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Now, seriously, I’M SOOOOO sorry for this sudden hiatus, I had to do it y’know (SCHOOL HAS BEEN KILLING ME PLUS SOCIAL LIFE)

And I’m afraid these random hiatus will be frequent (sadly) so if I don’t post anything after a week, consider it as a sign that I’m not going to post for two or three more weeks (but not one month and a half like now, haha) 



But wait I have some random OP shit/doodles I made in school for you guys!

Yeah I have a little problem with drawing hancock’s forehead but SRSLY her forehead is beautiful 

OK sorry for the long post gottA GO DRAW AND ANSWER QUESTIONS BBBYE (love you all <3 )

things solas is not

  • egg
  • sweet meek lil nerd
  • pretentious hipster douchebag
  • academic snob
  • crotchety old man
  • elf-hating scumbag
  • asshole who enjoys toying with lavellan
  • closed-minded? ! !?!?

things solas is

  • passionate revolutionary
  • willing 2 get his hands bloody for the greater good
  • terrified of dying alone
  • racist 
  • always always willing to change his mind and admit his mistakes (especially for the above)
  • but can still say shitty or insensitive things 
  • arrogant about his way of thinking
  • curious and passionate about learning about other cultures and peoples and ideas
  • doggedly believes in the fundamental right of all creatures to be free in body and in mind
  • furious when people or cultures do not respect that freedom (e.g. the qun)
  • someone who constantly strives to deconstruct traditional ideologies and question established norms
  • someone compassionate, who cares desperately for people – and especially people who get shit on by society at large (elves, mages, other oppressed groups, etc)
  • someone who says guilt is only a hindrance and that he has no time for it, but nevertheless, feels massively guilty over what his well-intentioned exploits have done to the world
  • someone who doesn’t want to lord their knowledge over people, but share it – someone who isn’t pretentious, does not affect or see the need to do so (“no real good need prove himself”), but deeply values open-mindedness and wants other people to be open-minded in turn. 
  • someone who thinks the dalish are elitist knowledge-hoarders, that the dalish think they’re better than other elves because they are able to remember a few romanticized scraps of ~the glory days~, and THAT’S why he has a problem with them – because they look down on other elves and lord their knowledge above everyone, not because he likes to do so
  • a really fuckin well rounded character with lots of meaningful faults, none of which involve solas being an innocent blushy passive egg OR a malicious pretentious elitist academic douchebag OR a distant and untouchable god who told lavellan about the vallaslin because he just had to be right bc he’s cruel and doesn’t care about their feelings OR an unwaveringly racist elf-supremacist elf-hater (????)
  • :)

AU (don’t know is this is technically an AU or what but w/e) that is set after the OVA where the boys (who, by this point, have been successfully scrapped) band together and come to the Aoba’s rescue after he’s been kidnapped and imprisoned by ViTri.

By the time they get to him, he’s psychologically and physically broken - just moments away from being comatose, a living doll. They manage to get him out and to a hospital but the damage that has been done to both his mind and body is so bad that they fear nothing can be done for him. Aoba is admitted to intensive care with constant by the hour watch and the boys huddle down to figure out what they should do. 

They don’t give up on him and decide to do whatever they can to help him. After all, he had saved them - had given them new life and a chance for happiness, peace, love - they’re willing to do anything just to help him heal. Noiz buys them a small house on the outskirts of town, Clear, Ren and Tae-san settle in to give Aoba by the hour care while Mink, Koujaku and Noiz work to keep them all afloat. As they support and help Aoba, their relationships with each begin to grow, strengthen and deepen. 

Aoba’s recovery is gruelingly slow and excruciatingly painful to watch but no matter what, they stick by him, support him and slowly, oh so very slowly, life and light start to flow back into him. What he endured at the hands of Virus and Trip will always leave its mark on him but he, at his own pace and with the help of his new found family, slowly but surely walks forward and overcomes it. 

The Problem Hiccstrid Shippers Are Having

Hi guys, I’ve been reading a lot of the posts of the opinions of Hiccstrid shippers at since the premiere of season 3 and this is my two cents.

A big issue is that it canonically cannot add up. They are showing a 19 or so Hiccup and Astrid being less than a couple than ever when in HTTYD 2 they are openly engaged, as Stoick even pointed out in front of the entire village during the opening scene. Sure they may have a secret relationship but that is all implied as we only know what the creators tell us through the script. We have SCENE kisses and we have SCENE hugs of sorts but nothing has ever verbally been CONFIRMED. This above all is agitating everyone.

