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This is Gospel (Split Tracks)
Panic! At The Disco
This is Gospel (Split Tracks)

Panic! At The Disco - This is Gospel (Split Tracks). The left ear is the studio version and the right ear is the piano version. This isn’t my best one, as it gets slightly off at times, but I had to do a lot of tempo adjustment to get it this good. It will work without headphones, but they are recommended. 

I take (and want) requests. If you have an idea for something, just send me a message here and I’ll see what I can do.

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KLANCE WEEK!! Day 2-Love/Hate

they got into a fight but lance knows how to make up for it

edit: lmao i forgot to color keith’s elbow

707mmgirl  asked:

Hi! So i love all of what you write and i was wondering if you could do a scenario/hc whatever where fm MC has a kink where she likes to watch the RFA +V &Saeran play with themselves and they know she likes it so they perposfully will do it to get her real riled up? Idk if its been done before but i hope you consider doing my ask :)

Hi hello every time you send me an ask it’s always 10000000000% right up my alley and I am confused but happy with how you somehow find out what I like.


- At first, he doesn’t understand why you only want to watch. Isn’t it better when you help him out? You’ve told him several times he’s felt better than any toys you’ve used, so why…? But he does it with no complaints. Just a few questions before agreeing to it. 

- A few days later you find him on the bed waiting for you, stripped completely aside from a hint of flushed cheeks, stroking himself to a full erection.

- Unfortunately, he’s quiet. The most you’re going to pull out of him are soft groans and maybe him talking to you, encouraging you to come over and help whenever you feel like it.

- As he gets closer to an orgasm, his eyes are squeezing shut more often, his legs spread a bit more, and he’s leaning back on one arm softly panting out your name.

- If you come over while he’s close, you may have him slip out a few remarks about how you should take over for him… Or skip to the main event…

- It might be rare when he does it, but I assure you he will do it more in the future, especially if you’ve been teasing him lately.


- Buddy. The first time you bring it up, he sputters out an agreement to try it out for you. You might think he’s embarrassed, and you would be slightly right except for the fact that he is definitely turned on as well.

- He isn’t the type to wait in a room for you with a full erection and no clothes, but he would maybe make some very obvious hints that he’s willing to do it for you if you instruct him to.

- He’ll strip to his boxers and maybe his shirt (you would have to convince him to take it off), teasing himself through the material lightly, letting out small whimpers when you refuse to left him touch himself too much.

- You could probably get away with teasing his chest and deep kisses, giving him attention everywhere else besides where he wants it the most. And he’ll be vocal, very vocal. Not loud always, but as he gets closer his voice does betray him more and more.

- When he cums with a loud and bitten back moan, hips jerking while his cum slips down his knuckles, give him time to recharge and he’ll do it again for you if you want. Or, you know, switch to giving you the attention you need until he’s ready to go again. He’s very eager to please.


- He will put on such a show for you, probably just a bit later after you admit it, if not directly afterwards.

- He’s def not embarrassed by it. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if he’s gotten off by watching himself jerk off  in front of the mirror.

- He’d lean back on the bed, giving you a smug look as he s l o w l y pulls his cock out of his briefs, winking when you find yourself blushing at the provocative scene. Hell, he’d probably tell you that you could film it if you wanted.

- He’s not loud by any means, but he is vocal. He’s panting, biting his lip and letting out teasing moans, and when he starts leaking precum and getting closer to an orgasm, that’s when he’ll start letting out low growls and trying to tempt you to help finish him off somehow.

- Don’t be surprised if he texts/snapchats you dirty pictures or videos of him jerking off when you two aren’t together.


- E m b a r r a s s e d

- You’re killing her. But honestly, it would take her a bit to get comfortable enough to do this for you

- Masturbating was something she rarely did, in private under the covers and in a locked room, and to do it in front of someone else? Nervewrecking.

- It would be adorable watching her try, though. She’d strip down to just her tight shirt and underwear, sitting on the chair or bed, legs spread as you watch her slowly rub her clit.

- She would be red faced and trying to flirt with you, but let’s be honest, flirting for her is abysmal. She tries, she really does, but it’s more of a cute stumbling mess.

- You would have to help her out with long kisses and soft praises of encouragement, but she would eventually pull down her underwear enough so you could see her fingers dipping in and out of herself.

- Please god help her finish as a reward. She’s stressed from the nerves from doing this, and helping her out would earn you soft cuddles and shy smiles afterwards, and who doesn’t want that?


- The first thing that comes out is teasing about how he should probably start checking your browser history more often. He agrees, though, and waits for a day when you’re both ready and have the free time to spare for a long session.

- First off, he’ll offer to crossdress doing this. Do you want him dressed as a maid? A nurse? He’s pretty sure he has that nun outfit still, if you’re into that. Toys? Do you want to watch him edge himself with a vibrator? Do you want him to deny himself and orgasm with a cock ring? The list goes on and on, and he fully allows you to pick any toys or outfits for him to use.

- He’s vocal. He’s not ashamed in the slightest and it shows. He spreads his legs wide, resting on the bed and purring out your name each time a particular stoke feels amazing.

- When he gets really into it, he’s laying on his back, his hips thrusting into his hand as a slew of moans and groans leave him. When he orgasms, his hips and legs stutter, and it takes a bit for him to recover and ask how you liked it.

- Though…You certainly have to let him watch you sometime.


- He’s slightly surprised when you bring it up. Well, more than slightly. His cheeks are red, and it takes him a moment to snap out of it and agree to do it for you sometime. It doesn’t bother him, he’s just not used to having someone expressing their, uh, sexual needs.

- The first time he does it, he actually fiddles with finding the perfect space and lighting so he can give you the best mood lighting. If you’re going to watch him, he wants to try and make everything look good.

- He’d sit for you on the couch, taking the time to palm himself over his briefs, and sometimes you would notice a shy blush cross over his cheeks, before he asks you if you’re enjoying the show, slowly pulling his cock out and giving languid pumps.

- He loses himself into it pretty easily. Closing his eyes, panting out soft groans of your name, possibly even gently teasing his balls along with his cock. It doesn’t take very long for him to cum, the sensation of you watching getting to him more than he thought, but when he’s done he gives you a small smile and asks how it was.

- Very willing to do it again for you, but afterwards, he does appreciate if you give him a show, or perhaps let him get you off.


- Honestly, it does surprise him. He kind of shares the thoughts Jumin does, as in why watch when you could enjoy his cock in a much, much, better way?

- But he agrees. You do a few things he asks for during sex, so he figures he should at least humor you since it’s nothing he’s fully against.

- However, he teases you the whole damned time, to the point where you’re itching to have that cock in your mouth or anywhere else you can manage. He’ll smirk and keep slowly jerking himself off, watching you squirm in your seat while he lets out a low growl as precum starts to drip down his cock. 

- “Do you like this? I can’t believe you like such dirty things. Just how much porn do you watch when I’m not around? Filthy girl. Do you touch yourself at the idea of me doing this, too? Are you wanting to fuck yourself right now?”

- Eventually, even he finally cums, he’s not too vocal. He grunts, biting his lip, and his eyes are squeezed shut. Afterwards, he’s kissing you fiercely, encouraging you to take your turn in showing off for him now.

I thought I’d share a little something because it’s still bothering me. Two days ago I nearly quit my job. As you all know I wasn’t properly trained like everyone else. I was supposed to do about a week during the day shift before being switched to 3rd shift. Nope, I was thrown in with no knowledge. I shadowed someone from the meat department for a couple of weeks while the department manager of where I was SUPPOSED to be wanted nothing to do with training me. She basically pointed at shit and said “here’s this this and that”(a fucking pattern with my working career at any job apparently). Well, I finally got trained enough to know what I was doing a week and a half ago(been here a month) and I’m confident I know what I’m doing.

The thing is the department manager said she’d be making me a schedule where I can check off what I have completed for the week. I asked her how to read the old one and she brushed it off and said she was just going to make a new one. Well, she didn’t. Up until a few days ago I have had to hunt her down before I clock out at the end of the day(she comes in an hour before I leave) to ask her what she wants me to do. She’s been all over the place with it and doesn’t seem to really know WHAT has been done and what hasn’t. Whatever, I do what I’m told. Well, instead of telling me she decided to just leave that schedule that I don’t know how to read(it’s confusing as hell trust me). I saw it and broke down. I started crying. I am the type of person that NEEDS direction. I like to be told what to do because I’ll know that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and there isn’t going to be many, if any, errors. I’ve been pretty much winging it and praying to fuck I’m doing it right.

