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Sweet summer child Yugyeom’s struggles during girlfriend-related missions

Mari Christmas! (*^∀゚)ъ

When gift boxes start falling from the sky, everyone thinks it’s a Christmas miracle. The scores of solid objects blasting through the roofs of their homes moments later remind them that just maybe, they should be worrying about the laws of gravity as well. Some choose to hide from the barrage in their homes, while others decide to scramble outside to seek shelter elsewhere.

Bad choice. The townspeople scream and dive out of the way as a pink helicopter swoops low to the ground. Eight children are nearly decapitated. They’re being comforted by their parents after this traumatizing experience as the helicopter slows its descent and hovers in place.

The door to the aircraft slams open to reveal Ohara Mari wearing a red Santa suit and obviously fake white beard. She takes in everyone’s terrified faces with interest. Then, Mari winks, forms a circle with her thumb and forefinger, and whispers, “It’s joke!

No one says a word. Perhaps they’re in shock over the whole situation. Mari doesn’t pay them any mind and says, “Ciao~” before closing the door. The helicopter begins to pick up height, and the bystanders shake themselves out of their stupor so that they can quickly back away before they’re blown off their feet by the resulting winds. Mari’s helicopter veers sharply right and takes off, nearly colliding with a power line. The crowd watches the helicopter slowly fade from sight in stunned silence.

Thousands of homes are destroyed. The entire town is laid to waste, and children weep at the loss of their image of Santa Claus.

But it’s okay, because Dia is money. Mari will drop off the bill for the damages at the Kurosawa estate in the morning.

She chuckles to herself as her helicopter flies off into the night. With this, Dia will definitely regret telling the Ohara heiress that Santa wasn’t real when they were first years.

Just a normal day (act II)
  • Henry: *checks Benry tag on his new phone*
  • Ben: hey man, can I borrow your phone, mine is dead.
  • Henry: *panics* no, no you can't mine is dead too.
  • Ben: ... But you bought it just yesterday. And it's in your hands right now.
  • Henry: *throws the phone out of the window again*
  • Ben: ...


artofkazukid replied to your post“artofkazukid replied to your chat “Me- *comes home* My Brother- *sees…”

LOL I was hoping for the same thing your brother said and for the same reasons, Izuku’s growth! But I also don’t think Hori would do that. I also feel like Bakugou’s too popular to get killed off -.- I don’t think Hori is the kind to use plot armor to not kill a character, but I wouldn’t doubt that Jump would tell Hori to not kill Bakugou if Hori wanted to. I don’t think Bakugou is gonna be killed any time soon though. He still has his whole redemption arc to go through.

It’s true that he’s too popular to kill off, but now I’m with the mentality that someone is going to die. While it might not be Kacchan, I don’t see Deku having a strong enough relationship with the other students that would have the same impact on him. Maybe Todoroki or Iida or even Uraraka. If any deaths with the student does happen it’ll probably be later when everyone grows closer. Even if there isn’t a death we still have the whole traitor thing to think about. Ugghh I need more bnha!!

Ssamba’s Blog Posts, 9/29/16 + 10/2/16


It feels like time is going by so quickly, but at the same time it also feels like it isn’t ^^;
I will also be posting via my phone today~
It’s been raining lately, and the weather has gotten a lot colder.
Because of me, my mother was really busy and she had slept for a few days at the hospital, and so she caught a cold.
She always wears a mask around me since she doesn’t want me to catch her cold…
We laughed over how it was her first time wearing a mask but
It hurts me to see her like this.
Taking care of her good for nothing daughter has taken a toll on both her mind and body…
I hope that damn cold of hers goes away soon!
You guys should all be careful not to get sick as well. ^^

I wrote about this last time as well
Remember how I said the local tailor shop had some awesome music
I found out the source of that music hahah
It wasn’t a record, but an app;
It’s an app called “Jazz Radio”, so thanks to the app I’ve been frequently listening to this music~
I’ve been listening to the “Dave Koz and Friends” channel a lot
I love the sound of saxophones, and so I’ve been listening to Danny Jung’s albums day and night;
This sort of music unexpectedly fits my tastes heh
It seems like a lot of new age lounge music is being mixed with other music
I would recommend listening to this music if that’s the sort of stuff you’re into^^

Lately I’ve been drawing by hand non-stop.
When I draw, time flows by quickly and I don’t think about anything
It’s also fun to draw small things ^^
Here are a few pages~

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sometimes i think about journaling a little more on this blog but i always hesitate because i don’t want to subject people to my stupid and pointless thoughts, i don’t think anyone really needs to know how my week is going or wants to hear about what went well or what made me anxious or what made me smile or cry. i’m trying to just write for myself but sometimes it’s easier to be cathartic when you feel like someone, anyone, is listening.

im honestly so done with the drarry fandom as a whole

‘look!!!! irl drarry porn OMG LETS WATCH THIS IS SO HOT’ 'tfw u read gay smut fic on the bus/plane/in front of your family lmao’ 'sIN’ 'my gays’ 'ugh I love my filthy boys’

And then. Then. 'We’re all going to HELL’

yes sweetie, but not for the reason u think :))


Den: He’s my precious son.


Day 5: Lucy wanted to help me take the picture! And who could say no to that face? Also, here is Cooper the cat.  He didn’t want to help take the picture. He just wanted to watch from the other room and make snide remarks under his breath.

Alright, I know that Christmas is over , but I’m just going to pretend that it’s not. On this evening out with my mother, I am wearing one of my two holiday sweaters. Although this red sweater with the buttons down the front is not overtly christmas-related, I generally only wear it around the holidays. But seeing as it was the next thing in my closet, I’m embracing it. Underneath, I’m wearing a simple pair of black leggings, a pair of red and white striped Christmas socks, and my black Sporto rain boots. No makeup, didn’t do my hair, and I’m ready for the movies again.

Ruling: I’m keeping the sweater because it’s cute and kind of necessary around the holidays. Keeping the leggings, for sure, because they are a staple of many of my outfits. And of course, I’m keeping my Christmas socks and my rain boots. No question about it.

This is my body, my stomach is not perfect it is pudgy and a lot of the times I just think it’s gross, that I look gross, and what an awful way to think!
No one ever should, your curves are what make you so beautiful, ah so so beautful.
So there! This is my least favorite feature and I have always been ashamed of my stomach so here I go again posting pictures of myself to face the shame I have of my body.
I know it’s a weird thing to do but this really has helped me grow my confidence by facing my fears and doing things like this.
This picture has a filter on it and is at a good angle i really wasn’t comfortable with it without a filter so this is the most I can do right now, but for me that’s pretty good😊

  • Galinda: I think you use sarcasm and anger as a way to keep people from getting too close to you.
  • Elphaba: You know, I do. But it doesn’t always work.

Judy is a barista at Nick’s favorite coffee shop. 

A/N: I am utter Disney trash. Deal with it.

(Also, I am probably going to slip more into an animation blog as time goes on. Again, deal with it.)

Prompt from here.

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So are they pretending like Louis never asked for privacy or what’s the deal? The only time we got pap pics with the baby after his request was from TMZ (if I’m not mistaken) and they deleted them quickly. (And presumably it was supposed to jump start the narrative again, which it didn’t.)

But now… These are free for all pap pics. I’ll be shocked if they’re used by TMZ for anything. So should we expect another privacy request or what?