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“You, Him And I” (B.I x Reader)

“Hello! Can I get a scenario where hanbin’s girlfriend has been hanging out too much with Jeong Jae Won (one) lately so he gets jealous, plese? I know you don’t do scenarios for one but this is about Hanbin. Thaaaaanks you! and sorry for my english”

Name: “You, Him And I”

Character: B.I // Kim Hanbin (iKON)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,007

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(gif credit to the original owner and it was so hard bc he smiles a lot)

Hanbin’s eyes narrowed as he scanned across the photos. There was you. Your eyes were bright, glinting the relentless rays of the midday sun. The whole of your faces was glowing as you laughed, purely. Such an image of you would normally make the young leader melt at the sight. But, his sharp gaze gravitated towards the figure beside you. The face was covered with a mask but he could still figure out who it was. It was almost as clear as day. Jung Jae Won from his own company was walking beside you. Not only did he dislike the fact he was hanging out with his girlfriend, but the fact that the media was now lapping up the potential dating scandal. Angrily, his hand tore through the strands of hair on his head. He seethed. The logical side of his conscious tirelessly screamed that you guys were friends. Deep down, he knew you both were just friends. Yet, a rising ache filled his entire torso as he scrolled through picture after picture after picture. The devious spirit was taunting him, jeering at him, and its name is jealousy. He hated to be that boyfriend. The type of boyfriend that keeps the girlfriend he trusts more than anything on close taps but something about the rumours irked him considerably more.

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“Marcus, I’m sorry. Vera was an amazing spirit”

Say Hello to Your Past - Part I

Can I request a GOT7 Yugyeom scenario when you guys break up and you find out that you’re pregnant and you decide to keep the baby to yourself and move back to the states. When you were in the state GOT7 was taking a holiday there and they see you with a child that looks exactly like Yugyeom. And they ask you if it’s his and all that stuff and the members try to make you guys talk and eventually get back together. (Your son is 3 when they see him) Thanks~

Requested by: anon

Type: fluffy/angsty

Again, I’m sorry for the wait. I hope you like it! 

Here’s part II

Enjoy :)

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“I HATE YOU” I scream at Yugyeom. We were fighting, it happened a lot lately. For the past couple of weeks, we haven’t been able to see each other as much as I wanted. Mostly because Yugyeom wanted to spend his free time at the studio.

GOT7 has been really busy for the past couple of years, Yugyeom wasn’t a young adult anymore and he had responsibilities as a man. I don’t blame him, I mean I understand that he has responsibilities but he doesn’t need to spend days and nights at the studio. I need to see him.

“Maybe you do! But I think it’s time for the both of us to let go. You and I both have responsibilities” he calmly says, not even looking at me.

I didn’t know what to say. Deep down I knew that I didn’t hate him, I just couldn’t.

“If this is what you want, then I respect your choice” I say, trying not to cry.

“That’s it? No cry, no ‘please, we can make it work’?” he asks, looking at me confused.

“So you want me to beg you? Like I begged you to come home the past couple of weeks. The only time we saw each other was at the studio, and that was like.. two weeks ago?” I explain, trying not to shout. “Yugyeom, to be honest I’m done, I’m tired. This is your decision and I respect it” I say, starting to gather his belongings.

“If I ever find things that belongs to you, I’ll call one of the guys or your manager” I say, accompanying him at the door.

“Yeah, I’ll do the same! Again, I’m sorry if I didn’t make you happy” he apologizes, looking down at his feet.

“Yeah well, I guess it was meant for us to break up” I whisper, more to myself.

“Y/N don’t think I didn’t love you, I did.. but I just think that it’s better if we just you know.. break up. You even said that you were tired of this” he explains, looking at me in the eyes.

“Maybe we’ll see each other again?” he says, raising his eyebrows.

“Bye Yugyeom” I whisper with a small smile, while closing the door.

“Are you sure you are?” my friend Hayi asks.

“Yes, I took three tests yesterday and two this morning. And I took a third one today, just a couple minutes ago” I explain, trying to stay as calm as possible.

