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→ Paper Doll | 01

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☆ pairing → Jungkook x Reader

☆ genre → idol+singer-songwriter!au, drama, slight angst

 warning sexual themes with smut in the next chapters, mentions of past unhealthy relationship 

☆ word count   → 2.1k

summary   → When the nation’s little sister, IU, gets into a huge scandal, your agency seizes the opportunity to thrust you into that now vacant spotlight. Your self-composed song Paper Doll becomes an overnight sensation, and soon people are itching to find out who was the one who broke your heart. All hell breaks loose once netizens discover that you used to date popular idol, Jeon Jungkook. Little do they know that it wasn’t him who left the relationship unscathed –  it was you.

alternatively: a story on the consequences of a hit break-up song

01 | 02 

a/n  → so basically this is me being coerced into writing jjk smut 
edit: pt i is more of a prologue

[+11,435; -2,003] this really breaks my image of him… proves how you can’t judge someone from their personality on camera

[+9,386; -1,983] all this time he was pretending to be super innocent haha all those stupid fangirls throwing money at him blindly must be going crazy

[+5,903; -1,234] i mean everyone goes through break-ups, but he was cosplaying as an innocent guy who was scared of skinship with girls all these years.. lmao he’s super shamel–

The words on the screen in front of him all blurred and bled into one big stain. He quickly scrolled through the hundreds and hundreds of comments, each more condemning than the last. A steady pressure was building in his ears, until the only thing he could see or feel were the accusations of a faceless crowd, all jeering at him loudly, fingers pointed.

It was as if his entire life flashed in front of his eyes right then, and he could suddenly recall every inconsequential and significant thing that had shaped his life the past seven years – the hours and hours spent in front of the mirror rehearsing the same steps over and over again, the taste of soggy ramen Hoseok hyung had let overcook last week, the screams of fans, the sound of his alarm clock, the look on your face when you told him it was over. There was no chronology to the kaleidoscope of fleeting glimpses of his past.

“What,” he breathed, hands shaking, eyes wide and disbelieving as his phone fell with a clatter on the table. He desperately wanted to ignore reality, but the stares that were all focused on him kept him grounded to the present.

Of course his first scandal would be linked to you.

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one member per m/v (vixx edition): eternity → N

into an eternal dream that i won’t ever wake from


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animegamergirl2015  asked:

Glad to know that there is someone out there that's nervous when they type or talk uwu But if you don't mind me asking; I was wondering. Is it alright if I ask you silly or dumb/lame questions? Trying to getvout of my comfort zone a little, dispite the fact that I am a quiet art nerd ;; Anyways I was curious about your basic: likes, dislikes, fav color and other stuff ^^ You know, the things people basically ask when getting to know someone; (I'm at a lost when it comes to converstations).

YEAH HEHE i bet u there’s plenty of nervous typers out there so don’t feel alone in this WarZone hHEHE

but yes you can totally ask me silly/dumb/lame questions!! in fact i actually really kinda enjoy questions that are pretty personal makes me feel Human™ (not that i’m not human or anyhting but i think people often think i’m just here to do edits super quick n upload them at lightning speed most of the time without realising there’s an actual person suffering behind the screen hehehuhu hhhh crying) so feel free to ask me w/e u want as long as it’s not my address or phone number something like that bc that’ll be Weird otherwise im all chillito

BUT oh boi my likes dislikes fave colour and other stuff?????????? aw man well i can give u the basic rundown if that’s wat u want hehe

well my name is leanne that’s kinda everywhere, i’m 18 and a university student studying animation chillin in the land down under wooWOoo (long spiel oops)

i like reading, listening to relatable vibes (ajr is my current passion), chilling by my lonesome, sleeping a lot and uhhhhhhh idk what else i like hehe o yeah n meiko obviously

i dislike existing??? nice that’s it for my likes and dislikes wow i’m boring asf heh

my favourite colour is hEHhe prepare to be surprised but it’s purple shit dawg

but yeah i think that’s about????? as much info as i have about myself LAWL i legit am so boring idk hehe i like gudetama too no rephrase i love gudetama

also fav animanga is mob psycho 100 that’s Very important info right there

Categorically or Alphabetically

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Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hi! Can you write a story where reader and Bucky are together and Bucky has to go undercover where he’s the lover of some other girl, but reader doesn’t know and she sees them together and misunderstandings happen and they almost break up?? ANGST PLEASE !!! Thank youuu

A/N: AH sorry I didn’t post all week!  It was my last week of film classes, and I had to finish my final project (still not 100% done) and also I edited a 20 minute video of video and pictures of my whole class since freshman year and now I’m rambling, but the basic point of this is that I bit of a lot more than I can chew this past week and hopefully I’m gonna get a handle on life next week (yeah right).  Anyway, I really like this one.  Hope you do too!

