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Imagine: Jungkook when the band is finally taking a long break and he starts doing all kind of wild shit. He gets a tattoo. He gets a new haircut idk maybe shaving part of his hair. He starts buying a bunch of new clothes on different styles. And he just is doing all kinds of stuff he didn't do as a teenager.

didn’t get a haircut and didn’t get new clothes (prob just borrowed Yoongi’s jacket) but he got a (several) tattoos

I thought “hell yeah” when I first read that but I realized I don’t know what to do so just.. yeah.

i also run away from tattoo designs like the plague bc how tf do u do them

That One Night H.S.

So I was going to do this all in one, but it was kind of long, so I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!

*You meet Harry and have a one night stand. You get pregnant and he doesn’t know, but five months later he sees you and your pregnant belly.

Soft snores came from beside you as you sat up and looked for your shirt. The room was dark making it difficult to see, but you found your button down by the door. You held it up and frowned; over half of the buttons were ripped off. Sighing, you threw it back on the ground and grabbed Harry’s shirt that was next to it, pulling it over your head. Once you had your shorts on, you grabbed your phone and keys and snuck out of the room, breathing a sigh of relief once you made it into the bright hallway.

It only took about fifteen minutes to get to your apartment, but you were exhausted the moment you saw your bed. Falling face first onto your mattress you let sleep come over you.

You pulled a shirt over your head, staring down at your five month pregnant belly peaking out of your shirt. Your belly finally popped two weeks ago and now nothing fit you right. Thankfully, your best friend, Liza, was going to go shopping with you for new clothes. You sat on your couch thinking back to the moment you found out.

Harry had left the next day after their concert and only a couple of weeks later you were sitting on the edge of your bathtub with Liza staring at the multiple pregnancy tests with two lines. At the time, you felt like your world was falling apart. Your apartment wasn’t that big and you were working and going to school full-time. You didn’t have room for a baby in your life and that terrified you. Thankfully, your parents had been very supportive, so at least you didn’t feel alone. As much as you wanted to tell Harry, you didn’t have his number or any way to contact him, and part of you was thankful. You didn’t know if you could handle the stress of all the fans on top of how much your life was changing, so you let it be.

Your phone dinged, bringing your mind back to the present. Liza was outside waiting for you, so you made your way down the stairs and into her car. She liked to listen to One Direction just to annoy you, and that’s exactly what was playing when you opened the door. After the two of you had been driving she spoke.

“So, did you hear that they’re back in town today? They’re going to be here for three days,” she told you, but you already knew that. Though you wouldn’t admit it, stalking Harry had become a way to pass the time when you weren’t working. You also had contemplated buying a ticket, but they were sold out the minute the announced the reunion. 

“Yeah? So what?” You shrugged and looked at the store while Liza found a parking spot close to the front. You didn’t want to think about it. Truth is, you were afraid of telling him. You had no idea how he would react. You’d like to imagine he’d be excited and drop everything to help, but you tried to be realistic. He had a career that caused him to be away for months on end, and why would he want to give up One Direction for a baby he didn’t even want.

“So? Are you going to try to find him? He needs to know, Y/N.”

“He doesn’t. He’s a big rockstar, and I don’t need him or his money to take care of my baby,” you denied, while grabbing a cart. The two of you walked towards the maternity section and began picking out clothes. This wasn’t you at all. You liked to wear crop tops and booty shorts, not big stretchy bras and pants with elastic at the top.

“It’s not just your baby though. I could understand when you thought you’d never see him again, but now he’s here. He’s literally somewhere in town. You can’t just ignore it.”

The argument when back in forth for awhile while you finished shopping. Once you were done, Liza waited for you to pay and then the two of you left, deciding to stop somewhere to eat.

You were about halfway through your burger when a bunch of screaming came from outside the store. Dread filled you as you recognized the sound. You turned to face the doorway to see Harry and Liam walking inside the restaurant, waiting for the hostess to seat them. You sunk down in your booth and hoped that they wouldn’t notice you, but as fate would have it, they were seated in the booth in front of you.

Harry hadn’t noticed you yet and you debated running out of the restaurant, but Liza refused because ’she wanted to finish her steak’. She smirked at your disdain as you drank your water to the point nothing left was coming up the straw. The noise caught Harry’s attention and he looked at you. You hoped he wouldn’t recognize you, but of course that wouldn’t happen. He grinned when he saw you and motioned for Liam to look as well.

“Hey! Y/N! It’s so great to see you!” Liam said, speaking across the booth. Liza was still slightly awestruck due to the fact that she had never actually met either of them and that she always had some sort of crush on Liam, but she played it off cooly.

“Hi, I’m Liza,” she greeted, reaching behind her to shake Liam’s hand. He smiled greeted her back as did Harry, before focusing back on you.

“Hey, Y/N. How long has it been?” he asked, as if you hadn’t been running through his mind since the moment he woke up alone.

“Um, I’m not sure. Like five months?” You posed it like a question, like you didn’t have a very obvious way to keep track of the time. You began picking apart your bun, nervous for what might happen. There wasn’t an obvious way around him finding out, and somehow, a public restaurant didn’t seem like the best scene to have this kind of conversation. To top it all off, you had bought a nice loose-fitting dress that would’ve somewhat hid your bump, but it was currently in one of the bags in Liza’s car. You were still in your tight shirt that barely covered your stomach.