“But.. you told me that Yugyeom was always at the studio.. how?” she asks, intrigued and confused.

“Well… I visited him at the studio two weeks before we broke up… and you know…” I awkwardly smile at her.

“Stop, I really don’t want to hear about your sexual life! Do you want to keep it?” she asks, more seriously now.

“I.. I mean, I don’t think I can get rid of it.. I don’t know, I think I need some time to think about it” I say, sitting down on my couch.

“If you keep it, you don’t have to tell Yugyeom you know?” she says, sitting down next to me.

“If I keep it, I think it would be better if I go home” I quietly say, looking up to meet her surprised eyes.

“You mean.. home home?” she asks with a frown. I nodded. 

“I think it’s time for me to go home, I’ve been away for too long now. I miss my family back in the states! But we’ll keep in touch of course, we’ll Skype and we’ll use KakaoTalk obviously. I’m sure I’ll come back and you’re welcome to come visit me. We’ll make it work okay?” I explain, full of enthusiasm.

“I respect your choice, I just… It’ll be weird to know.. I won’t be able to see you everyday…” she sadly says.

“I’ll miss you! You better be sending me pictures of the little peanut okay? I want to know if you’re healthy! And I could be it’s godmother you know” Hiya winks at me.

We were at the airport. I was going back home today. I didn’t tell Yugyeom about the baby and about me leaving. He doesn’t need to know, we’re not dating anymore. 

I still feel a bit bad for not telling him about the baby but I don’t think he would be happy to hear that I’m three months pregnant.

“Of course you’ll be it’s godmother! I already planned it don’t worry” I wink back.

“I’m seriously going to miss you” I sadly say, hugging her.

“Please let me know when you landed. And send me updates about your pregnancy okay? Say hi to your parents too. I’ll try to visit you as soon as I can okay?” she whispers to my ear.

“I will don’t worry. Let me know when you want to come over, my parents will be happy to see you” I whisper back, not letting her go.

“You should check in now, I don’t want you to miss your flight! Please take care” she says, drying her wet cheeks.

“Don’t cry please, you’re going to make me cry” I laugh, looking away.

“How was your flight?” my dad asks, looking at the road.

“Long. But it was nice” I say, looking out of the car window.

“All the family is excited to see you. The minute we told them you were coming back, they were excited. And your mom…. she hasn’t stop talking about it” he laughs, still looking at the road.

I chuckled. It was good to see them. They knew about the baby and they thought it was also a good idea for me to come back home. They supported me and told me they would help me.

“Did you eat?” he suddenly asks.

“Yes, but you know.. food plane isn’t the best” I laugh. “Why?” I add. 

“Your mom is cooking” he smiles.

“YESSSSS!! I didn’t eat that much on the plane, hoping she would have cooked” I excitedly say.

“Welcome home honey” my mom says, hugging me.

“Thank you mom! I’m so happy to see you” I say, hugging her back and closing my eyes. I missed my family so much.

“I made your bed” she says. “You have time to take a shower and unpack. Dinner isn’t ready yet” she explains, leaving me for the kitchen.

“Here, I’ll help you” my dad says, taking one of my luggage.

“It was delicious!! I missed your food” I happily sigh.

“So, do you know what you’re going to do next?” my mom asks.

“Hum, yeah! I found a job at the local bookstore and then I guess I’ll move out” I quietly say.

“Did he try to contact you?” my mom asks again. I immediately knew who she was referring to.

“Hum… no…. he didn’t! He was pretty clear when we broke up so… yeah” I quietly say.

“You should go to bed now, you need to rest” my dad says, clearly noticing how uncomfortable I was about Yugyeom.

“So how are you?” Hiya asks. We were, once again, skyping.

“Good! The little peanut is growing up” I say, looking down at my noticeable stomach.

“So tell me! You sent me a KakaoTalk earlier telling me that you knew if it was a girl or a boy!” she quickly says, clearly excited about the revelation.

“So it’s a… BOY” I excitedly reveal.

“NO WAY! IS IT??????” she asks, as excited as me.

