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Livin’ La Dolce Vita, life couldn’t get much sweeter. Don’t you give me a reason that it’s not the right season. Babe, I love you a lot. I’ll give you what I got. Yeah, you know that it’s true, I’ve been saving all my summers for you. I’ve been saving all my summers for you, like Froot.


Error Lance? Error Lance. Error Lance!!


Kisses to wake up the sleeping (er, malfunctioning?) AI Prince :’)

I made a real-life Andy’s room.

When my friends and I began recreating Toy Story 3 in late 2011, we knew that we would have to create a full scale Andy’s room. I mean, let’s face it. You can’t successfully recreate Toy Story 3 without a realistic looking Andy’s room. It took about 2 years of work, but it was totally worth it. It’s the room that most of us grew up wishing we had. From the hardwood floor to the bright white woodwork, it’s all there.

It may sound a bit obsessive, but we tried incredibly hard to make sure that every little detail was captured. For example, there is a white board next to Andy’s desk that we, for the most part, replicated perfectly. 

His posters were almost perfectly recreated for our room as well. I’ve got to thank my brother for those. The amount of detail he put into those things amazes me. 

One of my favorite aspects of Andy’s room in Toy Story 3 is his door. I just love the dart board, scattered stickers and posters on it. It really gives off the teenager-vibe. With that said, I absolutely loved recreating it for our room. I still can’t believe we managed to find that dart board…and for only $5 at a thrift shop. Score!

A lot of time was spent on Andy’s desk. Before we renovated it, it was an old, broken brown desk. It was really awesome fixing it up for our remake though because it used to belong to my grandmother. 

Some my other favorite details we captured in our real-life Andy’s room can be seen in this still from the film.

The crescent moon bed backboard:

The electric guitar:

And of course, the toy box:

So yeah, a lot of work went into recreating Andy’s room. But you know what? My friends and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The extra work really paid off. We can’t get over how great it looks on film.


A lot of people have recently asked me how to make a masterlist so I made a ‘tutorial’ to help you guys! I hope it helps!

Step One: Open the text option in the Tumblr menu bar.

Step Two: Type in the title and type in the words you want to connect the link to.

Step Three: Copy the URL you want to use.

Step Four: Double click the words you want to connect the link to.

Step Five: Click the infinity sign thing this what you use to connect the link to the text.

Step Six: Then paste your copied URL into the box that pops up and click done!

Part Seven: You should see the three options below pop up if you did it right, and we all know sometimes things get lost along their way on Tumblr, so to be sure click the open option and see if it takes you to your link!

Hoped this helped, this is the simpliest and easiest way to explain it, because I used to look it up but those videos are with the older version, so yeah, much love and lots of hugs and kisses!


(On Claire Temple stealing the show) What with good reason, my god…I think Rosario has a lot to do with it. You can feel her heart in her work. I think also the character—she’s a strong woman, she helps the people she cares about. – Deborah Ann Woll

She’s got it all, it’s equal parts the character as the actor. She’s an incredibly talented actor. She just exudes coolness, you know? She’s cool, she’s sweet. I just think she’s awesome and she’s highly, highly capable. I get it, I fell in love with her, yeah. – Jon Bernthal

She’s got such an amazing presence and she’s such a wonderful person and actor. But I think also Claire Temple was written beautifully. I think a lot of people, in the same way that Matt—he could open up to her in a way he hasn’t to anyone else. I think she probably made the audience feel the same way as well. – Charlie Cox

anonymous asked:

So i've seen today this gif set of sterek as derek the bodyguard and its so great edited, i was wondering if you knew similar fics to that or just sterek bodyguard fic rec maybe? :)

Hey :)

There are lots of great bodyguard!derek fics! 

Strike Softly (Away From The Body) by  qhuinn (tekla) | 34.5K

Derek is a bodyguard and Stiles his spoiled, resistant client.

just once by  stilinskisparkles | 20.5K

“I’m your bodyguard!”

“Yeah, I know, and I get that you’re worried I am somehow living under the illusion you are Kevin Costner and I’m Whitney Houston, but Derek?” Stiles grabs his tie before Derek can stop him, pulls him close enough to murmur in his ear, “I can’t sing.”

reGuardless by  raisesomehale | 3.5K

The president had been to the point when he explained to Derek the rules of the job.

