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And yeah, it would hurt him if she pulled off the gem. The crystal gems have discussed this already in an episode, they were wondering if Steven's withstood a lot of damage and he (poofed? Is that what it's called?) back into his gem, he would probably never get out. Although this is up for change because the plot has to develop, but I think it's safe to say for now, a weak little baby steven with no powers would not survive if Pearl popped off his gem.

sorry, do you know which episode specifically they have ever said that Steven can poof? Because as far as I know, this has never even been mentioned. It’s actually a point of contention in a lot of fan theories and stuff. We don’t know how that works outside of the comment Matt Burnett made, but knowing Matt it may have just been a joke

The only time I can remember them referencing what would happen if Steven’s Gem were removed was in Bubbled. Here’s the exact dialogue they said:

Eyeball: Ooh, I’m gonna get ya! I’m gonna take your gem and bring it back!

Steven: What?! No! Please don’t take my gem! Wait, what would even happen to me?

They don’t know how Steven works at all. They are playing it by ear. that’s the point of the series. As Garnet put it, “Steven is not just a Gem. There’s never been anything or anyone like Steven. We don’t know what he needs.” 

all the Gems regarded Steven as what they believed as a kind of fusion of Rose and Steven, so, by Gem logic, assuming they could be separated is perfectly reasonable. They were “wrong about everything” like Steven said. She stopped because she realized what she was doing was wrong and that becoming part of Steven was what Rose wanted.

okay but, I just imagined Lance as the one ordering the pizza and Keith works at the pizza place. Like Lance orders pizza all the time and so everyone at the pizza place literally knows him, Keith probably has the route to Lance’s house memorized, and every time he shows up it’s like this crazy party and there’s so many people and so much noise that it takes like 10 minutes for someone to answer the door and Keith tries to act really annoyed but really he just kind of wishes he could come inside. One day, Lance opens the door and he’s already really drunk and he goes to give Keith a tip but Keith looks at it and it’s Lance’s fucking phone number and Lance just whisper slurs “call me” and Keith is just irked like “Dude, you call -me- literally every other day, I know your phone number.” But then Keith kind of blushes and Lance just smirks and says “whatever” aaand ya wow does everything remind me of them??!?

that portrayal is so spot on, though. many people with bipolar disorder or borderline personalities can make their significant other or anyone for that matter feel like they’re the only one in the sun. the highs (before they turn mental) here are very, very high not just for the person with the disorder but also for the person they’re with. and we’ve seen that in the way that even showers isak with affection. he’s uninhibited in that way that makes isak feel embarrassed but also so very special.

and the way even charmes the pants off of everyone, it’s really typical now that i think about it. sometimes the people who at first are so easy to fall for are the hardest to love, because the lows are very, very low too. and isak just walked into that unprepared.

and now i’m thinking how isak probably has some sort of trauma already because he lost his mother to a mental illness and hasn’t really delt with that yet. from what we know she had a breakdown, but didn’t really recover. that must have been so hard. mothers and lovers are the people in our lifes who give us the affection we need, who are able to show love openly and physically, who accept us unconditionally. isak is probably thinking right now that he’s being deprived of that yet again, loosing that yet again to the same thing.

Felicity, Prometheus & Havenrock

It appears from the promo that Prometheus knows everything. They know that Oliver is the Green Arrow, and was the Hood & Arrow before that. They also know who Team Arrow is, and probably knows the most about Felicity & Digg. I think Prometheus has known all of this from the very beginning. Now the question is how does prometheus plan to hurt Oliver and those closest to him. I do not necessarily believe it’s through death, especially when it comes to Felicity, Digg, Thea, and Quentin (who has already been dealt with). I think Prometheus wants to screw with their heads, which leads me to Felicity.

I’m not sure if Felicity will be kidnapped, but whatever plan they have for her I think Havenrock may be a part of it. Look at the picture Prometheus has of her on the creepy revenge board.

I believe it’s after Havenrock, but during the crisis of last year’s finale. Now this could all be a coincidence, but I’m gonna say it’s not…at least for right now.

We haven’t really seen Felicity deal with Havenrock, and I’m hoping we get to see more because Emily would kill it, and I still want to see Oliver and her talk about it. Prometheus using Havenrock against her would be a perfect, but painful & brutal way to bring this up again, even more so if the detective is helping Prometheus. Felicity already feels guilty, and I believe, still blames herself (which she shouldn’t), This could push her over the edge, and maybe be a real chance for her to deal with it and for Oliver to be there for her.

Can you imagine the emotional story we would get out of this. 

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wait so if SP made this before The Last Movie, then why would Hinata faint after one blow? I mean it was cute n all, but it didn't really make sense.

My assumption was that the chakra that was circulating took a lot more energy and focus to pin-point and block than it would usually. Plus she probably had to take some other precautions since, you know, they’re zombies and all and she couldn’t inflict wounds without killing them in the process. And after two years of peace, it seems like everyone is a bit rusty, which is totally understandable.

But I guess a simpler answer is because now that Naruhina has been confirmed for a while and we already know that Naruto and Hinata are married with two, beautiful, children, SP can go all out and add fan service moments without hesitation. As a result, you’ll get small little scenes like what we got there. Is it a little forced? Yeah, but I guess they got to make up for the lack of the narration in the anime compared to the narration in the novel that mentioned that Hinata was Naruto’s wife. It doesn’t mess with the flow or the quality, therefore it doesn’t bother me. Plus it makes good GIF material ;)

But yeah, I think it’s more actual fatigue from overexertion than it is a hint of pregnancy. Because, again, that’d mean that the other girls are either about to become pregnant or already pregnant, and I don’t think most of the relationships have escalated that quickly quite yet.