“YES!!! My mom cried when the doctor told us” I smile.

“Do you have any ideas for the name?” she carefully asks.

“Hum… I.. you know I know that he’s probably going to grow up without his dad. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to know who he is. So I was thinking that I could give him a Korean name.. but I don’t know. I probably sound stupid right now” I chuckle, realizing how pathetic I sounded.

“No, that’s actually a good idea! Let me think of a name” she says, starting to think.

“I still hav-”

“What about Yuhoon?” she asks.

“No I don’t really like it” I wince.

“Okay, what about Yuwon ?” she smiles. It took me couple of seconds to think about it.

“Yeah, I like this one better” I smile.

“When is your due date?” my mom asks.

“In a month” I sit down on one of the kitchen’s chairs.

“Do you have everything you need?” she asks, sitting down next to me.

“Yes I think so! Dad and I went shopping last month so I guess I have everything I need thank you” I smile.

“Awwwwww he’s so cute! How old is he now?” Hiya asks on Skype.

“Almost 9 months now” I smile, looking down at my little boy.

“I can’t wait to meet him!” she says, smiling like a crazy person. “How are you? Do you sleep well?” she adds, asking me.

“Yeah, well he wakes up during the night. But not every night so I do sleep yeah” I say, still looking down at my baby.

“Oh hum.. I don’t know if you should know about this but…” she starts, looking uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong? You can tell me” I say, starting to look worried.

“So hum… Yugyeom was in my shop this morning and hum… he asked about you” she reveals.

“But don’t worry I didn’t say a word about Yuwon” she quickly says, noticing how panicked I was.

“Oh thank god” I sigh.

“How are old are you now?” my dad asks, taking him on his laps.

He obviously knew how old he was. He wanted Yuwon to practice his English. Yuwon and I were both visiting my parents and we were staying over for dinner.

“Two” Yuwon says, holding up two fingers.

“Two? You’re a big boy” my mom says, clapping her hands.

“You can go play with your toys if you want!” I say to Yuwon, scattering his toys on the floor.

He immediately left his grandpa’s laps to go play.

“Do you speak Korean to him?” my mom asks.

“Hum yeah I try to! Hiya tries to speak to him in Korean when we Skype” I explain.

“That’s good” my dad smiles, looking at the little boy.

“Saengil chukhahamnida” Hiya sings on Skype.

“What is Hiya singing?” I ask, looking down at Yuwon.

“Happy birthday” he says, looking and smiling at Hiya.

“Is it my birthday?” I ask again, still looking at him. “Noooooo! It is my birthday” he claps his hands, smiling. 

“How old are you now?” Hiya asks, smiling. “Three” he says, showing three fingers at the camera. 

“Yes! You’re a big boy now. Are you a good boy to Omma?” she raises her eyebrows. 

“Yes I am” he looks up at me. I nod looking at him.

“Good” Hiya answers.

“Can I go play now?” Yuwon asks with pleading eyes.

“Say bye to Hiya first” I tell him. “Annyeonghi gaseyo” he bows to the camera.

“Annyeong Yuwon” she answers.

“How are you?” she asks. 

“Good! Work is good too and Yuwon is a good boy so yeah” I answer with a sincere smile “And you?”.

“Good! Work is amazing, I have so many clients. I’m about to open a second shop in Gangnam” she excitedly says.

“Really?” I answer, clapping my hands.

“Yes!” she says, as excited as me. “That’s AMAZING” I say.

“I know right? So it has been a bit stressful the past couple of weeks but now everything is good” she sighs.

“How is Seoul?” I say, starting to think about how much I miss Seoul and South Korea in general.

“Good! New Kpop groups, good songs! It hasn’t change that much” she says, with a weird expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” I frown.

“Hum.. I’ve seen that GOT7 is on a break.. in the states” she says, not sure if she made the right decision.

“Oh.. really?” I ask, feeling how my heart was beating fast.

“Yeah.. so hum you might see them” she quietly says.

“Yuwon come back here” I laugh, running after him. We were enjoying a nice afternoon at the park.

