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Runaway : Jason Blossom Pt. 1

Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

request: Omg I just read your jughead imagine and it haves me thinking, can you do a one shot thing of Jason Blossom not really being dead and sneaks into the reader’s bedroom in the middle of the night or something too explain to her why he faked his death (you can make up the reason because I’m not that clever) but yeah it’s just really sad and full of fluff idk I’m weird.

requested by: anonymous

A/N: For the sake of this imagine, Polly was a one time thing for Jason and that’s why Polly was so upset, because she wanted more. Also, shoutout to @yourstrulysquid for finding this gif for me. You are a lifesaver!! This imagine went in a totally crazy direction, that could lead to a part two?!? maybe? also it’s more sad than fluffy, BUT if people do want a second part, best believe it will be fluffy as hell. love ya, xx aubree

warnings: running away, angst.

word count: 1,071

(gif not mine) gif credit: x


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Be Careful (Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvels, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, getting shot


Request: Hi could you do one where the reader is Tony’s teenage daughter who’s dating Peter and she’s just the type of person everyone loves but she’s also a really good hacker and fighter so she does missions sometimes and she ends up getting shot? I really love your writing.

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Peter was walking you home after your date with him. It was a normal thing for you to have dates the night before you were to go on a mission.

You were the daughter of Tony Stark, and like your dad, was extremely smart. However instead of suits and weapons, you did hand to hand combat and hacking. When Fury figured out you would hack into SHIELD’s files for fun, he signed you up before telling your father. He didn’t know whether to be mad or proud of you. At least he took it better than when he caught you kissing Peter and finding out you were in a relationship.

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Good Morning (M)

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Requested by: Anon.. Here you go sweety!!

Characters: Goo Junhoe (Junhwe, June, iKon), You (Reader/OC)

Genre: Smut and fluff

Warning/s: Dirty talking, Thigh Riding (ugh),Cunnilingus, Overstimulation, Cringing, sweaty and slick morning sex

Length: 1,968 words

Plot:   You had a hot dream with your boyfriend and he finds that out so he will make you realize that dreams do come true and they come in a better package.

I had literally no time in proofreading so I apologize about any errors :p


“Right there, baby.”  You moaned as you felt your boyfriend’s cock hit the most sensitive spot in you, causing you to press your forehead against the mattress harder. Junhoe continued his brisk pace as he fucks you from behind, his hands gripping your hips tightly that will surely appear as bruises the next morning.

“Cum for me, baby.”  He groaned when he felt your walls tighten around him.  


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Primadonna - Dean Winchester

Summary ; in which y/n is massively misunderstood and it had started to get her down. but, it only gets worse when dean, himself, decides that he can’t handle her anymore either and drives y/n into packing her bags and leaving the bunker - leaving him - potentially for good.

Pairing ; dean x reader

A/n ; please pretend that they have the men of letter’s bunker earlier on :)) gifs aren’t mine x

Warnings ; angst, language, mentions of past physical and verbal abuse, verbal abuse (?), dean being a complete asshole

Words ; 4.7k

Published ; 11th june, ‘17


Stay safe + ily🌷

Primadonna girl, yeah
All I ever wanted was the world
I can’t help that I need it all
The primadonna life, the rise and fall
You say that I’m kinda difficult
But it’s always someone else’s fault
Got you wrapped around my finger, babe
You can count on me to misbehave

The first time you had actually heard someone spit out those strident words about you, it had been when you got back from a hunt. You had been utterly bruised and battered by those ghouls and all you wanted to do was head home and slip into a well-earned slumber, your limbs aching incessantly and your eyes struggling to stay open, but Dean had been adamant on celebrating a job well done.

You had left to visit the lady’s bathroom; you had only been gone a couple of minutes and already, they had started spewing rude comments about you. 

“Dean, humour me - how is someone like you, with someone like her?” When you faintly perceived the words flowing sourly from some hunter’s mouth, his eyebrow raised in amusement and his lips pulled into a hostile and malicious smirk, you stopped abruptly in your tracks on your way back to the table and slid sneakily behind a nearby wall instead - still able to hear their crude conversation centred around you.

Your boyfriend’s reply was muffled and your eyes subconsciously narrowed down at him from where you stood, hidden in the desolate shadows of the dusty bar. 

“But she’s such a nuisance,” Hearing their preconceived and cruel words, your eyebrows furrowed and your mouth fell agape slightly, dejected that people who didn’t even know you would voice their snide judgement about you to Dean. Upon hearing their words, vicious memories that you pushed so far down began to unwillingly resurface in your mind.

The other hunter spoke up from where she was sat at the dusky marble of the bar, perched on her seat on the other side of Dean, “Typical primadonna girl if you ask me.”

Waiting patiently, but not hearing the man you loved defend you at all, you felt your heart drop; you took a step out from being consumed by dark shadows and swallowed away the sting of tears that threatened to make their escape. 

It was like Aaron all over again, his harsh words echoing in your ears like he had only just spat them at you. Aaron was over five years ago, and still, his words affected you majorly to present day.

“You’re so controlling. Everything has to be your way or the highway! When will you quit being such a bitch? Jeez, you’re so difficult to be with,” You had just told him to stop moving the ‘ugly’ welcome mat from the front door. It had a blood red devil’s trap painted delicately to the bottom side to it. You were just trying to protect him and yourself. 

“Please, Aaron, j-just trust me. Please, just put it back by the front door; w-we don’t need to keep arguing about this,” Your voice was quiet and barely audible as your bleary eyes stayed focused on the bleak ground below you - too terrified to look into his fiery gaze.

“There you go again! Always expecting other people to do things for you! Stop being so god damn demanding and start to understand that not everyone will hand you whatever you want on a gold fucking platter!” His hand came up to run his fingers aggravatingly through his dark hair but you couldn’t help but flinch away from his abrupt action, squeezing your (y/e/c) eyes shut and bracing yourself for the callous hit.

It hadn’t been the first time that he had hit you. So, you had to hide your complete confusion when he caught you expecting the bitter and punitive slap and took an intimidating step closer - gripping at your shoulders harshly, instead. 

Your body immediately tensed up at the rough contact, nevertheless, your figure going rigid when his fingers dug nastily into your skin. “Don’t be such a fucking drama queen. I wasn’t going to hit you this time.” 

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We’re Here For You

Request: Hi, could you write a peter Parker x reader where the reader is kicked out and moves in with peter and may, and it’s fluffy thanks 

Warnings: Reader has a drunken/abusive Parent.

A/N: It’s mostly just angst so, sorry… And the gif idk…

Originally posted by spiderholland

Tears streamed down your face as you marched out of your house.Where would you go now? What would you do? You still had a job on the weekends, you still had to go to school…

Your drunken father had demanded you leave the house. And you weren’t going to argue with home whilst he was in that state.Your mom died when you were twelve, and your father had adopted a habit of constant alcohol.

You tugged your backpack further up your shoulder as you headed toward… Well- you didn’t know where. As far from your home as you could go.

As you walked by a park, you noticed a young girl with her parents. They were smiling and feeding a small group of pigeons. You breathed heavier. why couldn’t your life of been like that?
You walked by a series of pretty houses, with what seemed like hundreds of flowers decorating their gardens. Soon you approached a large building that you recognized as your friend Peter Parker’s apartment.You walked faster, hoping to avoid being seen by him.

