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Edge Of Glory: Part One

Summary: Your life takes a turn after you find out a night with Lance Tucker, turned out to be so much more than a hookup. In the past you knew Lance as your Coach on your way to your infamous career, he was no more than a quick night of relief - until now. Now with the news of being pregnant, Lance and his former gymnast fight to do what’s right - and learn the way of becoming parents, together.

(I suck at summary so if anyone can do better pls message me i’ll love you forever)

Notes: Cocky Lance, Pregnancy, cursing.

let me know what you think, taking requests for tagging! :)

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What If... (Richie Tozier x Reader)

Originally posted by beverlymarshisabadass

Requested by @pepperisntsalty:  Hi! Could o ask for a Richie x reader where the reader has f e e l i n g s but is like nervous and it’s like ‘When he sees me’ from waitress and it ends in fluff (or angst idc lol). It’s fine if not, and take as much time as possible. I’m trying to get a collection 👀👀 because waitress is L I T I’m such a dork lololol

Author note: This was from forever ago, but I finally did it! Hopefully you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think.

(Y/n) huffed slightly as her whole face began to heat up. She angrily ran her fingers through her hair cursing under her breath. She hated the butterflies swarming in her stomach and the excited throbbing of her heart. She glanced over at her friends cursing slightly as her eyes instantly locked onto him. The trashmouth of the school. That wasn’t what bothered her. The fact that (Y/n) had strange feelings she couldn’t explain around him. 

“(Y/n)?” Beverly’s voice rang through (Y/n)’s thoughts. The girl came over and sat beside (Y/n). (Y/n) huffed slightly mumbling a quiet greeting under her breath. Beverly frowned slightly and put a tentative hand on (Y/n)’s shoulder. “(Y/n)? Is something wrong?”

(Y/n) laughed bitterly. Her shoulders sagging as a nervous sigh escaped her. “Yea. Something’s very wrong with me,” She mumbled tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Her eyes were gleaming with worry as another wave of butterflies overcame her. She could hear the boys still laughing and joking around out in the water. A small smile forming on her face at the sound of Richie’s laugh, but she quickly scowled when she realized that.

Beverly put an arm around (Y/n)’s shoulder and raised an eyebrow at her. “What’s wrong?” She asked cautiously. (Y/n) didn’t answer in words, but her eyes drifted back to Richie. A knowing smile forming on Beverly’s face. “Ah I see. You like Richie.”

“No!” (Y/n) quickly snapped shrugging Beverly’s arm off. She hugged her knees a shaky breath escaping her. “I can’t like him. Who knows what could happen.” (Y/n) knew how this worked. Her parents were divorced and she knew all about what could go wrong with liking someone. Her mother easily drilled that into her.

Beverly shifted slightly as her smile quickly fell. “(Y/n)… aren’t you worrying too much? What could go wrong?” Beverly asked.

(Y/n) let out a snort. “Worrying too much? Beverly what if he can tell I like him? huh?” (Y/n) let go of her knees and sat up. Her face getting red as she nervously tapped on the ground. “W-what if he doesn’t like me? What if he plain out rejects me and I ruin everything. I could date him and later on end up divorced with a kid and-”

“(Y/n) relax,” Beverly cut in. She ruffled (Y/n)’s hair affectionately a timid grin on her face. “Your way overthinking this (Y/n). I’m sure Richie would love you for you. I’m sure of it.”

(Y/n) sighed and stood up. She slipped her dress as the boys continued to joke and laugh just a few feet away. Her eyes met Richie’s for a moment but she quickly looked away. She turned away and stated simply, “I’m not like you Beverly. No guy would ever want me.” Without another word (Y/n) made her way back up the path and away from the quarry unaware of a certain someone watching worriedly as she walked away.

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I figured that we’d last longer than we did. It’s been months since I last got to enjoy the feeling of my fingers resting in the spaces between yours. Perhaps someone else has that luxury now. It’s been said that time heals everything. It has gotten a little bit easier to breathe, but some days it feels like time’s real purpose is to make my wounds wider. As the days pass, our past gets farther away from me I wish I could get it back. Nostalgia has a rude way of waiting until the quiet of night to tease me with memories of how we used to be. I hate that you’re nothing more than that now, a memory, a dream. Maybe somewhere you’re dreaming about me. Maybe you have a little love left over. I know I do. Maybe I always will.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: we broke up months ago and I still love him so much. Time keeps going and I’m slowly moving on and it makes me sad because I wanted to have him forever and the time we spent together keeps getting farther and farther away

Request: “If you write scenarios can you please do a Yuta one? Just him in all his cocky pervert glory I’ll cry forever thanks.”

Starring: NCT’s hoe Yuta Ft. Hansol

Genre: Classmate!AU, Drabble

Word Count: 462 words

Warning: Very short!!! lol

A/N: I know you wanted a scenario but I ended up making this into a short drabble…But let me know if you want an expansion on this~ Enjoyyyy

You rolled your eyes as you entered your classroom, still not used to the swarm of girls that swooned over the new transfer student from Japan that had just switched to your school two weeks ago.

“Excuse me,” you mumbled as you pushed pass the body of female students that blocked you from entering your classroom, but none of them budged.

“EXCUSE ME!” You yelled louder. Your patience was hanging by a thread. You had slept through your alarm in the morning and had already missed your first two periods. The last thing you wanted to do was be late for this class as well. You shoved with all your might; prying the girls from the doorway as you climbed over the body of students, safely making it into your seat on time.

“Y/N, you okay?” You looked up only to see the honey blonde locks of your best friend, Hansol. He was heaving by the time he settled down into the desk next to you. You could tell that even as tall as he was, he still struggled to get past the students that blocked the doorway to your classroom, waiting to get a glimpse of the new student.

“He’s not even that cute,” you glared at the back of the head of the new transfer student, hoping that you could burn a hole straight through him.

“Well, I think he’s kinda cute,” Hansol murmured. You slapped his arm earning you a little whine and pout. Your best friend chuckled as he ruffled your hair leaving your head looking like a bird’s nest. “I’m kidding, Y/N, although I do think he is quite handsome.”

You stuck out your tongue in disgust, your eyes were still glued to the back of his head. Who even dyes their hair purple? Who does he think he is? Some fancy celebrity?

“Y/N,” Hansol nudged you, “You’re staring,” he whispered.

“I know, I’m trying to burn a hole through the back of his head, Hansol. Now, stop trying to mess up my concentration.” Your knitted eyebrows came undone as you realized the purple head you were staring at was slowly turning around. The boy made eye contact with you before raising an eyebrow and throwing a wink at you, the corner of his lips rising to form a smirk before he turned away.

“Did he just—“ Your blood was boiling at this point, a rush of confusion hitting you as a hint of fever brushed over your cheeks making them pink.

Your best friend stared at you, laughing as he noticed your now rosy cheeks.