“Wow, long time,” he said, smiling at you. The little growing baby in your stomach decided to give a strong little kick and began rolling around. Maybe it was due to your heart racing now that you were near Harry, but either way, it really made you have to pee. It felt like the fates were kicking you while you were down and nothing could go your way.

Seriously. This city was huge and it just so happened that the one guy you wanted to avoid walked into the same restaurant you were at, sat in the booth in front of you, and now your baby had to make a scene. “I have to pee,” you grumbled, standing up and facing the bathroom. You knew Harry’s eyes must’ve been on your rather prominent stomach, but you kept walking. Your face was red and you let out a shaky breath once you made it to the bathroom, leaning back against the wall.

You stared into the mirror and looked at your belly. Your shirt had risen up, again, and the small purple stretch marks were beginning to form at your pants line. After taking a breather, you went to the bathroom and washed your hands, staring at your reflection for a moment before walking out of the bathroom.

Harry was standing right next to the door and cornered you. “Y/N. We need to talk.”

So there it is! Hope you guys like it and I’ll be posting Part 2 soon!


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What kind of girlfriends do you think twice members would be like? (Can you do it the way you did for the type of classmates that twice would be like)

Other than ny earlier girlfriend ask, i would like for another type of question too! What kind of BOYFRIENDS do you think twice members would be like? 😂😂 (Can you also do it the way you did for the type of classmates that twice would be like)

What kind of girlfriends would the twice members be like? (Make a list for each and also the reasons along with them!) It’s okay take your time to answer bc this feels like it’s gonna be a long answer haha

This is almost the same but mot the same as the previous ask; what kind of BOYfriends would the twice members be like? (Make a list for each and also the reasons along with them!) Take your time for this too!! Hehe

I know y’all asked for one for twice as girlfriends and then boyfriends separately, but I don’t have lot of time on my hands and gender doesn’t really affect a relationship that much so I’m just going to do this as Twice when they’re in a relationship. 

Nayeon - That Aesthetic Tho
She’s gonna drag her partner on dates to chic coffee shops and both of them will probably spend most of the time taking beautiful candids of each other that make their date look like something out of a dramatic movie. So many couples clothes, and carefully planned outfits so the two look perfect whenever they go outside. In public they have a carefully crafted image, but home alone together, Nayeon would literally just binge watch dramas with her partner. 

Jeongyeon - Together Against the World
When she’s in a relationship, Jeongyeon is going to be practically attached to her partner at all times. She won’t be big on PDA, but she’ll always be at her partners side and if they can’t actually spend time together, it will be constant and non-stop texting. They would do practically everything together, and be impossibly comfortable around each other to the point where it’s uncomfortable when they’re away from each other. 

Momo - Sudden Attack
Momo wouldn’t change much in a relationship, there’d just be an extra person that she sometimes gets really affectionate with. But sometimes, Momo will just pull romantic gestures out of nowhere and completely surprise her partner, but they wouldn’t be cliche things, she’d buy gifts that have a lot of special meaning to her partner. Lots of PDA, mostly hand holding and occasionally putting an arm around each other’s shoulders. 

Sana - Did Someone Say Rose Petals
Honestly Sana is a hopeless romantic so dating her would consist mostly of her planing over the top extravagant and romantic dates at restaurants. So much PDA, you wouldn’t even believe, she would be all over her partner constantly. Romantic gestures left right and centre, mostly consisting of flowers and chocolates. When she’s away from her partner she would send so many cute text messages.

Jihyo - Soulmate Material 
Jihyo is an unbelievably genuine human so in a relationship you know she’s going to be the most openly caring and loving person possible. She will dote on whoever she’s dating and rather than going on extravagant dates she’d prefer something small that allows them to get to know each other better. She would be so unbelievably sentimental in a relationship and her favourite thing would be talking to her partner and anything and everything without any worries.

Mina - *Blushes Nervously*
Super shy and cute at first, she’s going to be very awkward and will probably require her partner to take the lead. Really she’d be the biggest cutie to date, even when she gets past her shyness pretty much every she does would be really cute. Cute carnival dates and most of the time spent with her partner would be at home playing video games together and getting really playfully competitive with one another. 

Dahyun - Extra Cheese
Dahyun would be the most extra person when she’s in a relationship and everything she does would be beyond cheesy. There would be so much cliche nonsense in her relationship, honestly it would be at another level. Most of the time she and her partner would just go around having fun together and acting extra about everything, they would probably the couple who play around in fountains like it’s a damn movie scene or something.

Chaeyoung - Art Hoe Duo
Art gallery dates, museum dates, dates at hipster coffee shops and restaurants, you name an art hoe location, Chae and her partner are probably there. Chae would be the kind of person who likes trying new things with her partner, and would like to go on a lot of adventures with them that probably include travelling to new and exciting places. She’d also spend a lot of free time sketching her partner because she’s lame like that. 

Tzuyu - You’re Ok I Guess
I don’t imagine Tzuyu being the most sentimental person when it comes to dating and being in a relationship. She and her partner would spend a lot of time together going on dates they both enjoy. Skinship would be rare and mostly consist of hugs because Tzuyu would probably be too nervous about holding hands in public. She’d get really awkward when trying to express her feelings, and won’t necessarily say what she wants to, but her partner would understand exactly what she’s trying to say

Let me give you the world (SFW)

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A/N: Hello! So i’ve been hella inactive, so i wrote this thingy with OtaYuri to celebrate a very late Valentine’s day. It’s heeeelllaaaaa long, but I hope you guys enjoy it. It was fun to write ♥ I think Yuri is like 18 here or something?? I don’t know, maybe??

