i know they're opposites


More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.


I fell in love with @kiraiki ’s Guardian’s of the Moon and Sun AU and had to do my own version of it. I’m weak for my otp in space. Naruto: The Prince of the Sun and Sasuke: The Prince(ss) of the Moon


Bakugou: Villain 77 / Rescue 0
Midoriya : Villain 0 / Rescue 60

Finally my first bnha fanart. And of course it’s way too deep. Anyways I love Kacchan

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What are your thoughts on the wards being put up? Should Magnus have warned the others even though they're on opposite sides of the war? I know people are up in arms because that means he willingly put these people he cares about in danger but one could argue they did warn them about the soul sword even though it's deactivated. It kinda seems like messy writing in an episode full of it because all that said, I can't imagine Magnus being okay with them being incinerated no matter how upset he is.

ok but he did warn them tho did everyone miss luke calling the shadowhunters? i’m just really confused about this bc i don’t know where people think luke got the information from it’s not like he was spying on them. obviously magnus told luke what the warlocks were doing; it’s not a stretch to imagine he expected luke to pass word to the institute. idk why ppl expect him to have called the institute personally when he’s made it clear he’s trying to avoid running into alec wherever possible.

Super fuckin nitpicky pet peeve: “this includes trans girls and nb girls.” Nonbinary almost always is incompatible w being a girl (v few exceptions) and I just. Always immediately wonder if this person knows what they’re doing and cares or if they’re just throwing keywords onto shit.

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It's always been interesting to me how close Yoongi and Hoseok are considering how proud and vocal Yoongi is about being from Daegu coupled with the fact that Hoseok's from Gwangju. (Not saying that the divide is okay, just saying that it's there and they're on opposite ends of it.) I know that the younger generation is less caught up on that stuff, but it still crosses my mind from time to time. Do you think there was ever an issue with any of them about that?

this is my first time hearing about this?? amsmajsj sorry but can you please explain what divide you’re talking about because i tried googling it and nothing came up


Did I ever tell you guys that when I first saw this picture from ML I thought it was going to be a situation like Doctor Who where they were both stuck in different places trying to get to one another

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Could you explain the difference between an INFP and INFJ? I know that they're basically opposites but I have a friend and I just can't tell.

The INFP will be excited when discussing ideas (Ne). She will have a short attention span and try out a variety of hobbies. She’ll relate what’s going on to her own past experiences and/or memories, and keep some ties to her childhood (sentimental items, t-shirts, etc). If you’re having a rough time and tell her about it, if she has gone through something similar, she will “personalize it” (Fi) by telling you about HER similar situation, in order to express to you that she DOES understand what you’re going through. Rather than comfort you verbally, she might do something for you (buy you a present, bake you a cake, etc). If she’s going through something tough, you probably won’t know about it until it’s all over (Fi – internalizes emotions, doesn’t include others easily).

The INFJ will be a planner who will listen intently to everything you have to say, then express empathy (Fe), whether or not she can personally relate to your experience. She will enjoy talking about her feelings, and making other people happy, but not always want to share her inner vision. She’ll predict things with accuracy and will usually be right. It’s hard to talk her in or out of anything, because whatever she decides, she feels confident that she has explored and analyzed from every possible angle (Ni-Ti). She will comfort you verbally in bad times. When going through a bad situation, if she feels comfortable confiding in you, she will want your support and need your encouragement.

INFPs are more restless, particularly in their eyes – they don’t keep direct eye contact and often look away, since Ne is gathering information from the external world. INFJs have lazor-focus. Whatever they’re looking at, they stare at with intensity – if you’re talking to them, it’s you. They are filtering through information internally, so they are fixed on the source of that information. INFPs will be somewhat expressive with their hands, but not as much with their facial expressions – INFJs use Fe hand movements to “draw you in” (fluid, sometimes continuous) and are more facially animated. Fi feels more confident in what it’s saying, so it will be more serious in its expressions; Fe will try to connect on a subconscious level through smiles and leaning forward.

Fi is uncomfortable with a collective agreement; it will resist “being part of the group” and not participate in crowd behavior unless it feels like it, and even then it doesn’t enjoy it because it feels wrong to be doing what everyone else is doing. Fi rebels at being “one of the group,” so if you’re in a crowd with your INFX friend and she’s not doing what everyone else is doing, just because they are doing it, she might be an NFP. Fe is more comfortable being part of a group; it gets its independence from Ni, so it’s Fe will comfortably and happily “blend in.”


The 100 + The Seven Deadly Sins (insp.)

“Sin is looking for the right thing in the wrong place.” ― Augustine of Hippo

oh so you know what i want in blood of olympus?
annabeth and piper friendship

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I feel like I'm closer to my rising sign than my sun sign is that normal? I'm a cancer sun and Aqua rising and I feel like they're SO opposite of each other i never know which one is REALLY me

this is easy, they are both you. you know this. who else could it be?
all of the signs and planets in you are expressions of consciousness you jump to during different life experiences.
you just express these at different times. the ascending sign is more of a point rather than a planet so it can be more how other people respond to us, there must be other things going on. what if the sun is in the 11th house?

also i want to try and dispel the idea of signs being ‘opposite’ from each other unless they are on the opposition axis, then it is a true duality. cancer is the birth mother, aquarius is the mother of humanity. similar urges lie behind every sign, and we all have these sorts of contrasting qualities. it makes us rich and multi talented