i know this is a super unoriginal idea


So, last night, @rainbowninja told Bert and I that she thought the first few bars of SOTT sounded like the beginning of IICF. She wanted a second opinion to make sure it was not just wishful thinking on her part. 


Let’s talk about the fact that SOTT is in the same key as If I Could Fly.  And has the same opening chords.  And is about the same speed (though compressed a bit). And you could literally sing the opening lines of IICF at the start of SOTT, if you ignore the rests.

This means one of two things: 

1. Harry is a super unoriginal writer who only knows three piano chords.

2. There is a deliberate connection being drawn.

Since I obviously don’t think Harry is a shitty musician, there’s gotta be something going on. I have no honest idea what that might be, but it feels like a BFD and I wanted to share.

Or maybe Harry is just telling the girl who leaked the video of IICF to stop crying so we can hear the song?  Silly Harry.  The crying was the best part….