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Soaking Wet

A/N: This takes place after 12.16, Ladies Drink Free. I had to take advantage of the fancy hotel scenario.  Reader is a BMOL chick, like the female counterpart to Mick. But in this situation, she doesn’t know about his orders to kill the kid at the hospital (spoiler alert). 

Warning: smutty smut…

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I understand that he’s stressed. And believe me, I know well by now the ways that Dean enjoys burning off steam. That doesn’t make it easy for me to watch him hit on women all the time.

This particular bartender is just his type—hot and available. Currently she’s leaning over the bar to make sure he gets an eyeful of her ample cleavage and I can’t see Dean’s response from here, but I know he’s enjoying what she’s offering.

I also know that he hates the British Men of Letters and being that I’m one of them doesn’t earn me brownie points with him. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this ridiculous and inappropriate crush ruin my first ever real hunting trip. I have work to do.

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Feeling left behind by her more successful, settled friends, Emma Swan moves to Scotland on a whim. Sure, she’s winning at Instagram, but something is still missing from her new life. Fortunately, her friends back home are on it. #FindEmmaSwanAFriend goes viral. Enter Killian Jones, reluctant columnist, who is on the hunt for his newest subject, and may just have found her. CS AU

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Thank you so much to the fantastical @lenfaz, for lessons on child development, read-throughs and general hand holding.

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Emma Swan had a PhD. Emma Swan had 1265 followers on Instagram. Emma Swan had every line of The Princess Bride memorized.

But one thing Emma Swan did not have?


She flicked the switch again, in the vain hope she’d just imagined it the first time. Nothing happened. She tried the outlet by the toaster. Nothing. Nada.

Because of fucking course Emma would wake up on the first day of the year to find her new apartment shrouded in unending darkness. Because what landlord in their right mind actually picked up the phone at 7am on January 1st? Hell, judging by what she’d seen out her window over the last few hours, they were probably just getting started on all their Hogmanay festivities. Everyone else seemed to be.

Only, Emma wasn’t going to accept defeat right away. Sure, cold Pop-Tarts were okay in a pinch, but it was still freezing out and she had a mighty need to crank up her space heater and put on a pot of coffee. She was very motivated.

It went to voicemail three times before someone finally picked up, the voice on the other end of the line irate and decidedly not sober.

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is that my necklace erejean


“Is that my necklace?”

Eren freezes. That voice has been echoing in his mind for the past year. So good, Eren. Fuck, Eren. Eren, Eren, Eren.


Eren doesn’t look up yet. Stares at the bronze chain looped around his neck and the little elephant pendant anchoring it to his chest. He grasps it between his fingers before glancing up at Jean. “It might be?”

And shit, Jean is more gorgeous than he remembers. Being sober probably helps.

“Do you mind if I…” Jean gestures to the empty bench beside Eren.

Eren nods, eyes traveling along Jean’s frame as he sits. “So how’ve you been?” Jean asks.

Eren’s brows raise. He’s going with small talk? He shrugs. “Been all right. Work’s kicking my ass but I’m saving a lot so. Things aren’t bad.”

Jean nods. He peeks at Eren out of the corner of his eye and chews on his lip. “Still working for the same construction company?”

Eren opens his mouth to tell him yes, that he actually got promoted to foreman 6 months ago, but that doesn’t come out. “Why’d you leave?” Jean blinks at him. Eren’s face burns and he curses his impulsive tongue, but the question is out there already. “The morning after. I was barely awake and you were already putting your shoes on.”

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Title : Submerged

Characters : Namjoon of BTS & You

Genre : Dream!Namjoon; Angst + Fluff, a little bit of both.

Summary : Kim Namjoon is the man of your dreams; or rather, from your dreams.

Word Count : 6,231 words.

A/N : A Dream!AU. I wrote this during the hours of sleep, no regret at all. Do give notes if you read and hope you enjoy!

My Other Works : Bread Pudding (Jungkook of BTS),  Luna (Taehyung of BTS), Good Cop (Jungkook of BTS) My Favourite Pair of Eyes (B.I of IKON) , Friend from College (Zico of Block B) , Darling? (Jimin of BTS)

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Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 3,137

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

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A Monster Stared Back

What if the mob had never reached Erik’s home?

Hi guys. I know I haven’t finished my other things, but I started another thing.. Let me know what you think. It’s just a one shot for the moment. Phanty belongs to Leroux & Lloyd Webber

She had placed the ring in my palm. Her two small hands had closed over my own for a single, precious moment; her touch was soft, tender- something I had seldom experienced. It was one of the few times she had willingly touched me, and we both seemed to pause slightly at the foreign sensation. A final barrier was broken between us as her hands touched mine.

The hands belonging to a man; just a man. Not a ghost, Phantom or specter.

I walked to the bank of the lake and watched her disappear from sight. I do not know what possessed me to do so. Perhaps I was a glutton for my own agony. My chest tightened as I saw her turn back briefly. Our eyes met for a second or two, and then she looked forward once more. Something I would never be able to do.

My fingers still closed around the ring she had given me, I sat down, allowing the tears to freely fall now that Christine was not around to see them. My home had never felt so empty- the oppressive silence was almost too much to bear. How had I lived like this for so long?

The silence was strange tonight though, given everything that had happened above ground. I would have expected some callers by now; the mob, the authorities… or both. Standing up and stashing the ring in my pocket, I waded once more into the murky water before me and peered as far as I could through the tunnel.

Nothing… Not a sound. No yells of impending doom, no distant flashes of light to signify torches approaching… nothing at all. My home was difficult to find, I had made it so, but after all the chaos and destruction I had caused, I was sure that someone would have found me on hatred or revenge alone.

Perhaps Madame Giry had drawn them away, or perhaps she had set her daughter the task. Part of me was relieved by the idea that I would be able to stay where I was and wallow in the grief that was suffocating me with each passing minute, that at least I would have my routine and security… my safety, but the other part told me that I needed to leave… one way or the other. I had either to submit myself to the mob, or the authorities and whatever they had in store, or I had to take my future into my own hands and walk away. Walk away from it all. Whatever that meant…

Everything in this Opera house would now remind me of Christine, the way I had treated her and the person… the monster I had become in the end.

Unceremoniously wiping my nose with my sleeve, I waded back to the shore. I bent down and picked up her veil, placing it back on the mannequin. It used to sit atop the mannequin’s head comfortably, but now it seemed so out of place. It did not belong there anymore. It belonged with Christine.

I decided to leave the portcullis up. For whoever found me in the end deserved the right to justice or revenge… they seemed interchangeable now. What did I have to live for now? I still had my music, but Christine was my music. She was my muse, and for the last few years, she and music had gone hand in hand in my mind. How was I to separate the two?

Another day passed.

Another day of agony…

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Seijoh has a female manager, and she happens to be Oikawa and Iwa's long time childhood friend — she and Oiks are completely oblivious to each other's feelings, like everyone in the team already knows except for them? Hehe sorry if this is too specific!!

Oikawa? A lady killer? In his dreams, maybe, but when it comes to actual matters of the heart I promise that he’s a clueless amoeba. Cue, Iwaizumi to the rescue. I hope you enjoy this little fic of silly!

Now Iwaizumi doesn’t think that he should be considered a very observant person. Sure, he picks up on things that he needs to, but he doesn’t have the persistence to be able to really uncover something that someone’s actively trying to hide. Which makes this all the more pathetic, in his opinion, because at this rate even a blind pigeon with a faulty sensory system would be able to notice the amount of tension in the air each time the two of them are in the same room.

