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Black Butler fandom...
  • Before chapter 128: Fucking brat Ciel better get what he deserves,that way he'll learn to treat his friends better!
  • After chapter 128: This poor baby,look at him!I know why he is so cold,so that they don't get hurt because of him!I know he's caring!

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So Valentine's Day I had people asking about my plans and crap. Normally I ignore it, but one lady and her husband kept pestering me and demanded I tell them what I was getting my girlfriend. As a single male this was pissing me off because why do they care and they don't know me at all. So I looked them straight in the eye and said "I plan on buying him some lube." The look on their faces PRICELESS HORROR Walked away going "I shouldn't have asked, I shouldn't have asked." Didn't get in trouble

  • Tsunade: How did your mission go?
  • Kakashi: If I tell you now, does that mean I still have to do a mission report?
  • Tsunade: Don't ask stupid questions. Of course you still need to fill out a report.
  • Kakashi: In that case… you'll know in the next couple days.
  • Tsunade: *rolling her eyes*: That report better not be a one line summary either. None of this 'we laid down the law' crap either.
  • Kakashi: I thought that one was rather clever,
  • Tsunade: Your brand of clever is not appreciated on official reports. A full report, Kakashi, or I'll assign an ANBU guard to stand over your shoulder while you write it.
  • Kakashi: Seeing as I know most of the ANBU guards, I could just talk them into writing it for me.
  • Tsunade: I don't care, just so long as I have that report on my desk, with proper mission related detail, in two days.
  • Kakashi: *sighing*: Fine… But only because you didn't beam me in the head with a paperweight.
  • Tsunade: Sorry, I threw the last one at Genma earlier today.

I know that I’ll never be as important to you as you are to me. I understand that I’ll always care more than you do. I get that I’ll never be enough to make you stay.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not dying inside because of it.

—  Sadly, I know
Livestream : Crankgameplays X Reader

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Warnings : Fluff
Fandom : Ethan Nestor X Reader
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Today is our charity stream for this month, I’m sitting on the couch next to Ethan and mark. “ you guys ready for another 12 hours?” Mark asked, “yup let’s do this!” I said excited, I love doing the charity streams with the team. Ethan smiled at how excited I was to be doing this, “can’t wait!” Ethan said still smiling. “Guy’s we already started” Tyler said giggling, “we know! We aren’t stupid!” Mark replied. Ethan puts his arm around my shoulder, everyone looked at us. “What?” I asked, “nothing” Mark replied smiling. “OK guys let get on with this!” Tyler said chuckling. “OK ok fine! Welcome to (this month)’s charity live stream! We are raising money for St. Judes children hospital! The link to donate is below. So please, donate our goal is $20,000” Mark stated so Tyler did not need complain anymore.

After awhile mark decided to start playing SpongeBob, me and Ethan looking through twitter in our streams tag, and Tyler was watching Mark. I saw some really good fanart of me and Ethan and I showed it to Ethan, he smiled at it and kissed me on the cheek and kept looking through the tag. “SHI…..ns, that’s what I was going to say shins” Mark said as he he fell off the platform in the game, we all looked at him confused. “Are we doing the swear jar thing again?” I asked, “yes! We literally discussed this before we started streaming!” Mark almost yelled. “We didn’t discuss it! You said it and we weren’t listening” said Tyler, “ very true” Ethan said agreeing.

We said that if we reached the goal, I would dye my hair (fav color). we reached the goal 5 hours in. “Go dye your hair (Y/N)” Tyler said, he was even excited to see my hair dyed. “Ya lets go ill do your hair for you babe!” Ethan jumped up, he was the most excited. We walked to the bathroom and he did my hair then went back out to sit on the couch. I washed out my hair and dried it, then went and sat on the couch. “Wow it looks amazing!” Mark said admiring my hair, “Ya eth did a great job” I replied and smiled at Mark. “It looks great, good job Ethan” Tyler said. “Thanks I think I did pretty good” Ethan said all proud, I turn so I’m looking at Ethan, “You did amazing babe” I said with a big smile plastered onto my face.

It was time to look and show off some amazing fan art with our live audience. “Girls come and sit behind the couch” Mark said and motioned behind him. Amy and Katheryn came and sat behind the 4 of us. “Oh that one!” Ethan pointed at one with Chica in it, Mark pulled it up on screen and it was Chica and all of us at the park. “I like that one” I said, it was amazing what people could do! Mark later pulled up one that was of me, Ethan and Chica. “Aw that ones cute” Amy said, “Ya the best part is my Chica” Mark replied, me and Ethan gave him a dirty look. After we went through all of the art, we decided to keep playing SpongeBob.

Every 30 minutes we would skype some of the people who donated. They were all so sweet. We heard just about everything, “You all are so amazing” “You and Ethan are really cute together” “You guys saved so manys lives” “Mark and Amy, you guys are so cute together”. I honestly don't care for all the attention, that’s Ethan’s thing.