There’s no proofreading at the end because I’m way too lazy guys, help

Words: 3,541 (I am so so sorry omg, under the cut for obvious reasons)

Otabek opened his eyes at the first ring of his alarm, (Yuri hates him so much because he’s the kind of person that gets up when it’s time), he poked a hand out of the blankets to turn it off, not wanting to wake up Yuri just yet.

Once the alarm was off he turned around to leave a kiss on Yuri’s forehead like every morning, however, he was surprised to find out that Yuri wasn’t laying right beside him, instead, a pink note was laying on his partner’s pillow. Otabek frowned, rubbing the sleepiness off his eyes and taking the folded note in his fingers. His name written in Yuri’s elegant calligraphy.

Otabek, I prepared like the cheesiest shit for Valentine’s day. You can’t laugh. Go to the kitchen.


Otabek felt his cheeks getting warm as a big smile started to pull at the corners of his mouth. He got up with a jump, walking (more like running) towards the kitchen. Yuri Plisetsky preparing something for Valentine’s day? The the Yuri Plisetsky who gets all flustered when Otabek brushes his har with his fingers? That’s definitely something forward to see.

He stopped by the entrence of the kitchen when a delicious smell filled his nostrils. He peeked into the room and his mouth watered when he saw his favorite breakfast waiting for him in the counter, a tablet and another pink note laying beside it.

Press play, dork


Otabek turned on the tablet and pressed play to the vide where he saw Yuri leaning against the counter.

“Yo, Otabek”, he brushed his blonde hair back with his hand. “Ah, I think I should say something… sweeter…”, he cleared his throat, looking away as his hand traveled down to scratch at the back of his neck, Otabek noticed how his cheeks started to turn pink. “Good morning, Altin. I made your favorite breakfast and also the smoothie you like, that one is in the frige”, he pointed to the fridge in the video and Otabek turned just to see another pink note.

“I can’t be there with you because I have more things prepared for you”, a happy smile broke into Yuri’s face. “But enjoy this breakfast because I woke up very early to make it! A-ah… and I made it with love”, Otabek laughed and at the same time Yuri did in the video. “Enjoy your breakfast and keep following the notes!”, he waved and the video ended.

Otabek was tempted to replay the video, but he remebered the note in the fridge, so with long steps he made his way to it, opening it up as soon as he took it.

Your smoothie is inside! After breakfast you’ll have to go to /men’s shop/ and said to the first employee you see that you came for “My best present ever”, like that, if you don’t say it they’ll not give it to you


Otabek rolled his eyes, reading the note over and over again. He could hear Yuri’s voice inside his head and his heart was jumping excitedly at Yuri’s next surprise. So far, Otabek didn’t know what to expect, turning back at his breakfast his stomach growled, desperate to dig in that glorious-looking plate, though, Otabek started to lead to the bathroom before anything else. His bladder about to explode.

He found another pink note in the bathroom’s mirror.

You look stunning today.

-Yuri ❤”

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“I’ve gone through stages of thinking it crazy or sick, but of course I realize now it isn’t. I have thought this kind of adulation is real and unreal, good, bad. In all honesty, I just don’t know. What I can say though is that it has less to do with us as individuals than with the time, the era that ‘Beatles’ is shorthand for. People really are kind of worshipping their own past - and there’s nothing wrong with that so long as they don’t get it out of perspective.” - George, 1987

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i'm trying to not be delusional, but do you think these changes could mean anything good for caryl? i don't think we're getting caryl scenes in these changes, but maybe going forward into season 8 this change will help us in the long term? talk me down from my high lol

Okay, here’s what I know:

Melissa we KNOW did audio dubbing for TWD a couple of weeks ago.

Norman we KNOW did audio dubbing for TWD a couple of weeks ago.

So, at the very least they are involved in the finale dubbing in SOME WAY.

We also know there was some various kinds of shenanigans involving spoilers coming out form the finale. Now people assumed that was over Sasha’s death - still very well could be.

BUT there was also some suggestion Melissa was on set more days than expected. There was a day when she was photographed on set in her own clothes and there seemed to be some confusion if she was filming or not.

Again, could be tied to Sasha dying - ie Mel turning up for Sonequa’s last shot? 

But then again… maybe not. :D

My contribution to Anna Weekend 2017, day 2 prompt: Rain. Done with pastels, then edited a little in Photoshop.

I know it was about rain but I couldn’t help adding a lightning, it sets the (angsty? lol) mood imho. It’s my first gif so please be kind :D

It’s the first time since the end of the movie when Kristoff had to go for a reaaally long harvesting trip, and the first time they are away from each other since the thaw. Anna is afraid of the storm since her parent’s death so when it starts to rain she starts to worry about Kristoff, and she gets almost terrified when it changes into violent storm. Elsa is away on some diplomatic trip, so she’s even more lonely, scared, and misses him even more. Plus, she’s still haunted by nightmares about Hans. Kristoff was to return that day but didn’t, so she went the stables where they usually set their little meetings, and cried, looking through the window, hoping that this way, she’d see him sooner.

(I know the picture looks depressing but don’t worry, Kristoff actually did come back, he just waited for the storm to stop to be safe.)

Happy Anna Weekend!

