i know this has been done but i really wanted my own version



So some of you might have noticed that i’ve been doing a lot of SU fanart lately (here, here, here, here and here). Most of it I was kind of dissatisfied with because I’m pretty bad at digital painting (majority of what I consider my best work has been vector art or hand drawn). It’s something I’m still working on, and hopefully someday i’ll be more happy with the result! 

So yeah, those works didn’t seem poster-worthy, and I really wanted to make some SU fanart I could hang up on my wall. Currently I have this poster on my wall, and of course it inspired me a lot in making my own version! 

And so, here’s my version of the crystal gems + fusions! This was sooo much fun to make! Although the fusion set is currently incomplete due to lack of characters, the poster on top with the 12 non-fusion characters (except for you know who, no spoilers) is pretty much done. I might tweak the designs a bit, and I’m open to feedback/critique! (seriously lay it on me!)  

Hopefully when the show starts up again in August I’ll get some new fusions to add to my set (or at least a Diamond maybe??). I’m planning on selling the top poster soon though, so i’ll update y’all when that’s available!