Out of everyone too, they’d all banked on Oikawa being the perceptive one. Heck, his entire volleyball career is based on him being the most observant out of all of them- the one who picks up on playstyle, predictive movement and analysing potential plays. He literally does this every day, so why, why does this idiot not notice the incredibly suffocating atmosphere each time they finish practice?

Iwaizumi Hajime is no matchmaker. But sometimes enough is enough, and if this is what it takes to stop the betting pool from growing into unrealistic proportions (I mean, he’s a high schooler, he can’t afford a car for goodness’ sake), actions must be taken.

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Masked - Part 3

Word Count: 1917

Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Peter x Reader 

Warnings: Language, some violence 

A/N: Finally Part 3! Sorry for the wait my weekend has been a bit hectic but I hope the word count makes up for it. Anyway, enjoy :) 


Masked Masterlist

Part 2 

Originally posted by iwantcupcakes

Ever since last night’s encounter with the masked vigilante, Tony and Bruce were holed up in the lab making sure Tony’s “ever so great” plan would run smoothly. They had enough on their plates already and the whole vigilante mess was getting old. With the world in some order SHIELD tasked the team with bringing in whoever this enhanced individual was. Though, they never thought a kid would actually become a huge thorn in the Avenger’s side. So if the team wasn’t on a mission their sole focus was on bringing in the unknown enhanced.

It was already known that SHIELD, as well as Fury, wanted to make you a part of the Avengers or at least part of SHIELD if that proved too difficult. No one was really opposed to the idea since you seem like a good person wanting to make the streets of New York safe. You shared the same traits Peter showed before he became an official member of the team and he hasn’t let the team down yet. Still, finding you was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Tony had programmed FRIDAY to alert him of any sightings of “a masked person with weird tentacle looking thingys” but half of the time you were already leaving the scene when they arrived. Everyone was beyond frustrated at this point, especially Tony. How could he find Peter so easily but not another kid probably his age saving the city? Hell, you even had alien looking enhancements that would make you stick out like a sore thumb.

“So you want to stage a fake robbery and hostage situation?” Bruce asked rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. After all the all-nighters Bruce pulled with Tony, he would have thought he’d be used to it by now but he was proven wrong as he drank his third cup of coffee.

“There’s not much we can really do and I’m tired of waiting,” He replied with his eyes glued to his tablet.

“How can we exactly stage a robbery?”

“I know a few guys and the NYPD owes me a favor anyway,” He smirked evilly.

Bruce sighed at his friend. “I’m not even going to ask.”

“Wise decision, now tell the team to meet us in the lab in five. I need to update everyone on the plan.”

Nodding, Bruce summoned everyone to the lab not caring how early it was. To no one’s surprise, Vision was the first there- followed by Steve who looked like he was about to go on a run. The others soon trudged in with unassumed faces especially Clint who was being dragged in by Natasha. Nudging Tony who was still glued to his tablet, Bruce sighed again.

“So are you going to tell us why you woke us up at the crack of dawn,” Clint muttered while fixing his messy hair. “It better be about that enhanced person or I swear-”

“Alright, birdie. Take a chill pill. Let me guess, you woke up on the wrong side of the nest?” Tony chuckled as Clint flipped him off.

“Boys,” Natasha warned.

“Anyway,” Tony said taking a few steps away from the smirking red-head. “Bruce and I were able to set up a little trap for our enhanced friend.”

Pressing a button on his tablet, Tony watched as his plans projected in front of everyone. Watching as the team read over everything, he couldn’t help but smirk to himself.

“So you want to stage a robbery? Wouldn’t that just cause panic?” Sam questioned.

“Have any other ideas?” Tony snapped back.

“Hate to say it, but Stark has a point. If we know the kid would show themselves in these types of situations we might as well give it a try,” Steve said.

As the team silently nodded, Bruce walked closer to the hologram. Highlighting a few main points, he cleared his throat.

“We have everyone either a few blocks away or right on the street of the bank. Clint, you- however- are going to be hiding in the back room with your stun arrows.”

“What about Peter?” Wanda asked in a quiet voice.

“Right after we’re done here, I’m going to call him. We have him set up in a diner a few blocks away. I’m sure he won’t mind missing school,” Tony answered.

“Worst-case scenario, if arrows don’t work, we have this,” Bruce said holding up a small needle. “It’ll knock them out for maybe an hour or two depending on how they process the drug.”

“This won’t hurt the kid right,” Bucky asked with worry laced in his voice.

“No, it’s completely safe. They may have a small headache for the first few minutes after they wake up but other than that they’re fine.”

“Everyone has their orders. Let’s move out,” Steve said.

“We better get this kid,” Clint yawned.

The robbery was starting to look like one sick joke once you busted through the vent inside the bank. Normally you expect guys in tactical gear with machine guns raised toward the ceiling as they yelled orders to the hostages still inside the bank. However, instead of hostages, you were met with an empty room and no criminals in sight.

“What the-” You muttered before an arrow flew by your head.

Shielding yourself from the electrical blast that came from the arrow, you took a few steps back trying to process what had just happened. Still holding your shield up, you watched as arrows bounced off it while sighing in annoyance. Your little group of friends tried to capture once again. Rolling your eyes, you found the source of the arrows.

“Hawkeye, nice you see you again,” You chuckled before sending a blast his way. After fighting you for so long he should know by now that his arrows have no effect on your shields.

As you watched the birdman fly back, you smirked and turned towards the door. Opening the door, you saluted the surprised officers. Adding a small skip to your step, you waved at some of the bystanders when a familiar gush of air blew pieces of your hair in your face. The Avengers weren’t a team that gave up so easily and since you just blasted Hawkeye into a wall they weren’t going to be happy campers.

“The Sokovian bastard,” You smirked at the blue blur zooming around.

“Mama it’s Quicksilver!” One kid cried out as you laughed to yourself.

Out of all the Avengers, the white-hair speedster was always your favorite to mess with. From what you could tell he was cocky about his speed and you used that to your advantage. Taking a note from a scene in the Incredibles you raised your hand and casted out a huge shield. Watching the speedster bounce off of the shield into a few cops was comedy gold. You had nothing against the guy but this bit never got old.

“Always look where you’re going kids,” You laughed as their tiny little eyes stared at you with amusement.

Taking a small bow as a few of them clapped, you shot them a wink before the room of engines rang through the air. Looking up at the sky, you found some familiar faces floating above you. The two tinmen had red lasers pointed at chest while the other bird guy flew overhead. Glancing behind you, you notice the witch and the AI slowly creeping up on you. Noticing that the team was trying to surround you, you stood there with your arms crossed.

“You’re surrounded put your hands where I can see them,” Mr. American commanded as the arrow guy slowly walked out of the bank with his red-headed friend.

“Now’s it’s a party,” You grinned. “Watch and learn kids, watch and learn.”

Sending up a blinding blast, you shot two of your tentacles out of you back towards your friends trying to sneak up on you. Knocking them into Sonic the Hedgehog - who was just getting his bearings - you shielded yourself from oncoming arrows. Directing one of the blasts towards Hawkeye and Black Widow you watched as they fell to the ground paralyzed. Now that the arrows were taking care of you dodged an oncoming shield and grabbed the two iron suits with your other tentacles. Throwing them to the ground, you used all the power you had and pushed off of the ground towards Falcon. Kicking one of his wing’s engines hard you watched as he spun out of control.

