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“Proposal: Cease combat, fighting her at this rate would be irrational–”

“Pod 153, I order you to halt all logical thought and speech. This order… shall remain in effect until you confirm the death of either myself or unit A2.”


Rafe Adler skin comparison - “Hell i’d say he’s (Samuel) earned it. God knows you didn’t”

You’re A Mean One, Satan

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Title: You’re A Mean One, Satan

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Word Count: 1,029

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: What better way to start Satan Sunday than with a fluffy Christmasy fic?! This one was requested by @emilyymichelle! So thank you! I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much! <3

Out of all the people, angels, demons, and monsters you met, no one was more of a grinch than Lucifer.  As his girlfriend, you knew just how much of a grinch he was around Christmas.  He didn’t like that there was a holiday celebrating his father.  He wanted a holiday to himself.  He especially wanted your attention for a whole day.  This year you were going to hopefully change Lucifer’s mind.

As you slipped on your ugly Christmas sweater, you turned around to see Lucifer.  He was glaring at you from across the room.  He already had his arms crossed over his chest.  You let out a small laugh before padding up to the fallen archangel.  “Lu, don’t be mad.  It’s just a sweater,” you mused.  “Plus don’t I look good in it?”

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Author’s Note: Hey, this is my first imagine, so please tell me what you think! And feel free to check out my blog and request imagines! Thanks loves XOXO :3

(((And sorry for any spelling errors!)))

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader (((Slight SteveXReader too)

Prompt: You are the newest addition to the Avengers, Steve recruited you after he met you on one of his missions and saw that you were really smart and good under pressure. You work as a lab assistant for Bruce and Tony, so you don’t get all that much interaction with the people who don’t visit the lab. Tony, in celebration of the completion of his newest suit, throws a pool party and, much to your surprise, invites you to come. Pietro sees you sitting alone at the pool, and wants to take the opportunity to get to know you better…


You were miserable. As much as you were thankful for Tony inviting you, you still were completely shy and awkward. You had always avoided crowds and social gatherings, it had taken every once of courage that you had to except Steve’s offer to introduce you to the Avengers initiative. Still, you loved the work you were doing with Tony, and you respected him too much to turn down his offer to come.

Sitting on the edge of one of the beach chairs, you silently watched the Avengers splash around and have fun in the blue pool. Honestly, you couldn’t believe that these goofballs were the great and mighty Avengers. Clint was trying to explain what an inflatable beach ball was to Thor, Steve was sitting at the music speakers at the edge of the pool with an appalled face as he listened to a rap song with curses, Natasha and Bruce were shamelessly flirting, and Pietro was chasing Wanda through the water with a giant smile. You glanced over to the poolside bar and saw Tony eagerly trying to get Vision to try some sort of exotic looking beverage.

You rested your elbow on your knee and your chin in the palm of your hand, sighing. Sure, it seemed fun and all, but it just wasn’t your cup of tea. And, you knew that Tony knew that, you just figured that he was trying to get you out of your comfort zone. Or the lab, considering that’s where you seemed to spend every waking moment.

“Not really your type of get together, Y/N?” Steve plopped down next to you on the reclining beach chair.

“What gave it away?” You said with a weak smile. You had been more comfortable around Steve than you had to many of the others, simply because he was the one who introduced you to the job, and he often visited you in the lab to check in.

“You’re moping. Or just being plain anti-social. Some of both.”

Sighing, you grabbed the soda that was resting at your feet and swirled it around in the can. “I don’t know many people here, not closely.”

The Captain clamped a hand on your shoulder and smiled. “No problem, I’m not going to push you out of your comfort zone. Tony might, but I won’t.”

You nodded in relief, you had been afraid that he would have made you go in the pool.


Steve gave you a cheesy solute and marched over to where Clint and Thor were tossing and inflatable ball around. Everyone seemed to comfortable with each other, and here you were, not even able to get in the pool. It was times like this when you questioned why you ever even wanted to be working with them, you are nothing like them. They were all pride and courage, and you were just quiet and shy. Smart, yes, but hero? Never.