Tagging @pleasecallmecaptain @mattymattymerduck @writingbarnes and @kissofvenom922.


“Where’s (Y/N)?” Bucky says, walking into the kitchen where all the Avengers are sitting down to eat breakfast.

“I don’t know.”

“Beats me.”

“Haven’t seen her.”

Bucky’s eyebrows furrow in confusion.  You’re an early riser, and you never miss breakfast with the team if you can help it.

“Did anyone go check on her?” he asks and everyone shakes their head.

“If she’s not here, it’s probably because she needs some space,” Nat says practically, spreading butter on her toast nonchalantly.  “Don’t worry about your girlfriend, Barnes.”  

But Bucky can’t help but worry about you.  And so, a few minutes later, he finds himself exiting the elevator for your floor, walking down the hallway to your bedroom.

He finds the door closed, something unusual for you.  You typically leave everything open, always ready to receive visitors.  He comes up to the door and knocks softly on it.

“(Y/N)?” he calls quietly, wondering if you’re awake.  He doesn’t hear an answer.  “(Y/N)?  Doll?”  He lifts his hand up to knock again.

“Go away, Bucky.”  

Bucky’s hand drops in shock at the open hostility in your voice.  


“I don’t want to talk to you right now,” you reply, your voice muffled and croaky.

“Doll, are you sick?” he asks, his voice rising in concern.  

“Yeah, it feels like my chest has been ripped open,” you reply.  “Oops, sorry, that’s just the feeling of my heart being broken into a million pieces.  My mistake.”

Now Bucky is confused and concerned.

“Doll,” he pleads.  “Please let me in.”  He waits for the sound of your voice and hears you sigh quietly.

“It’s open.”  Bucky pushes the door open and his heart literally drops into his stomach.  

You’re lying on your bed, under a pile of blankets.  Your eyes are red, your skin puffy, not even bothering to hide the tears streaming down your cheeks.

“Doll, what’s wrong?” Bucky asks, crossing the room to be closer to you, but you shake your head, stopping him in his tracks.

“Don’t,” you say shortly.  “Don’t be all nice to me, don’t call me doll, don’t even smile at me.  Because then I’ll forgive you.”

“Forgive me for what?” Bucky asks.  “What have I done?”

“You remember David?” you ask.  “That S.H.I.E.L.D. analyst?”

“The one that has a crush on you?” Bucky says, fighting the growl that creeps into his voice, but ultimately failing.  You shake your head impatiently.

“Don’t,” you say again and Bucky winces at the cold in your voice.  “Anyway, he sent me some pictures last night.  Pictures of you.”

“Pictures of me?” Bucky asks, still confused.

“I trust you,” you say quietly.  “I trust you completely, you know.  Maybe that’s why it sucks so much.  Because I wouldn’t have ever found out.”

“Found out what?” Bucky asks, dread settling in the pit of his stomach.

You gesture to the tablet on your desk and Bucky picks it up.  It flickers on, and he’s met with the sight of him.  Kissing another woman.

“(Y/N),” he says.  “It’s not what you think it is.”

“Tell me she was dying,” you say drily.  “Tell me you’re performing CPR.  You told me you were on an op last night.  But this is what you were doing.”

“No, I-”

“Look, Bucky,” you say, rolling over so that your back is to him.  You don’t see the pained look on his face, and it makes it easier to say everything you’ve been thinking for the past 12 hours.  “I was fine, before you came along.  Lonely, but fine.  And then I met you.”


