i know things aren't the way they used to be

I love how, regarding Phan:

  • They just moved into their third home together.
  • They’ve heavily implied if not outright stated that they want a dog/’forever home’ together.
  • They’re openly going on cute holidays and dates together.
  • Their creepshot war has turned into a mutual “appreciate my husband” campaign.
  • Just everything they do shows how they’re each other’s ‘forever-person’ and they want us to know it.

Meanwhile, the Phandom is:

  • Excited of course, but not surprised.
  • Happy for and supportive of them.
  • Embracing all the changes that are happening.
  • Not overanalysing things the way we used to, and in fact have predicted a few things correctly this year.
  • At its most chill in general.

Basically a lot is happening and while one would expect us to be losing our shit completely, we’re actually being pretty cool about it in comparison to how we could be, meanwhile our love and respect for DnP is only growing.

2017 is the year, people.

To the fans who are complaining about how lame the fight between Obi-wan and Maul was: Here is the reason behind it in Rebels Recon:
  • (Star Wars Correspondent) Andi Gutierrez: The actual duel between the two Masters is very short. Like a samurai film. How did you come to the conclusion that it had to be done this way?
  • (Producer) Carrie Beck: We never entered into this story trying to think about how satisfying that battle should be. It really became about what was the general intention of this moment? And knowing where these two men are at this point in their lives, I think it's important for us —even though on the timeline, we aren't to a New Hope yet— to think about what we know of Obi-wan in that movie and to work backwards in some way to make sure that the characters progression charts appropriately.
  • (Co-Producer) Henry Gilroy: When you've fought someone many times, or face off you kind of know each other's moves. So if you think about it, the build up to this confrontation and the actual Lightsabers hitting each other is actually longer, cause their basically playing it out in their heads and the amazing thing is the move that Maul tries after the initial exchange he actually attempts the move that killed Qui Gon Jinn. He tried to basically bash him with the hilt.
  • (Executive Producer) Dave Filoni: If you talk to a lot of people that sword fight, they'll tell you that people that are very good don't have long fights, it's very quick. And so that scene, it's an homage to the Seven Samurai. I think on one level people would be excited to see another prolonged Lightsaber fight but I just never really saw the confrontation that way because to do that is to say that the characters don't have growth. Yes, it's exciting as an audience member but it's not really a believable thing. The storytelling has to evolve.
  • (People need to take a moment and listen to what Dave said about Mauls death and the fight in general. It WASN'T meant to be a prolonged fight as he said otherwise the meaning of the fight itself would be completely lost.)

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So I know you just earlier said polyships aren't really your thing, but I just wanted to throw an idea at you (sorry!): KibaNaruShika. I just, I was thinking about how the three of them used to cut class together, and they seem really cute? And I love the idea of Shikamaru having two energetic people to be troublesome in his life, and Naruto having two people who are supportive and loving in very different ways, and Kiba having this little pack and cuddling and protecting them.

I can totally get behind this! They’d be super cute. ^-^

trc characters as @wolfpupy tweets
  • gansey: archaeologists have found hieroglyphs on the wall of a hidden chamber inside king tut's tomb that confirms he was a damn bitch
  • blue: until i can have a bow in my hair that can be turned into a mini crossbow no one gets to be happy
  • adam: when it comes to jewels, gems, amulets, moonstones, golden coins, and other riches, i would like to have them please
  • ronan: talk to the bird on my shoulder because the face aint listening
  • noah: tired of people always telling me go to hospital and that i've lost a lot of blood, its my severe head injury not yours stay out of it
  • maura: if the magic spells i wrote dont work its because you dont believe in them enough. no refunds
  • calla: try my homemade energy drink, its a bottled water with a powerful crystal amulet dropped in it
  • persephone: if taxi drivers dont want to be paid in scented candles they should have a sign
  • neeve: i basically know everything about dark magic
  • orla: if you think im going to compromise my luxurious hair with inferior non bubblegum scented hair product think again and another thing,shut up
  • the gray man: retiring from my life of crime because vending machines and claw machines dont give you stuff when you point a gun at them
  • whelk: in a way aren't we all responsible for my actions
  • kavinsky: stop living in a dream world and start living in the regular nightmare world all of the rest of us live in
  • malory: the ancient egyptian mummies can kiss my as,i dont respect them. theres no chance i willbe cursed for this because those idiots have no idea
  • colin greenmantle: we must follow the bright circle to where it touches the ground then kick its ass
  • piper greenmantle: everyone who died and was killed on my quest to get really good hair and fashion deserved it and i dont care
  • gwenllian: if history has taught us anything i dont plan to learn it
  • BONUS glendower: thanks to candle magic and protection spells i dont need health insurance, car insurance, or to look where i am going