“Hey!” An accented voice shouted in your direction.

You snapped your head up, and your Y/H/C hair fell over your face. Blushing slightly, you brushed it away from your eyes to see the white haired Avenger known as Pietro Maximoff staring straight at you from the edge of the pool.

His sister, Wanda, was currently talking to Vision at the other end of the pool with a bright smile on her face.

“Yes?” You asked quietly, not really sure why he was talking to you. Had you done something wrong?

“What is your name?” He asked, tilting his head to the side questioningly.

“Y/N.” You responded, a little louder.

“Ah!” Pietro grinned. “You work in the lab with Tony and Bruce, no?”

For some reason, him knowing who you were made you feel warm in the chest. You just nodded quietly, trying to fight off the blush that was crawling up your neck.

“Why don’t you come closer?” He said, gesturing for me to come over. “It is awkward having a conversation with you so far away.”

You took in a deep breath, and wished that the ground would swallow you whole. You were having a conversation with Pietro Maximoff, the trickiest and fasted Avenger. You often heard of him pulling pranks around the Avengers Tower, but you never got to ever see them from the lab. The twins almost never came into the lab room, and when they did it was for no longer than a moment or two, so you never really got acquainted with either of them. The very thought made you nervous.

After a small pause, you came up to the pool’s edge and sat on your knees at the very edge with your butt resting on the heels of your feet. Pietro walked closer to you and rested his hands of either side of your legs.

“I feel bad,” He said, his accent was more pronounced up close. “I haven’t really made an effort to introduce myself to…well, anyone, really. Unless they introduce themselves to me, I don’t get to know them.”

You swallowed and drummed your fingers along the top of your knee. “I see.”

“Have you met Wanda yet?” He asked. It was obvious to you from the beginning that the two Maximoff’s were closer than any set of siblings you had ever seen.

“Not really.” You responded. How long would it be before he gets bored of talking to you? It wasn’t like you were the center of the party of anything. In fact, you felt as though you were the most uninteresting thing there. You had no battle stories to tell, no powers to show… just you.

His electric blue eyes darted over to where is sister was, and frowned. “I should be happy that Wanda is making friends, but…”

You watched Vision smile at her and tug at her arm as he said something.

“…he better keep his red fingers to himself.” Pietro growled, and you couldn’t help but giggle.

Pietro looked up you with a smirk and a much softer expression. “What’s funny?”

You bit your lip and refrained from smiling too much. “The way you go out of your way to protect your sister is very sweet.”


“Yeah,” You rubbed your arms nervously. “A brother who cares that much about his sister is really heartwarming, it shows how much you guys need each other.”

Pietro looked down and laughed, showing his perfectly straight white teeth. “For someone who doesn’t like to talk all that much, you have a way with words.”

A nerve-induced giggle escaped your chapped lips, and you felt his soft fingertips brush away the locks of hair that fallen back over your face. Your heart stopped, and your breathing paused. This whole feeling, these types of interactions…they were foreign to you. But, oh god, it felt perfect.

That was, until someone shoved you forward.

You heard Tony’s loud voice shout, “Get a room!”, then you fell into the pool.

Pietro, with his quick reflexes, reached out his arms and caught you as they collided with the water, and soon you both were underwater, your legs and arms tangled together. You were suddenly very glad that you had actually thought to put on a bathing suit and not just gone to the party in clothes.

As you resurfaced, you saw Tony laughing at the side of the pool, and Steve giving you a small smile. The rest of the Avengers had halted what they had been doing to see what the large splash had been. All of them, including Wanda, were grinning at you guys.

A mixture of embarrassment and anger towards Tony crossed both your and Pietro’s faces.

“Tony, I’m gunna kill you.” You narrowed your eyes at him, and his laughing slowly came to a stop.

“Right behind you.” Pietro said, and suddenly, you were both out of the pool chasing Tony around, and eventually (due mostly to Pietro’s speed) you were able to catch him and toss him into the deep end, clothes and all.

