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NDRV3 Boys singing their child a lullaby

Anonymous asked: Hi idk of this has already been done yet but can I have the NDRV3 boys with their child who has a hard time sleeping and the boys are singing their child a lullaby? I want some parent fluff

I kept the same genders for the children from the other post so I hope you enjoy this! Also C/N means child’s name in case you didn’t know

~Mod Kiibo

  • Shuuichi Saihara (Son)

~ It was quite late into the night and Saihara was just finishing up something, his S/O is already asleep and his son was too well that is what he thought

~ He heard some footsteps along the corridor and wondered who it was as he peeked out of his office he saw his son who looked very tired walking around in circles

~ Slowly he walked up to him to ask his son why he was up so late which he got a response admitting that he couldn’t sleep at all no matter what he tried

~ Showing concern for his child he gently held his hand and walked them back their dimly lit bedroom with leaving the door slightly open so it wasn’t pitch dark

~ He let go of his hand so that his son could get back into his bed, he quietly asked him if he could tuck himself in

~ The small child got back into bed wondering what his father was going to do, Saihara took ahold of his hand again and started to hum for a bit to relax his son to make him drowsy

~ He then started to quietly sing a lullaby even though it was quite calm and rather hushed it was still hearable since it was heard by tiny ears which had the effect of making him sleepy with his eyes starting to slowly close

~ It took a couple of lullabies until he was properly asleep but it was worth it

~ Saihara carefully got up letting go of his son’s hand and putting it in a comfortable position and walked out of the bedroom back into the corridor

~ He was smiling softly as he didn’t think that would’ve worked as well as he thought it would be but he is glad nonetheless

  • Kokichi Ouma (Daughter)

~ He was already getting ready to head to bed himself until he heard some creaking outside of his and S/O’s room, he saw his door open a little bit and heard a faint gasp

~ The only person it can be was his daughter, C/N who was hiding behind the door after being caught by her father

~ Faint mumbles and footsteps could be heard from the other side and he wondered why on earth his daughter was awake at this time of night

~ So Ouma opened the door to find a very tired young girl on the other side with her teddy, she was obviously wanting something as she waited for a response to why she was up while she timidly held her teddy bear close to her chest

~ Her father asked her why she was up so late since it was way past her normal bedtime and she is not usually up at this time

~ She explains that she had trouble sleeping and she thought that her parents could help her which Ouma smirked and asked her if she wanted to hear him sing a lullaby

~ With a slight nod she smiled brightly at him even though he was joking about it but he couldn’t back off now so he guided her back to her room through the dark hallway

~ He turned on her light so they both can see what they were actually doing and C/N got into her bed all tucked in while Ouma was beside her

~ He coughed playfully for a bit which made her giggle a bit and started to sing her a lullaby which made her calm

~ It finally soothed her into a sleep which brought a smile on Ouma’s face and he tip toed out hoping that she would stay asleep throughout the night

~ He gently closed the door and sighed in relief surprised that actually did work and headed back to his room so he could sleep beside his S/O until the morning

  • Rantarou Amami (Son)

~ It was quite late for him even he would admit that and he thought no one else was awake at this moment of time

~ He was laying down on the couch as he was just staring at the ceiling thinking about how he should head to bed soon since it was rather late and his S/O has already gone upstairs

~ That was until he heard footsteps coming down the stairs which he thought was his S/O but when he turned around he was greeted to his son who looked like he had bags under his eyes

~ After some minutes of awkward staring, Amami told C/N to sit down on the couch with him to explain why he was up at the time

~ He understood immediately when he heard words along the line of not being able to sleep properly and sighed

~ Noticing that his son looked tired and wanted to sleep but couldn’t he thought of ways to help him go to sleep and decided it was best to sing him a lullaby because why not?

~ Helping his son up he held his hand while walking to his bedroom along the darkness of their home and Amami opened the door and signaled something that meant to get into bed and C/N followed

~ After getting himself tucked into bed, C/N asked his father of what was he going to do and with that question Amami muttered something before he started to hum quietly

~ He then started to sing a little lullaby he knew and get singing it until he saw that his son was fully asleep and snoring away into his dreams

~ Pleased with his work, Amami chuckled quietly before leaving the room without almost any noise and shut the door trying his best not to make a huge ruckus with it

~ He then proceeded to head to his own room where he slowly got changed headed to bed, falling asleep with listening to the faint sounds he can hear out of the window and the view of the trees swaying almost silently as well

  • Kaito Momota (Son)

~ He is normally up at this time of his daily routine of star gazing is scheduled pretty late but he didn’t expect his son just casually sitting there on the sofa when he got back, at first he thought it was just a intruder a very small one at least but when his son turned around in fear

~ Yup that’s definitely his son, It is 100% C/N not some intruder that was breaking into their house

~ But this brought up some more questions

~ Now he’s completely confused of why C/N up way later than usual and not in his bed, so he just sits down next to him on the couch and wraps an arm around him asking the question why aren’t you in bed that sort of thing

~ He gets it when his son says he couldn’t sleep and hasn’t been sleeping or not well anyway for the past two days which is a major concern since he needs his sleep!

