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Okay, Tegs, I'm gonna have to ask you to explain the 'getting asked to leave preschool' thing

Preschool was a weird time for me. I was one of those horribly precocious children- I’d taught myself to read before I was three- and so while my classmates were learning their ABCs, I was reading chapter books I’d brought from home. It was honestly a total waste of time, and I acted out a lot because I was bored as hell. It was really more like day care, but understaffed- for the entire three and four year old class, there was only one teacher. Her name was Sister Ida and she would play us songs on the guitar and sing. But this wasn’t enough to mollify me; I had been SO EXCITED about school because that’s where you get to learn. The kids in books all went to school- my mom says that the summer before I started pre-school, I’d get out of bed and wake her up in the middle of the night asking if it was time to go to school. But then school turned out to be an utter disappointment. A lot of preschool is really about socialization; learning to share, learning to get along with other kids, learning not to be pushy- but I would shut down around other kids because I just wanted to read books. I’d throw a fit when my books were taken away, so Sister Ida just let me read. What else could she do? My parents didn’t want to move me up a grade because I was bad enough at talking to children my own age and they really didn’t think I’d thrive with kids older than me. I wasn’t more mature emotionally than my age cohort- I was just academically quicker, and that was a recipe for disaster if they’d bumped me up. 

My parents could never get stuff done with me around, because I was always asking a million questions, so they turned to that old standby, the electronic babysitter. If I was out of books to read, I could turn on the TV; my mom just left the one in the living room tuned to the Discovery Channel.  This was old school Discovery Channel, not the reality show network it is today, which meant that I was watching animal documentaries all the time

One day, I saw a documentary about sea turtles. Specifically it was a program about the miracle of sea turtle birth- how they have so many eggs and how they don’t all make it to the sea. There was a segment on how the sea turtles find mates and how the males hang onto the females for up to twenty-four hours and how mating is violent but then she has all those eggs… I thought it was amazing. It seemed like some kind of magic trick- insert magic wand, presto change-o, baby sea turtles. I decided that I would take this in for show and tell- I would demonstrate (drumroll, please) mating

I had these little plastic turtles that I put in my schoolbag. Show and tell came around and when it was my turn, I stood up in front of the class and said “I’m going to show you how sea turtles mate!” 

Sister Ida was not fast enough to stop me. I started talking about how the sea turtles entered a mating bond and stacked the plastic turtles on top of each other and then talked about how the eggs came out of the female’s cloaca. It was upsetting to the other children because I was using big words they didn’t know and it was upsetting to the nun because I was teaching three year olds about sex. When I started talking about how the male enters the cloaca and stays there for as long as a day and how the female sea turtle tries to bite him because his claws hurt, well… they’re just lucky I didn’t have visual aids beyond those two plastic turtles because male sea turtle genitals are enormous and horrifying. 

This all led to a conference with my parents where the principal explained that 1.) I wasn’t learning anything; 2.) that my boredom was actually diminishing my burgeoning social skills; 3.) and that I was introducing material that wasn’t grade appropriate to kids who didn’t understand. Really, it was the best thing for me- the principal thought that I’d be better off at the public school where they actually had resources beyond a singing nun with a guitar. So when it was time for kindergarten, that’s where I went. 

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Hi I'm thinking about writing a romance novel that took place between the 1950s and 60s. The setting is in Kenya, Africa from the Mau Mau uprising against Britain until indepence. Could you kindly suggest how I can put that into words Thank you

Yeah dude, you know we can’t do your research for you, right? You know you’re going to have to spend many, many hours doing that research, right? So, how do you get started? And I hope I can assume this is a topic about which you are passionate because, done right, a project like this will by necessity consume you. 

Everything you need to know about what you need to know can be found in this Goodreads summary about one of the best-selling historical novels ever, Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. It’s set in 12th century England and the overarching story is about the construction of the finest cathedral ever. 

Sounds fascinating, yeah? No. Not to most people, at least not that they think. It’s the detail and research and craftsmanship – and oddly, the relatability – that’s made it a bestseller for longer than most of you reading this have been alive. 