Team “I acknowledge that platonic relationships are just as important as romantic ones and men especially should be able to openly show affection, but I’m also gay and I want to see myself represented in the things I love so I’m going to continue to interpret every close same-sex relationship in fiction as gayly as possible and no one can stop me”

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I 100% get what you're saying about lesbians needing a language that they can use and feel comfortable with, but at the same time, I think bi girls do too ya know? And outside of the butch/femme terminology, there aren't really any ways of expressing their "butchness." I guess I just don't know what to do because I'm bisexual and butch seems like such a huge thing that I'm connected with but I'm kinda being told that I don't have access to it?

Idk like I’m not gonna fight on this I just it’s important for lesbians to have specific language for specific experiences. To me my butchness is tied to my lesbianism. Like butch is inherently lesbian because butchness is an identity that comes from the rejection lesbians experience because they both aren’t attracted to men and are attracted to women. Especially for the first one. Like womanhood hurts sometimes but butch feels so right. Like that’s a way for me to reclaim what the cis hetero world says I can’t truly have because I don’t like men. Not liking men makes me less of a women in the cis hetero world. And i want you to have your own terms, that lesbians can’t use. Because I know bi women have unique experiences that need their own descriptions. I’m all here for solidarity but we have to recognize that wlw are not a monolith and they need their own spaces sometimes.

Also I’m not saying lesbians need a language they can be comfortable with. I’m saying lesbians need a lesbian language. We have unique experiences and we need words and culture that describe those experiences.

I just see this effort to take lesbian words and distribute them amongst non-lesbian wlw and it kind of hurts. Some people say all wlw can call themselves lesbians. They say “you can be attracted to men and be a lesbian”. Like, where does that leave lesbians? What language do we have for ourselves after that. It makes me protective of these identities that mean so much to me in a specifically lesbian context. Butch has just meant so much to me as a lesbian specifically that I don’t understand how you can be connected to it without being a lesbian.

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Some Camren shippers should just find peace like me in the certainty that there was something in the past for sure (when I say something, I say damn freaking love and relationship just to be clear lol) and try to be a little more lowkey and not affected by the future. I'm ok if they aren't together right now, because I know in my heart there was something and there will always be. We can't control life, so just let it be and who knows, maybe someday they will find each other again. Breath people

I feel the exact same way sweets, I know I eventually got carried away with the whole “Lauren’s hand” thing because after all this time my brain is just used to create the delusion, but I’ve made my peace with the fact that there’s a good chance that Camren isn’t together right now and that maybe it’s good for the both of them to be apart for a little while. I’m fine with it because I’m sure they’ll find their way back to each other eventually. Tbh I’m worried about Camila being stuck in the closet more than anything else, I just want her to be able to find happiness and finally be able to be her true self and not have to deal with all this hiding and pretending bullshit

advice to the signs from a scorpio
  • aries: you are not the world around you. the things that are happening to you do not define the person you are. chin up, be strong.
  • taurus: you get so worked up about everything, it's good to stop and breathe once in a while. smell the roses, watch the wind.
  • gemini: you don't have to pretend to be something you're not. the people that matter most will like you regardless of who you are.
  • cancer: let your emotions out. you feel so strongly, it is only hurting you to keep them to yourself,, which i know you do...
  • leo: the only advice i have for you is to know that the way you treat others can either make or break them. you are very influential and that is a gift. use it wisely.
  • virgo: stop expecting things out of people that they aren't giving you that you think you deserve.
  • libra: not everyone has to like you, you are special enough to know that others don't matter. stop letting them effect you so much.
  • scorpio: you're going to be okay, you just need to get all of the facts of a situation before you react because all of your choices, no matter how small, greatly affect your life.
  • saggitarius: it's not okay to play both sides of a situation. you are more manipulative and secretive than any scorpio, and it's not okay to treat people the way you do sometimes. you need to realize when you're hurting and not helping.
  • capricorn: you have to stop getting so worked up and angry at everything. take a second to listen to what others are saying to you before making yourself all upset. you're good.
  • aquarius: you need to open up more. you are so full of light and knowledge that keeping yourself locked away in the quiet is keeping the world from being so much better.
  • pisces: understand that not everyone is going to be helpful on your journey in life. forgiveness is so easy for you, you just really need to realize when people don't deserve it.

