i know this is far from good

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: The Defenders stablished Elektra is the person Matt loves most in the world and how far he is willing to go for her but also bought again into the temptress women of color that brings the hero to his Doom as opposed to the pure angel white girl who is Good™ and yet Elektra wasn't evil just lost and used and abused and manipulated and the show showed this while it also managed to distance Matt from Karen without having to vilify yet another female character and I don't know how I feel about all this but I have a lot of feelings.

Hello my loves!

Peachii here, and boy oh boy have I got some news for you guys- my commissions are OPEN! They are, however, open for a cause.

Something came up recently, and if you guys know me quite well, my loving fiance lives a good 1000+ miles from me. He was supposed to come to stay for Christmas (December 20-Jan. 7) and, while the plan is still as far as I know a-ok to do, I’ve come to find out that my step father (who has been taking care of bills and other things related) was recently fired from his job on… rather silly circumstances.

Basically what I’m asking here is that if you guys could and of course, want to commission me, then it would be very very VERY much appreciated! I’m taking donations as well- (every dollar counts I swear to you it does.) I just want to make sure that if my step father cannot pay, then I at least have another way of getting my darling fiance here.

The prices, however, WILL also depend on the complexity of the drawing (like the character, the clothes, the pose, etc etc)

What I WILL draw




Furries (I’m not too good at it but I will attempt! <3)

What I WILL NOT draw



Basically just sort of tell me what you guys would want and I’ll tell ya if i can do it or not. (Noncon is 100% a no for me though. Sorry!)

And again, Donations are ALWAYS accepted!!! Thank you so so much in advance. ALSO if you cannot donate or commission me, please reblog so that you can get it out to others!

PayPal: renard.deus@gmail.com

(also please DM me if you’re coming to commission me so that I know where the money is coming from)


How’s things? - Good. Big office…. Far from what we dreamed about doing when we were kids, but. At least I get to see Marci a lot.

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Honestly, Toyotaro's idiocy is just making me appreciate the Super anime a lot more. The writers may sometimes struggle to write Goku's goofier side properly without going too far, but they always show Goku as a loving and supportive father whenever he's around Gohan and Goten. I don't know where the heck that knucklehead got this idea of Goku being a dismissive jacka## from, Goku is widely considered a great parent in Japan. Good grief, I'm just going to go back to watching the baby Pan episode

Hahaha! Ya so far the writers for the anime seems like it’s slightly better then the manga…just because for, 1) they did make it sound like a misunderstanding with the kissing scene because vegeta didn’t specify that he was talking about kissing, 2.) they showed Goku getting mad at zamsu killing Chichi and Goten, showing that he does care a lot about his family, 3.) they showed both Goku’s and Vegeta’s family there to comfort them when coming back from zamasu’s world, 4.) They made goku only mention that he was not there for Goten’s birth, which is true.  

But still personally, I’m not going to be so involved in watching super that much…..It’s not because of what only happened in the manga, but also because personally I’ve just been bored of the show. The main reason I continued to watch it was because there was a few Son family/funny moments that I enjoyed….Like for example the Pan episode, the baseball episode, the Arale episode, the episode with Goten and Trunks, or where goku defends his family’s honor against zamasu, episodes like that is what I’m in for, but either than that I’m just like nah man. 

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((funny cause the fights don’t thrill me anymore, sure there were some that were animated good but overall they still bore me. For me, they still don’t have that old adrenaline rush I got in DBZ.))

I’m getting a bit anxious, knowing that the (true) ending is coming for Vox Machina but for now I’ll just talk about this episode for a tiny bit. I got everything I wanted from this episode: an amazing prank, good laughs, good action, and the Wives (Kima and Allura). I think by far it’s one of my favorite episodes. I’m really thankful for the cast and crew for putting this awesome episode together. I’m excited and nervous for the end, but I know it’ll go out with a bang and I’m excited for the next campaign. 

H x H reaction episode 58

You’re better looking like that, Illumi.

Yay, the family is back together, and we even have the nice aunt with us, now.

Kurapika is so savage, this is beautiful.


Shit. Honestly I’m a little angry because she has a very interesting talent and she is far from the worst in the group ( like, who is going to kill the Samurai-guy, please ? ). But yeeeeah, now everyone knows about what happened, I guess. 