Laughing to yourself, you were about to make your getaway until you felt a large force on your chest sending you flying backwards. Hitting the street hard, you rolled over on the pavement trying to catch your breath. Slowly getting up you ignore the stinging sensation in your arm and wiped the sweat off of your forehead. At this point, most of the bystanders were being summoned away by police as news crews started to surround the scene. Most of the Avengers were down except for the few helping the others up off of the ground. But standing in front of your was none other than Spider-Man himself. Sure the kid looked small but he clearly knew how to throw a punch. Cracking your neck, you angrily stomped over to the spider-boy wanting to knock him back a few blocks. It was only fair after all.

“You know for someone your size you can clearly kick some ass,” He said with an oddly familiar voice as you sent an energy blast his way.

Hearing a familiar twip you watched him effortlessly dodge your blast and he swung back around to you. Running at him with your shield up you both flew backwards as the two of you collided. As the shield broke you were blinded by the light as you hit the pavement with a thud. Trying to regain your vision, you heard the same twip again and recklessly shot your arm out trying to hit your target.  

Just them a strong force grabbed your arm as your vision returned. Before you could react, you felt a needle pick your arm as you yanked it free from Spider-Man’s grasp. Ripping the needle out of your arm you felt the ground sway beneath you.

“W-What was t-that,” You muttered as your legs gave out from under you.

“I got you,” He said quickly catching you before you hit the ground.

Trying to get up you slowly felt your whole body before numb as your eyes began to droop. Grabbing his arm in a last attempt to get up, you felt all the strength you had to leave your body.

“You’re ok,” He said looking at your panicked face. “Just let it happen. Nothing will happen to you.”

That’s when the familiar voice clicked. Your eyes widened the best they could as you cleared your throat.

“P-Peter,” You croaked losing consciousness.

Watching his eyes widened as well, black dots started to fill your vision as Peter took off your mask. This wasn’t good at all. The cute boy you just met is a part of a team trying to arrest you and most likely lock you up. You knew what the Accords were and they weren’t pretty. Hell, it even broke the Avengers a part for a brief time. But there you were unmasked as staring at the face of the guy you were just starting to like.

“(Y/N),” He said in disbelief.

Before you could respond your world went black and then you saw nothing.

Part 4

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mint chocolate chip

i got bored and i liked this idea so i ran with it. longer than i intended.. could probably turn into something longer. eh (simons pov) 


simon has a very bad week, and baz makes the mistake of grabbing the last tub of simon’s favorite ice cream

words: 2.4 k

this was the last straw. the last, very short straw of a number of shitty straws i had received this week.

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memory/desire, part i

title: memory/desire
summary: When Adrien is seventeen, Ladybug dies. Nearly six years later, Marinette Dupain-Cheng comes home to Paris. (ao3)


november, 2016

Chat Noir? Are you still awake?”

Eyes closed, Chat murmurs sleepily in the affirmative. Paris is rarely still, but tucked away on the top of the Notre Dame as they are, it’s easy to imagine that the city is a giant of light, sprawled and drowsing at their feet.

The two lapse into another soft silence, but just as Chat is about to doze off, Ladybug shifts away. The bitter November wind is biting, and he whines, instinctively seeking the warmth of her shoulder again.

“Chat?” Ladybug’s using her don’t-you-ignore-me tone of voice, and the inflection makes him grin; as if he would ever—could ever—ignore her.

Opening his eyes, Chat finds Ladybug unclasping something from around her neck, “What is it, milady?”

“Hold out your hand.”

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No Choice: Part 6

Summary: The reader learns about Dean’s past, while her future, as well as Dean’s and Sam’s, hangs in the balance. Part 6 of my Gangster!Dean AU.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 2421

Warnings:  Language, character injury, angst

Author’s Notes: All historical errors are mine and mine alone. Multiple points of view (Dean and reader).

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Honor among Thieves

Originally posted by ericscissorhands

Pairing: Captain Boomerang/reader
Prompt: Who ever said there was such a thing as honor among thieves?
Fandom: DC universe/ Suicide Squad
Word count: 3250
Warning: Language, violence, slight spoilers for Suicide squad (not really but just in case)

A/N: Now this is something that has been a long time coming, finally saw the movie and got inspired! When I first started writing this it was only going to be a short at max 500-word drabble, as you can see I went over that just the slightest bit. I want to put a giant thank you out there to one of the Boomerang Queens herself, @felyneve90 . She helped me quite a bit with Boomer’s accent and dialogue and was also patient when listening to me ramble and bitch, like usual. I’m gonna be completely honest real quick when I started writing this I had no clue what I was doing (still don’t) or if I was even going to post this so yeah. Thank you for your help Girlie!

There is one more thing I wanna point out real quick, I left this as an open interpretation of which Captian Boomerang this is, Owen Mercer or George Harkness. I personally see this more as Owen, I saw the Boomerang in the movie as Owen even if it was technically George. But with that being said it does take place in the movies timeline…. So whether it be one or the other is up to you. But yeah that’s about it, please enjoy and let me know what you thought! -Lauren

You watched as the burly man scooped up the small diamonds with, of all things, a mini vacuum, disbelief written across your face as you stopped everything you were doing to watch him.  

“Are you serious?” You finally blurted after a few more seconds of just staring at him. He looked up at you with confusion, surprised that you were even addressing him. He followed your gaze down to where he was sucking up the jewels and a smug smile began to grow across his face, the gold tooth in his mouth shining in the dim light of the vault.

“Wha’s a mattah, darl’? Gotta problem?” He snickered as he moved on to the next drawer after every diamond was in his possession, the look of pure joy that crossed his face as he eyed the assortment of jewels laying loosely was a little shocking. It was as if someone had offered a small child a million dollars which in all honesty was pretty much what had just happened, god knows how much that was all worth.

“Don’t call me that.” You snapped momentarily getting over the shock of watching the oh so infamous robber literally use a vacuum to collect his goods. “And yeah I do, are you really using that?”

“Gotta bettah idea?” Was all he replied with that smile still plastered across his face as he focused his attention away from you and back to the task at hand.

“Yeah, I can think of a few things a little classier.” You rolled your eyes at him as you made your way over to the vast wall of lockers that the man was raiding.

“Sweetheart we’re bank robbahs. Classy ain’t our thing.” Was all he chuckled.

“Speak for yourself.” You quipped, making sure to over enunciate your words in mock of his thick accent. “And don’t call me that either.”  

It didn’t take long to realize that he had beaten you to emptying out the majority of the lockers and frustration bubbled through you. This was supposed to be your heist, not his. He wasn’t even supposed to be here, yet there he stood whistling to himself without a care in the world as he took what should have belonged to you. The man, Captain Boomerang, wasn’t your partner, hell the two of you didn’t even run in the same circles. The only thing that connected you was both of yours disposition to money and anything shiny, along with the tendency the two of you shared to feel the need to rob any bank or jewelry store you set your eyes on.

You had bumped into him a few times before on different heists, as you both jumped from crew to crew. You had made it very clear the first time you had both shown up to the same bank one night with your respective gangs of idiotic helpers, that Gotham city was yours. Just like how he had robbed every bank in Australia you had hit every bank, credit union, and trust company here in New York, and Gotham especially was your turf, the banks there practically left their doors unlocked for you out of fear.

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Untouchable - Group (KBTBB)

a.k.a. Why nobody should mess with KBTBB MC

Genre: CRACK, Comedy, and some good ol’ friendship fluff

Pairing: subtle everyone / MC      

a/n: I was inspired by @voltageandheadcanons‘s post that my brain pooped out this drabble ( ◞・౪・) Lmao, this isn’t really meant to be taken seriously, but if you’re having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up!

@themysticaldaydreamer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

              “Hey, pretty lady! If you’re available now, come to the penthouse. Boss just bought this really fancy tequila from South America, and it’s super good!” Baba chirped happily into the phone.