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how do I develop self control? like all the things I've looked up said "~dont reward urself with food uwu~" I hate myself so it's not like that's why and even so what else what I reward myself with I'm broke

anon,, i’m so sorry you’re struggling and i 100% get the feeling that’s why,,,,, im the Literal Worst person to ask this to bc,,,,,,,,, you should see some of the things i do oh Boy

so i know it’s been awhile but...

here are a few thoughts I’ve had recently about Orange…

Orange is not the show I loved during seasons 1 and 2. Season 3 was painful for a lot of different reasons that we’ve all gone over here endlessly. They started focusing less on the prisoners and their individual stories and problems (both in their real lives and in Litchfield) and more on pointless and boring admin plots. It’s not that the issues that they explored with the privatization storyline weren’t relevant to the prisoners’ lives, it was just that exploring them through Caputo and the guards’ eyes took the focus away from the people we really cared about.

More under the cut for those who want to hear a little ranting…

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Do you think it's worth it to stay with someone when your relationship has an expiration date? I think it'd be easier to rip it off like a bandaid instead of waiting around... And things aren't the same lately.

I used to think that ending things with dignity was the best way. I dreaded the thought of breaking up from never-ending arguments and stress when we could have called it quits months ago, when we first saw it coming.

But the truth is, when you love someone, even those arguments are worth the time. Even the stress is a memory. When you look back, you will want to know that you did everything in your power to make it work. You don’t want to see yourself giving up just because times got tough.

So maybe there is an expiration date. Many things have one. But if you love them, then you must keep trying until the very end. You must - if only for your future sanity. You must love with everything that you have, because you will never regret trying as much as you will regret not trying.