The lady that I shadowed for a while had to call our shift manager back to calm me down. She asked me what I have done, I pointed it out, and she gave me an idea of where to start. She doesn’t even know anything about produce, even she couldn’t read that schedule, but she still gave me an answer. She even said she’d talk to the department manager about it. So now I’m just basically saying “fuck it” and doing my own thing. If I do what I’m doing it’ll make more sense than just bouncing around from here to there. Now everything will get cleaned at least once during the month instead of accidentally being skipped over because neither of us can remember the pattern of chaos. I feel a hell of a lot better about having more control over it, but I’d still rather have direction because I want to please, I always do. She just doesn’t communicate and says she’ll do things but never does. At this moment I still don’t fucking know if the leaks have been fixed in the cooler so that I can clean the remaining two fans. I get to find out next week by blindly testing the fucking shit. YAY!

TLDR Department manager is an asshole who says she’ll do things, but doesn’t, and doesn’t communicate or train me properly then expects me to do shit correctly. Ended up crying at the beginning of my shift, almost quit. -Abby

 i wanted to tell the people who have been saying that call me by your name is about pedophilia to educate themselves!! this is the bittersweet love story between two young men, that’s it. here are some things i wanted to point out so y’all can stop freaking out over fucking nothing: 

- Elio (the younger character) is above the age of consent. He knows what he’s about. He says it like a thousand million times during the book. 

- To some of you a seven year gap in a relationship is scandalous and falls into the category of “abuse” and “manipulation” but  in this case they were always equals in each other’s perspective. Oliver was never in a position of power (teacher, boss, etc) that coerced Elio to engage in a relationship with him. It was a consensual situation.  

-Oliver didn’t repeatedly tell Elio that they should not do what they were doing because he felt guilty he was taking advantage, but because he knew it would end eventually leaving both of them devastated. He knew that as much as he’d like for them to live happily ever after, it just wasn’t possible. 

-Elio was all shy around Oliver because of how infatuated he was with him, not because he was afraid of him. He also felt guilty when he thought he bothered Oliver because Elio wanted to be liked by him. 

-  Elio is a little extra sometimes, like he could do anything to please Oliver, but that’s not because he was being manipulated or whatever that’s because he’s an awkward 17 year old in love. That’s exactly how it feels when you fall in love for the first time and at that age. Also his persistent desire to be physically with Oliver is a result of that. Aciman did a 10/10 job describing his feelings btw. 

-At some point Oliver admits that he was just as besotted as Elio was all the time. They were both dumbasses who didn’t know how to express their feelings for each other, causing all the misunderstandings they went through until they finally got together. They were assholes to each other to cover up the fact that they were crushing hard. 

- At the end of the book, they acknowledge the strong feelings they had for each other even though everything ends up being really sad. They both loved each other, they just experienced it differently. Please note this not only in this context but in every other aspect that this could be applied to. Every single person experiences feelings in different ways.  I think this is the aspect that makes people confused, causing them judge this particular relationship as abuse. Elio loved Oliver like a flame, like something that burns you from the inside out, and from experience I can confirm that that’s exactly how you love when it happens for the first time. Oliver loved Elio deeply and has his best and happiest memories from the summer they were together…he says it himself lmao, but i guess it is different to fall in love at 24 than it is to fall in love at 17. Also maybe cultural aspects and their personalities may have influenced how they experienced their love.  So to summarize my rambling that may be repetitive but whatever: they did love each other, very fucking much, but they experienced and exteriorized it differently. 

-I think that y’all get a little disturbed because when you research a bit about the book the first things to pop up are previews from the movie (which i’m sure is a masterpiece) and Armie Hammer who plays Oliver is like, the all-American dude all muscly, blond, tan and tall, while Timothée Chalamet who plays Elio is skinny, pale and baby-faced and looks exactly like a teenage boy. So yeah, they are very different and that contrast is kinda shocking to some people. 

-The wikipedia description is kinda off… like i wouldn’t say completely innaccurate but i wouldn’t say reliable either because my impression of this book when i read about it on the wikipedia page was completely different to how i see it now. The reason why i mention this is because you damn well know that the first thing you do when you want to read abt something is go to wikipedia, so yeah, maybe look for some reviews or smth instead of going straight for that horrible place. 

-READ THE FUCKING BOOK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!. For all you know, you could be missing out on a fucking wonderful novel because you are shallow. 

-Also this has nothing to do with the previous things i said because i think i’m done with what i wanted to point out but the peach scene wasn’t so scandalous in my perspective??? like when i read it i was like oh boi but i didn’t freak the fuck out like some people did… maybe i’ve read too much fanfiction and i’m used to that stuff but idk 

So yeah this has been it. Before you come at me talking about me not understanding or whatever… like any other human with common sense, i do know that this is not romanticized pedophilia/abuse. This is a love story. A sad one that made me cry. And just another thing: if you come at me comparing call me by your name and lolita  i’ll fuck you up personally for being a headass bitch. 

Fools: a Mark fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Chapter 8

Two years ago, if you’d told me that I’d be having dinner with my dad, my best friend, and Mark Tuan, I would have ignored you because that was never going to happen.

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Every Me And Every You - Thirty Nine

“Are you sure you want me to process this request? I know how much you fought for your place on the team, and you’re a valuable asset to us, Agent Y/L/N.” SSA Hotchner sat across the table from you, your transfer request in his hands.

The last few weeks at work had been hard. You’d tried to act as natural as possible around Spencer to avoid the rest of the team picking up on it, but they had to know that something was up. You barely spoke to each other unless you needed to and you’d stopped giving him rides to and from work.

Yet they didn’t ask, which was strange for them. Perhaps they were scared of what they’d find out if they pried. Some questions were better left unanswered.

This hurt. Like you were going through a break up except you’d never been in a relationship to begin with. Not only had you lost the best sex you’d ever had, but you’d also lost one of your best friends.

How dumb you’d both been to think that you’d be able to just have sex and experiment and it not mean anything. Had you not learnt anything from the angsty teenage novels you’d grown up reading?

Apparently not.

Your evenings were now spent moping around your apartment, slumming on the couch with mindless television playing until it was time to go to bed, dreading the next day at work because of seeing him again.

So finally, you’d made the decision to fill out the paperwork, to request a transfer.

Aaron had looked sad when you’d requested the meeting with him and had sat down to hand the papers over, but he almost seemed like he expected it.

It was the only way out, you’d thought. You didn’t want to begin to despise your job just because you were hurt. You could do a similar job in another department. Sure you’d miss the team, but you’d still see them.

“Yes, Sir. I’m sure.”

“Okay. I’ll submit the paperwork. You’re aware that it could take up to three months to go through, especially as you haven’t given a specific reason as to why you wish to be removed from the team.”

“I’m aware. That’s fine. I’ll continue to do my duty up until then.”

“Okay then.” Your supervisor pulled out a manilla file and placed your papers in there, closing it again and sliding it into his out tray.

“Y/N. Does this have anything to do with Dr Reid? I don’t wish to pry but…. ”

“Then don’t pry. Please.” Your tone was cool and by the look on Aaron’s face that response had been all the answer he’d needed.

“Alright. I’ll be sad to see you go Agent. You’ll be sorely missed when the time comes around, by the whole team, Dr Reid included.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Thank you Sir, have a good weekend.”

He nodded at you and you stood and exited his office, going straight to the elevator to leave. The doors were closing and you yelled for whoever it was to hold them.

They did, and when you made it to the doors you realised it was Reid.


He looked straight ahead, not even looking at you.

“Are you getting in or not?” His words were short, his voice cold.

“I’ll take the stairs. It’s fine.”

“God Y/N. Is it really that bad that you can’t stand to be in an elevator with me alone?”

“Actually yes. But hopefully we won’t have that problem for much longer.”

The doors started to close again and he waved his arms through the sensor, halting them.

“Pardon? You mean you’re leaving?” His tone was less cold now, more shocked.

“That’s what we agreed isn’t it? That if this started to affect work then one of us would leave. And that it wouldn’t be you. So yes, I’ve handed my transfer request in.”

He paused for thought and then stepped out of the lift.

“You take this. I’ve left my cell in my drawer.”

He turned, walking back to the office.

“Y/N? Is that you?”

You were sitting in a coffee shop, nestled in a corner booth reading a book when you heard a voice. You’d needed to get out of your apartment so you’d forced yourself to run some errands, picking up some new reading material and stopping for a hot chocolate before heading home.

You raised your head seeing a vaguely familiar face standing by the booth.

“Hi. It’s April, from erm…. The store. We met a few months ago?”

Yes. You couldn’t forget her.

“Hi. I remember.” You folded the page of the book down, taking a slight pleasure in knowing the Spencer despised people who did that, and placed it on the table.

