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The Man Who Loses Everything: Part 3

Remus: *stands outside of Number Four Privet Drive* 

Remus: *stares at the door, heart racing* 

*muted shuffling is heard inside, then the door is thrown open*

Petunia: *wrinkles her nose at the state of Remus’s clothes* May I help you?

Petunia: *bristles* Mrs. Dursley. 

Petunia: *glances around, making sure the street is empty* *hisses* How dare you come here.

Remus: M-Mrs. Dursley I… WAIT!

Remus: *frantic* *raises his voice so he can be heard in the house* … Mrs. Dursley, I just want to see Harry, just for a moment. *voice cracks as he struggles to remain calm* Lily was one of my dearest friends-

Petunia: *muffled from behind the locked door* I don’t care! I won’t have your kind barging into my home, endangering my family with your horrid, freakish abilities! 

Remus: I just want to-


Petunia: *screams, slamming her fists against the door* LEAVE!!!

Remus: *weakly* … Don’t take Harry from me too. 

Remus: *gasps as the door suddenly glows, cracking and splitting down the middle, revealing Petunia’s wide, terrified eye on the other side* 


Petunia: *her voice trembling* Leave us alone… y-you vile monster. 

Remus: *hand slowly drops down by his side, hanging limply*  

*Remus takes a few unsteady steps back. With one final look at Privet Drive, he disapparates, leaving the quiet street behind*  



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THE DEFENDING THE OTHER ONLY WHEN THEYRE NOT AROUND oh my god petty jikook with huge crushes on each other but the other can't know so they allllllways bicker but if they hear someone talking shit about the other when they're not there they're 100% ready to fight


Jeongguk doesn’t care about how many times he himself has teased Jimin about his height and about his lack of ability to do aegyo when asked, but seeing other idols teasing Jimin makes his blood boil. Jimin obviously looks uncomfortable, arms hugging himself and that gut-wrenching fake smile on his face. Getting up, Jeongguk slips away from Hoseok and Yoongi and makes his way over to Jimin.

He slides up beside Jimin and Jimin jumps, then relaxes subtly when he realizes it’s Jeongguk. Jeongguk takes the idols’ attention away from Jimin all the while keeping Jimin close. It’s, again, subtle, when Jeongguk draws Jimin slightly behind him, the look in his eyes hardening like steel. They’re called over for a group photo and Jeongguk lets Jimin walk away first, bidding everyone goodbye. He flashes one last warning look and doesn’t need to look at the other boys to know they got the message. Then turns around and follows after Jimin.

Later, Jimin wonders. He doesn’t ask Jeongguk about the moment, because he knows Jeongguk’ll just fluster and cover it up. But when Jeongguk hangs onto him for the rest of the day, Jimin knows. It goes unspoken, but the action and Jimin’s gratitude is there. 

Nobody else teases Jimin. 

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Hey so I know this isnt a voltron ask but what is a cis? I cant understand what google says but based on my understanding is it a straight female or male? Im not trying to be offensive im just confused??

I am literally the worst person to ask for a definition. I am not a native speaker and I don’t know the right words to describe it. All I can say, is, that it’s not about being straight or gay or whatever, because I am definitly not straight at all. Maybe you should ask a blogger whose first language is english about this topic or search for it here on tumblr. It’s about gender and I don’t want to say more, because I’m afraid I might describe it the wrong way and everybody will be mad at me :D

With Me

Will lingered in the hallway, watching the firelight lick over Hannibal’s arms, his face, the book in his hands. He made no motion, did not go to him and sit beside him on the sofa. He stood, breath held tight, wrestling with himself. He wanted to go sit there, but-

“Will,” Hannibal’s eyes looked up, then flicked towards him, turning his head to find him in the doorway, “come, sit down.”

And he’d been trying so hard to avoid detection, standing down wind and everything. Still, Hannibal had invited him, no point resisting now. He stepped forward gingerly, making his way consciously into the room. Here came the tricky part.