“Well, Y/N, I think he definitely felt that burn you were trying to drill into the back of his head. And you sure as hell caught his attention with it.”


Whooooa heeeeeey, Sketchdump Sunday!

That’s right, it’s time for another handful of RANDOM SKETCHES AND UNFINISHED/UNRELEASED PIECES! WHEEEE!

Today’s sketchdump features the emotional guilt tripping of a tiny miqo’te who demands we fight primals for stickers. I’m on to you, tinycatte! I see your game! Also included is Cakedad (who was almost Pizzadad in my FC! But it just doesn’t have the same ring as Cakedad), a bunch of random Bee-Doing-Bee-Things doodles, Mara escaping from a giant birb while stealing all the internet’s most treasured birb pics, a concept sketch for a baby D’riz that I forgot to post forever ago, and a magitek ahriman that was requested as a mount. :B

OH AND BONUS DOODLES  (that didn’t fit in the main set) :V

He sure did.

Probably lewd things, Momodi.

“Song of Doomy-whatsit now?”

Sun-Bathing | stiles stilinski smut

author : wantstobeastilinski
pairing : stiles stilinski x reader
warnings : sunburn (it makes me cringe), smut, cursing, oral (female on male), fingering, dirty talk, pet names, and all in all stiles fucking stilinski

a/n : this was requested by @barry-stilinski like a month ago, and it took me forever to get it finished, so yeah, I’m horrible and put things off for a long time. enjoy fam


“(Y/n), will you actually pay attention to me for once and not the guys on the beach?”

My head snaps to my best friend and I sigh, glancing back at the pack of shirtless boys. “I can’t, you know this. It’s the time of year where all the hotties from Beacon Hills come.”

Every year near summer break, kids from Beacon Hills drive an hour and a half to get to the closest beach possibly, which is right near my small ass town. It’s great, because somehow, all the dudes are hot as shit.

I’m currently watching a group of them, and there’s a few girls I saw them come with, but they are all tanning or something. There’s one with an uneven jaw, a small one with bright blue eyes, and one with warm, whiskey colored eyes and a happy trail that makes me need to pray.

My friend scoffs and looks back at her magazine. “Which one are you most likely paying attention to?”

I smile goofily and prop my chin in my hand. “The hot one with the happy trail that probably leads to the best co-”

“Don’t need to know the rest!” She screeches loudly. My eyes widen and I turn to her, feeling eyes on us.

“Jesus Christ, calm your tits! They’re looking now, meaning I can’t enjoy that fine piece of ass!” I hissed, and she turned red.


“No! I don’t want to hear it! You know I love this time of year, and he is the first guy that has caught my eye! How can you not understand? Do you SEE his arms? And looks at his fingers!”


“I would let those fingers fuck me any day of the week!”


The voice is one I haven’t heard before, and I stiffen. I close my eyes and sigh.

“It’s him, isn’t it?”


I turn in my spot and smile up at him. “Hello there.”

The hottie smirks down at me and tilts his head. “Hey, princess. I was checking to see if you and your friend were alright, but I do like how that conversation was heading.”

My face flushed and I stumble for words. My friend stands up and gathers her things. “I’m gonna…yeah, see you later, (Y/N)!”

I stare as she runs away, the only thought going through my mind was how she was such an ass for leaving me to die by myself. Friendship is supposed to be forever.

I gulp and look back up at him, taking in his appearance now that he was closer. He had long eyelashes, and miles and freckles sprinkled across his entire body. He had abs, even if they weren’t as prominent as his friends. And, just as I said before, his fingers were fucking great.

“My name is Stiles. Stiles Stilinski.” He introduces himself, putting his hand out. I let my eyes move away from his hands and lock my own (E/C) eyes with his whiskey ones.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” I reply, giving him a bright smile.

He moves to sit beside me, a cocky grin on his face. “So, (Y/N) please do continue with your thoughts.”


Almost ten minutes later, I’m shoved against the wall of an old life guard post, Stiles lips on mine. I thread my fingers through his hair and pull lightly, the groan passing his lips making me smirk.

His hands wander to my ass and he squeezed, and I jump, wrapping my legs around his waist. He trails his kisses from my lips to my jaw, sucking and nibbling at random. Whimpers escaping my lips, closing my eyes.

“Well, Princess, I don’t know how much time we have, so we better make this quick.” He mumbles huskily, moving one of his hands to the front of my bottoms.

I open my eyes and it my lips, leaning forward and trying to connect our lips. He smirks and pulls away just as my lips brush his. I let out a whine and he shakes his head.

His fingers slip under the band of my bottoms and swipes a finger through my folds, making me let out a squeak. I grip onto his shoulders tightly as he pushes a finger inside my heat.

“So wet, princess. All for me?” He whispers in my ear, nibbling at it as he slowly moves his finger in a ‘cone here’ motion. I nod and bury my head into the crook of his neck.

“All for you, Stiles.” I mumbled against his skin, pressing kisses against his neck. He adds another finger and I buck my hip, wanting to let out a howl of pleasure.

“I know, princess, it’s hard to stay quiet. But you gotta, okay? Don’t want anyone seeing you like this, coming undone around my fingers, withering against me.”

His words go straight to my core and I bit my lip as he speeds up. I scratch down his back, letting soft moans pass my lips.

“P-please, Stiles. Make me cum.” I whisper, looking at him with innocent eyes. His own turn darker at my words and he removes his fingers, making me whine at the loss of contact.

He moves my bottoms to the side and I quickly get what he’s trying to do. I lower his trunks enough for his member to spring free, and my mouth waters at the sight.

I was right, that happy trail led to something great, and all I wanted to do was wrap my lips around him have him groaning in pleasure.

He pumped his member and let it slide trough my folds. “Gonna fuck you, princess. Gonna fuck you nice and hard.”

He slams into me and I throw my head back in pleasure, pushing my chest towards him. He moves his lips to my chest and starts sucking on the skin in front of him.

He doesn’t even try and ease me into the feeling of him inside me, and he just starts thrusting, hard and fast. White, hot pleasure shoots through my and I lower my gaze, looking at him through hooded eyes.

“That feel good, princess? You like my cock inside your tight pussy?” He growls, and I nod, letting a few moans escape my lips.

“Feels so good, baby.” I mumble, and he smirks proudly, snapping his hips into mine at an ungodly speed.

I let out a cry and he moves one hand to cover my mouth, his eyes flashing as he face turns hard. “Quiet, princess. I mean it.”

His dominant tone makes me shiver and clench around him. A growl passes his lips. “Do that again.”

I do as he told me and he bit his lip. I feel a coil wind up inside my belly and I whined, moving on if my hands under my bottom and to my clit.

“You close, princess? Gonna cum around my cock like a good girl?”

I nod, and he removes his hand from my mouth. “Want you to say my name when you cum, baby.”

