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Rules: list 10 of your favourite characters from any medium, such as literature, movies, television, etc. then tag 10 people. 

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Okay, the fun part of this game is that I know I have a type.  Guess what it is?

Benton Fraser (Due South) “Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street.  Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly…”

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Steve Rogers (MCU Captain America - because I can’t even look at what Marvel’s been doing to his comic counterpart lately.  BLECH.)

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Bucky Barnes (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

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Luke Skywalker and his idiot garbage can Sith Lord father Darth Vader (Star Wars) - I’m going to cheat outrageously because Luke and his Darth Dada share an equal place in my heart okay?

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Tarma and Kethry (The Vows & Honor series, Mercedes Lackey)

Once upon a time, apparently a popular trope of fantasy series that involved women warriors and sorceresses was usually “rape & revenge.”  I first “met” Tarma and her oathsister Kethry in the popular Sword and Sorceress Anthology edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.  The amazing part of Tarma and Keth’s story isn’t really about how they avenged their respective abuse (which is already told in the first book and is done with) - it’s the fact that they are both strong, sensible, no-nonsense women who somehow end up in the kind of epic adventures that bards will warble about to no end and yet still remain so very human and fallible.  They’re allowed to be imperfect, they’re allowed to learn and grow and heal and love - and when I talk about love, it’s not just about finding some romantic partner to “magically heal” their psychological scars.  It’s the love that begins in friendship and ends up being forged as a true family. 

(Yep, Tarma is also one of the first effectively ace characters I’ve encountered too.)

Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) - One of the best examples of the trope “Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass” and I love him so. 

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Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) - There will always be a big soft spot in my heart for my favorite meatball bun-headed anime princess.

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Clark Kent/Superman (Christopher Reeve Superman films) - Christopher Reeve will always be my Superman.

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His Darkness, Dream of the Endless, Prince of Stories and King of All Night’s Dreaming (The Sandman series)  - I know he’s got a host of other titles as well, but I gotta give the Prince of Stories his due. 

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Erik, the Phantom of the Opera (Phantom, Susan Kay)  - Also another one of my garbage can sons.  In Susan Kay’s brilliant piece of professionally published fan fiction, the Phantom is fully realized as both the broken child, the mysteriously alluring man, the monster and the genius that he is. 

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