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Chapter 13 didn't disappoint, though it was beyond agitating to read. Yuuri's frustration with himself transcended empathy for me and made me triple as frustrated with myself in return. My usual response to any kind of stress is to clam up and belittle myself like 'oh if I was a normal person this would be easy to handle' so I often deal with things 'unconventionally' or put them off until it's too late. I like how there's no magical fix it for Yuuri's anxiety, and you've wrote so realistically!

Thank you! I also often put things off for unreasonably long amounts of time even though I know realistically it would be better and easier to do it now and so even though Yuuri frustrates me for not wanting to just say I would also probably do something similar!

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imagine being so obsessed with being so negative over nitpicks about a cartoon that you cause actual damage to the mental health of other people bc thats every su critical blog i cant imagine that kind of life it sounds awful. who hurt you?

its not my fault that people dont know how to not post in/look at the su critical tag or use xkit to block posts with the word “su critical” in them.. whose mental health have i hurt? i literally tell people that it’s okay to like su and that media criticism has been a thing since the dawn of time. i just personally dont like all these things about it and that’s fine. what used to be criticism written in papers by critics of fine art and plays is now people on the internet expressing their opinions about tv shows and movies and that’s perfectly fine! I can’t imagine anyone back in the days of kandinsky’s avant-garde art, crytyping in a letter to the editor about how the thing they said about composition no 7 was very mean and harming people’s mental health and art is very hard for this professional artist. this is literally the same thing on a more accessible level.

i really think we aren’t hurting anyone, we arent oppressing anyone; if anything a lot of us are oppressed. lots of su criticals call out racism in the show bc they are poc. im studying to make movies and comics in school so im going to call out bad storytelling, and im an artist so im gonna call out bad art. devon writes, so he is going to notice bad narrative decisions. so it goes.

n yeah i was abused as a child which is why i…call out child abuse in this show…which i used to love…like…yes i was hurt? I don’t want people or kids thinking that’s okay and if you make fun of that then youre fucked up. pointing out pearl trying to murder steven is not nitpicking, it’s showing how this show that used to Comfort me is now kind of scary for me.

imagine not being able to take criticism about something that doesnt even affect you though lol

Harry Styles Birthday Blurb

Hey Lovelies,

So I know this is like extremely late, but I wanted to write somethign fro Harry’s Birthday. I’m calling it a blurb, but its kind of long. Anyway its really sweet and I hopr you guys like it! Like I said its a blurb so this is it, there won’t be a part two. Fair warning it is NSFW, so be careful where you read. Thats all I have to say for now, happy reading and I’ll ttyl! 


- M

Just because I love you…

Harry Styles Birthday Blurb

 Being with Harry was unlike anything I had ever experienced. He made me feel so alive, yet so calm and relaxed at the same time. I felt safe in the thrilling moments and thrilled in the safe moments. He encouraged me to be brave while simultaneously protecting me. In our quiet, private moments he was sensitive and warm and in our loud, excited moments he was like a little kid, so full of energy and life! I was so broken when we found each other, I was shy and fragile, but he fixed me, built me back up, and brought me back to myself. And for that I could never thank him enough. When we have our bad moments, when we’re yelling and throwing things at each other, he always comes back to me… and when I ask him why he never gives up he says “Just because I love you.” That soon became his catch phrase in our relationship. He would do little things all the time, bring me flowers, make me dinners, and even leaving cute little notes all over the house for me… and he always said he did it “just because I love you.” One of the cute things he always did was every year on his birthday he would give everyone he cared about gifts. Just because he loved them, to thank them for another year together. I thought that was the most selfless thing I had ever seen… On his 23rd birthday he really went all out. There was this little cove we discovered one day at the beach. It was the perfect spot for two lovebirds. There was a little pond type of thing that led to the ocean from underneath and up top there was a small opening where you could see the moon. On a really clear night it was almost magical… the moonlight sparkling on the water… We had talked about maybe doing something there, but we never got the chance… Anyway, this year I had to work, but I promised we would do something the next night. Little did I know Harry already had something planned for his birthday night… 

 One might think working at Build- a- Bear is the most fun job in the world, but one would be wrong. It’s been almost 9 hours and I’m losing it. In the morning its ok, one or two little kids come in and it’s relatively quiet. But as the day goes on it gets crazier and crazier. The screaming kids, background music and annoying parents were enough to drive a girl mad! The only thing getting me through was the thought of going home to Harry. Just to lie in bed, snuggled up to him, enjoying the peace and quiet… that was all I could think about it. I watched the clock as the minutes ticked by agonizingly slow. Finally it was 7:00, closing time! I couldn’t have gotten out of there faster! I threw my apron off, signed out and rushed to my car as fast as my feet would take me. As soon as I got out of the car park I called Harry to let him know I was on my way home.

 "Hey birthday boy… I’m on my way home, can’t wait to wrap my arms around you all night…“ 

 "I’m here, patiently waiting… half naked…”

 "Oh… and why is that…“ I ask, voice going shaky at the thought of a half-naked Harry.

 "I can’t say… it’s a surprise… better hurry home if you want to find out what it is…”

 "Wait a-“

 "Gotta go, see you soon, bye!” Harry says and abruptly hangs up on me.

 Real mature. Now I really wanna get home. I drive as fast as I can and within half an hour I’m pulling into our driveway. I rush inside to find the lights off and the house silent.

 "Harry? Babe you here?“ I call out. No response. I look around the house and don’t find him anywhere. The kitchen, the living room, the basement, even the den. Finally I get up to our bedroom. And there sits Harry on our bed, in his swim trunks. Laying out next to him is my lilac strapless bikini and matching floral cover up. His favourite one of mine of course. 