Kurapika is sick and that’s not okay. Please rest and let your friends take care of you for a while ( or forever ).

Aw, look at them in their tiny suits. They look like my little cousins at the wedding I went last month. Except they probably won’t start throwing food all over the place, so that’s nice.

This picture is the definition of awkward. It could illustrate the definition in the dictionary.

Good. I mean, I’m not going to cry about it, haha. Also, Chrollo is somewhere in the middle of the desert, which is great too.

And I’ll end this arc by saying that Gon is #me, and his care for Kurapika is beautiful, and how far we’ve come since the end of Heaven Arena because I definitely started to like him a lot during this arc. 

Onto Greed Island now ~

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What would you say to someone who maybe wants to start youtube or writing.

OH jeez

Alright so

The first thing I can think of is this: Do it for fun. If you don’t get a lot of views or a lot of kudos, don’t stress about it. It isn’t about how many people like your work, it’s about how you feel about it. If you keep doing it out of love and practice enough, you will eventually get the recognition you deserve. But until that happens, don’t feel inadequate or upset about numbers. Your enjoyment and fulfillment in your work is what’s most important, so just keep doing that, and everything that is meant to stem from that will sort itself out.

As for technical stuff;

For youtube, I don’t know a lot, but I would suggest focusing on good audio before good visual specs. Imo, at least, bad audio is what will turn me away from a video far quicker than bad video quality. If you have a budget and can only get either a really good camera or a really good mic, go for the mic first. Though that’s only my opinion and I’ve never done youtube, so it’s probably best to do more research on that before taking my advice.

A tip for writing; Don’t. Stop. Every time you have an idea, write it. Have a situation in mind? Pick an OC or an existing character and just spitball. Don’t re-read or edit until you’re completely done with it. If you’re losing momentum, don’t quit, instead take a break to do something related to your writing. Writing about a crime boss and running out of inspiration? Do some light research on the mechanics of high-profile gangs, or the details of modern drug dealings. Writing a fantasy story and drawing a blank? Look up the different species of dragons that have been created in popular media, or the history of magic weaponry in fiction. Just keeping your mind on the topic while gathering more information helps in getting yourself back on track.

 A trick I’ve used when I’m lacking inspiration to start is picking a key word, topic, or situation, then sitting down and applying that to a character. The amount you write can be anything, a few paragraphs or a few pages or even a few sentences. But as long as you keep writing, you’re going to get better.

So, I made up my mind and went to this store, ordered a customized mousepad from them! Weeeee!

Of course, anyone who’s sharp would know what I used as design for it :’D But anyways, all was good.

But turns out my sister kind of took this sketchbook I’d recently started filling up, took it with her to an encounter with her friends, and then they all saw my art without my awareness and, uh… it freaked me out a bit until I remembered there’s nothing controversial in that sketchbook yet

It’s been a weird day :’D


real talk people want so badly to believe that jopseh just has internalized homophobia and that hes only staying with his wife to hide his sexuality when there are multiple people aware that he’s bisexual (robert, mary, and probably more).

joseph lied to you when he got you to sleep with him on his yacht. he told you that he and mary were through which we know wasnt the case because mary was suspicious of you hanging out with her husband when you walk her home from the bar on josephs route. the entire route, he is manipulating your character into believing that he and his wife have issues for just the reason of them not working well together when in reality she’s developed depression and resorted to alcoholism because he is consistently cheating on her with other people. we don’t even know if its exclusively men.

we just know that he’s been doing this for a long time; pampering people and treating them special so he can get into bed with them once and never talk to them again. he tries to make it seem like robert sleeps around like its no big deal all the time and while you do have the option to sleep with robert on the first night, he makes sure you’re okay with it and if you do he doesnt contact you, again. why? because he doesnt like drunken one-night-stands. he was expecting for you to show some kind of interest in sticking around with him when he told you to leave but we didn’t get any dialogue options for it so he just assumes that you were there just for the one-nighter.

and this probably have something to do with joseph cheating on his wife with robert after pampering him and treating him with way too much kindness. hell, he even let robert wear the blue sweater that joseph always has around his neck, that was the sweater referenced in the old picture with all the dads. joseph was manipulating robert, making it seem like it wasnt his fault that his relationship with his wife was bad. and then? he takes him to his yacht and fucks him under the guise that him and his wife are through.