A/N : Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! I’m sorry I didn’t know how to end this, so that’s why the end is crap sorry. I’m slowly working on getting better with fluff. Don’t forget to follow and send me requests so more fanfics can get out. Love you all bye!

Doctor Strange... basically SPOILERS
  • Stephen: I am such an intelligent neurosurgeon, and Nick sucks... LOL, hey Christine, bet you wanna go out with me
  • Christine: No thanks
  • Stephen: Whatevs, I'm gonna drive about 120 k per hour, what's the worst that can happen xD?
  • __________
  • Stephen: Crap
  • Christine: Don't worry, I'm here for you
  • Stephen: Screw that, I wanna have my hands back
  • All the doctors: LOL you're not
  • Stephen: I'm so sad and desperate, what should I do? Oh I know! Take it all out with the only person that cares about me... LEAVE ME ALONE CHRISTINE, YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO ME
  • Christine: Fine...
  • __________
  • Stephen: .....I think I screwed up
  • Pangborn: You should totally go to Karma Taj
  • Stephen: I literally just met you and this is crazy but...sure why not?
  • __________
  • Mordo: Don't say anything stupid
  • Stephen: Okay
  • The Ancient one: Hello Mr Strange
  • Stephen: It's "doctor" and this is stupid
  • Mordo: *facepalm*
  • Stephen: I can't do magic!
  • The Ancient one: I have an idea! I'm gonna leave you to freeze in Everest, let's see if you can return LMAO
  • Mordo: I'm starting to question your teaching techniques ._.
  • _________
  • Wong: Here are some books
  • Stephen: I think I'm gonna check out the forbidden one, Beyoncé
  • Wong: You are not funny
  • _________
  • Stephen: What's that necklace and this spell supposed to do? Meh what's the worst that can happen?
  • __________
  • Kaecilius: Hey there Mister...
  • Stephen: IT'S DOCTOR -.-
  • Kaecilius: Mister Doctor?
  • Stephen: -_________-
  • ____________
  • Kaecilius: Dormammu is life
  • Stephen: The ancient one is against him
  • Kaecilius: Dormammu is the answer
  • Stephen: WILL YOU STOP?
  • Kaecilius: Lol, I was just distracting you
  • *Stephen gets stabbed*
  • Christine: WHAT?!
  • ___________
  • Mordo: Cool cape man
  • The Ancient One: You will be defend New York, Master Strange
  • Stephen: Heck no Ancinet one, I just killed a guy,AND FOR THE LAST TIME IT'S FREAKING DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE, plus you are evil too...
  • Mordo: Wait what?.....
  • __________
  • Stephen: CHRISTINE
  • Christine: Oh my gosh ._.
  • __________
  • Ancient one: I did do bad stuff but for a good reason
  • Stephen: Who am I to judge?
  • Stephen: Listen we have to keep fighting, okay? Hong Kong is our last hope
  • ........
  • *Everything is destroyed*
  • Stephen: I think my motivational speech did take too long
  • Mordo: We are doomed
  • Stephen: Don't worry I'll sacrifice myself for eternity... DORMAMMU I've come to bargain
  • Dormammu: No, you die
  • Stephen: Nope
  • Dormammu: Yes
  • Stephen: No
  • Dormammu: Yes
  • Stephen: No
  • Dormammu: YES
  • Stephen: NO
  • Dormammu: Oh my gosh please stop, I'll destroy Kaecilius myself and not attack earth
  • Wong: You saved my lfe!! I'm gonna laugh at your jokes now :3
  • Stephen: Oh c'mon Mordo, I literally saved the planet
  • Mordo: B*** I'm out

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Hi flock! 1. Damn your gif game is strong. *bows down* and the 2nd thing...I think, what did old man call her?, skipper? has already arrived in SA today. She was online at 1pm today and followed an actress who is shooting another show in CT (Troy: Fall of a City). Noticed it because I follow Bella Dayne and she followed MM back. OR it was total coincidence but what are the chances with her... or maybe they aren't in SA atm because it's easter week. I mean I don't know their schedule so...

Hi, boo! I’d bet my favorite pair of period panties and an IOU for a fuck to give that the visit has nothing to do with another production. I saw something about a marathon that may or may not be in the mix, but I didn’t look that closely because I have crap to accomplish today. (LIES. I just don’t care.) 

Holidays and dropping in on family events is An A++ way to put a spotlight on the shit you’re trying to sell and a while ago, my DeLorean brand crystal ball apparently barfed out a prediction that an Easter visit would be in order. 