 "Baby what’s all this? I have something planned for tomorrow night.”

 "Yes, and I have something planned for tonight.“ He says smiling his million dollar smile, the one that makes me melt, the one that he can flash and get pretty much anything he wants.

 "Harry it’s your birthday! I’m supposed to do something for you!” I say sitting on his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck. He looks me in the eyes deeply and then kisses me softly. 

 "Believe me, tonight is as much for me as it is for you…“ he whispers huskily in my ear as he breaks the kiss.

 "Well… I can’t say no to that…” I say standing up and picking up my suit. “Give me a few minutes to change ok? 

 "Oh don’t mind me.” He replies cheekily

 "Ha ha very funny.“ I say going into the walk in closet to change, I leave the door open just a little so Harry can get a peek of me… hey might as well tease him a bit. 

 I start slowly taking off my work close until I’m standing in the closet naked. I then slip the bikini bottom on. Before putting the top on I decide to take the teasing to the next level. I flex my back and begin rubbing my aching shoulders. I know Harry goes crazy when I flex my back! God knows why, but hey I get to use it against him, so no objections here. I know my little game has worked when I hear footsteps approaching the closet. The door opens fully and Harry’s arms wrap around me from behind as he peppers my neck with sweet kisses.

 "Let me help you with that babe…” he whispers as he brings the bikini top around me and clasps it at the back.

 "We don’t have to leave right away do we baby?“ I say turning around and running my hands up and down his chest.

 He takes my hands in his and kisses them "I’m afraid so love." 

 "Ok Baby…” I say kissing his nose “But it’s your loss…” I say letting go of his hands and sauntering away.

 "Trust me it’s not…“ he says following me. 

 "So where is it that you’re taking me Harry?” I say picking up my wrap from the bed. I toss it over my shoulders and suddenly a blind fold goes over my eyes! “Hey!”

 "It’s a surprise babe, trust me… I’ve got you.“ He says picking me up bridal style and carrying me out of our room. I could get used to this I think, resting my head on his chest. Soon the sound of his heartbeat lulled me into a much needed sleep. Until I was shaken awake by Harry picking me up again.

 “Rise and shine love! We’re here!” he says excitedly, almost running, he walking so fast I’m bouncing around in his arms!

 “Harry where are we? How long have we been driving?”

 “Details details, just be patient we’re almost there!” he squeals

 I can’t help but laugh at his childish demeanor. It’s one of the thigs I love most about him… Finally we stop and Harry gently sets me down.

 “We’re here!” Harry says undoing my blindfold.

 “Final-“I’m short by what I see. We’re standing in the little cove we found. The sun set shining through the opening in the roof. It’s so beautiful, Harry has set a little candlelight picnic and the water is sparkling, he’s even sprinkled pink rose petals on the surface!

 “So what do you think?” he asks laying a hand on my shoulder.

 “Oh Harry it’s incredible! You did this all for me, but it’s your day!”

 “I know, and I want to spend it with you, just because I love you…”

 “I don’t know what to say… I love you so much…” I say turning to face him, I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. “I really wanted to do something for you this year baby…” I say breaking the kiss without letting go of him.

 “I know, but don’t you see, you are. This is as much for me as it for you. I get to spend the whole night here with you. I decided this year I would do something for both of us…”

 “Well I love it! I love all of it! This place is so beautiful! You’re sure we’re allowed to be here right?”

 “Yeah, pretty sure. I mean the beach is a public place right?”

 “I guess.”

 “So, you hungry?”

 “Are you kidding? I’m starved!”

 “Then you’re really going to love this!” He says opening the picnic basket and taking out two takeout boxes from Shalimar Gardens.

“No way! Biryani and chicken kabobs from Shalimar Gardens!”

 “The one and only!”

 What? We love Indian food!

 “If it’s possible I think I love you more!”

 We enjoy the dinner and talk for a while before we decide to get in the water. We clean up the picnic and I toss by wrap off before we step in together.

 “Woah, the water is so warm!”

 “Yeah, it’s because of the biological-“

 I cut him off by placing my finger to his lips “Shh just shut up and kiss me!” He smiles and pulls me close, connecting our lips in a gentle kiss. Suddenly his hand slip down to my bum and the kiss gets heated. I jump up and wrap my legs around his waist, pressing our bodies impossibly close.

 “You sure you want to do this in here?” he says between kisses.

 “Why not? Haven’t you ever thought of what it would be like?” I reply.

 “Surprisingly, no.”

 “Huh, well I have!” I say with a devilish smirk. I slide off him and he leans against the wall of the cove. I reattach our lips and my hands wander all over him. I graze his chest until my hands land on his special place. I start massaging him and he groans. His hands slide behind me and he unclasps my bikini tossing it somewhere behind us. He massage my breasts and I continue massaging him until he’s hard. Then I slide my hand into his boxer and massage him more. Finally he losses it and rips them off, along with my bikini bottoms.

 “Such a tease tonight aye…” he whispers huskily.

 “Are you going to punish me… Daddy?” I knew that drove him insane… without saying a word he pushes two of his long fingers deep inside me, I almost scream from the pleasure. He pumps his fingers in me mercilessly until I can’t take it anymore, I need him in me. I can feel he’s close to, so he finally pulls his fingers out of me. Without warning his thrusts into me hard. Suddenly everything goes blurry. The cove is filled with mixed profanities and the sound skin against skin. I get that familiar feeling and in an instance we finish together. He slowly pulls out of me and pulls us out of the water. We wrap ourselves in towels and lie on our picnic blanket, gazing up at the stars.