~ It takes a while of thinking of an idea to help his son get to sleep since every idea he tells him, C/N shoots it down by saying he has already tried that but then Kaito gets it

~ He carefully walks upstairs with his son on his shoulders trying not to make the stairs creak because no one wants noise at midnight, he continues to walk to the familiar door that belonged to C/N’s room and opened it and placed him on the bed

~ Sitting down himself on the floor, he helped tuck his son in while starting to sing a lullaby he knew, while singing he patted his son’s head and scuffed his hair a bit before he noticed that the lullaby was working since he saw two small eyes closing slowly but surely getting there

~ Once his son dropped off, he chuckled to him of how cute his son was and headed out of the room shutting the door as quiet as he could

~ Then he started to head to the room he and his S/O shared, got ready and fell asleep

~ He had to sing the lullaby a couple more times before his son was sleeping perfectly again which made Kaito proud of himself

  • Ryoma Hoshi (Daughter)

~ It was pretty normal for him to be just relaxing on the couch late into the night, it kind of came a routine that he did

~ He wasn’t expecting anyone else to be down here but that’s when he heard something in the kitchen he groggily got up and checked it out turning on all the lights to see his daughter with knocked over pots around her

~ An eyebrow is raised in utter confusion as his daughter tries to put the pots back while she’s shaking and Hoshi stops her before putting them back himself and telling her to follow him to the living room

~ They both just sit down and he asks what he needs to know and apparently she sneaked down because she couldn’t get to sleep and managed to get herself into the kitchen before knocking some pots over and hence that incident

~ He’s kind of surprised he didn’t hear her come downstairs and see her head to the kitchen but he guesses he wasn’t paying that much attention to his surroundings

~ More importantly about this problem C/N is having about not sleeping, hmmm

~ He has struggled with sleeping before so it’s nothing new to him but how to make her go to sleep was something he didn’t know

~ I mean he could always sing her a lullaby but that couldn’t work, could it? Well she seems to like the idea of that so up the go upstairs as they head to C/N’s room as she’s ready to tuck herself in to hear her father sing her a lullaby

~ And hence he starts to sing a lullaby from the top of his head which seems to please C/N since after a while of singing different lullabies she had fell asleep

~ He was surprised that actually worked since he guessed it would’ve taken a lot more to get her to sleep but apparently not

~ But he’s fine with it as along as his kid is sleeping as happily as ever he’s happy with it too

~ After that little commotion he heads to bed himself since it’s about time he did so and just heads to sleep but lays there for a while looking at the ceiling thinking before finally getting some shut eye

  • Gonta Gokuhara (Daughter)

~ He was just about to head to bed with it being so late after his daily night walk to see the different kind of bugs which appeared at night, he was just getting tucked in before he heard some knocking at the door which belonged to his and S/O’s room

~ He wondered who it could be thinking it was some intruder but he opened the door to see his daughter there looking down at the floor

~ Concerned he kneeled down to her level and hugged her and quietly questioned why she was still up with panic in his tone in case something bad happened to her that he didn’t realise just yet

~ After learning what was wrong with her he calmed down since she wasn’t hurt but has been having sleeping problems which turned into an worry since that means his daughter hasn’t been getting enough sleep that she needs

~ He comforted her for a while before an idea popped into his head, he told her that he would try to sing her a lullaby if that would help

~ She agreed to that so they both headed down the corridor to a small comfy room where a little bed was messed up but was neatened when C/N tucked herself back in

~ Gonta sat down next to her bed and held her hand before he started to sing a lullaby quite slowly so he didn’t mess up

~ After a couple of minutes passed by, he heard some snoring which meant that C/N was asleep which made Gonta happy, he let go of her hand and stood up carefully as he could to walked out of the room

~ He went back to his own room and tucked himself in hoping that his daughter could sleep well for the rest of the night and keeping note of the lullaby that seemed to put her to sleep if she had any trouble trying to sleep again

  • Kiibo (Son)