You had never felt so happy or comfortable. The rest of the group had picked up what they had previously been doing, muttering that Tony got what he deserved.

Smiling, you sat down at the edge of the pool with your feet dangling in the blue waters. Within a split second, a blue and silver streak come around you and sat down next to you. Pietro sat in a similar position to you, except his torso was turned to face you. Something about his smile, his bright eyes, and his snow-like hair made your stomach turn and your heart hammer in your chest.

“I was wondering, if Stark is ever willing to let you out of the lab, maybe you would like to go out some time?”

A Little Too Late Part 29

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 29

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer, Sam, Dean, Y/N (no pairing for now)

Word Count: 1,470

Warnings: angst and a little fluff

A/N: It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means!! Yep! Another part to ALTL! I hope you all enjoy the next part to this fic! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

The link for the ALTL series masterlist is HERE!

As you squirmed out from under your covers, you padded up to the four strange men.  You squinted at them, studying their faces.  Then you noticed it; they had wings.  Each set of wings was different.  They were all colorful, but the pair of golden wings shined the brightest.

You turned to face Sam and Dean.  “Do you see their wings too, or is it just me,” you wondered, turning back to face the strange men before you.  “Are you angels?”

Dean cleared his throat, walking up to you.  Dean pointed at each angel from left to right.  “That’s Lucifer, or Satan as most call him, but an angel nevertheless.  He’s also an archangel, just fallen.  Then there’s Balthazar, then Gabriel who is also an archangel, and then Castiel. You can call him Cas,” Dean explained.  “And no we can’t see their wings.”

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Elijah Mikaelson Appreciation Week:

Day 7: Free choice;


“Elijah,” you replied, relieved he could not see the grin on your face as you answered the phone.

“Y/N, I need you to listen to me…” the tone of his voice caused your stomach to shift uncomfortably as you realised it was something serious. “Pack a bag and meet me at the café, things have not gone to plan and I fear for your safety.” he continued and you bit your lip nervously.

“Okay… w-what’s happened? Is…” you started to ask but he cut you off.

“We’re fine, I just need to know you’ll be safe and you’ll be safest with us. With me. Please, be as quick as you can,” your heart melted at the sound of his plea and you walked towards your bedroom with haste. 

“On it. I’ll be thirty minutes. Forty five tops,” you grabbed your travel bad and began stuffing in items of need. You paused briefly. “Elijah, please stay safe too…” you felt tears prick in the corners of your eyes as fear set in.

“Don’t worry about me, it’s far more important that the most important thing in my life stays well, in my life,” Elijah said and you could almost feel him blushing. “I love you, Y/N,” his words were the catalyst for the tears that you tried to swallow back.

“I love you too. I’ll see you soon,” you hit the end call button and took a ragged breath before focusing on the task at hand.



She has Tataryn’s disease. It’s a disorder common on planets where they mine Cyrillium, a result of the run-off from refineries leaching into the water supply.

For @thekingandthelionheart and @stevetopsbuckysbottom (because I promised), and @yensasha, who seemed interested.

- The list is divided into Canon and AU. All the fics are Stucky unless otherwise stated.
- ✩ for my personal favorites.
- New additions and updates will be marked with ϟ.

- Heed the tags and warnings before reading the fics because I’m infamously un-squickable and always a slut for angst.

Updated: 17.06.2016

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Below is a complete list of fanfics we posted as recommended by you readers out there, during Cockles Week 2015. 

Tantra Tutoring by jacklesandhydelecki

Summary:  Season 9 is well underway and Jensen is a little frustrated with his wife so far away. Misha decides to offer the wisdom and relief of Eastern mysticism and meditation to help them reconnect. It does not go as planned fortunately for all of us.

Second Take by betty days

Summary:  Wherein Destiel becomes canon, and Jensen and Misha face the consequences of their first kiss.