And that’s exactly what I did. After one particularly rough thrust that had him touching my g-spot, I came around him, crying out his name.

His thrusts got sloppy and he pressed lazy kisses against my collarbone. I move my hand to his member and slip it out of me. He furrows his rows, but I just drop to my news, opening my mouth.

His eyes twinkle in delight as his gets what I’m hinting at, and guides his cock past my lips. I can taste my own juices on him, and it makes me moan. He throws his head back as I start sucking and bobbing up and down on his length.

One hand rests on his thigh as another takes what I can’t fit in my mouth. He looks down at me and grabs my head, thrusting into me. Soon enough, he is coming, her eyes squeezed shut and his mouth in an 'o’. It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, and I swallow all he has to give.

After a few more thrusts, he pulls out of my mouth, helping me up. I pull his trunks up and kiss his lips. This kiss isn’t hurried like the others we shared, instead it is soft and short.

I pull away and he pushes a piece of hair out of my face. “Princess, I-”

“Stiles, dude, where are you!” A voice cries out. He groans and rests his forehead on mine. He pulls back and smiles lightly.

“I’ll be here for another two days. I’ll see you around, right?”

I nod quickly, a goofy smile on my lips. “Of course, Sti. I’ll see you.” He gives another smile and then turns, rushing off.

I rub my arms and turn, making my way home.


I groan as I enter my house, my best friend sitting on my couch. She grimaces as she sees my skin red.

“Jesus, you are burnt.”

I roll my eyes and make my way to the closet, searching for Aloe to take the burn away. “Yeah, never noticed.”

She turns back to the tv, sighing. “You were gone for like an hour, so I hope it was worth it.”

My mind drifts to my past events and giggle, a large smile pulling at my lips. “Yeah, it totally was.”

3 months later

Let me tell y’all It is good to be posting again. If you didn’t read my update a few days ago (totally understandable) I’m off my hiatus! So I will be posting weekly now! Here’s an anon requested Peter x Reader of 1k words that took me absolutely forever to write; with prompts:  Don’t act like you know me. I’m not your friend and They told me I’d forget about you; that I’d move on but it’s been three months and here I am. Requests are open as always and enjoy! 


Prompt List

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Originally posted by fn-2187

I frowned as I saw Peter walk into the kitchen from my place at the table. Spooning another bite of cereal into my mouth, I looked down, determined to appear un fazed. I heard rustling, before the scraping of a wooden chair on the tile floors filled my ears. “Morning.” Peter said sleepily, his morning voice stirring up feelings in my heart. I felt my forehead crinkle as I pushed more food in my mouth, quickly making it so I couldn’t talk. “Mmmhhhmm.” I hummed as Peter lifted his head to face mine, eyebrows knitted and jaw set. I swallowed, the half chewed food scraping my throat. I scooped the little remaining cereal into my mouth before standing up from the table.

“How was your geometry quiz yesterday?” Peter asked glancing up at how abruptly I stood. I bit my lip as I turned to put my dish in the sink. “It was fine.” I said, my voice light. “That’s good.” he said, sounding genuinely happy. “Because I remember that we always used to spend lots of time studying for it together-” “Peter stop.” I said sadly, shaking my head. He looked up confused, with milk dribbling down the side of his chin. “It’s only been a few months and the way we left everything…” I said trailed off, my voice thinning as I spoke. “Don’t act like you know me. I’m not your friend.” I said, my voice barley above a whisper.

The memory of our relationship was too raw. Everything had been going well for about a year. Dates were great, kisses and hugs all the time. Every time we got into a fight, we talked it out and listened to each other. That all changed when Peter got back from a solo mission with a giant cut across his entire body. Blood was pouring out of the open wound. I of course was waiting for him in the living room, so I could see him the very second he got back. I was already nervous about him going alone for the first time. My heart had been beating fast the whole time he was away, but it was nothing compared to the sprinting my heart did when I saw Peter crawl out of the elevator.

I rushed to his side, my excited expression replaced with one of absolute horror. He refused to let me touch him. All he would let me do was call Tony so he could take Peter to the medical bay. After his surgery, he wouldn’t talk to me. I tried to visit him numerous times but he was always asleep whenever I would visit. I called him, texted him, sent him clean clothes but he ignored them. He ignored me. So I assumed our relationship was over, and tried to move on.

Peter swallowed hard and pushed his food away as he got up and came over to stand next to me in the kitchen. I met his soft brown eyes with mine. “(Y/n)” he began reaching out to grasp my elbow. I jerked away from him with a quick inhale. Peter retracted his hand and rested it on his forearm. “They told me I’d forget about you; that I’d move on but it’s been three months and here I am” I whispered tears bubbling up in my eyes. “Why did you ignore me for months then just spontaneously decide to talk to me?”

Peter met my eyes for a moment, but it was enough time for me to see the uncertainty in them. He let out a shaky sigh. “(Y/n) when, I got hurt.” he stuttered. “It was because I wasn’t strong enough.” I wiped my nose with the sleeve of my sweater. “I was fighting these guys part of a small gang in Florida. It was supposed to be a simple mission. They just overpowered me.” I glanced up to see Peter rubbing the back of his neck. “I was scared. If some random guys could cut a giant hole in my stomach, then imagine what would happen if I went on a real mission with all of you.” he said hugging himself tightly.

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind, but before I could ask any of them, Peter claimed the silence. “I didn’t want to hurt you (Y/n).” he said finally looking up and into my eyes. “Peter. I don’t understand.” I whispered. I wanted so badly to reach out and hug him, but I satisfied myself by taking a step closer. He took a deep breath so big I could actually see his chest expand. “If I died, you would have been upset. I didn’t want us to get closer because if I died in the future, you would have been more sad.So I distanced myself from you, in the hopes that we would drift apart a little bit.” he whispered, searching my face for any sigh of disappointment.

I couldn’t help myself from launching my body at him. His arms opened on instinct and caught me, holding me close against him and my arms wrapped around his neck. I pressed my cheek into the soft material of his sweater. A few tears slipped out as I held him in my arms. “That’s why you ignored me?” I asked softly. He nodded. “It was a stupid idea. I’m sorry.” he said, his voice sending vibrations into my skin. I pulled back and looked him in the eyes. “It was stupid.” I whispered a smile growing on my lips. “But that’s okay. I forgive you.”

Peter laughed, the familiar sound sending chills down my spine. “Thank you baby.” he said. I felt my eyes crinkle as I looked at the man in my arms. So consumed with my happiness that he was willing to sacrifice his, if it would spare me pain in some strange future. “I love you.” I whispered, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Peter’s smile matched the one on my face as he dipped his had down so his lips brushed against mine. “I love you too.” he whispered before our lips connected.

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anonymous asked:

I have a tummy ache and can't sleep tell me a short bed time story bout sam?