I want to write some drabbles but the romanticizing factor of it has kinda lost it’s flare, I don’t really care so much about what they are doing because now all I can rely in is that in one single year they are together magically and happy as ever to kiss and show their affection for each other in public. I responded to an anon and thought that the reason was timing, everything going on with Viggo but really is it THAT big of a secret??? The group was so up in Fishleg’s business that you think that they wouldn’t be up in Astrid and Hiccups just to even annoy them?

The hiccstrid relationship is no longer fun to be angsty over, it is time for the creators to stop teasing around and realize a flaw in the story arcs of the love interest that drove a lot of the first movie and smaller installments.

This is just something that could only be fixed by the biggest plot twist/ reveal ever conceived. We just need confirmation, something to go off on. Something as simple as “ Yup, she was with me because we are a thing.” blah blah blah something like that. We just want that spark again in the Hiccstrid development because right now I’ve just about rolled my eyes for the last time.


So I revamped my entire blog…..this took me like 4 days lol. I just wanted to mention that basically everything has been updated, including all pages! I’ve added:

  • A new fics recs page (finally)
  • A new friends page - to the people that are on there: please let me know if you’re uncomfortable with being on there/want me to change the character given to you/if I’ve made a mistake with spelling or your url!! To the mutuals that feel they should be included: please let me know!!! Tbh I tried to include all the mutuals that I’ve spoken quite a lot to so if you think you belong there please tell me bc I most likely made a mistake!!! 
  • A new about page (whose playlist may or may not work bc buffering is suffering)

I’ve updated my graphics masterlist as well but like I couldn’t figure out the coding properly and tbh I don’t really care about it anymore so just ignore the way all the columns shift down ok? One day I will fix it but today is not that day lol. 

Also yeah new theme, new header, updated navigationupdated faq, and updated blogroll! Thank you for reading this lame post!! 


The Boy In The Bubble Teaser Trailer - Narrated by Alan Rickman.

Common misconceptions

Assuming it’s a stunt equals to doubting Zayn’s talent

FALSE. I’ve seen a lot of people use the argument that calling it a stunt means we “don’t believe he can be successful with a solo career”. Unless we’re talking about Zayn haters—though they’re among the ones buying into the official narrative—his talent is not up to discussion. He’s shown how much he can do working under the restrictions imposed on the band, and he’s now giving us all an insight on his true potential. If anybody thinks anyone on 1D has shown his true potential yet, we clearly haven’t been following the same band.

People want “Zayn’s unhappiness”, thus want him back

FALSE. I don’t even know how this one works. This fandom has this bizarre culture of caring about their fave and hating on the other four/three/two. Truth is that some don’t want him back because a) they never cared about the band to start with or b) hated him from the start. As absurd as it sounds, this is how this fandom works. Yikes.

Personally, I don’t know how that’s a thing. I suppose most people got into the band due to the boys’ dynamics? There’s a HUGE difference between One Direction band (the boys and their obvious love for one another) and the One Direction brand (the machine behind the boys and responsible for the fuckery we’ve sadly grown used to). No matter how much you hate your fave’s friend, the boys will choose one another over ANY of us. Why would they even choose complete strangers over people they love and have shared a big part of their lives with?

Everything “needs to be a conspiracy”

VERY FALSE. Honestly! How in the world you can be lied to for years and then think that one day everything is magically solved? There’s a lot of money at stake in this, and if you haven’t noticed yet, the boys have been overworked because of the greedy puppet masters behind them. Why in the world would that change so easily all of a sudden? If it had been that easy to change things from the start, why drag it for years? And why would anyone think of Simon Cowell as this super benevolent father figure (even though it’s the image he wants to sell), when he’s the reason the boys have gone years on a cycle of recording-tour-stunting during breaks? I don’t really think you get articles about artists saying bad things about him for nothing, y’know.

Questioning stuff makes you a “bad fan”

FALSE. I feel like it happens too often in this fandom. You’re either supposed to accept/like everything or “hate” everything. There’s no in between. You’re supposed to take everything at face value, or be branded “delusional”. *snorts* Analyse stuff yourself and draw your own conclusions. Don’t be afraid of questioning something just because you’re told you’re no longer being lied to. What says that you really aren’t? Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but there’s a lot of fucked up shit people do when there’s money involved. Especially true for those with an absurd amount of money and power. If things were so easily resolved, then lawyers wouldn’t be necessary.

Today it’s about 5 weeks since I stopped using shampoo. Since then I’ve used a shampoo every once in a while without sulfates/parabens/silicone and also lots of natural oil and stuff and my hair smells sooo good and it’s so soft! Honestly I don’t think my hair has ever been so soft, it’s like I can’t even feel it when I touch it eep
I also showered and washed my bedsheets and put body butter on my skin, and now everything around me including me smells amazing and it just gives my anxiety a rest
I love clean things