Fever by lysanatt

Summary:  It’s Christmas and the otherwise so mild Vancouver is hit by a rare blizzard. Misha is hit by the flu and Jensen is hit by the urge to take care of Misha. Of course there are unexpected consequences to it all.

The Plot by castiel_left_his_mark_on_me

Summary:  Jensen is happy that Danneel gets along with everyone from the show; especially the wives - which, doesn’t always bode well for him. Sometimes, however, certain things just happen to work out.

Better with Age by castiel_left_his_mark_on_me

Summary:  He has good reason to be paranoid - even if Misha is relaxed about the idea of the world knowing about them, Jensen sure isn’t. Life can already be tough in the public eye. Why would they want to make it harder by exposing all this? Yet, when it comes down to it, Jensen might not really have much say in the matter.

The Weight of Things Not Seen by wendyindahouse

Summary:  After an accident on set, Jensen is hospitalised and in a coma for 2 days. To everyone’s relief, when he wakes up he appears fine, but it soon becomes clear that Jensen’s memory has been affected. How much can he remember, not just about who he is, but about the people in his life, and what he feels for them?

Beyond This Earthly Realm by n_nami

Summary:  Nobody told Jensen that activating his magical abilities to improve his everyday life would make him see the spirits and colorful little monsters living in the realm beyond. However, nobody could’ve prepared him for falling for a cheeky gypsy who was trapped in the spirit realm centuries ago and who already knows him better than his co-ed Danneel and fellow magician Felicia together.
Misha and Jensen are head over heels for each other - if there weren’t those annoying technicalities, like the non-existence of a portal between the two realms. But when a wizard and the spirit of a gypsy set their mind to something, they get stuff done.

Despicable Misha by n_nami

Summary:  In a world where super-villains have to compete against each other each day to gain the respect of the Evil League of Evil and the support of the Bank of Evil, Mischievous Misha struggles with both, plus a distinctive lack of new ideas for heists. He’s been in the business for quite some time, and though his minions and his best friend Jared keep him busy just fine, it’s only when Jensen moves into the house next to Misha’s that he becomes aware there’s something more to life than being evil. What he doesn’t know is that Jensen is a villain like himself, just younger and an up and coming one, and only moved here to put Misha out of the way.

The Light of a Thousand Stars by casdoms

Summary: “So honey now… take me into your loving armssssssss!” Jensen sways a little to the music, “Kiss me under the light of a thousand starssssss… Place your head on my beating heart!” He closes his eyes with a grin, “I’m thinking out loud… that maybe we found love right where we are…”

A voice calls out from somewhere down the hall, “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

Jensen turns to scowl at the source of the voice before hollering, “Hey, FUCK YOU!”

He opens his mouth to say something else but suddenly Misha’s there and he’s got a hand on the collar of his shirt as he yanks him into the room.

Orizuru by kadielkrieger

Summary:  No matter how insignificant the question, Jensen has always craved answers. The origami birds scattered in his path are no exception - each accompanying message more obscure and more pointed than the last. As he slowly becomes the proud owner of a growing paper menagerie, Jensen has to decide whether to follow the clues or follow his heart.

Two steps forward by serenhawk

Summary:  Jensen is having issues. Work is getting on top on him and inside his head is not where he wants to be. So when something unexpected occurs with Misha it distracts him, but also complicates life in a way that it’s the last thing he needs. Or so he thinks.

When I was your man by n_nami

Summary:  After eight seasons of Supernatural, the writers finally decide to openly have Dean and Castiel fall in love. The only problem? Jensen and Misha fell apart when Misha left for most of season 7, and they had a hard time fixing their friendship ever since. Now it’s not only having to deal with character bleed – because Jensen starts to understand where Dean is coming from – but also with the fallout of their failed friends with benefits arrangement.

Reconciling Hollywood by qthelights

Summary:  Misha has always prided himself on his mastery of the first impression - both giving and receiving. After all, people are easy enough to read if examined through the appropriate lens. For the last two years he’s stuck to his guns and his assumption that Jensen is just a good guy who made a dick mistake back when he thought Misha was disposable. Pushed him up against a trailer door and took because he could. But now, with Jared overseas with his new bride, Jensen around more than ever, and a decision weighing heavy on his conscience, Misha realizes that truly knowing Jensen might be nearly as impossible as knowing himself.