I just hope that since they’re all on location and away from home that our two STRICTLY PLANOTIC BFFs and Third Wheel Skipper have a nice holiday meal together because if everything is as they say it is that shouldn’t be weird at all. May their Easter table be as friendly and full of familiarity and love as that table at the BAFTAs.

Oh, wait…

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I must have tripped and fallen into a vat of asshole again.

Thanks brain
  • Brain: you should talk to people..
  • Me: yah, let me go do that
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: oh! I know tell them how you're feeling anxious dump your life problems.
  • Me: but they have problems I can't
  • Brian: it's okay they will understand!
  • Me: *tells friend life problems*
  • Brain: ..
  • Brain: what have you done! You horrid person you! They have their own problems they don't need your crap on top!

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ALLIE CAN U BELIEVE YOUR ICONIC HQ DRAWING IS !! FUCKING !! ICONIC !! JUST LIKE YOU AND YOUR PERSONALITY OKAY FFS IM ALREADY EMOTIONAL I'M GONNA START CRYING IF I TYPE OUT HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU.. CRAP. lajsdl i don't even make proper sentences anymore when i'm messaging you can u believe it's gonna be our 7 month anniversary soon? As always, keep a lookout my angel, you never know what i might spring onto you one fine day <3 I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT YOU TAKE CARE -your Jiminnie

❤❤❤ GAAAAH my personality?????? man kpop fandom has been stressing me out lately so slowly assimilating back into animu has been such a good stress reliever i used to be so free, interpreting the characters, ships and AUs.. so thankyou for feeling the same nostalgia i do for my active haikyuu days jiminnie :’)

Just because someone call themselves a liberal and an allied to people like me doesn’t mean I have to close my eyes, plug my ears and turned off my brain to their problematic actions and words. I get that some people can do that because it might not be easy to find a high profile “allied” but it doesn’t feel right. It feel likes the selling of a piece of my soul for a penny. I can’t do it. 

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Am I the only one who- while I like the Shinoa squad- is getting so tired of everyone's drama that I'm at the point of, " You know what? Run away with Mika, Yuu. Leave everyone else's crap behind and leave with the one person who cares about you and live your lives out in a way that you two can be happy. Just go." Like, don't get me wrong, I still like the Shinoa squad well enough, but I'm just getting to the point of being done with them right now and where this all seems to be heading.

Well you’re not the only one but let’s just hope for the best expecting the worst

the signs after a breakup
  • Aries: keeping themselves busy with little tasks but dying inside
  • Taurus: eat ice cream, sleep, wake up, cry, repeat
  • Gemini: plotting their death, will never get over it
  • Cancer: "lmao i don't even care i just wanna know why she would hurt me like that i loved her so much i trusted her with everything oH GOD WHYYYY" *breaks into tears*
  • Leo: is already with someone else
  • Virgo: wears black, posts depressing stuff on social media
  • Libra: "it's fine, i get it" doesn't get it and is a total mess
  • Scorpio: "I HATE YOU" the next day: "bby pls i want u back"
  • Sagittarius: enjoys being single because life is short and all that happy sag crap
  • Capricorn: does various analytical tests to see why they broke up with them but eventually just breaks down and cries
  • Aquarius: gets really angry and spreads hate about their ex
  • Pisces: is sad and cries for like, months

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Honestly DUDE I don't,,, come to / this /side of the fandom often but.. holy shit dude u gotta fix ur tagging system okay because I'm seeing ur crap on the tony stark tag and?? I don't want that there. Like. Put ** in parts of his name or smthn (or u know maybe stop needlessly spreading hate lmao) I don't care just please. Either fix ur tagging system or fix ur general attitude toward fandom but u gotta sort something out lmao I'm Tired Of Seeing U tbh

whom is tony stark ? never heard of that rat


Short Fuse

Idk exactly what this is, now that it’s done, but here you go. Borrowed a prompt a loooooooong time ago from @swpromptsandasks and finished it a while ago but didn’t think it was good enough to post. At this point, I don’t care. I might clean it up and put it on my ao3 later if anyone likes it. Lemme know!

It wasn’t often that Jedi had to fight unarmed. Ah, but when they did it was a thing of beauty. Especially when it was a Jedi master. Oh, the knights and Padawans were good, certainly, but watching a master. Well. There was nothing quite like it. This at least explained the audience in the training salle, if not why Obi-Wan was sparring unarmed with four clones in the first place. He took them all down within the space of five minutes. Anakin propped himself in the doorway to watch. 

“You used the force! That’s cheating!” A clone called from the sidelines. Trying to stir up another match, no doubt. 

“Another round, then? And I swear not to access the Force.” Obi-Wan proposed, helping Trapper up off the mats. 

“But how will we know you don’t?” Inquired the same trouble-making clone, Rex, Anakin could see now that he was looking closer. Obi-Wan raised an eyebrow. 