There were many seats to choose from, a sturdy rocking chair, a winged arm chair with its own ottoman, and the sofa, of course. Without looking too deliberate, too tense, without warning Hannibal, he hoped, he measured his steps and sat down next to Hannibal. He sighed with the cushions, making himself lean back in the posture of relaxation and stared into the heart of the fire, unblinking. He felt Hannibal start, pause, felt his eyes skip over the page, onto him, then back, afraid of being noticed for his watching.

“What’re you reading?” Will asked when he was sure Hannibal had read the page fifty times but not taken in a word of it.

Hannibal’s fingers hesitated over the page, trying to read for him. “The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám,” he let the pages fall open towards Will, “In translation, unfortunately. I plan to learn Persian to read it properly.”

“All that for a book of poetry?” Will mused, tilting his head back.

“It is beautiful,” Hannibal explained, “and deserves to be understood in its native tongue.”

Will nodded thoughtfully, “Well, that’s one project for the future.” He winced; they hadn’t discussed the future yet. At all.

“Yes…” Hannibal hesitated, feeling the elephant in the room, “if I find myself with enough time on my hands to-” He silenced abruptly as Will’s arm came down around his shoulders.

Will gulped, feeling like a high schooler on his first date, all stilted movements and anxious energy. Keep calm, relax; it wasn’t as though they weren’t both mature adults who had done this a million times before with other consenting adults. There should be no problem, no awkwardness, and yet… his heart beat in his throat like a bird thrashing at its cage.

Cautiously, Will stroked his thumb against Hannibal’s shoulder, almost to remind himself it was there, real and solid. Hannibal jumped, nearly dropping his book, “Will, your arm-” he fumbled, trying to turn to Will without turning in to Will and finding the proximity made this almost impossible. To look him in the eye he’d have to get closer.

“I’m nearly healed,” Will swallowed, his voice sounding high and foreign, “besides I should be stretching it anyway, so I’m not so sore. So the muscles… heal the… the way they’re supposed to.” He tried not to watch Hannibal, curving into him, pressing against him. He tried to focus on the fire as Hannibal gave in to the position Will had put them in with the softest sigh. It couldn’t be done.

Hannibal turned his head to reply and found his cheek brushing against Will’s shoulder. His eyes closed instantly, his lungs involuntarily inhaling. Will felt his bicep tense with nerves, there was a painful yank at the still closing wound, but he gave no sign of pain, transfixed on Hannibal.

“Physical therapy,” Hannibal returned abruptly, lifting his cheek, voice rough and low, “will be the hardest part of the healing process. It will be… lengthy and very painful for some time.” He licked his lips, trying to open his eyes all the way and failing, “You should still be resting.”

“I can sit here.” Will felt his hand come around Hannibal’s shoulder, palm flat against his arm. His body decided before he did that he wanted Hannibal closer.

“Could we… just… come here,” he mumbled, squeezing Hannibal to him with one long pull.

Hannibal’s last restraints broke. Before Will knew it he felt arms wrapped around him and a face pressed into his collar. Stunned, he put both arms around Hannibal and held him. Hannibal fit into him like a warm, heavy blanket, pressing against him everywhere he felt lonely. Though he’d been alone, he’d never felt lonely… until Hannibal. Only made sense that being with Hannibal could soothe that ache, maybe the only thing that might.

Hannibal’s hands skirted the edges of his bandages, wary of pressing too much, of being too much. Yet, he held tight, squirmed half into Will’s lap, as close as he could possibly get. Will could feel his heart beat, a skittering patter in reckless time, and he was sure Hannibal had no idea Will knew about it. The moment reeked of desperation, and yet… his arm curled tighter around Hannibal. And yet he pressed closer and yearned to feel Hannibal melt against him, melt completely.

Hannibal gave, he shuddered, he kept perfectly silent, but he shook like a leaf. Will held him close and never once thought about letting go. Hannibal gave so beautifully, he pushed and melted and succumbed so perfectly in his arms. This… this was nice. It was actually… really nice, holding Hannibal. He hadn’t expected that.