Follett, btw, began his writing career as a journalist; he got bored, went into publishing and began writing his own stuff on nights and weekends. The result: He’s sold more than 150 MILLION MOTHERFUCKING BOOKS in not quite 40 years. 

But let’s break down the book summary into what you’ll need to know to write: 

1. It’s incredibly detailed, in both natural and human scenery

2. It incorporates the Big Historic Events and People of the time period

3. It incorporates the small, personal events of the characters – things that might be unique to the time and culture and yet are universal to the human experience

4. There are many intriguing characters. We get to know their dreams, their labors and their loves.

5. Characters are shaped by details about their place in society.

6. There’s a damn good plot – betrayal, revenge and love – which is probably why the dude’s sold 150 million motherfucking books; this one alone has sold more than 18 million.

You need to be organized. This post here has good ideas and a list for getting started. Everyone’s method is going to be different, but if you need a place to start setting up your system, you could do much worse. 

If you aren’t already, you need to familiarize yourself with the primary, secondary and tertiary sources for the information you need. Once you dive down this rabbit hole, you’ll be well along the way to being able to find what you need to fill out your descriptions and your characters. Take notes. Keep track of your research and your sources. 

Never, ever forget that you aren’t writing a textbook. Historical fiction author Lindsey Davis has this advice and it cannot be stressed enough:

“You are not writing history. You are writing a novel. This requires you to master plot, characterisation, dialogue, narrative tone and description. Note that nowhere in my list do the words ‘research’ or ‘history’ appear.” 

(quote found in this book, which you might also find helpful.)

This is discussed elsewhere at length, and this blog can help more than we can, but please for the love of the stars do not whitewash or appropriate the culture of your setting. Don’t get caught up in white savior nonsense, a particular pitfall about stories set in Colonial and soon-to-be-post Colonial Africa.  

As we’ve mentioned many times before, the best way to write a good story that doesn’t fall into these traps is to write fully realized, well-rounded characters in a setting for which you’ve given your blood, sweat and tears to research. 

Our tags can help you with the other nuts and bolts of writing mentioned above. Writing tools might help with planning ideas, too. 

Good luck! 

– mod Aliya

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Hi I really loved your YOI fic "Call Everything on the Ice"! I was also just wondering, though, how long have you been studying Japanese? Could you give some advice or resources how you're learning? I'm planning on going to Japan for my Asian Studies degree and hope to learn Japanese (or at least get a head start) before taking that leap. Hope this isn't a bother!!! Thank you if you have the time to answer!!! <3

Okay, so perhaps people have noticed that I tend to overanswer things? Yes, yes, that happens.

Me: Maybe only explain this a little bit.
Me to me: Who are we kidding? Have five, count ‘em, five separate numbered lists.

Answer to question #1: I’m at about *glances at watch* four and a half months of studying Japanese, and while I’ve been spending about 3-4 hours a day on this, I’m still really new. This means that I am inevitably doing something inefficiently and so you should take everything I say with a grain of salt. I haven’t been doing this very long and other people are much better resources!

That being said, my tendency to overexplain, my general pedantry (own it if you are it, whatever), and my deeply weird overanalytical brain means that maybe something I’ve done in breaking down my experience thus far will be helpful to you.

All five numbered lists below the cut.

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After the first gold medal, he feels pride. The second he’s defending a title, the third he’s proving a point. The fourth gold medal he starts to feel bored, and after the fifth, just a curious emptiness he doesn’t know how to analyze.


“You’re bored,” Christophe says, and if there’s an edge there it’s only barely perceptible. If there is bitterness, Christophe is too good a friend to let it show.

“I’m not sure that’s it,” Viktor says.

“Let me ask you something, Viktor, why do you keep skating? Don’t get me wrong—you have to keep skating until I can beat you, I just want to know what your reason is.”

There’s something sort of gloomy about that statement—does he have to keep skating? Until someone beats him? Is that even what he wants? Is that something everyone else wants?

“See, you can’t even answer, can you? Just think about—everyone on this ice has one thing in common: you. We’re here to beat you. But you don’t have a Viktor so you’re bored.”