~ He notices beforehand that his son looks more sleepy than usual so he just casually asked if he was getting any sleep which C/N shakes his head meaning a no

~ This made Kiibo quite panicky since he knows that children needs their sleep especially at a young age

~ So he offers many things that might help him go to sleep right before he goes upstairs to bed which his son turns down since he has already tried them before and he was unsuccessful

~ Then he says that he could sing him a lullaby which he knows he is bad at but hey it could work and he hears his son mumble that he hasn’t tried that yet since why would you sing a lullaby to yourself so they both head upstairs together

~ Kiibo holds C/N’s hand all the way to the child’s bedroom and opens the door for him which C/N removes his hand from his father’s and goes and tucks himself in with a very tired expression on his face

~ Nervously Kiibo grabs a chair from somewhere in C/N’s room and coughs awkwardly before sitting down on it to prepare singing the lullaby to his son

~ He starts and he just goes with it to be honest which he is not quite fond of his supposedly singing voice but if it’s the only way it’ll put his child to sleep so be it

~ Two eyes starts to flutter shut after about three lullabies in a row which makes Kiibo quite relieved since he managed to get his son to sleep

~ He puts the chair back to its original place and heads out to find a giggling S/O near C/N’s bedroom which means they obviously heard him singing which makes him very pink

  • Korekiyo Shinguuji (Daughter)

~ It was quite late at night and he was already in bed with a lamp by his bedside table reading a book until he heard some footsteps from outside his room

~ Closing the book and putting it on said bedside table he walked over to the door and opened it to see his daughter heading downstairs but stopping when she hears a familiar voice asking her what she was doing

~ She turns around and walks over towards her father nervous since she has just been caught and stood there in silence so he asked again which eventually he got a response of the lines of not being able to sleep

~ He chuckled as he gently took his daughter’s hand and headed straight to her bedroom which made C/N confused of why her father was bringing her to her room and not telling her off for being up this late

~ Since the door was already open they both trotted inside and Korekiyo helped his daughter into her bed and tucking her in as well, C/N asked him what he was going to do and he responded with saying that he was going to sing a lullaby he knew since that’ll help her sleep

~ He sat down on the floor and started to sing softly with a calm tone which made C/N more sleepy at the minute

~ At the end of the first lullaby she was already asleep which made Korekiyo chuckle to himself before getting himself up and carefully closing the door to not to disturb his daughter’s slumber

~ He proceeded to go back to his room which his shared with his S/O who was soundly asleep as well and climbed into bed as well, grabbing some of the quilt and turning off the lamp he left on when he went out of his room

~ It was a pretty peaceful night after that little incident but that was fine, Korekiyo continued to sing lullabies to his daughter anytime she couldn’t sleep

Humans are Weird

So, I just thought of my own humans-are-the-weird-ones thing. What if humans were the only race to develop clothing and other things that are used simply to change our appearance. The other races don’t use clothing for protection from their home environments, and use vehicles for exploring non-native environments. Armor exists, but in a non-ornamental way, and generally doesn’t do much to change appearance, or is at least non-individualized. Makeup and nail polish are unknown, though tattoos and piercings are known to be used by some cultures for ranking and identification purposes and are not used ornamentally by any race other than humans. Hairstyles are not unknown, but are all generally for practical (keep it out of the way! I need insulation! I need shade!) reasons.

At first, aliens just think that there are a lot more humans than there really are, that humans that look alike with small differences are just family members, and that humans just naturally tend to be known solely by their family name. (Like, Alien “Ralph” meets Human “Bella Tailor” one day, sees her the next day in a different outfit, and thinks that he/she is meeting a relative of the human he/she met earlier, and that their family name is “BellaTailor.”)

Humans, at first, just thought that aliens were terrible at matching faces and names… and that they were apparently all nudists, but hey, who cares? Different cultures and races and all that, you know.

“Hello, BellaTailor. My name is Ralph. I believe I met your relative the other day. How is she doing?”

“I do not have a sister, Ralph. You must be mistaken.”

“That cannot be! She looks just like you, only more… pink, I believe is the correct color-word… and has your name! You must be relatives! It would be too much of a coincidence for you to not be related!”

“Where… exactly… did you meet my ‘sister’?” 

“Oh! We were on the same shuttle together. I must admit I am surprised; I thought that there was only one human on the ship’s roster.”

“Ralph, I am the human you met there. Remember how we talked about how uncomfortable those one-race-fits-all shuttle seats are?”

“But… no… you are different colors and patterns! This is a terrible joke. I wouldn’t suggest trying it on anyone else.”