“Can I….?” She motioned to the bench and you nodded. She slid in next to you, placing her own drink on the table.

“How are you? How’s Spence? Have you been enjoying the things you bought?”

The girl wasted no time at all and you wrinkled your nose at her questions. She laughed.

“Sorry. I know I’m a bit much sometimes.”

“It’s fine. Erm, I’m okay.”

“And Spencer?”

You shrugged at her.

“Ah, okay. So you two are no longer a thing.”

“Yep.” You popped the p and took a sip of your drink.

She looked at you carefully, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly in thought.

“Are you…. With anyone else right now?”

Your eyes widened slightly, christ almighty. She laughed at you again.

“I’m not asking for me. I have a partner currently. Although I’m certain he wouldn’t object if you wanted to join in. Chris, my partner… has a friend that was looking for a new sub. Are you still into that, now you and Spencer are no longer……. ”

Were you? You didn’t know. You’d been curious before, and you’d enjoyed what you’d done.

“Erm…. I’ve not done anything with anyone else. Spencer was the first.”

“That’s okay. Nate’s a great guy. He actually knows Spencer too. We’re going to a play party later, why don’t you come with? You can meet him and decide whether he’s someone you’d like, no pressure. And then whatever happens or doesn’t happen, happens.”

You had spent your last three spare weekends when you hadn’t been at work moping about, making excuses everytime Emily or Penny tried to get you to go out with them.

Maybe… Maybe this would be okay. Spencer had said April was okay and if he knew this Nate as well…

“Alright. I’m in. Do I need to wear anything special or bring anything?”

She looked you up and down and grinned.

“Got anything that would pass as a school or college girl outfit. Nate kinda has a bit of a kink.”

“I can manage that.” You’d bought a pleated skirt and a tie to use with Reid but you’d never got chance to. No use in it going to waste.

“Excellent. What’s your address, I’ll pick you up at eight. What’s your number?”

You reeled off your digits, her typing them into her cell along with your address.

“I’m so glad I ran into you again! And like I said, no pressure. Nate’s a good guy. And if he’s not your type, then maybe I’ll still give seducing you a go. I’ll text you later, beautiful.”

She slid out of the booth and flounced out of the door taking her takeaway cup with her, a bounce of excitement in her step.

You couldn’t quite muster up the same excitement, but you were willing to give it a go.

It could be…. Interesting.

Anyone in the Camp Camp fandom is familiar with Jasper. We all know that he was a camper along with David.

However, what we don’t know is how exactly Jasper died.

Here are my two theories on how this may of happened.

I. Campbell killed Jasper/ let him die

Allow me to explain.

Earlier in the episode, (Jasper Dies At The End) right after Jasper falls, Campbell actually pulls a knife on David. A child.

Throughout the series, Campbell is repeatedly shown as a terrible person. What’s to say that he wouldn’t cross that line?

So, later, when they arrive at the cave, Jasper probably would have been unconscious, realistically. (If he was alive at all.) When Campbell kills the bears, I believe Jasper would have been barely alive at this point. Campbell may have sent David back to camp, instructing him not to tell anyone, possibly telling him that he himself would get help.

“If they ask, Davey, say that Jasper… Went home for the summer.”

A camper being attacked by bears wouldn’t just stay quiet. The camp would be investigated, and Campbell’s cover would be blown.

So why not just hide the evidence?

Even if it was a human child.

Once David left, he may have allowed Jasper to bleed out, or shall we say, sped up the process through an…

Alternate method.

From there, he could have done a few things. He could have thrown the body in the river, (unlikely, as anyone could find it, and the blood would attract people. Plus, Campbell’s probably smarter than that.) Or, he could have brought the body over to Spooky Island and buried it there, in a hidden, isolated area.

But personally, I think Campbell went a step further.

We know that he has a hidden laboratory, correct?

What if he built another room like that one? Only he, (and possibly Quartermaster) would know about it. The chances of someone finding the corpse now are significantly lower than if he picked a spot and buried it.

And as for the counselors, they may know about Campbell’s true colors. They may not want whatever they thought happened to Jasper to happen to them. So, they stay quiet.

II. Jasper died in the bear attack

This one has probably been done multiple times before. However, I would like to list my own reasonings on why this may be a plausible theory.

In “Parent’s Day”, we’re shown that Max is ten.

At this time, Jasper would have also been around that age.

What are the chances that a ten year old child would survive an attack from two adult bears?

Slim to none.

When Campbell and David arrive at the cave, they’re greeted with a grim sight: the corpse of Jasper.

David may of just stood there, shocked and traumatized.

But Campbell, though?

Not so much.

He would have reacted.

I believe that after this, he picked up the corpse, and had David sware that whatever happened that day would be forgotten. Or else.

David, scared and confused, complies. He has no evidence of what Campbell is doing. No evidence of the blackmail over his friend’s death.

He loves the camp. He really does.

But after that day, he despises Campbell. Despises the camp.

And yet, later in life, he goes back.


To protect the younger generation.

David knows that other campers will come and pass through Camp Campbell. He knows that they’ll be subjected to his influence.

He applies for the job of counselor. That way, he can both watch Campbell when he’s near the kids, and make sure that what happened-

Does. Not. Repeat.

He forces himself to idolize Campbell. David knows how far Campbell is willing to go to keep others quiet. If he shows outward respect for the man, suspicion from the children would be dropped.

They’d be safe from Campbell’s watch.

They can enjoy nature in a way he no longer can.

Which brings me to the S2 episode entitled “Cult Camp.”

The main plot of this episode is that Daniel, an almost exact copy of David, becomes a second co-counselor.

In the episode, it’s shown that David doesn’t want to lose his job because he will lose the “respect” of Campbell.

This may not be the case, though.

If he loses his job, he can’t protect the kids from Campbell. He can’t shelter them from his true colors. Neither he or Gwen have any control over what Campbell does to them.

This may be one of the reasons David seems so bothered over losing his position.

So, he challenges Daniel, hoping that he will crack.

Instead, he accidentally reveals that Daniel is a cult leader. The campers are no longer threatened, and the day is over.

When Nikki asks about the object hanging neatly in his car, he can’t tell them the truth.

As a result, he tells a sugarcoated lie. Suspicion from not answering is avoided, and the kids aren’t traumatized.

The story that David told may have had an underlying meaning.

Stay away from Campbell.


After all that’s said and done, though,

Jasper still hasn’t been freed.

Even after Campbell has been sent off.


In the Halloween Special, Jasper says:

“I’m cursed to be confined to this island for the rest of time. Well, that is, until my physical body can find peace in the living realm anyway.”

Meaning that maybe, one day, we might find out what really happened to Jasper.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if I could request some fluffy/sfw or nsfw headcanons for Inuchiyo? I don't know if you've done this before but hdisjdk it can be whatever you're most comfortable with! Thank you!

recently i feel like inuchiyo has been dropping down my list (through no fault of his own 😂 the other lords have just been really appealing lately) 

Inuchiyo headcanons

  • slow to wake up, grumbles a lot. will absolutely roll over and go back to sleep if you take your eyes off him
  • his body temperature runs hot, so he kicks off the blankets. he lets you warm your feet on him
  • takes mamechiyo out running with him everyday and always ends up having to carry him back because mamechiyo has short legs and he is tired
  • does not skip leg day. does not skip any day.
  • enjoys his fish and vegetables because they’re nutritious and made him grow up big and strong
  • loves alcohol but has terrible tolerance. he gets weepy and/or belligerent, and then falls asleep. he’s a giant lug so nobody can carry him to bed. let him sleep on the floor.
  • secretly enjoys tiny displays of affection like butterfly kisses and handholding but gets super embarrassed so he’s always telling you to stop but you know he does like it because he gets worried/sulky if he goes without for too long
  • always says he wants to be the big spoon but secretly enjoys being cuddled… you just need to be sneaky about it and ambush him while he’s asleep

NSFW under cut

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anonymous asked:

Chocobros reacting to catching their fem S/O looking at prices for plastic surgery? I'm petite and I've been having worse low self esteem lately about my body <___<;; Bless you for your lovely blog <3

Thank you Darling! Yet hmmm. plastic surgery is one of those things that I’m always kind of confused by. I understand the want to make yourself the type of beauty that you enjoy, yet it’s always so scary the stories you hear.



“You sure you want to go through with this?” Noctis asked looking up from the booklet that you had bought in with you.

“I…I don’t know.”

Noctis made a small murmuring noise, “Well if it will make you happy. I mean I know a lot of people that have it, but still…”

You begun to make your fight for the need, only to stop as you felt Noctis’s hand on your own.

“If this is what you want, then I’ll support you.”