All I could hear was Yuwon’s cute laugh. He suddenly ran into someone and fell down.

“Yuwon” I whisper, starting to run faster.

I could hear a bit of the conversation he was having with the stranger he ran into who was with someone else. One of the men was helping Yuwon up.

“Don’t you think he looks exactly like Yugyeom?” one says looking at the other.

“Yeah.. But it can’t be” the man laughs.

“I’m so sorry” I say, taking Yuwon in my arms.

“That’s fi-” the man Yuwon ran into starts. He doesn’t finish his sentence which makes me look up at him. My eyes doubled in size.

“Y/N?” I hear. “Mark?” I ask in a whisper.

“Omma, geubun-i nugunji aseyo?” Yuwon asks.

“Yes I know them” I answer, still looking at Mark.

“Omma?” BamBam whispers to himself. Just a second later he looks at me with huge eyes.

“You mean?” BamBam asks, looking at me “Hyung, that’s why he reminded me of Yugyeom” he explains to Mark.

I hope you liked it, and I’m sorry for the wait. 

Feel free to send me feed back, I would love to know what you thought about it.

Masterlist - kpop version

Love you all xx

Notoriety (Luhan) - Part Five

Finally, the last part! Sorry for the wait. Everything lately has been very busy. There are lots of drabbles for me to get through, too, so please be patient! I hope you enjoy this ♥ Notoriety Luhan is one of my absolute favourites, so thank you again to mae-ern for requesting him! also this gif is beautiful

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five

Your knight in shining armour.

“_____, is that you?” A sleep-ridden voice fills the roomimmediately after you push open the door, and you jump, despite the fact youknow he’s there. “What’s wrong?”

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Vast question. Water, particularly rain and sea settings are a favorite of mine.

My ongoing visual novel The Ashen Road also deals a lot with my relation to the rain and the sea, I’ve always been particularly attached to the mood created by water be it rain, waves, steam or fog. It has a strong connection with the ideas of contemplation, purification and depression which are themes I work with a lot.

Also, to make this post not too sad : 

EXO Reaction to your unhealthy obsession

Sorry guys, I know it’s been a quiet weekend. I wasn’t feeling completely okay and also had some things to do. I love you, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: *Actually likes it* “You know.. we can do amazing things together. Being “obsessed” together…”

Kris: *Face palm* “Even when she already has me.. she still keeps a lot of pictures of me in her room…” *Blushing*

Sehun: *Super sassy* “Well I know I’m super fabulous” 

Tao: *hears it from another person* “Really? She is really obsessed with me?” *Can’t believe it, he likes it somehow*

Kai: *Watches you all the time, he is kinda more obsessed than you*

Xiumin: *Flattered* “Oh such a pretty girl.. interested on me… My heart is beating so fast”

Baekhyun: *Finds your notebook full of random facts about him* “Why didn’t she ask me about this? … Where did she even get all of this?” 

Luhan: *When he realizes you are watching him he starts to give you the creep luhan stare*

Chen: *Acts cuter so you’ll love him more*

Kyungsoo: “I’ve been watching… I’ve been waiting… In the shadows.. for my time” (The rasmus- In the shadows)

Lay: *Not sure what to do. Confused unicorn* “It must be love”

Suho: *Sassy* “I couldn’t expect less. I’m the best here!”


Oliver: I’m sorry.

Felicity: Were you apologizing to me or were you talking to your quiver?

Oliver: I didn’t snap at my quiver.

Felicity: You kind of more than snapped.

Oliver: I know and I’m sorry.

Felicity: I understand that this Mirakuru thing has you freaked out. And I have been in Central City a lot.

Oliver: Felicity, it’s not that. When you are there, it just made me realize how much I need you here. In the beginning, I was going to do all of this by myself. And now with you and Diggle, I rely on you.

Felicity: Does that mean I have a shot…at employee of the month?

Oliver: No, because you’re not my employee, you’re my partner.

Gem Drill Theory

Okay, so I’ve been re-watching a lot of SU episodes and while I was re-watching Gem Drill I noticed something! I’m sure someone else has probably figured this out but I think I know one of the reasons why Steven was in so much pain when him and Peridot were trying to drill into the cluster.