Stiles was in the room while these rules were recited: Never take your eyes off of him in public. That’s how he liked to dodge his last bodyguards. No more than an arm’s length apart. He’s more slippery than you’d think. Escort him to and from appearances. Intervene in any situation that might tarnish the Stilinski image

The list went on and on. As did the games of chicken Stiles initiated to test Derek with these rules.

call it a wild card by  stilinski | 18.4K

“I am not playing the part of your fearless boyfriend, and you’re not playing prom queen. I am your bodyguard and this is what I do. You will trust me to get Erica out safely or I will strip you of any illusions you still have that I’m a skinny wretch and put you in the trunk, are we clear on that?”

“That’s unprofessional.”


Derek grunts. Stiles nods, satisfied.

A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel by  lupinus, uraneia | 21.2K

Stiles and Derek wake up married in Vegas. Well, they would have if it was legal.

In which Stiles is the president’s son, Derek is his bodyguard, and Papa President orders them to pretend to be in love for the sake of gay rights.

Bite Down Hard by  KuriKuri  | 25.7K

In which Secret Service Agent Derek Hale accidentally gets bonded to First Son Stiles Stilinski. Oops.

Never Did Run Smooth by  blacktofade, rarepairenabler | 34.2K

As the only son of King Stilinski, Stiles doesn’t have a lot of freedom, but he doesn’t let that stop him from traveling for days to the biggest festival of the season with a begrudging stranger, Derek.


I am very very very lame and spent my day off making this… it all started with me trying to make better gifs to ‘set a mood’, and then it spiraled into a music video/trailer i guess?? and i got obsessed with finishing it and learned a lot about editing video in the process so that’s good. anyway, don’t make fun of me too much. and it kinda gets bad towards the end because i got lazy ok!

(song: Summertime by Girls. if anything, listen to the song cause it good)

so yeah, ill be posting some teen ezra stuff because i can’t focus on one thing ever!!!!

An Eye For An Eye.

Request from @emma-hook-ouat:Can I get a Hook imagine? One where one of hooks enemies comes after the reader (hooks love), as like a revenge or something idk, and hurts them and hook saved the reader?? I’m all about action and fluff so yeah. Thanks!! 😘❤

Note: I know there isn’t a whole lot of action in this but I hope the serious amount of fluff makes up for it <3

Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 2,280

Warnings: Violence, intimidating behaviour, threat to life, blood, angst aaaaaand……fluff!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

Yet again you found yourself drowning inside the blue pools of his eyes as his hand traced light patterns along your lower back – the movement was soothing despite the hardened skin he had from all his years at sea and already you could feel sleep beginning to hit you as you both lay in bed.


“What is it love?”

His voice was hoarse, showing that he probably hadn’t slept all that well during the night, as a mischievous little smirk started to tug at his lips. He knew exactly what he was doing.

“You know I need to get up. I need to go for my run before work.”

“Well….I suppose I do rather enjoy seeing you covered in sweat when you get back from your runs…”


A look of shock etched its way onto your face as you playfully slapped him against his shoulder causing a laugh to erupt form him as both his arms pulled you into him even tighter.

“Come on can you really blame me? The thought of joining you in the shower to wash it all off is what gets me up on a morning.”

“You….Captain Jones….are despicable.”

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i got a lil thing of monster clay to mess around with and got the idea to make my booiii nace

his quills ended up a little long in the back but eh!

this little head uses the entire sample size block of soft make of monster clay, in case anyone might wanna look into it and wants to know how big the samples are!

but yeah! im thinking of getting more so i can make more stuff, its a lot of fun o/ 

Request :  Hi lovelies! Can I have a Yoongi, JK, RM and Tae reaction to you getting into a huge fight and he says something he regrets (like why did i date you or something). Like how would they react/make it uo to you? Thank you!