Everyone has me but me, Viktor repeats in his mind.

“What you need is a really good fuck.”

“It always comes down to that with you,” Viktor says genially.

“Because it’s true! It cures everything. Just anonymous fucking; you and someone else and you’re both just bodies and pleasure and it’s the best thing in the world. It’s eros—the highest form of pleasure anyone can obtain. It’ll help you get over your funk, trust me. Find a random person and screw their brains out.”

Christophe says this like Viktor doesn’t know that Christophe has been in a very committed relationship for the past year. Like Viktor doesn’t know that Christophe is very much in love, and that he found his inspiration not with anonymous fucking, but with a love that doesn’t leave.

Maybe that’s what I need, Viktor thinks idly. A love that doesn’t leave.

He dismisses the idea almost immediately. Whatever this emptiness is, it’s not something that romance can fill.


“Do you think I should keep skating?”

He’s not even sure this is a question he wants an answer to, but it’s a question he feels like he needs to ask, and he has to ask it to the person who has known him the longest.

“Of course you have to keep skating!” Yakov shouts, predictably angry. “What else are you going to do? Retire? Travel? Write your memoirs? Don’t be an idiot. You’re still the best, so you keep skating. What else is there?”

Right, Viktor thinks.

What else is there?


“‘Do you want my autograph?’ God, you’re such a fucking idiot. Get over yourself, asshole, not everything is about you.”

Yuri has been on a tirade for quite some time, and Viktor doesn’t understand why. Nor does he particularly care—Yuri is usually on a tirade about one thing or another and Viktor has long since concluded it’s just better to smile and nod along when he gets like this.

“Really, Viktor, that was poorly done,” Mila says. And if even Mila agrees than surely he must have done something wrong, but it’s too late to figure out what now. “Although, Yuratchka, I’m not sure why you care—weren’t you the one saying, ‘There only needs to be one Yuri?’”


“It is good that Yuri has a rival,” Georgi says off-hand, “Besides you, that is. A more attainable goal, since he’s just starting out.”

A rival, Viktor thinks. It always comes back to that. Is that what I need? Not a Viktor, but an attainable goal.

But everyone on the ice was a friend and a rival, so he’s not even sure what that means.


It’s only at the reception that Viktor realizes what it is that the others had been yelling at him for. He sees the dejected Japanese man and it clicks, Oh, he’s another skater. No wonder Yuri yelled at him—it was very poor form to offer his autograph to another skater.

Guilt is not something he likes to dwell on—he doesn’t like it, he’s never been particularly good at it, and really all things considered life is just much easier if he’s not too hung up on what other people feel because of him.

But he does feel bad.

He keeps watching the sad man and thinks to himself, How could I have known? He remembers Yuuri Katsuki now, (Yuuri had, all things considered, been a very memorable skater—it’s no wonder he caught Yuri’s eye) and the glasses make him look like a whole different person.

He’ll have to apologize later.

The not-guilt makes him aware of the other man in a way that maybe he wouldn’t be otherwise. It’s strange—but maybe he’s envious of the other man’s devastation. Maybe that’s what I need—something that will make me cry. He can’t remember the last time he cried. He can’t even remember the last time he had anything he cared enough to cry about.


“Shouldn’t someone make him stop?” Michele says, sounding nervous. “That’s like his fifteenth glass, and I’m not even exaggerating.”

“Pft, Italians,” Mila scoffs. Michele is far too easy to tease, so she purposefully thickens her accent and says, “That’s nothing. We feed that to babies, in Russia. You Italians just don’t know how to hold your liquor.”

“I can hold my liquor just fine!” Michele shouts. (“He really can’t,” his sister whispers at the side), “I’m just saying, if he keeps drinking like that he’s going to die.”

Mila has a point—Russians know how to drink. It’s a point of national pride, really. And maybe that’s why every single Russian in the room is watching Yuuri Katsuki with a sort of hushed respect. It’s not just that he’s on his fifteenth, moving onto his sixteenth, glass of champagne, it’s that it doesn’t look like the liquor is slowing him down any and you don’t have to be Russian to know just how impressive that is.

