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Harry Styles - “Confessions”

I completely left this open(and have already planned) for a part two. So… if you would like a part two let me know! Enjoy! And be ready to have your heart broken.

Part Two - Part Three - Part Four - Part Five

Harry sat on the edge of his bed in Los Angeles, his head in his hands, as he tried to hold back the tears and will his breathing to stay even and calm. His phone lay beside him, the screen still lit up to show him his recent calls - the last of which had just turned his world upside down. 

He eventually sits up, letting out a large sigh as his large ringed hands push through his short floppy hair, pushing it back from his forehead. His green eyes look across the room where on top of the chest of drawers sat a picture of the person he cared about most in the world. He stared at your smiling face, his own smiling face next to you and that’s when the tears came. He was going to lose you, he knew that he was. 

Just then his phone began to ring beside him. He dreaded it was her, the person who had called a few minutes before him and broke the news but instead he saw your face appear on the screen and that, in that moment, may have been worse. He picks up the phone, staring down at your picture as the phone continues to ring. 

He couldn’t do it, he couldn’t hear your voice, happy and still in love with him, when he now knew what he did. He couldn’t tell you over the phone. He had messed up, he knew that, and he had to say it to your face. After the phone finally stopped ringing he gave a sigh and pulled himself up and off the bed. 

He had things he needed to do in LA, meetings to attend, interviews to be done but he couldn’t. He needed to get to you and tell you as soon as he could so he called Jeff. He couldn’t say it though, he couldn’t tell him exactly the situation, just that he had to go home - and now. 

Once he landed in London the next day, his hands were shaking, his palms were sweaty and his breathing was shallow as he sat in the back of the car headed towards your house. He kept trying to play out and plan his words for this conversation. How would he go about it? Where could he possibly start? He had so many confessions to make and what he was most afraid of was the inevitable - losing you. He also knew he wouldn’t be able to handle that hurt, devastated, and heart-broken face that he was soon going to see before him. 

The idea brought tears to his eyes. He rubbed the back of his hand against his eyes, grinding away the tears harshly. He hated himself, his entire body was full of regret, remorse, and dread knowing that he could never take this back. 

“Hello?” Harry calls a few moments later as he enters your shared home. He knew you were home, it being your day off work and your car was parked out front but he heard nothing. “Love?” He calls out again. 

“Harry?” He finally hears from the kitchen. He couldn’t will himself to move towards your voice. He wanted to run back out the door to never have to face this situation, he wanted to pretend everything was okay. But it just wasn’t. And never would be again. “Harry!” You gasp once you see your tall, tattooed and handsome boyfriend standing in the entryway of the living room. 

“Hey.” He mutters, barely able to get his voice above a low gravel. He clears his throat and puts his bag down at his feet, sliding off his jacket. He was trying to delay this, anything to keep the truth from coming out. 

“What are you doing home? Why haven’t you answered my calls in two days?” You were full of questions but then in that moment you didn’t care. You had missed Harry so much and if he was home - that was all that mattered. So, you cross the room and burrow yourself into his chest. You wrap your arms tight around his torso, taking in that familiar scent of his cologne while his arms wrap around your shoulders. He buries his face in your hair, his eyes closing as the tears began to slide down his cheeks. This was surely the last moment he would hold you in his arms and he wanted it to last as long as possible. “What’s going on?” You question, looking up at him. You gasp when you take in his tears. “Harry, what is it?” Your mind was racing. What possibly could have happened to cause him to act like this? You reach up, brushing your thumbs under his eyes along the tracks his tears were making. 

“I messed up, love.” He finally says, his voice a quiet whisper as he stares down into your eyes. You frown, shaking your head a bit in confusion. 

“What do yo-” 

“I slept with someone.” The words were out before he could over think it. He watched the gears turn in your head as you processed this. As soon as he saw it click, you backed out of his arms, distancing yourself from him just as he knew that you would. “Please, love, i’ was while we were going through tha’ rough patch a few weeks ago. I was angry, you were angry, I didn’ know where we stood-” 

“So you fucked someone else and never told me?!” You interrupt as your blood began to boil. “You came back here acting like it was all okay?! As if nothing ever happened!” You also felt your heart break, a dull ache began in the center of your chest. Harry was the love of your life, the man you were going to spend forever with and yet .. he had hurt you in the way he always vowed he never would. 

“I jus’…” He scratches at the back of his neck, shaking his head a little as he gave a sigh. He looks at the floor, anywhere but at the hurt and angry face before him. He also noted the fact that your eyes, those gorgeous eyes of yours that he loved so much, had begun to well up with tears. “I don’ know how to make up for this bu’ tha’ isn’t all.” He knew he had to say it, he had to get everything out so just maybe, maybe, the two of you could start trying to work it out. 

“What else is there?” You cross your arms over your chest as the tears slide down your cheeks. What else could there be? Had he slept with her again? Was he leaving you for her? Your mind was racing and you weren’t sure you would be able to handle anymore of this. Harry was your life and even with him standing in front of you still you felt it might not be for too much longer and you already felt lost. 

“She called me yesterday mornin’,” He began, his eyes peaking at you through his lashes as he kept his head slightly down. 

“Okay?” You urged but felt that sense of dread begin to creep up in your head as you surely knew what was coming next. Why would you contact the man you slept with weeks before? There was really only two reasons - wanting to get together again or being pregnant. Your blood ran cold at the latter possibility. It couldn’t be that, it just couldn’t. 