 “That was amazing…” I finally manage to say

 “The best it’s ever been I think…” he replies

 “Thank you for all of this Harry…” I say facing him.

 “My pleasure… I do have one more surprise for you though…”

 “What are talking about?” I say sitting up.

 He sits up too and reaches into the picnic basket.

 “Not more food, babe I’m totally stuffed!”

 “Nope, not food…” He says producing a small Tiffany box.


 He faces me and takes my hand in his. “Y/N… This year, the thing that I wanted most for my birthday was you. I want you to be mine forever. You’re the first thing on my mind in the morning and the last thing before I sleep. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. I know in heart that we belong together. So I’m asking you, will you marry me?”

 Tears stream down my face as I shakily answer “Yes! Yes of course! Oh my god Harry I love you so much!” he slips the ring on my finger and kisses me passionately.

 “Oh its gorgeous! I love it! And I love you more!” I say breaking the kiss and looking at the ring.

 “I’m glad, I was stressing out about you not liking it.”

 “Aww, its perfect… we’re perfect…” I say grazing the side of his face.

 “You’re perfect…” he says kissing me again.

 “So, should we get dressed and head home?” I say breaking the kiss

 “We could… or we could stay the night…”


 “Why not, we could sleep on the picnic blanket, and watch the sunrise.”

 “Sounds perfect.” I say laying back down and snuggling into Harry.

 “Goodnight Love…” Harry Whispers.

 “Goodnight Harry…” I whisper back kissing his chest softly and drifting off to the sound of his heartbeat.

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so i have an opinion that may be an unpopular one: i feel like one of them will propose if they haven't already, but i don't think they'll actually get married. i think they might get a civil partnership, but otherwise i think they'd want to stay in the engagement phase forever (cus let's be real, the only part more romantic than the engagement phase is the honeymoon phase) cus the engagement says they'd like to spend an eternity with each other, but marriage itself feels kinda forced. thoughts?

honestly i kind of agree with you???

personally, to me, none of them seem the type to want a big huge extravagant wedding, and nor do they strike me as the type to want a simple wedding either, i feel like anything wedding-y would be too much effort for them and as long as they know and promise each other they want to spend the rest of their lives together, then what’s the need to have to go through all that effort, yk??

i feel like engagement would def be on the cards, like you say (also, a little tangent, i personally think engagements are more romantic and generally better than marriages) but that’s as far as it’d go??? 

it’s all based on personal opinions, of course, but i think you’re onto something there, anon :)

let’s chat about dan and phil!

Attention please!

I don’t wanna have to be pushy, but I’m begging ya’ll.

Please, please read my about / BYF (before you follow) even if you’re already a follower.

I can’t always look into who I’m interacting with / who’s following me, but I live with a lot of paranoia so it’s stressing me out to know some people I’ve interacted with on here are the kind of people I really don’t wanna be around or be associated with.

Even if you’ve been following for a while, please go read it. It’s snapbacksteven.tumblr.com/about or you can click here to go there.

I beg you to either please rethink your stance and your opinions on these matters, or unfollow me as soon as you can. Do not confront me about where I stand; I don’t have the energy to debate heavy subject matter when:

A) I’m autistic and not good with my words

B) The chances of me changing someone’s mind are very slim

I want to be kind and forgiving, I really do, and that’s why I want to give everyone a second chance. But if you clearly cannot change (i.e. won’t stop shipping pedo / incest ships, won’t stop making disgusting remarks about someone’s race or mental illness, etc.) then please leave.

To those who read my BYF and don’t fit the criteria of my ‘Do not follow’ list, thank you for being here, for being patient, and for being kind. You’re a lovely bunch of gems and I’m happy to have you around.

gerdavonrinnlingen  asked:

Hesitant Kiss for SW/Quinn :3

I know I keep asking for prompts and then take a fucking age to write any kind of response I’m sorryyyyy

( send me more prompts anyway they are my lifeblood

Anyway, this takes place riiiight after Taris. Is it first kiss time? OH YES. 

The whole thing had started simply enough. An effort to work off some of the boredom that was starting to seep in as they took the long journey from Taris to Hoth - Hoth, of all the kriffing places in the galaxy, why did it have to be that particular frozen shithole - saw her inviting Jaesa to practice her lightsaber technique. Nothing out of the ordinary for a master and an apprentice traveling literally across the galaxy together.

Don’t hold back, she’d told her apprentice. Act as though I am a real opponent out for your life.

Keep reading

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have you been to the MIT museum? I went yesterday & had a flash of imagining a nurseydex date there, esp. the room with the kinetic sculptures. They get to the one with the rotating gears, the last of which will finish one rotation in 13-something billion years, Nursey: "and if it lasts that long, the universe will be 13 billion years older by then!" Dex: *snorts* "Right. Like anyone bothered to call him on it enough to check his math." *spends the rest of the museum calculating velocity*

I went there once in college I think, kind of on a whim? Maybe in high school? I grew up and went to college in the Boston area, so those weekends blur together a bit. It’s absolutely a total Nursey/Dex perfect date place! Dex’s math brain would love the tech, and you know Nursey would be finding the poetry in everything like the sweet lil’ nerd he is. 