You looked back to the broche, than to your boyfriend, “I want to think about it more.”




You looked to the paper in Prompto’s hands that he had fished from the recycle bin, “Prom…”

“Is this where you went earlier?” He asked, as you nodded softly. “What was it for?”

“A tummy tuck.”

Prompto faltered slightly, he could understand that, luckily he started to lose his weight as a child, so that as he grew to his final height the loose skin wasn’t too bad, and the marks were now very much faded. “Are you sure you want to go through with it?”

“I made the appointment, but I’m kind of nervous.”

Prompto sighed softly, “I just hear so many bad stories and if something were to happen to you, I just don’t want you to regret it.”

You took a deep breath looking to the man, “It’s not until the end of next month.”

Prompto moved forward wrapping his arms around you, “I think you’re perfect the way you are, no matter what you pick.”



Steroids, enchantments and hormones were all a part of Gladiolus day. He fortunately did not need them, but he had suffered through and provided enough broken noses within in his lifetime to know that plastic surgery was a thing, yet to find you had decided to do it for cosmetic reasons, because you were not comfortable within your own skin, he couldn’t wrap his head around it.

Gladiolus was a man very comfortable within his own looks, so he couldn’t understand the need for a tummy tuck, face sculpting, or additions to his body that weren’t for disfigurations or life threatening situations.

Yet he did know that your happiness meant everything to him.


Gladiolus turned to you, sighing heavily he looked back down to the pamphlet on the living room table, “I support you whatever you want, Babe.”



You felt like a kid with their hand caught in the cookie jar, as Ignis stood before you with the doctors pamphlet within his hand. “Ignis, I…”

“You don not need to explain yourself to me.” Ignis replied. “I just want to make certain that the doctor you have been speaking to has be certified. I know you are smart enough, to know that this isn’t something that in a one and done, this is a life time commitment. Plus there is also the recovery period and the things that can go wrong.”

“Yes, I do understand that.” You replied, knowing that he was worried, as there were a few things that could go wrong.

Ignis placed down the pamphlet, removing his glasses from his face, before pinching the bridge of his nose. “I for one believe you are absolute perfection the way you are, yet this is not about me. I support your choice, yet I want us together to make sure that you will have only the best, I love you too much to let some…some…”

“Quack?” You suggested.

Ignis chuckled pressing a kiss to your forehead, “Sure, get his hands on you, and hurt you. I do not want you to be another horror story.”

“All right.”

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Hi love!!! I'm so glad that there's a new Wanna One writer around! Could I request a short , fluffy ,Drabble where you and Woojin are dating in secret but then get caught by the other members? Thank youuuu 💕💕💕💕💕

right yes ok i have an idea so this is gonna be in a weird format??? i guess it’s more of a series of   r e a l l y   short drabbles rather than one drabble but it’s WHATEVER it’s gonna be fluffy & good & fun okay okay 


It starts with Seongwoo, as all the worst things tend to do.

You don’t think you’re being particularly conspicuous. Quite the opposite, in fact; it’s not like you and Woojin are sitting at separate ends of the table (you’re right next to one another, actually), but you’re not paying anymore attention to one another than to anyone else. There’s really no way for anyone to know that your feelings for one another aren’t nearly as platonic as you would like them to believe, so you hold hands under the table - there’s no need to be overly secretive when no one suspects anything anyway.

That is, of course, until Seongwoo drops his fork and has to crawl beneath the table to retrieve it. 

You don’t think fast enough; in fact, it doesn’t even occur to you that he might have seen until he looks at you with a smirk as he sits down once more.

No words are exchanged, but you make your feelings on the matter quite clear with the look you give him; You’d better keep your damn mouth shut, Ong Seongwoo.

His eyes, of course, convey an equally clear message;



You never thought yourself to be closer with Daniel than any of the other members (save for Woojin, of course), so it seems a bit peculiar to you when he starts extending you invites more and more frequently.

You can only turn down so many, you think, and so you eventually accept the suggestion that you and Woojin (a suspicious duo for him to invite, you note) join him for ice cream one afternoon.

It’s a nice little affair; Daniel offers to pay for everyone’s - an offer which you can’t turn down - and the early July sun is really beating down, so the treat is a much needed refreshment. The conversation is nice, too, at first, just exchanging pleasantries between the three of you.

“How are you lately?”

“Did you sleep well?”

“How long have you two been together?”

Woojin chokes on his ice cream and you freeze with the spoon halfway to your mouth. Daniel just smiles cheekily at the two of you. 

“You make a cute couple.”


Jaehwan has been snickering through the whole movie.

His laughter isn’t the off-putting part of it, honestly; it’s hardly something noteworthy. He can never truly keep quiet, regardless of what you’re watching. No, the off-putting part is the way every time he giggles, he looks over to the couch with you and Woojin at opposite ends and Ong Seongwoo smack dab in the middle. 

Seongwoo’s choice of seat isn’t inconspicuous in the slightest. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, which you have no doubt in your mind was his very intention when he first walked over with that smirk of his on his face and asked if you would mind.

(You did mind. You minded very much, but to say that would be to out yourself to more boys than you’d like, so you simply bit your tongue and told him that it was fine for him to plop himself right between you and Woojin.)

That in itself is annoying enough, but coupled with the periodic laughter from Jaehwan, you really can’t stand it.

“Do you need something, Jaehwan?”

“I just have a question, actually.”

“…What is it?”

“How do you feel about long distance relationships?”


Subtlety isn’t Jisung’s strong point.

Of course, the more you think about it, the more you wonder if he’s even trying to be subtle, and to be perfectly honest, you can’t arrive at a clear answer.

Maybe you would have an answer if you could actually think straight, you decide, but the constant noise is really doing its best to break your train of thought at every opportunity it has (and there are certainly more opportunities than you ever would have guessed there to be). 

As if on queue, the door flies open yet again, slamming right into the wall with an awful sound as it does so, and there is Jisung, hopeful face quickly souring at the sight of you on one couch and Woojin on another. Alongside his face, his phone which was clearly poised for a pictures falls down to his side. 

“…Can I help you?” You finally decide to ask. It’s for the wall’s sake, really; they’re going to have some serious damage to repair if he flings the door into it one more time. 

He looks like a child, pouting and flailing his arms about. “You guys are no fun,” he whines. “Why won’t you just kiss already?”


You really think that you might pass out if you have to stay up for even a second later, but you do your best to tough it out - it’s a rare moment for you and Woojin to unabashedly be together. 

It certainly took long enough (three hours and twenty seven minutes, to be exact), but the living room was finally cleared of all members. The night had begun with everyone huddled around the TV to watch an episode of a series you followed and eventually extended into a binge watch session. It took a while, but slowly, slowly, they began to filter out as they got tired. It was past two in the morning by the time Jisung finally decided to call it quits.

You were tired - oh, god were you tired - but you were happy to finally have a few moments just to the two of you, and you scooted over to rest your head on Woojin’s shoulder the very instant that you heard Jisung’s door shut. 

It was nice for the first ten minutes of the next episode that you started, but now, your eyelids are starting to feel heavy. You fight it off for as long as you can, but you’re eventually forced to give in, and you fall asleep with your head resting on Woojin’s shoulder. 

He knows he’ll have to wake you eventually, but for the moment, he lets you rest, the look on your face far too serene for him to do anything else.

It’s a perfectly sweet moment until he hears the sound of a door opening. 

He stiffens completely, torn as to what to do - should he just leave you there and hope they didn’t look? Should he wake you up and move away from you quickly?

He takes too long to decide, and before he knows it, Sungwoon emerges from down the hall, set towards the kitchen for a late night snack.

Woojin prays to every deity he’s ever heard of that Sungwoon will be too tired to notice the two of you there, but it seems that luck isn’t on his side, as Sungwoon’s eyes fall on you almost instantly.

He stops in his tracks for a moment, locking eyes with a silently pleading Woojin, but he moves on again before too long, smiling to himself and shaking his head.



It isn’t often that Minhyun calls Woojin aside to speak with him alone.

In fact, it’s not that it’s not often, but rather that it’s never happened before. Ever. 

As such, it’s only natural that Woojin is feeling a bit apprehensive when the older asks if he can talk with him for just a minute, leading him into his empty room and shutting the door behind them. 

It’s like being called in to talk to the principle, Woojin muses as he lets his eyes roam Minhyun’s room and take in all the little details. He has no idea what he’s done wrong, but he’s certain that it must be something - there’s no way that a one-on-one talk with Hwang Minhyun could mean anything good.

Just when Woojin thinks he’s about to burst from the anxiety of not knowing what he’s been summoned for, Minhyun finally speaks.