Sam likes to leave the lights on. He walks into a room and flicks the switch, but never returns it to its off position when he exits. Most days, you follow him around, flipping switches and giving him hell for running up the nonexistent electric bill. Some days he rolls his eyes, other days he chuckles and shakes his head as you scold him. 

“We don’t pay for the lights staying on.” He teases. 

You stick your tongue out, tap your foot, throw your hand on your hip.

The library is the worst. Every single light, overhead or the lamp on the table beside him, is left glowing in his wake. His hands are full of thick lore books, flipping through the pages, skimming them for information about the next hunt. His brows furrow and creases form on his forehead as he turns the page. He lower lip tucks into his mouth and his teeth press down, turning the pink skin white while he concentrates. His eyebrows lift as realization washes over his face. He found the answer he needed, or at least a small inkling of what he was searching for. He calls out to his brother as you turn the knob on each lamp, then pinch the light switch and pop it downward. 

The days when he leaves them on without a book in his hand, those are the days you leave the lights on behind him, mostly because you have no choice. Your hands are too busy tangling in his hair as his arms wrap around your waist and haul you off to his bedroom. 

Some days you can’t stand Sam’s bad habit, and you so badly want to just get it through his thick skull that light switches work both ways. Other days, you love the way the beams of light flow through the hallway and illuminate the seams around his bedroom door, his fingers trailing over your skin while the two of you are tangled in one another. 

Sam likes to leave the lights on, and it drives you crazy - crazy in the best possible way. 

*This is actually a headcanon request I had from a while ago from @wildfirewinchester. I hope you like it! 

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ink to my quill / remus lupin x reader

Words: 765

Requested by anonymous: Hey:) could you do a remus x reader where he really really likes the reader who knows hes a ware wolf and doesn’t care and hes just really shy trying to talk to her and the marauders just tease him but help him out and fluff? thank youu [ i got this request forever ago and got back on the blog and finally did it? i’m slow. ]

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My Best Friend

Request a Jax Teller imagine based on the song “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” by Brantley Gilbert

Y/N had left about a week ago without warning. One second we had been fine, the next she was gone. She had been there forever, she was my best friend. We had known each other since we were eleven, she had been around for everything. She was all I had left since Opie.

Hey ole Friend, thanks for callin’
It’s good to know somebody cares
Yeah she’s gone, but I don’t feel like talkin’
It might be just too much to bear
To hear somebody say it stops hurting
Or to hear somebody say she ain’t worth it

Clay had told me to get over it, get my head back in the game. We had a lot happening with the club and the Irish. Chibs was telling me that it would all get better. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to mourn her leaving, she had left a note saying she could no longer handle the shit that was happening with the club. Clay was saying she wasn’t worth shit, that if she couldn’t handle it. It was better that she was gone.

‘Cause you don’t know her like I do
You’ll never understand
You don’t know what we’ve been through
That girl’s my best friend

He doesn’t understand though, she was more than the club. She could be more than the club, always was meant to go away. She was smart, book and street smart, she made Einstein look stupid. She had been through so much, she had a rough home life. She gravitated towards me and Opie because of it. She had been through my dad’s death with me, I had been through her mothers. She had helped me get through Opie’s death. She’s my best friend. I could never fault her for leaving.
And there’s no way you’re gonna help me
She’s the only one who can
No, you don’t know how much I’ve got to lose
You don’t know her like I do

Of course, though, just after she left, Tara got murdered. In my own home, I don’t know what to do. She would know what to do though, she always did. The guys keep trying to make it better, but nothing they tell me will make it better. She is the only one who could help me right now.

I can’t forget, I’m drowning in these memories
It fills my soul with all the little things
And I can’t cope, it’s like a death inside the family

The more I struggle with Tara’s death though, I keep thinking back on all the things that me and Y/N did. The time we stole mom’s car and ran it into a tree drunk. Or playing in the park until 3 in the morning because we wanted to. Egging Unser’s squad car. We got in so much trouble growing up, Opie at least had some common sense to stop us at times. Tara had tried, Y/N pissed her off so much.
It’s like she stole my way to breathe
Don’t try to tell me it stops hurting
Don’t try to tell me she ain’t worth it

Her leaving has left me without air to breathe. Y/N always was a breath of fresh air, she always brought a new perspective. She would tell me something like this was a sign for the club or some shit like that. She will come back I know she will, but for now I am stuck in this lost void. Trying to make everyone understand they don’t know her.

She don’t know like I do
You’ll never understand
You don’t know what we’ve been through

That girl’s my best friend
And there’s no way you’re gonna help me
She’s the only one who can

It’s been three weeks now since she’s been gone. Two weeks since Tara’s been dead. None of the others understand. I need her to help me, I need her to help guide me back on track. They can’t help me, they try, but booze and weed don’t help much. Neither does riding right now or killing.
No, you don’t know how much I’ve got to lose
You don’t know her like I do, like I do

They don’t understand I could lose my whole club, my whole family, my life. The boys are who I am doing this for, but I don’t know any more if what I am doing is right. She will come back, Clay says she is gone forever now. He doesn’t understand she’ll come back even if it’s only to tell me what to do.

'Cause you don’t know her like I do
You’ll never understand
You don’t know what we’ve been through
That girl’s my best friend
There’s no way you’re gonna help me
She’s the only one who can
No, you don’t know how much I’ve got to lose
No, you don’t know how much I’ve got to lose
You don’t know her like I do, like I do
Not like I do, not like I do, not like I do

I heard the knock on my front door, I had just gotten home. The boys were at my mom’s. I opened it only to find Y/N standing there hands on her hips, I knew what she was about to say, no matter how much I didn’t want to hear it. “Jackson.” She said motioning for me to move out of the way and let her in.

“How long are you here for?”

“Only to tell you that you need to figure your shit out. Stop being an idiot. Get on the straight and narrow. Tara’s death was the clubs fault no matter who did it. You need to get your shit together. Figure out what is best for those boys. It isn’t watching you destroy everything good around you. Stop being an idiot” She yelled, suddenly though I was being hugged. “I’m sorry Jackson.” She whispered. Then she was gone. Before I knew it. She was always going to be there though. Even if she wasn’t right next to me anymore.

You’ll never understand
That girl’s my best friend, that girl’s my best friend
That girl’s my best friend

Lost Words (Barry Allen x Reader)

Part Three

Part One  Part Two

Prompt:  You had just come back to Central City after four years in college to major in medicine. When you came back, everything’s changed. Metahumans are now a thing, The Flash is running around the city, and you are now a doctor at Central City hospital. The only thing that hasn’t changed is your unresolved and unrequited love for Barry Allen.

Word Count: 2.5kish

Author’s Note: Guys, it’s part three! I promised y’all a part on Wednesday, and here it is. I hope it lives up to your expectations. Anyways, I loved see you guys in my inbox and it really does make my day a whole whole lot better:) and btw the drug used at the end is a real thing, in case y’all didn’t know, I just learned about it yesterday in Health Science class and I was like, ya know that would be awesome for this imagine….

