i know this is crap but i don't care

I know that I’ll never be as important to you as you are to me. I understand that I’ll always care more than you do. I get that I’ll never be enough to make you stay.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not dying inside because of it.

—  Sadly, I know
  • A thought just occured to me. Has any of the contradicting information surrounding the ages of the palladins ever said the H/L/K where all the same age. The only thing I remember seeing is that they're teens to late teens supposedly. So for all we know L@nce could be 16 and K@ith could be 19. Poor antis would have to deal with the dreaded age gap, liking a bad ship and being nasty evil pedos lol.

Draco & Harry + protective parental figure

Honestly sometimes I wonder why y'all want to know anything about me, I can barely feed myself most days.


Some crap 80s style posters for you.

so I’ve been chatting with a couple of dudes and they seem nice and all, but I don’t know if I have the energy to go through all the usual getting to know each other crap. I guess it could be fun, but right now it’s tiring.

Be Consistent

“I know alpha dominance is crap, and I love playing with my dog and being sassy with her, but how do I help her understand when I’m being serious and that she needs to listen right away?” –A reader

I think it’s a mistake to say, “well alpha dominance is wrong” and then go into the far opposite direction and say, “my dog can do whatever he wants.” Yes of course alpha dominance is a myth, but our dogs don’t have the capacity to rationalize like a human adult, and must often be convinced to do things that they don’t necessarily want, because they don’t understand that it is for their own good. 

You can explain to a five year old child that even though he doesn’t like going to the dentist, it’s important because otherwise he could get cavities and those hurt an awful lot more than having the dentist just take a look in your mouth. You can’t do that with a dog. 

Dogs can be trained to do things they don’t think are necessary, because it makes us happy and because they get a reward, but they still won’t understand the reasoning behind it. For them, loose leash walking is a strange quirk their companion has, but as long as they get to go on walks and get treats, it’s fine. Sitting before meals is a peculiar request, but as long as they get their food, it’s all good. 

Now, because dogs don’t grasp the significance behind certain requests, they aren’t going to understand the “exceptions”. For example, if you decide to let your dog sit on the furniture, she’s not going to understand why she can’t sit on the couch when your grandmother comes to visit, no matter how much you explain that she has fragile bones and she could break her hip by plowing on top of her. 

The solution would be to make her wait for permission before climbing up on the furniture, so that unless you give her a cue, she won’t do it. But that’s not really the point here. The point is that when you are training your dog, you need to be careful what play habits you have with your dog, and whether you are unintentionally setting yourself back by allowing certain behaviors to come up without correcting them. 

Your dog does not understand the exception. She does not understand the difference between “play time” and “training time”. She won’t understand why it’s okay to jump on you and nip at your arms one moment, and then the next it’s no longer acceptable. You can’t use your pillow for a pillow fight, and laugh it off when she grabs it and dances around a little bit, and then get upset when two days later she thought it was okay to tear it open and eat the feathers. 

The important thing here is consistency. Teach your dog behavioral cues and enforce them. If you want your dog to jump up on you occasionally, teach her an “up” or “jump” command, so she only does it when you say so. If you want your dog on the couch occasionally, teach her the “come up” command, and the “go to your spot” command, so you can let her up on the couch sometimes, but other times you can send her to her own bed to chill out. If you want to play bitey dog with her, put rules into place, and, most importantly, teach her the “aus” command. No matter how you decide to play with her, you need to be able to communicate with her that when you say, “aus!” playtime is over and she needs to stop what she’s doing and chill. 

When your dog does something you really don’t want her doing, don’t laugh it off. Don’t joke and say, “cut it out, you!” without reinforcing it. Be firm. Follow through. If she’s got something she can’t have, teach her to drop it, each and every time. If she has a habit of stealing food off the table, stop her, every time. Don’t just laugh one time she steals your bacon, but then flip out the next time she does it. She will not understand why it’s funny one day and not funny the next. 

Teach your dog that you mean what you say, and that she needs to follow your commands, so that if a situation arises where she tries to make off with the kitchen knife, or bolt across a busy street, you can tell her to drop it, or to stop, and she will listen. 

Be firm and consistent with your rules. I promise it’s okay to be strict with your dog, as long as you are doing it in a loving and encouraging way. 

As promised, an edit for the “holleeday”…I’ve had a few past requests for whouffle at an amusement park, which I rejected because I just don’t care for corporate amusement parks…but an old-fashioned carnival with an authentic carousel, now that’s something I can get on board with (I know amusement parks have carousels, but eh, it’s just not as romantic). 