“I don’t…I don’t really know how to say this,” he admits, and the perplexed expression on his face mirrors how Woojin is feeling inside. What could Woojin have possibly have done to fluster Minhyun like this?

“You can tell me anything,” Woojin assures him sincerely, desperate to know just what’s going on. “It’s okay.”

At that, Minhyun takes a deep breath. “I just want to make sure you know that… if that time comes, you and ______ need to be safe-”

Woojin is out the door before Minhyun has a chance to finish the sentence.


Daehwi’s been jittery lately.

Jittery, jumpy, distracted, just flat out strange, really. Something is up with him, and whatever it is is very obviously wrong, regardless of how strongly he insists that he is perfectly fine.

He’s generally a happy, excitable kid, and he would never pass up an opportunity to go and spend time with his friends. Regardless of what they intended to do, Daehwi would be there without a doubt, that one constant little sun spot there to brighten everyone’s day.

Lately, though, he seems almost adverse to going out. He reacts like he might just die if he leaves the dorm.

“Hey, Daehwi, do you want to go shopping later?”

“I’m actually a bit tight on money now, sorry!”

“Do you want to come see a movie with us?”

“It doesn’t look that interesting…”

“How about we go for a walk?”

“In this heat?”

It’s not that he’ll die if he leaves the dorm - you’ve seen him go out with Jihoon and Jinyoung without putting up any fight at all recently. The problem seems to be leaving the dorm with you.

After being turned down for what feels like the 500th time that week, you can’t help but to ask him. “Why don’t you want to spend any time with me or Woojin lately? Did we do something to upset you?”

His response is a sheepish, “I don’t want to impose on your dates.”


Jinyoung, too, seems to be suffering from the Daehwi effect. 

His version of it is perhaps a bit less open, but the way he moves to the opposite end of the room when you walk in is still very, very far from subtle. In fact, it’s so absurd that you almost think you’re overreacting at first, and you test your theory out a few times. 

If you sit next to him, he moves to the other end of the couch. 

If you pass him in the hall, he all but flattens himself up against the wall.

If you walk in a room with Woojin, he flat out leaves the room. 

Everyone has been acting so strange around the two of you lately, you’re almost starting to accept strange as the new normal. It’s a little bit entertaining, you must admit, to watch the overly dramatic reactions to everything you do, but more than anything else, it’s tiring. 

As soon as you enter the kitchen with Woojin, you see Jinyoung’s eyes dart to the door. 

You’re faster than him, though, moving to stand in front of him and staring him down with a look that means business. 

“Why are you avoiding me?” You demand, and Jinyoung looks like a deer caught in headlights at your words.

“I’m not avoiding you,” he tries.

It’s a valiant effort, but one gone to waste; you just continue to glare until he finally offers you an answer. 

He can’t even keep a straight face, corners of his mouth just barely curving up into a smirk as he says, “Woojin’s been giving me this look every time we talk, and I kinda like being alive.”

You glance back at your boyfriend, ready to call bullshit on Jinyoung once more, but sure enough, he looks like his gaze could burn right through the younger boy.

Alright, so maybe you can’t really blame Jinyoung. 


Woojin may not be particularly tall, but he certainly seems to take up a lot of space as he lays on his stomach on the floor of his room, limbs stretched out in every direction. He takes a deep breath that’s really more aligned with a sigh than anything else, trying to expel all of the tension that he’s feeling. 

“You look really comfortable,” Jihoon says lifelessly, sitting perched on the bed and looking down at his spread out friend. 

All he gets in response is a grumble, heavily muffled by the carpet. Woojin doesn’t bother to lift his head, not moving at all from the position that he’s been in for a rather impressive amount of time now.

“What’s bothering you?” Jihoon tries again, using a different approach. “You’re clearly upset about something.”

“Can you tell?” He tries to joke back, but, again, his intentions are lost on the carpet, and all Jihoon hears in response is a dejected sounding mumble. “I’m so tired.”

“Is it something with ______?”

Woojin almost thinks he hears wrong at first, but his head snaps up at the mention of your name. “What do you mean?” He asks, tone suddenly a thousand times more animated than before. 

“You know,” Jihoon makes vague gestures, and, no, Woojin absolutely does not know. “Relationship problems.”

Woojin’s jaw drops - add Jihoon to the list of people you’ve somehow been outed to. “How - how do you know?” He asks incredulously.

Jihoon cocks an eyebrow at him and waits for a moment, giving him a chance to follow up with a ‘just kidding~’ or something of the sort, but when such a statement never comes, he just scoffs. 

“How could I not?”


There’s no use in hiding it anymore, really.

As Jihoon pointed out, your relationship has more or less become common knowledge (all thanks to Seongwoo, you’re sure) - trying to be secretive would really just be a waste of energy by now, and it’s with this thought in mind that you sit snuggled up to Woojin’s side on the couch in the middle of the day.

It’s funny, you think - the one time you’re not trying to be discreet is the one time no one is around to bother you. For as long as you kept your relationship a secret, it seemed that there was at least one other member with you at all times, but with it out in the open, it’s like the dorm has fallen silent. 

Regardless of the irony of it, you enjoy the situation - you’ll take any chance that you can to just be alone with Woojin. 

It’s one of those tooth-rottingly sweet moments. The TV is on in the background, but neither of you are really paying attention, your eyes trained on one another instead. You both start to smile as you look at one another, the close proximity making it a bit embarrassing, and it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re closing the distance between the two of you for a kiss, and - 

- and there’s a gasp.

The second your lips touch, you hear a gasp, and you break away as quickly as you touched in your shock only to look up and find Guanlin standing there, eyes looking about ready to pop out of his head.

“Guanlin!” You exclaim, caught off guard and a bit flustered to have been seen at such a moment “Sorry, we-”

He cuts you off, holding his hand up. “It’s okay,” he says, the look in his eyes serious and sincere.

“Your secret’s safe with me.”

this is SO MESSY and literally like five times longer than it was supposed to be bfjdksfjksfbha I suddenly g2g,,, anwyway im going to sleep now I’ll finally stop spamming y’all for toinght lmao good niiiiiiiiiight I hope you enjoy~~~

*claps hands*

*breathes deeply*

it’s lily. yeah, i know i’ve been hella absent. oops. 

okay so i figured that i’d make this for the sole reason that like, aesthetic tumblr-ness is all very well and good. but it ain’t working for everyone. including me. and yeah, i know that this has 100% been done before, but i’m doing it again, and who knows? maybe you’ll learn something new. let’s do this, fam.

1. find what works for you. and hey, if that means Colour Coded Notes and Aesthetic and Bomb Lighting, then go for it. whatever works. but if that means sitting up in bed dressed in a fucking onesie drinking milk out of the carton and having a mild Stress Crisis while you’re surrounded by pages of your scribbly handwriting in cheap black biro that’s Somehow Managed To Smudge Itself All Over The Goddamn Page, so be it. this leads me into my next point:

2. when and how do you study best? are you an early bird or a night owl? do you work better in the morning or in the evening? also: what kind of clothes do you wear? pjs or trackie dacks and a huge jumper vs actual clothes that you could go out in? what kind of learner are you? visual? auditory? verbal? kinetic? hint for my fellow visual learners out there: whiteboards + flash cards + whiteboard markers for drawing up connections is the best thing since sliced bread, especially for science. but something else that’s fucking important to figure out: do you work best in random spurts or steadily? for other people like me who can’t get their lives organised and instead work when the urge hits them, i advise you that when you feel even slightly productive, or able to work, sit yo fucking ass down and work. just do it. because otherwise you won’t get anything done. if you can organise a time to work each day, then you’re doing great already and i am Highly Shook. you guys are fucking cool.

3. relationships and feelings suck. i get it. sometimes, you just catch Unwanted Feelings and there’s nothing you can do about it. please remember that it’s okay to tell them, and it’s okay to not. they’re your Unwanted Feelings, to tell or not tell whoever you wish. OBVIOUS LIFE HINT: don’t tell secrets to people that you know aren’t very good at keeping their mouths shut. it’s a recipe for disaster. also!!! don’t every blame yourself for catching Feelings. it’s not your fault - as someone once said, the heart wants what it wants. also guys, you’re in high school. you have a fuck ton of hormones going batshit crazy - this means that things probably will change as you get older, but on the same note, don’t let anyone make you feel like your Feelings are invalid. as for relationships lmao sorry can’t help you there i’m as single as a pringle that was never put into a box. but look. people are dicks. it’s human nature, and i guess the only thing i got to say is that time heals all wounds. it’ll get better, i promise, even if it takes a very very long time. and guys - if you’re in a relationship that’s hurting you, leave. nobody has the right to treat you like shit.