Six Years by mymishaandjensenfic

recommended bc: “this is super cute super fluff and sweet” - anon

Summary:  Jensen and Misha have been working together for six years but they’re only friends. Jensen’s in love with Misha and jealous of Barrowman. Misha’s in love with Jensen and thinks it’s unrequited. Barrowman helps, or tries to.

Burning For You – by AleishaPotter

***A/B/O Dynamics***

Summary: Jensen’s heat suppressants fail just before he has to film an intense scene with Misha, the Alpha who caused all the problems to begin with.

Do You Know What You Think You Know – by ljunattainable

Summary: Everyone knows Jensen and Misha are together.  Nobody even thinks about it.  They just know.  Except Jensen and Misha.  They don’t know.  A few things happen in the space of a few weeks that leave everyone at least knowing the same thing

Just Breathe – by ocaptainrogers

Summary: Misha is sick – fucking miserable, but refuses to go home and rest instead of finishing up the last scene for the day. His own obstinacy is going to come right back and bite him in the ass and leave him in a much worse shape than he first thought. Luckily, a certain Jensen Ackles comes to his rescue.

Walking Up The Down Slope – by raelee514

Summary: Jensen Ackles loves his co-star Misha Collins;  there is just one big problem,  he married Danneel Harris and has tried to bury his attraction to Misha.  Until one night at a Christmas Party at Misha’s house he gets drunk.  Once something happens it can’t unhappen.

References – by n_nami

Summary: When Jensen was offered a role in an indie movie as Misha’s partner, he didn’t expect the filming of the included sex scene to develop like this.

The Truth – by ElizaStyx

Summary: Based on a lovely, emotional prompt from earth_dragon
She wrote: “Your awkward project is amazing! There’s something specific I’d like to see. There is never enough Emotional! Misha in cockles fic. I’d love to see a fic in which he’s just had a terrible, no good, very bad day/week/whatever. Nothing goes right. And by the end of it he’s just HAD IT and the last thing sets him off and he bursts into tears. Of course, neither he nor Jensen really knows what to do because it’s not really like Misha to react this, but Jen hates to see him hurting and upset.”
You may not believe me but I somehow managed to make it even sadder than it seems.

Human Mistakes – by jumble_of_fandoms

Summary: Misha knew he should have checked that photo more, but now it’s too late. Not only is he having to deal with the pressures of being at a con, he is now having to see all of the hate and malice being thrown his way. He also fears how Jensen will react when he finds out, and decides to lock himself in his room with a cheap bottle of whiskey to drown his fears.

I Never Knew – by Hallemcready

Summary: When Jensen and Jared push Misha too far, it leads to a confrontation and some long overdue truths.

Cockles in London by Tennyo 

Summary:  After Asylum 14, they decide to stay in London for a while before heading to Rome.

AN: This request put such a smile on my face, it is so cute! Thank you justang6 for sending it! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors!

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: I know your request are closed but one they have opened can you do an Pietro x Reader to where she’s on her period, and is craving junk food, and Pietro rubs her stomach helps her out, lots of fluff and cuddles! :)

Warning: Cramps (?), and swearing


“Cramping My Style”

“Oh, my god.” You moaned as you rolled over in your bed, hands clutching your stomach. “Oh, my god!”

You had locked yourself in your room for about a day and a half now, and the cramps were hitting their highest. You hated your period so much.

Natasha and Wanda, of course, knew exactly why you weren’t leaving your room, and they would even bring you tubs of ice cream or popcorn when you felt well enough to eat something.

But, then there was Pietro. You had been dating for a few weeks now, and though you absolutely adored him, he could at times be just plain dumb. You locked your door so that he couldn’t get in, and when he asked you why you just said that you weren’t feeling well and wanted to be a lone. It took Wanda and Natasha both to drag the white-haired speedster away from your door and leave you be. Still, he wouldn’t leave you alone.