               There was a sob coming from her end of the line before she spoke.

               “S-sorry, Baba. I don’t really feel like going there right now. Something came up today…” she spluttered.

               “Princess? What’s wrong? What happened?”

               “…it’s nothing. You don’t have to worry about it, really. Thanks anyway,” she said before hanging up on him.

               Baba could only stare at his phone worryingly. Her being sad just wasn’t right. Something had to be done about this!

               “Guys!” Baba yelled to get the others’ attention. “We have a problem!”

               Eisuke rolled his eyes. “What is it now, Baba? This better not be another one of your dumb ideas because if it is, I swear I’ll—“

               “It’s ____! She’s crying…”

               “Why? What happened?” Soryu asked, his attention focused on the thief. Everyone else had their interest piqued, too.

               “I wish I knew.” The thief shrugged.

               “Actually… I think I might have an idea,” Hikaru spoke up. “Earlier, I heard a guest lashed out at a maid and accused her for stealing something. The guest didn’t have any proof whatsoever, but he still blamed her anyway while threatening to sue. He even grabbed her by the wrist.” He closed his eyes in contemplation.  No one spoke until he continued.

               “At first, I wasn’t certain if the maid was ____, but now, I’m a hundred percent sure it was her,” Hikaru grimly admitted.

               The room fell into a complete silence.  The once decadent atmosphere in the penthouse became gravely solemn, and none of them paid any mind to the liquor they were celebrating a minute earlier.

              “Soryu. Get your men ready. It looks like someone had no idea who they were dealing with,” Eisuke coldly declared, steepling his fingers together.

               The mobster gave a stiff nod while cocking his gun threateningly. “Already on it.”

               “So someone touched Koro the wrong way, huh?” Ota’s graphite pencil snapped cleanly in half at the force he was using to grip it with.

              Mamoru crushed his cigarette at a nearby ashtray before speaking. “I kinda feel sorry for that idiot now,” he sighed, his hand heading to the pistol in his holster.

               Shuichi said nothing, but his glasses glinted ominously as he texted cryptic orders to god-knows-who on his cellphone.

               “…I’ll prep the surgery room,” Luke announced with a dead expression and empty eyes. “There are still some scalpels I need to sharpen…”

               Hikaru was already typing furiously on his laptop before turning to face the others. “Should I terminate his bank account or release incriminating photos of him to the press?”

               “Wait, guys! You know she wouldn’t like this at all,” Baba intervened.

               They all hesitated momentarily before reluctantly agreeing.

               “…but that doesn’t mean we should let that guy get off scot free,” the thief added mischievously.

               For once, they all unanimously agreed to something.

               The next day, she arrived at the penthouse to clean as usual. She noted, oddly enough, that everyone seemed to be in a good mood. None of them were giving her a hard time, and not even Eisuke, Ota or Hikaru spat out a smartass comment.

               “So, ____? How was your day today?” Baba asked innocently.

               “I guess it was pretty much the same.” She paused thoughtfully. “Except a guest that kept giving me trouble suddenly came up to me today, knelt down in front of me and started begging me for forgiveness. It was all so surreal.”

               Unbeknownst to her, the eight of them smirked simultaneously.

GOT7 Reaction/Imagine ‘What They Think Of You When They First Meet You’.

Requested: Yes put two request together “What they think when they first meet you and where you two first meet.”

A.N. tried to keep it gender neutral through out the whole thing practically failed at it. Italicized is his POV and sorry its super long and sorry if this was shit. 

JB: At the bank(you know how some banks you can inside after hours for the atm, watch S1Ep7 of FRIENDS this is like that)- You needed to get some cash before you were to go out with your girlfriends. After hearing horrible news from your agent you just needed to go out, you were hoping nothing would go wrong; well that’s when your luck change you just didn’t know it than. You entered the bank late at night, thinking you’ll be alone but you scanned the inside to see a young man rather attractive using the atm before you. After he was done he stepped aside for you to use it but before you could use it, the power went out. There was a city wide black out due to the weather from the week before, so you were stuck inside the bank with a stranger until the power came back on. You can feel his dark eyes staring you down, now you just had to wait before one of you two spoke to each other. You both claimed a side of the room it was completely silent that was until your phone went off and wouldn’t stop.

 “Guess your boyfriend is worried about you?” His voice asked with a concerned tone.

“Hmm? Oh no I don’t have one, its just my girlfriends asking where I’m at. We were suppose to go out to make me feel better.”

“What happened?” He got up to move towards you to have more of a personal conversation, rather than across the room.

“I’m in the process of getting my book published and its just being put back and I have so much to rewrite a few more chapters before it could even get approved again. My friends just thought I needed a break from stressing.”

From that moment on you two got to know each other more and even exchanged numbers right before the power come back on and that was a sign for the two of you two go your separate ways. He offered to drive you home but you explained that you drove yourself, you can tell that he wanted to spend a little bit more time with you so you offered to meet up for coffee sometime you both weren’t busy. He gladly accepted.

A girl who has a passion for literature, she somewhat reminds me of Jinyoung-hyung, I really hope she doesn’t have his possessive personality. Wow she can probably go on for hours on her favorite things, its kind of cute. I really hope the power doesn’t come on till another hour or so, I need ask her out before we leave.*after being asked out* Why did she have to ask me out? I should have done it but I’m glad she did. Calm down Jaebum it’s just a cup of coffee with a really cute girl..

Mark: Pet Store- You moved away from your hometown for college and hopefully get your dream job at a company you’ve been dreaming to join for a while now. You didn’t realize how lonely you would be when you moved away from everything you once loved. You thought you could do it and not crack down and just go running back to your parents but instead you had a better idea. You got yourself a dog! One you always wanted and that was regulated to live inside the apartment. A light brown and white beagle, he was your guard dog and was the emotional support you just needed. It was a beautiful day and Max wanted to go out on a walk, unfortunately you had just adopted Max two weeks ago and you’ve been meaning to get him a leash because you forgot to buy one. Luckily there was a pet shop just down the street from where you lived so told Max you’ll be back and hurriedly along to get want you needed. 

As you entered the store you went straight to the leash section to get what you needed and get out. You reached for the classic black one plus it was the cheapest one too. As you reached for it someone else was too. You made eye contact with the person to see who it was and you were surprised to see a young man and with a rather small white dog. 

“Uhm you can have it. I can just get a different one.” You motioned for him to talk it, while you awkwardly back away to go find a different leash. 

“No it’s okay you can get it, I think she(my dog) probably wants a different one.” 

“Yeah by the look she’s giving you she definitely wants a different one.” The both of you laugh. 

“Guess you have a dog or do you just buy dog leashes for fun?” He was making small talk but you can tell there was definite slight dorky flirting.

“No I have a dog, he’s waiting for me back at my place. He’s been wanting to go on a walk today.” You pulled out your phone to show him a picture of Max and he wouldn’t stop complimenting him. 

“Maybe if its okay do you mind if me and Coco joined you for your walk? There’s a park nearby we could go to.” You said yes and told him that he could meet you outside your apartment after he was done with shopping with whatever he needed.

Wow she’s really cute when she’s awkward. Should I flirt with her? Oh why did i say that!? She’s laughing, she likes me. I well at least hope so she does. Maybe I should ask her on a date, no wait just a casual friend thing right now be nice to her. *after asking you out* She said yes!! Okay be calm Mark you don’t want to scare her away.. Now it’s time to tell Youngjae that I need another two hours with coco, this won’t be pretty.