4. that goes for friendships too!! if you have a friend who you just don’t get along with, or makes you feel bad about yourself, or whatever. if you’re in a toxic friendship, stop talking to them. please. and if you can’t get away from them, talk to someone - a teacher, a parent, another friend, anyone. people aren’t as scary as they seem, and lots of people are willing to help, if you just ask. fuck, come talk to me and i’ll help you draft a Plan Of Attack. our inbox is always always always open and we don’t bite. i mean. we might bite the person who’s treating you like shit. depends. but please also think about it carefully? do you really want them out of your life if it’s just a spat? sometimes a simple apology without an explanation is the best thing, to just fucking move on and forgive each other. 

5. finding out who you are isn’t a one time thing, it’s a journey. i feel like this is kinda obvious, but because there are people out there who convince people that this is wrong, i’m gonna say it. discovering your sexuality/gender identity/anything else is not always a sudden moment of realisation. sometimes, it’s a long journey of self-discovery. if you’re worried because you’re thinking “oh my god, maybe i’m not ____” just…shh. shhh. it’s okay. lots of people are discovering who they are, their sexuality, their gender identity. and it’s okay to identify with something and then discover that you’re not that thing. it’s not pretending, it’s not being fake, it’s just you on a path of self-discovery. and if anyone tries to fuck with you because of your gender/sexuality, they about to catch these bi-as-fuck hands, boi. 

6. self care is important but that doesn’t always mean soaking in a bath on the weekends or buying cute pens and books - side note: retail therapy is fucking awesome. if self care means not doing any homework for a whole day and just lounging around on the couch petting your pet and drinking unreasonable amounts of orange juice, fucking do it. if self care means spending a whole day on youtube watching crack videos and rip vine compilations (i love that shit istg), do it. just do whatever you need to do to feel better - but try to steer clear of illegal shit, yeah?

7. but sometimes, we just don’t have time for self care. and that’s okay too. if you gotta pull a few all-nighters to study for exams or skip sports or whatever, it’s okay. don’t sweat it. if you gotta lie to someone because you’re terrified of losing marks, just chill out a bit. i stand by the saying that whatever my teachers/parents/coaches don’t know isn’t gonna hurt them. if they think you’re sick and you’re actually busting a lung studying for a test, it’s okay as long as they don’t find out. try not to make it a habit, obviously, but just once isn’t gonna kill you or them. on that note, it’s best not to do this too much because it can get tricky remembering what lies you’ve told which people. keep it to one or two and you’ll be fine. example: i skipped my dance class two weeks before a competition to study for a science test. i told them i had gastro (which is a great excuse, btw, it’s hella contagious and you can get over it quickly and nobody wants diarrhoea) and then when they asked me the following week how i was feeling, did i tell them “fine”? no. i told them i was feeling better. you gotta keep up pretences.

8. high school is a time to learn. sure, your marks aren’t gonna be the end of the world, but like…don’t…not try, either? it’s okay to get stressed, it’s okay to worry about school. and like i said in point 7, it’s okay to sometimes prioritise school over everything else. it’s also okay to prioritise your health, be it mental or otherwise, over school and whatever else. please don’t drive yourself into a bad place because you’re worrying about school. just…do whatever makes you be the best person you can be. in short, you do what’s best for you and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

9. gather information. figure out which teachers you can fuck around with, and which teachers it’s best to keep your head down with. which classes you’re gonna have to work harder in to keep your grades where you want them to be, and which classes you can worry a little less about. 

10. don’t be a piece of shit. don’t be horrible to other people, don’t be horrible to your teachers (god knows they go through enough without you picking on them as well, i know this for a fact because i am related to a teacher), don’t bully people, use your fucking common sense. high school can be an emotional roller coaster as it is, and if you decide to make some poor person’s life hell, then you suck and i hate you. sort yourself out. stop. apologise. figure out why you’re being a horrible person and sort it out. i ain’t got any time or patience for people like you. unless you’re actively trying to fix it, in which case i have a bit more time and patience and i’m willing to help. people can change. i believe that.

so, in summary, high school can suck, but you gotta make the best of it because you will miss it, i’ve still got a term to go and i’m getting nostalgic already (side note: i live in australia, our years are a bit different, 7-10 is high school and 11-12 is college, then we go to uni). do what you want, try not to stress too much, you can deal with feelings, don’t be a horrible person and just try to enjoy it. you are a wonderful, amazing, unique person and don’t ever forget that - you can do it, whatever it may be. smile, and don’t ever be afraid to try something new or take a risk. life is short, high school is shorter, and don’t sweat the small shit.

keep your chins up and hustle hard, my chickens 💚💚

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holy shit give me MORE steve + tonys daughter!!!!!!! give me them BONDING and give me steve realizing that he has known three generations of starks and give me tonys daughter teasing steve bc he's so damn old give me ALL OF IT

Previously… x x

“Uncle Steve! I didn’t realize you were back from Niger…which I know nothing about, of course.”

Steve grins and pulls Victoria into a tight hug. It’s been months since she’s seen her, what with her all the way across the pond, studying in Paris. “Of course, not. We managed to complete the mission early and you know Tony likes to have everyone home for Christmas, so I figured why not.”

Victoria beams as she pulls back. “Dad will be very pleased even though he pretends he doesn’t care. Is Bucky with you?”

“No, he’s with Sam. They’re, I don’t know, in D.C. to pick something up?” Steve shrugs.

“Captain!” Tony’s voice booms down the hallway. “How many times do I have to tell you to send a little warning before you come trampling into my tower?”

Steve rolls his eyes. “It’s nice to see you too, Tony. Merry Christmas.”

Tony stops dead in his tracks, his eyes widening in shock. “Was that…I’m sorry, were you just civil to me?” He clasps his heart for a good measure, causing his daughter to scoff. 

“My God, dad!”

“What a momentous occasion! JARVIS, tell me you got that. I have to contact to the Guinness people! It’s a Christmas miracle!”

“I will put salt in your coffee,” Steve replies flatly. 

Tony chuckles. “Aw, Steven. You love me too much for that.” He pulls Steve in for a warm hug and Steve does not laugh at how small Tony is in his arms. Maybe he did, a little. In his head. What?  It’s cute. If Tony wasn’t happily married, Steve would’ve totally made a move on him by now. (More likely, Bucky would’ve seduced Tony and dragged Steve along with him.) Not that Tony ever has to know any of this, of course. 

“I missed you too, Tony. I’m glad to be home for Christmas.”

Tony smiles at him, eyes crinkling at their corners and radiates so much happiness that it makes Steve ache with it. “So. Are you done with whatever you were working on the lab? You could join Vic and I for…” Steve trails and glances at the TV, realizing he had no idea what Victoria had been watching before he came in.

“Arrested Development re-runs,” Victoria finishes for him, her voice wavering for some reason. “Your favorite episode is coming up, Dad.”

Tony melts. “How could I say no that? But I’m getting popcorn!” With that, he disappears into the kitchen and Victoria and Steve settle into the sofas, twisting and turning until they’re comfortable. 

Tony returns in a few minutes with two bowls of popcorn and sits on Victoria’s other side. The lights dim and the show is unpaused. 

A couple of hours pass as they binge-watch the show. Laura joins them for a few episodes before she has to run off. A sudden movement to his left catches his attention and he sees Victoria lean up to kiss Tony’s cheek. 

It’s a quiet murmur, but Steve still catches the words. “Thanks, Dad. I know you’ve been busy.”

“Anything for you, you know that. I’m sorry I’ve busy,” Tony replies. It’s the most serious he’s ever seen Tony. He knows Tony used to fret constantly about being a father, or rather being like his father. It’s been years and Steve thought he’d gotten over his fears. After all, he’s one of the best fathers Steve knows. 

Perhaps those fears aren’t something someone just “gets over”. Perhaps it’s a life-long struggle. But Steve knows Tony well enough to know that he’d consider the fight, the love, the…all of it worth it if that meant getting to be Victoria’s father. 

Steve smiles ruefully and turns back to the TV. Bucky and him have talked about children, of course, but they’d decided against it. It’s not safe with the lifestyle they lead and neither of them were willing to give up being a soldier. But that was years ago. Maybe…maybe it’s time to revisit the topic. Maybe, maybe he could finally hang up the shield. 

Once he’d thought he’d never put down the shield, he knew enough of the world to be realistic of its threats, but happiness… a family, that’s important too. For every Nazi, white supremacist, terrorist and villain out there, there are more like Sam, like Tony, like Jane…like Howard. 

Howard was a good man when Steve knew him. Even good men can make mistakes. Though that probably wouldn’t stop him from punching the guy if he ever saw him again. 