“Dude, all I did was change my clothes. It’s not like I’m a whole ‘nother person, despite what commercials and such would have you believe.”


“Right… nudist… um… let me just… show you?”

Bella precedes to take off her top (not like they’ll care, they’re nudist anyway, right? eep, here goes nothing, really hope this is okay). Ralph thinks she means that they’re a race that sheds their skin, though he’s put out and puzzled over how no one mentioned that fact to anyone. After all, shedded skins can really clutter up an area, especially at the rate she seems to shed, though it could explain a few things. Bella, frustrated, puts her top back on, takes Ralph to her quarters, and shows him her clothing (which was still mostly packed due to limited storage space). Ralph finally sort-of understands, but the idea is totally trippy and weird to him.

“What did you think I brought so much luggage for?” 

“Well, I didn’t really want to pry, and your planet is… a bit… cluttered…”

*sigh* “Dude, I can’t… I just… urgh! WHY ME?!?!?!”

After many misunderstandings the aliens are brought to understand that humans can change their appearance in many ways, practically at-will. 

Then the whole issue of “camouflage” comes up. By this point, humans have developed advanced camouflage that automatically mimics the wearer’s surroundings. The other races react in various ways. Some are rather neutral about this discovery. Others are afraid. But many desire to obtain the art and secrets of “camouflage” for themselves. The earth and humans are now at the center of a conflict that borders on war - Intergalactic war. Because we’re the only race to have actually thought of camouflage. Thankfully, the other races begin to catch on before full-blown war is unleashed, but it is a very close thing.

@howtotrainyournana @crossroadsdimension Look! I came up with one! :D YAY for tired-brain-creativity! WHOOO (don’t really feel tired now, but I should be, and I know I will be when I have to wake up in four hours. :/ why does the coffee only seem to work when you actually want/need to sleep?)



I’ve only just been able to tear myself away from these beautiful cards in order to make this post. They arrived this morning and ever since, I’ve just been handling them and taking endless photos. I swear, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this deck! 

Some thoughts and first impressions bellow the cut! 

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Genocide Denial Goes Viral: 'The Promise' and the IMDB

Eighty years ago the Turkish government forced Hollywood to drop a movie project based on The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, then a best-selling novel on the Armenian Genocide by German-language author, Jew and outspoken Hitler opponent Franz Werfel. The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, originally written as a warning against Hitler through the prism of the Armenian Genocide, never saw the silver screen. Such a movie could have also raised awareness of the fate of the Jews in Nazi Germany at the time and later of the ongoing Holocaust. It could have shaped the “narrative” of the struggle against Hitler. Many have since been interested to finally turn the novel into a major production, but Turkish opposition and obstruction seemed insurmountable.


It had taken years — and the passionate support of Armenian activist Kirk Kerkorian, who financed the film’s $100 million budget without expecting to ever make a profit — for The Promise, a historical romance set against the backdrop of the Armenian genocide and starring Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac, to reach the screen. Producers always knew it would be controversial: Descendants of the 1.5 million Armenians killed by the Ottoman Empire shortly after the onset of World War I have long pressed for the episode to be recognized as a genocide despite the Turkish government’s insistence the deaths were not a premeditated extermination.

The Promise, which opens April 21, finally would bring the untold saga to a mass audience. But at the Toronto Film Festival premiere in September, producer Mike Medavoy watched the late billionaire’s carefully laid plans upended by a digital swarm that appeared out of nowhere.

Before the critics in attendance even had the chance to exit Roy Thompson Hall, let alone write their reviews, The Promise’s IMDb page was flooded with tens of thousands of one-star ratings. “All I know is that we were in about a 900-seat house with a real ovation at the end, and then you see almost 100,000 people who claim the movie isn’t any good,” says Medavoy. Panicked calls were placed to IMDb, but there was nothing the site could do. “One thing that they can track is where the votes come from,” says Eric Esrailian, who also produced the film, and “the vast majority of people voting were not from Canada. So I know they weren’t in Toronto.”

The online campaign against The Promise appears to have originated on sites like Incisozluk, a Turkish version of 4chan, where there were calls for users to “downvote” the film’s ratings on IMDb and YouTube. A rough translation of one post: “Guys, Hollywood is filming a big movie about the so-called Armenian genocide and the trailer has already been watched 700k times. We need to do something urgently.” Soon afterward, the user gleefully noted The Promise’s average IMDb rating had reached a dismaying 1.8 stars. “They know that the IMDb rating will stay with the film forever,” says Esrailian. “It’s a kind of censorship, really.”