Moulin Rouge sentence meme
  • "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
  • "Never fall in love with a woman who sells herself."
  • "You don't have to lie to me."
  • "He/she wasn't trying to trick her/him."
  • "A love that will last forever."
  • "It's not that I'm not a jealous man/woman. I just don't like other people touching my things."
  • "I couldn't go through with it!"
  • "Honestly this is impossible!"
  • "Nothing funny, I just like talent."
  • "Virgin?"
  • "Leave all this to yesterday."
  • "I'm sorry, _____, I'm dying."
  • "Outside may be tragic."
  • "... a little frog."
  • "It'll mean that we love one another."
  • "Life's an awful bore."
  • "In here it's entertaining."
  • "Tell me the truth."
  • "It's quite long."
  • "This one's for you."
  • "A little supper? Maybe some champagne?"
  • "No!"
  • "We have to end it."
  • "It's nothing."
  • "They're trying to kill you!"
  • "The cat's out of the bag."
  • "I'm sure I will."
  • "When will I begin to live again?"
  • "I couldn't pretend anymore!"
  • "But I prefer a man/woman who lives... and gives expensive... jewels."
  • "You'll have fun."
  • "The greatest lesson you'll ever learn is to love and to be loved in return."
  • "Love is like oxygen!"
  • "A kiss may be grand, but it won't pay rental."
  • "Everyone go back to work."
  • "Outside it may be raining."
  • "He/she will fight for me."
  • "I hope you don't mind."
  • "Is this okay?"
  • "Tell our story."
  • "The ending's silly."
  • "He's got a huge... talent."
  • "This is my home."
  • "Generally I like it."
  • "Men grow cold as women grow old."
  • "In here we feel like magic."
  • "I was a fool to believe."
  • "How wonderful life is now that you're in the world."
  • "I don't like this ending."
  • "She's confessing!"
  • "I prefer to do it standing."
  • "You can tell everyone that this is your song."
  • "Is this what you want?"
  • "No!"
  • "That way I'll always be with you."
  • "Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing?"
  • "I didn't want to lie!"
  • "He/she knows!"
  • "I'm cold."
  • "Things aren't always as they seem."
  • "Things are exactly as they seem."
  • "Very well."
  • "You might enjoy it."
  • "See the difference between you and I is that you can leave anytime you choose."
  • "You're going to be bad for business."
  • "We'll leave tonight."
  • "I'd rather, um, just get it done and over."
  • "I don't have much money."
  • "Love lifts us where we belong."
  • "Never knew I could feel like this."
  • "When love is for the highest bidder, there can be no trust."
  • "You're a beautiful man/woman."
  • "I forgot my line."
  • "The woman/man I loved is... dead."
  • "Come down here and get it done and over with."
  • "You know it is."
  • "I love sex."
  • "You know, touched for the first time."
  • "Hold me."
  • "Without trust, there can be no love."
  • "Hurt him/her to save him/her."
  • "I can tell."
  • "You're a great actress."
  • "It always ends bad!"
  • "Being on the street, that's terrible."
  • "I know it isn't much."
  • "We can't afford to love."
  • "The show must go on."
  • "Why does my heart cry?"
  • "The truth?"
  • "Use your talent to save him/her!"
  • "Make him/her believe you don't love him/her."
  • "I don't need you anymore!"
  • "I owe you nothing."
  • "He/she loves me!"
  • "And that's worth everything."
  • "You've got to carry on without me."
  • "Ah, poetry."
  • "You're free to leave me but just don't deceive me."
  • "Come what may I will love you until my dying day."
  • "Jealousy, yes jealousy will drive you mad!"
  • "I've come to pay my bill."
  • "It's not important."
  • "My gift is my song."
  • "Love is a splendord thing!"
  • "All you need is love."
  • "A girl's got to eat."
  • "The only way of loving me baby is to pay a lovely fee."
  • "Come and get me, boys."
  • "I can't carry on without you."
  • "I've paid my whore."
  • "Forgive everything."
  • "The French are glad to die for love."
  • "Don't stop, don't stop."
  • "I saw you together!"
  • "Please believe me when I say I love you."
  • "The spectacular spectacular."
  • "You are nothing to me."
  • "You don't have to wear that dress tonight."
  • "Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love."
  • "Only you can save him/her."
  • "That's real love."
  • "Because she/he doesn't love you!"
  • "All my life you made believe I was only worth what someone would pay for me!"
  • "We're going away from you."
  • "What's his/her type?"
  • "Dont worry, Shakespeare."
  • "I was sick."
  • "We'll work on it tomorrow."
  • "You'll get your ending."
  • "And in the end should someone die?"
  • "We'll make them laugh, we'll make them cry."
  • "Where were you last night?"
  • "So delighting."
  • "I told you."
  • "Everyone knows."
  • "It's a bit funny, this feeling inside."
  • "You're dying."
  • "The doctor told us."
  • "You don't have to sell your body to the night."
  • "It's just an infatuation."
  • "The infatuation will end."
  • "It's more than I can stand."
  • "It all ends tonight."
  • "He/she is spending a fortune on you."
  • "Tell him/her it's over."
  • "I can't fall in love with anyone."
  • "But, my dear, I've arranged a lovely supper for us."
  • "A life without love... that's terrible."
  • "What?"
  • "This is what I want."
  • "Naughty words."
  • "I know of art and love."
  • "I long for it with every fiber of my being."
  • "It's a city of sin."
  • "There is no other way."
  • "We are creatures of the underworld."
  • "Oh no."
  • "I'm in love."
  • "A kingdom of nighttime pleasures."
  • "She/he sold her/his love."
  • "I can't believe it."
  • "Love is just a game."
  • "I was made for loving you, baby."
  • "You were made for loving me."
  • "One day I'll fly away."
  • "She/he is mine."
  • "Everything's going so well."
  • "You expect me to believe that?"
  • "Everyday I'm loving you more and more."
  • "We have each other."
  • "Today's the day when dreaming ends."
  • "I'm paid to make men/women believe what they want to believe."
  • "I don't care."
  • "You'll die with wonderment!"
  • "You have so much to give."
  • "I love you."
  • "The end."

i still can’t stop crying even now when i watch that scene.

there’s virtually no dialogue, save 3 words, 3 whole words, said in that entire scene between them: you’re not alone.

and the rest? was just left to henrik and tarjei to follow through, with o helga natt playing as such a beautiful, soul soothing backdrop to the entire scene.

and … i’m just, i’m not exaggerating here when i tell you that my actual soul and body feels cleansed, and purified from just watching that scene. i feel … lifted? elated? i feel transcended up to a different level, where … in that universe, love is all that is needed. love, and the right person who comes along and gives you all that love, to make you feel that you’re going to be okay.

it just … that entire scene, was literally that simple. there was no extravagance, no big promises or words being said. it was just, so pure. so, so pure. so holy? and … even though there were /SO MANY/ symbolisms present in that scene, they never ONCE overpowered the true meaning and message of that scene, but rather, enhanced it to provide that true meaning and message of that scene even further:

that once in your life, you WILL find someone come, and fill you up with so much love and warmth, and that will make you feel so, so good. and so hopeful. and it’ll make you feel that, because you’re not alone, because that someone is there, by your side, who believes in you, who knows your flaws and your strengths, who accepts you for everything that you are, 

it’s THAT feeling that that person brings to you in doing all of that, that will give you all the courage you’ll ever need to feel good about life, and yourself.

