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Super Mom

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A/N: Yes, another part for Super Mom. I know that you might be sick of this series already but I like writing it and it seems like some of you like it too! I have few one shots that were requested many, many months ago and I am planning on writing them. Late Night Intros part 4 is in my drafts as well. After I’ve posted that, I will start working on other imagines. I’m not saying I’ll stop writing Super Mom and Late Night Intros forever!! I’m just saying I need to take a break from them until I’m done with the other requests. Tell me if you’d like for me to continue Super Mom when I’m done with the other imagines. ALSO, the person who requested some smut for this part, I’m sorry but I’ve never really written smut before and I’m not very comfortable with it. I’m not saying smut is gross or anything like that, it’s not but I just don’t want to do it, at least not yet. Sorry!

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 3,402

Warning(s): Caden gets a bit whiny when he’s sick, someone needs to put a dollar in the swear jar (there’s a one curse word)

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Imagine Taking Sam On A Roller Coaster

Request: Can you do one where reader takes TFW to an amusement park and Sam and reader end up holding hands on a ride cause Sam is scared? – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I hope you like it! I used The Beast from Kings Island because I’ve road it (forever ago, but still) and I loved it. If no one knows what I’m talking about, here is some information about it. Y’all have a good Friday and don’t forget to send in those request! – Haley xx

“Can you even fit?” you asked Sam.

You born and raised in Ohio close to Columbus, but even closer to Kings Island. The four of you, Cas, Dean, Sam and yourself, were passing through Ohio heading back home, but you begged Dean to let you all stop for a day.

Kings Island was the place to go every summer. You and your family always went a few times during those hot months and you would stand in line for hours just to ride The Beast, the best wooden roller coaster in your opinion. Plus, you knew Sam and Dean had never been here or to an amusement park before in their life and they just had to go.

You and Sam were currently in line for The Beast while Dean and Cas stood off in the shade. Dean refused to get on a wooden roller coaster and Cas started naming off worse ways to die, so you pull Sam into line with you.

“I think,” he said.

“I hope so,” you bounced in your spot. “This is my favorite ride.”

The line moved fast and you and Sam were finally able to get on. You shoved Sam into the very first car in the train and strapped both of you in. “Should we be in front?” Sam asked.

“Being in front is the best part,” you smiled. “You aren’t scared, are ya?”

Sam scoffed, “Me, afraid of a roller coaster? Sounds like bullshit.” You laughed and pulled the lap restraint down across yours and Sam’s legs. The train lurched forward and you saw Sam hold onto the restraint for dear life. “There’s no loops, or anything crazy like that?” Sam asked.

“Nope, just some drops.”

The train took a slow turn left and everyone started cheering as it chugged up the first drop. It felt like an eternally getting up there, but when the train dropped, you threw up your hands up. This was the best part of sitting up front, the wind hitting your face, getting to see what came next, and being able to scream as loud as you wanted.

The twist and turns of the ride made you feel like a kid again. The second drop was getting ready to happen, and this was your favorite one because of the break before the drop. Adrenaline was rushing in veins and everyone else on the roller coaster train were chanting and yelling. You hadn’t been paying attention to Sam the last few minutes, but you weren’t worried, until the train dropped and Sam’s warm large hand held tightly onto yours.

When the ride was over, you had to pry Sam’s off of yours so you could unbuckle and move the lap restraint. Sam’s hands were shaking when you helped him off the train. “I wasn’t scared,” Sam said, trying to shove his hands into his pockets.

“Sam, it’s okay,” you reassured him. You all found Dean and Cas standing at the picture booth. The Beast had hidden cameras all over the ride and when you walked up, Dean was doubled over laughing. “What’s so funny?”

He pointed at a picture of you and Sam. Sam’s eyes were squeezed shut while yours were opened wild and you could tell you were screaming and laughing. You both looked ridiculous, but you could also tell that Sam’s fingers were locked with yours.

“I didn’t know you and Sam were a couple,” Cas said, looking between you too.

That made Dean laugh even harder. “Sam got scared, Cas.”

“I did not!” Sam said, defending himself.

Dean clasped his hand on your shoulder, “This is the best day ever, thank you,” before wiping the tears from his eyes. “I need a drink now, come on, Cas.”

You watched Dean and Cas walk away before saying, “Asshole was laughing so hard he cried.” You turned to Sam, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you get on.”

Sam seemed to calm down for a second and gave you a shy smile. “It’s fine. I just wish I knew I liked holding your hand before the ride of hell.”

You held your hand to him, “You can hold it again, if you want.”

Anonymous asked: Michael getting mad at you for beating him in like COD or something and making you like repay him sine he let you win? You feel me?

Rating: NC-17 / smut so don’t read it if you shouldn’t or I’ll tell your mom

Featuring: Michael + reader

Author’s Note: I’m trying to get back into the swing of writing requests so here’s one from forever ago!

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The Little Moments

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: This was a drabble request from awhile ago for a Dean x Reader based off of the lines “Please don’t leave.”, “Kiss me.”, and “Looks like we’ll be trapped here a while.” from aprofoundbondwithdean

AN: I know this isn’t really a drabble and it’s been forever since I was taking these but I decided to try and distract myself with a little writing and so I went back to the old drabble requests. The fluff has definitely helped cheer me up! It’s not too long, but I did enjoy writing it. Let me know what you guys think!

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When We Were Young (1/2) - CS Modern AU

Summary: We met a few times when we were 14 and you were my first crush, but now it is 14 years later and my best friend is trying to set me up and hey don’t i know you from somewhere?

A/N: This was requested FOREVER ago by @villains-happy-ending. I am so so sorry this took so long. This is part 1 of 2, I hope to have the second one up by the end of next week. Huge thanks to @o-u-a-timer and @the-lady-of-misthaven for looking this one over! Enjoy!

Word Count: ~7500

Rating: T (and A for angst in this part)

Read at:   FFN   AO3

When We Were Young

August 2002.

Her tennis shoes scuffed the concrete of the walkway as she followed closely behind her caseworker, Ms. Regina Mills. She didn’t want to be here, she wanted to be anywhere but here. Her head was bent, her eyes focused on the faded red of the converses she’d had for far too long, the ones Regina had bought her almost four foster families ago. They were the only pair she had and she knew she would have to make them last for a lot longer.

Even at fourteen, Emma Swan knew that she didn’t get nice things. She didn’t get the normal things girls her age did. There were no pink tulle prom dresses in her future, no brave nights, or tiaras. Most of the time she was lucky if she got a home cooked meal at night. Sometimes, she was lucky if she even had a warm place to stay.

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