“I told myself not to let myself get close to anyone.  Ever.  Because they can’t hurt you if you never let them in in the first place, right?  But you were you, and you were handsome and charming and caring and so incredibly out of my league and maybe one of the best people I’ve ever met.  And so I let you in, and I told myself that I’d be okay.  That everything would be okay.”

“It wasn’t-”

“You’re wonderful, Bucky, and I love you.”  Bucky’s eyes widen at your admission.  “I love you so much, and I just want you to be happy.  And if I’m not the one that makes you happy, then that’s how it is.  But I just…I didn’t want to find out like this.  And so I think it’s time we end this…whatever it is.”

“Doll,” Bucky says, fighting the growing panic.  “Doll, please.  Can I explain myself?”  You shrug, but Bucky sees the tension in your shoulders, the forced nature of the shrug.  And as he continues to stare at you, he sees the way your body moves, ever so slightly.  And he realizes you’re fighting back sobs.

“Doll,” he says, wanting nothing more than to reach out to you but knowing that the last thing you want is his touch.  “That was the op.”  He sees your body still.

“What?” you croak.

“I was undercover,” he says and you let out a shaky breath.

“God, I’m stupid,” you say.  “Well, please, just walk out of the room and leave me here to die.  God, I’m so embarrassed.”


“Don’t ‘doll’ me,” you reply, and you roll over so that your voice is muffled in the pillow now.   “I don’t deserve to be called doll.  I am so freaking stupid.”

Bucky shakes his head and crosses the remainder of the room, sitting down on the edge of your bed.

“You better not be sitting on my bed,” you groan.  “I can’t even look at you right now.  In fact, it’s probably best if we never see each other again.”

“Hey, look at me.”  Something in his voice makes you roll over so that you’re facing him.  “Hey.”

“Hey,” you say softly.  “So I’ve been an idiot.”


“Yes.  A massive idiot.  A huge imbecile.  A cotton-headed ninnymuggins.”

“A what?”

“Remind me that we have to watch Elf.”  Bucky smiles and you realize what you just said.  “I mean, you have to watch Elf.  Because we’re never going to see each other again after this.”


“No, I was jealous and petty,” you say, shaking your head.  “I turned into the jealous, possessive, obsessive girlfriend.”

“No,” Bucky corrects.  “You didn’t go seeking those pictures out.  Who sent them to you?”

“David,” you say begrudgingly.

“Exactly,” Bucky says.  “So can we maybe admit that David does have a crush on you and therefore had ulterior motives in sending you those pictures?  And maybe I can finally beat him up with your blessing now?”

“I will agree with the first part,” you say.  “But I don’t want you to so much as touch him-”

“Relax, I was joking,” Bucky says.  “Scoot over.”  Begrudgingly, you shift to your right and Bucky lays down next to you, both of you staring straight up at the ceiling.

“I’m sorry,” you say.  “For believing that you would ever do something like that.”

“I’m sorry too,” he says.  “For making you believe, even for a second, that I would ever have eyes for anyone besides you.”

“That’s not-”

“That’s not what?”

“Not a you problem,” you say.  “I…if we’re being honest, I’ve always found it hard to believe that you would pick me.  I guess I’ve always been waiting for you to get tired of me.”

“O ye of little faith,” Bucky jokes, but you don’t miss the note of hurt in his voice.

“It’s not that I don’t think you’re an amazing person,” you say quickly.  “Like, you’re the type of person that cheats on other people.  I know you, and you’re loyal to a fault.  I’m just…me.  I’m nothing special, so I guess I never really understood what you saw in me.”

Bucky doesn’t respond, and for a minute, you wonder if he’s going to leave.  And then you feel his arms wrap around you as he pulls you closer to him.

“Well then,” he says, and you can just feel his breath against your ear.  “You want me to list it?”

“List what?” you ask.

“Everything that I see in you,” he says matter-of-factly.  “I can go categorically or alphabetically.”


“I’m also gonna have to correct you on one point,” Bucky says.  


“You’re wrong, that you’re nothing special,” he says, planting feather-light kisses on your neck.  “You’re everything special.”

Stone Cold - Part Seven

A/N: So this one his basically just flash backs, well they take up the most, I’m sorry i really don’t know if i like this, I’m really picky, and i have writers block but i wanted to get a part up because its been way to long, but I’m so busy but please message me with ideas if you have any!!!! Once again, like always this hasn’t been edited lmao, enjoy!