You had so many emotions going through you. You were angry, angry at your father for kicking you out, Sad, why couldn’t you just have a normal life? You were partly relieved, because you didn’t have to worry about an angry drunk parent who could, and would, potentially physically hurt you. You were embarrassed, and worried, and sad, and scared

“Oww!” You were too lost in your emotions to notice where you were walking.


Oh no…

“Are you okay?” Peter took a step back to he could see your face better, “Are you, crying?”

“I’m fine.” You tugged your backpack up again.

“Where are you going?” He asked you, noticing how heavy your backpack was, and it seemed you were dressed for much colder weather.

“I- I don’t know..” You cried. You had never felt so vulnerable.

“Why don’t you come inside?”

He led you into his apartment.
May greeted you kindly and cheerfully, until she noticed something was wrong. She offered you a piece of Walnut Date Loaf, and told you to sit down.

You sat down next to May, and Peter sat on the chair across from you.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone?” May asked after you had told her what happened.

“I-I didn’t know that was an option,”

Peter looked completely heartbroken. He had known you for so long, and he hadn’t even noticed.

“Okay well, Peter, why don’t you go clean the guest room. Y/N’s going to be staying with us for a while,”

You turned your head to the side, “Oh, you don’t need to do that. I- I’m fine.. I’ll find someplace…” It was then that you realized how serious the whole situation was.

“Nonsense.” She stood up and patted your back.

“I’m so sorry,” Peter pulled you in for a hug.

“It’s okay, don’t feel sorry for me.”

“No, it’s not okay,” He looked at you seriously, “I know what it’s like to lose your family. But, we’re here for you.” He took your hand.You felt goosebumps go up your arm when he did so.

“Hey, as long as your staying here for a while-” His mood suddenly lightened up, “I have someone who I can force to watch Star Wars with!”



@wannabe-weasley  @ 8181pjh     @flowerprincessofcryptids

Listen, I don’t know how this happened but here’s a little something involving hands, and well. You just read. And… ALT ER LOVE.

  • what if Even was passing by a jewellery (on his way to pride) with Sana, or maybe was it Magnus, and he would stop for a few minutes. Thinking out loud, you know “one day I’ll marry Isak”, but this time he’s very clear. (unlike at the hotel where he saw that scene as a dream.) Him who always seemed terrified of what the future could hold, because he would always feel a liability somehow, whether tomorrow or the next month or decade. But now he’s not afraid anymore. He can think of more than just the next minute. And of course that means he cannot imagine it with anyone else but Isak now.
  • or something ridiculously sweet… like Even would take him to an actual balcony,or NO. Their bench, that’d be even more meaningful (because hey that’s where it began! Where Isak heard that name for the first time. Where Isak touch his hand for the first time.) and say to Isak, like “in 10 years, we’ll come back here and I’ll have a question for you.” And Isak, being the smart ass that he is, would figure out right away. And he’d say something along “ No matter where our path may lead us in 10 years from now, i’ll be right here for you. With you. And you already know the answer to that question. It’s the same as today. And the next minute and the next…”
  • and Isak would joke along "and you won’t need any paper towels this time” and and Isak wouldn’t say anything just give Even his hand, as “symbolic” for that future question…. well the answer.
  • And maybe, maybe there’ll be a complete twist… One day, in like 5 or 6 years from now, as he is now working for the Nasa or something, anyway he becomes one of the smartest scientist of his generation. One evening as he comes home to Even, they do live together now, he’ll surprise Even and bring him to their bench. Remember what you told me that 21st of June …. Wasn’t it 21:21…. Look at your watch now. E: “but you know i’m never wearing a watch ba…..” I: “wouldn’t you mind wearing this for me now ?” as he’s going down on one knee, ring in hand…. Even would join him down, kneeling too, in tears. “YES YES YES. Of course yes!” As they would held both hands together.
  • (hands that were once shaking…  being held for the first time in that locker room, as so much was still new to Isak. At the beginning, Isak was very guarded, staying at distance from Even, waiting for him to make a move, to say something. And then to drop the bomb litteraly, nothing is standing in our way anymore, how frightening is that ? Exciting too but what Isak must have thought, he dropped everything, for… for little old me ? He could not believe, it was too good to be true. He’s here professing his love basically… for me ? you sure you have the right person ?? Of course those hands were shaking. Until that moment, where he saw, where he felt Even meant it. Holding his hands. Where he believed. He could be that boy, kissing more of Even in the intimacy if his bedroom, why not even one day at school… he could finally have that life. Real life. His life. Their life.)
  • So that night, it was with steady hands, Isak holds on Even’s hands. And in this minute, Even believed too.(It had been playing in his mind since the first moment he ever saw Isak.) Their reality. 
  • And it actually would be 21:21.

(i’m blaming @tocapturethisvoice aka my beloved Cris for making me “word vomit” as Cee Cee would poetically put it down ahah ALSO Julie who is still making us wait so here it is….)

anonymous asked:

List of the agnstiest angstiest ships(otps) you know and their shows?pls

A lot of these will be repetitive 

1. Kim Shin and Eun Tak, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

I think by now everyone knows how obsessed with Goblin I am but Eun Tak and Shin’s love story is seriously the angstiest, most heartfelt love story I’ve watched and I will always keep bringing it up as a suggestion for people who are looking for that sweeping, epic, fantastical, profound, gut-wrenching, heartbreaking, beautiful love story. 

2. Sunny and Reaper, Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

They were the B-story. Also super , super angsty. I break down the Sunny and Reaper angst here: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/164064840580/i-just-realized

3. Han Kyul and Eun Chan, Coffee Prince 

So like I keep saying, Coffee Prince is about Han Kyul and Eun Chan. Eun Chan is a tomboy and to get a job to provide for her family she pretends to be a boy and starts falling in love with her boss who starts falling in love with her too but he think she’s a boy so he basically goes through an identity crisis which is really intense and it also starts getting his friends and coworkers to think about the stigma surrounding homosexuality. SUPER fucking angsty.

4. Stefan and Elena, The Vampire Diaries 

I don’t need to explain this, although I do have a few posts about SE angst vs. DE/SC anxiety: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/138635393295/2-just-another-thing-wrong-with-tvd-theres-no


5. Buffy and Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy and Angel wrote the book on teen angst. 

6. Ian and Mickey, Shameless 

A few YouTube channels have all of their clips and I remember when I didn’t want to continue watching all of Shameless and I just wanted to know what happened with these two and I stayed up all night watching all of their clips and the angst was killing me. 

7. Dal Po and In Ha, Pinocchio 

Their love story is super complicated but basically her mother actually destroyed his family, driving his own mother to commit suicide but he can’t help but love her so some serious fucking angst ensues. Highly underrated Kdrama.

8. Max and Liz, Roswell 

He’s an alien, she’s a human, shit gets complicated.

9. Michael and Maria, Roswell 

Their angst is different from Max and Liz’s because Michael and Maria are the can’t-stand-each-other-but-we-have-some-serious-fucking-passion dynamic but their arguing is actually pretty intense and the tension between Michael screwing up and making it up to Maria is pretty angsty.

10. Logan and Max, Dark Angel 

So many obstacles get in their way in the span of two seasons. 

11. Simon and Alisha, Misfits

Their destiny is actually quite tragic. I’m still not over it. 

12. Noah and Rosalee, Underground

They were enslaved and they’re on the run and they’re in love and so there’s most definitely a lot of angst, especially with the way they left things. 

13. Jax and Tara, Sons of Anarchy 

I’ve been breaking down their angst a lot recently. 