Will let his head fall against Hannibal’s, let himself breathe in his hair, press skin to skin, rest together like this. He listened to Hannibal breathe and slowly their breaths fell together. He lost track of time and was on the point of sleep when Hannibal murmured something in his ear.


“The fire’s all but gone, we should go to bed.”

The words struck a bell and cracked Will’s eyes open. He was still holding onto Hannibal, smushed together in one corner of the couch. “N-No, don’t go,” his voice croaked, groggy. The implications of it didn’t register immediately, too tired to remember to care too little.

Hannibal paused. “I won’t. But wait here, I’ll get some blankets.” His legs hit the floor and he slowly rose, untangling himself from Will’s arms with unfair grace. Will whimpered, freezing where his Hannibal blanket had been. He closed his eyes and curled onto the sofa completely.

Hannibal returned. He knew he returned because he felt warm again, he felt welcome pressure and weight on the sofa, covering him, slipping up beside him and into his waiting arms. Will’s lips lifted, pleased to be embracing Hannibal once again.

“You’ll regret sleeping like this in the morning,” Hannibal muttered into his chest.

“Won’t,” Will grumbled, one hand stroking idly at Hannibal’s back.

“We could sleep on the bed… still together.”

Will heard the request in his pause. His arms tightened, “Too tired. Drag me to bed tomorrow.” And he hunkered down, pulled Hannibal close, and silenced him for the night with a kiss.

@my-nameless-bliss so I know I said several things yesterday like “I don’t do shading” and “I don’t know how to put letters in a flower crown” but uh i may have been wrong about those things

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oh! oh! i meant like a partner, boyfriend, girlfriend?

I’m total trash so basically forgive my awkwardness but like- ?? Technically no im not but like, I am Major Trash™ and I’ve got feelings for someone tho who I’m talking to a lot and (so a crush?? Crush. Is that better terminology I’m bad at this). ANYWAYS NO BUT I LIKE SOMEONE AND ITS COOL AND EXCITING AND I AM A MESS BUT I LOVE IT ITS GR8

Let me tell you a story about what a pretentious fuck I was.

I started talking to this person. This wonderful, kind, sweet, loving, adoring person bless their beautiful soul. I found myself drawn to them and before I knew it I was falling for them, like crushing big time. I ignored it for as long as I could but eventually I couldn’t deny it anymore. I liked this person, they had become precious to me and I wanted a deeper relationship. It took me a long time to admit this to myself (because I am a turd when it comes to dealing with my crushes). I kept trying to convince myself that I wasn’t developing romantic feelings for them, and I kept making up excuses for why it wouldn’t work out. One of those excuses (and I am so ashamed to admit this) was because they’s asexual. 

I’m pansexual myself, and have always considered myself very sexually active. I like sex, I like being sexually pleased and pleasing my partners. I like the intimacy of sex and the feeling of being desired. The thought of being in a relationship where that might not be an option seemed absolutely absurd to me. Like mentioned before, there were other excuses for why I refused to acknowledge my feelings. Distance, age gap, fear of rejection… but for some reason their asexuality seemed for some mind-boggling stupid reason to be my biggest issues. 

I didn’t consider myself acephobic. I respect and acknowledge asexuality, but I was just not interested in ace people. I was not attracted to them because they were not available… but that was wrong. Gay men were unavailable to me as well, but that did not stop me from being attracted to them. Yes, I did not act on my attraction, but I wasn’t denying the attraction either purely based on their sexuality. So why was it different with asexuals? Why was I willing omit this whole demographic from my list of potential partners? Why did the prospect of a relationship with potentially no sex scare me so? Was I being acephobic?

In my experience when you start to question whether or not you are being racist, homophobic, transphobic, acephobic ect. you usually are.

As a genderfluid person I would happily date a person who identify as gay if my feelings were being reciprocated, but I was excluding asexuals because of their sexuality. I was being a prejudicial fuck, and that was not acceptable!