You woke up the next morning staring at the ceiling of your apartment. You thought about the events from yesterday. How Barry, your Barry Allen, was the infamous Flash that the majority of the city adores. He has saved countless lives and puts himself in danger everyday. The sun peeked through your blinds, leaving bright stripes across your dark bedroom. You were still slightly hurt that no one told you about Barry’s secret, even if they were respecting Barry’s request. Then, you thought about the time where your life changed forever.

*11 years ago*

Your 12 year old self sat on the benches of the police department, waiting for your mom to come pick you up. You weren’t feeling well at school so your dad had to pick you up, but there was an incident and then there were the sounds of gunshots. The next thing you knew, you were getting put into another cop car and sent here, told by an officer to wait for your mother. 

You sighed heavily. You didn’t really comprehend what happened, all you knew was that you’d been waiting for 2 hours, sitting on a wooden bench alone. Just then, a boy your age came up to you with a smile. You looked up from your shoes.

He started to talk but then stuttered, forming incoherent words.

You smiled. “What, did you lose your words?” you asked.

His eyes grew slightly. “Did I what?”

“You know, lose your words. My mom says that to me all the time when I stutter,” you explained, reminding yourself just where the hell your mom was now.

The boy chuckled nervously before scratching the back of his head. “Uh, yeah, I think I did. Um, so, what’s your, uh, name?” he asked you.

Your smile grew larger. You thought he was kinda cute. “Y/N. I’m Y/N. What’s yours?”

He returned your smile and extend out a hand to you. “I’m Barry! My adoptive dad works here so I was just hanging around.”

“Really?! My dad works here too!” you replied enthusiastically.

He was going to reply when a girl with dark thick hair in a ponytail came running around the corner. 

“Barry!” she exclaimed. “I thought we were gonna do some homework in the conference room.”

Barry turned around to look at the girl running up to you two. “Iris, come meet Y/N! Her dad works here too.” He gave you a small smile.

The girl, Iris, smiled at you. “Hey! Do you want to come do homework with us? I see you brought your backpack.” She pointed at the backpack that you had to carry around with you since you left school. You looked down and thought for a second. You weren’t very good at talking to new people, and you were definitely more comfortable just sitting on the bench, but they seemed like nice friends and they were your age! Maybe it was time to step out of your comfort zone.

You nodded happily. “Sure!” You slung your backpack around your shoulders and followed the two to the room that they had set up.

Barry glanced over at you as you walked across the police department. “Looks like I found my words, Y/N!”

*Present time*

You sat up in bed, the clock reading 6:38 in red numbers. You were in shock and you were hurt, but you knew that Barry and Iris were still your best friends. You couldn’t just be mad at them without them giving you an explanation. Especially Barry. Oh, especially Barry. 

You rubbed your hands down your face in frustration. You could never be mad at them for more than a day. 

“Dang it, I hate myself,” you whispered. You flung the bed covers off of yourself and went to get ready. You were going to S.T.A.R. Labs. 

Two hours later you found yourself in the same elevator that you left in tears just a couple hours ago. You took a deep breath. Now that you’ve slept on it, you realize how rash you acted. You let your emotions get the best of you, and it was stupid. 

“This isn’t high school, Y/N,” you whispered to yourself. “Barry must have a reason. This isn’t high school.” The elevator doors opened and you walked towards the cortex. The empty hallways did nothing to soften the sound of your sandals against the tile which made you only more aware of your closeness to the place where Barry had almost lost his life.

You walked in to see Cisco alone in front of the computers with headphones in.

“Cisco?” you called out. No response.

You looked around, not really sure what you were looking for.

“Cisco?” you asked, a little louder. He was still clicking away when suddenly he jumped up in excitement and made a loud ‘Whoop!’ You took a step back and raised your eyebrows in surprise. Then he turned around and faced you with his headphones still in and his arms raised in triumph. 

“Oh, shit!” Cisco yelled. He pulled his headphones out and bent over the desk, clutching his heart. You suddenly came running from the doorway to him.

“What, are you okay? Are you having a heart attack?” you asked concerned.

“No,” he started, catching his breath, “just the fact that you scared the living crap out of me. Really, Y/N, you need to announce yourself before standing there like something out of a horror movie.” You looked down at your sweater and jeans and was about to ask how that looked like a horror movie, but you thought that you could live without knowing the answer to that.

You laughed at his dramatic reaction. “I’m sorry, Cisco. I’ll remember to ring the doorbell next time I come,” you teased. He glared at you before slumping back into the leather chair.

“So,” he asked with his head in his hand, “what are you doing here?” 

“I, uh, actually came here to talk to Barry. Is he here?” you questioned.

“Yeah, he’s actually just down that hall in the Speed Lab,” he said, pointing to your right outside the Cortex.

“Great,” you smiled, “Thanks, Cisco.” You were about to turn around when he stopped you.

“Wait, Y/N, I have a question.”

“Yeah?” You looked at him confused.

“Do you like Barry?” Cisco asked, staring straight at you.

Your eyes grew wide. Oh, crap. Panicking, you did the first thing that came to your mind when you get nervous.

You burst out in laughter.

“What?! Me? Liking Barry? Oh, please. No…no way. It’s Barry! Barry likes Iris, it’d be like emotional suicide to like…Barry…” you trailed off.

“Mhmm,” Cisco responded, obviously not believing you. You sighed in defeat.

“Yeah, I do,” you whispered. “That’s weird, you’re the first person to notice that I like him.”

“Well, I am Cisco,” he gloated and gave his smirk. You rolled your eyes as you leaned against the doorway of the Cortex.

“I’m just kidding, Y/N. I have known you for a couple months now, it’s not that hard to miss. I mean, your eyes trail on him just a couple more seconds longer than you do with others. Your face lights up whenever he enters a room.” You looked at him in pleasant surprise. Who knew Cisco was so observant?

“Yeah, I know. I’ve always been bad at hiding my feelings but no one seemed to notice. And he still likes Iris so I’ve been trying to get rid of my feelings…with no success,” you sighed.

“Actually,” Cisco started, “I think Barry doesn’t like Iris anymore. I watch them. She’ll drop hints to ask him out and sometimes it’s just a flat out question, but he always refuses. Always. And you know what I think?” He pointed at you with a suspicious look. 

“I think that he’s rejecting her because he likes you,” Cisco concluded.

You scoffed. “Please, Cisco, don’t give me false hope.” He put his hands up in surrender and shrugged.

“I’m not! I’m just saying,” he defended himself. You chuckled. “Yeah, sure, whatever. I’m gonna go find Barry now.”

“You do that!” Cisco replied as you rounded the corner to find your speedster.

You walked into a large room that you assumed was the Speed Lab as Barry’s vitals beeped on the table and you saw yellow lightning running in circles upstairs above you. Just then, Barry came down from the second level and looked at you from the entrance. 