Suga/Yoongi : Okay so i’m pretty sure at first he would do nothing, because he’d be just too proud to take his words back and probably because he would have lost his shit, he would probably do not talk to you for a few days, thinking about what happened, why it happened, only to realizing he absolutely didn’t mean the shit he said to you. He would text you to go to some places you both liked (even if you don’t respond he’d still go hoping that you’d still come) and boy he would do a lot to make you forgive him, this includes, a whole lot of flowers even he finds it cheesy because he knows you love them, and a literal letter dedicated to you, in which he tells you how stupid he was, and that he didn’t mean anything and that he’d be the happiest man if you forgave him.

“You really mean a lot to me you know it, I apologize again, please forgive me Y/N”

Jungkook : Jungkook would be the type to be shocked by his own words. He’d start stuttering and shaking his head like “no no no that’s no what I wanted to say” He’d probably instantly forget what he was mad about and would just try to make you forget whatever he just said, by saying stuff like “you know I didn’t mean that right ?” He’d end up apologizing right after, really regretting what he said, because even if he was mad, he didn’t have to say mean stuff that could hurt you in any way.

“Y/N, I am so sorry you know I didn’t want to say this right ?”

RapMonster/Namjoon : Namjoon would be frustrated af. He knows he do not mean that, and you know it too, so he would most like be like “Aishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” before apologizing quickly after. He wouldn’t really do much about it, because he supposes you understand that with his work and everything he gets stressed easily, so whenever a huge fight is on, he completely looses it and says stuff without thinking. But he’d make sure to take extra care of you the next few days, just to prove you that it wasn’t him talking back then, just his stress.

“Ah I’m sorry i’m sorry, I’m just so stressed lately, of course I love you”

V/Taehyung : Would be a mix of Taehyung & Jungkook, he’d be shocked by his own reaction, but at the same time, he wouldn’t really do anything right after. He obv won’t wait days for making up to you, unlike Yoongi, no instead of saying anything, when he would proceed everything that just happened, he wold just hug you, like you know those kind of kinda forced hugs just like in the kdramas where he pulls you toward him and pull you by the neck gently to keep you there and pats your hair ? (god i’m terrible at describing lol I hope you get what I meant) well yeah he would do that and whisper you his apologies along sweet nothings & I love you’s because his relationship means a lot, and yeah if he likes you, he really really likes you, so he have to make sure you know it.

“Shhhh… I love you, I love you so much and you know this, let’s erase the past few minutes from our memories alright ? You really mean the world to me Y/N I’m sorry”

~ giffu tutorial ☆.。.:*

hello i have received many asks about gifs and how i make them and how i color things so i finally decided to go for it and make this. clicky down below if you wanna see the underwhelming magic that goes into my mediocre gifs

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Monsta X reaction to their s/o having a job that involves law enforcement

requested by anon~

the jobs that i’ve mentioned below are just some of the occupations that involve law enforcement.. hehe. i hope you guys enjoy it! credits to the owners for these gifs.


Originally posted by hyunwoo

Shownu; It was just another normal day for the two of you. The two of you were busy watching tv until you received a call from work, saying that they need you at the headquarters asap. For the past few years of dating, you’ve already warned Shownu that there might be times when you’d come home really late or there might be times that he might not see you since you’re actually a Crime Scene Investigator. Shownu would be surprised but be cool about it. When years passed, it kinda occurred to Shownu that your job might be really dangerous or risky so he’d be worried to be honest, especially when you get those cases of famous people who got killed or something.

Oh, babe, I need to report to our HQ. I’ll be back later, okay? *gives him a kiss on the cheek*”

“Okay, take care alright? And just text me if you’re done so that I can fetch you.”

“No need, I can manage coming back here on my own–”

“No, no. I’ll fetch you. End of story.”

“Okay, fine. Love you babe!”

Originally posted by garisanee

Wonho; The two of you were just starting to date and there were a lot of things that Wonho’s been curious about you, despite being friends for how-long-God-knows, until one night when they went to the police station to report something and saw you with your uniform, carrying a folder packed with stuff. You went to the police officer, who was handling their complain and also the your senior officer, and handed him the folder filled with details, facts and evidences of a current case. When you turned around, you met the gazes of the members and saw Wonho’s shocked face. Wonho would be really shocked that he couldn’t even process what he’d just witnessed.

[y/n]…. omo…. you work here?”