14. Cesare and Lucrezia, The Borgias

I break that down here: http://zalrb.tumblr.com/post/161897808255/hey-i-was-wondering-if-you-could-analyze-lucrezia

15. Every single Spartacus couple ever

16. Ryan and Marissa, The O.C.

Angst was their whole thing, basically.

17. Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

I don’t ship them but I would be remiss to not add them to this list when angst is their thing. 

18. Scott and Allison, Teen Wolf 

I do prefer Scira but I also do really love Scallison and they were SUPER angsty and intense. 

19. Jess and Vince, Friday Night Lights 

There aren’t many gifs of them and most of their angst happens when they aren’t together but Jess and Vince are like, I try to fight it but I can’t, type of loves and their scenes are pretty intense.

20. June and Nick, The Handmaid’s Tale

I’m mad at myself, I forgot to include them. 

A really long message @ the VLD fandom

OK but seriously though, I’m just going down the Voltron page and everyone is either complaining about Shallura dying, Allura’s ethnicity and age, Keith getting more screen time than the other paladins, or Anti-Shaladin and I’m just…Guys come on. 

Seriously, I actually have never scrolled through a page on Tumblr and seen so many complaints and shipping discourses by a fandom. I get it, not everyone is happy with what’s going on, I’m going to be honest I’m not either, I’ve felt off by a few things too. And it’s OK to have an opinion, that’s a natural part of life, but when it involves becoming an ignorant anti bent on hating every last thing in the show, I feel like that’s when we need to draw the line, stop, step back and ask ourselves: “What are we doing?”

I feel like we’re expecting too much from this show, and we’re not taking it for what it is. This show is so pure and good and I think we honestly take it for granted. The creators do what they do for this fandom, for the people watching, they spend so much of their time creating this, putting everything into this work ALL FOR US and we all just seem to hate it just because some things don’t go our way. 

We need to start appreciating more and stop hating so much, this is honestly one of my favourite shows of all time because of this fandom. I love seeing theories, head canons, gifs, and all of these amazing posts about it, I love seeing how invested everyone is. 

But I think we need to take a step back and realize what we’re doing. I know not everyone is going to agree with everything, that’s just realistic. But have you heard the saying think before you speak? That’s what I’m trying to say, we need to think about all of this hate and discourse were spreading like wildfire through our posts. Do you know how the VAs and creators probably feel seeing and being involved in some of the stuff that’s going on? We need to think about them, we need to respect them and this show, we need to have faith in the creators and stop sprinting to conclusions about everything, then turning it into a full out discourse war. They never have the intention to cause such a rif between us guys, we just do it to ourselves and then pin the blame on them. They love this fan base. We’re such an awesome fandom, but we need to start showing that more. 

And I was honestly thinking, this may be cheesy, but I feel like we should just dedicate a day to express how grateful we are towards everyone involved in the show. Express our love for them through our posts and show them how amazing of a fan base we are. Show them what amazing people they are, appreciate them, appreciate Voltron. Do it every June 10th, because that’s when the first season premiered. We just need to show them our love for once, not our hate. 

Hello, everyone! It’s been so long since my last follow spree, but since September 11 is almost here, I have decided to post a new one. As you may know, on that day, I’ll start my last year of highschool and I have to study a lot for the final exams which will be at the end of June next year, but for the Medicine exams too, those will be at the end of July. I really want to see myself as a medicine student after all. And to be honest, my dash has been pretty dead lately.

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Junhoe as Your Husband

So here’s your request!! GOO JUNHOE AS YOUR HUSBAND.


  • We all know how much he loves himself but when he found a girl that he thinks she can handle him (and his sassy behaviour), he’ll love you with all his might. He might be sassy af but he’ll show you his sweet and romantic side when he’s with you. Just wait for it.
  • He will really like when you wore a dress that he bought for you. 
    • “See yeobo, I never failed to dress you up.”
    • “How about I bought our daughter IF WE HAVE ONE, a dress so my girls can wear the same dress.”
    • “So you want to have a child, now?”
    • “No, that’s not what I mean.”
    • And he continued, “I want to spend our time alone, doing this and that, after that, we have to make a child!!!!!!!”
    • When you just, “we. have. to. make. a. child. …. ?!??!?!??!??!?!?”
    • He giggled and put you on his lap, hugging you tight.
  • He’ll try those cheesy pick up lines like, 
    • “your lips is so lonely, would they like to meet mine?” OMGFUCK
      • And he’ll cringe because of his embarrassment when you just, “Shut the fuck up kid.” and end up kissing one another.
  • But sometimes you’re the one who told him, “yeobo, you should call a police!!” and he’ll be like, “WHY WHY?!?!”
    • “Because I think your handsome face is killing me”
      • Yeah eventhough he liked it so much, it’s too cheesy to handle.
  • When you decided to bought another funiture for your house, there will be an argument between you and him. You want the light color, but he wants the darker color. You backhugged him, “Baby pleasee~” as you rub his stomach.
    • “We’ll take the light color.” He talked to the furniture guy.
    • He’ll look at you and say, “I hate you so much.”
    • You’ll kiss him, “Babe I hate you too!!!!!!!” And laugh.
  • He’ll nag at you ALL DAY when you don’t eat, or don’t want to eat.
  • He’ll ask endlessly about what you want to eat, where you want to eat and all of those stupid stuffs.
  • He doesn’t need a skinny wife bcs he fell in love with your soul at the first place. He doesn’t think about your body that much. As long as you’re still good in bed.
  • Endless suprise for his wife. Eventhough it’s just about his existence.
    • “Hey babe I’m here. Surprise!”


  • You stepped out from your bathroom door.
    • “Babe…”
    • “What is it, yeobo?” He will look at you that instant.
    • “You….. have…. to…. look…” You handed him the pregnancy test.
  • He’ll blink a few times, trying to accept the reality that he will SOON become a dad.
  • He’ll smile at you proudly and his mouth would let out, “Indeed, we’re so amazing that night.” He winked at you

“I want to hug and kiss you right now but I don’t want to press our baby. What should I do?”

  • When you finally wake up after being unconsious for 6 hours or something and you found your husband looking at you at the corner of the hospital room with his brightest smile as you feel a severe pain in your stomach area. He said,
    • “Babe, congratulation to both of us. It is a baby girl. She’s as beautiful as you. Indeed I have two amazing girls on my hand.” He will massage your hand and place a kiss on your forehead.


Pregnant // Harrison Webb // prompt

Requested : 56 ( “I told you I was pregnant and you told me you were leaving.” ) , 35 ( “If you touch her, I will kill you ) , 29 ( “Back the fuck off.”) , 23 ( “I’m pregnant.) with Harrison Webb aka babe af omg.

So Y’all need to make more Harrison Webb gifs. Like let’s be real here. This is like the only somewhat recent one I found. And yeah, I do Youtuber imagines now bc why not. I’m a fandom whore.

Prompt List

Originally posted by bertiegilbertlove

Pacing around the room, I tried to rehearse what I was going to say in my mind. Would he want it? What will he think? All I wanted was a quick summer fling. And now Harrison will be leaving to go back to London and if I don’t tell him now, I’ll be stuck to deal with this alone. I wanted to talk to someone about it. I thought about telling Franny, but I don’t want to be judged. She would never judge me though. I just have so many odd emotions running through my body and I don’t know if it’s hormones or what. 

How long have I been pregnant? No fucking clue. Harrison and I snuck out of the party last night, but I’m positive I was pregnant for a few weeks and just didn’t know. 