Jackson: Airport- You’re plane was on delay due whatever issues and you were just dreaded it. You needed to get on the plane and go home. You wanted nothing more but to be in your cozy bed wrapped in your fuzzy blankets. Miles away and knew nothing in this foreign country, you only went to China for a business meeting but that ended up being cancelled due to the buyer dropping out of the deal. It just hasn’t been your greatest week ever and no matter what your week kept getting worse. No one else was awake near the plane gate, you couldn’t blame them it was midnight and after being delayed for several hours you would fall asleep too. Sleep was about to win but as you were about to go to sleep, someone had tapped your shoulder.

“Do you mind if I talk to you? I’m pretty bored and you’re the only person that’s awake, also all my friends are ignoring my phone calls.”

He kept asking you why you were here and more to get to you know type of friend way. Three hours had passed. Three hours of laughs exchanged, smiles and stupid looks (mainly coming from you because boy this boy said the weirdest things ever). It was finally 3 am when you were able to board the plane and the thought of you going home hadn’t popped into your head since you started to talk to Jackson. As the two of you board the plan you asked if he wanted to get coffee after you landed in Korea, he gladly accepted and said to meet him at baggage claim after landing.

Why is she the only one awake right now? Everyone else is asleep I know if I didn’t have that cup of coffee I would be pass out right now. She probably need someone to talk to, I should get up and go over. What if she doesn’t like me, what if she wants to be left alone. She’s really pretty I doubt she would talk to me. Worth a shot *during the plane ride* she’s the sweetest thing ever, glad I went up to her… Now just be patient about our coffee date. Wait is it date? or is something else? Oh god what do I call it!?

Junior: Grocery Store- You were raised on the idea of if you ever going to the grocery store on an empty stomach you’re going to buy everything that appealed to you and to be truthful you were probably about to spend your money on so much junk food. You can regret it later when you see your bank account right now your focus is on buying food. After spending 10 minutes in the fruit and 15 minutes alone in every junk food section there was you were finally ready to just buy one more thing and that was Oreos. A must have thing to have when you’re doing nothing but watching stupid romance movies that you secretly love. You were noticing the store was starting to become empty “Must be closing time” you thought to yourself. You continued along the aisle to get to the cookies, you reached the oreos and excitement ran throughout your whole body, its cookies; cookies are great. 

There was one boxed left of your favorite oreos the red velvet flavored oreos(recommend them, they are amazing) as you were about to reach for it there was another hand about to take the same box. Luckily for your love of Oreos you were quicker and grabbed them before they had the chance to do the same thing. You faced to see a young man just giving you glance of disbelief.

“I’m guessing those are your favorite Oreo’s or else you wouldn’t have violently taken them off the shelve.” A smirk came across his face when you made eye contact with him, he may be cute but he did seem like a douche. 

“Well of course it is, its better then all the other ones including the original.” You were ready to pick a fight with this guy even its about oreos.

“The original is the best one, everyone knows that.” He scoffs at your ignorance before you could pick a fight with him a voice over the sound system interrupted you. 

“The store will closing in ten minutes all costumers please head to the registers to purchase your items. Once again the store will be closing in ten minutes.” 

“I guess we’ll continue this at the registers.” You rolled your cart down the aisle and you noticed he wasn’t following you. You stopped right where you are and turned around and said “Well are you coming or what? Because I’m going to prove to you that I’m right and you’re wrong.” He gave you a dumbfounded look, he  seemed as though he couldn’t believe what you said to him. He gave a small smile and said “Enlighten me with how those are better than the originals.”

How do you strike up a conversation with someone at a grocery store? Do you just go up to them like a normal person and be like “hey what’s up” or do you say “hey you pick out nice apples?” Wait no what the fuck thats stupid, awkward, and creepy.. Okay she’s going for the oreos better start talking to her now or else you’ll do it…. She’s really cute when she’s picks a fight. How can someone so small pick a fight, I’ll ask her out once she’s done going on about how the filling actually taste like real cream cheese. She’s dork but I want to get to know this dork.

Youngjae: Book Store- If anybody knew where to find you on a Saturday morning it would be either in sleeping in bed or at the local bookstore picking out some new books. Today was the day for you to be picking out some books. What you liked best about going early in the mornings was that there was no one else in the store and you can take all the time that you want without feeling rushed. You walked along the aisles back and forth in hope to find something that would interest you. You finally found the book that you’ve been wanting to read but always put it aside for a rainy day. As you grabbed the book you took a seat on the floor to read the first chapter of it, yet time went on and you were practically halfway through the book because there was a plot twist after another. As you reading your eyes shifted noticed a person was standing in front of you just looking at you. You looked up to acknowledge this person that turned out to be a young man just staring at you awkwardly. He keep opening and closing his mouth as if he was trying to choose what he was about to say more carefully after 10 ten seconds of him deciding what to say he finally began to talk to you.

“I know this seems rather weird and I completely understand that you probably wouldn’t talk to me but I just bought that book last week and I just wanted to say you’ll probably be mad at how the story ends. Still its a great book and I really recommend that you finish it. Well hmm I’ll let you get back to the book.” He started to walk away from you but you were utterly confused on how you’ll be mad at the ending.

“Wait!” Getting up from your little spot you hurried up to catch up to this young man. He was cute and he likes to read, he’s a keeper and you shouldn’t let him get away. “Why would I be mad at the ending!? Wait. Don’t tell me I don’t want to know.. I actually do want to know but on the other hand….” You kept babbling on about how you want to know the ending and how you didn’t want to know. He kept looking at you blankly trying to speak at a perfect opportunity but you wouldn’t let him. After minutes of babbling on you stopped and upon looking at him you just gave out a little sigh and realized how crazy he must think you’ll be. He handed you a business card and before you can ask what it was for he went on with his explanation which was pure innocence and awkwardness.

“Before you say anything else, here’s my number maybe when you’re done with the book we can probably talk about it over coffee or food? Only if you want to maybe I’m not pressuring you into a date or anything its only if you want to. I mean this is completely up to you, you know completely up to you. Maybe it doesn’t have to be date it coul-” You cut him off because you just couldn’t endure the babbling on 

“I’ll give you a call when I’m done with the book uhmmm Youngjae. I better get going though, it was nice meeting you. I’ll see you real soon.” You gave him a shy smile and a little wave and walked away from him, hoping you actually see him real soon.

You can do this Youngjae just go up to the pretty girl and just start talking to her. Don’t get distracted by her pretty looks but she really is pretty. She’s reading a book that Junior was telling me about let me google so reviews… *after talking to you the first time* okay you said what you needed to say and just walk away. Walk away.. Should I say something about her be indecisive I could just ask her out on a date. *after you said you’ll call him* Oh my god she practically said yes to the date! She said yes oh my god.. Wait I just realized I need to read that book now.. 

Bambam: Coffee Shop- As finals were coming up one after another, you felt like you’re going to die from all the stress and lack of sleep you were getting. Living on campus wasn’t that great either people were always at the library taking up all the tables making it crowded and your roommate’s partner was spending the night at your dorm studying and well just having sex when you passed out from exhaustion. When your biology final coming up in less than twelve hours you need to stay up all night to finish study on the differences between the genetics and cells in animals and plants. There was a coffee shop that was open 24 hours only in final weeks for college students, it was that far from campus either so you packed everything you needed and headed straight to the coffee shop. 

Upon entering the shop there wasn’t that many people there, just a few studying and a few other just relaxing. You ordered your drink and got yourself situated in a corner table near a window, so you can still see people walking by. A few hours passed by, three cups of coffee and now you were nearly on the verge of killing yourself. “Do I absolutely need to go to college? I mean can I just sell drugs or become a stripper, they make good money.” All these little thoughts came to your mind because there was no way in hell you would pass this final. You came to the realization that you just couldn’t do it anymore, you started to pack your things but as you did that someone walked to your table to interrupt your train of thought about literally becoming a stripper.