“Wait, didn’t I tell you guys? Dang, I’m so sorry. I’m actually a Police Detective. You can search it up to know what my job does. Well, anyways, I can’t talk too long, I have to go back to the crime scene. Bye! *leaves before they could even respond*”

“Police… Detective?”

“You heard her. She’s one of the best Police Detectives in this country and if I were you, I wouldn’t mess with her.”

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

Minhyuk; Hanging out with the boys during your day off was actually entering a trap. Minhyuk, your boyfriend and best friend, was conversing with the boys about how you never told them about your job and that you guys should play truth or dare to squeeze that information out from you. When the game started, it took five people to answer before you. The moment you chose truth, Minhyuk would immediately ask you about what your occupation is. They thought that you wouldn’t tell them but you nonchalantly blurted out your occupation. I’m a forensic psychologist. Those exact words would repeat over and over their minds, especially Minhyuk’s. Minhyuk would literally laugh out loud, unable to contain his amazement.

What’s your occupation, babe?”

“I’m a forensic psychologist, why?”

“WHAAAAT?! -all”

“I’m a forensic psychologist.”

“Woah… daebak…. HAHAHAHA this is so cool!”

“Okay… let’s continue, shall we?”

Originally posted by spookihyun

Kihyun; By the moment you announced to him your current job, he’d literally look at you in disbelief and maybeee…. he might choke on his own saliva. Telling him that you’re Fraud Investigator made you think that he’d just take it lightly but nooooo, he did not. He’d be constantly asking you lots of questions and even proof. Showing him your ID, he’d stare at you and make that face on the gif. Even just after how many weeks, it’d be so surreal for him to know that his babe has a job involving law enforcement.

Are you sure you’re a fraud investigator?”

“Duhh, do you want proof?”

“Heck yeah.”

“*shows him your id* you still won’t believe me?”

“I believe you, I believe you…. but then…. you’re really a fraud investigator?”

“I am a fraud investigator and it took me how many years to get this job.”

“Alright, alright….”

Originally posted by babywoon

Hyungwon; The two of you were just cleaning up the house when Hyungwon saw a folder with some paper works that were confidential. Opening the folder with so much curiosity, he’d regret it by the second he sees the content. He thought it was just some random paper work, he’d just have a smile on his face, but when he finally realized what it was, his smile would be wiped off his face in an instant. He’d be so shook to move. When you’d walk up to him and see that he found the folder that you’ve been looking, he’d look at you like you just killed someone.

What is this?”

“Oh, those are some information that I’ve gathered for the criminal case that I’ve been assigned to.”

“What do you mean criminal case?”

“You can look it up at Google. *grabs folder from Hyungwon’s hands*”

“Wait… what’s your job again?”

“Private Investigator… why?”


Originally posted by wonhontology

Jooheon; You brought Jooheon to this dinner that your superior officer was hosting. All of the guests were people with jobs involving law enforcement. This honey would literally be speechless, looking at you like you’ve just betrayed him or something. He’d look at your id and saw your title, ‘Forensic Science Technician’. Thousands of images would pop out from his mind, thinking about the stuff that you’d always see while working and this would make him sick tbh. He’d be quiet for awhile while you explain it to him.

You’re a forensic science technician?”

“I am… why?”

“So you deal with the actual scene… taking photos of scene where there blood and other stuff…. right?”

“Yes, I do.. Babe, I know that you don’t like this kind of stuff–”


“Hey, hey, don’t worry. It’s not dangerous and stuff. I’m strong to handle this kind of stuff baby.”

“…….. *no signs of talking back to you*”

“Baby, if you want, I can look for another job that does not bother you or anything?”

“No, no. Don’t. It’s what you like.”

Originally posted by livelovelunch

I.M; Changkyun was busy reading your resume, which he found lying on the floor. Once he saw your experiences, he’d be so out of it. Like, why didn’t you tell him?! He would be so interested about your job and he’d look for you at every corner there is in that freaking house, just to bombard you with questions and maybe ask you some stories about your recent cases and whatnots.



“Babe, oh my goodness. Why didn’t you tell me?!”

“Tell you what?”

“That you’re a freaking crime laboratory analyst?! DUDEEEE, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?!”

“Because you never asked me?”