thats why robert, after you do two dates with him, shows up at the beginning of josephs third date to try and warn you. he doesnt want you to get hurt like he has, but robert definitely has some trouble being verbal and explaining what he means and lets his anger get the best of him. they want you to think the marriage troubles are all mary’s fault until you start getting to know mary through the other routes. shes a good woman who has never once outright cheated on joseph. she flirts and drinks to cope with his infidelity.

the way joseph acts from the getgo is some pretty shady behavior so i personally wasnt really surprised to find out how much of a dick he really is. what surprised me is that the writers wrote a very real kind of person into this ‘lighthearted’ dating simulator. josephs abusive and manipulative behavior is an incredibly real thing that happens every day, this game is trying to show you how to identify it before it gets too far or you do something you regret.

theyre not saying ‘gay/bisexual men are unfaithful!’ or ‘christians are going to hurt and abuse you!’ theyre saying ‘some people actually do this and theyre abusive as hell if youre in this situation or feel someone might be trying to do this to you, get out’

mary doesnt leave him for reasons that were never written into the story. probably because she doesnt want to put her kids through a divorce so early in their lives.

basically joseph being an abusive and manipulative partner has nothing to do with his sexuality or religion. he’s just written to be an absolute cock.

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i find it funny that shiro is actually vld's damsel in distress

i’m living for this, honestly. all joking aside, this is one of the most compelling parts of vld for me, because here we have this archetypal guy—a military hero, a man who’s stated in universe to be a legend on multiple occasions, the unquestioned leader of voltron

but this is the side of him we get to see, over and over again:

he has this incredible vulnerability, and even if that’s not revolutionary, keith is, because here we have this sword-wielding firecracker loner who’s constantly watching out for him. keith is really the only one shiro feels comfortable enough showing this side of himself to, and this is the result: (pic heavy meta under the cut)

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So my friend bought a bone ring in Denmark from a guy who said it was good luck. He’s been sleeping with it for a few nights and has been having stressful dreams. Last night he had a dream he was being attacked in his room by an unknown entity. As he tries to crawl away, the entity stomps on his hand. He wakes up because of the pain and the ring has snapped in half.
Can anyone tell me what the symbols are? I’ve been searching for hours and as far as I know they’re not Scandinavian runes.
We also don’t know if it’s actual human bone…



3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)

any fucking way, i know this is not the time but in light of this situation i urge every wlw who is currently watching supergirl to boycott the show and instead support the bold type, a show who so far has treated its wlw viewers and characters respectfully, and is in desperate need of viewers. please watch it legally! it airs on freeform (check your local listings) and features a f/f couple of color. the show has a really feminist vibe to it, is handling bisexuality differently from any other show i’ve seen, and all-in-all is a genuinely good show so please don’t let it be canceled while shows like supergirl keep treating their viewers like garbage

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what did u think about keith this season :0?


ok ok so spoiler warnings for season 3, pls don’t read if u haven’t watched it yet!!

First of all, I MUCH rather prefer keith’s leadership over shiro. The reason behind that is, is that while shiro is clearly the better leader overall, keith is more active while shiro is more passive, and honestly in media it’s usually the villains who play the active role while the heroes just react. So it’s really fucking refreshing to see someone who’s actually ACTING and constantly on the move.

I know he’s FAR from a good leader and his dumb behavior in the first few episodes was really fucking risky and caused a lot of damage. But he’s j u s t starting out and also dealing with the loss of the most important person in his life, so he’s clearly not in the best emotional state. If he manages to deal with his emotions effectively and gains closure on…a lot of things, I think he’s more suited to lead voltron.