When was my last period? I honestly have no idea. The entire summer was blurred with alcohol and parties I didn’t keep track of my period. I know I had one in May, that was when Harrison first got here. Pretty sure I had one in June. 


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[iKon Reaction] Their gf sleeping at the dorm for the first time


Hey sweetie~ thank you for sending in your request. I hope you like it 😆


(Let’s imagine that they all have separated room lol)


It would be a night where you two were cuddling on the couch at the dorm, watching movies in the living room with all the boys. Abruptly it started to rain. “You don’t have to come home, just stay here for the night.” Holding your hand in his, he gently whispered to you. Your parents of course already knew that Jay was a trustful person so they’d definitely agree when he asked. It was the first time you stayed at the dorm so the boys would tease you two a lots. But Jay would nag them actually (because he is the oldest lol). He’d let you sleep on his bed and sleep on the floor. But if you wanted to sleep with him, he’d would agree. Jay’d be really nervous though (he may sweat too). He’d sing you to sleep if you didn’t get used sleep at the strange place and would definitely check on you to see if you were feeling alright. There’d be a lot of kisses too but he wouldn’t go further since he wanted you to feel comfortable around him first.


You were at the dorm that day ‘cause Yoyo invited you to come earlier to try his new recipes. The boys were teasing you and Yoyo for being too corny while he nagged them for being too loud. You heard your phone ringing so you excused yourself to go answer it. It was your mom. She said that she couldn’t come home from her trip ‘cause the plane was delayed. But you had no key either so she told you to stay at your boyfriend’s place for 1 night. “Yeah of course jagi, you’re always welcomed to be here.” He seemed to be pretty confident right? But inside, he was so damn nervous because it was the first time you were there for the night. He’d be a gentleman and offer you the bed like Jay. But the moment you asked him to sleep with you, he’d be so happy to do so. He’d throw his arms around you and try his best to make you comfortable in his bed. Yoyo’d tell you some of his stories to make you go to sleep easier. He’d stay up for awhile watching you sleep while gently squeezing your hand in his, mumbling how much he loved you and that he was so lucky to have a perfect girlfriend like you.


The moment he heard that you’re home alone and wanted to come stay the night at his dorm, he’d be all excited and jumping around in pure happiness. This boy wouldn’t care much about cleaning his room or putting away his stuff I think. He’d let you see his messy, usual boy-room because if you were comfortable enough to stay at his dorm, then that meant you two had come further enough for the next step. Don’t be dirty minded lol. What I meant is he’d be a little too excited by asking why you decided to come, why you wanted to sleep with him, did you miss him that much, so on and so on. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take a good care of you. He’d wrap you in a big blanket and let you wear his shirt too if you want. He’d let you use his room like your own room and feel pretty happy having your company like that. He wouldn’t wait for you to ask for him to sleep with you on the bed. He’d jump right in actually. You wouldn’t be able to sleep easily because this boy would be a little bit loud and extra as hell. Good luck! I don’t think you could sleep having Bobby next to you (not that I’m complaining though lmao). “What? You want to sleep already? Why? Okay fine, just one more joke and we’ll sleep, I promise!”


You decided to surprise your boyfriend at the dorm on his B-day. You brought him the Mickey cake and spent the whole evening at the dorm with him and the boys. When the party was over, it was already 10pm. You had been living at your university dorm so you didn’t worry about being nagged by parents, but Hanbin said it was too dangerous walking back there this late so you finally stayed at his place for 1 night. “I won’t eat you, you know. Just stay here, in my room.” The boys would all tease Hanbin and you for sharing one room definitely. But Hanbin would nag them back for being nosey. Even though he would try to play it cool and want to show you the manly image of him while you guys were alone, being just the two of you in one room would kinda worry him. He’d be nervous but still act like he wasn’t. He’d ask if you wanted him to leave you in his room alone (he’d sleep on the couch in the living room). But hearing you said that you wanted to sleep with him made him become excited but shy at the same time. At first, Hanbin wouldn’t know what to do. Although you two had cuddled a lots but in this situation, he’d be a little bit clueless. You would laugh and pull him in bed while snuggling up to him. That was when he started to loosen a bit and being himself again. You guys would talk about a lots of things and he’d even rap you to sleep. Prepare for a lot of skinship, just saying :))) It’s like… his hands would never leave you *coughs*


This boy would be hella nervous! He would try to hide it but it’d be obvious when he stuttered “S-stay here? With just you and m-me?” You would laugh seeing his antics and tell him because your parents were traveling to another place so you had to spend one night at his place. After eating dinner at the dorm, he’d bring a lots of blankets and pillows for you, not knowing what you needed. He’d pick out one of his shirts for you to wear too if you wanted. There’d be a bit awkward at first ‘cause he was nervous and kinda didn’t get used to having you here in his room at night. It’s not that he didn’t like it though. It’s because he just was so nervous that he might do something stupid and scare you away. But after you said that you loved being alone with him like this and that you loved staying the night with him, he’d ask you to stay more often (and probably be shy afterwards lol). Junhoe seems to be a sassy person but he could be really sweet too. He’d kiss your forehead while holding you in his arms and may as well let you rest your head on his chest while you two were talking about how your day was or something like that.


Ah~ this sweetheart~ It was the day when he just came back from the iKon Japan tour. You came to his dorm at night and brought some food for the boys. They all thanked you for being such a good “mom”, all caring like Dongdong. He’d be really happy seeing you for the first time in months. He’s wrap his arms around you while you buried your face in his chest and tiptoe to plant a soft kiss onto his lips. “I wish you would stay here longer. I missed you so much.” It was 11pm already and he asked to take you home. You laughed and said that you actually planned to stay for the night. He’d laugh at first, thinking that you were kidding. But when you told him that you were being serious, that you missed him so much and you just wanted to have some “us-time” with him, he’d be so surprised yet happy. He’d grin from ear to ear and suddenly become shy. The boys would shoot you guys the knowing look, implying things that well… you already knew. He’d laugh it off while pulling you into his room and hugging the hell out of you. He’d mumble into your ear when you two were alone that he was really happy that you missed him and would stay here with him. He’d be pretty calm actually. He’d set up the bed for you, tuck you in and even sing for you to sleep. Just when you asked him to sleep next to you, he’d be more than willingly to do so.


You guys had been talking about a sleepover at his dorm before but neither of you did so. However, there was a day when your parents had to go for a trip but you couldn’t ‘cause of school. You didn’t want to stay home alone either because you were so lonely, so finally you called your boyfriend and asked if you could stay at his dorm. Chanwoo would be surprised at first and didn’t know how to answer. Of course he wanted you to come but he was also worried that you would be uncomfortable. But yeah, he said yes eventually. He’d ask his hyungs first for their approval and then prepare everything for you. He’d even go buy some late night snacks just in case you were hungry. He’d also choose your favorite movies to watch with you. Chanwoo was nervous. Of course he was nervous. You were his first girlfriend ever and he was scared that he wasn’t the great boyfriend so he’d do anything you asked for. You’d laugh and tell him that being with him was good enough and that you just wanted to sleep next to him. Well, now that he’d be nervous even more. “Omo… she said she wanted to sleep with me? What should I do? Omo…” He’d think to himself like that. It sounded just so amazing but what the hell should he do? Chanwoo is still young so he had no experience in this situation but he’d try his best to make your company and treat you like a princess. Girl~ you’re so lucky y’know that? :))))

(I don’t own any gifs, credits go to the owners)



Week Two: MOVIES
Week Three: BOOKS
Week Four: POETRY
Week Five: MUSIC
Week Six: COMICS
Week Eight: PODCASTS
Week Eleven: RESOURCES

Week Seven: Welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

Hey all and thanks for joining me for another week in the LGBT+ masterlist series. We’re nearing the end of my twelve week project, but you should know that I will definitely continue updating the entire series over time. I encourage y’all to contribute and recommend media to me by replying, reblogging with comments, or sending me a message - honestly, this project wouldn’t be half as fun to do if I didn’t have your feedback.