“Y/N,” he said shocked.

“Hi, Barry,” you said. A pause. “So, how are you doing? I hope you’re taking it slow since you’re not fully healed yet.”

He smiled. “Yeah, don’t worry, making sure to not rip anything.” Another pause.

Barry opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. 

“I’ve seemed to have lost my words,” he mumbled. You gave a small smile. Ever since that day at the police station, you two have said that to each other when one person didn’t know what to say. You rarely used that line. Only once when Barry caught you almost skipping in middle school. He scolded you and told you to come back to class. You internally smiled at the memory.

“It’s okay. I’ll talk,” you started. You took a step towards him. “Barry, I…I want you to know that I care for you. You are my best friend and I want to be there for you every day. But, it hurts when you don’t let me do that.”

Barry finally looked up at you from his leather boots. “Y/N, I know. Joe told me what happened and I had no idea you felt like that. I’m sorry. I never intended for you to feel left out. I just…I can’t have something happen to you, Y/N. I can’t have you getting hurt be on me.”

You breathed out a small laugh. “That’s why you wouldn’t tell me? Because you were worried that I would get hurt?”

“Yes, Y/N! Every single person who knows my secret is in danger of getting hurt or worse. If they get hurt, it’s on me. And I can’t handle you being in danger.” He was now in front of you, close enough to where you could see the gold flecks in his green eyes and the worried creases that laid on his forehead.

You smiled and took one of his leather clad hands. “You don’t have to worry about me, Bar. I can take care of myself,” you said softly.

He started to shake his head. “No, Y/N. You don’t know what I go against every day. All of the people I care about are behind me and I worry if they’re going to be collateral damage. If you get hurt because of me…” Barry shook his head and looked off into the distance.

“Hey,” you held his face to look at yours. “Stop blaming things on yourself, Barry Allen. Even you, a man who can run into the future, can’t predict it yourself. No matter what happens to anyone, it isn’t your fault. It never is, okay? If somehow I get hurt or Joe does, it is not your fault. You need to stop taking care of other people and take care of yourself for once! Don’t push people away because you’re afraid. Pull them closer so that they can support you.” You squeezed his hands slightly, emphasizing your presence with him.

He looked at you with the saddest eyes and then you knew what was coming. Barry pushed you away.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. But you need to go. I can’t have you here anymore,” he whispered. You dropped your arms by your sides.

“Really? Barry, I can take care of myself! I’m not some damsel in distress that needs constant attention. I won’t even be here most of the time. I just want you to know that I’m here for you, Bar.” The pain returned. How could he not want you here? He was okay with everyone else, but once again, not you.

“I…” he shook his head in frustration. “I just need you to leave, okay, Y/N?” With that, he sped away to God knows where, leaving you in the large, empty room with nothing but the beeps of the computers.

You angrily slammed the door of your car as you parked on the curb of your apartment complex.

“Stupid Barry. Stupid Y/N. You thought he liked you,” you scoffed to yourself. You groaned in anger when suddenly a crash pulled your attention to the other side of the street. It was a metahuman, robbing the jewelry store that laid across your apartment. He was shooting electricity out of his hands when suddenly, the man in the scarlet suit arrived.

People were running away from the scene, but you stayed locked in your spot. You knew you had to leave, yet something told you to stay put. You couldn’t leave Barry alone even though you knew that Cisco and Caitlin were in his ear comm. You couldn’t run knowing exactly just how dangerous electricity was. In the hospital, electricity was used to restart a heart, but it could stop one just as quickly.

You watched the scene unfold. Barry had gotten hit twice which made you uneasy but he seemed to get right back up. That was when you heard a groan. Beside the fight scene between the two metas, you saw a woman severely injured. It seemed that a part of metal had pierced her abdomen and blood was everywhere. You remembered your first aid kit in the trunk of your car. 

“Y/N!” Barry yelled as his opponent was the the middle of getting up from a hit. “You need to leave!” Then, he zipped off to fight the man again. You looked at the woman. You could save her. You car wasn’t even locked yet. You could just grab the kit, run, fix her up, and go in less than 10 minutes. After a quick battle between your two voices, you popped the trunk, snatched the black bag that held your medical supplies and ran as fast as you could to the bleeding victim. 

“Hey, I’m a doctor. I’m going to help you, okay? I just need you to hold on. Stay alive,” you whispered to her. She nodded slightly, her breath coming in short huffs. 

“Okay,” you whispered to yourself. You made sure to check that Barry and the meta were a good distance away from you before examining her. You decided to keep the metal in since you didn’t know what the damages were. You bandaged the gash to keep as much blood in as possible. Soon enough you were finished, you only had to get her to a hospital quickly. As you packed your supplies as fast as you could, a loud crash came from behind you. 

Barry had flung the meta into a car that was parked right behind you. He got up, blue electricity sizzling off of him. You grabbed a syringe from the kit that you knew would come in handy if he did what you hoped he’d do. And he did it.

His eyes locked with yours and in three long strides, he grabbed you by the neck and pushed your body against his, using you as a shield. 

“No!” Barry exclaimed. 

The meta chuckled menacingly. “Let me go, Flash. And I’ll let your little girlfriend go.” 

Barry extended out a hand warily. “Stop, please, don’t hurt her. You want me. Fight me.” You could feel the syringe growing sweaty in your palm. You need to put this medication straight into his heart or it won’t work. You just needed to move slightly to the right…

Without thinking, you stepped on his right foot, making him lose his grip on you. You turned around and stabbed the syringe right where his heart was located and quickly injected him with the drug. A second later he fell to the ground, heart stopped and unconscious. Then you looked at Barry.

“Flash! GO! You have four seconds,” you yelled panicking. Barry stared at you for one second before he sped away to handcuff the meta and doused him in water to kill the electricity. Right when Barry turned the nearby water hose off, you could see the meta’s chest start to rise and fall once again yet still unconscious.

Barry looked at you with relief and ran back to you. He held your face in between his hands. “Are you okay?” he asked worried. You covered your hands with his.

“Yes, I’m great. I told you I can take care of myself, Flash,” you remarked. Barry smiled his famous smile at you. You looked him in the eyes. “You won’t push me away, Barry,” you whispered. “No matter how hard you try, I will always be here for you. Whether you like it or not.”

Barry rubbed his thumbs along your cheek bones softly.

“You know,” he said in a hushed tone, “Cisco said I should make a move on you. And that you wouldn’t mind.”

Nerves suddenly took over your body and instincts took over. You gave him a gigantic smile and responded in the same hushed voice. “No,” you said, “I…would not.”

The next thing you knew, Barry had placed his lips on yours. A second passed as you froze. A million things ran through your mind. But you were only focused on one. As you kissed back with your fingers around his neck and his hands around your waist, you could only think about how all this time you thought Barry wasn’t the one. But, in that moment, you couldn’t even think about being with anyone else except the man that was with you right now.