God!” You all but yelled, shoving your face in your pillow so that you weren’t too loud. You were absolutely miserable.

“Y/N?” You heard your boyfriend’s accented voice come through the doorway. “I heard you yelling, are you okay?”

Normally, you would just suck up the pain and calm your voice enough to tell him that you were fine, but your cramps were having none of that.

“Fucking hell!” You screeched, it felt like someone was driving a knife through your stomach.

“Y/N!” Pietro yelled. “What’s wrong?”

You just groaned in response.

“Can I come in?” He asked in a lighter, much more worried tone. “Please?”

You licked your lips and muttered, “FRIDAY?”

“Yes, Miss. Y/L/N?” The mechanical voice replied.

“Unlock my door and let Pietro in.” You said, finishing your sentence with a gasp as more cramps clenched your stomach.

“Yes, Ma'am.”

The door slid open, and within a split second Pietro was on the bed next to you holding your face between his hands. “What is wrong?”

You felt completely nauseous and light headed, you felt the cramps ripple through your body. “These…these fucking cramps won’t go away…”

You saw Pietro process what you had said in his mind, then slow realization dawn over him when he realized that you were on your period.

“Pietro, they hurrrrrrrrrrrrt.” You cried as your flung your arms around him. He held you and softly stroked your hair, you felt tears of pain fall down your face.

“I know, I know…” Pietro said soothingly. “What can I do? Get you some medicine, something to drink?”

You swallowed and shook your head. “I already took some pain killers, and I have a glass of water on my nightstand.”

Half holding you and half cradling you like a baby, Pietro reached over to your nightstand and grabbed the cup of water. He pressed the cool glass to your lips and tilted it up, forcing you to drink it sip by sip.“

You scrunched your nose up and lightly shoved it out of your face. "I don’t want to drink anything right now.”

“You have to, Y/N.” Pietro said softly yet still forcefully. “You have to have fluids in your body, it will help you feel better.”

He pushed the drink over your lips once more, parting them and forcing the water to go into your mouth. You finished the glass and he set it back down, a small grin on his face. “There, see? Not that bad, yeah?”

You hated to admit it, but the cramps had died down just a bit after drinking something.

“Pietro, do you know if we have any watermelon? I really, really want watermelon.”

Pietro smiled at you and kissed your nose tenderly. He helped you sit up on your own and stop leaning on him, then zoomed off in the direction of the kitchen.

About a minute later, he came back with a large bowl of chopped watermelon and another side bowl of cut up bananas. He set them down on your bed and took you in his lap again, cradling you like a child once more. You set the bowl of watermelon in your lap and began to eat them, loving how they tasted. It was strange, you always craved different things when you were on your period.

“Have some banana, love. They help with the cramps also.” Pietro said, popping a slice of banana between you lips.

“Where did you hear that?” You asked once you stopped chewing.

“I looked it up when I went out to get your watermelon.” he explained taking a small piece of melon for himself.

“Ah, that’s why it took you so long.” You teased him lightly. “You were doing research.”

He grinned at you and you grinned back, but a moment later another wave of cramps came over you and your face twisted in pain. They weren’t nearly as intense as before, but they still made you cringe in pain.

Pietro took the two bowls of fruit and put them on the night stand, then began to lightly rock you back and forth as you pressed your face into his shirt and let out a muffled cry of pain.

You hated this, every time you began to feel better and back to your normal self you were taken over by a pain that you couldn’t stop. It wasn’t fair to yourself or Pietro.

You sniffled as the pain began to slowly fade away, biting your lip enough to draw blood.

You tried to hastily rub the tears from your eyes, you didn’t really like crying, especially with Pietro. You felt more tears threaten to come out of your eyes but you tried your best to keep them in by blinking and rubbing them on the back of your hand.