Vincent Nightray and Ferid Bathory

I’ve noticed something about a post I did about a small comparison between Vincent from PH and Ferid from OnS. I’ve already talked about how they are similar in not only personality, but even appearance. But, now I’ve been thinking more about it. Ada had been the person that tried to get close to Vincent, she had been determined to stay by his side and not judge him. This can be seen to affect Vincent slightly. Now, I’ve wondered two things. How would Ferid be if someone like Ada, did the same for him? Probably not give any different of a normal reaction, but what if back than someone was like that for Ferid? This was just a random thought, this gets me curious on what Ferid’s past was like. How Saito/Rigr fits into the picture and what Ferid was like. We already know he had been considered strange before he was turned, due to Saito, but it still has me getting curious. I feel like tears will be shed if we ever get a look into the Seventh Progenitors past.

wally/cisco + secret training buddies

“Hey! That was pretty good, right?” Wally says as he bounces excitedly from foot to foot. He’s barely even panting, which is impressive given that he’s been steadily working his way up to mach three during these monitoring sessions.

“Two point three five. Not bad.” Cisco grins. It’s not like he hasn’t already been through this with one speedster, but seeing Wally learn the ropes will never not be miraculous, especially since he truly is a prodigy. If Barry’s progress has been linear, then Wally’s is quadratic, maybe even exponential. Cisco needs more data to be sure, but the point is the possibilities are endless.

“So,” Wally says, pulling him out of his thoughts, “Barry said I’m ready to starting going out in the field with him. You know–” Wally’s grin is ear-splitting. The kind that probably causes girls to swoon, or possibly cures cancer. “–the Kid Flash suit and all that jazz.”

Cisco snorts. He works all day in a lab full of the least subtle people in Central City, but this takes the cake.

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"Did Sam land and go straight to the studio to film?" - This has probably been touched on already - apologies if so, but just thought I'd way in. Perhaps they are off, and he went straight to the studio for the interviews/promo. Cait as well?

It is possible… I don’t know what was on their schedule today… But the interview was definitely tonight, though again, not sure what Leanne’s schedule at the studio was, nor if she was just there to talk to Sam and Cait…maybe she talked to other cast members too, producers, got a tour of the studio etc.

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To me yang going forward will go after raven the conversation with qrow & 4x04. This might lead her to finding the truth about oz/Salem & maybe how summer/ruby maybe suffering the same fate died leading her to go deal with that more than a dude that cut off her arm imo. Maybe vol1-3 was to set up the partner pairs rs before turning the show into what they were truly going to do. Now they can focus on other rs outside of partners & develop those.

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I mean ruby will find out about her mom death probably go to Salem, Weiss already does know about Adam she was there for the mt Glenn scene & has a more personal connection with twf & maybe even Adam he did attack the train with Blake back in the trailers so her being a bigger part in that would make sense as opposed to Salem they both could join up after they deal with personal stuff her dad/twf Blake twf Adam getting them to trust/humans/ the heiress to the sdc.

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I think they did say they wanted to add more yang/raven stuff but couldn’t cause they didn’t have the time too now they do.

volumes 1-3 was setting up the show in general, characters, who is important to whom and getting the plot kicked off

Yang i think is going to be exploring her relationships with the others, and Blake especially, regardless of what happens. i don’t really see her going after Raven (because her only lead went after Ruby) and she won’t go after Blake because of how much Blake leaving broke her heart - going out and finding Blake also wouldn’t really resolve anything regarding Yang’s abandonment issues, because she is always left behind, if her reunion with Blake is because she had to go find her, then that doesn’t go against that, she’s still not important enough to stay for, to come back for, if she has to go and drag Blake back

meanwhile, she’s presently pushing herself forward so Tai can go after Ruby - going along with that because she has unresolved issues there (Yang has to be beating herself up over their last conversation ending as it did), and getting tied into Raven (because let’s face it, Raven’s actually more likely to factor into Ruby’s side of things than she is Yang’s right now) through that if she catches up in time

Adam, once again, has no reason to be involved with Weiss’s side of things because that’s not what she’s dealing with. she’s not dealing with the SDC/White Fang conflict (which is in itself only an extension of the White Fang/humans conflict, the SDC aren’t all that special just because they’ve got a shitty reputation with everyone), she’s not dealing with Blake’s asshole ex who she’s heard about all of once, never saw and has no context for beyond ‘he kinda turned into a dick’, she’s dealing with her father and his assholery

Okay so someone has probably already made this comparison somewhere, but I just needed to talk about this. So I was rewatching Taemin’s MAMA performance and as he starts that first transition into Goodbye, the first thought that popped into my head was, “Ah, so this is what Victor meant.”

If you watch Yuri On Ice, you probably already know where I’m heading with this, but if you don’t I’ll give you a quick recap so we’re all on the same page. During YOI, Victor says that Yuuri’s ability to make music with his body is what made him such an exceptional skater, and was pretty much the sole reason he first came to coach Yuuri for the upcoming season. Although Yuuri struggles with some of the technical aspects of his skating routine, the audience (and Victor) are entranced by his emotional portrayal of the story he is telling through his routine, and that is what makes him a force to be reckoned with.

But watching Taemin perform Goodbye, I truly understand what Victor was talking about. Sure Taemin has great technical skill, but it’s his ability to channel the music and tell his own story through his dancing that really cements his respectability and uniqueness as a dancer. 2016 has been a year of great growth for Taemin, and I couldn’t be prouder. I can’t wait to see how he continues to develop, both as a dancer and a person, in the years to come <3