>> Black♥Jack Masterpost! <<

Hello everybody! Today is finally the day I write a Black♥Jack masterpost with all the related stuff up to this point! I didn’t even write a single line of this post and I’m already sweating, I detest the way Tumblr uses HTML… ugh.
I must state something first: all this art has been made by Rem289, but I am, for the most part, the author of every story and concept. I know it may sound a bit pretentious, and I’m perfectly aware of the fact that is Rem who does most of the job, since I don’t even know how to draw a three, but I think I should at least claim what is mine – that is, the idea which moves every drawing.
That being said, cut the chatter and let’s go!

♠) Black♥Jack storyline:
♠) Zoom on the Black♥Jack characters:

♠) Extra involving Black♥Jack characters:

I’ll update this post whenever a new part of something comes out! Hope I didn’t forget something, I and Rem surely did a lot of art together… and that’s beautiful!
We've Already Seen White Diamond

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot, and I swear I saw posts on it before, but I can’t find any right now. If I do, I’ll link them later, but I’m too excited to talk about this to keep waiting.

Ever since piecing together the existence of the Diamond Authority, we’ve been waiting for the reveal of White Diamond. We know, based on insignia

Her mural

And the Wanted title cards 

That she does exist, but despite all the clues, and all the build up, no one in the series has even uttered her name. How can it be, that the Diamond with the most assumed colonies, and the most assumed power, could be neglected to be mentioned like this?

That’s the thing, though: she has been mentioned.

She’s been mentioned countless times throughout the series without us even realizing it, because I don’t think her name is White Diamond anymore.

It’s Homeworld.

White Diamond is Homeworld.

But how could that be possible?

Let’s return to the Wanted title cards for a moment. They show a large, white figure in the distance, extremely reminiscent of the White Diamond mural in the moon base. It has been confirmed that this is not a statue, so many have theorized that it must be White Diamond’s ship, where the arm and leg ships of the other Diamonds connect. I agree, to some extent, but I don’t think that’s the full story.

I think, aside from just being a ship, that figure is indeed White Diamond herself.

I think her gem has been implanted into the ship.

Looking at the title card, there seems to be a faint, almost undefined area where a Diamond shape stands out on the figure’s forehead. I’ve put a filter on the picture below so this area better stands out:

I believe this to be White Diamond’s gem.

But why would this be? Why would this super powerful gem allow herself to be stuck in a ship, without a physical form?

Because I think her gem is what powers the ship.

As a matter of fact, I think it’s her gem that’s powering all of Homeworld.

We know from what happened to Lapis that gem power is a long term, reliable source of energy for magical objects. So, what’s to say that an extremely powerful being like White Diamond couldn’t provide an entire planet with power?

We also know that Homeworld is running out of resources. Perhaps in an act of desperation, many years ago, White Diamond dedicated all of her power to keep Homeworld from truly running dry. As time passed, her identity slowly melded with that of the planet she implanted herself into, effectively erasing her previous name from the common conversation of her people.

I’d like to further support this with another piece of evidence: in her mural, White Diamond is holding a sphere at her core that we’ve interpreted to be Homeworld

And the way she holds it is interesting, because it seems to be part of herself. Not a detached colony/planet like all the rest, but something much more intimate and personal.

So as much as I love the idea of White Diamond chilling on a vacation planet instead of attending the trial, I really do think she was there.

I think she must be everywhere on Homeworld at once.

Thank you!

So, it’s that time again!

I originally intended to wait longer with my next post like this, but then again I’d only have waited because I would want to avoid having to face my shyness by doing this here. So, instead of waiting, I decided to go ahead with this number.

I have reached another number, that will be mentioned once but only below the cut for those that don’t like people talking about their amount of followers.

This is incredibly hard for me, but I had big plans for my next post and I intend to stick to those plans. It will get very long below the cut, so be warned when you click.

Short version:

Thank you all for following me and thus being interested in my Star and/or my writing!

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A Study in Hypocrisy

Or why the Avengers’ relationship to Tony was unhealthy at best, Steve isn’t fit to be a leader, and why I’m Team Iron Man to the end.

@queenyavengers The promised post about why I don’t like Wanda turned into something much more elaborate. There will be several parts, starting with why Steve isn’t fit to be a leader, and going on to how unhealthy the Avengers’ relationship to Tony was, how hypocritical they all were, and how Tony deserves better, dammit. 

I don’t know how much has already been said, but I hope to add at least a little something to the conversation. 