“She’s… she’s pregnan’.” The words pained him to say out loud. He hadn’t spoken it since he heard her mumble it through her sobs on the other end of the phone the morning before. He saw your face crumble then. Your eyebrows furrowed together, your eyes swimming with tears, and he saw your breath hitch in your throat. 

“You got another girl pregnant.” It wasn’t a question, it wasn’t accusatory, it was just a statement as you took to trying to process this. Harry was going to be a father, and it wasn’t with you. This just couldn’t possibly be happening. 

“I don’ know what I’m goin’ to do, bu’ what I wan’ first is to try and make things work with you. Please, love…” He trailed off when you shook your head vigorously, the tears now falling freely down your cheeks. 

“You expect me to just forgive you for this?” You give another shake of your head. “Would you forgive me if I got pregnant by another man? If I cheated on you and got knocked up? Would you be willing to move past that?” Harry bit at his lower lip and stared at the carpet under your feet. He knew you were right, he would probably never be able to move past it if you had someone else’s child. 

“You won’ even try? For us? We’ve been together for-”

“I don’t need you to remind me how long we’ve been together, Harry! I don’t need you telling me about the life we’ve started here together because I remember, I know!” You felt your anger begin to flare up. “It was you that seems to have forgotten the life we have together while you were busy fucking someone else!” He cringes at your choice of wording as well as your now raised voice but he knew he deserved it all. You were of course right, after all. 

“Please,” He takes a step towards you, holding his large hands out towards you, his cheeks wet with his still falling tears. He felt a sob building in his chest as he felt this was it, knowing you would most likely never forgive him. “I made a mistake, I will pay for tha’ for the rest of my life but I need you.” His voice dropped off to a whisper. “Don’ give up on me.” It was then that the sob finally fell from his lips and he felt his knees give out. 

“Harry,” You whisper as you watch the man you loved fall to his knees right there in front of you, his face pressing into his hands as large gasping sobs fell from his mouth. You feel a sob of your own and you take a step closer to Harry. You fall to your knees in front of him and bring a hand up to brush through his brown hair. He lifts his head up, his breath catching in his throat as his eyes meet yours. “I don’t think I can ever forgive you.” You watch his face crumble even more as he takes in your words. 

“I’m so sorry.” He whispers and the sobs resume. He then falls into your chest, his cheek burrowing into your t-shirt and his arms wrap tightly around your waist. You support his weight, your arms going around his shoulders, your fingers brushing at the hair on the back of his neck. “I’ll never forgive myself either.” He whispers through his sobs. 

You sat and held Harry, both of you crying and clinging to one another, knowing that this was it, for a good while until finally you pried him off of you and both of you stood up. 

“I think it’s best if you left.” You whisper as the two of you stood awkwardly facing each other. Harry gives a small nod, closing his eyes for a second. His eyes burned, the tears drying his eyes out but he knew he would probably spend the entire night crying. 

“Can I do somethin’, one las’ time?” You frown at him but he then takes a step closer to you and as his hand comes up to rest on your cheek you understood what he wanted. You don’t move as his face dips towards yours. You try not to return the pressure his lips press into yours but you couldn’t help it. As if by reflex you were kissing him back and bowing your body against his as your arms wrap around each other. It was as the kiss intensified and his tongue slid against yours that the reason this was to be your last kiss together reared back into your mind and you pulled away from him, breaking all contact together. 

“I can’t. I can’t do this, Harry.” You mutter, seeing that hurt and aching look in his green eyes as his chest heaved. He had hoped there for a second as he held you close again, your lips melded together perfectly like they always had, that just maybe you could forgive him. “I can’t be with you, I’m just going to picture you with her every time and I just can’t.” 

“I understand.” He gives a nod, hanging his head a bit. He pushes his fingers through his hair and looks back up at you. “I’m so sorry that I hur’ you.” He stares at you for a few seconds before backing towards the door. “I’ll always be jus’ a phone call away. I love you, with every piece of my soul.” You ignore the fresh tears sliding down your cheeks and simply give a nod. You look away from his heartbroken face and look anywhere but at him as he reaches for his bags and then a minute later was gone from the house. 

You fall to your knees right there where you stood and begin to cry into your hands, feeling like a piece of your heart had just walked out that door with Harry. 

Harry meanwhile had gone into the garage and got into his Range Rover but as soon as he was behind the wheel he rested his forehead against the steering while and let the sobs return. They were loud, chest heaving, sobs. Not only had he just lost the love of his life but he also now had to decide what he was going to do about his child on the way. 

I Slam Therefore I Am by veronicahague

“Yeah, well his poems are stupid.”

Louis realizes he’s probably said this a little bit too loudly when a hush falls over the campus common area and everyone turns to stare at him. Oops.

“Louis!” Liam whispers frantically, his eyes roving around the room in a panic. “What if he’d been here and heard you?”

Louis scoffs. “It’s not like I said his name.”

“No, but everyone in this room knows who you are. And they know there’s only one other person in this school who you could possibly be talking about.”

As much as Louis hates to admit it, it’s true. For as long as he’s been going to poetry slams and baring his soul to the entire world on stage (okay, fine, maybe just to the poetry club and other random students and staff who were drawn inside by the ‘free Starbucks coffee’ sign), his one and only rival has been Harry Styles.

Louis and Harry are both creative souls but they aren’t friends, not by a long shot.

This is the Rival Slam Poets AU that no one asked for.

Dreams do come true

Enjoy :)

Sleepy Harry was your favourite Harry without any doubt. The angelic sight of his peaceful countenance invaded by wild locks of hair scattered here and there, the gap his heart-shaped lips created when they parted and the faint snores that came out of them were some of the reasons you left the rest of sleep and woke up earlier.