We can clearly see in the episode that it is most likely the intensity of the drill that was hurting Steven, from the vibrating to the noise I’m sure any normal person would be in an incredible amount of pain, but I think there is another reason behind it as well…

We can also see that Steven is starting to see strange ghostly faces of the gems from the cluster, but I think the most interesting part of this is this scene

I believe that this might be(or just symbolize)Rose, since it is soon after this that Steven’s gem starts to glow. 

It is also important to note that after his gem started glowing the most is when he passed out and went into the clusters “brain”

I think whatever it is that made the cluster want to form might have affected Rose/her gem as well, which made her unintentionally attempt to form. Now, it is un-clear if Rose is consciously aware of what happens to Steven or even if she is still considered “alive”, but I believe that since she is unformed that she can not consciously do anything at all and is only able to follow regular actions preformed by an un-formed gem, which is pretty much only re-forming… so since she is only a gem at this point she simply just starts to preform the only thing she is capable of. Something else that points to this is this scene

So in the end Rose trying to form herself while in him might be just a bit painful for Steven considering he is half-human, and that is what I think was putting him in so much pain on top of being shaken and probably almost deafened…

London Loves A Speeding Heart

A Chris x Ella Oneshot.

Summary: Premieres were never honestly easy for either of them but at the end of one premiere, Chris and Ella get to know one another better and realize that maybe such events aren’t that bad after all.

Warnings: Fluff. Lots of gifs (I apologize in advance).

Note: Hiiiiii!!!! Sorry this has been coming forever but i had midterms and i was super busy. Hopefully this is good and as always comments are well appreciated :)

I apologize in advance for the vast amount of dialogues in this one. I wanted to reveal more about Ella since you guys know very little about her.

Also, if you have any requests or ideas, please please send them in.

  Requests are Open!!!! 

I’d love you for it :)

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I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity, and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be. I love her and it is the beginning of everything.”  (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

Ella’s P.O.V

God bless Catherine de’ Medici for making high heeled shoes mainstream. If she hadn’t worn high heels back in 1533 for her wedding, then these beautiful little shits wouldn’t be so prevalent - and Ella wouldn’t have sore, bruised feet. She hates heels. Vehemently hates heels. And the sad thing is she usually has to wear them: at premieres and red carpets and press conferences and interviews and galas and parties and and and. She wants to just remove her shoes and feel the earth beneath her feet. She wanted to hold his hand and hear his voice and just be. But sadly, her life had different plans. And so here she was: at the London premiere after-party for Civil War, surrounded by hordes of celebrities and journalists and just everyone. And this was exactly why she couldn’t go see Chris because no one here knew about them. No one knew their secret and, in reality, she reveled in the thought that she had something that was completely, purely hers. Theirs. No trashy comments or judgements or anything tainted their relationship and she loved that. But the press tour had been long and lengthy and all Ella wanted now was Chris and to go back to her normal life here in London.

“… is so fucking cool!” Sebastian’s voice says next to her, “Like, have you seen that shot? Man it’s…” and his voice tunes out once again. Ella sighs inwardly. He’s been talking about this movie he saw yesterday for an hour now. Renner, standing opposite her, starts talking to Elizabeth about some politics shit that she frankly couldn’t care less about.

“Whatcha think ‘bout that Francis? You two cool?” Mackie questions.

“Who’s cool?”

“You an’ Chris.”

“Mackie, we’re always cool. Why?”

“The boy is starin’ at you like a hawk that’s why…”

Turning around Ella caught Chris’ eye and looked away. “I’m sure he was admiring Romanian Adonis here.” She nodded towards Sebastian. The group laughed and Ella thought this was the best moment to excuse herself, seeing as they were all so distracted.

“Uh, excuse me, I need to go find… go… somewhere for a moment”

She’d barely taken a step when she heard Renner say “You going for some fondue?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know Renner.”

Damn Renner.

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This is wonderful, sorry Vikk (x)