“Are you okay? You seem rather stressed out, do you need help with anything.” Even though this young man didn’t know you it was still sweet that he’s offering help.

“Uhm I just have a biology final coming up in a couple of hours and I’m just giving up and heading back to my dorm so I can at least sleep or something.” The tone of your voice he can tell you were actually giving up on yourself.

“I may not know you but I can’t help you study! You probably just need someone to help you out. I’ll help!! I don’t have nothing to do so I honestly don’t mind helping you.”

*After helping you to studying for a couple of hours*

It was two hours till your final and you started to pack up because it was best if you start heading out now. “It’s time for me to go I’m sorry that you helped me, you really didn’t need to but I greatly appreciate it, Kunpimook.” 

“Hey I told you to call me Bambam, and no problem Y/N we all have to help people out once in a while. After your final maybe we should hang out, after you get some sleep.” You couldn’t help but laugh because he was right about you getting sleep. You agreed to message him later that day to tell him how it went.

God that was the worst thing I ever experienced who needs biology? Why do you need to know about all these useless things, but I hope Y/N passes her finals she really deserves it after studying so much. Maybe I should take her to a different café as a way to celebrate her getting through that hell. Would she even go on a date with me? I hope she does say yes.

Yugyeom: Music store- One of the good things about working at a music store was that you got to play your favorite music. It was your favorite thing just being able to play all types of music and jamming out especially when there was no costumers around either. They wouldn’t judge you but it was always just better singing along when no one was there simply for the fact that you didn’t want to embarrass yourself. You had the late Thursday night shift which meant that you were restocking up on merchandise, and doing inventory. It was almost closing time and there was no one in the store so you started to restock so the quicker you finish the quicker you can go home. You went to the back to grab the merchandise that you needed as you were doing so you heard the little bell ring which meant someone, a costumer, entered the store. You grabbed whatever you needed and headed back out to the sales floor. You see a guy looking around the vinyl section. 

“Do you need help looking for something in particular sir?” Even though he seemed like he was around your age you still needed to be polite and talk to him formally.

“No I’m just looking around to see if something catches my eye. Do you have any recommendations?” This was your chance to tell him about your own music taste without being considered weird, he did say if you recommended anything. 

You asked him questions on his own personal taste in music and tried to find something similar and modern to that certain artist he told you. The both of you got to talking and you actually had the same taste which was pretty great because you both talked about artist and concerts you’ve both been too. You noticed the time and it was way pass closing time, this where it would be awkward tell this guy that seems pretty cool that he needed to leave.

“Hey I’m sorry but I kind of need to kick you out, I need to lock up and do some restocking before I get off.” You made that really awkward face you do when you get don’t know what to do after you say certain things.

“Its okay I completely understand, I’ll come back another time Y/N, you know so we can talk some more.” He gave you a cheeky smile and waved goodbye as he left the store. You rolled your eyes and just smiled to yourself about meeting him.

Honestly I never knew someone would like the same music as me, the other guys were starting to hate me for dragging them to concerts and blasting my music hard core in the car. She was really cute too… WAIT! I never asked when she was working again.. Crap should I go back and ask? Or is that too weird? No, I can just call and ask if she’s working that time. Yeah that’s less weird.. Stalkerish but not as weird. Hope I don’t make a fool of myself when I see her next time.

Ghostly Visions Part 11/12

Originally posted by cptsmallass

Warnings: Swearing (as always with my writing) Eventual smut, violence

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Y/N - Your name, Y/F/N - Your Full Name, Y/A - Your Age

A/N - Reader has visions of the future, but is afraid to face what she sees when it comes to Bucky.

Ghostly Visions: Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7II Part 8 II Part 9 II Part 10 II Part 11 II Part 12

The SUV was hot, there were men on either side of her and the plastic ties that they used to restrain Y/N were digging into her wrists. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the head rest. She fought the tears that were threatening to spill out of her eyes. She rubbed her finger over the scar on the base of her thumb. She outlined the J over and over again. She wasn’t ready for this. She wanted more sunny mornings in a hammock, she wanted to kiss her James one more time and she wanted to hear his voice reading to her. But she knew that was over for her now. She closed her eyes and focused on the memories, trying to hold onto them for as long as she could.

They drove for what felt like hours, until they finally made it to their destination. The brought her out of the SUV and led her to a room where they removed the black bag and cut her wrists free, only to cuff them to a table in front of her. It was a standard interrogation room: white walls, one table, two chairs and a two way mirror. She put her head down on the table waiting for the man to come in and ask her the questions she already knew the answer to.  After a while the door finally opened and an older gentleman in a suit walked in.

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Can We Please Talk About...

The Second Time It Happened? (A Leia fic)

Hey, my loves! It’s been too long since I bestowed a Leia fic upon you. This is part 2/? of the story of how Captain Killian-can’t-get-enough-of-his-daughter Jones can’t stop waking up in the middle of the night because he’s just too stinkin in love with his little girl. Leia is 6 weeks old. This is literally nothing but fluff, AS ALWAYS.

Click here if you missed the first time it happened. 


The second time it happens, Emma wakes to the sound of whispered words of endearment. “You’re so, so beautiful. But even more importantly, you’re smart. You’re so, so smart. And brave. And loud, especially loud. You just love being loud, don’t you?” Emma snickers, propelling herself backwards towards the middle of the bed, hoping for her back to collide with her pirate’s warm, hard chest. 

She moves a few inches, but still doesn’t make contact. “You’re going to fall off the bed, pirate,” she whispers. “Why are you so far over?”

Killian ignores her. “You’re so special, darling. I don’t know what I’d ever do without you. My beautiful, sweet…” (Emma smiles, wondering what prompted her pirate to get all wordy and cheesy with her in the middle of the night.)

“….perfect love. I love you so, so much, my littlest love.”

Emma’s eyes jerk open wider. LITTLEST?! 

She turns around, and contrary to her prior beliefs, Killian’s side of the bed is empty. He is not whispering loving words across the bed to her. No, no. He is whispering loving words to his daughter. Loving words that just so happen to be flowing audibly through the baby monitor.

Emma scoffs and laughs and groans all at the same time, throwing back her covers and trudging to Leia’s room. This man.

She arrives just in time to watch Killian pepper kisses all over Leia’s tiny face.

“Killian Jones,” she scolds playfully, and he turns to her, the look on his face one of a child who’s just gotten caught with his hands in the cookie jar. “What might you be doing out of bed?”

“I…umm….I…” he stammers, and she’s brought straight back to the Enchanted Forest, as he stumbled to come up with a fake name. 

“Charles. Prince Charles. And I’m Princess….Leia.”

Emma just laughs. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to hand over the merchandise,” she explains, holding out her arms expectantly. Killian sticks out his bottom lip, pretending to pout as he hands Emma their daughter. Emma cradles the sleeping bundle in her arms, holding Leia’s face close enough to nuzzle with her cheek. “What is Daddy doing with you, duckling?” She coos, her voice quiet but enthusiastic, “Is he bugging you? Aren’t you sick of being told how pretty you are? I hope not. You’re so pretty, Leiabear. Especially when you’re sleeping, yes. Mmm, I love you so much.

Now it’s Emma’s turn to pepper kisses all over. Killian watches his girls with delight, joy overflowing his heart. Emma looks so radiant in her silky white nightgown, bed hair falling gracefully over her shoulders, pretty pink cheek nuzzled against Leia’s matching one. Her hands hold the baby like she’s done it for years, not weeks. He’s so, so proud, and feels way, way too lucky.