You would always watch as his facial expressions made a perfect description of whatever went through his mind while dreaming. This time, doing again so, you admired as his serene look changed to a dimpled grin and unintelligible mumbles spilled out of his mouth. He fumbled for your figure to capture it between his strong arms, and now, having him that close, you were able to decode a sentence in the sea of mutters he let out, a sentence that went straight to your heart “My beautiful little family.”

The sunrays filtering in the room through the curtains made their way through his eyelids, as he fluttered them open. It was just a matter of time, and the feeling of your fingertips stroking gently at his hair, for him to fully wake “Morning love.” You didn’t answer back verbally, instead, you placed a kiss on his chin. “I had the best dream ever” “Really? What was it about?” He let go of his grip to meet your eyes and you saw a special enthusiasm in them as he began his speech. “It was father’s day and we were in bed commenting on, you know, how the day went and stuff like that; when you suddenly left the room just to return a few minutes later with a little wrapped box. I said to you it wasn’t my birthday nor any special day, at least for me, and you told me to open it anyways. The thing is there was this little note which said ‘Happy father’s day Daddy! The delivery service delayed so your present will arrive in nine months. See you then!’  I immediately realised what that meant and began to cry, even more than the baby would after being born!” You chuckled at his joke. He intertwined hands with you and uttered his next sentence in a whisper “It felt so real, so magical”

Harry had perfectly clear he wanted you to be the mother of his future kids. He loved you with every bit of his being and couldn’t wait any longer to create a baby from your mutual love. The idea had been wandering around his mind for a few months, but lately that days the want didn’t do anything but to increase, to the point that it would even show up in his dreams.

You didn’t plan on telling him that morning.

“Baby, what if I told you your dream not only felt real but was real?” You watched as a frown made its home in his face when confusion invaded him, and couldn’t help but giggle due to the look he had “What?” “Okay, I was wrong. In your dream you were faster to grasp the insinuation” He sat up and tilted his head “What do you-” He didn’t get to finish the sentence, as realisation finally hit him “Oh my… no” Eyes wide opened and mouth “o” shaped he shook your arm in impatience, wanting you to confirm the news to let out a reaction “Is it for real!?” Your eyes were already watery when you nodded frantically “Yes Hazz, I’m pregnant… we’re having a baby!” “W- we a-are having a baby?! O- oh my… WE’RE HAVING A BABY!” He jumped off of bed in excitement and leaned to grab your hands, spreading kisses all over them “Love, you’ve made me the happiest man in the world. The love of my life is giving me a baby! thank you so much” Tears of joy slided down his face, he cupped your cheeks kissing you gently and whispering repeatedly ‘thank you.’

He slided down to your tummy and lifted your shirt “Hello sweetie, I’m Daddy. Mommy just told me you are inside that cute belly of hers. Can’t wait to have you in my arms. You both are my greatest gifts” You didn’t know if it were the hormones that were already acting or it was you but the tears didn’t ceased from streaming down your face when he talked to the blessing creating inside you.

Harry rested beside your belly, snuggling it. You brushed his hair as you admired the sight of the love of your life whispering sweet nothings to your other love

“I still can’t believe I’m gonna be a dad”

“Well you’d better believe it, because baby Styles is on its way!”

Preference #4-First Ultrasound (Harry)

On the morning of your first ultrasound, Harry was out of bed bright and early, getting dressed and waiting not so patiently for you to wake up. 

“Good morning, love,” Harry called, when you came down the stairs. 

“Morning, Harry,” You murmured, yawning. You stumbled into the kitchen and poured yourself some water, before leaning against the counter. 

“Are you excited?” Harry inquired, coming in and standing close to you.

“To see our baby? Yes,” You said, holding out your hand for Harry. He took it, and you pulled him closer, until you could rest your head on him. After a few minutes, you glanced at the clock, and put your glass down. 

“I’m going to go get dressed, and we can go.”

“I’ll be waiting in the living room,” Harry said, before pressing his lips against your cheek. You smiled at him, going upstairs and quickly getting dressed. You went back downstairs, and the two of you headed over to the doctors. 

“I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N), and I’m here for my ultrasound,” You said to the receptionist, before taking a seat. Harry sat next to you, taking your hand in his. 

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” The nurse, Kristen, said. You stood, walking towards her, Harry following behind you. She showed you to a room, and you got up on the table. Harry stood next to you, his hand gently brushing your hair back. 

“Hello, Miss (Y/L/N),” Dr. Aubrey said, stepping into the room. “You’re here for you first ultrasound?” “I am,” You replied, smiling at her. 

“Please pull up your shirt,” She said, picking up the wand and the bottle of gel. “This might be a bit cold.” She put some on your abdomen, and then put some on the ultrasound wand. She pressed it against your skin, and an image of your baby showed up on the screen. “Here’s your baby’s head,” She said, pointing. “Harry, our baby,” You murmured, looking up at him. “I know, love. They’re so beautiful,” Harry whispered, his voice coming out hoarse. You squeezed his hand, happy that he was able to be there for this.

Written by Angel xx

Niall Horan - Anxiety Attack - Imagine

[Trigger warning. I’d like to have Niall to help me through my anxiety. haha Enjoy!]

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the whole whispered brave moment of zayn and liam always makes me so emo because zayn is kind of in his own little world with this fond smile and look to his face as louis lists words that describe liam. then you see zayn just slowly nodding his head because he knows louis is right with his word choice, but then he whispers brave and it’s like he doesn’t even really notice he says it either. that fond smile is still on his face too and zayn just loves liam so much and thinks the world of liam. the moment is so beautiful i could cry

The Birds and the Bees

Hello, everyone - Amanda here! I thought I’d start up an account to post my writings, so here we are! I hope you enjoy!