and i just … please can henrik and tarjei just - take a bow. the simplicity, yet the amount of small nuances and intricacy they added to every LITTLE frame and second of that scene holds SO SO much meaning. whether it be even and the way he was breathing isak in, or isak waiting a few beats before kissing even to allow even all the time he needed, or whether it was just how GENTLE and SOFT they both were with one another - like, henrik and tarjei add SO MUCH into their performances? and the natural chemistry they have just enhances the viewing experience THAT much more, and heighten it SO MUCH, that it resonates. and it resonates in such a deep way that … even HOURS later, you can still feel yourself on the verge of tears from remembering what you saw.

that scene. o helga natt. i’m - i kid you not when i say, that i have never EVER seen such a pure, healing, soothing, comforting scene EVER in my whole TV viewing life. i am SO PROUD to be a skam fan right now, that got to witness the most profound scene i have ever had the pleasure of watching in my entire life. because, the way skam has handled this issue of mental illness: they didn’t romanticise it, or use it as a plot device. 

the signs were there, from the start, even for those who aren’t as observant. it was building up and up. and the way they addressed isak’s full acceptance of even, and in telling even that tonight - i’m - honestly - 

i have no words.

o helga natt. that is all, what a holy night, a revelation of some sort, tonight has been.

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To me, it seems like you only pay attention to the people who can draw or whatever. What about the rest of us who can't do a fucking thing Jack? What about those of us without talent that love you? We don't have anything to give you, so we don't matter. That's what it really is. We can't draw, or game or whatever, so we don't exist to you, because you aren't getting anything from us. It's been fun, but you're just like all the others now, and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.

Wow wow wow!! That’s incredibly unfair! I have always interacted with people beyond just fanart, I frequently answer asks from dozens of people which has nothing to do with art. I do reblog a lot of fanart but I also reblog gifs and edits and also people redoing stuff like the “I love nature” thing as a recent example.

If I was just like “all the others” I wouldn’t even be here, interacting. I try my damn best to be here and keep up with everything and read what people post and to say I don’t care is very unfair. Just because I don’t like or reblog something either doesn’t mean I don’t see and appreciate it.

Next Day Edit: I should clarify that the same Anon apologised for this and said they were having a bad day and overreacted :) 

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What is the worst thing for me, is that the way this is playing out, with the constant media back and forth, the silence on band announcements, the lack of band interaction, it really makes it look like they don't care and I hate it because we know it's not true. We get Louis selfies to warn us when shits going down, Harry always makes sure to tweetimportant band things, Niall cheers us up with snaps. These aren't boys who don't care. They just need a team willing to finally pull their weight.

agreed 100%


Please help me get some primary source information for my research project!

I’m doing my project on what the ideal bra for an active lifestyle is, and I’d really like it if you could send me some information about what YOU want, and if there’s any specific correlation between sport type and bra type

Please send me what kind of sport you do (and whether it’s at a professional level or not), what kind of things you want in a bra (such as shaping, jiggle minimising etc.), what your bras typically are made of and how much your bust gets in the way of exercising.

Feedback from transgender people (both of them) would also be useful!

All data would help me out a whole lot! Thanks!

i saw something like this but where i put JD they had Marlene. 

JD is the one who wrote this scene and i think it’s his way of comforting us so to speak. you know, it’s like a little hint that this isn’t over.

that’s the first thing i thought after i calmed down. that’s how i see it and i refuse to believe anything else lol.

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Hey! AS an international student applying to US institutions, how would I create a strong application? Especially since in my country AP'S, service hours, clubs and varsity sports aren't a thing. High-school is PURELY academic oriented so like??

@cassandracein said to collegerefs: hi! so idk if you can answer my question, but I figured asking wouldn’t hurt. so, I want to attend college in the US (I’m not a resident), but I haven’t done any of the things that seem to be needed outside of grades and testing (voluntreer work, job, clubs etc. ) because they’re simply not available here. do you know if that could minimize my chances by a lot? (this blog is super helpful by the way, thanks for existing!)

Hey guys! I’m going to just combine your questions into one post since they’re super similar. 