“Well, now that I know. You better tell me those awesome cases that you’ve encountered! And while you’re at it, might as well tell me some information about your job! Well, what are you waiting for, come on! *grabs you by the hand and pulls you towards the living room*”

Anonymous said:What would dating Leah Clearwater include? Thanks lovely!

A/N: Yeah sure, lovely. Leah Clearwater is my sweetheart. I love her a lot. She’s so precious, hahah! I hope that you like this post, I haven’t been doing a lot of ‘dating…would include’, so I’m a bit rusty with this.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Leah Clearwater would include:

- Being Leah’s imprint.

- Comforting Leah whenever she really needs it.

- Leah pretending like she doesn’t need you but she really wouldn’t know what to do without you.

- Getting Leah like the back of your hands

- Leah getting you like the back of her hand.

- Leah softening up like butter around you, only to have the pack tease her.

- “Awe! Look at her!” Quil would whine, pouting and batting his eyelashes.


- “I swear, I’m going to personally assassinate each and every one of you boys.” Leah would threaten, but really it’s a total promise.

- Catching Leah off guard with mushy feelings.

- “I’m not really good with this stuff any more…” she’d confess.

- “Just be mushy with me and I’ll be happy.” you’d grin cheesy.

- Leah becoming bearable to the pack, in which, makes the pack forever grateful for you.

- “I’ll never do what Sam did to you.” you’d promise.

- You never being able to look at Sam with any sympathy or empathy. Anything he get’s, you think he definitely deserves.

- “You tortured her this whole time, and you’re not even sorry, Sam. You’re a sick disgusting person and I feel no sympathy for you and I never will. Whatever you get, you deserve, and worse.” you’d spit.

- Being team Leah all the way!!!

- “I will never do what Sam did to you. I will never leave you ever. Do you hear me, Leah Clearwater?

- Incredibly heated arguments.

- “Why don’t you leave? Leave like everyone else has.

- “You think I’d do that to you? Just because you imprinted on me doesn’t mean I don’t have an attachment to you. I don’t have a black heart like that over grown dog you call an alpha, Leah! My heart is for you and only you, and if you can’t believe that…

- Absolutely always making up.

- Sleeping in on the weekend until the late afternoon because the two of you have been cuddling most of the day.

- Being La Push’s cutest couple.

- Long deep passionate kisses that lead to much more.

- Seth walking in on the two of you making out.

- “Hey Leah- OH MY GOD!

- “Get out of here Seth! Urgh!

- You laughing when Leah chases Seth out of the house.

- Being close to Leah’s little brother.

- “Thanks for looking out for him, (Y/N).” she’d smile.

- Long deep talks late at night underneath the stars and gorgeous night sky.

- “I don’t know where I would be without you…

- “Probably punching Paul in the face.

- “Yeah, definitely.” Leah would grin.

- Being her everything.

- Leah being your everything.

- “I love you, (Y/N).

- “I love you too.

- Hot sex.

- More hot sex.


- Always being anxious when you know that Leah’s out on patrol.

- “You better take care of her or I’ll skin you all and keep your pelts as trophies and reminders, people!”

- Leah being undoubtedly protective of you.

- “Touch her or even look at her again, and I’ll rip your head right off of your neck.

- “You think I’m joking, Lahote?

- “I told you I wasn’t joking.

- The pack thinking about you naked because Leah thinks about you naked.

- “Your girlfriends hot!

- “I don’t want to think of (Y/N) naked, Leah. Stop!” Seth would whine.

- Leah getting incredibly jealous and denying it.

- You getting incredibly jealous and not denying it.

- Pranking the pack together because you two are trouble makers.

- Loving each other completely.

- Loving the perks of having Leah as your imprint.

- Hating the perks of being an imprint.

- “You’re not going out there when there’s bloodsuckers running around, (Y/N)!

- “Come on, Leah!

- “Do you want a giant wolf in your room tonight?

- Loving each others imperfections and perfections.

- Being crazy about each other.

- Not being able to fall asleep without being in Leah’s arms.

- “But I have to go on patrol tonight baby.

- “Fine! Have a grumpy shit for a girlfriend tomorrow.