It was past midnight in London. Your boyfriend’s single had launched minutes ago to what may seem like very little fanfare. In fact, he and you were snuggled up in bed, sipping glasses of white wine and listening to the Beatles. The Daily Mail probably would find your celebration to be a bit of a letdown, you thought dryly.

“Thanks fo’ stayin’ in with me tonight,” Harry said, nosing into your hair. “Means a lot to jus’ hang out for the night – especially since I’ve got Nick in the morning.”

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Preference #16-He Gets Jealous (Harry)

Warning: Gross, rude guy. 

A/N: I know that there have been a couple things that I’ve written where the guys have been gross and rude towards women, but I really do not think that is what men are like. There are good men and not so nice men in the world, just like there are good and not so nice women in the world. 

You were sitting at the bar, a drink in front of you, while Harry talked to his friends. You knew Harry would be spending most of his time with his friends tonight, and you didn’t mind having a drink alone while he socialized.

“Hey there, sweetheart. What are you doing here all alone?” You heard a voice ask. You turned to look, and saw a young man take a seat next to you.

“I’m waiting for my boyfriend,” You replied, taking a sip of your drink.

“Why’d he leave you all alone?” He inquired.

“He didn’t leave me all alone. He’s right over there,” You said, gesturing behind you.

“Well, how about you get to know a man who won’t leave you alone? I’m Jake,” He said, holding out his hand.

“And I’m not interested,” You replied, ignoring the extended hand. You started to get up, when you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Hello, love,” Harry said. “Want to introduce me to whoever this is?”

“This is Jake,” You replied, pushing back your chair and standing. “Are you ready to go, Harry?”

“I’m ready to go,” He said, taking your hand in his. He pulled you close to him, and gently pressed his lips to yours. You heard Jake scoff, before shoving his chair back and stalking off.

“Let’s go, Harry,” You murmured. The two of you walked outside, and Harry got behind the wheel. “What was that back there?”

“What was what, love?” Harry inquired.

“You grabbing me and kissing me in public,” You said.

“I….I was a bit jealous, love,” Harry murmured, his cheeks heating up.

“Jealous? Of Jake?” You asked.

“Yes,” Harry replied. “He was talking to my girlfriend, flirting with her.”

“I know. But I wasn’t interested in him, and I told him as much. However, I don’t like you kissing me to show other men that I’m your girlfriend, like I’m a prize. I’m not an object, Harry,” You said.

“I know, love. I’m sorry,” Harry whispered, pulling into the driveway. The two of you walked inside, and got into bed. You turned away from him, pulling the covers over you.

“Goodnight, (Y/N). I love you,” Harry quietly said.

“I love you too, Harry,” You whispered, closing your eyes and drifting off to sleep. You awoke to an empty bed, and the smell of food cooking. You rolled over and went back to sleep, awakening only when you heard Harry come into the room.

“Good morning, (Y/N),” Harry said. He set down a tray at the end of the bed, and took a seat next to you. “I brought you breakfast.”

“Thank you, Harry. Why, though?” You asked.

“I wanted to apologize again for my behaviour last night. It wasn’t appropriate of me. I know that you’re not an object,” Harry whispered. “You’re my beautiful girlfriend, (Y/N), and I love you.”

“I love you too, Harry,” You replied, pressing a kiss to his lips.

Written by Angel xx

Dear Anon (who asked, “How can you be friends with people that are frankly bullies? There is a Larry circle of utter assholes and I’m just baffled at how vile they can be against Zayn.”),

It’s quite simple: I’m not. 

I don’t follow or surround myself with people that are bullies. And I certainly don’t follow anyone who is vile about Zayn given that I don’t believe the narrative that’s been built around him since March of 2015.

One of the first things Zayn said publicly after leaving was:

Even Simon’s version of this story is bullshit. Zayn wasn’t happy so Simon - Simon COWELL - let 1/5 of his main source of income just quit on the spot one day? And Simon was just like, “There he go…”

Because Simon Cowell just “heard about it” and gave it his best go at convincing Zayn to stay but in the end was like, “There, there. Here’s a record deal.” No. Simon Cowell is a manipulative psychopath and somehow managed to skirt over the fact that he relentlessly worked these boys as hard as he could for five years expecting them to die the noble death that most boybands do (RIP NSYNC) and trying to make as much money as possible off of them before they did. 

Zayn might be the literal embodiment of this gif:

But I still love that hoe. I love his music…literally the intro to Mind of Mine is some of the best fifty-seven seconds of music I’ve ever heard. Not to mention the rest of the album which deserved so much more than the half-arsed promo it got. No doubt thanks to the fact that it’s still linked to Syco’s ineptitude.  

So yeah when people are having their petty bitch fests about how much they hate Zayn I’m just like 

Because it is distinctly hypocritical to sit here and analyse everything ever about Louis and Harry but as soon as Dan fuckin Wootton whispers Zayn’s name it’s gospel? I think not. Niall even told everyone not to pay attention to the media.

Why has Liam gone out of his way to make everyone aware that he’s still friends with Zayn?

And why was Zayn part of the RBB tableaus? 

Five x’s for five members.

Look at all dat yellow.

So, yeah. That’s why every time I see people hating on Zayn I’m like 

I don’t know the truth, but I do know that what has been printed about Zayn leaving is so wildly inconsistent with the actions of the band and Zayn. And Liam is out here trying to shut down all the rumours himself. He gonna take everyone who badmouthed Zayn out like 

Anyway, I’m not posting that ask, since you explicitly asked me not to. Also it names specific people and I don’t need to give them any direct attention on my Pro-Zayn blog. 