“You are looking way too serious for this show, Uncle Steve.”

Steve starts out of his thoughts and looks at Victoria…and Tony. 

“I’m old.”

A beat pauses before both the Starks beside him start cracking up. 

“Woooooooowwwwww,” Victoria says between giggles. “Did it take you this long to figure that out?”

Steve scowls. “Shut up.”

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Ok I know this has been done before, but all I can see right now is the Wolfpack, Ahsoka, Kit, and all the others I've referenced in my Road trip AU, wearing "if lost return to Plo" and Plo just standing there proudly wearing an I'm Plo T-Short, beaming like he's wearing the crown of the queen of England. Have a great day/night/whatever the weather day! :)

This is beautiful and they fuckin’ would lmao

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Request: Gabe/Jack - "Faerie Tithe"

R76 + Faerie Tithe

   Gabriel had been seven when he had first understood the meaning of the festival they held every year on the summer solstice, the first time he realised that the teenager who was dressed in the best their village could make and surrounded by the fruits of the harvest and hunting for that year, didn’t want to be there. He had sneaked away from his parents and sibling, wanting to get a better look at the person who was practically being worshipped, partly envious…because he wanted to dress like, to stay in the big cabin at the centre of the village and eat to his heart’s content, rather than fighting for every scrap of food. Which was why he found himself at the edge of the pallet where the ‘chosen’ was sat, crouched behind the offerings and peering up at them, only to frown in confusion when he realised that the girl was sobbing quietly.

   He must’ve made some sound, or moved something because her head shot up and for a moment their gazes met. Blue on Brown…and he didn’t know what to think of the terror in her eyes, or the brief flicker of hope as she reached for him.

“Help me…”

    He didn’t know what to do and so he shook his head, glimpsing the way her face crumpled before he turned and bolted without looking back. He hid for the rest of the day, not participating in any of the games or following the procession which would lead the girl into the forest and leave her by the sacred stones that lay beyond. Even as his age he knew that something was wrong, and all he could think was that he should have done something or said something…if it had been his sister he would’ve, because he could never bear her tears and that thought kept him awake all night.

   The next day he went searching for the girl to apologise, but he couldn’t find her. Nor the next or the next day…and when he asked about her, he was met by worried looks and told to forget about her. He didn’t. And in the end his parents had pulled him aside and explained.

It was tradition.

One life. One teenager was chosen every year, their life offered as a sacrifice to the Faerie that ruled over the forest. One life in return for the safety of the village and their prosperity.

  Gabriel refused to accept that. He had heard the legends of the Faerie and knew that no one had seen the being in years, there wasn’t even any proof that they would be punished if they abandoned the tradition. And surely it wasn’t fair for one person to be chosen? His questions fell on deaf ears… it was tradition, it had to happen. Don’t you care what happens to them? That they don’t want it? He asked, refusing to back down. It doesn’t matter. It’s for the good of the village. Empty words. Empty promises. And yet in their defence the chosen teenager always disappeared, never to be seen again, although there was never any evidence of violence or struggle which the older tales had always whispered.

They were just gone.


   It was that thought which was playing through Gabriel’s head as he bought his bound hands up to his mouth, this time tasting copper as he began to gnaw at the ropes. Gone. He would be gone, or dead by this time tomorrow if he didn’t escape, and yet after hours of work he had barely got anyway and a quick glance up at the window showed the sky outside was getting brighter and brighter. He was running out of time…

   His selection hadn’t come as a surprise. When he had refused to stop asking questions, to stop trying to end the tradition he had been banned from the ‘celebrations’, locked up at home to make sure that he didn’t interfere. He had been chosen so that they could silence him and protect their precious tradition… even his own parents had stood there and said it was for the best, even if they had done it with tears in their eyes. He wanted to hate them…but those tears stayed with him, merging with the cries of his siblings as he was led away because like him they knew the truth, they just weren’t as vocal about it and right now, as he spat out a mouthful of blood and fibre he was glad. Glad that they wouldn’t be chosen…


   He had failed. Dawn had come and with it the village healer. He wasn’t trusted to be a good tribute, and despite his best efforts there was no way for him to stop her dosing him with a foul-tasting concoction that left him numb and not really there.

   The day passed in a blur. More medicine being forced down his throat whenever feeling began to trickle back in, and trapped within the confines of his mind the anger rose and swell as he watched the village celebrating what was going to be his death. Through it all he was haunted by the girl he had seen years ago, remembering her fear and how he had turned away…and feeling echoes of it as he watched kids coming to stare at him before disappearing, only they wouldn’t be haunted by his voice or words because both were trapped by the medicine.

    Sunset brought movement, his anger giving way to terror as the pallet was lifted and borne away through the forest. He could see the light of their torches and hear their voice and yet they felt like they were coming from miles away. He didn’t want this to be how things ended. He had dreamt of a life beyond this village and now it was slipping through his fingers, sacrificed for people who had never thought of life beyond the forest, who were happy to bow to tradition.

He hated them.

   He could move his eyes, and he refused to look at his parents when they stopped to say their farewells before he was left within the stone circle, relieved that they had at least left his siblings behind. Their words washed over him as he turned his gaze skywards, the stars already coming out in force and as he felt the pallet move again all he could think was that at least he would die on a beautiful night.


   The stars he discovered, lost their appeal after a while. Feeling was slowly creeping back into his body and if he focused he could move a hand or foot and he knew that sooner or later he would be free, and something akin to hope began to burn in his heart. The hours were passing and there was no sign of the Faerie, no sign that this nonsense was real and he could feel his heart beginning to race when he finally managed to move his leg…he wasn’t going to die. He was going to be free. He already knew that he wouldn’t go back, that he was going to leave and find the life he wanted and it struck him as he shifted restlessly, that maybe that was what had happened…. that the others had reached the same conclusion and fled, leaving the Elders and the village to their delusions.

“If only it was….”

     It took him a moment to realise that the voice was real and not in his own thoughts, fear flooding him even as he rolled his head towards the sound and suddenly it felt like he couldn’t breathe. He had a fleeting impression of an old man, silvery hair framing a wizened face and deep blue eyes but then the image wavered and he found himself staring at a teenager about his age, his face framed by light gold and the deep blue eyes had turned the colour of the dawn sky and seemed to see right through him. He blinked again, half expecting the image to shift again, but the teen remained.

“Who…?” It was hard to speak, the medicine still holding it in his grip and the other boy frowned before moving closer and Gabriel felt his breath catch again. It was like watching someone dance, the boy crossing the distance in a few graceful steps before sinking to his knees beside him, eyes darkening as he scanned Gabriel’s body before focusing on his face once more.

“This is new…” He didn’t sound happy about it and Gabriel scowled…it sounded like he knew about what happened each year and he cursed the fact that he could move away when the boy reached out, brushing cool fingers over his face and down his neck, a strange warmth following his touch and Gabriel gasped when suddenly he found himself able to move again. At once he was up and scrambling away, eyes wide as he glanced down at himself before focusing on the boy.

“What did you do…?”

“I removed whatever they had given you,” the boy seemed unfazed by his response, sinking back on his ankles, eyes never leaving Gabriel. “Why would they give you something like that? They’ve never done that before.””

“You know what they’ve been doing?” Why didn’t you help?

“I know,” the boy looks sad, a deep sorrow that has Gabriel suddenly wanting to do or say something to ease it. “A tithe for the Faerie of the Forest…willingly sacrificing their own and for what?” He glanced down at his hands and this time Gabriel saw the glow that spread across his fingers. “A gift that would be willingly given anyway…”

“You…” Gabriel trailed off, shaking his head…because this wasn’t possible. It was supposed to be a myth. A legend. Yet…he glanced up, tearing his gaze from the glow and again the boy’s image seemed to waver, old and young merging for a moment before settling once more. “What did you do to them?”

“Nothing!” The blond protested looking horrified. “I freed those I could…took them to places they would be safe, gave them what blessing I could…” After years spent trying to learn the truth, and learning how to watch people Gabriel was confident that the boy was telling the truth and he took heart from the thought that there were others who had escaped this fate, before his eyes narrowed.

“Those you could?”

“There were times when I was too late,” the boy admitted, raw pain clouding his expression and his image wavered again and he glanced down. “Those ones were gone…taken by the forest, or by your own people.”

   By my own people? Gabriel frowned, before a sickening feeling spread through him as he glanced around the stone circle. They wouldn’t…

  They would. He knew they would. Hell, he was here because he hadn’t been willing to accept their traditions, and deep down he knew that if they found him here come dawn they would make sure he didn’t get a chance to keep questioning them. He felt sick…wondering just how many people had lost their lives to this tradition, how many people had been killed in this clearing. Part of him was tempted to ask but when he looked up he couldn’t get the words out, because the other boy was clearly hurting, the pain in the blue eyes when their gazes met a moment later he felt compelled to offer comfort.