“You okay?” she asks him, catching him staring.

“Aye, Swan,” he answers her, “Just admiring my lovely family.”

Emma beams, turning back to their daughter. “You tell Daddy that if he’s gunna sneak out to see you in the middle of the night, he’s gotta learn how to turn the monitor off so Mumma doesn’t hear him talking to you.”

Killian emits a frustrated groan. “That bloody contraption is still on? Bloody hell. I swear, I toggled all of the correct—“

Emma cuts him off. “Daddy’s no good with buttons, Leia,” she continues, rubbing her nose against the baby’s, “We’re gunna have to teach him all over again, aren’t we?”

“Swan, I swear, I hit the blue button, just like you—“

Red button,” she corrects him, kissing Leia’s nose softly with her lips before turning to set her down in the crib, “The red button turns it on and off.”

Killian grabs hold of her wrist gently as she’s halfway through lowering Leia back into her bed. “Wait, wait,” he insists, giving her a pleading expression. “Can I have me merchandise back? Just for a second?”

She opens her mouth to tease him again, but then she really looks at his face and, as usual, every part of her turns soft. He just wants to hold his daughter and make sure she knows how much she’s loved. That’s all he wants.

Emma hands Leia to Killian, and she makes a small, frustrated whimpering noise. (She’s probably tired of being passed back and forth like a basketball during her precious 2 hour sleeping interval) “There, there, my littlest love,” Killian whispers, leaning her against his bare shoulder and rubbing her back the way he knows she likes. Leia’s body relaxes, slumped comfortably against her father’s. Killian sways as he rubs her back, using his blunted left arm to hold her securely against his chest. Emma watches with a smile, remembering a conversation they’d had on multiple occasions before Leia was born.

“How am I going to hold her when I’m down a bloody hand? What if it scares her?”

“You will find a way and it will feel just right, to you and to her. I promise. And she absolutely won’t be scared a single bit. I promise. You’ll just be Daddy. Every kid adores their dad. I promise, Killian.”

“You promise?”

“Yes. The only thing I can’t promise is that she’ll be a SHE, so you should really stop that.”

“Oh, she’s a she. I can just feel it. You’ve our little princess in there, Swan.”

“Whatever you say, Killian.”

Emma shakes her head at the memory, returning to the present. Killian’s lips are pressed to Leia’s hair, his eyes closed while he rememorizes the scent he’s already banked in his mind thousands of times.

Emma moves to stand next to him, putting one hand over his and using the other to lightly scratch his bare back. She sways in time with him, pressing her lips against his shoulder. “You’re so incredible with her,” she praises him, unable to keep her mouth shut about it, “I could watch you hold her forever. Even though it’s the middle of the night and I’m exhausted.”

Killian lets out a breathy laugh. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?”

“Who are you talking to, pirate?” she teases him, nipping at his shoulder.

“You this time, Swan,” he clarifies, turning his head away from Leia to press his face into Emma’s hair. “I’ll never stop hoping that this little person right here grows up to be just like her mother.”

“I don’t know,” Emma counters, nodding at the way Leia is so comfortably snuggled in Killian’s grip, “She’s quite the daddy’s girl and you’ve taken her sailing every single day of her life. We’re bound to have a little pirate on our hands, I think.”

Killian tsked. “Tell Mummy to stop teasing you, princess,” he coos at Leia, rubbing the baby’s shoulders with his thumb. “She’s always so calm when we’re on the waves.”

“Of course she is,” Emma agrees, already looking forward to the morning, when Killian would inevitably pack up everything and bundle Leia up for their morning sail, “she’s your daughter.”

And that was the second time.


Band Member: Luke

Type: College AU

Description: Luke knows when you’ve had a bad day, so he’ll try anything to cheer you up.
This is an old fic I left off my masterlist and I decided to rework it a little. Even if it has been revamped, it’s still dedicated to my favourite Luke girl, Jess (irrelevantpiratelaughter). I hope this makes up for the ticket. <3

Your day was going from bad to worse.

Your best friend had started seeing a boy, leaving you completely in the dust of her departing white horse that was heading for the sunset. Your flatmates had left the flat in a complete state of disarray from the party last night. Your lecturer had given you some tough feedback on your essay away after you’d spent hours writing and you were sort of proud until he had told you it isn’t your best work, maybe try a new angle as he’d rushed to get to his next lecture.

Defeated, you gathered your things up and shoved them into your bag gracelessly. What you wouldn’t give to catch a break. It seemed like everything was working against you lately and you wanted nothing more than to head home and cry in a less uncomfortable bed. But home was miles away and you couldn’t leave midweek without your mother thinking you were dying. So you decided on the next greatest way to deal with a shit time. You were going to find the nearest shop, buy your weight in chocolate and go back to your room to watch numerous documentaries on Netflix.

But as you turned to walk out of the building, you saw your boyfriend in the crowd. It was hard to miss the guy who towered over most of the population. You swore under your breath and tried to make a break for it. You loved Luke but you hated him to see you sad, he always felt like it was his responsibility to rescue the situation even if he wasn’t the cause. Part of you hoped he’d mistake you for somebody else so you could leave undetected when you heard him shout your name.

“Fuck,” you whispered to yourself as you looked around for an escape route.

You ducked into the doorway of another room and waited for Luke head outside. You counted the minute under your breath. He would look for you back at your flat rather than hang around your lecture hall. He’d find your hungover flatmates and leave you be, probably guessing you’d gone for a drive. So you stepped out and tried to look less annoyed by everybody else’s existence. But you felt a hand take yours and pull you back into the classroom. You sighed, realising you weren’t the master of evasion you’d thought yourself to be. Luke looked at you with a soft expression as he made you sit down next to him on the red cushioned seats. He rested your intertwined hands on his thigh then glanced at you.

“You only dodge me like that when either I’ve fucked up or you’re upset,” he said softly. “And I don’t think it’s me because I haven’t said the wrong thing or forgotten our anniversary. So what’s happened, babe?”

You looked at him then tipped your head back with a groan. “Am I really that obvious?”

He shook his head slowly and smiled at you. “You’re pretty good at hiding it but I’ve been your boyfriend for too long now to not notice this kind of things.”

He tapped the back of your hand with his fingers as he waited for you to talk. Luke never pushed you to tell him anything so instead, he’d wait even if it took several months for you to break.

“I’m just having a bad day,” you admitted with a sigh. “It’s just been getting shittier as the hours pass so if you want to break up with me or something, today is your golden opportunity.”

Luke rolled his eyes at you and pulled you closer to him. “I think you’re safe. I’ve grown too attached to you to break up with you. I might even sort of love you but don’t hold me to that, I’m still not convinced.”

“Sort of?” you said as you tilted your head with a small smile. “That’s understandable, we’ve only been together a few years so I wouldn’t want to push you into any rash decisions on your affections towards me.”

“You know I love you which is why we’re going on a drive,” he announced.

He pulled you to your feet and you looked at him like he was crazy. Luke had a song to compose and you knew he was nowhere near finished since he’d restarted the project at least five times already.

“You have too much work to do to for your classes,” you argued. “I’ll be fine. Just let me go buy about twenty bars of Dairy Milk chocolate, eat them until I feel sick and then I’ll be okay.”

Luke shook his head again and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. He led you out of the building and into the carpark. He smelt like the aftershave you’d bought him for Christmas, it was the closest thing you was able to get to that reminded him of home and he wore it every day without fail. You closed your eyes and let him lead you and tried to come up with a more convincing argument.