If you’re interested in reading more about my thoughts on Zayn you can go here: http://sexatoxbridge.tumblr.com/tagged/sao+zayn or follow @mellygrant who is Zayn’s personal Hype Man.

And finally…for all the people being vile…just think, What Would Harry Styles Do? 

Thank you for your ask! xx

reality/canon compliant fic rec

or fics that follow the boys’ lives to some degree or are based off of them

And Then a Bit (158k)

(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

i hear it all in the center of my heart (you are the love of my life) (4k) !!ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVS!!

Getting married has turned Louis into a properly whipped sap. Harry may or may not want to punch him in the face.

I’ll put up a sign in the clouds so they all know that we ain’t ever coming down (I’m trying so hard not to let it show) (10k)

Harry’s antics on stage, flamboyant wardrobe and resulting social media commentary have made Louis think. Probably too much, as usual. Time for action.

Prompt: “Another idea is feminine!Harry with Louis unsure of how to deal with it at first but of course it’s Harry so he adapts and is fiercely protective and wonderful and lovely”

I Wish I Could Bubble Wrap My Heart (8k)

non au; in which Louis files for divorce and Harry doesn’t know how to live alone again.

Today and Every Day (6k)

Five times Harry proposed, and one time Louis definitively said yes.

Every Arrow That I Aim Is True (24k)

“I can see you don’t believe me,” Harry says, pretending to be stern. Louis chuckles a little but doesn’t get out of the bed. “Anyway, I texted Liam and told him you’re with me. He said to stay here as long as you need, and he’ll deal with the show over there until you want to come back, all right?”

Louis doesn’t say anything again so Harry whispers, “Just stay here with me for a while, yeah? I’ll take care of you.”

Louis is quiet. He never picks his head up, but Harry can see the pillow move from where he’s nodding and his fingers tighten around Harry’s. “Yeah,” Louis says. “Yeah, all right.”

For Better, Worse And Mischief (I’m All Yours) (37k)

The One Direction PR management team decides that Harry needs to get married. Harry doesn’t want to. Louis comes up with the perfect solution to the problem.

we could be happy forever and after (7k)

There are six Tomlinson children. Which means six beds, six seats in the car, six school bags, six Christmas stockings and six stars on Harry’s right arm.

The Tomlinson’s also include two husbands, a dog and a cat. But the kids outnumber everyone else.

This Is Where I Sleep (3k)

Harry and Louis go camping while on break and make some memories.

all those chandeliers of hope (or, four shit christmas presents harry received, and one that turned out alright (8k)

Harry’s friends keep surprising him with terrible Christmas gifts. He’s less surprised that Louis is the reason.

down and dirty, you’re loving me so loud (5k)

Harry’s finally twenty and there’s a few things he wants.

I Don’t Want To Need You (231k) *log in

After the car accident that leaves Harry paralyzed from the waist down, the boys of One Direction come together to try and help pick up the pieces. With so much changed, Harry can’t help but question every aspect of his life; including his feelings for his best friend.

Feel It All Over Now (And I Feel Loved) (3k)

Louis thinks Harry’s in LA, but he’s actually the mascot who keeps throwing random shapes.

Slow It Down (56k)

Harry’s a little bit broken and Louis’ a little bit oblivious. Or, where no one sees Harry’s cracks until he disappears in the middle of the Australian leg of their tour. Because in order to create a new masterpiece, the old one has to be washed away. And nothing does the job better than the sea.

Who Would’ve Thought (44k)

The idea doesn’t come to Louis until they’ve been at the bungalow for a couple of days. Harry has no idea that he’s going to pop a knot. He’s been living his life with the expectation that he’s going to be a beta, and Louis isn’t going to tell him otherwise.

Louis is an omega, though, and most omegas want to be filled up with a knot, fucked the way their bodies are made to be fucked, and Louis is no different. In ten years he wants to have an alpha waiting for him at home who will hold him down and fuck him exactly the way Louis wants to be fucked without worrying that they’re going to expect him to stay at home, open a joint bank account, raise a litter of babies, cook and clean and, most importantly, be submissive. For that to happen Louis needs an entirely different kind of alpha.

And so the plan is born.

For a foreseen invocation (32k)

(Or, the one where Harry and Louis haven’t had an easy time co-existing as band mates since their breakup right before the release of Take me home and have no desire to give into the insistent pressure put on their shoulders by the universe to pry open old wounds.)

I have the stage but the only light I see is in your eyes (27k)

The year is 2027 and Harry is away, letting Louis alone with the kids for two months

Untangle Me (103k)

Or the one where Harry and Louis finally get it right.

Makes Perfect (8k)

“What if you practiced on like, a mannequin?” Louis presses. “Or one of those blow up sex dolls? Or even just like, I don’t know, a pillow or something. Whatever it’d fit around.”

Harry tilts his head thoughtfully, curls catching the light so entrancingly that Louis finds himself reaching up to push his fingers through them. “It’s different, though, innit? When it’s a real person. A pillow won’t snog me.”

“Why should it?” says Louis. “You can’t even take its bra off.”

like a timebomb ticking (31k)

Louis loses everything. Harry’s still there.

(Sounds Like You) When I Close My Eyes (10k)

a non-au where harry and louis never got together, but both of them wanted to. they get it right eventually.

Never Too Late (9k)

After a serious car accident, Harry struggles to come back to himself. And to Louis.

