i know this has been made 1000 times

Important message to trans people from an ex trans person.

The number of under 18s being referred to the Tavistock gender clinic, the only under 18s gender clinic in the UK, has risen by over 1000% - one THOUSAND percent, in the past 5 years.

And you know what else has grown popular in the past 5 years? Tumblr. Transactivist rhetoric. People on tumblr increasingly taking the piss out of people who are not trans, increasingly encouraging others to “explore their gender”. I’ve been on tumblr since 2011. I’ve seen it for myself.

Waiting lists are growing longer and longer. Actual, dysphoric trans people, a demographic MUCH MUCH smaller than what is represented on this site, are being made to wait painfully long periods of time for treatment they actually NEED. So many people end up changing their minds or not going on to have any treatment, i.e wasting valuable time and spaces. I have been told by the tavistock myself that only around 20% of people referred there actually go on to progress further into transition once they are 18.

If you only started ‘realising’ you were trans once you joined this site, saw everyone else putting their gender identity in their sidebars, saw posts circulating about how bad cis people suck, and saw people “exploring” gender identity and encouraging everyone else to do so, chances are you are not trans. Chances are you have been conditioned into believing gender is a good and fun thing which you can mess around with like a hairstyle or musical subculture. Trust me, being transgender involves a painful debilitating feeling of sex dysphoria, a mental condition which is a lot rarer than you have been made to believe. You may be gay, you may be gender non conforming, but you are probably not trans.

Stop making life harder for actual trans people.

I have been having such a shitty week thanks to problems at home and online. I want to thank @asaproofie for our absolutely hilarious conversation that we had tonight, because it has improved my mood by like 1000%.

 I love talking to you, because you are just as crazy and wild as I am. If people knew the things we discussed….omg. You have made my night so much better and I love you so much!! Let me know a time and place to meet you in the GE parking lot, lmao. <3 

I’ve been sitting here waddling away and completely missed track of my followers… GUYS I REACHED 1000!! 

Thank you so much! I feel terrible that I didn’t do anything or say anything but I truly appreciate it! Every like and reblog has made me so incredibly happy. To thank you all I would love to hold a give away! (Now that it’s the summer I think I’ll have time for sure!). I’m not entirely sure what it will be but I’ll let you all know if you’re interested.

In the mean time, I know I won’t be able to give something to all of you (as much as I’d love to). So I have put this piece on my store. It’s the first Steve/Tony art work I’ve put up and it comes in many forms. 

Thank you all again! I can’t explain how much I truly appreciate you guys <3