“Oh, love, don’t stop yourself from crying.” Pietro said, carefully taking your wrist in his hand to stop you from wiping them away. “It’s okay to cry when you are in pain, sometimes it helps.”

The tears sprang from your eyes and you dug your face into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you, Pietro.” You whispered.

“You’re welcome, baby.” He replied, kissing the crown of your head.

He positioned himself so he was sitting up against the headboard of your bed and so that you were curled up in his lap, softly whimpering.

Pietro flicked on the TV at the foot of your bed to give you something to distract yourself with, then began to rub his hands in circles over your belly. Between the motions of his hands above your stomach and him insisting that you ate bananas and drank enough water, your cramps got more and more bearable.

Next month, you will definitely let him take care of you.

((This was so much fun to write, I loved it! I hope you did too! Tell me what you think!))

Imagine: The Ritual

Imagine: Peter found out about a ritual, making him invincible and stronger than ever before. (Y/N) and her mom Regina stop him, catch him in Pandora’s box but he escapes and takes another chance.

„Mom! Get over here.“ I picked an old parchment up from the ground of the abandoned Lost Boy’s camp. I unfolded and scanned it. My mom stood right behind me, observing it as well. It showed an old map of the solar system, centuries ago. I frowned. What did it mean? I looked at it for a very long time, observing every corner, every sign of the map, and then suddenly it clicked. My expressions changed from confusion to fear when I finally realized what possibilities this map would open up to Pan. “What is it?” She asked when she saw the terrified look on my face. “What’s wrong?” She continued when I didn’t answer. I took the map and opened it out on a tree stump to my left, my mom followed me but gave me a confused look. “You see that?” I pointed to the one side of the map where a sign of the sun appeared. “It’s the sun, isn’t it?” She asked. “Right. And that over there’s the moon.” I pointed to the opposite side of the map where a sign of the moon could be seen. “On one special day, the powers of darkness and light will be combined in a solar eclipse. It’s a very rare occurrence that can no way be stopped. When those two powers unite, the magic from all over the world will be set free for one single hour that night, during that time almost everything will be possible. When this power falls upon the wrong ones, like Peter Pan, they might do very bad things to the world we know.” My mom’s jaw dropped when she listened to the things I told her. “When is that day?” I hesitated. “It’s today, mom. Tonight Peter will get his possibility to change the world, and himself. He could do whatever he wants and not only to us. We have to stop him!” I said touching her shoulder. “I think I know where he is.” She said with kind of a smirk on her face. Peter Pan was dangerous, even without the ritual he would go through that night he was nearly unbeatable. “Why are you smiling?” I asked her confused. She turned towards me, then pulled something out of her jacket and showed a tiny box to me. It turned out to be Pandora’s box, the only possibility to capture and stop Pan, for now and forever. “Where did you get it?” I asked looking at her reproachfully. “Let’s just say I took it from someone who didn’t need it anymore. Whatever, everything that matters now is to stop Pan. We don’t have much time, let’s go.” She grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the empty camp. “Mom, wait! Where are we going?” I asked her refusing to go another step without an answer. She turned towards me and handed over a knife to me. “And what do I need this for?” I raised my eyebrow at her. “Okay first, the knife is to protect you, I know that you have your magic to fight back and protect yourself, but just in case it doesn’t work, I don’t want you to be defenseless.” She said a look of pain and concernment in her eyes, then she continued. “Now, you wanted to know where we’re going. I know a special place, where Pan might perform the ritual. The place where his destiny shows itself to him. Skull Rock. It’s not on the island so we have to hurry.” I looked at her bug eyed. “Not on the island? Then where is it?” She touched my shoulder. “On the other side of the sea. Now come on!” She said pulling out her sword, beginning to fight her way through the undergrowth.