Then, Now, and Forever: Part 1 (35k), part 2

Three and a half years into their relationship, Louis and Harry have never been more in love. But the years of lying and pretending are beginning to catch up to Louis. He can feel the anxiety building in him and tries to deal with it in some unhealthy ways. Harry does everything he can to keep Louis centered, but the constant pressure on both boys is slowly wearing them down.

In flashbacks, Harry and Louis are at the very beginning of their relationship. They deal with everything that goes along with the start of a new relationship, including fumbling first kisses and first sexual experiences. They also, of course, must deal with their rise to fame and hiding their nonconforming love from the world.

God Only Knows, But You’ll Never Leave (11k)

Louis and Harry get a week alone in Los Angeles at the end of the American tour, and it’s more than enough to remind them what they’re in this for.

Feeling Alone (12k)

Harry and Louis are broken up. But it’s Niall’s birthday party, and they don’t want to ruin it for the boy. So the only solution is to pretend they’re still together, right? It all gets very complicated.

I Had The Life Of Ordinary, I Spat It Out (22k)

Harry Styles falls asleep a sixteen year old boy nervous about his upcoming X-Factor audition that could make or break his career. He wakes up a twenty-six year old man with a husband and two children, and no recollection of the past ten years.

Harry Styles #4

“You’re cancelling again?” She asked disappointed. Her eyes were sad and her heart aching. This was the fifth night in a row where he had to cancel their dinner plans.

“I’m so sorry, babe. You know how important this is to me,” he said and felt how the guilt was eating him up.  

“It’s okay. I-I understand,” she whispered, her eyes not meeting his, “I’ll just go to bed. Goodnight, Harry,” she spoke in a voice so soft and so fragile that it made his heart sink. He had hurt her; he had hurt her badly. All he wanted was to embrace her, kiss her, make love to her and apologize for being the worst boyfriend but instead he watched her disappear into their shared bedroom.
He sighed, running a hand through his hair. 

“Y/N, babe. Can we please talk for a minuet?” He asked, stepping into their bedroom. 

She was sitting on her side of the bed, her back against him, wearing one of his old t-shirts; it hung lose around her small, reaching down to her mid thighs and her long and soft hair was in a ponytail.

“There’s really not much to talk about, Harry,” she said, closing her eyes not wanting to cry.

“Please, baby. I’m so fucking sorry.” He stepped closer to the bed, her back still against him; silence now filled the room.

“Babe, please. Just talk to me.” 

“What do you want me to say, Harry? You keep cancelling all the time. It’s not me, it’s you.” 

“I know, I know. I just want you to talk to me, Y/N. I miss you,” he sighed, “Just tell me how I can fix this.”

“I shouldn’t be the one to tell, Harry. But I’m tired. I’m so tired and hurt,” she whispered, “I know how important this is to you, but I’m important too, okay. You can’t just forget about me and leave me here, Harry. It doesn’t work like that.” She was now facing him, tears rolling down her cheeks and it made his heart break. He leaned over to reach her; he needed her in his arms. He needed to hold her, to soothe her, to tell her that everything was going to be okay but when he carefully touched her cheek to wipe away her tears, she flinched away.

“Don’t push me away, love. Let me hold you. Let me make things up to you,” he pleaded, his voice sounding desperate.

“I’m tired, Harry. Can you please sleep on the couch tonight?” She sniffled.

“Y/N, please. Don’t do this. We can fix this, okay? I’m so fucking sorry, babe,” he apologized, trying to reach her again.

“Harry, don’t,” she spoke, her voice sounding small as she held up her hand as a sign for him to stop.

“Please, do as I ask,” she begged and looked up at him with such sad eyes.

“Okay. I guess I’ll be in the living room if you need me,” he said in defeat, grabbing his pillow and duvet and tucked it under his arm before leaning over to press a kiss to her forehead.  

“I love you.”

“I know,“ she whispered.


So I wrote a little something. For the first time ever in English. Just because @myinnersixteen challenged me to write 500 words with the prompt “Louis wrote Home”, and I said “fuck it, I can do it. “  Thanks a lot to you Mag, for the prompt and correcting it. Thanks to @tvshows-addict and @braces2bandtees for the beta ! (and kudos to the best GC ever. Parce que vous le valez bien). So yeah, hello, it’s basically 1k (oops) of fluff. Sorry.

Louis hasn’t told Harry. Not yet. Not until tonight.

It’s not like it’s really THAT important, right? They’ve been writing songs to each other for years now, even if barely a tenth have been put on their albums. So yeah, this could stay a secret for one more day.

On his way back home from a writing session, looking at the sunny streets of LA through his car window, he thinks about how much Harry is going to freak out when he listens to it. Louis feels so proud right now; he’s been thinking about these words for months now.


“‘Years’ more like, you sap.” he mumbles out loud.

Years worth of words of love, and secret songs. Years of matching tattoos and covert touches. Years of being scared, too.

Years of Harry being his Home.

Yeah, it was really time to write it in plain English, with a melody to sing along.

He finished the song five days ago and since then, he’s kept letting some lyrics slip in their conversations. It‘s not his fault if he is shitty at keeping secrets from the one he loves.

Sue him.

Of course it’s nothing too obvious, but it’s too much fun to know Harry will lose it when he understands Louis teased him for days.

The first time it happened, he was walking into the kitchen to prepare tea for breakfast, he saw Harry, just sitting there, shirtless at the table. He was so fucking beautiful, just being his unique self, and saying: “Hey love, sorry I’m not sure we have enough milk for breakfast.”