I’ve got a few more scenes planned, hopefully I’ll still be around to see those thru…

Bc you read a fatwa online doesn’t make you a scholar….I really need y'all to know that. People are starting so much crap and it all comes back to this egotistical pseudo scholar front y'all put up on the Internet, it’s annoying and hella problematic (esp for people that really need guidance). please if you’re going to use the Internet to find answers to your questions go to someone that has actually studied Islam. There are some blogs on here that are ran by people that are legit please go to them instead of these misogynist phony sheikh Google guys.

Alright! Who's ready for some headcanons nobody cares about regarding this ridiculous magical boys anime?

I just recently found out that Akoya has been a victim of bullying when he was little because of his surname (as far as I know, even now he’s still being mocked from time to time).

Soooo, me thinks that all his vanity and superiority complex is just his way of coping with all that crap. I mean, he is beautiful and he knows it, but what if he has to reassure himself over and over again and make himself as beautiful as possible, lest he start to believe the bullshit others may have told him for most of his life. 

In conclusion, Akoya is just an insecure (and most probably hella defensive) little muffin, who decided to be mean before more people decided to be mean to him.

Dear antivaxxers...

So I blocked two willfully ignorant antivaxxer anons who continued to spew bullshit in my inbox.

For all two of you who don’t know, I’m an autistic adult. Got it?

Now for this mountain of utter crap.

One anon tried to use functioning labels on me and tell me to be careful how I use my voice because we all answer to God. The other tried used the excuse that they don’t walk into measles infections every time they step out the door. Um, just go to Disneyland and I’m sure you’ll pick it up right along with a nice skin rash. 

Yep, I got dermatitis from Disneyland once! Thankfully not measles BECAUSE I’M VACCINATED. Btw, according to my mom I showed signs of autism before I got vaccines, so fuck that shitty vaccines-cause-autism logic right up the ass! The only reason it took until I was 15 to get diagnosed is because I’m a girl and “girls don’t ‘get’ autism”. Har har! :D

Back to what I was saying: You antivaxxers can shut your ignorant pie holes with the bleach and other snake oil cures you’ve no doubt tried on your kids, because I’m sure some of y’all have kids who got diagnosed as autistic despite no vaccines and tried to cure it. Start loving and accepting your kids as they are instead of treating them like they’re broken. 

Do I sound like an asshole now? Good, because I’d rather be an asshole than willfully ignorant.

Autistic people who can’t speak and need help with even their most basic needs are still valuable people whose worth is in their being alive and not based on what they can produce. They deserve to be loved, protected and cared for. I will fight for them and take bullets for them and be whipped, beaten and crucified for them. I am just like them and sometimes I think God wanted me verbal and good at writing because He wanted me to fight for those whose behavioral communication goes ignored as meaningless. So here I am, kicking some ass for the sake of those who can’t defend themselves.

We all answer to God? Yes. You bet I answer to God. I’m Catholic. 

Guess what? God doesn’t make mistakes, but people sure do and you antivaxxers are making a big one. 

I hope none of you have to watch your child suffer through something easily preventable due to YOUR neglect. I hope none of you have to bury a child after they die of something preventable due to YOUR neglect. And I sure as hell hope none of you take your autistic kids out somewhere and shoot them to “put them out of their misery” because that happens far too often.

Do you know why measles is rare? VACCINES! Except it’s not so rare BECAUSE OF YOU ANTIVAXXERS. You are literally undoing decades of immunity with your bullshit fake science.

How do you think it feels to be told you’re unnatural, broken, an epidemic, a disease, a burden and missing? I hear it EVERY DAY from ableist people like YOU antivaxxers. You think YOUR lives are hard? You think it’s “hard” to raise an autistic person? TRY BEING ONE. I don’t mean the sensory issues or the things I can’t do– I mean hearing all the ableist bullshit I have to hear. I have feelings too, you know.

I wouldn’t change myself if I had the chance. God made me this way and challenged me to overcome bullying, emotional abuse and my own internalized ableism, and I’ll swallow lava and die before I let people like you ableist antivaxxers undo everything I’ve overcome. (Hint: it wasn’t AUTISM that I overcame because that doesn’t need overcoming. Ableism needs a LOT of overcoming!)

Move along now, antivaxxers. Anything you say in my inbox will earn you a block because I don’t put up with willful ignorance from people who don’t care to listen. If you don’t care to listen to reason then I don’t care to read your bullshit. 

I pray God sets your ignorant asses right.