Pairings: Jensen x reader


Flashbacks are in italics 

“Speak now or forever hold your peace” The minister spoke, asking the audience if anyone had anything to say referring to Danneel and Jensen getting married. You so badly wanted to stand up instead you started fidgeting in your seat trying to hold back your tears, you seen Jared give you as worried look from the stand, he was Jared’s best man, you just avoided contact and the minster eventually ended with “You may now kiss the bride” they kissed and you felt your heart broke. As they left the stand everyone rose except for you. You received some odd stares from everyone but you didn’t care.  

A few minutes after you were all ushered into the reception area, which you dreaded but thank god it was an open bar, bless their rich actor hearts.

 You quickly waved over the bartender “Do you have any whiskey?”

 “No i’m sorry, only wine or champagne” She spoke sympathetically.

You rolled your eyes “Fine, a glass and just leave the whole bottle of sparkling wine please” Giving you a funny look she went and poured you the glass setting them on the counter you put them through each of your fingers maneuvering through the big crowd of people giving ‘excuse me’ and ‘pardon me’ and ‘thank you’ when necessary making it over to your seated table number one, sadly you were seated with, Jensen and Danneel, at least Jared was there.

Already finishing four glasses of wine, you went to stand up to get some more only to be interrupted by the bride and groom making their appearance. They had their first dance which you were rolling you eyes and picking at your fingers the entire time until they were finally done. Jumping up you went to get some more wine, you were already finished the one you found on the way while you were searching for the bartender, getting sick of waiting you went behind the counter grabbing two bottles and a clean glass.

Half way through the first bottle and you were completely wasted, swaying back and forth in your seat to the beat of the song. The next song came on and you felt your heart shatter into a million pieces when you heard the first few words. Jensen stopped, you could see him lean over whispering something in Danneel, his wife’s ear, she nodded and smiled to whatever he said. You took a giant swig out of the bottle, seconds after you could hear footsteps getting closer before they stopped right in front of you.

“y/n?” Jensen questioned

Looking up at him you slurred out “what?”

“Are you drunk?”

“Fucking wasted” you giggled out.

He laughed to “Nothing’s changed, still love your alcohol”

“Clearly you changed”

“What do you mean?”

“There’s not god damn whiskey” You smirked

His head went back in laughter “Yeah, Danneel didn’t want me getting too drunk”

“So Jensen, what are you doing here” You breathed out

He scratched the back of his head “Do you want to dance? I don’t wanna dance with anyone else but you to this song”

“God dammit Dean, you can’t be doing that every time Sammy or I struggle slightly during a hunt!”

 Rolling his eyes Jensen spoke “Well your welcome for saving your ass”

 “That’s not what this is about Dean”

“Then what’s it about huh? I care about you, i don’t want you getting hurt or worse..” He trailed off

Softening your voice “Dean, we care about you, that’s what this is about. You always risk your life for us because you don’t wanna see us get hurt, but you know what Dean? We don’t wanna see you get hurt either”

Jensen put his head down sighing “I know, I’m sorry”

“And cut!” Your director yelled out “Great job, y/n, Jensen, so will be picking up where we left off tomorrow, the big kiss scene the fans have been waiting for, great job everyone”

Oh god were you ever nervous for tomorrow, your character and “Dean” haven’t kissed in season, Dean cheated on your character a few seasons back, causing the two of them to split up, of course your character ran off after the boys spent months trying to find you, eventually stopped realising that if you didn’t want to be found you weren’t going to be, a year later you found where they were staying, showed up at there door bruised, beat up and battered. And well now your character was back hunting with them.

The best part of it all though was this was the last scene that was being shot tomorrow since it was going to be the last scene the fans saw before the big break between the two seasons. You were just happy that since it was the last scene and also the end of the current season you were on you wouldn’t have to see Jensen or anyone for that matter for a few month.


