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If those who are in the next world could know what was happening in this one, I think His Grace, the late Monsieur, would be most pleased with me, for I have gone through his boxes to find all the letters written to him by his boyfriends and have burnt them unread, so that they will not fall into other people’s hands…’
                     - Princess Palatine (Liselotte) 


Hange is a total troll and she likes to text Levi random shit from other people’s phones. Despite this “masquerade,” Levi always knows it’s her, and he secretly likes that she makes mischief for him because it means that she’s thinking about him.

@diamondsparkle42, your request somehow vanished from my inbox (??) but I remember it! And no worries at all, I LOVE writing these two (bc Hange is the bomb). So I hope you enjoy some very silly levihan~~ <3

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For the nickname thingy (I know it's late, but I'm a new follower and I just couldn't resist): I call you Yenga™.

So really like this game where you have towers of wooden blocks!

I’ll Wear My Heart On my Sleeve Tonight

[from: Alexander 3:04PM] I have something I really want to do tonight and I’m really hoping you’re free because I want to do it with you.

Magnus stared at his phone. He was sure that Alec had said that he was rostered on overnight tonight when they’d spoken last night. And that message, well, if it had come from anyone except Alexander he would be putting very definite emphasis on the phrase ‘do it’ and hoping that it meant he wanted to ‘do’ him. But nothing was quite that simple in their relationship and given they’re still only up to their third official date and haven’t progressed past making out, the obvious answer was probably not the correct one. Which meant Alec probably had a specific activity in mind – but why the urgency? Why tonight? It was a Thursday and as far as Magnus could tell, Alec’s life revolved around his family and his duties as a Shadowhunter so he didn’t have a lot of clues yet about what other hobbies or interests he had, which meant he really had no idea what this place or event could be. He wanted to go. Hell, Alec could probably announce he wanted to go watch grass grow and Magnus would enjoy going with him. But he still wasn’t quite sure how to respond. They texted a lot. So much that Alec sent him a message to say they were averaging about 40 messages a day and Jace was getting a bit antsy at him but Izzy was acting like a mundane at Christmas every time his phone vibrated. Which was a perfect example of the kinds of texts Alexander sent – loving, insightful and sometimes funny but always straight forward. Unless he put his foot into an unwitting double entendre and then they were always funny, if a bit panicked. But this was – well, unexpected. Then again, Alexander making out with him at his wedding had been unexpected too and that was definitely the best surprise of his life.

Magnus jumped when his phone vibrated in his hand, realising he’d obviously gotten lost in his thoughts for far longer than expected.

[from: Alexander 3:07PM] It’s kind of a surprise.

By the time he’d unlocked his phone a second message had come in.

[from: Alexander 3:07PM] And it’s kind of a time-bound thing so it has to be tonight.

And as he began to reply those three magical dots appeared, Alec was typing again. His phone vibrated once, and then again.

[from: Alexander 3:07PM] But I want to go out somewhere with you.

[from: Alexander 3:07PM] If you’re free.

YES! He needed to stop staring at his phone and those damn typing dots and actually answer him. Moments like these he felt at a distinct disadvantage not having a Shadowhunter’s speed and dexterity. He was good at typing but when Alec was on a run it was hard to get a text in edgewise. He’d just hit send when the next one popped in.

[from: Alexander 3:08PM] It’s okay if you’re busy.

[from: Magnus 3:08PM] Yes.

Crap! The order of the messages made it look like he was saying ‘yes’ he was busy. Magnus saw the dots reappear and he was determined to get his message in first.

[from: Magnus 3:08PM] Yes, I want to go with you.

Magnus sighed with relief when his message sent and the dots disappeared for a moment and then started again but no message appeared in between. Texting was usually not this stressful. But part of that was because of how much he cared. Not just about Alec but also about not pushing him. Magnus knew just how much pressure he was under and he didn’t want whatever was happening in their relationship to make Alec ever feel like that.

[from: Alexander 3:08PM] Great :) I know you’ll want to get ready based on where we’re going so I was hoping it might be alright if I get to your place at 6PM if we don’t need to leave until 7PM or even 7.30PM would that be enough time? I’d just rather tell you in person.

Magnus laughed softly to himself, Isabelle had taught Alec well. Alec might not take more than five minutes to get ready but he was surprisingly good at factoring in time for other people to get ready to go out. The only difference was unlike Isabelle who, although very talented with a makeup brush, did not have magic, Magnus could actually get ready in less than five minutes if he had to. He just preferred not to rush perfection. And, given he had no idea what Alec had planned, he was grateful that he would have plenty of time.

[from: Magnus 3:09PM] Thank-you. An hour is plenty of time, Darling. I look forward to seeing you at 6 ;) xox

[from: Alexander 3:10PM] Great! I’m looking forward to seeing you too.

[from: Alexander 3:10PM] I’m on patrol for the rest of the afternoon so I have to go, but I’ll see you tonight. xx

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TID appreciation week → day one
↳ favorite character: James Carstairs (Ke Jian Ming)

“We are all the pieces of what we remember. We hold in ourselves the hopes and fears of those who love us. As long as there is love and memory, there is no true loss.”

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I don't get it, why would they call you burrito? (Sorry im late at catching jokes but i really dont know T.T)

((ahah no worries, it’s a joke between the muns. I always call Bert with the name of Bertito and misterfreckle’s mun once replied to my tweet saying “Burrito… don’t cry…”. Then fabulous Burrito and Sauceiner jokes happened.))