The keith angst was strong in ep 1 and 2 but then for the rest of the season he just looks sad or tired or frustrated without letting out much emotion and that breaks my heart more?? Like he loses a significant person in his life, gets thrown into a role he clearly doesn’t want or is ready for, FINDS SAID PERSON AGAIN EXCEPT SURPRISE!! IT MAY NOT ACTUALLY BE HIM!!! and then this fucking fake shiro proceeds to say a few sweet words to keith, asks keith to lead the paladins on a mission, AND THEN PROCEEDS TO BUTT IN EVERY CHANCE HE GETS TO OPPOSE KEITH AND REMINDS KEITH HOW INCOMPETENT HE IS AS A LEADER!!! LIKE WHAT THE FUCK??? (i hate new shiro so fucking much like. idk who he is but he needs to le a v e and real shiro needs to come back asap)

Just. Keith needs to let out his emotions in a healthy way instead of just short bursts of anger. He’s not doing okay at all and he’s the saddest we’ve ever fucking seen him and it’s making me sad too binch. He needs to stop internalizing everything and really needs to open up or I can see him heading for an emotional melt down and I don’t wanna see that happen to him

GoT S07E03 Thoughts

And here we go again.

As always, these are my rambling nonsensical thoughts on the episode, but disclaimer, my stream lagged so i missed maybe 30 seconds to maybe a minute of the episode. Let’s begin. 

Jon and Tyrion’s conversations had to be some of my favourite scenes from this episode. That shared smile between them when Jon first lands on Dragonstone and they greet each other was so pure. There is potential for a great friendship between them. They both have an understanding for each other that they don’t share with anyone else. Jon as a bastard and Tyrion as a dwarf. This was evident in earlier seasons too, but more so now that they have both found their places in the world. They respect each other, but they’re fighting for very different causes (and for different reasons) and I wonder if this fledgling friendship will become a point of contention for them later in the story.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t say that one of my favourite scenes had to be Tyrion and Jon’s conversation about Sansa. What I loved about this scene was although it was fleeting, it still gave us Jonsa feels (if you’re inclined to read the scene this way anyhow). 

When Tyrion says, “does she miss me terribly?” Jon is very quiet and they let that silence play on long enough for it to be a significant marker in a conversation. Jon didn’t want to talk about it. It wasn’t an awkward silence; it was absolutely an annoyed, aggravated silence. And then what’s great is that Tyrion immediately went on the defensive and says that the marriage was never consummated. 

It’s a strange thing to say, especially when they were so friendly earlier. Wouldn’t it be safe to assume that if Jon had any suspicions that Tyrion had hurt/touched Sansa against her will that exchange would’ve gone very differently? There was clearly no need to mention it at all, but yet Tyrion did and Jon’s response was “I didn’t ask” in a clearly annoyed tone that suggested if this topic didn’t end soon someone was going to get choked out. Either Jon really hates the thought of Sansa with another man he turned into grumpy kitten Jon or he doesn’t want to think about his sister having sex at all. But bear with me here, if it’s the latter, why have this dialogue at all? There’s no narrative reasoning for this whatsoever unless Jonsa is a real possibility in the future and we’re supposed to continue to think about Jon, Sansa and ‘sex’ in the same line of thought.  

Okay, okay, admittedly my shipping goggles are on, but I still maintain the fact that it’s a weird piece of dialogue to have. If all they wanted to do was establish Sansa as a real political player, they could’ve cut that entire 2-3 lines out and just went straight into:

“She’s smarter than she lets on.”

“She’s starting to let on.”

And now that we’re onto the topic, I absolutely believe the mention of Sansa’s intelligence here serves two purposes. The first is to establish Sansa as a real political player here. She’s been underestimated by everyone in Westeros, but she’s far smarter than anyone gives her credit for (yes, even Jon).

In fact, jumping straight to Winterfell, you are given a whole scene of Sansa demonstrating that intelligence – not only in keeping everyone fed, but in keeping the soldiers protected. She understands what it takes to rule. But what I love about this sequence of scenes is Littlefinger praising her then going on to claim to know Cersei better than everyone and Sansa just shutting him down, saying she knows her better. Once again, we’re being forced to consider all that Sansa’s learned from Cersei. She just didn’t learn how to play the game but she learned Cersei herself. If anyone can outplay Cersei, we’re being led to believe it’s Sansa. 

Why I think this is important is how this episode also demonstrated that Cersei is once again one of the smartest and most devious rulers in Westeros. She completely outmaneuvered Tyrion, Daenerys and Olenna. People think her ‘madness’ from losing her children will make her weaker, but she’s still as shrewd as ever. She is very much Tywin’s daughter, but she’s much more ruthless. Tyrion may be smart, but thus far? He’s not as smart as his sister. 

But who is? 