When we arrived on the island directly on the back of the giant rock, shaped like a skull, we could already see the lost boys waiting for us. “They came to protect Pan.” My mom whispered looking through the bushes. “Why would Pan need any protection? I thought he was stronger than anyone else.” She smirked. “Not anymore. You have to know, his magic is fading. He knew that this day would come and was searching for something to help him eversince, and now that he found it the whole world might be in danger. We have to hurry, there’s not much time left.” She said pointing at the sky where sun and moon moved closer and closer to each other. She clenched her fist. “So how do we get past the guards? You noticed that they have arrows and swords didn’t you?” I asked her confused, she looked at me soothing. “Of course I did.” She smirked and unfolded her hand blowing a purple dust out of her hands. It formed a enormous cloud around the Lost Boys, and suddenly they all lay on the ground. “Are they…?” I asked, hesitating to end the thought. “They’re only sleeping.” She said getting up, reaching her hand out for me. “Now come on! Sun and moon aren’t far from each other anymore.” She said running towards the entry of the rock. I followed her. When we reached stairs, leading to the next story we were stopped by a invisible forcefield right in front of us. “A protection spell, how clever.” I mumbled then quickly resolved it. “I don’t think that’s gonna stop us.” I smirked, and ran up the couple of stairs quickly, anxious not to get noticed by Pan. When I arrived on top, I saw him standing in front of a huge window watching sun and moon, moving closer and closer towards each other. “It’s a pleasure to see you too, (Y/N).” He turned around to face me. “The Evil Queen.” He greeted my mother, looking at her mockingly. “Pan.” I said angrily. “So you two came to stop me, after you broke into MY camp…” He approached us. “Stealing MY belongings. That’s a little unfair, don’t you think?” He came even closer but my mom stopped him with her magic. “One step closer and you’ll regret it.” She said gritting her teeth. “Well I just wanted to welcome my guests to my place.” He smiled an ironical smile. “But now that you were so rude to me…” His expressions suddenly changed, a furious look now appeared in his eyes. “I think I’ve changed my mind.” He quickly pushed his hand forward, letting my mom fly backwards against the wall with his magic. I turned around falling onto my knees besides her. “You think you’re so smart…” I whispered darkly. “But I know, you’re not the same anymore.” I stood up and both of my hands clenched into a first, capturing a spell in it. “You should’ve thought about giving up.” I said as I opened up my hands, letting green flames appear. “You think this intimidates me?” He said snorting. I threw the flames at him, that built a burning cage around him. As he tried to touch, and go through it he was thrown back by the power of the magic. “What did you do?” He shouted in disbelief, teeth gritted, a furious look on his face as he looked at his hand. He tried to fly over the high flames, but he was too weak already. “I probably just saved the world from someone like you.” I said turning back to my mother, who still lay on the ground, unconscious. I knelt down besides her putting my hand on her forehead, letting my healing powers go. When she woke up, she sucked in heavy breathes before catching herself again. “I’m okay.” She said out of breath as she stood up. “Now let’s stop him, finally and forever.” She said as she pulled out the little box of the pocket in her jacket. Peter, surrounded by the fire, smirked. “You really think you can stop me with that?” He asked sneeringly. “I don’t think so, I know it.” My mom said, as she summoned the box to open itself. It released a red smoke, which quickly started to let Peter disappear and finally caught him in the inside. It fell to the ground and made a clicking sound. “We did it!” I screamed out and hugged my mom tightly. “I would have never made it without you.” She said as she went through my hair, but suddenly the box started to move and shake again. The clicking sound and soon enough the red smoke appeared again. Our jaws dropped as we watched Peter escaping from the box, positioning himself in front of us. “How did you…?” I began but he cut me off. “Escape? Wasn’t a big deal. You remember? I made this box. Doesn’t work on me. But on you!” He said as he started to summon the box himself.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t update for a whole damn week, I’ve missed you so much guys and I’m glad to be back again! Of course Ive worked on your requests and they’re coming soon! Aaand by the way we have something to celebrate! There are over 500 of you guys now! I can’t believe it! Thank you so much for all the support I hope you enjoy reading this, it was my own idea (dream actually) and I thought it would be a nice surprise for you guys!

(Part II will follow tonight!) Much love Felia


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