I must say this week was one of the most fun to do - documentaries do a great job at shedding light to even more niche issues within the LGBT+ community - like historical events such as the Stonewall Riots, a closer look at representation in the media, cases studies, and what it’s like to come out or just simply exist as an LGBT+ person in nonwestern society, are all examples. These documentaries shed light on sensitive topics without demonizing or ostracizing those in the LGBT+ community - we know this happens far too often in television, movies, and other media of the like. It was really relieving to see respectful representation this week, I hope y’all appreciate that too. I really look forward to watching these documentaries (151 in total! Wow!), especially those about the Stonewall Riots. 

Again I’d like to thank all of you who have supported me since I started this project. Y’all understand that I am merely a college student with only 168 hours a week and two hands to do what I have to do before the next assignment is given to me. This project takes a lot of time and effort, so I appreciate those who encourage and thank me for that while contributing to the discussion. That being said, that doesn’t mean I don’t need constructive criticism. I just ask you to give it to me respectfully!

Another thanks to my girlfriend @mightyachillis​ for making the gifs for the previous six posts, but now since I finally managed to get my hands on Photoshop after losing the program about seven months ago, I’m very eager to get back at and start making gifs on my own. So! Gif credit will be mine for this week and beyond. 

Here’s the set up for the next five weeks:

  • Next week: LGBT+ PODCASTS
  • In two weeks: LGBT+ YOUTUBERS
  • In three: LGBT+ HISTORY
  • In four: LGBT+ RESOURCES

With no further ado, here is my alphabetized LGBT+ DOCUMENTARIES MASTERLIST!

  • A Bit of Scarlet (1997) - Any minority craves images of itself, and this compilation of clips from Britain’s post-war cinema archives is a testament to the closeted appearances of gay characters and sentiments from filmmaking’s earliest days. With Ian McKellen as narrator and witty graphics to bridge the thematic sections, A Bit of Scarlet reveals to what lengths the film industry went to include and yet ridicule gay characters. 
  • A Drag King Extravaganza (2008) - What is a drag king? What is the Drag King Conference? Simply speaking, a drag king is a woman who dresses in a male persona for theatrical purposes. This documentary provides a reflexive look at “what is a drag king” and a personal journey inside the International Drag King Community Extravaganza (IDKE). 
  • A Jihad for Love (2008) - Fourteen centuries after the revelation of the holy Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad, Islam today is the world’s second largest and fastest growing religion. Muslim gay filmmaker Parvez Sharma travels the many worlds of this dynamic faith, discovering the stories of its most unlikely storytellers: lesbian and gay Muslims. A Jihad for Love was filmed in 12 countries and nine languages and comes from the heart of Islam. Looking beyond a hostile and war-torn present, it reclaims the Islamic concept of a greater Jihad, whose true meaning is akin to ‘an inner struggle’ or ‘to strive in the path of God’ - allowing its remarkable subjects to move beyond the narrow concept of Jihad as holy war.
  • A Simple Matter of Justice (1993) - A powerful and moving piece documenting the lesbian, gay and bisexual movement in the early 1990s, A Simple Matter of Justice expresses all the emotions of the joyful protest that was the 1993 March on Washington. Sections on civil rights, AIDS and health care, the military and families are woven together from coverage of the music, comedy, speeches and marchers. A must-see for LGBTQ History.
  • A Sinner in Mecca - Challenging Faith in the Face of Adversity (2015) - For a gay filmmaker, filming in Saudi Arabia presents two serious challenges: filming is forbidden in the country and being gay is punishable by death. For filmmaker Parvez Sharma, however, these were risks he had to assume as he embarked on his Hajj pilgrimage, a journey considered the greatest accomplishment and aspiration within Islam, his religion. On his journey Parvez aims to look beyond 21st-century Islam’s crises of religious extremism, commercialism and sectarian battles. He brings back the story of the religion like it has never been told before, having endured the biggest jihad there is: the struggle with the self.
  • After Stonewall (1999) - In 1969 the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a gay bar in New York City’s Greenwich Village, leading to three nights of rioting by the city’s LGBT+ community. With this outpouring of courage and unity the Gay Liberation Movement had begun. After Stonewall, the sequel to Before Stonewall, chronicles the history of LGBT+ life from the riots at Stonewall to the end of the century. It captures the hard work, struggles, tragic defeats and exciting victories experienced since them. It explores how AIDS literally changed the direction of the movement. The two films, Before & After, tell the remarkable tale of how LGBT+ people, a heretofore hidden and despised group, became a vibrant and integral part of America’s family, and, indeed, the world community.

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To celebrate our fête nationale, here’s some info about Québec.

A French guy named Samuel de Champlain “discovered” Québec (the province) and founded Québec (the city), not taking into account the people already living there. But since they were brown and had no guns, they weren’t really people, were they? It caused some friction between the settlers and the native clans. 

Originally posted by playparty

Sadly, the native population got pretty much exterminated through the decades, because that’s how colonialism works. =_=

There’s been a lot of friction between the French settlers and the English settlers over territories and religion, yadda yadda yadda, I wasn’t really listening in 4th year History class I was busy drawing, what you need to know is that the province changed a lot over the treaties. (Look how South we got!)

And one of the things that happened when Québec finally lost to the English, is that the English tried to assimilate the language and make them switch from Catholicism to Protestantism. But it never really caught on, and in the end, Canada accepted that the people living in Québec were different from the rest since, you know, they have a different history, language, religion and culture. 

Fun fact, for 200 years or so, the France kinda forgot to take care of their pet colony and let them alone in North-America, so while the language in European France changed, the one in Québec didn’t really, and we speak with an accent and vocabulary closer to Louix XIV than them. So yeah, “Le roé, c’est moé”

(sorry for the epilepsy warning, but this gif is too good to pass)

Originally posted by mordioux

There is a very delicate political debate about separation (Canadian government is no angel either) and two referendums happened, that ended in defeat for the Separatist party. I remember the last one, in 1995, and the endless political adds with simply “YES” or “NO” on them. The bad part is that it’s been proven, decades later, that the Canadian government interfered, using federal money, but you can’t turn back time and redo or undo the election. Since the results were 50,58% against 49,42%, you can imagine how History would have changed if no one had interfered… Americans can understand this, right?

Originally posted by bradgeek

(Personally, I don’t really have an opinion about separation anymore. Right now our politicians suck and no one is ready to actually lead a country. We would appreciate if today’s elected officials would forget this nationalist idea and just get with current problems.)

We celebrate the St-Jean Baptiste (St-John the Baptist) on June 24 as our national holiday (and yes, it’s national and not provincial). It’s a very politically charged holiday, where the French language is used as a tool of remembrance, identity, art and sometimes, as a weapon. (Because of pretty strong xenophobia against English-speaking people who’ve lived here all their lives… god.)

Originally posted by miraculousgifsbug

But, on the other hand..