Part 1: Why Steve Isn’t Fit to Be a Leader

Part 2: Why the Avengers’ relationship to Tony is unhealthy at best

The same person who hacked Colton’s Instagram a few months back hacked into Tyler Hoechlin’s personal Snapchat account & used it to get Dylan’s cell number. He’s been trying to hack into Dylan’s accounts for a couple months but couldn’t get past the two-step settings Dylan had set up. I don’t know if this means that he can get past those now, but I do know that he’s a sterek shipper & has posted something Sterek related on all the accounts he’s hacked (which now includes Meagan Tandy’s twitter account as well). What I’m saying is PLEASE RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY. If he gets into Dylan’s accounts, I’m sure he’s going to post things he finds and exploit Dylan & Tyler’s friendship. They both already are barely on social media and are very private people. If it doesn’t seem like something they would post, ignore it.

edit to add this link with some proof/background

oh my goD IMAGINE a fic where stiles does accept the bite from peter and it makes peter sane and no one dies and ANYWAY like months later something happens and it’s revealed that peter gave stiles a mating BITE and the whole pack is like???? expecting stiles to be mad at peter for tricking him into this stiles is like ‘yeah i know. peter you aren’t slick’

and basically stiles has known for months that he’s been bonded to peter for life and is just kinda like yeah ok? y'all have fun with your heartbreak i’m already married

More Thoughts on KS Chapter 20

So, now that I have thought a bit more on the chapter and talked about it with a few people, I have more stuff to say! Buckle up motherfuckers. 

Warning: These are only some ways to interpret these scenes. Your opinion may differ. 

Table of Contents: 

  1. “What if she calls the police?”
  2. “I don’t feel anything.”
  3. “That’s it?”
  4. “I guess I was right. I mean nothing to you.”
  5. “I don’t need you, anymore. So, can you just disappear? You fucking murderer.” 
  6. “Let me go. I hate the outside.”
  7. “You’re the one that killed someone, what’s so scary?”
  8. “You’re definitely a virgin, huh?”
  9. “Do you have any idea how much planning I did for you?”
  10. “This feels so familiar.” 
  11. “Ha…finally. It feels like you are being honest.”
  12. “It’s your fault…”
  13. “You ruined the mood.”
  14. “There’s no way I’d do it without a condom.”
  15. “But you liked it so much you were going to cry just a minute ago…”
  16. “You said you were with her to the end! So why don’t you know?”

If you don’t want to read the whole thing I wrote, each point have a tl;dr that very briefly summarises what I talked about at the very bottom of them.

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Liz Hart Appreciation Post

I seriously don’t get why Liz is so under-appreciated. Majority of the guys in the route choices are rude or mean to her at first and they degrade her “novice” status as a wizardess. When she says she can talk to animals, they’ll be really disinterested, like they expect her to know something more than that. Friendly reminder that Liz learned to talk to animals on her own, without any formal classes of the sort. And she does it because she’s a vet. Yes, she already has a profession even before she entered school.

She’s been made fun of in class when she says a spell wrong, earned tons of supplementary reports from Professor Schuyler, gossiped about when she’s suddenly dating the popular guy. When she discovers something forbidden or out of the ordinary, they tell her to get away and make her believe that it’s just her imagination. That’s why Liz doubts her abilities; everybody dismisses them as nothing more than a fragment of her own thoughts. Of course, we know from the guys that they are just protecting her, but Liz does not need protecting. She is one tough cookie on her own.

In the routes, Liz always has this moment where she wants to drop everything and just give up. But did she do that? No, she sure as heck didn’t. It’s because she didn’t want to end her dream of being a great wizardess someday. No matter how many times people pull her down, she’s always willing to prove them wrong. She helps out in the darkest of troubles even when it compromises her own life, simply because she wants everyone to be happy. She knows what it’s like to lose somebody she loved, and she desperately doesn’t want anyone to feel the same way.

I really think Liz deserves more love. She never had a hero of her own, and so she chose to become one.

A Man’s Opinion, LMM/Reader

Prompt: “I’m helping you pick out an outfit for your date tonight and I’m totally in love with you.” + Lin

Words: 782

Author’s Note: As I’m writing this the Daveed fic I posted has only been up for a few hours and it’s already hit 75 notes…you guys are amazing! There is a sequel in the works fro that one!

Warnings: Cursing, probably?

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

“What exactly are you going for here?” Jazzy asked, skimming over the dress options you had hung in front of her.

“I don’t know? Something nice?” You popped onto the couch, resting your head on Renee’s lap, who combed her fingers through your hair lovingly.

“You said casual? We should rule out the strapless.” Phillipa said, tucking it away to leave you with three dresses. You scanned your options again, wondering why you even bothered.