Louis looked at him with a smile and the words slipped out of his mouth before he could hold them back.

“Don’t worry Baby, I think we could be enough.”

Harry looked at him, his dimples fully visible, and replied:“You’re weird, Love. And it’s too early for that, even for you.”

The second and third time, they were having a good fuck during nap time. Louis might have told Harry “to let go of himself and feel alive” at some point but nobody could prove a thing. As Harry was walking to the bathroom to take something to clean them up, he almost fell, his feet caught in clothes littering the floor. Louis chuckled and asked: “Come on Babe! Are you stumbling in the dark?“

Harry tried to argue it was only four in the afternoon so maybe Louis could just shut up and clean up his mess, instead of being a pain in the ass. Louis bit his lip very hard to keep himself from retorting that he was the one with a pain in the ass. (He failed.)

So, Louis is shitty at keeping secrets but he sure tried.

It’s almost 7pm when he slams the door of their house, shouting “Honey! I’m Home!” (He’ll never be tired of this pun. Never.) He’s welcomed by two arms hugging him from behind, whispering: “Hey Love, how was your day?”

“Great thanks! We’re almost done, I think. I don’t know but… yeah, it was a good day. Liam says hi by the way. Why are we whispering?”

Harry turns him around, ghosting his lips against Louis’: “Because this is a special day, Lou. A day just for you and I, and nobody has to know about it.”

“You’re the most amazing man in the world, you know that, Love? You’re perfect for me”, Louis says, his nose settled in the little hollow on Harry’s neck, just breathing his smell.  

“Are you quoting the only song we were allowed to write together to me? Really?” Harry smirks, tearing himself from Louis’ arms and guiding him slowly to their couch.

“Yeah? About that. Well. I … I have something for you?  For our birthday?”  Louis says, suddenly a bit shy. He takes his laptop out of his rucksack, opens it and plugs in his thumbdrive.

Harry looks at him with a smile : “God Lou! Have you written a song for me? Again? “

“I know right, but this is special. And this is not only me, it’s Liam and Jamie too. This is for you of course but not only. This is … something I think you’re gonna like? For our fans? Some of them? I don’t know. Okay now I’m nervous so just shut up and listen, yeah?” he says, hitting “play” and hoping Harry doesn’t see the slight tremor of his hand.

While Home is playing, Louis keeps himself busy, scrolling his Twitter and checking his emails until the last notes die in the quiet room.

It takes another minute for Louis to be brave enough and look at Harry. His green eyes are maybe a bit wet but he still hasn’t say a word. Fuck.

After a few more seconds of silence, Harry’s voice cracks when he finally speaks.“I … I can’t believe you wrote this, Love. This is so fucking perfect. This is … God! They’re gonna love it.”

He pounces into Louis’s arms, now hugging Louis tight, tears freely falling down his cheeks. Louis feels Harry smiling in his hair, and even if he can’t see it, he knows it’s the most beautiful smile in the world.

“You like it then?”, he asks.

“Lou, I can’t wait to sing this on stage. I can already see it. Imagine all the rainbow flags. God Louis! It’s gonna be so amazing.”

Louis laughs quietly at his enthusiasm: “Slow down Babe. The song is never going to make it to the new album. You know they’re gonna say no. We are not gonna be allowed to -”

“Stop it”, says Harry, cutting him off with a kiss. “I’m not worried Lou. We’ll find a way. I promise you, we’ll find a way to let them know we’re thinking about them. I know we can do this. This song must be shared with the world.”

Louis lays back into Harry’s embrace, a small smile on his lips.

Yes, definitely, they will find a way.


“Hi, could you write one where Harry and Y/N get into a fight and at one point, in frustration, Harry rises his arm in the air for no reason, but Y/N flinches because her last boyfriend had hit her a few times and Harry doesn’t know about that so when Y/N backs off with fear in her eyes Harry gets all sad because she thought that he would hit her and when she tells him why they make up?”

Sorry it’s so short :/ Hope you like it!



The fight has been going on for hours now and Y/n couldn’t remember about what they were fighting for, but she knew Harry was mad. He was beyond mad. And she was scared.

The setting was very familiar, she have been in this position before and it didn’t end well. Her ex-boyfriend was very abusive and hit her a thousand times when they were dating. It took a lot for her not to run for her life right now, because althought she knew Harry wouldn’t hit her, she still was scared for life.

“Harry, please, stop screaming I’m…”

“NO Y/N I WON’T BECAUSE I’M BLOODY FRUST…” Harry through his arms in the air and that’s when hell broke loose.

Before he could understand what’s going on, Y/n it’s curled in a ball on the floor, with her arms protecting her head, whispering “Please, don’t hit me, I’m sorry.”

“Babe…” All of his anger was gone and he’s on his knees in front of the love of his life, trying to understand why she was so scared of him. “You… You thought I was going to hit you?”

She looked up, trying to say “No” but that was exactly what she thought. A part of her knew Harry wasn’t like her ex-boyfriend, but she was still very scared.

He tried to reach out for her, but she backed away scared.

“Love, I’m not gonna do anything. Please, Y/n, I would never hit you. Why do you think I would be even capable of that?” Harry knew the problem wasn’t exactly with him. She wasn’t scared of him, she was scared of being hit. Someone hit her once? The pure thought makes Harry wanna punch whomever laid a finger on this beautiful girl.

“It was Aiden.” She whispered. She knew he wanted to know who traumatized her.

“Aiden what, love?” Harry asked, his voice just above a whisper and a lump in his throat.