I love living here. Moving to Montréal, thirty years ago, was the best gift my parents could have given me (and my yet-unborn siblings). This is a place where I could grow up as a woman, as a brown person, as a bisexual person, as an artist and a loudmouthed activist with opinions. Yeah, sure, nothing is perfect, there’s still lots of racism and even worse things, in the big city and elsewhere, but I still consider myself lucky to live here. I love this place and I’m gonna work hard to make it better for me and tomorrow’s kids, even if I have to indoctrinate an entire generation with my diverse books and animated series.

Also, it’s an opportunity to drink. I raise my glass to this messed up, complicated piece of land and weird people who helped me become the messed up and complicated woman I am now. 

Originally posted by billyintheback

anonymous asked:

Could you make gifs of some ianthony moments that are not so recognised? Like we have the obvious kiss, hug etc but maybe the ones not many people talk about? (Sorry if this is really vague xD) Thank you!

No, you’re alright! :D I actually love this request because it gives me a chance to bring back some classic Ianthony moments that the rest of the fandom has either forgotten about or just has never seen before! Since you asked for multiple moments, we’ll just turn this into a list! :) Most of these moments are from Lunchtimes and Smosh is Boreds because there are A LOT of gems in those older videos that are worth bringing up! Plus I need something to do while taking some time off work. xD


1. Ian’s deepthroating abilities.

This moment turned four years old on June 24 this year and it saddens me at how many people don’t know about Ian’s deep throating abilities. This man has a SUPER talented mouth and NO ONE talks about it. Ian probably wants us to forget that, but because of me, it’s back on your dash. You’re welcome. To all the fanfic writers that remain in our small fandom, PLEASE remember this video the next time you write something smutty! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


2. Anthony Caressing Ian’s Beard.

So, if some of you guys don’t remember, sometimes when Anthony would be answering Twitter questions during a lunchtime, he would sometimes “answer” ones that would require him to do various things to Ian. One of them is this one. I don’t care if a fan did request this one. Anthony didn’t HAVE to pick this question and has said multiple times throughout the series’ duration that he filtered through A LOT of shit questions before he found a actual good one. So, he could have easily skipped it, but he wanted to caress Ian’s beard. Bless you, random Twitter user… bless you.


3. The San Francisco Vlog.

This video was, and continues to be, a FANTASTIC blessing to the fandom. You know what’s sad, though? NO ONE TALKS ABOUT IT! I know I was supposed to be singling out specific moments here, but I CANNOT pass up the San Francisco road trip. Sponsored or not, they gave such beautiful moments like playful sword fighting, Ian suggesting that they should kiss, and even a Titanic-like shot AS SOON as the video starts. Seriously! It’s such a forgotten gem and needs to be remembered!


4. The “Slow” Dance.

Like number two on this list, this was also the result of a Twitter question. This time, they were asked to slow dance. They went through with it, but not the way we were expecting… -__- Teasing motherfucking bastards… It doesn’t really matter though. We got Anthony giving Ian a sweet look and we can easily just make a gif of it and take it out of context ;) You’re welcome.


5. The Staring Contest

Now, when I first came into the fandom three years ago, THIS was the moment that everyone remembered and recommended for me to watch. It was the moment that was plastered all over the Ianthony blogs, Wattpad book covers, Google image search, you name it. Then larger moments like the NEAR KISS and ACTUAL KISS came along and it overshadowed this once golden moment. Now, hardly anyone knows/talks about this moment and it’s a little sad. Granted, them kissing twice along with a HEAD KISS is bigger than a moment like this, but it was still a defining moment of the Ianthony fandom and it deserves some love because it is honestly a great moment! It is just a few months shy of SEVEN years old, but it’s still a cute moment that they shared and is DEFINITELY worth a comeback! <3

PS… This was also the result of a Twitter question.


6. Ian Calling Anthony “Babe” On Camera.

Yes, this actually happened…

PS: This is an older gif I made a few years ago. Why make a new one when i already had one, right?


7. Flirting With One Another While Playing an Immersive “Horror” Game.

Okay, so it’s not really a horror game, but you’ll know what I mean when you watch it! Back when “Gametime With S*osh” was a thing, we got cute little flirty moments all the time, but it was always one sided or short lived. THIS however, was different. It was the first time we saw the flirting reciprocated. It also lasted throughout HALF of the video and it was amazing. When it first aired, it was PLASTERED all over the tag, but now everyone has forgotten about it… FIX THAT! Watch these two love birds flirt with each other and bring back this amazing video!


Real talk, this took me NINE HOURS to finish. I’ve literally been working on this all day. I had intentions on making this 10 moments, but I’m totally drained and need some sleep. xD I hope this was enough to satisfy your request, Anon! :) 

Also, if you or anyone else would like to see another Ianthony moment revive post, please let me know. It was a lot of work, but I have A LOT of material to work with and that really helps! There are so many gems out there that has been lost to time and I would LOVE to bring more back for you guys to enjoy and so we can all appreciate these two dorks just a little more than we already do! :D

Trust (part 1/2) Peter Pan One Line Prompt(s)

One Line Prompts

1: “They fear you, as do I”

3: “I’ve heard of you”

5: “Do you have any idea what you do to me?”

12: “Don’t you see?”

13: “Is this a game to you?”

Originally posted by storyofyouandrobbie

Words: 1,183

“You look like you aren’t having any fun,” Pan says with his British accent as he kneels on one knee, leveling himself to my height as I sit on a log.

“Why would I?” I ask shyly.

“Why? This party is for you, of course.” Pan responds with a quickly growing smile with his lost boys dancing and flipping behind him around the large, warm fire.

“Why me? I’m no one special.” I ask, looking down at my dirty fingernails.

Pan sighs as he ponders my question. He looks into my eyes with more intensity before he answers, “Let me show you something.” With an outstretched hand.

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a-domesticated-villain  asked:

I need your help. This weekend I've dealt with terrible allergies, stress from school, and shitty people at work. And out of all of that, the stress of the New Jersey Devils picking Nolan Patrick or Nico Hischier with their 1st overall pick surpasses all of them. Help. What do I do?

HELLO, FRIEND. I, a human disaster of epic proportions, am not remotely equipped to deal with stress. HOWEVER, I am here for you in your time of need!


1) All About The Jersey is the SB Nation blog of the New Jersey Devils, where you can find people who are Similarly Stressed. Also, intuitive debates about who is better.



2) Here are some highlight packages for Nolan:

(also sometimes featuring John Quenneville, current Devils forward! He and Nolan played on a line together in 2015-16.)

Here are some highlight packages for Nico:

I apologize in advance for the shitty music choices.

3) You don’t HAVE to be stressed out about Nico and Nolan! Why not stress about other Devils things, like the multitude of Kovalchuk rumors, or even Shattenkirk rumors, or just this photo of Patrik Elias, which I have been crying over for like eighty years.

Scoot on, Patty. Scoot on.


*Zach Parise is not actually dead**.

**as far as I know. I’m pretty sure he might be dead inside, though.

5) Here are some ~~fun links about them and the draft!

Nico: (x) (x) (x)

Nolan: (x) (x) (x)

A general draft preview. Bob Mckenzie’s pre-season draft rankings (slightly out of date). An article about how much John Quenneville loves Nolan Patrick

And, lastly: these gifs, and a few facts that I will leave you with!

gif credit: x

Nolan Patrick doesn’t like pizza, has at least 1 tattoo, once went to a One Direction concert with Wheat Kings teammate Kale Clague, and claims to have the best hair in the WHL, even though his friend Tanner Kaspick cuts it in his basement.