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Jonah and Cyrus had maybe their first emotional moment together and I WASN’T PREPARED.

So an anon messaged me on my opinion on the jyrus scene so I’m just going to do a post about it bC HOLY FLAPJACKS. 

First of all, I love how they set you up to totally believe it’s going to be Andi by the andi and bex scene before and how the storyline has been going so far. I think the particular scene where jonah gives cyrus the shirt and genuinely thanks him says a lot about jyrus and what the writers are going to do next. 

I’m saying this because we already know (and it’s been confirmed many times) that Cyrus’s look back scene wasn’t a coincidence. FROM THAT POINT ON SOMETHING SHIFTED IN THE WAY CYRUS SEES JONAH. So when Jonah gives Cyrus the shirt and again genuinely thanks him and they share that special moment, it’s not a coincidence at all. The writers want us to see that they both care for each other a lot and it’s not just one sided!!

Because Jonah could’ve just given him the shirt on the DL and just been like “here I really appreciate everything you’ve done for us” bUT NOPE. He wants to show Cyrus how much he cares.

But with that in mind, they’re still very young. So of course he’s going to most likely want to patch things up with Andi and in the process, maybe experience a different sort of relationship with her. AND THAT’S NORMAL. I don’t want to see any negativity towards ships in this show I’ve been through it with GMW and it’s not necessary. These characters are going to go through things like any other normal person would so if that means they’re going to be with different people at first that’s fine! It doesn’t mean things won’t change bc as we all know people change. 

(dm me for any other questions, sorry this was a long rant)

I’ve been thinking about Anakin S. et Obi K. (As always haha help me), and then I had a mindblow. I don’t know if something like this has been posted already (probably).

I was playing with Ani et Obi’s initials, and then I realized: when you put their initials together it become A.S.O.K. (Let’s say we don’t keep the W from Obi-Wan)

And in french the letter “k” is pronounced “ka” , exactly the same way you read the end of Ahsoka’s name. So when you read their initials in french, it sound just like Ahsoka’s name.

Anakin and Obi-Wan really are Ahsoka’s space dads.

My opinions on Harrison & his problematic actions.

Alright. Here I go. You might agree or disagree, and I am open for discussion as long as it doesn’t turn into an insulting shit show.

(Includes actual screenshots of instances).

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I have some thoughts about things we can do to improve the radfem community here. Some are general ideas, some are problems I have with the way we’re behaving as a group. I’m not pointing fingers because a lot of this is stuff I want to work on myself.


  • Stop acting like libfems. I will clarify as I go on, but to sum up what I feel like is an issue we really need to nip in the bud asap, as a community we’re becoming more prone to exactly the nasty, obsessive and generally stupid behaviour that we decry in liberal feminists. Some of it comes from the influx of people fresh from the libfem community, but there are a lot of us who really should know better and should be doing more to stop this behaviour becoming a common thing.
  • Stop seeking fights. Going on the blogs of those idiots who are just waiting for a chance to throw insults and adding stupid inflammatory comments and showing it to your friends until they bite is a waste of time and it just makes you look like a dick, which affects all of us. If you’ve not actually got anything useful to say then show some self-control and go and do something that’s productive or at least a healthy way of entertaining yourself. If you do end up in a fight, then retain some self-control - stick to your point, don’t start accusing people of stuff they’re not doing, leave it when there’s no use continuing.
  • Stop ignoring disability. Something that’s struck me for a long time is how little enthusiasm there is for acknowledging disability in feminism. Posts about ableism and misogyny get a whole lot less attention than most other ‘intersections’.
  • Stop making misleading content. Your masterpost on trans male crimes needs one (1) reference to Christopher Hambrook, with multiple sources for it as back-up (which helps since I find a lot of sources are defunct). It does not need all those sources for the same thing to be included with descriptions that look like several different incidents. It does not need you to twist the details provided or add ones that you don’t provide a source for. Some people actually do read through those things.
  • Stop using mental illnesses as insults. Misogyny is a well-oiled machine, it has clear methods and goals, and when you call misogynist behaviour psychotic or deluded, you’re obscuring the nature of misogyny, you’re removing responsibility from the perpetrators, alienating the women still upholding it, and adding to the stigma of people who are already suffering.
  • Stop posting to RFG. I know that most of the people posting on there are likely men trying to start infighting, but let’s not kid ourselves that nobody in the community could be tempted by the power of being able to say stupid shit with apparent anonymity. I think it serves useful for keeping track of people who are causing real problems in the community and for seeing if something that’s been happening to you has been happening to other radfems, but there’s so much that’s just people saying shit because they think they can get away with it. If you’ve got a problem with someone or something then discuss it maturely.