“You wanna dance? With me?” You question confused

He gave you the sweetest smile but with sympathy and guilt all over his eyes before he nodded speaking softly almost in a whisper “Yeah, of course, it’s our song”

Before you could answer you felt the familiar uneasy feeling in your stomach, was it because of him? Or was it because of the amount of alcohol you consumed, unsure for a few seconds until you felt it moving up you throat, jumping up you ran, ran to the nearest bathroom leaving a sad and confused Jensen behind.

Making it to the bathroom just in time, barely i might add, you slammed the bathroom stall shut behind you not long before puking up whatever was in your stomach. Feeling like shit after, you put your hands under the bathroom tap splashing your face, also taking a few sips from the water as well. Looking up to see yourself you almost puked again at the sight in front of you in the mirror, your make up was know running down your face making you look like you were some demonic clown, not even bothering to wipe it away you made your way out of the bathroom, keeping your head down reaching the table, thanking god that there was no one currently there you grabbed your bag making your way towards the exit, turning around giving the room one last look over, in awe of how beautiful it really was but how badly you envied it all. You eyes connect with Jensen, he cocked his head to the side giving you a concerned looked, confused as to why at first but then remember your make up, you gave him a sad smile before leaving, what should of been your wedding behind.

“So what are you plans for the big finale tomorrow” Jared asked bumping your shoulder slightly as he walked up.

Shrugging your shoulder before answering “Probably gonna go out get shit faced, get laid, I don’t know, You?”

Jared laughed, “Are you ever going to settle down? Sharing a drink with the boys, your welcome to join of course”  

“Thanks, ill think about it” you smiled shoving food into your mouth before continuing “I almost settled down once”

Jared gave you a sad smile reaching over giving your shoulder a squeeze, Not even hearing him walk up you turned around at the sound of someone clearing there throat only to see Jensen standing there, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly “Hey Jared, y/n”

“Hey” You both said at the same time turning to each other laughing, you both always seemed to do that ever since you were little.

 “What were you guys talking about” Jensen questioned

“Just what are plans were for tomorrow, and wondering when y/n was ever going to settle down” Jared laughed out, you shot him a dirty look at mentioning the settle down part to Jensen, his face fell a little knowing he messed up, worry took over his whole face, feeling bad you gave him a little shove and a smile.

“Jared do you mind if I borrow y/n from you?” Jensen asked completely ignoring everything Jared said

Looking at you before answering, looking for any signals you might of given him asking for him to say no but when he didn’t find any he responded “Yeah dude, just have her back before midnight”

“Your stupid dad jokes aren’t funny any more Jared, just sad” You laughed while following you Jensen.

Nerves taking over your whole body, why would he want to talk to you? Trailing behind him for a few minutes until you made your way to his trailer he opened the door for you giving you a small smile which you returned, walking in looking it over, it was exactly the same as the last time you seen it. Hearing the door shut you turned around “So, what did you want to borrow me for?”

Yanking you towards him, he smashed his lips on yours they lingered for a bit until you started kissing him back, your hands ran wild on each other slightly stumbling trying to get closer to each other, pulling away but still keeping you close, your foreheads were touching you could feel his hot breath on your face “This”

#98: Kinks

Harry: “How bad do you want me right now, babe?” Harry asks, his lips latching on to the spot where your jaw met your neck. “M’ gonna fuck you so hard tonight,” he whispers, trailing open-mouthed kisses down your neck. “I can already feel you around me, how tight  and wet you are.” “God, Harry,” you moan, tugging at his hair as you press your lips to his. “I want you to scream my name tonight; let everybody know who’s able to make you feel this good,” he requests, his fingers sliding into you, making you gasp. “You’re not even going to be able to walk tomorrow, I can promise you that.” “Actions speak louder than words,” you tease, pressing your head into the pillow as he withdraws his fingers. “You’re in for the night of your life, baby girl.”

Liam: "How many do you think you deserve tonight, (Y/N)?“ Liam asks as he holds you in his lap. You simply shrug, nervous but excited at the same time. "Let’s see how long you can last, eh?” And with that, he brings his hand down to your ass, the smack reverberating throughout the room. You let out a quiet scream, your whole body tingling at the feeling. Liam keeps going, spanking you again and again and again until you’re a panting mess in his lap. “So good for me,” Liam whispers, his hands smoothing over your ass, squeezing it lightly. “You going to be good for me tonight, baby? You going to be good for daddy?” He picks you up and places you on the bed, hovering over you. “Y-yes,” you stammer, screaming out his name when he finally thrusts into you. 