“Unless someone has a Force suppressant on hand you’ll have to take my word for it. Or you can get another Jedi to monitor the fight.” Here, Anakin’s master smirked, “But if someone does have a Force suppressant on hand we’ll be having a talk about why." 

"I can monitor!” Ahsoka volunteered from where she was watching on top of the lockers. 

“Well, that’s that. Rex, since this was your idea I think it’s only fair you are the one to face me in this little spar.” Obi-wan’s smirk turned positively predatory. 

“Now hang on-”

“And I won’t even give you a handicap in return." 

"Handicap, sir?”

“If I’m fighting without my ‘saber or the Force, that would be equivalent to you fighting without your armor while deaf. It’s doable, certainly, but it’s harder and takes some getting used to.” Obi-Wan explains, ushering Rex onto the sparring mat, 

“Now, same rules as last round?" 

Rex nods. 


And then Obi-Wan springs forward striking out at the clone captain’s face. Rex blocks with one forearm, throwing a punch with the other. Obi-Wan dodged. The Jedi stepped around the outstretched arm and jumped. Before anyone quite knew what was happening, Obi-Wan had his legs wrapped around Rex’s neck. He twisted backwards, flipping the clone headfirst into the ground. Rex did his best to roll out of the awkward landing, and the two came to a stop with Rex sprawled on the mat: Obi-Wan’s thighs locked around his head. Rex’s dazed struggle was not enough to get up in the required 5 seconds. 

"Obi-Wan wins again!” Ahsoka announced in excitement as she jumped from her perch. “Master Obi-Wan, that was amazing!" 

The Jedi master untangled himself from Rex’s upper body and stood, shooting a smirk to the stunned clone still laying on the ground. 

"Where did-" 

"You had to have cheated.” Rex interrupted his commander, gazing up at the ginger haired man hovering above him. 

“Ahsoka? Did I use the Force at any point in our… rather short encounter?” Kenobi’s infamous brows were quirked. 

“No sir.” The young togruta was grinning in unabashed amusement at the cocky clone captain having been so thoroughly trounced. Rex groaned and finally pulled himself up off the mat. 

“Then how the Sith did you jump like that?” He demanded, ignoring the other clones snickering. 

“Practice,” if Obi-Wan’s eyebrow rose any higher it would float off his face. Rex was waiting for the day. “And a good deal of acrobatics and martial arts training." 

"Can I ask my question now?” Ahsoka bounced on her toes. At Obi-Wan’s nod she continued, “Who taught you the throw?" 

"Oh, I learned it in the temple. Mace taught me.”

“Master Windu?" 

"Indeed. I asked him to help me with hand to hand so I could better spar against my master." 

"Why did you need help? You said you always excelled in combat classes.” Ahsoka crossed her arms. 

“Master Qui-Gon was quite a bit taller than me, and, while Master Yoda likes to say that size doesn’t matter, I was at a severe disadvantage. Mace had been sparring with my master since they were both younglings, so he taught me the best strategies. That particular move is useful to know when your opponents are usually larger than yourself." 

"Well, I will be pretty tall by the time I’m grown but do you think I could learn how to do it anyway?” Ahsoka inquired, eyes flitting away as if she expected to be told ‘no’. 

“If you want to. And if Anakin doesn’t mind.” The addend was spoken a bit louder as if to make sure someone could hear it if they were, for example, lingering in the doorway. 

Of course Obi-Wan knew I was here. Anakin smiled, stepping more fully into the salle. 

“You can teach her. Force knows you do better at it than I." 

"That’s only because I had more than enough practice with unruly younglings from raising you.” Master and Padawan alike yelped a protest as Obi-Wan smiled innocently. 

“You think any of us could learn it?” A clone trooper spoke up from behind the Jedi huddle. 

“I don’t see why not.” Obi-Wan shrugged. “You may be taller than me but you are far from the largest humanoid we’ve come across. It can also help with opponents near in size to oneself, but I learned it specifically because my master was a veritable giant." 

"Can we start now?” Ahsoka seemed way too excited to be learning, Anakin decided. Even if it was martial arts.

“If the troopers don’t mind.”


“Cody, I have a problem.” Rex began as soon as he arrived his vod’s side in the corner of the training room. 

“What? Did you hurt your pride?” The 212th commander couldn’t help but tease. 

“No. Well, yes, but that isn’t the problem.” At Cody’s raised eyebrow, (was that just a 212th thing? Were Kenobi’s acrobatic eyebrows contagious?) he continued. “I may or may not be lusting after your general, sir.”

Cody’s eyebrow simply rose higher. (That has to be a 212th thing.) 

“Codes,” Rex whined, “He had his thighs around my face. You know I have a thing for legs.”

“I don’t know what you want me to tell you. If this is just you finally acknowledging that I got assigned to the hot general just wait till you see him in a bodysuit.”