Well, there’s a ‘queen’ in the North who is, and the more I think about it, the more I think this quote is actually referring to Sansa: 

“Aye. Queen you shall be… until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear.”

Because Cersei is right. Dany is a revolutionary, not a ruler. She can conquer and free slaves, but she doesn’t know how to rule. She’s not nearly as intelligent as Cersei in playing the Westerosi game, but Sansa is. She’s learned from the very best after all. Whether I’m wrong or right, I am convinced Sansa’s role in this war will be far greater than just ruling Winterfell in Jon’s stead. 

Its second purpose is basically to reaffirm Jon’s faith and trust in Sansa and her judgement. But what I found interesting is the way he says it is almost in an exasperated way, like he knows she is and she continues to “twist him in a way no one else can” because she’s too smart for her own good. But alas, the shipping goggles are on, so take that what you will. 

Now onto the big anticipated meeting. Honestly, I enjoyed Jon and Dany’s interactions. The juxtaposition of them as individuals and rulers were pronounced in the last episode, but they were even more glaringly so in this one. While Dany continues to talk about her rightful place and her indignation that he refuses to acknowledge what is hers, Jon continues to fight for his people and the war up North. I mean that’s just the thing, isn’t it? Every mention of Dany being this benevolent ruler who cares about the people doesn’t actually come from Dany. She doesn’t actually say she wants to save the people of Westeros. It’s always someone else because maybe, just maybe it’s not really her true purpose here in Westeros. Yes, I don’t believe she would be indifferent to the loss of innocent lives, but if it was the only way to get her to that throne, wouldn’t you think she’d do it? Wouldn’t Dany say ‘to hell with all of it’ and fly her dragons and burn everything in sight for that throne? If it was her only option, she would choose herself over the people. 

Hell, she even says it. After her speech about all she’s overcome, she says the only way she’s endured any of that was because of her faith in herself. While it’s a good speech if you take out the context, Dany’s survived and persevered this long because of her unwavering belief in her birthright, which was to rule on the Iron Throne. Everything else comes second to that. And I refuse to believe that the ultimate hero of the story is someone who believes themselves a hero and entitled to a kingdom. 

Whereas Jon was thrust into his position. He would choose the people over himself and that difference was emphasised by this quote they just had to repeat twice: 

“…took a knife in the heart for his people.”

Also, the fact that Jon cut Davos off before he could blab about Jon’s resurrection and Dany’s fixation on this feels highly foreboding. It’s definitely going to come back up, but in what way, I don’t know. 

Objectively speaking, I could see how Jon3rys could be hinted in this episode, as Jon and Dany come to understand each other, but personally, I believe it’s a tentative alliance at best that borders on an impasse rather than actual understanding. Right now, they can work because Dany has bigger fish to fry and Jon needs dragonglass. But when their objectives clash? What then? You could even see this opposition highlighted in the way they were filmed on that cliff. They’re standing together yet they’re facing opposite directions. They spend far more of that scene looking away from one another than looking eye to eye. Having their first one-on-one interaction being filmed in the light is also quite telling. The sun can be a symbolic source of goodness, but it can also be an oppressive force. Actually, it made me think of this quote from Albert Camus’ The Stranger: 

“The sky was already filled with light. The sun was beginning to bear down on the earth and it was getting hotter by the minute. I don’t know why we waited so long before getting under way. I was hot in my dark clothes […] it was inhuman and oppressive.“

Jon is a man of the North. His season is winter. I’ve said in previous metas that having Jon’s resurrection coincide with Winter’s arrival was symbolilc. Where usually in literature winter represents a time of stagnancy or even regression in the hero myth, for Jon, it represents rebirth and growth. Winter is a time for Starks. Having such sunlight bearing down on them in this scene (looking more like summer than winter) and Jon still wearing his furs seems to forewarn perhaps bad consequences with this alliance. 

For my Jonsa shippers, this is the exact opposite in how Jon and Sansa’s scenes are shot. They’re almost always in dimly lit areas or surrounded by candlelight, and snow is usually falling. Their reunion also coincided with Winter’s coming, so don’t despair if you are over Jon3rys meeting. 