- “Don’t be like that. I hate having to leave you but I have no other choice.

- “No, I see how this is. Run along with your pack of wolves whilst I pull an all nighter and watch Spongebob on my own.

- “But Spongebob’s our thing.

- “And so is sleeping.

- “Urgh! Stop being so stubborn!

- “No, you made your choice.

- “I love you.”

- “You too.

- “URGH!!!

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Part 2 for my husband??? YAY PART 2 FOR MY HUSBANNDNDDDDDDDD oh uh. Viewer discretion is advised bc ya know. EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE IN THE MIDST OF GETTING SOME EXCEPT FOR ME???? 

YEAH I HAD THIS GIF IN THE LAST ONE AND GUESS WHAT IMMA HAVE IT HERE TOO SO suck it. Honestly, I think about this gif a lot and it’s usually me doing it to him and like except it wouldn’t be giggly after it would. It would be v sexual oops SORRY BYE 

LOOK LOOK BLACK AND WHITE his muscles look so DEFINED AND HIS SCRUFFIES GOD DAMN GOD DAMN GOD DAMMMMNNN DAMN DAMN DAMNNN i love scruffy scruff okay like he is growing it to be my beast PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE ugh 

…. I HAVE THIS PICTURE SAVED ON MY PHONE AND honestly I want to get off on his thighs, like sure he can take me after, idgaf but I WANT. TO. GET. OFF. ON. HIS. THIGHS. FIRST. God and his arms. And everywhere. Dear lord almighty. 


Okay. Okay I am. Get ready for the screaming. 

LISTEN LET’S FIRST START OFF WITH THE SCRUFF. HIS FACE IS SO SCRUFF I JUST WANT HIS FACE ON MY FACE… and in between my legs but that’s not important, NEXT UP LOOK AT HIS ARM VEINS, WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WTF GOD, IT’S SO HOT. NEXT, HIS CHEST IS HAIRY AND SWEATY AND DEFINED AND HOLY jesus look at his tum tum hair and DEAR GOD OKAY I NEED TO STOP BEFORE I GO INTO TOO EXPLICIT BUT SWEET JESUS and then he’s tugging down HE’S TUGGING DOWN JUST REVEAL TO ME… nevermind don’t, my eyes only, no one else gets to see his member… I LOVE HIM I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM FUKC FUCK FUCK FUCK UFKC okay but imagine like the arm veins when he’s fingering you, sweet LORD. 

“Shannon stop screaming about his scruff,” YA KNOW WHAT I WILL ONLY STOP WHEN MY THROAT GIVES OUT… then he can use it for something else… Either for choking on his dick or for choking with his hands, either or, I’m flexible like that. 

He is absolutely adorable here, okay there is… THERE. IS. so much to say about this picture, look at his shoulders, okay imagine biting those puppies lmao 

He’s got the pouty lips which I’m in love, I HAVE A GOOD POUT TOO SO Like imagine if we were both pouting WHO WOULD WIN obviously it would be me bc princess BUT LIKE WE would be a force to be reckoned with. PLUS PLU SPLUS SCRUFF LOOK AT IT LOOK AT THE GLASSES GOD, COULD HE GET ANY CUTER??? 

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

Move the belt and we have ourselves A FANTASTIC VIEW Plus I love confetti omg, I wanna win something and have confetti. AND I WANT A BIG BELT LIKE THAT JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT bc lord knows I mean. I can smack talk but like. Not the best at the wrasslin. 

Lmaooooo this is not a good picture for either of them BUT I A M SO IN LOVE WITH IT, it’s fantastic and I am so happy. 

LOOK AT LIL BABY TYLER LIL NO MUSTACHE BABY, god this picture makes me happy. 

… FUCK FUCK FUKC FUKC FUCK. look how good he looks, oh my god oh my godoododddddd, THIS POST IS SO HARD TO MAKE BECAUSE LIKE LITERAELLY I WANT TO WRITE 500 PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH PICTURE, FUCK. he’s so hot, how can one person be this hot????? 

Welcome to the GUNNNNN SHOWWWWW, POWPOW I wish I had muscles like his bc then I could take on the world… Last week I tried to switch my tv’s, don’t ask I JuST WANTED THEM IN DIFFERENT ROOMS and anyways, it took me like 20 minutes and I dropped it on my toe at least 4 times and yup. What were we talking about again?? 