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Idk if you are still taking asks but I loved the last chapter of L&V! It kept me sane tbh but I am dying to know what Nikolai thinks of Yuri and Beka's relationship? I know Yuri says he is fine with it but he hadn't actually met Otabek yet and their interactions were awkward af, I read the ask that asked what Nikolai thought of Otabek in general and now I am even more curious to know what he thinks of not the person, but his grandsons boyfriend.

So I sat on this ask FIVE EVER thinking of a response.Then I had about 150 words going and fucking back buttoned like a dumbass. 

Anyway, Nikolai knows by the time they meet that Otabek is something special. FAWL takes place almost two years after the events of YOI, and it’s taken that long for Yuri to become 100% comfortable with Yuuri and Viktor.  Nikolai kind of picks up on this based off phone conversations with Yuri, and knows that by the time Otabek shows up in Moscow that the last year has been a big deal for Yuri. 

As for his perception of the relationship itself, he might not completely understand. Nikolai may have always anticipated that Yuri, much like his father would meet a very warm, very pretty girl and bring her home. But he’s also raised Yuri and has always known that Yuri is very different. I see it that Nikolai has those sort of “pride goggles” where he doesn’t really understand all it is that Yuri does, nor does he understand everything about Yuri. However, he’s really proud for him, and so he just sort of does his best to accept the things he doesn’t understand (idk i get this a lot with my family. A tolerance for non-normative behavior because of my accomplishment that extends beyond social capital, and is more like, blind awe). 

He’s also seen Yuri be so alone for most of his life. You know, he’s always had people around, even rinkmates like Mila who are close enough in age that really close friendships could have been formed, but weren’t because Yuri very much put up a wall. Why? Pick a reason right? His dad is an unsavory character, his mother passed. He was doing ballet with the children of some of Russia’s elite and there were obvious class differences that Yuri effectively hid by putting up walls and pushing people away. He is happy that Yuri has someone he’s close to. 

Nikolai and Otabek are distant for a few reasons. First, they are actually quite similar in personality and taste. Simplistic points of view, slow paced, etc. They clash in the way that you only do when you are more alike than different. Also, until that point, Nikolai’s only point of contact with skating/ballet is Yuri. Because Yuri was so closed off, he doesn’t know a lot of skaters or coaches. He’s probably a little apprehensive to have a boy of such social standing stay in his little ramshackle home. 

Really, all Nikolai wants is for Yuri to be happy. 

siffieleafy submitted: Lady Suzanne as she prepares herself to conquer the Thicket of Doubt and Uncertainty with her trusty blade “Willpower”. May her rule be long and just, and her blade never dull.

((I’ve noticed stuff and things have been tough for you these last days, and in a effort to pull myself out of the inky abyss of disparity​ I’m going to grapple you along.
Sorry for the wonky inking, I was in a rush to get this to you. Lofe you muchly, bunny. Keep on trooping!!!))

(You’ve always been an inspiration to me, and as I grapple myself out of my own dispair I will take you with me, come ell or high water))

*looks into inbox, sees what you’ve done, slowly crumples to the floor*

Originally posted by forbeautifulpeopletv

This is actually what my face is doing, no lie. But for God’s sake, how on earth am I supposed to react when you…!

Y-you made into a Warrior Girl You made me into a Lady Knight. 

Siffie, I can’t even get into how much this means to me. I am so beyond enormously touched and will have set up a new life upon the floor because you knocked me down so hard with this. 

Thank you. Thank you, darling, for having so much faith in me and so much love. Words can’t even hope to capture how I feel right now. 

{You actually submitted this two times, I hope you don’t mind that I adapted and added some of the text}


“Thanks for coming with me.”

Y/N was out of breath after running for a mile straight.

“I’m sorry for making you wait. Did you stand for long?”

Jinyoung had waited for almost over half an hour, but seeing Y/N’s condition he decided to drop it.

“No. Actually I arrived just now too.”

“You know that you’re a very bad liar?”

Jinyoung rubbed the back of his head as his lips broke into a wide grin.

“I didn’t want to make you feel bad.”

“That’s very kind of you.” Her reply sounded more sarcastic than grateful.

He was sharp enough to pick up her tone.
“Look whose talking.”

Mianhae” Y/N’s lips curled into the sweetest innocent smile.

Jinyoung’s face flushed all the way to his neck. His mouth fumbled for words to say next.

“I…. I…..”-

“Cmon now, we’re wasting even more time here by arguing like this.”

Y/N firmly caught Jinyoung’s hand and pulled him inside the mall.


“How about we make a custom collar? Like this one with shiny stone alphabets.”

“That one looks expensive.”

“Wait let me ask.”

Y/N stretched over the counter.

“Excuse me sir.”

“Yes?” A man in his late thirties replied.

“How much is this dog collar?”

“Ah that one is custom, the collar alone cost 63000 won. And the stone alphabets cost 11,500 won.”

“Thankyou.” She turned towards Jinyoung. “So?”

“That sounds reasonable, although a little expensive for a dog.”

“For godsake you’re an idol.”

The young man smiled goofily.

“I’m just saying.” He chuckled. “Excuse me sir, can you pack this collar along with two C’s and two O’s?”


“You got a good deal.” Y/N said as she licked her chocolate ice cream. “Oooooo brain freeze.”

“Oi, be care careful. What’s the hurry?”

“Ahhh Jinyoung being the mom.”

“Stop that already. Anyway what will you get for coco?”

“I bought her a perfume while you were in the restroom.”