I did some soul searching. Was sex being off the menu really that big of a deal? So I made a mental list of what sex is to me:

- physical pleasure

- a way for me to show my attraction to my SO

- stress reliever

- a way to feel close to my SO

- a way to measure my worth

…a way to measure my worth. Ufff. That if that isn’t a wet towel in your face then I don’t knkw what it. The reason why a relationship with the potential of no sex scared me so was because it took away the only thing I have used to measure my worth in a relationship. Emotional support, encouragement, companionship, love was all something I believed my partner could get from friends and family. Sex was however the one thing only I could provide. Sex had become my equivalent of my worth to my partner. First of all, that is a sick way of thinking about yourself. It is not okay to base your self-worth on others’ sexual desire for you. Secondly, that is a very unhealthy attitude to sex, by all means DO NOT adapt this attitude. Your worth should never be based on someone’s perception of you!!

My past relationships have not been great. They have all been a lethal cocktail of equal part mental abuse and toxic codependency. They have also all started with me sleeping with someone and then several fuck sessions later been labeled as a relationship. Not one of them have started as mutal romantic attraction. Which might explain my relationship with sex and my distorted basis of self-worth. 

So now I knew why asexuality was such an issue for me. Because my warped perception of self was making it impossible for me to imagine myself in a relationship with an ace. 

I eventually came to the conclusion that I was being absolutely ridiculous. That I was letting fear rule me. That I was denying myself feelings for a person because I was uncomfortable with facing a truth about myself.

I made another list. A list of reasons for why this person might want to be with me if not for a regular supply of sexual intercourse. 

- They feel comfortable around me

- They seek my companionship and enjoy my presence

- They genuinely care about me as a person

- They want a relationship based on mutual feelings and respect

I liked this list. This seemed like a much stabler foundation for a relationship than purely sexual attraction. The more I thought about this the more I realised I wanted it. Sex was never an issue, my own insecurities were. And once I acknowledged them I was able accept my flaws and move past them. I still have a lot of work to do (this is an issue you don’t dismiss overnight) but I was able to free myself from a hurtful mindset and admit to myself that I liked this person. I really, really liked this person. And although I loved our friendship I wanted more. I wanted to be closer to them, I wanted to confess my feelings, I wanted to share a special bond with them. 

However when it all came down to it I was to chickenshit to do anything about it. I was too insecure and too afraid of rejection (remember how I said that my issues are not fixed overnight).

Luckily for me my partner had more courage and asked me out. We have been dating for a couple of weeks now, and I have loved every single moment of it. Never have I been in a relationship where I have felt so safe, supported, and loved. Never have I felt such a strong connection to another human being. None of it is forced and it all feels so natural. 

And to think I almost denied myself this happiness because I was a closeminded scared little coward. 

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is it weird before I got into blands I thought Jack was a blond? Like I only saw gifs of holo!jack and for some reason I assumed he was blond and when I actually started playing the game I was so bothered by the fact that he wasn't blond O_o

So, I uh…


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Hi, uh, so how about TimKon for Important (with Kon explaining why Tim is important to him?), and/or maybe Surprise with Batman finding out something surprising about Kyle Rayner? (I hope you're having a good day so far!)

They’re fighting.

It’s close to sunrise and the night has been hard– Tim’s nearly died at least twice tonight and though he can’t lift one of his arms above his head, torn something in his shoulder, he says he’s fine. He is ignoring Kon’s concerns and it’s been…it’s been a week.

“Can we do this in the morning?” Tim says, eyes not meeting Kon’s own and it’s irritating. It’s irritating because Tim always down plays what’s going on with him, thinks that no one will understand or no one will want to hear what’s happening with him and it’s been years now, years, and Kon’s starting to get sick of it.

“No,” he states, bluntly, standing tall with his shoulders squared, arms crossing over his chest. “No we can’t because you’re just going to push it aside and ignore it until shit like this happens again.”

Tim sighs. “Conner–”

“No, Tim.” He cuts him off, glaring. “Because you need to realize you going around attempting to kill yourself in the name of justice is getting to be too much.”