Originally posted by laurafortino

Nico Hischier comes from a soccer family, is going to be the highest-drafted Swiss player EVER, is a big fan of Nintendo games (which he got?? for free??), and once did this interview, where he was asked “how he would stop himself” if he… played against himself? I will let you experience it on your own!! (x)

Good luck!!! Remember, the draft is June 23-24, with the combine coming up soon! <3

Dear Diary - Damon x Reader

Warnings!; Death mentioned, Compulsion? I guess that is technically taking advantage, minor violence like shoving, really not that mature or crazy so i think you’re good, ily 

Word Count: 1,615

Summary: Your grandmother left a journal when she dies, when you read it you are schocked to hear about Damon salvatore, the man whom you are being set up with. How is it possible he hasn’t aged a day since 1966

A/N: So i had an idea and when i put it together it turned out being kind of sloppy but i kind of like this. It is dark, and guys keep a look out for some possible bite!kink or feeding!kink, im weird whatever but i kind of want to write that like um hot. ik ik you’re judging. haha anyways yeah i hope somehow through the sloppiness you find a way to love this. 

When my grandmother passed away, she left a journal. A journal filled with her adventures; places she had gone to, things she had seen, and people she had met along the way. I can’t say my grandmother didn’t live a full life, she did. For 73 years, she maintained a heart of gold, refusing to have a mean bone in her body. And it wasn’t always easy for her, not with him around.

Dear Diary,

May 23, 1966

   Today, I sit in a local cafe with my favorite sundress on. It’s a beautiful day outside, far too beautiful to even think of staying in. On a list of beautiful things, I spot a man sitting at the table in front of me. He won’t look away and I can already feel the blood rush to my cheeks. A leather jacket, he wears. Bold choice. For someone who looks like he doesn’t want to be noticed, he sure brings a lot of attention. Oh no, perhaps I’ve been staring for too long, he’s on his way over. That’s all for now.

“Snap out of it!”  My best friend, Elena, tugged at my arm. “Are you up for it or not?”

“They’re brothers, right?” I asked, confused about the whole situation.

“Hot brothers.” She giggled. Elena had been trying to convince me to go on a double date ever since she met Stefan. Apparently, he had a brother who was just as good looking as he was.

“Okay, well what’s his name?” I groaned, partly joking. Elena froze up, searching her mind for a name. “Elena! You want me to go on a date with this guy and not even know his name?”

“No, no I’m sorry! I think his name was D-Desmond, I dont know!” She sighed, plopping down on the closest bench.

“Don’t worry, you can make it up to me tonight.” I laughed, pulling her back up to her feet. “Come over, we can study for tomorrow’s test and order a pizza!” She laughed, showing a look of relief before we headed back to the doorms.

Dear Diary,  

May 24, 1966

  Our guy is quite the mystery. Revealing nothing more than his name, he convinced me to spend the afternoon with him. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it, I had a fantastic time with him. I’m sure you’re wondering two things: What did you do and What is his name? If you must know, we went back to his place, something I’d never do. He’s a stranger and every bone in my body told me I shouldn’t go with him but his stare. It was so captivating. And since we’re friends, I guess you should know his name. He’s a Salvatore. Yes! A member of one of the founding families! Okay, fine, you know his last name might as well know his first. Afterall, the infamous Damon Salvatore should not be kept a secret.

I squeezed into a black dress before putting on my heels. It was just dinner, so I was kind of annoyed about having to get all dolled up. But Elena said to dress fancy and I would hate to dissapoint. So, here I am, curling my hair for a guy whose name I do not know. Lovely.

I came down the staircase, watching the two men who stood at the bottom along with Elena. Stefan and her latched onto each other while the other brother stood a few feet away from them, staring intently.

“You must be Y/n, I’m Stefan. Salvatore, that is.” Stefan introduced himself, extending his hand.

You smiled, taking his hand. “Salvatore? I’ve heard many things about your family. Good things of course.” Stefan flashed a winning smile before you turned to his brother.

He had jet black hair and his eyes were an icy blue, sending chills down my spine as he stared down at me. Why did this seem so familiar?

“I’m Damon, I’ve heard many things about you as well.” He lifted my hand, kissing it gently. Damon? No…it couldn’t be. Did I hear him wrong?

I laughed lightly, confused. “Damon Salvatore? No, that can’t be.”

Elena and Stefan furrowed their eyebrows but Damon only stared blankly at me, not showing the slighest concern. His eyes studied every feature of mine, making me blush deeply, not used to this kind of attention.

“Welll,” Stefan said clearing his throat. “We should get going, wouldn’t want to be late for reservations.”

Dear Diary,

May 27, 1966

  I’ve just been dropped off at my doorm by the one and only, Damon Salvatore. Tonight we had dinner which went very well. He was so polite and I love how he makes me feel. I’m constantly on the edge of my seat. At the end of the night, we danced. His arms wrapped around my waist as we talked about all the things life had to offer. And if only life could be maintaned, a promise to last forever. But even in the most magical places, eternity isn’t certain.

“I’m sorry,” I interrupted, standing up from the table. Suddenly, it was hard to breathe. “I need some air.”

Damon watched as I walked towards the resturaunt doors, clutching my purse tightly. I broke through the doors into the cold night. A breeze ran down my arms, causing goosebumps to form.

I leaned back resting my head on the wall. What the hell was going on? How could that be Damon Salvatore? He looks just as she described him, my grandmother. So young, so handsome.

“Elena sent me to check on you.” Damon came through the front doors, walking up beside me. He reached out, touching my arm. I gasped at the sensation of ice against my skin.

Dear Diary,

May 30, 1966  

   I may have been wrong about Damon. Maybe he isn’t the perfect gentleman. There is nothing more I want than to be in his arms, he’s got the best of me but I just feel so….cold around him.  I hope no one ever reads this, for what I’m about to reveal isn’t easy to process. He took a life. Right in front of me. But somehow, I was able to remain calm throughout the whole thing. It seemed as if murder came natural to him. I shouldn’t be telling you this, if anyone finds this it could stir up unnecessary trouble. I’ve seen odd things happen around Damon and I pray that you never run into him.

“Is this some kind of joke?” I pulled back from his grasp, breathing heavily.

“A joke?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

“I know about you, what you’ve done.”  I pushed him back slightly beggining to feel dizzy. “You’re in the diaries.” Damon stepped closer to me, wearing an angry expression.

“Diaries? What diar–” Damon began but was soon cut off by realization. “That’s impossible, they were burned.”

Anger rushed throught me as tears filled my eyes. “You! You’re the reason she’s dead!”

Damon grabbed ahold of my arms as I lunged at him, “You need to calm down, you only know one side.” I struggled to break out of his grasp as tears poured from my eyes. There was no one I loved more than my grandmother. To come face to face with the man who started it all, I couldn’t help but be full of rage. I finally gave up, collapsing against him.

Dear Diary,

June 3, 1966

    I’ve been working more hours down at the hospital. The good thing is that I never really see Damon here. The last time I wrote in this journal, I revealed Damons secret. That he had killed someone in front of me. I may have not told the full truth. No, Damon killed many and I now understand what he is. He doesn’t show any mercy, he’s selfish. He is. I now understand that my morals mean nothing next to his compulsion. How cruel does someone have to be to compel someone to keep such a dark secret, never forgetting the brutal deaths but just losing sense of control. I hate being a slave to him, but still I can’t help but be intrigued.

“You’re a murderer.” I mumbled, exhausted from all of my emotions. Damon pulled back from me, staring down at me coldly.