“I can catch up later, right now I just want to make my girl feel better and I know exactly how.”

He threw his car keys at you and nodded at his car. It was a beat up thing but you liked to drive it, it reminded you of when Luke used to take you onto the fields and let you go wild. He’d always close his eyes and tell you he trusted you as you attempted to drive it up the banks.

“I know driving makes you feel better,” he mused. “So you drive and I’ll give you directions, okay?”

You glared at him, you rested your arms against the roof. It was still warm from the afternoon sun.

“I’m driving you straight back to your flat and you’re going to work on your song, okay?” you said as you mimicked his voice badly.

He raised his eyebrows and pointed at you. “I do not sound like that. Get in the car, babe. You’re not going to win this argument.”

You groaned and climbed into the driver’s seat. He slammed the passenger’s door and looked at you seriously. The car was a mess but you expected nothing less from your boyfriend. Discarded food wrappers, spare guitar strings and snapped plectrums littered the backseat thanks to his band.

“I can catch up with my work when you’re at your seminar tomorrow. But for now, please just let me cheer you up, please?”

He gave you the pouty face that reminded you of a sad puppy. You sighed and started up the engine. You knew you’d never win this one, he’d sulk and then he wouldn’t do any work anyway.

“Right, where am I going?” you asked him as you began to drive out of the campus carpark.

He grinned at you as you looked to check it was clear on his side. “Go right and keep driving until I tell you to turn again.”

Luke started fiddling with the stereo and turned the volume up until you recognised that he’d put the All Time Low album on that you kept leaving in his car. He skipped through until he found what he was looking for, you laughed when you realised it was the song he called yours. Luke had always said it described your relationship perfectly since you’d had a one date back in your final year of school and just never really left each other’s side since, even managing to pick the same university without realising.

He started singing it and kept poking your arm until you finally joined in, you never mentioned how you loved hearing him sing and you lived for the nights he came running into your room with his guitar to play you a song he’d written for you.

“Turn here,” he said loudly over the music.

You did what you were told and frowned when you realised it was the ice cream parlour he’d brought you to on your first official date. You parked up and looked at him.

“Ice cream? But they’re closing up, Luke.”

He shrugged and told you to wait in the car. He ran to the girl who looked like she was trying ready to stab a bitch if she had to smile one more time. Luke looked like he was trying to negotiate a drug deal rather than ice cream but the girl sighed and served him anyway. He ran back to the car with the two cups of ice cream and spoons. You frowned and took the cup off of him.

“No cones?” you asked. “Was the girl that annoyed to serve you?”

He shut his door and shook his head with a grin. “When we came on our first date, they’d run out so we had the ice cream in sundae glasses but since they’re closing, these are the next best thing. You’ve got the flavour you had on our date and I’ve got what I had.”

You realised what he was doing and smiled because you had Luke Hemmings, the best boyfriend in the world. He was trying to recreate your first date.

“You’re such a dork, Hemmings,” you said then bit your lip.

He blushed and ate a spoonful of his ice cream.

“And I love it,” you added before kissing his cheek.

You gave him some of yours, remembering you’d dropped it all over his t-shirt the first time. You threatened to do the same and he’d wrestled your hand away until he’d split it all over his car interior.

You ate the rest of your ice cream while Luke told you about how his flatmate Calum had almost set the place on fire last night as he was trying to cook for everybody. You laughed, you liked Luke’s flatmates. They’d already announced that next year, you were moving in with them so you could escape your shitty flatmates. The idea was enough to keep you going when your flat threw parties and messed up everything.

“Right, now we drive,” Luke decided as he took the empty cup from you and dumped it on the backseat.

“Where to?” you asked as you started up the engine.

He shrugged and rested his hand on your thigh. “Wherever you want to go. We drive until you feel less shitty or until we’re running dangerously low on fuel, whichever comes first.”

You looked over at him for a second then settled your eyes back on the open road ahead of you. You laced your fingers with his and let his thumb trace circles on the back of your hand.

“What did I do to deserve you, Hemmings? Because whatever I did, I did something amazing.”

“I don’t know, you probably rescued a cat from a tree or something in a previous life,” he said randomly. “It definitely wasn’t in this life because I swear cats have evolved not to get stuck in trees anymore.”

You laughed and shook your head. “You’re an idiot, Hemmings.”

“But I’m your idiot,” he reminded you. “And I will be forever, if you want me to be.”

Cold (Michael imagine) PART 2!

Word Count: 1.6k

Requested? About ten times omfg

A/N: I was really surprised that the first part went down as well as it did so I hope this does it justice! (also this is highkey extremely angsty) 

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Masterlist | Have any feedback? | PART 1

“It’s been three hours and she’s still crying!”

You run a frustrated hand through your hair as you stare at the baby lying in the crib in front of you. It’s been a long night and all you want to do is sleep but, unfortunately for you, your newborn isn’t complying.

“Try feeding her?” The voice of your best friend, Abby, comes drifting down the line and you groan, shaking your head.

“I’ve tried it a million times! Nothing I do will make her stop, Abby! I just want to sleep,” As you stare at your six-month-old daughter, a pang of love flashes through your chest.

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philkas week - day 4; breakup. 


The fight is explosive. Raised voices, crying, pacing around the room, hair-tugging explosive – and the looming finality of Philip’s whispered, “I don’t know what I want anymore,” after Lukas asks sucks all the air out of their little apartment like a flashfire. It’s the worst argument they’ve ever been in, and, by the end of it, Lukas is drained; sits on the edge of the bed – their bed – with his head in his hands, lungs burning from the effort he’s putting in not to scream. It’s been six years. Six good years. High school and college and the year Philip deferred for an internship in London. And now…

“I don’t know what I want anymore,” Philip said, eyes wet and shiny with unshed tears, and Lukas doesn’t know what he wants either, but he knows it sure as hell isn’t this. Him, without the words to patch everything up brand new. Philip, across the room and a million miles away.

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The Middle Act

Part 2/3: Out on a hunt, Cas and Dean end up having to share a single bed for the night, neither one content to let the other sleep on the floor.

Part 1/3: How It Started – Read Here

Part 3/3: Not Really The End - Read Here

Happy Easter gift, have some M rated fluff and sexual content.

What woke Dean the following morning renewed his nerves within the span of a single second. It didn’t register at first, what was happening. One second he’d been warm and comfortable, mouth hanging open against Cas’s shirt, and the next he’d been cold and exposed. Cas had gotten up, and Dean’s eyes had fluttered open as soon as the bathroom door had closed.

Surging up in bed, he huffed a heavy breath, the morning sky outside cloudy and leaving their hotel room dimmed. Blinking, Dean wiped the sleep from his eyes, his legs still tangled in the blankets as he tried to re-establish what had happened.

Cas had climbed into bed with him, and then they’d cuddled. At Dean’s volition. All. Night. Long. Dean, who didn’t usually like cuddling. Who only ever did it when someone else initiated it.

What did that mean? Should he say something about it? What should he say?

Before he could even narrow himself down to a point however, Cas was coming back out, blue meeting wide, scared, shocked green before Dean was ready.

Cas paused, looking him up and down before speaking. “Good morning, Dean,” was all he said, Dean’s focus darting down to the dark wet spot on Cas’s gray shirt. Because, oh God, he’d drooled on him.

“Uh…” Dean felt that his voice hardly existed in that moment.

“It’s nearly eight-thirty,” Cas continued on easily. “If you’re awake, then we should go get breakfast. I’m hungry.” Because Cas was always hungry.

“Ah…” Dean blinked. “S-sure, I guess…”

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