“They needed–”

“No, jesus, they didn’t!” Kon snaps and doesn’t want to, but he can feel his chest growing tight, feel his throat knotting up, and he needs to get this out. “We had it under control! You’re taking stupid risks and I get it, I fucking get it, but there’s some things you don’t need to hold so damned close to your chest.”

He takes a breath, Tim doesn’t fill in the silence, so Kon closes his eyes for just a moment before going for a low blow.

“I died. You remember that?” Tim snaps his head up, looks at him glaring, but Kon continues. “Yeah– and I’m sure you remember how you felt, right? And sure I didn’t see it, but I got enough from what Cassie’s said to me. And if that happened to you, fuck– Tim, you realize how that’d fuck me up? Christ, you don’t have to be a fucking martyr.”

“It’s different.” Tim finally speaks uo, his back now turned to Kon, his voice near stolen by the wind. “With you… you’re a lot more important to me than I am to you.”

Conner stills and, for just a second, doesn’t know what to do. His mind goes silent except for a high buzzing, watching Tim’s back, watching his cradle his bad arm. And then– and then his ribs feel like they’re bursting, his stomach flips, he shakes.

“Are you hearing yourself!?” He shouts, anger now wanting to take over. “You think you dying isn’t some big deal because I don’t love you enough?”

“That’s not–”

“It fucking is, jesus Tim, I wouldn’t be doing all this if you weren’t important to me! I wouldn’t stay up with you for hours and hours making sure you at some point sleep, I wouldn’t make you breakfast every damned day to make sure I know you’re eating–  and this isn’t even me complaining! Because I don’t care, I like doing it. I love living with you and watching you read the news every morning and the fact that you have a favorite coffee mug. And then you go and try to get yourself killed once a week out of moral guilt and apparently I’m important to you? If I was so damned important you would consider listening to me instead of ignoring me because you can’t talk about it!”


“No,” He runs a hand through his hair, voice feeling raw, body drained. “Just…I’ll see you at home. Finish whatever it is you think you still need to do.”

When he flies off, the sun is just peaking up over the skyline. Behind him, Tim disappears in the glare of the light.

super extremist atheists honestly sound just about as bad as extremists of any religion

Okay, but what if Bianca had lived?

I don’t know, I just have all these feelings and I wanted to write it so here’s a Bianca Lives AU

  • Bianca goes into the giant Talos robot but just before it crashes she feels something pulling her, then she’s falling…
  • there’s a rush of darkness and her stomach flips before she lands on her knees in a dimly lit room
  • she looks around, confused but strangely unafraid- there’s an odd sense of familiarity- a subtle feeling of being at home
  • looking around she finds herself in a room with a throne made of bones, and who’s sitting in the throne but her father Hades himself? He stands, telling her not to be afraid. He tells her who he is and where she is.
  • For a moment Bianca is terrified, because it’s Hades, and she’s in the Underworld and she doesn’t want to die or leave Nico, she doesn’t want to be dead (not to mention it’s headcanoned that  like Thalia, Hazel, Leo, and eventually Percy and Nico, she was afraid of her element- death- which would give her another motivation to joining the Hunters and extra fear now as she’s before Hades)
  • But as Hades explains that she’s not dead and that he has shadowed travelled her to the Underworld to protect her, just as Zeus turned Thalia into a tree as she was dying. He claims her as his child, and tells her that she’s going to stay in the Underworld for a while in order to protect her from Zeus, and he doesn’t care what his little brother says about it because-
  • “If he gets his daughter back because he intervened then there is no way in Tartarus I am letting you die right now. Not after he tried to kill you already once.” (also because it’s canon Hades was a bit of a jerk and liked Bianca better- if Zeus and Poseidon broke the oath and still get their kids, there is no way Hades is just going to sit by and let his children, both of whom were born outside of the oath, die so easily- not to mention the prophecy never used the words ‘dead, death, or die’ only “One will be lost in the land without rain” and she is lost… the others have no idea where she is)

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