You don’t know if you would’ve stopped kissing Barry anytime soon when suddenly, claps began to appear around you, Then, a full blown applause. That’s when you realized that you were still in public. And that the entire city probably saw the scene that unfolded in front of them.

“Oh, crap,” you said as you hid your face in Barry’s chest. You weren’t very good with the spotlight on you.

Barry chuckled before carrying you so that he could run out of the scene for the police to take care of.

“Oh, wait!” you told Barry right when he was about to run. You pointed at the police and told them a quick run over the woman who was laying stable on the floor behind you. They nodded, quick loading her into an ambulance. It was only when the sirens of the vehicle faded then could you peacefully go with Barry. You nodded at him and in a second, the two of you disappeared in a blur. 

He dropped you gently on the couch of your apartment. He sat next to you before taking off his mask and kissing you again but with more passion this time. You pulled away, breathless. 

“Please don’t push me away again, Bar,” you murmured.

Barry hugged you tightly, burying his face in your shoulder. 

“Never again, Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do without you now.”

You smiled contently. “Seems like you’ve found your words, Barry,” you teased. He gave you a loving smile. 

As long as you had Barry and your friends right beside you, maybe Central City wouldn’t be that bad. In fact, it was great to be back home.

The End

Movie Night

Summary - It’s the group’s movie night and Seokjin’s countless threats mean nothing to horny boyfriends.

Genre - smut

A/N - Hi I wrote this forever ago and posted it on AO3 but then I got lazy and never posted it here I am sorry but enjoy now!!! I take requests!

Warning - this fic contains daddy kink so if you don’t like that then keep scrolling

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local lesbian wants to thank her followers for 2k

(two weeks after she actually reached it bc she was busy with exams)

as you all know, a little while ago i reached the 2k Milestone™ and all i did was a follow forever because i was two days away from my exam week and i didn’t want to commit to a Thing that i wasn’t sure i could fulfill in due time.

that being said, now that i have plenty of time to spare and i need some creative activity to keep myself busy, i wanted to repay y’all for putting up with me by making some sort of edit request thingy, seeing how a lot of my other mutuals have (the more the merrier). but since i don’t wanna do what everybody else has done, i’ve decided you guys can request what you want, and i will make it into an INSTAGRAM FEED EDIT (here is the format).

terms and conditions™:

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  • reblog this post (likes count as bookmarks yk the drill)
  • send me a request of the like: character/ship/brotp or character/ship/brotp + colour/AU/any particular ~aesthetic~ you want
  • your request doesn’t have to be limited to shadowhunters, but pls check my tags page to see what other shows i’m familiar with
  • requests will close on july 27th (i will be away from home from july 17th to 27th, so keep that in mind)
  • pls don’t send me gross™ romantic ships (abusive, incestuous etc.), i will ignore them 😘 (i trust y’all but u never know)
  • don’t let this flop i guess? :))

anonymous asked:

aah!!! this is my first time ever requesting a headcanon and im a little nervous ahah so im really sorry if your requests are suddenly closed or something haha but can you do a headcanon about credence being in a relationship with a reader who listens to heavy metal? ahh gosh this is really weird but i would really appreciate it if you would do it! I'm also sorry in advance if you aren't able to do it or this isnt just your type of thing :) i totally understand 💕

omg hi, babe, i know this is from forever ago, but i’m finally getting a chance to actually look at what’s been requested rip,, this isn’t weird at all, and i’m absolutely down to give this a crack!!

  • he’s taken with you when he first meets you but doesn’t know quite how to place what that means
  • you just have a quiet intensity that he can identify with and that he appreciates greatly
  • he tends to think of you in soft colors and loves how you make him feel that he doesn’t have to say anything if he doesn’t want to and that you’ll get him anyway
  • so imagine his shock when he hears your music through the wall, drumming causing the walls to rumble and bass causing the floor to pulse
  • not to mention the voices, so loud and present and unlike how you yourself are (or how you present yourself around him)
  • he isn’t quite sure what to make of it at first, since he’s just listening through the walls, but he wants to find out
  • after all, it’s you who’s listening, and at this point, he’s accepted his crush on you and knows he wants to Understand
  • he wonders if you’ll hear his knocking on your door over the music
  • you do
  • when you open the door, you smile in surprise at credence, and he hopes he hasn’t interrupted you or anything, but you just invite him in, so he supposes he hasn’t
  • he asks you about your music, so you explain to him
  • what it means to you, who your favorite bands are, who is currently playing, etc etc
  • credence finds that he doesn’t mind it so much now that he sees the light it puts in your eyes when you talk about it
  • he also admires your expression when you listen to it, how the music seems to take you over and it’s all you can pay attention to
  • he visits your room every day after that to talk to you about music and listen to whatever songs you recommend or put on
  • he especially likes when you explain why a certain song is important to you, since it often means you share a pretty private piece of yourself with him that most people don’t know
  • it makes him feel special
  • he also finds he especially likes the lyrics–they tend to have a weight to them that he really likes and feels give voice to some things he hadn’t been able to express
  • it’s during one of these Music Conversations that you admit your feelings to him, leaving him dumbfounded
  • but he’s sure to confess that the feeling is mutual
  • so music is really the thing that brought the two of you together, giving you a link and a means to express complex/heavy emotions that are hard to bring up casually
  • music was just how you two really got to know each other
  • so credence ends up having a soft spot in his heart for some heavy metal
Lifeline (Part 1)

Note: I fixed the formatting!!This was a request that I took forever to write because I honestly didn’t know where to go with it until a little bit ago while being half asleep (the best ideas come at night).

Summary: Daryl rescues you from a walker attack, but your family doesn’t make it. You’re welcomed into Alexandria by Carl, who Daryl brings around you since you’re around his age. 

It was single-handedly the most gruesome thing you had ever seen. You heard nothing as you watched your family get taken down one by one, torn apart in places that included their hands, throats, and stomachs. Skin was torn, blood splattered across the walls and floors. It was practically a pool now. 

Your brother’s blood sprayed across your face and partly in your mouth, and you vomitted. Daryl held you by your waist as you continuously screamed and tried to escape his hold. He pulled you out the last second, and no one else could have possibly been saved by the onslaught of walkers that took over. 

You had never met him before, he just happened to be there ready to interrogate you and possibly welcome you into his camp. He rips you away from the scene with a look of sadness on his face and helps you escape out a small second story window which hurts your ankles a bit when you land. He rushes you to his bike all while your mind is in such a frenzy that you can’t even see straight.

l After reaching his gated community, he helps you off his bike and leads you into a house and into an empty room. He shakes his head at anyone who tries to speak to you. You don’t eat for days. You cry until you fall asleep, wake up, cry, sleep. It was an ongoing cycle that seemed to last forever. Daryl brought food to you three times a day. A boy was with him sometimes. He seemed around your age and wore a sheriff’s hat. 