Louis: "You’re so good,“ Louis groans, throwing his head back as he shuts his eyes from pure ecstasy. "Don’t stop, please.” You run your hands through your tangled hair, your hips rocking against Louis’s as you rode him, his fingers digging into your hips (you were going to wake up with bruises there, you knew that for sure). His hands made their way to your ass, squeezing it harshly as you slid up and then down, the movement making both of you moan. “L-Lou, I’m gonna come,” you exclaim, moving in circles against him. “That’s right, baby,” he encourages, thrusting his hips up. “Come for me.”

Niall: “Baby, I’m home!” Niall calls out, slamming the front door shut and slipping his shoes off. Your heart races at his voice, wondering how he’s going to react when he walks in. “In here!” you call out, hoping your voice wasn’t shaking too much. “Jesus Christ,” he whispers when he walks in, blood rushing to his cheeks as he runs a hand through his hair. “I was hoping we could have desert first…” you trail off, gesturing towards yourself. “Hell yes,” he agrees, throwing his shirt and pants to the floor, hovering over you with lust in his eyes. “How did you know?” You simply wink at him, letting out a moan when he slides a finger over your heat, licking off the whipped cream. “So good,” he says huskily, lowering himself to where you needed him most.

Zayn: “God, you look so nice like that,” Zayn rasps out, running his hand softly down your thigh. “So wet and ready for me.” “Zayn, p-please,” you whimper, your hands pulling at the ropes that he had tied to the headboard. “Please what?” he coaxes, ghosting his lips along your collar bone. “Please fuck me,” you whisper, the ropes digging into your wrists as you lift your hips to his, desperate for some sort of friction. “Patience, baby,” he scolds, pushing your hips back down. “Good things come to those who wait.” And with that, he had his way with you; teasing you mercilessly until the both of you couldn’t take it anymore and you both got what you had been waiting the whole night for.

A/N: Yay kinks! Basically a 1D edition of the pref Mallery had written for 5SOS which you should also check out. Um, I hope I’m somewhat improving in the smut department??? I don’t really know what else to say. So I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

Can I Have This Dance

Based on this prompt: Dan and Phil dancing to Can I Have This Dance from High School Musical in their flat and they both think its cheesy and crap but they still do it. Basically pure fluff  

Words Count: 356

Genre: Fluff

TW: none

A/N It’s so short I know but I can’t elaborate in stories for the life of me, I’m sorry. 

“Dan, please, you know I love you but I really need to finish editing this video,” Phil tells his boyfriend who has placed himself right in his lap. Dan pouts and Phil kisses his lips before lightly pushing Dan off of him. Dan just silently sulks off back to his room.

           He desperately needs attention to lift him out of his current existential crisis but Phil is too busy for him. Mulling over what he can do to get his boyfriend’s attention; he spots his speakers in the corner of his room. He picks up his phone and goes to his music library, an idea blossoming in his mind.   He grabs his phone and the speakers and places himself outside of the office.

           Phil knows Dan is in the other room waiting for Phil to give him attention. He loves how clingy Dan is and would love nothing more than to cuddle with him, but the he’s been keeping the fans waiting too long and he needed to get this video done.

           All of a sudden he hears soft music from outside the door. He shakes his head knowing exactly what this is. He slowly pads out of the room, seeing Dan outside the door with a smile that just screams pride and Phil can’t help but smile himself. Dan grabs Phil’s hand and pulls him to the lounge and spins him around. They dance to Can I Have This Dance from none other than the High School Musical 3 soundtrack; and they can’t help but laugh to themselves while twirling around the room. They spin and dance and Dan picks Phil up by his waist and spins him around in the air. They’re both giggling uncontrollably by this point but neither of them stops. The song comes to an end and they stop twirling and gaze into each other’s eyes.

           “Well if you wanted my attention, you got it,” Phil purred, “I love you, Bear.”

           “I love you too, Lion,” Dan responded placing a soft kiss on the other’s lips. “Now how about we cuddle and you can finish that video later?”

           “I’d love that.”