  • Start using legitimate sources. The Daily Mail, Daily Star, GenderTrender and similar are not credible sources. The first two have a well-known reputation for outright lies and I’ve never read a GT post that’s contained the original sources for any of the statements made. You knowing something is true does not mean that unverified content becomes acceptable back-up for a point.
  • Start remembering the world outside of the USA. Our default for statistics and general information is the USA. Canada and the UK are included to a lesser extent, but still the USA comes out far in front. Everywhere that doesn’t speak English, especially everywhere outside of north/west Europe, doesn’t get a look-in aside from the occasional article or if they happen to be involved in a point we want to make about something else (for example, Germany and legalised prostitution). We need to make a renewed effort to involve and support those women in a real way.
  • Start encouraging positive activism within the community. In the radical community, how many languages do we speak? How many of us can code? How many physicists? Chemists? Doctors? Historians? Educators? With all the cumulative knowledge and experience we can help out other women in the community in their outside lives, and we can help women in general. Between us we know so much, and we have the ability to get that information to a very large number of places without even a ridiculous amount of work from each. 
  • Start discussing the ‘bi women v lesbians’ thing like we’re all actually old enough to use the internet. The misogynist insults are disgraceful. The refusal to acknowledge actual lesbophobic behaviour is disgraceful. If the only contribution you want to make is whining or throwing jabs, then shut up. 

EDIT: This is out of date! New post

Hey guys, I’m in a bit of a rough spot right now and I need a little help. If you follow my main blog ( @undeadgoblin ), you know everything that’s going on, but this is the Official Post so I’m gonna go over it. 

So basically, I am a transgender guy with ADHD, depression, and anxiety. I just got through my first year of university, and now that it’s the summer, I need some kind of income, but my mental situation is very very bad, and I haven’t even been able to LOOK for a job. This wouldn’t be as much of a problem as it is if I wasn’t very broke, and didn’t need to buy testosterone this summer (or food lmao). I have my first doctor’s appointment on June 16, and it’s likely I will be starting hormones this summer. But since I won’t have a job, and currently do not have insurance (canada has a good health system but it does fuck all for prescriptions believe me) I’m kind of, how you say, fucked. My parents and family don’t support me financially, beyond my mother covering half my rent (literally the only reason I won’t be completely out of money soon god bless her), and I don’t want to ask this of them. This is something I am doing for me, and me alone, and I’ve already disappointed them enough, especially with my awful school year, mental health, gender, and lack of a job. 

This is where you come in! What I need from you, is commissions. I know I’m not a very popular artist, and I know my posting has been inconsistent as hell these days, but I’m working so so hard on that, and to get better. Hormones will help with that. I know most people are just as broke as me, so if you don’t want a commission or can’t afford one, please please share this post. Get it out there to people. It would help a huge huge deal. 

Last but not least, I have added a button for donations on my blog. I do not expect anything from anyone, and commissions are absolutely my main goal and focus, but the option is there. 

Anyway I’m so sorry this is long as hell (god especially sorry if u have adhd oops), but thank you for reading, and possibly sharing and helping. I love you all so so much. This is an absolutely crucial step for my life and well-being, and if this works out, you’re the ones who made it possible. 

Actual commission prices n stuff under the read more (don’t want this to take up TOO much dash space yikes)

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That walk. How wide his shoulders are. His expression. Damn. It all says something like “I’m the leader, I’m in charge. Don’t fuck with me. This shit isn’t new, I know you’re staring.”

Okay, to clear this up, I did NOT create this gif. I got this particular one from another page: eun-sook . Well, now that that has been acknowledged, please feel free to divert your attention/likes/re-blogs to their original post if you please, I have reblogged that post already. Now, to further clear things up, at that time, I didn’t really get how this tumblr stuff worked as far as credit and tags and reblogs were concerned (I damn near still don’t, lol *just got tagging down a few weeks ago*) and I didn’t know that you could comment on a post either. So, on my phone and just googling around, I saw the post and thought oh, that looks really cool, so I just saved it and posted it with my little commentary added to it. I didn’t think that people would assume that I’d created the gif or anything, I was more focused on what I was saying ABOUT the gif and Jinki. I wasn’t trying to steal or get over on anyone or find a way to rack up notes. Idgaf about the notes, or how many follows I get, I just honestly didn’t think about it when I posted it. So, once again, if you like the gif and would like to like it or reblog it, please use the original on eun-sook tumblr page if you want.