build.

Everything is easy with her. Romance is so much more fun now. We were dancing today and there wasn’t any music but the house (her house, mine is too boring and small and filled with old sadness) was cold and we were warm.

Her eyes are so beautiful its making my chest hurt because eyes just can’t be that shade of brown.

I got her number and she’s so funny I haven’t smiled this much in years.

I met the most amazing girl today but I remember when I was around her, breathing was a lot harder. I think that’s a good sign.

—  inspired by this 

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At first he said I couldn't go out w/coworker unless he was there then after he saw our texts he said its nvr gonna happen. He said him being a guy &knowing about our argument is gonna lead to him trynna steal me from him so I can only see him @ work

Nope nope nope. I can’t. People of different genders can be friends without there being any other funny business, he’s projecting.
He’s doing too much.
How old are y'all and how long has he been doing this

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YAYY! I always wish there was more to that comic :o( I got my copy signed by Andrew Hussie and when I handed it to him he said ‘Ahh, Whistles…’ like he was thinking back to simpler times before homestuck got absolutely nuts popular dfgfdhdf

luckyyy! i always wanted to get a copy if i could find one. thats really cool and funny omg.. maybe its either that feeling of looking back on old art, or nostalgia. who knowS. but thats so awesome!! i wish there was more to it too, its so good omfg

Winter 2017 Anime Scores and Thoughts: Koro-sensei Quest!

Let me preface this by saying that Assassination Classroom is one of my most favorite anime/manga of all time, so anything even tangentially related to it is going to get massive brownie points right off the bat. Just seeing Korosensei and the E-Class again makes me happy, and though they’ve been flanderized a bit for the sake of comedy, everyone’s personalities are more or less the same, at least when they actually got screentime. I liked the old-school RPG twist, and the use of its tropes was pretty consistently funny. However, a few of the running jokes got a little grating after a while. Okajima got far too much screentime just to make the same perverted jokes over and over again, and Kayano’s breast jokes got a little old too. I also feel like the whole “bug” thing kind of went by the wayside for most of the series. I know, it’s a comedy anime; they’ll do whatever they think gets the most laughs. All I’m asking for is a little consistency with the jokes you set up.

Score: 3.7 out of 5