Speaking of how scenes are shot, Sansa and Bran’s reunion couldn’t be more of a stark (ha ha) difference to Jon and Sansa’s. Yes, he was never going to run towards her, but she didn’t nuzzle him. I’ve always said the choice of having Sansa nuzzle Jon’s cheek was a bizarre one. It’s just odd. People don’t nuzzle their family members. But maybe she wasn’t in the nuzzling mood, fine. Go to the godswood scene though and there just seems to be such a distance between Sansa and Bran. I think that’s partially Bran being the Three-Eyed Raven as well because the distance was also entirely about who he is now as well.

Anyway, Clearly in the books Bran’s importance and power is more obvious, so they had to demonstrate somehow that Bran as the Three-Eyed Raven can see everything. But why does he bring up Sansa’s wedding? If they wanted to show off his power, they could have him bring anything else up, so why her wedding? Why bring up Ramsay at all? Shouldn’t Bran know better than that? Especially to tell her she looks beautiful that day after already implicitly saying he knows what Ramsay did to her. It feels unnecessarily cruel for Bran who, while seemingly distant, does love her. It has to serve a purpose for them to write that in. Perhaps foreshadowing a future wedding in the cards for Sansa? Perhaps a fake one to LF? Or maybe something further down the line where it’ll be the opposite of everything she had with Ramsay. No godswood, no beautiful white dress, no snow falling, but with someone she loves and who loves her. I don’t know but I’m just speculating here. 

Moving on to my favourite scene in the episode though: Cersei with Elaria. Honestly, Lena Heady is a phenomenal actress. Everyone is so focused on Cersei being this horrible evil villain, but you forget the real nuances to her character. When she asks Elaria why she killed Myrcella, it was delivered in such a vulnerable tone. You really, truly get a glimpse of the heartbroken, grieving mother who just tried to do her best for her children (whether that best was actually good or not), but then immediately after, you get the vindictive, cunning and formidable Cersei as she kisses Elaria’s daughter. It was amazing. Horrible but amazing. 

Second favourite scene had to be Olenna’s. What is there to say? She is the Dowager Queen of Badass Bitchery and Snarky Comebacks. Give me a great, complex female villain any day! I wouldn’t even call Olenna a villain tbh. But what I mean is I would 150% take morally grey or morally corrupt female characters over your atypical one-dimensional girl-next-door ones any day, week or month.  

Stray thoughts that I don’t have time/energy to write about:

Did anyone else get flirty vibes between Tyrion and Dany? 

And does anyone think Jorah’s “perhaps our paths will cross again” sound entirely too foreboding for Sam?

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First, lemme say that I love your art <3 I'm not talking shit, I do like it, seriously. Mind if I ask you for any tips for learning how to draw dragons, specially heads? I've been trying to learn those bastards, and I thought that looking at real lizards would be helpful, but a dragon skull and a lizard skull don't quite match if you know what I mean. Thank you in advance!

Yeah definitely! The good thing about dragons is they’re complete fantasy, so you can push the anatomy pretty far and draw your inspiration from practically anywhere. Reptiles, birds, bats, mammals. 

BUT it’s easier to create your own believable anatomy when you’re comfortable and familiar with drawing anatomy for other animals. A strong understanding of anatomy will carry you a long way. Being able to mentally conceptualize your design in 3D helps too.

I really enjoy looking at dinosaurs for dragon facial inspiration. Bats and birds are great for wings and musculature but I don’t have time to get into that.

Dragons are fun because you can design such unusual and striking silhouettes for them.

The best thing about dragons is you can draw them as alien or as terran as you want. Take your inspiration from anywhere, go wild! There’s absolutely no set form to stick to.

  • Jon: You are my sister, but I am king now.
  • Sansa: Will you start wearing a crown?
  • Jon: When you question my decisions in front of the other lords and ladies, you undermine me.
  • Sansa: So I can't question your decisions anymore?
  • Jon: Of course you can, but -
  • Sansa: Joffrey never let anyone question his authority. Do you think he was a good king?
  • Jon: Do you think I'm Joffrey?
  • Sansa: You're as far from Joffrey as anyone I've ever met.
  • Jon: Thank you.
  • Sansa: You're good at this, you know.
  • Jon: At what?
  • Sansa: At ruling.
  • Jon: No.
  • Sansa: You are. You are. They respect you, they really do. But you have to - why are you laughing?
  • Jon: You know what father used to say. Everything before the word "but" is horse shit.