 You ate some and threw some up. You never got much down. Your brother wasn’t able to eat anymore. He deserves to be here instead of you. You wondered if the pain of being eaten alive was as bad as your seemingly endless emptiness. All you felt anymore were your swollen eyes and a terrifying loneliness.

 About two weeks after the incident, you decide to take a very long shower and sit on your bed with fresh clothes on. A knock sounded on the door and then the boy entered with a small stack of comic books.

 “H-hey. You probably don’t want to talk or anything, which is okay. I brought you these,” he held the stack up, “in case you wanted to read or distract yourself. These are some of my favorites, so you might like them.” He nervously sets them on the bed next to you and backs off a few steps. 

 “Thanks.” You’re surprised at how weak and scratchy your voice was.

 “I’m Carl.” He put on a small smile and rubbed the back of his neck. 

 “Y/N.” You kept your answers short. He was a nice boy. 

The sun was much too bright, you concluded after spending not even a minute outside. The weather was cooling down for autumn, and winter was your favorite month. 

Daryl checked on you almost obsessively and it warmed your heart to see someone you barely knew care so much. You looked from your small window and saw Carl playing with a baby in a grass lawn, helping her walk. It was a very precious sight. You smiled and watched until he went inside. These were good people. You owed them your life.

 Carl came back two days after the last time you saw him and asked if you read the comics and which were your favorite and how do you think this story will end and how funny some DC characters are and the enthusiasm made you smile. After a second of trying to gain the courage to speak, you went on and eventually got into a comfortable conversation about what powers you would want if you could have any. You picked mind reading and Carl wanted practically anything that would help protect his family.

 You smiled a lot that day. You still cried a lot. Carl would catch you zoning out and he would always grab your hand and squeeze it. It never failed to bring you back to earth. 

 After two months, you had integrated yourself into the group, never having directly introduced yourself to anyone. You spent a lot of time with Daryl learning how to shoot with guns and a bow and arrow. You decided on that weapon so you could make your own arrows and craft a bow that propels arrows hard enough to break walker skulls. It saved the group ammo. 

 “How old is Judith?” You asked Carl while you three sat in his living room. Her chubby hands grasped your fingers as you helped her stand up. 

 “Almost a year probably.” 

 “How old are you?” You let go of her hands and got ready to catch her if she fell. Judith wobbled a little bit but stayed put. “Good girl!” You smiled brightly and nuzzled her nose.

 “Seventeen.” He leaned back onto his hands and watched you two with a smile. 

 “I’ll be seventeen soon. In like a week actually.” You brushed hair out of her eyes after she sat back down and threw her arms around making noises. 

“What do you wanna do for your birthday?” 

 “I would very much like to forget it. I don’t want to acknowledge it.” You and your little brother shared the same birthday, but five years apart. You used to be mad that he always got all the attention, but you grew to not care for it.

 “Why?” You hadn’t noticed that you were looking off elsewhere. Judith was crawling onto your lap, but you couldn’t seem to focus on anything anymore. “Y/N?” 

You could hear Carl, but a familiar pain built up in your chest and your vision got blurry. You stood up and let Judith on the floor. “Hey.” He reached for you, but you were already running out of the house. It was going to be one of those nights. It was going to be like most nights where you cry until you’re unconscious, thinking about your family. 

 You always felt so bad for being such a burden to Carl. He was always so sweet to you, but you didn’t seem to be getting much better. You had spent years so close to your family and growing closer because of the experiences of this new world, and then they were gone. You didn’t feel yourself anymore, and you felt life was surreal. Your dreams are riddled with pictures of your family getting torn apart alive. It keeps you up, and it keeps you distant. You wonder sometimes if you should stop talking to Carl for the fact that he can always die too, but he was your lifeline. Daryl was also so sweet and Rick treated you like family. 

 You were laying on your bed when Carl came through your bedroom door. You looked over at him with tears streaming down your face, hiccuping. He looked around for a second before walking to the other side of your bed and laying behind you. Settling an arm around your waist, he moved his face into your hair and sighed. “It’s okay,” he said softly and squeezed you tight.

 You turned around and nuzzled your face into his neck while wrapping your arms around him. You had never been this close to anyone, let alone a boy that wasn’t family. You calmed down after a few moments into a quiet sniffle every once in a while, listening to him breathe.

Ink to my Quill | Remus Lupin x Reader

words: 765

requested by anonymous: Hey:) could you do a remus x reader where he really really likes the reader who knows hes a ware wolf and doesn’t care and hes just really shy trying to talk to her and the marauders just tease him but help him out and fluff? thank youu [ i got this request forever ago and got back on the blog and finally did it? i’m slow. ]

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A little Abrasive

Pairing: Tony x (gender neutral) reader

Warnings: None (?)

Word Count: 1,449

Prompt: “person a is generally antagonistic, but is very calm around person b and no one knows why” from this list. (I mostly get to write on the weekends because of my job and commute taking up most of my time during the week, but please request!)

A/N: The lovely @secondxreality requested this forever ago, and I finally figured out how I wanted it to go! Sorry it took so long, and I hope it was worth the wait!

“I just don’t don’t get it. I spar with them and I get two back eyes and a sprained wrist. Tony spars with them and it’s a tie? Look, I get that he’s got the suit for protection, but I think we all know they could take him no matter how many modifications he makes to it.” Sam switched the cold compress from one eye to the other, wincing as he jostled his aching wrist.

“Maybe they think you’re tougher than him so they don’t hold back as much with you?” Steve knew it was a lie, but if it made Sam feel better, then it didn’t count.

“Yeah, sure. I’d say they want to kill me, but it’s not just me. There’s a list of people with black eyes form sparring with them.”

“Want me to talk to them?”

“This isn’t middle school, Steve. I don’t need you to talk to someone for me.”

Steve threw up his hands in surrender, just as a certain someone walked in.

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Super Mom

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
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Part 9
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Part 12

A/N: Yes, another part for Super Mom. I know that you might be sick of this series already but I like writing it and it seems like some of you like it too! I have few one shots that were requested many, many months ago and I am planning on writing them. Late Night Intros part 4 is in my drafts as well. After I’ve posted that, I will start working on other imagines. I’m not saying I’ll stop writing Super Mom and Late Night Intros forever!! I’m just saying I need to take a break from them until I’m done with the other requests. Tell me if you’d like for me to continue Super Mom when I’m done with the other imagines. ALSO, the person who requested some smut for this part, I’m sorry but I’ve never really written smut before and I’m not very comfortable with it. I’m not saying smut is gross or anything like that, it’s not but I just don’t want to do it, at least not yet. Sorry!

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 3,402

Warning(s): Caden gets a bit whiny when he’s sick, someone needs to put a dollar in the swear jar (there’s a one curse word)

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