Maybe that’s what I need, Viktor thinks. Drink until I lose all control.

Or maybe I just need to lose control.


“Viktor! After the season is over, my family owns a hotspring, so please come. Be my coach! If I win this dance-off, you’ll be my coach, right?”

Oh, Viktor thinks.

Maybe all I need is you.

A/N: Thanks, anon-friends! I haven’t fully decided if I want to write a long story for Yuri on Ice yet, (largely because I’m not sure I have stories to tell yet) but I am also super weak to anyone asking me to write something, so I hope you enjoy this character sketch of Viktor! I am sure it has been done before a million times, but it’s where I wanted to start in this fandom =D Thanks again!!

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how bout derek and stiles being best friends since little kids and one day derek starts acting mean to stiles and after a while stiles gets tired of being sad about it and goes to investigate and discover the whole thing with kate, tells talia and saves the hales leaving derek to earn his forgiveness? (I just really like groveling!derek) (or idk, you can change the prompt all you want, I just want the best friends since kids and groveling part, tnkx, I hope I don't sound too demanding)

you’re not demanding at all, anon. i love the best friends since childhood trope, and i’m always all for anything involving no hale fire.

Stiles was 6 when he met Derek Hale. They met in the woods, Stiles lost and confused, and Derek a helpful 10 year old with a strong grip around Stiles’ hand as he led him to his house. Stiles was 6 when he met the Hale family, and he was 6 when he decided Derek Hale was his new best friend.

Stiles was 7 when he saw Derek’s face transform for the first time. Fangs grew from his white teeth, his ears got pointy, and his eyes flashed yellow. Stiles was scared for all of 2 seconds, before he went over, touched Derek’s transformed face, and started rambling on and on about how cool it was that his best friend was a werewolf. Stiles started calling Derek a superhero and started considering himself a sidekick.

Stiles was 8 when his mom got put in the hospital for the first time. He spend a full week of crying, falling asleep by his mother’s side, and with a heavy heart. He spend a week feeling like his world was crumbling, before Derek grabbed his hand and took him to the woods to play superhero.

Stiles was 8 when the Hale family became like a second family to him, because his own was falling apart with his mom in the hospital and getting worse, and his dad constantly working and being distant.

Stiles was 10 when he lost his mom and shut down. He was 10 when he had his first panic attack, and he was 10 when he refused to get out of his bed. His dad had given up, too busy grieving himself, but Derek hadn’t. Derek came over every day, came over to cuddle and let Stiles cry on his shoulder all he wanted.

It took months, but eventually Stiles smiled again and eventually Derek got him outside. Eventually Stiles started going back to his old self. He had setbacks where he started shaking and panicking, but Derek learned how to help him through those times.

Stiles was 12 when Derek’s eyes changed from yellow to blue. And with the shift of his eyes came a shift in his personality. Derek became more distant, more sad. Talia, Derek’s mom, blamed it on puberty, but Stiles knew something else was up. He knew but no one would tell him anything.

Not until Derek came to him one day, not until Derek broke down on his shoulder and told him everything about Paige.

And Stiles was 13 when Derek started pushing away, started being mean.

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i am such trash what is this welcome to my first follow forever! this is a million years overdue but it seems being out of school hasn’t deterred my procrastination skills in the slightest *quietly sobs*

I just recently hit 800 followers!! I’ve had this blog for sooooo long, but I went through a hundred and two different phases so thank you to those who continued following me even though I didn’t post content they liked/followed! Thank you so much as well to those blogs who followed me when I just got into Seventeen! you guys are the reason why I really got into Seventeen so deeply haha

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Title: Questions
Series: HxH
Pairing: Kirugon
Summary: Gon asks Killua questions, hoping to find out who Killua likes.. and, maybe, if it’s him.
Notes: AU where Killua is immortal, but Gon isn’t. Have fun. B) (It’s not angsty!)
Word Count:

“How many times have you fallen in love, Killua?”

The question almost struck him as painful. How was he supposed to answer that?

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