“Yes, Marc Jacobs’s Daisy.” She did a fancy gesture with her shoulder and pouted her lips, as she showed him off the gift bag.

Jinyoung broke into a genuine laughter.

“What?! If you guys can apply makeup, surely Coco can put perfume too.”

His hands were already clutching his tummy by now.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Sometimes you surprise me so suddenly.”

“We’ve known each other for only 6 months now. Surely you don’t know the half of me.” Y/N scoffed.

“Now c'mon don’t get angry, sorry. I’m sure Coco will love it.”

“Achoooo…. it’s so cold.” Y/N hugged herself for warmth.

“Where’s you’re coat?”

“Actually by the time my got over work, I realised that I was late for our meeting, so in a hurry while leaving the lab I forgot my coat.”

Without uttering a word for reply, Jinyoung opened his coat and put it on Y/N.

“What? Wha”-

He didn’t let her protest.

“I’m sorry for causing you trouble. I’d have asked others but everyone was busy with something. Anyway, you’re not even wearing a warm top. It’s just a shirt. I don’t want you to get sick because of me. And plus I’m wearing a warm sweatshirt so please don’t worry about me. Okay?”

“Jin…. Young…..” Y/N was taken aback. She thought she felt little butterflies floating in her stomach and her cheeks heated up a bit too.

“Cmon let’s leave now, it’s getting late.”

“Wait !”

Jinyoung who had already started walking in the other direction turned around to face Y/N.

She started fiddling with her bag immediately and it took her sometime before she finally pulled out a muffler.

Closing the distance between herself and Jinyoung, Y/N then wrapped the warm wollen cloth around his neck, tugging the lose ends within his sweatshirt.

“There you go. Now no part of your body is vulnerable to the cold outside.”

Jinyoung could feel his heart beat faster. It scared him to think that Y/N may have heard the wild thumping of his chest. By the end of it all he was feeling very conflicted and confused. He did not want to accept the fact that he was starting to like her, he had his reasons. Of course it wasn’t the first time he was feeling something like his but he knew that it wouldn’t be his last either.

pythonissamphantomhive  asked:

Hi, I'm really sorry for my bad english, but I need your help. Well, I was in the cemetery and one of the tombs caught my attention. It made me feel strangely sad. I don't know how to explain everything, but that spirity was stuck there for so long and I feel I need to banish him, but I don't have too much experience and I just don't know what to do. Can you please help me?

Your english is very good! 

If I understand you correctly, at the cemetery felt like a spirit who had been stuck there a long time? And you want to help him cross over, basically? If that’s the case I wouldn’t suggest banishing him, but maybe more like some kind of spell or charm to ease his passage!Banishing seems like too aggressive of a working for a spirit that might just be stuck. I would first try to communicate with the spirit. Maybe go to the cemetery with a pendulum, or even oracle cards or runes, and figure out what is going on with this spirit, who he his, why he’s still there, etc. After that, figure out a course of action. It would be unfortunate to try to help this spirit cross over if instead he’s hanging around for the sole purpose of being harmful. 

After that, I would make some kind of sachet/charm bag to leave at the tomb, something safe for the environment, so no toxic herbs, try to avoid anything non-biodegradable, and of course, try to keep it small and make it so it’s not going to draw a lot of attention. 

I’m thinking, maybe your sachet can be a coffee filter! Fill it with herbs for peace, like lavender, chamomile, coriander, a dash of olive oil, and any other personal associations you might have for peaceful herbs. Charge it with your intent that this helps your specific spirit find his way home. Since I don’t explicitly work with spirits, I would advise trying to talk to someone who does, like @magickalmenagerie @spiritscraft @ofwoodandbone All of whom have great blogs and work with spirits in some form or another! Thank you so much for sending your question in, I hope I gave you a good place to start! 


🚨Calling All Roman Reigns Fans! 🚨

Next month (March 25th) I’m attending my 5TH WWE Live! show in Portland, ME!

It’s the Raw roster that’s coming to Portland and by using my tricks, I’m getting to meet the entire roster, including Roman Reigns (again)!

I have a goal in mind when I meet Roman: I want to be able to hand him a manilla envelope filled with letters that YOU guys have written.

What kind of letters am I looking for? Letters of positivity, of course!

See, I’m getting so sick and tired of all this CONSTANT hate Roman Reigns is getting day in and day out. I know he won’t come out and admit it but I’m sure he is, as well. So I’d like to brighten his day a little and hand him a manilla envelope stuffed with letters we’ve written for him.

You can write about whatever you like as long as it’s POSITIVE.

For example: I’m probably going to write about why I love him and his character and how much of a positive impact he has on my life and how he’s truly one of my biggest inspirations in life.

Want to submit a letter for me to give to Roman next month? There’s TWO ways to send it to me!

Option 1: You can email me your letter that I will print off and put in the envelope.

Option 2: If you feel like having your letter be a little more personal, feel free to write one and send it to my mailing address.

Keep in mind: If you are serious about sending me a letter, private message me with which option you’re going with and I will send you the corresponding address.

Come on, Roman fans. Let’s unite together for this man we proudly support!

The highest I’ll shippy hope for with kastle in the punisher series is something resembling a hug, however brief it would probably end up being.

But what I hopelessly WISH we could get is a hug with some kind of forehead or nose-to-cheek brush as they pull away. You know what I mean. That kind of intimate touch that’s almost there but not quite meaning of anything except ‘I really fucking care about you and just one more moment here will make me feel all better’. Just.

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