…. NOT GONNNA TALK ABOOOOOUT. THE BING BONG. I know it is from a movie or show okay, But i tried to google it and only found Bing Bong from Inside Out which only made me feel guilty BECAUSE I WAS TRYING TO USE IT FOR SOMETHING DIRTy and????? Yep. 

THat’s the end of this because yes. UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH basically I just want a relationship with this man and I love him? I showed my mom a picture of him, which she was like “he’s cute, but what is with you wanting to date older guys,” AND SHE GOT SO EXCITED WHEN SHE LEARNED HE’s actually age appropriate. But yeah. I want him to be my boyfriend, he would be the very best boyfriend in the entire galaxy.  

In Defense of Sigurd

Originally posted by imdancingintherain07

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I like Sigurd, and why I tend to feel the need to defend his character. I had some interesting realizations. The main thing is, Sigurd is probably the brother that is the most similar to myself.

I grew up with an older brother with ADD and Tourrete Syndrome. I would first like to say, I love my brother dearly. But it was really, really hard to grow up with a sibling like that when you’re a naturally quiet person. As a very introverted child, I felt like my problems weren’t noticed because there was always this person who was so much louder than I could ever be.

So I tend to empathize with Sigurd and his situation. When he was still a baby, his mother pretty much abandoned him in favor of caring for his much needier brother. Then when he had legitimately traumatizing things happen to him, there was no one there to comfort him.

There is one time, in the blacksmith’s, when he actually tries to walk away from an argument with Ivar. But Ivar goads him into the fight where he ends up swinging at Sigurd with an axe. My brother also had a lot of problems controlling his temper. And I would seriously try not to get upset, but damn could that boy push my buttons sometimes. It was only made worse by the fact that I honestly wanted to have a good relationship with him, but we just have personalities that fundamentally don’t work together for extended periods of time.

In the show, there are one or two moments where you get the feeling that they could have a great relationship if they would just stop antagonizing each other. Like in the gif above when Ivar is carried off the boat, or at Ubbe’s wedding where they are both getting a kick out of making Hvitserk serve them. I know those moments. My bro and I have a lot more of them now that we don’t live in the same house.

So yeah, just had to get that off my chest. Not that I’m judging people who don’t like the character, and I don’t in any way excuse Sigurd taking out his issues on Ivar. I just wanted to get out my thoughts on it.



Barbara: We’re closed!

Ex: I’m looking for y/n… I think they come here pretty often.

Barbara: What do you want with y/n? Oh… wait, let me guess. You’re their ex, right? *your ex nods* Yeah, I’ve heard lots about you. 

Ex: So… do you know where y/n is?

Barbara: Sure I do, but like hell I’m letting you see them. Get the hell out.


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im living for the fact out of all the vk girls, umas got the hottest love interest and they had more chemistry than mal/ben and evie/doug combined lmao. poor evie tho damn. the books hinted at her and jay at first too. they shouldve stuck with that tbh. /im a shallow anon i know

TRUTH, anon. Truth.

Thomas is fine as hell. I mean look at that face, those biceps the abs. Uma is one lucky girl. But lets not downplay China. She’s beautiful too. Uma and Harry are just a good looking couple.

And, Oh my god, the chemistry! They have the most chemistry any other couple on the movie franchise. I don’t know if that’s wonderful or sad. Probably both. Lets not lie, Bal and Devie, is that their ship name?, they’re adorable couples but as far as chemistryyy …

Yeah, before I watched the Descendants I saw a lot of gifs of Jay and Evie and I thought they were together. So, when I watch the movie and saw that Evie and Doug were getting together it kind of threw me off for a second.

You’re not a shallow anon you just say what most of us are thinking.


~ For the lovely Mini


newtmas week ◆ day one: favorite scene/moment 

— You okay there? — Okay? Yeah I guess I’m okay. We’re alive, guess that’s all that bloody matters anymore. — Sometimes I wonder. — Wonder what? — If being alive matters. If being dead might be a lot easier. — Please, I don’t believe for one second you really think that.