How to create a stronger application when your extracurriculars are lacking

  1. Colleges will almost always give you a chance to explain yourself. Almost every college application will give you a personal statement or some kind of chance to talk about things that you feel the application didn’t allow you to get across. In this section, you could discuss the lack of opportunity for extracurriculars in your country. 
  2. Talk about your hobbies in a professional way. If you like to write fanfiction or blog here on tumblr, talk about how you write in your free time as a creative outlet. If you like playing a certain sport, talk about that. Just try to make things sound professional and like a formative activity.
  3. Talk about clubs you might be interested in joining. Some college applications allow you to list organizations you’d be interested in joining if you were to be accepted. List some. Colleges want people who will be involved and make an impact on the campus. 
  4. Talk about how you’re a leader!!! Colleges REALLY want people who are leaders, so even if you haven’t necessarily been involved in community service or other leadership opportunities, do your best to talk about ways in which you are a leader and provide examples. Maybe talk about how you are a leader in your friend group, or talk about how ambitious you are with your goals. 
  5. If jobs are available, get one. Jobs provide leadership experience and show that you’re capable of balancing school and a job, which is very important in college because you’ll be balancing a lot of work. 
  6. Embellish things, but don’t lie. Everyone has a few accomplishments under their belt, and even if you don’t necessarily think they’re a big accomplishment, you can definitely embellish it on your application. Don’t lie about things that you haven’t actually done, but word things that you have done in a way that suggests that perhaps they’re a bigger deal than they are. For example, if you sometimes help run events at school, say that you “frequently volunteer to run and manage various events such as (whatever) at my school.” The #1 thing everyone should learn about applications and interviews is how to make your accomplishments sound impressive. 

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Aren't you used to flooding by now with all the Hurricanes?

I’m just gonna copy a status I seen on my news feed because it’s perfect.

“I’ve had a lot of people messaging and asking how things are going here in Louisiana.
There is no simple way to answer that.

I know people are watching the news and saying, “Oh they can handle this. They get hurricanes all the time.”
Let me assure you, this is no hurricane.
This is absolute devastation.
At least with a hurricane there is time to prepare, buy supplies, evacuate and have an emergency plan in place.
There was no time to prepare for this.
It’s now being called a 500-year flood.

What does that mean?
It means most of these people did not have flood insurance and did not prepare because they were told that they weren’t in a flood zone. Places are flooding that only flood once every 500 years!

Remember the images you saw from hurricane Katrina with people waiting for help on their roofs?
Imagine that… Except there is hardly any dry land to retreat to.
Water is still rising.
Places that are dry now may not be dry in the morning.
Several shelters, housing hundreds of people, have had to evacuate.
Every Boudreaux and Thibodeaux I known is out in boats trying to rescue as many people as they can.
People are getting out of their homes with just the clothes on their back - leaving everything behind. Some are even swimming out, with their children and a few valuables in plastic crates.
Upon being rescued, some people are brought to dry land and then left to wait on a family member to reach them - if that’s even possible.
Rescuers are out in school buses trying to haul as many people to safety as they are able to reach.

We have never experienced anything like this in the history of the state.
The devastation is widespread, as is the desire to help.
The national guard has been called in, but right now there are more people in need, than there are volunteers to reach them.
What do you do when the “safe places” are also being swallowed up by water? When people are on Facebook posting desperate pleas for help because 911 is back logged and no one can reach them?

We pray.
We cry.
And we pray again.

And for those who have said that this is a “cleansing” or a “judgement” from God - shut your mouth!
Your words are neither loving nor helpful.
Right now people need compassion and prayer.
Families have lost their pets, their homes, everything they own - their entire lives!
You playing “prophet of doom” is not helpful to anyone.
In the words of Thumper, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”
When the waters recede, our state and our people will need help rebuilding our lives.

But for now, just pray.“

amandarosewater  asked:

I watched the episode and I know Shaw isn't dead (the writers aren't that lazy and stupid) but the ANGST is so good

Why I am 100% sure that Shaw is alive:

  1. Shahi has confirmed being in future episodes and there would be no need for Shaw flashbacks if Shaw was dead.
  2. That last gunshot was definitely a fakeout to scare us; if they are going to kill a main character, they are going to do it on screen.
  3. They did the whole kiss-and-die thing last year with Joss/John.
  4. Indeed, the writers aren’t lazy and stupid; they know what they are doing and killing Shaw that way would definitely be both.
  5. MIA, anyone?

Please enjoy the angst and pain and don’t worry about our ship; our ladies are alive and kicking (and bleeding but that’s not the point). I for one thoroughly enjoyed watching Lambert and Martine (not)killing everyone I love.