“He… He hit me. More than once. That’s why I got so scared that you…”

“Oh babe…” Harry took her in his arms and she hugged him. “I would never do the same, you know that, right? Aiden is a dick and you have no idea how much I want to kill him right now for doing such a horrible thing with you. I’m not Aiden and I need you to know I’m never gonna do anything like that. Do you believe in me? Do you trust in me, love?”

“Yes.” Something in his voice made her 100% positive that he would keep his promise. He wouldn’t hurt her like Aiden did. Harry was different, he was special.

“I love you, my angel.” He whispered, kissing her head.

“I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

i saw you read a lot. mmmh, can you rec all your favorite one-shots? i don't care whether they are angsty or fluffy. just, you know. good. thanks x

you have no idea what you just put yourself into. here this monster :) some are pwp with very good and hot smut, others are short thingies with very poetical wrting, others are the classical +10k stories with wonderful plot, beautiful smut, amazing writing,perfect characterization and all that.


Through the darkness of your days | future!fic | R | 35k

“Harry thinks he might not really know what okay is, but Louis is warm next to him, solid and constant and questioning. He’s all wide eyes and nerves and vulnerability. And this feels alright, this might be some sort of okay, Harry thinks.” Future!fic, roadtrip!fic, OT5 friendship!fic.

All the corners of the world | AU | R | 15k

university!AU in which Harry runs away to New York City with only his camera and a playlist and Louis doesn’t have a good side.

A house built of stones | AU | R | 22k

Louis has a used bookshop and Harry has a habit of claiming things that don’t belong to him

Only several miles from the sun  | AU | R | 12k

It started with a walk and unexpected rain and Babs. It started with a smile and green eyes and a bag of warm apple cinnamon muffins. Actually, it started with the bakery. Bakery AU, because of reasons.

After me comes the flood | AU | not rated | 8k

the one where Louis is anxious about a lot of things, Harry works at a bookshop and wears skinny jeans even though it’s too hot, and they eat french fries in the park.

Orchid eyes and smoky tides AU | no rated | 5k

a bakery-boy with poems embedded in his skin and an artist with a longing soul.

Heroes of the orange skies| AU | not rated | 30k

Louis likes bathroom walls and Sharpies, Harry likes metal, Zayn likes Liam and Liam likes Zayn, Niall is wise, and they all go to the zoo.

► Three day underwater  | AU | R | 10k

AU based on the film Weekend, dir. Andrew Haigh. Harry, a lifeguard, meets Louis, an artist, expecting just another one night stand. Instead, they get something special and resonant, if only for the weekend.

► Tangled up in you  | AU | R | 4k

“Have a good time?” Louis mumbles into his pillow, deadpan, as Harry strips down to his boxers behind him.

“Mmnn,” Harry hums, climbing into the bed and fitting himself around Louis, skin a little tacky where his sweat hasn’t completely dried. He kisses the back of Louis’ neck, soft and lazy. “Won’t be able to walk right for a week.”

► A runaway american dream | AU | R | 15k

AU. they take route 66 with only each other and their secrets.

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Ignore (Request)

u meet harry and lou teasdale and you are a fan of lou so u just talk to her and kind of ignore harry then u and lou get friends and u always avoid seeing harry (bc u are a fan of him and get really nervous) and it upsets him bc he likes u


Ever since you were a little girl, you had dreamed of being a makeup artist. You had always enjoyed the concept of making someone look their best without making them look like someone else. It was about inspiring people and allowing them to see just how naturally beautiful they were and teaching them how to elevate all of their best traits.

At the end of your second year of college, you had the opportunity to do a job shadow with a professional hair and makeup artist, in order to gain some valuable work experience. Little did you know that you would be shadowing one of your idols; Lou Teasdale. The thought alone was enough to give you butterflies, but even more so because you knew she had four very famous clients that you would also be working with.

If you were being honest with yourself, you knew you were going to get nervous around the boys; especially Harry. You were admittedly a fan of One Direction and had a pretty substantial fangirl crush on Harry, you had just never imagined that you would actually meet him in person so you weren’t at all prepared for that, let alone potentially doing his hair.

The thing about you was that you were a particularly quiet person, especially when you were nervous. Sometimes that came across as being a bit standoffish, but you didn’t mean it to. So when you met Harry for the first time after arriving at your job, you managed a very polite hello and then tried to avoid all eye contact with him for the rest of the day. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to talk to him, but because you simply didn’t know what to say and it made you incredibly nervous.

You got comfortable with Lou pretty much right away because she was a female and technically your boss. You even got pretty friendly with the other boys. But anytime Harry would come into the picture, you would make any excuse you could to be somewhere else.

After about six weeks, you noticed that Harry stopped trying to make small talk with you. He would sit in the chair and let you do your work in silence before muttering a ‘thank you’ and then leaving. You knew that it was your fault he was like this - if you were him, you’d be put off by your behaviour as well - but you didn’t know how to fix it at that point. It had already been six weeks of basically ignoring the guy, there was no way you could magically change it up now.

Finally, Harry snapped. You were standing alone in the makeup trailer cleaning some brushes after all the other boys had headed off to get ready for the show when you turned and saw Harry standing there, leaning against the door frame. You jumped a bit at his sudden presence, but gave a polite smile and went back to cleaning. He stood there and watched you in silence, making you increasingly uncomfortable. You were almost at the point of making a comment, but he beat you to it.

“Have I done something?” He asked.

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Harry Styles - Girlfriend on Drugs Imagine - Part Three

[Part One and Part Two]

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*When your mom finds your Tumblr*

Mom: I know what you are…

Me: Say it. Say it out loud.

Mom: *whispers* A smut writer.