“You’re grandmother wasn’t in her right mind when she wrote those, you know that.” He said, wiping a tear from my face.

My grandmother spent the remainder of her life in a psychiatric hospital. She had been diagnozed with skizophrenia and forced to been hospitalized. But how could she be crazy, when Damon Salvatore who hasn’t aged a day stood in front of me.

“She didn’t know what was good for her.” I breathed, surprised by my sudden realization.

“No, she didn’t. She stuck her nose where it shouldn’t be and she got herself into trouble.” Damon said, peering down at me. He held my face up, never looking away. My knees felt wobbly as I was drawn in by every word he said.

“You should leave,” He added, coldly but his eyes told a different story. A story filled with pain and sorrow. “Leave, burn the diaries, don’t come back and forget everything you know about me.”

I was finally set free from his grasp and could only think of leaving this town. Why was I even here? A man stood in front of me, with black hair and stunning eyes. He looked confused and sad, very sad.

“I’m sorry to bother you, what’s the quickest route out of here?” I cautiously asked, not wanting to disturb the handsome man. I felt my whole body shiver as he quickly directed me out of Mystic Falls.

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ikon junhoe nsfw prompt #20 thanks in advance!

Send in a number & the name of the member you want the drabble written about,

hi! thank you to everyone that has requested! but they (prompts) are closed until further notice! thanks!!

gif credits to @babuwons

word count: 1005

so much for a drabble, i got a little bit carried away but

Originally posted by babuwons

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Junhoe questioned as he searched your eyes for a sign of hesitation. 

“I think I’m ready,” You whispered looking at him.

“Are you really sure? You wanna do this, you don’t have to,” He comforted you.

You smiled at him reassuringly, “I’m fine, I promise June,”

He still looked at you hesitantly, the two of you had been dating for a while and you had recently started to discuss the different kinks you had. One being an exhibition.You got off on the idea of one of his multiple members walking in on the two of you. The thrill running through your veins. When you first told him, he was apprehensive but slowly gave into the idea. 

“Strip for me baby,” He spoke, his voice dripping with lust as he watched you stand in front of him. 

Your hands playing with the bottom of his plain white shirt. His tongue poked out licking his bottom lip as he watched you tease him. If there was one thing you were good at was teasing Junhoe, you loved how impatient he got. 

Pulling the shirt off, you revealed the figure that Junhoe loved so much, your bra hiding your breasts away from him, your panties covering the place he wanted to taste. No matter how many times you tried to point out your flaws, Junhoe thought you were flawless, every inch of you covered in beauty as if you were an angel that descended from the heavens. 

Your hands travelled up, reach your bra straps, slowly pulling it down. You saw Junhoe tense as he saw the tops of your smooth skin. Your body never seizes to amaze him.Unclipping your bra, you let the pointless material fall to your feet. Junhoe swallowed dramatically as his eyes were glued to the breasts, completely fixated.

 “I don’t know if I want to do this anymore babe,” He muttered.

“It’s now or never,” You said with a smirk, pulling your panties down. 

You stepped out of them, making your way over to Junhoe who sat on your bed. 

“Sit in between my legs, rest your back on my chest,” He explained, following his instructions, you took your place between his legs

.His hands playing with your nipples between his fingers causing you to close your eyes moaning. He tugged and pinched them causing them to harden under his touch. You felt Junhoe’s fingers leave your nipples as he picked something up. Your eyes were still closed as you heard him unlock his phone, the sound of his typing indicated that he was telling the boys that you were ready.

Locking his phone, you heard him throw it to the side.

“You ready baby?” He whispered in your ear, lightly biting it.You nodded.

The door crept causing you to open your eyes, in a single file, they walked in, taking a seat around the room. All eyes were on you. You were nervous most certainly but you loved it, adrenaline pumping through your veins as you felt Junhoe’s fingers ghost your body, you pleaded him to do something, anything. 

You felt his fingers spread your pussy, you heard sharp inhales. You were dripping, the whole concept of having your boyfriend’s best friends watch you as you play turned you on to no end.

 “I think she’s ready don’t you think boys?” Junhoe asked you could practically hear the smirk in his voice. 

“Lift your hips slightly babe, show off your little plug,” 

Doing as he said, you showed off your glass anal plug. 

Your eyes drifting from each member, holding eye contact for at least 3 seconds before moving onto the next.Junhoe’s finger began to run up and down your slit, gathering your juices. 

“Look at you, all wet and ready.” He gloated, as he spoke, he slipped a finger inside, your back arched against his chest.

He started to thrust at a slow pace but he was rough, he added another finger into your heat. You wanted more, no you needed more.

“Does my baby want more?” He asked speeding up slightly.

You nodded quickly as you gripped the sheets. You felt full from both his fingers and the plug was resting in your ass but wanted more, you wanted to quiver with pleasure. 

Your eyes met with Hanbin’s who was tugged on his length. Just the thought of him getting off to you getting off causing your eyes to roll back, leaning more on Junhoe.

“I think we should bring something else in. Don’t you think so baby?” He asked before he began to bruise your neck. Biting and suck, leaving marks that would be a pain to hide.You heard soft vibrations as Junhoe removed his fingers, replacing them with a vibrator.

“Fuck,” You screamed out, jerking forward.Junhoe tutted as he pulled you back into his chest, he wrapped his arm around your waist, securing you.

Your eyes met with Donghyuk, as Junhoe thrusts the plastic cock in and out of you vigorously. Your mouth opened but nothing came out, your eyes travelled down his body as you watched him palm his crotch over his sweats.

 You glanced back up at him smirking.

You moaned out the vibrations increased.

Do you like it when they watch?” He asked as he thrusted the vibrating plastic cock in and out of your dripping heat, the delicious friction as your walls gripped it. 

Although it felt amazing, it was nothing compared to Junhoe. You whined as you looked at the youngest being Chanwoo, he looked extremely flustered. 

He was hypnotised by the way Junhoe drove the cock into your core and how the glass plug looked. Your eyes travelled to Bobby giving him a wink. 

“Fuck,” You mewled as you began to shake, your peak was fast approaching. 

“It’s ok baby, you can cum,” Junhoe whispered into your ear. “Let it go, baby, let it all go,”

Just a Dream

Summary: AU!Dean Winchester is drafted into the Army after Pearl Harbor, leaving the reader behind. Will he make it home?

Characters: AU!1940s Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,088 (excluding lyrics… holy wow!)

Genre: Flangst. ALL flangst.

Warnings: Military-related feels, mentions of depression

Author’s Note: Written for @riversong-sam’s 20th Birthday Challenge, @kittenofdoomage and @saxxxology’s History Challenge, @jayankles’s 1 Year Everything Challenge, and @impalaimagining’s Favorite Seasons GIF Challenge. Phew! My prompts were “Simple Man” by Lynard Skynard and pregnancy, World War II, “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD, FOR A WHOLE YEAR. WHY ARE YOU ON MY FRONT DOORSTEP? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME CRY LIKE THIS? I HATE THAT I LOVE YOU AND WHY DID YOU EVEN HAVE LEAVE IN THE FIRST PLACE?!” and a GIF which I have included in the fic. This is by far the longest fic I have ever written, so feedback is greatly appreciated.

This is very loosely based on “Just a Dream” by Carrie Underwood, which you can listen to here.

This was betad by the wonderful @maximumkillshot, and the proposal dialogue is all hers. Thank you for talking through this with me!!!

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