“You weren’t too late this time…” It wasn’t much, he didn’t know who or what the boy was or what was going to happen to him now. Yet apparently it was everything, because the stunned smile that crept across the other’s face was beautiful and Gabriel couldn’t look away, realising in that instance that there may have been more to his village legends than any of them could have realised, his heart hammering in his chest when the other boy whispered.

“Thank you…”

Shopping Five Dimensions

The prison is grey and bland. The best prisons know to be dull. I study energies burning in the walls, stand, wait. A man comes in with guards. He wears the kind of uniform that demands attention, tries to command respect for him.

“Do you know who we are?” He demands.

“No. Charlie says you’re fictional, but fictional is a twisty concept around Jay.”

I recognize the power burning inside them. Thee are forces no one harnesses, because even insanity has its limits. Greed, in my experience, does not. I say nothing.

“We are Time Lords.” He says that like it should mean something to me. People like that are seldom stable.

“Maybe you might want to talk to a Time King, someone actually in charge?”

“I am in charge here.”

I snort. “You don’t know what’s going on. That’s what being in charge is. You have questions. Ask them.”

“What happened to The Master?” he demands.

“You’re in charge but let someone below you call themselves The Master?” I raise an eyebrow. “It would help if I knew who that was.”

A window opens in the wall. The person in the cell beside me is crying and shaking, a screaming gibbering wreck.

“What has done this?” And the fear is for his people as much as him: I begin to like this leader a little more. “The Master looked into the untempered schism and survived.”

“Ah. I assume that’s an aspect of Winter?” No reaction. “You perhaps know him as Arth'ba'Toch?”

Only the leader reacts. “You should not know that name!”

“I am the wandering magician. I know too much that I shouldn’t know. I collect secrets because one must have at least one vice.”

“We can imprison –.”

“I have been in prisons before. And whatever you can do is nothing next to what the fae did.” I don’t let him know more, but he pulls back at something in my tone. “As for your, ah, Master: he met Jay. I believe he said he walked in infinity and could see the universe turn or something like that.”

“You mock us, ‘magician’?”

“I merely state facts. Jay said, ‘Me too!’ And then showed him the reality behind your poetic nonsense. Jay always means what he says. He assumes everyone else does too.”

The Time Lords look at each other. The guards look paler than the leader does.

“Whatever weapon you’re thinking of, it isn’t going to work. You walk in time? Everyone does that. Jay leap frogs, gallivants and plays tag with Time. And you know nothing about him. I find that curious, that I do.”

“Gallifrey is sealed off from Creation!”

I sigh, step forward and walk out of the cell. The walls were a disguise, the real prison a stasis field of sorts. Two of the guards try and kill me, but this place offers wards I use easily. They vanish. Hard. “Wandering. Magician. No place is closed to me, but this wasn’t me. Jay – ah – got cross at NOT making a friend and things went sideways.”

“Got cross,” the leader repeats, having gestured the other guards to stand down.

“The living machine didn’t open when he knocked and tried to escape, not wanting to be friends.”

“He hijacked a TARDIS, forced entry and – the record gets muddled.”

“He hugged the heart of it. I believe he thought it needed a hug.”

The leader stares. “… we are now far beyond the bounds of the possible,” he whispers weakly.

“Jay likes making friends.” I shrug. “Stop trying to send him through time and we’ll be on our way.”

“On your way. To where?”

“We were buying a couch. Jay wants one bigger on the inside, so it can hold a lot of people hiding from Charlie. And also hold Jay. And enough snacks for a Jay.”

“This – all this because you were looking for a couch?” The leader screams the last word incredulously.

“Yes. So letting us leave – preferably with a couch – would be safest.”

“A TARDIS. Decommissioned and turned into a couch.”

“I don’t care what it is. All I do care about is that you really don’t want this causing ripples. Jayseltosche is far more dangerous when he’s older.” That wins no reaction. I reach out with the magic. Touch. Learn. Explore. “You know of the Guardians of Time? Jay is what they guard against, though telling him that would be unwise.”

The leader’s face drains of colour, his stature diminishing.”You know too much that you should not know.”

I shrug. “The magic asked; your world told me. I don’t know when you’re really from, or why you went into the past to convince yourselves you weren’t from – when you are from, and I don’t much care. All I care about is that we get home safely.”

He stares at me. “I – go. We will think on this.”

I nod and whistle. Jay appears a moment later. He looks eleven, and ordinary, and his grin bursts with pride and joy. “Honcho, Honcho, Honcho! Charlie and I are having a lot of adventures!”

“I’ve noticed the explosions,” I say dryly. “But we need to get back home now.”

“Oh. Really?”

“They offered us a couch.”

“Yay!” I snag his arm before he can hug them a thank you, make a door back home. It’s easy without anyone trying to interfere.

Jay waves goodbye. “It’s okay! I bet you’ll be a good doctor too when you’re jaysome,” he says we vanish back into the world.

I have no idea who he was talking to. Charlie stares at the blue couch in the middle of the hotel room and says she’s getting several drinks. Jay makes a couch fort, because Jay. I get some water, head out of the hotel and wonder what Time is going to make of this adventure.

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37 from the angsty prompt list + dick grayson?

@madelyne-pryor @niightwngs @batarang-s

You don’t know how he still has the energy to get up and out of your bed after that, you certainly couldn’t, hell, you don’t think you could sit up even if you wanted to. 

His lips are red from your hard kisses and there’s some red lines going down his back but they should fade by the time he walks back to his apartment. 

You just wish he’d stay in bed with you for just a while longer but you know he has to go, as much as you hate that.

There’s been secret dates and meetings and fuck sessions and he’s even told you that he love you and you want to believe that but how can he really love you if you’re nothing more than a fucking mistress or side ho or whatever the fuck society has decided to label you as.

You hate that you can’t have him all to yourself but you hate what you’ve done, the damage that you’ve done- that you’re going to do to the nice girl that Dick is dating.

“Dick… we shouldn’t be doing this.”

“I know.” That’s all he has to say and it’s been said a hundred times in a hundred different ways and it should have ended before it even began but it’s like he was a drug.

“I’m sick of being the other girl. I just, I can’t be that person anymore. It’s not fair to your girlfriend.”

Dick pauses as he pulls on his jeans, hands shaking just a bit before calming himself, now wasn’t the time to panic.

“You’re right. This needs to end.”

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I don't know if this has been done, but I just thought of the concept art for Harley and Joker getting fast food in the Vaydor. What are their McDonald's orders and do they generally shoot the poor schmuck at the drive thru window?

Haha, the poor person at the window never knows if they’ll die or not. With J, always expect the unexpected ;)

I’m not sure about the specifics, but I feel like J would get whatever he could eat the fastest so he could continue whatever he was doing before. 

Harley on the other hand would probably get multiple different things because she couldn’t decide, force J to get her a milkshake, and (of course) demand a toy lol

Jeremy Jordan and The Beef of a Lifetime

MY BOY GOT BEEF WITH HIS ENTIRE FAN BASE NOW AND I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM. LIKE IM SURE HE SAID SOME MESSED UP SHIT TO BE CALLED OUT THIS BADLY BUT LIKE DAMN GUYS. JEREMY JORDAN HAS DONE MANY A GOOD THING TO POINT OUT THAT HE IS A FRIEND OF THE LGBT SO LIKE WHATEVER HE SAID SHOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN WITH A PRECONCEIVED IDEA OF WHO THIS SON OF A GUN IS. A NICE GUY. I HOPE ALL THE HATE DOESN’T HURT HIM TOO BAD CAUSE HE SOUNDED REALLY SAD ABOUT IT. LIKE HE FELT SOOO BAD. I feel bad bc he felt bad. I knew Jeremy Jordan as Jack Kelly before I knew him as Winn. And I know that most people in the Broadway community have a fairly open mind about the lgbt+ so once I heard this whole situation I was like “what??? No?” Cause I honestly can’t fathom Jeremy Jordan being homophobic. Like that wasn’t even a possibility in my brain before this beef. And you know what. It still isn’t. I don’t know who Jeremy Jordan is. I don’t know how he lives or what he likes to do. But I would like to believe that he is a good person. That he actively supports lgbt and cares for everyone he meets. Because when I look at Jeremy Jordan that’s the kind of person I see. And you know maybe he did say some sh*t, but he apologized for it. And it was genuine. So I still see him as one of the good ones. And if you don’t, then that’s your choice. Choices matter.